"A Night In A Dept Store" Pt 7

This tale that I have been weaving will soon come to an end. Friday came, and it was my last night on the job. After last night, I knew that I needed to establish some kind of a relationship with Heidy. I wouldn't say I fell in love with her, but I was certainly hooked on her as a sex partner, and wondered if anything beyond that was possible. We had not discussed anything beyond our sex games, thus, we did not really know each other at all, other than the fact we found some common ground in a physical relation. But I knew I at least wanted to discuss it with her. And I certainly was in-debited to her for turning me on about foot and leg sex.

By now my routine was set. I went up to the 7th floor and clocked in. Tony was going to be late coming in, but left me a message. He told me to take my same 2 floors and he enjoyed working with me. He also said if I saw Heidy, to tell her he said hello. Anyway, I went down on the 3rd floor and started my rounds. I had no idea what Heidy had in mind tonight, and I didn't see how anything could out do last night. I think she also had a great time. I know she intended for me to try all 4 pairs of hose on her, but we both got so excited, that we couldn't hold back after trying the first pair on her. I felt she was surprised that she couldn't wait. After all, last nights session was about the joy of patience. I guess the moral of last night is that "patience is fine, but if it feels that good, than screw patience".

I walked my first round of the 3rd and 4th floor, and no Heidy. I had this feeling in my gut that I may not see her tonight. I really think that her emotions got the best of her last night. Heidy was the kind of person who had to be in charge, and last night, she wasn't. Most of the first half of my shift went by. It was now about 15 minutes until my lunch break. As I was leaving the 4th floor, a soft voice from the shadows called me. The voice seemed very distant and un-attached to anybody. I turned around, and standing at the entrance to the jewelry department stood May Ling. She startled me for a moment, but after a minute or two, I re-compassed myself. She smiled and apologized for scaring me. She told me that tonight, we could have some fun, but Heidy would not be back. I asked her why, but it was obvious she either didn't know, or wouldn't tell me. Anyway she suggested that I go have my lunch, and after that, she would make my night worthwhile. I agreed, and certainly enjoyed Wednesday night's escapade with her. She was a very lovely and sinuous young oriental lady. I asked her where we would meet, and she smiled and said, "you know better than that". She would leave a clue as always, and if I followed it through, than I would be rewarded. She did say since this was the last night, allow enough time so we could complete everything. I wasn't exactly sure what she meant by that, but WHAT THE HELL. I thought to myself, "go enjoy yourself dumb-ass.

After lunch hour was over, I went downstairs to the third floor and started my rounds. I quickly found a note from May Ling that says, "If at first you don't succeed, try try again". Now what the hell does that mean? I started on my rounds a little discouraged by the note. I didn't have a friggin' clue what it meant. I also knew that if I didn't get it right, no May Ling. SHIT! Then it dawned on me. Heidy and I didn't finish our deal last night. We were supposed to try on four pairs of stockings, but we got carried away and only completed one. We didn't succeed at the patience heightens pleasure exercise. I was betting May Ling was in the furniture department on that same couch, with those hose for me to try on her. I ran up to the furniture department and there she was, just as I had guessed.

She congratulated me on my thinking and told me to join her on the couch. I went over and sat down next to her. Even in the dim light, I could see what an oriental flower she was. She had on a white skirt made out of a crape material. It wasn't a mini skirt, but came right to her kneecaps. That's short enough to get a good view of those great legs, but long enough to hide her garter belt in case she was wearing stockings. Her blouse was a faint blue color. It was semi transparent and you could see the white bra she was wearing, encasing her more than ample breasts. She didn't appear to be wearing any hosiery and a pair of low heel black patent leather pumps adorned narrow size 6 feet. May Ling raised her feet up and parked them in my lap. She said That Heidy and I had some unfinished business from last night, and since she couldn't be here tonight, she and I would complete it. I saw the 3 packs of hose from last night lying on the floor. May Ling gave me one and winked at me. She told me " I think you know what to do with these. Indeed I do.

I raised her left foot up and slipped her shoe off. Her feet were beautiful. They were a little damp from being encased in her shoes with no stockings on, and they had the sweetest scent to them. They had a clean smell to them with a slight vinegar and leather undertone. This was very different from Heidy's foot odor, but in it's own way, very stimulating. Touching her feet was also a treat. They were soft to the feel, and warm as toast. I opened the package of stockings May Ling gave me. They were Christian Dior's ultra sheer. They had the feel of silk to them, and looked like stockings, not a knit ball that you had to put on to tell what they were. They were a nude color with a seam up the back. They were a little different. As I rolled one stocking up to slip it on May Ling, her foot found my crotch. She poked her toes rather hard into me. I guess she was trying to find what state my dick was in. Well it was getting hard now. As it started to bulge through my pants, May Lings toes started to circle around where she thought the head was. Damn it felt good. I lifted her foot to my face and kissed her toes. She immediately stuck them in my mouth and told me to suck them hard as it turned her on. I could now taste her feet as I sucked them. She than took her other foot, the one that had been working my dick over, and held it in front of me. I than proceeded to put the stocking on her. As I did, I noticed she had a garter belt on beneath her dress. Y E S ! I than fastened her stockings to her garter belt, and proceeded to put the other stocking on her. When that was completed, she took her feet and started to rub my dick through my pants. She brought me to the point where I was getting close to cumming, and than she stopped. She than asked me to put her shoes back on her, which I did. At that point she gathered her things and told me she would meet me in the women's shoe department in 45 minutes. Ah Ha! Make me wait, but the anticipation was great.

I walked another round on the 3rd and 4th floors, and than went to the shoe department. May Ling was waiting for me in one of the chairs. She told me to take another pack of stockings, and to go get a pair of shoes that would match them. The stockings she gave me were De An Drew's black full fashion with cuban heels. I went over to the display and found a pair of black leather 4 inch heel pumps. They had lots of toe cleavage and an ankle strap. I thought this would make a sexy combination. I sat down on one of the stools and removed her shoes. Her olive colored skin with her orangeish red nail polish got me started again. I put her foot to my face and inhaled her foot scent. I then kissed her feet for a few minutes, and then removed the stockings that I had put on her an hour ago. May Ling suggested that I take my pants off, and she would remove her panties. We did.

I then put one of the new stockings on her. You would not believe what a wonderful sight her sexy foot made encased in those full fashion stockings. Those orangish red toenails showing through the reinforced toes of those black stockings were more than I could stand. I took her foot and jammed it into my dick. I stood up and told her to kick me hard with those toes. She said she would, but if I came it was all over. I thought about it and sat down and apologized. She said she understood and for making the right choice she would rub my dick with her foot for a few minutes. The feeling was out of this world. May Ling had obviously given a foot job before. She would rub her toes up and down the underneath part of my shaft, and then cup her toes over the head of my penis and rotate her foot. She would then hold it at the base with one foot and slap it around with the other foot. Then she would put both feet to my face and rub them all over, sticking her toes in my mouth and then she would go back to my dick and start over. After a few minutes of this, I couldn't stand it any longer. She new when I was ready to cum, and stopped just in time. She that put her new shoes on her feet and told me she would find me after my next break. She promised that next time, she would make me cum for all I was worth. I couldn't wait.

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