"A Night In A Dept Store" Pt 4

Monday and Tuesday had come and gone, and in the last 48 hours, I can honesty say that my life had been changing sexually. At the time this happened, I was 32 years old. I have had my share of women, but Heidy was different. First of all, she showed me a whole new dimension I had never know when it came to sex. She also, in my humble opinion, embodied everything you would want in a woman sexually. I wasn't in love with her or anything, but in retrospect, she saw something in me she liked and took me to a whole new plain sexually.

When I arrived at work on Wednesday evening, I met Glen Diamond. Tony was off on Wednesdays, and Glen ran security in his absence. After a short introduction, and some small talk about the Cleveland Indians, Glen told me to take the 3rd and 4th floors again tonight. I was getting used to the job and the layout of the 2 floors I patrolled. I was a little excited at the prospect of what Heidy might have in store for me tonight. I hadn't seen her tonight, but I was sure that she was somewhere lurking in the shadows. I was still apprehensive about getting caught and a little on edge about the way she came out of the shadows unexpectedly, but after last night, I knew she wasn't crazy. She just really enjoyed her sexuality and was damn good at it.

I made my first circuit and finished it in about an hour. I didn't know if I finished faster because I was learning the layout, or maybe I was walking faster because I was anxious to find Heidy. It was too early for a break, so I decided to walk the 3rd floor and then take my break. I did so in about 40 minutes and then went to the break room. When I arrived, I guess I was hoping Heidy would be there, but she wasn't. 15 minutes passed and my break was up. I went down to the 4th floor and started my rounds. As I was walking along, I saw a small piece of paper lying on the floor. I picked it up and it was a note. It simply said, "you won't find me on your assigned floors tonight sport". I knew she wasn't going to let me off the hook as easy as last night. Now I would have to contend with not being on my assigned floor, and take a chance of getting caught by who ever was patrolling the floor that I went to. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I decided to try my luck on the 5th floor. I really didn't have any clues from Heidy that I could tell from the note, or did I? I turned my flashlight off and walked up the back stairs to the 5th floor. As soon as I got on the floor, I saw the light from Tommy Kramer's flashlight. He was the guard on the 5th and 6th floors. He was at the opposite end of the floor, so I figured I could keep my light off and make a circuit opposite of him with out getting caught. When he went on break, I could relax a little and search more effectively. Heidy was a real gamer and surely there was a clue in the note somewhere. I made one entire round on the 5th floor and saw no sign of anyone. As I had been off my beat for almost 45 minutes, I thought I had better go back to my floor and think about it. When I got back on the 3rd floor, I found another note. It said "there is a clue in the first note. If you don't get it, than you don't get it tonight period". I was starting to get discouraged. Break time came and again. Nobody was in the break room. I took the first note out again and read "you won't find me on your assigned floors tonight sport". I was hoping for more of a clue than the fact that she wasn't on the 3rd or 4th floor. There was still a lot of semi dark retail floor space to search. Than it hit me. Not on my assigned floors tonight SPORT. A Ha! I bet she is up in the sporting goods department. Now all I have to do is find out where in the hell it's at. About that time, one of the girls from accounting came in to get a snack out of the vending machine. I casually asked her where the sporting goods department was. I made the excuse that I was going to come back this weekend and by a new cue for my pool table. She told me it was on the 6th floor. As soon as she left, I anxiously went back to work.

I snuck up to the 6th floor with my flashlight distinguished. As soon as I got on the floor, I saw a red pump lying on the floor. So I was right. Heidy was up on this floor. With my heart racing, I started my search for sporting goods. I looked at the shoe and noticed that it was too small to fit Heidy's foot. It wasn't a new shoe, but it had a little foot odor in it, but not near as much as Heidy's. I was puzzled. Anyway I search carefully for about 5 minutes, and I came upon the sporting goods department.

I still search carefully in case Tommy was in the vicinity, but it appeared for now he was down on 5. As I entered sporting goods, a rather large area set up as a camping site caught my attention. There were 2 poles about ten feet apart. Stretched between them was a hammock, and lying in the hammock was a pretty little oriental girl. Even though I was looking for someone, (Heidy), I was still a little startled. At first I thought it was a mannequin, but after about 15 seconds of staring at her, she raised a slender bare foot and pointed it at me. I saw her other foot had the mate to the red pump I held in my hand. She said nothing, but kept her bare foot pointing at me. I went to her and held her foot in my hands. It felt warm to my touch. She said nothing to me but gazed intently into my eyes. I saw that she had on a red skirt with black bikini panties underneath. A white blouse with the top 2 buttons undone covered her upper torso. I could see she was wearing a black bra to match her bikini panties. She was about 30 years old, 5'5. 130 lbs, dark olive skin and long jet black hair. I was guessing with her fine features, she was Japanese. She pushed her toes to my mouth and asked me if I liked toes. Those were the first words she spoke and I noticed that she had a very small and humble voice. She was a direct opposite of Heidy. I told her that I was learning to appreciate feet, (to include toes of course), and I thought hers were very pretty. Her toenails were painted a dark pink and were a nice contrast to her olive colored skin. She slipped her big toe teasingly into my mouth and held it there. I think she wanted to see what I would do with it. I let my moist tongue paint my saliva on the bottom of her toe. I could detect her foot scent as I did this. It was erotic, but not near as pungent as Heidy's. I slowly sucked her toe all the way into my mouth and than released the pressure. I did this several times. I rolled my tongue on top of her toe and traced the outline of her toenail with the tip of my tongue. She was enjoying this as much as I was as I saw her slip her left hand down to her crotch and put her fingers inside of her panties. It didn't take a genius to figure out what she was doing.

