"A Night In A Dept Store" Pt 3

When I returned to the floor after lunch, I had many emotions running through my head. I was a little concerned about Tony catching me doing something with Heidy, or being caught on a floor I had no business on. I wasn't really afraid of Heidy, but she did have a dangerous side to her. And I was also excited at the prospect of some type of sexual contact with her. I was also fascinated and curious by my new found attraction to the female leg and foot. Did I have a latent desire for them all along, or was there just something about Heidy's feet that for what ever reason turned me on. I supposed in the next few hours I would find something out.

As I made my rounds, I couldn't help but feel a little uneasy. Heidy was so crazy, she just might jump out at me or something. I'm not the type to be scared of these situations, but I suppose that being relatively alone in this large, semi-dark department store has me on edge. I had made my first circuit after lunch and was 15 minutes into my second circuit. My first round had taken over an hour and I had a 15-minute break. Everything was calm and quiet. I had not seen Heidy since before lunch. I was beginning to think she was just a tease. Surely the things she had talked about doing weren't going to happen. I don't care if her uncle is the chairman of the board. People don't go around doing the types of things she had proposed. And why would she do them with a stranger like me. I had written my hope off as a bunch of crazy talk from a wacko woman. I was walking from the record department, going into the women's shoe department when I notice something laying in the aisle way. It was a pair of black pumps. They weren't there an hour and a half ago when I passed this way last. At first I thought maybe they had fallen from the display table, but upon picking them up, it was soon apparent that they were Heidy's. They were slightly worn at the heel, and I could see the dark marks her toes had made on the insole. The shoes still felt warm and I could detect a little of Heidy's foot odor wafting up from her still warm and damp shoes. Surprisingly, my first reaction was to lift them to my nose and smell them, but I didn't know where Heidy was and I was afraid she might see me, so instead I put them in my jacket pocket and started on my rounds again.

I kept looking for Heidy, but she wasn't in sight. Then it dawned on me. This was a game. I had to find her and she sure as hell wasn't going to simply meet me in the aisle way like a couple of starry eyed high school kids. She would also take me away from my appointed rounds. The element of danger of not doing what your supposed to be doing added an element of excitement. As I continued to search for Heidy, I thought about what I might do if I was in her place. The aisle way that I had been walking on my rounds was dimly lit, but the areas between it was much darker. I bet anything she was in a shadow somewhere. I was about to turn a corner near the furniture department, when I saw a pair of stockings lying draped over a counter. They were a Sears brand of light coffee colored stockings with reinforced toes. As I picked them up, I felt the toe area and sure enough they were damp. I couldn't help lifting them to my nose and inhaling. Yep! They were Heidy's. My common sense told me to go to the back part of the furniture department. I was almost all the way in the back, and the only light was the red exit light by the back stair well. About that time, Heidy's voice rang out softly. Her message was that she had been waiting for an hour or more, and if 5 more minutes had gone by, I would have been out of luck. I still couldn't see her in the semi-dark, but as my eyes got used to the very dim light, I saw here lying on a sofa. She reminded me that I was to please her first, and if I did a good enough job, I would get rewarded. If I didn't I would go home and take a cold shower.

Heidy was lying on the sofa in her skirt and blouse, but her shoes were in my coat pocket, and her stockings were in my hand. I had the biggest urge to fall at her feet and kiss them and smell them, and put her toes in my mouth and suck on them, but I knew if I did, she would probably kick me in the nuts and leave. So I didn't. She than said to me in a commanding voice, "sit on the floor in front of the couch and give me a foot massage". She told me if I was more comfortable, I could take my clothes off. After stripping down to my shorts, I sat on the floor in a sideward manner by one end of the sofa. Heidy was reclining on it with her head on a pillow and her feet lying on the other end. I took her right foot in my hand and gently kissed her toes. I than started to rub the bottom of her foot with my thumbs. Heidy started to purr like a kitten. It was obvious that she was enjoying this as much as I was. After about 10 minutes of massaging her aching feet, she told me I deserved something. I told her I wanted to make love to her feet and kiss and suck them and feel her toes on my penis. She said she wouldn't allow that tonight, but maybe in a few evenings if things worked out.

She led me over to where the bedroom furniture was and told me to lay down on one of the king size beds. She removed her skirt and laid down opposite of me. She had her head on a pillow and my head was down at the end. Her feet were lying beside my head and I felt her hand wrap around my penis. She and I said nothing. She rubbed a little lotion on her hand and supported my dick with her 2nd and 3rd finger while stroking the underside of it with her thumb. She laid her feet on my chest. Her toes were fairly long and curled down in a very sexy manner. For the first time in my life, I had a female foot in my face. I was so excited and had many thoughts in my head. But first and foremost, I was as sexually turned on as I had ever been.

As Heidy stroked me, I put her curled down toes in my mouth. I held them on the top of my lower lip. I then took the tip of my tongue and brushed it across the bottoms of her toes. I could smell the pungent odor of her foot. I tasted the saltiness of her. I sucked her toes slowly into my mouth. The taste was out of this world. I felt Heidy's talented fingers stroking me. Her fingers went up and down my shaft. First very slowly, and then progressively faster. The she held me with one hand and took her fingers and rubbed the head of my dick. As I felt her giving me one fine hand job, she took her big toe and penetrated my mouth with it. Then she would pull it out and put it back in. While she did this, I kept it wet with my tongue. My free hand found Heidy's vagina. She was extremely wet. As her toe was making love to my mouth, my index finger penetrated her vagina. All the while her hand was working magic on my dick.

After a few more minutes, we were both on the edge ready to cum. I had three fingers in her. She was real wet, but all of a sudden I felt her cumming. I could feel a much thicker warmer fluid soaking into my fingers. At the same time, I felt my dick getting ready to explode. I was moving my loins up and down trying to fuck Heidy's hand. Her feet both went to the back of my head and squeezed me tight. We both exploded at the same time. My cum went flyin all over the place as she finished jerking me off, and her cum was dripping from her vagina. After a few minutes of a very long and hard orgasm on both our parts, she sat up and kissed me on the cheek. She produced a towel out of nowhere and we cleaned ourselves up. She than asked me for her shoes back. I told her to hold her feet up and I would put them on her. She did and than told me to keep the stockings as a gift. She then said goodbye and maybe tomorrow night will hold another surprise.

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