"A Night In A Dept Store" Pt 5

After last night, I had no idea what to expect. Heidy wasn't around all night, then when May Ling and I were well into our sex-capade, she shows up and joins in. A few minutes after it was over, she disappears and I didn't see her for the rest of the night. I had no idea what would go on tonight. This past week had been great. I am no novice when it comes to sex, but Heidy made me feel like this was my first sexual experience. Anyway, whatever is in store for me tonight, I'm ready.

I arrived at work a little early. I went right up to the 7th floor and clocked in. Tony was back, and asked me how it went. I told him last night went well and I had no problems. He smiled at me and asked me if I saw Heidy last night. I thought that was a strange question. Anyway I said something to the effect of "I saw her around a few times". He just smiled and said, "I bet you did".

After a few minutes of small talk with Tony and the other two floor guards, we all went to our respective floors. I decided to start on the 4th floor and work my way down to the 3rd. For some reason, I felt like walking my beat in reverse order tonight. I had no idea when, if, or how Heidy might show up. As it turned out, I didn't have long to wait. Heidy had left me one of her clues taped to a mannequin's hand. It simply said that she needed a new pair of shoes and she would see me later. Well that wasn't hard to figure out. She was in the women's shoe department, and that was part of my floor. I hurriedly went down to the third floor to the shoe department and looked for her. I could see her sitting in a chair in the dim lights. Boy! Did she look good tonight. She was wearing a navy blue dress with white hose and white heels. Her shoes had 3 inch heels with a small slit on the side that revealed her nicely arched feet, and like her black pumps, were cut low at an angle towards the toe to reveal some nice toe cleavage. Her hair was pulled to the side tonight and held in place with a decorative beret. She looked at me and smiled and said" tonight we are going to learn that the hunt is sometimes as much fun as the kill, and having patience and waiting can make for a much heightened orgasm. She also told me that even though this was the main shoe department, there was also one down on the 1st floor for high fashion shoes, and one on the 6th floor that carried inexpensive casual shoes. We would visit all three before the night was over. With that being said, she got up and left.

Ok! It was clear what my next move would be. Find Heidy in one of the other shoe departments and see what she had planned for me tonight. Since we were on the third floor and she left a few minutes ago, I figured she would either go down to the first floor for high fashion, or back to the 6th for casual. I decided to try the 6th floor first for no other reason than it seemed that Heidy would get casual out of the way first. I would prefer to end the night with high fashion. I walked up the escalator to the 6th floor. I was careful not to run into one of the other guards, or Tony. I reach the 6th floor in a few minutes and looked around. I didn't see any body patrolling around, so I started looking for the casual clothes department. I finally found it tucked away in the back of the floor. Over against the wall was a small shoe department, and seated in one of the chairs was Heidy. She smiled at me and told me to play out my fantasy. But she also warned me if I go right for her feet or another part of her anatomy, all I'll get out of it would be a kick in the nuts. I told her I would be the shoe salesman and help her out. She winked at me and said that sounded like fun. I asked her what she would be interested in, and she told me to show her something that I thought she would like. I looked around the department, aided by my flashlight and found a nice pair of Keds.

I sat down on the stool and she raised her foot up to me. I lovingly took it in my hands and stared at the beauty. She enjoyed me reacting this way and allowed me to do what I wanted. I slipped her white heel off her foot. As I pulled the back of her pump off her heel, I heard the combination sound the vacuum makes when the shoe comes loose, and the sound of the leather rubbing against the nylon hose. Her stockings were super sheer. I could see up her dress from where I was sitting and saw for the first time Heidy was wearing garters and stockings. She teasingly flexed her toes like it felt good to be free of her shoes. Her now familiar foot odor wafted up to my nose and I was aware of my growing penis. Heidy was aware of it too, and rubbed her toes on my crotch. She circled around my dick, as if she was trying to see just how big it really was. She than put her foot on the stool and told me that was enough of that for now. I told her since she was trying on casual shoes, maybe I should remove her stockings. She agreed. Heidy pulled her dress up above her knees, exposing her stocking tops. With trembling hands, I reach up and unfastened the garter snaps on her left leg. I than slowly pulled her stockings down to her foot. I found out they were real nylon, not fiber knit, so they didn't stretch like cheap stockings. As I pulled the white stocking from her foot, she raised it up to my lips. I kissed the top of her foot, and worked my way to the tips of her toes. I than slowly sucked the 2nd 3rd, and 4th toe, pulling them slowly over my lips and into my mouth. As I sucked in, I could taste the moisture coming from Heidy's foot. It acted like an instant stimulant that got me rock hard. I saw that Heidy was wearing crotchless panties, and there was a little moist spot on the leather chair. She ran her finger through her vaginal area and than put it up to my nose. She withdrew her foot from my mouth and inserted her finger. I was now fully aware of Heidy's feminine taste. She leaned over and unzipped my pants. My fully erect penis sprang out like a jack in the box. Heidy than proceeded to stroke my dick with her toes. I could feel them rubbing the sensitive area underneath the head of my penis. This feeling was more than I could stand, but before I got past the point of no return, she withdrew her foot and said "patience baby".

I than proceeded to lift her foot back on the stool and place it on the measuring gauge. Her foot was seven and a half inches long. She had a beautifully shaped foot. Her heel area was narrow and got progressively wider up to the ball of her foot, but the ball wasn't excessively wide like some feet I have seen. Her foot than got a little narrower as it went to the end of her toes. Her big toe was pointed into her other toes. A characteristic of women who wear high heels a lot. Her high arch tended to make her toes point downwards. Her 2nd toe was just slightly longer than her big toe, and the rest of her toes got progressively shorted. Her foot was a work of art. After measuring her foot and admiring the beauty of it, I than found a footie and put it on her. I than proceeded to put the Ked on her foot and tied it for her. It looked really sexy with her navy cotton summer dress. I than removed her other stocking, kissed her foot and sniffed it, put on the other footie, and put the remaining Ked on her right foot. Heidy than proceeded to walk around the department, and gave me a shoe show. Even with a casual canvass pair of shoes on, she was the epitome of sensual.

About that time, we heard the elevator door open. The guard for this floor was coming. Heidi told me to get back on my floor, wait for about an hour, and find her again. She wouldn't tell me where, but told me if I was motivated enough, I wouldn't have a hard time locating her. I took off for the back stairwell to go up to 7 as it was about break time. I could still feel her soft skinned toes on my penis. It was still semi-hard. She had taken me half way to an orgasm and quit. I had a feeling that this would happen a few more times tonight before she would let me cum. The anticipation killing me. Heidy sure knew how to orchestrate an exciting night.

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