About this time we saw the light from Tommy's flashlight coming from the other end of the floor. He was too far away to see us. He would eventually catch us if we didn't do something. My new friend said, " My name is May Ling, nice to meet you, follow me". She swung her legs around and got out of the hammock and took my hand. She pulled me down on the carpet and we crawled into a tent that was set up next to the hammock. The tent was of a good size, and we had no problem laying down in it without our heads or feet sticking out. It was impossible to see, and May Ling whispered to me to quietly remove my clothes. I did so and I could faintly hear the swish of her clothes coming off. When my clothes were removed and stashed behind me I laid down. A minute later I could feel May Ling's naked body scrunch up next to mine. Her breasts were not large, but of ample size. The nipples were taught and felt wonderful pushed into my chest. She wore a fragrance that was out of this world. I felt her lips on my lips, and my erection was instant. I felt her hand take my penis momentarily in her hand and squeeze it. She whispered laughingly in my ear, "I'm glad you like me". She told me to lay here quietly in the dark for a few minutes. We could get to know each other's bodies until Tommy went down to the 5th floor. During this time May Ling and I held each other in each other's arms. We kissed passionately, touched each other's genitals, felt each other's body. I felt an orgasm coming on and May Ling sensed it. She showed me how to slow down and touch on other part of our bodies so we could control our orgasms. She said even though and orgasm like this would be nice, She had a much better way for us to cum when we left the tent.

After about fifteen minutes, we heard Tommy walking through the sporting goods department. He walked within 10 feet of the tent we were laying in. Even though it was dark, and I know he couldn't see us, my heart was racing and I was afraid of losing my newfound job if we were caught. While Tommy was standing outside the tent, May Ling put her fingers in my mouth and started squeezing my dick. It was all I could do to keep from cumming. She stopped just in time, and I knew that little tease was intentional. A few minutes latter, we heard Tommy go out the door and go downstairs. Whew! That was close.

After a few more minutes, just to be safe, we crawled out of the tent and sat on a sleeping bag that had been opened up. May Ling took a second rolled up sleeping bag and put it under my head as a pillow. I laid down and May ling crawled on top of me. She stroked my penis several times to get it back to its original fully erect state. Her hands worked their magic and in a matter of seconds, I was again hard as a brick. She than slowly sat down on me. It felt wonderful as her tight little vagina, all wet and warm, engulfed my fully erect penis. She rocked back and forth for a few minutes and I could tell that this couldn't last too long. All the fooling around that we did in the tent still had its effect on both of us. I also knew I needed to get back on my floors so as not to get caught and fired. May Ling made love to me in this manner for a few minutes, and then she leaned back on her hands, but we stayed connected.

She raised her feet to my face and began to rock her body back and forth again. While she did this, her bare feet wandered all over my face. I sensed the intense building of my orgasm in my loins. I could feel her vaginal muscles tighten and loosen around my dick. I could smell and taste her toes in my mouth. All of a sudden, Heidy walked over and stood beside us. May Ling apparently expected this as she never missed a beat. Heidy was wearing a mini skirt with taupe colored thigh highs. They might have been the ones she wore the first night I met her. She removed her panties and stood with her back to me. She walker over so May Lings head was under Heidy's crotch. May Ling then proceeded to give Heidy oral sex while continuing to ride me. Her sexy feet were in my face and Heidy had also put one of her nylon covered feet in my face. Since she was standing backwards, I saw the top of her foot. She had painted her toenails a dark color, but the light being dim, I couldn't tell exactly what. Her foot odor was as I remembered last night. I now had May Lings bare right foot in my mouth (toes) her left foot caressing my cheeks, and Heidy's right stocking foot under my nose.

I had the strangest feeling, like all three of us were connected on a plane higher than the physical. May Ling's grinding increased in speed. The feeling I had in my loins was indescribable. Heidy was humping May Lings mouth with all her might. May ling was sucking on Heidy's Vagina for all she was worth. All of a sudden, three people exploded at the same time. My orgasm was so intense, I swear the pressure had to hurt May Ling. I saw Heidy's head rear back and her legs squeeze May Lings head tightly. May Ling kept pounding my cock as hard as she could. You could smell sex in the air. after a few minutes of this intense orgasm and after-glow, we all sat on that sleeping bag and looked at each other. Heidy explained that each night, she would teach me something different about foot sex. Tonight I learned that all feet smell and taste different. Feet all have different ways of being erotic. I also learned that foot play could heighten the sensation of making love, when they are used in foreplay. I felt really lucky to have Heidy as my tutor. I also for the first time made love to an oriental. May Ling was an excellent love maker. She worked upstairs in Heidy's department, but was on the day shift. She agreed to come her tonight to help Heidy in teaching her new student. I was one lucky bastard and I was already thinking ahead to tomorrow night.

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