"A Night In A Dept Store" Pt 6

Well, one of my wishes came true. I have felt Heidy's feet on my dick and it was wonderful. It's true, she didn't let me cum, but the night is still young. I had this feeling that before the night was over, I would have the orgasm of my life. I already felt like my life has changed sexually. I think I'm more mature about it. After all I just said orgasm, not get my rocks off, or stowed the load, or some other juvenile phrase for orgasm.

It was time for my last break before lunch, so I headed up to the 7th floor and the break room. When I got there, Tony was sitting at the table reading a mag called Tip Top. He said it was over 30 years old. It was published by some old coot named Elmer Batters. Tony said Elmer is an icon when it comes to old time leg magazines. Apparently, he pioneered the art and it's carried through until today. I thumbed through it and must admit, those girls were hot. Most of them were just a little on the buxom side with thick legs and nice big, well shaped and pedicured feet. Come to think of it, they fit the mold of Heidy. They also dressed in full-fashioned stockings and high heels. Some even wore tennis shoes with stockings. Damn they looked hot. It dawned on me that 20 minutes ago, I was putting tennis shoes on Heidy. Hum. Tony told me I could take the magazine home after work as long as I returned it to him. I took the magazine, thanked him for it, and put it in my locker.

Tony asked me again if I saw Heidy yet tonight. His constant inquiring about her started to get on my nerves. I asked him why all the questions about her, and he said "no particular reason". "I just thought you were infatuated by her". I thanked him for his interest, but I didn't dare tell him about what had been going on since Tuesday night.

15 minutes passed, and it was time to head back to my floors. I could hardly wait under the circumstances. I was hoping Heidy would be waiting for me in the regular women's shoe department. It was on my floor plus I really wanted to end with the upscale shoes. Maybe something in a 4-inch heel in black satin, black full fashion hose. I think I secreted a little just thinking about it. I made two quick rounds, but no Heidy. The next thing I knew, almost 2 hours had passed, but she was nowhere to be found. It was now time for lunch. With a little bit of a disappointed spirit, I went up to the break room, got my lunch out of the locker, and sat down to eat. Tony, Bill Bates, one of the other floor guards, and a lady from the accounting office were all in there eating. When I finished with lunch, I sat in a lounge chair and read a popular mechanics magazine. "Yes I can read things besides sex books". I was trying to figure out why Heidy didn't meet me before lunch, when it hit me. The whole time we had been playing this game, I had to figure out where she was. After our first encounter tonight, I simply went to where I wanted her to be. I knew now as soon as lunch was over, I would have to go back to reasoning. Not wishing.

When I returned from lunch to my floors, I started to look for a clue. Heidy always left one. No sooner did I start looking for a clue, I found it. Coiled on the floor in front of me was a garden hose. I immediately went down to the 1st floor to the garden shop. It was totally dark, so I had to use my flashlight. I spent 20 minutes or more looking all around the department, but no Heidy. This wasn't like her. She always was where she led me. But WAIT A MINUTE. She left a garden hose, but maybe the clue was just the word HOSE. Like in women's hosiery. I than proceeded back to the 3rd floor and the women's hosiery department. There standing by the counter, drumming her fingers on the counter was Heidy. She told me to pick out 4 pairs of hosiery that I like and than follow her up to the furniture department. I picked out 4 pairs and off we went.

When we got upstairs, Heidy sat down on a couch and told me to find a stool and set it down in front of her. I did so, and sat on it. Heidy's legs were right in front of me and she proceeded to put her right foot in my lap. She had not put her stockings back on from our session a few hours ago. Without being told, I slowly removed her white pump from her foot. The sound and accompanying odor her now bare foot emanated was intoxicating. I raise her foot to my mouth and planted kisses all over the soul of her foot. She wiggled her toes as I kissed her foot and again I became aware of my growing penis. She told me I was a good student, but first things first. Heidy wanted me to try on all four pairs of stockings on her and to take my time and enjoy the pleasure it would bring to both of us.

