"A Night In A Dept Store" Pt 8

I went to the 4th floor after my break, and it wasn't 5 minutes until May Ling found me. She said her time was short and I had done my part in "playing the game" tonight, so we had 30 minutes to reap our reward. I suggested that we go up to the furniture department and let's make use of a nice bed. She smiled and agreed. As soon as we got there, we sat on the edge of a large bed and decided this was where we would take our pleasure. May Ling had removed her stockings and garter belt and was wearing a pair of spaghetti strap heels with bare feet. Here feet were smooth and shiny. My bet was that she had rubbed some lotion into them before she put her shoes on.

We both removed some of our clothes. I took off everything but my underpants. May Ling removed her dress, bra, and bikini pants, leaving only her shoes on. As we situated ourselves on the bed, she put her feet in my lap for the third time tonight. I kissed each foot for the longest time. Spaghetti straps were a different joy. I kissed each toe with her shoes on. The tip of my tongue tasted each toenail and the space between each toe. As I did this, May Ling leaned back on the bed and masturbated. She rubbed the tip of my dick, getting my pre-cum on them. Using my pre-cum for a lubricant, she than inserted her fingers in her vagina. I removed her shoes and laid back on the bed as May Ling proceeded to stroke my dick with those wonderful feet. Her technique was as it was an hour ago, but now I felt her satiny bare toes on me. The feeling was out of this world.

I than moved down on the bed about a foot, and May Ling moved up and sat at the top of my head. In this position, I could, and did, lean my head back and position my mouth on her vagina. At the same time, May Lings feet reached my dick and started to resume the foot job she was giving me. After just a few minutes of this, we had found our rhythm. I was gulping away at her pussy and she was stroking my dick in a most masterful way. Our moans acted as communication so we knew when we were both ready to cum. At precisely the same time, I felt May Ling's main surge of cum in my mouth. Her knees squeezed my head as she humped my mouth in a wild orgasm. At the same time, her feet were doing things to my dick I didn't know were possible. She formed a vagina like opening by putting her two feet together and bending them down, forming a fleshy opening. My hips were humping them as hard as I could. When my ejaculation started, she got the toes of both feet on the sensitive underside of my cock ant rubbed it fast and hard. When we were finished, neither one of us had the strength to get up, but after a few more minutes, we did. We both got dressed and hugged goodbye. We both knew this was probably the last time we would see each other. With that, she left. I never saw her again.

A few hours later, my shift was over and I went upstairs to clock out and tell Tony goodbye. He was in his office doing the weekly time cards. He told me next time they needed a guard, he would call me and told me I had done a good job. If he only knew. I returned his magazine to him and thanked him. As I was leaving, he said Heidy said to tell me goodbye and good luck. I asked him if she was here tonight. He said no, but he had communicated with her earlier this evening.

I went home and got ready for bed. It dawned on me I was feeling sad. This week had been an eye opening experience for me. I felt bad that I hadn't had any closure with Heidy. May Ling was great tonight, but Heidy was who I really felt indebted to. The weekend was long and lonely. I felt I had lost my best friend. But as all things do in life, the weekend passed.

When I had left the store on Friday night, I was told that my check would be mailed to me, or I could pick it up Monday after 3:00 pm. I thought HELL. Go pick up your check and find an excuse to talk to Heidy. So I did. After returning to accounting to get my check, I went upstairs to where I though Heidy's office was. There was an older lady named Doris working by herself. I asked her where Heidy Kraft's desk was. She looked up at me kind of startled and said "you mean where it was"? I asked her if she had quit Friday. Doris asked me how I knew Heidy. I told her a little white lie and said that she was an old friend. She than proceeded to tell me that Heidy had worked here for several years, but she was killed in a car accident last summer with a little oriental girl that worked in gift-wrap. Shocked and feeling all the blood run out of my face, I stammered something to the effect that Tony had talked to her last Friday. There must be some mistake. She smiled sweetly at me and said Tony and Heidy were engaged. He never got over it, and it was not unusual for him to walk around the store at night and talk to her. She said I guess that's how he keeps his sanity. He also talks frequently about how he and Heidy can do things to better others lives. Nobody seems to know what he's talking about, but it apparently keeps him from going crazy with grief. Doris even had a picture of several employees at a store picnic 2 years ago. Sure enough, there was Tony with his arms around Heidy. I could see May Ling in one of the other picture sitting at a picnic table with some other employees.

I thanked Doris for her time and left. I went home, opened up a tall cool one and sat down to digest the events of the past week. I was in a daze, but after some time had passed, I realized that somehow, I had been chosen as the recipient of an act of kindness. I had sort of believed all along in a spiritual world. Now there was no doubt.

The End

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