The first pair I picked out was Hanes silken mist, off black. These stockings were a very fine denier, usually worn for dressier occasions. The color off black was a little mis-leading as they were more of a darker brown with a grayish tinge to them. They had a re-enforced toe but nude heel. Heidy raised her foot so it would be easier for me to slip the stocking on her. As I eased it on her, I felt her rest her other foot on my crotch. She still had her shoe on that foot, but it felt really good as she worked my dick with the heel of the shoe. I finished putting the stockings on her and admired how good they looked on her. She had painted her toenails a dark red color since last night. The red color peeking out from underneath the re-enforced toe gave me an instant hard on. Heidy's stockinged left foot found my crotch again and really started to rub me in earnest. Her right foot came up to my mouth, and I kissed her foot all over as I felt a welling up in my loins. Even through my pants, Heidy's magical toes were giving my dick quite a workout. I sucked her middle 3 toes in to my mouth. Even with the new stockings on, I could taste her musky foot juices. I was now leaning back as Heidy was giving me one hell of a foot job. About the time I was ready to cum, she withdrew her foot from my crotch and said "not so fast big boy". "We aren't ready for that yet ". Heidy had brought a bag with her. It contained a few pairs of shoes. She gave me a pair of dark brown heels, and told me to put them on her. I did, and she walked around and gave me a foot fashion show.

After about 5 minutes of that, I sat on the couch, and she sat on the other end. I lifted her feet up and put them in my lap. I slowly removed one shoe, and smelled the insole. My erection got harder. I than smelled her foot. Heidy than leaned over and unzipped my pants. She leaned over and took me in her mouth. I swear I thought I would explode. She than had me lean against the back of the couch, and she did the same at the other end. She kicked her other shoe off, and her toes went to work on my penis. I started to rock my hips back and forth as I was in essence, fucking Heidy's foot. Our rhythm was in sync and I knew I couldn't last long, Heidy than pulled her panties off and threw them at me. Her foot resumed its activity all over my dick. Her fingers found their way to her vagina and instantly buried themselves deep with-in her. As Heidy fingered herself and worked my dick over with her toes, her eyes gazed into my eyes. Without saying a word, I stood up and removed my clothes. I than sat on the floor in front of the couch, with my back to it. Heidy then facing me straddled me and sat down on me. As she did, my dick slid into her vagina, and for the first time we connected. As she rode me, I lifted her dress above her head and laid it on the couch. I than undid her bra, and the best looking set of tits you ever saw were in my face. As our motion increased in speed, I took her right breast into my mouth. Her nipple was very firm and erect. I swear I could taste a little secretion come out of it onto my tongue. Her silkened toes were buried under my leg and as she would rise up on me, they would slide forward, and as she lowered herself back on me, they would slide back. I didn't realize that every part of the human body had nerve endings in it. Heidy was stimulation my penis, my mouth, my leg, and everywhere our bodies touched. I sure as hell hoped nobody showed up. There was no way in hell I would give this up. If we got caught, so be it. After a few more minutes of this first class love making, we exploded in an intense orgasm.

My orgasms involving Heidy were harder than any I had experienced. This one was the best of all. I could tell by the way Heidy was reacting she was equally excited. When our orgasms subsided, She stayed on top of me and I just held her. Her vagina muscles squeezed my dick every few minutes as if to drain every drop of semen from me. Her toes lightly rubbed my legs, as a woman rubs her fingers through the hair of her lover. After a few more minutes, she got off of me and we got dressed. We sat back on the couch, and Heidy put her feet in my lap. She was now fully dressed, but left her shoes off. She asked me to rub her feet for a few more minutes. She told me I was a good student and gave a great foot massage. It's not too difficult to do something well that you love. She than said, this would be all for tonight. After what we had just gone through, we couldn't top it. So for the first time, she leaned over and kissed me, than she put her shoes on, gathered her things and left. Tomorrow would be the last night on the job.

I didn't know anything about her. Would we see each other after this week? My mind had a million questions. Most would be answered, but not tonight.

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