"A Night In A Dept Store" Pt 2

Monday night came and went quickly. At that point, this was just another temp assignment for a week or two and maybe if I was lucky, I could earn several hundred dollars. Tuesday night I grabbed some dinner at my apartment consisting of a Swanson's turkey and dressing frozen dinner, and a bottle of Bud. Why in the hell I thought beer would go good with turkey I'll never know. It doesn't. Anyway, I digress. I got dressed and drove down to Kershner's. After parking my car, I took the freight elevator up to the 7th floor and reported in with Tony, my boss. He said I did well last night and to patrol the 3rd and 4th floors again tonight in the same manner. He also said that Heidy had asked about me. He had a funny little smile on his face. I asked him what was funny. He said nothing, really, but if I find Heidy in the retail area, don't report her, even though she isn't authorized to be there. I told him Heidy didn't appear to be the kind of woman who would let anybody tell her what to do. Tony said I was a fast learner. With that said, I went down the escalator to the third floor and started my rounds.

The 3rd floor housed the sporting goods, toy, house wares, record, china, drapery, and children's clothing departments. The 4th floor had camera, patio, women's shoes, lingerie, jewelry, women's accessory, and the furniture departments. I started my rounds on the 3rd floor and was singing an old Elton John song I always liked. I noticed a female figure walking rather slow a couple of departments over. She was about 250 feet away from me and was a rather eerie sight in the dim lights. I knew pretty quickly that it was Heidy. She appeared to be looking at something in the furniture department, and even though I know she saw me, she wasn't paying any attention to me. She looked more like she was casing the joint out, but I knew she wasn't trying to steal anything. Anyway, I finished my first circuit of both floors about an hour and a half later and went upstairs for my first break. When I got there, I sat on the couch, grabbed a coke out of the soda machine and sat down with a magazine. I was the only one there for about five minutes until Heidy came in. She had a sack with and apple and a bottle of juice she had brought with her. She gave me a faint smile and said hello to me. Her manner wasn't real warm, but it wasn't really bitchy either. She picked up a copy of vogue and started to read it. She was dressed about the same as last night. Short skirt, although it was navy instead of black, a tight top that was a faint blue color, and those same sexy pumps that she had on last night. She crossed her left leg over her right knee and the shoe on her left foot immediately fell off her heel and dangled on her big toe. I had never really been turned on by legs or feet, but for some reason that was sensuous to me tonight. She was wearing some nude colored stockings and it appeared she had worn them for several days. I noticed little specks of dirt on the toe and heel part, and the toe area looked darker, like her foot had probably been sweating. I could actually smell her musty foot odor as her foot was about eight feet away from me. I swear for the first time in my life, I felt a little tingle in my loins over foot odor. I didn't understand it, but I sure would have given anything to pull her shoe off the rest of the way and touch her silky toes.

About three minutes later, her shoe fell off her foot and laid on the carpet. I looked up and for the first time saw her entire foot. Her stockings had a slight reinforcement at the toe, but I still think some of the darker area was dampness from her sweat. Her toenails were well pedicured and painted a very faint pink. You almost had to see them up close to tell if they were light pink or just a clear polish. She caught me staring at them and told me in her deep voice "when you're done getting off over my foot, I would appreciate you picking my shoe up". Well. I knew my cheeks turned red. They certainly were warm with embarrassment. Anyway I picked her shoe up and slipped it back on her foot. She thanked me, but I didn't know if the smile on her face was because she was grateful, or if she was smirking at me. I feared the latter. Even though it hadn't been ten minutes into my break, I wanted to get the hell out of there because I knew I was flustered and not in control. I said, "nice talking to you" to her and headed back to the third floor.

As I started my second circuit, I tried to figure out just what went on up there. I wasn't ever in my life turned on by the scent or looks of a female foot. Was it the sexy shoes, the fact her foot was sweaty, her scent, or what? I chalked it up to the heat of the moment and forgot about it. I was on my third circuit for the evening, up on the 4th floor. I was about 15 minutes from completing this round, and would then go back upstairs for lunch break. I can't figure out how in hell you can call it lunch at 2:30 in the morning. Anyway, I'm walking through the furniture department, and there is Heidy, laying on a love seat with her legs hanging over the end. Her shoes were both on her feet but were dangling off of her heels. She smiled at me and said, "Hey foot boy! Wanna play"? Play what I asked her. She told me she had a talent for turning men on with the lower part of her body, and one way to hold their attention was to make them win her favors. She told me if I'm willing to play along with her, we could both have a good time for the rest of the week. Heidy's idea was to do a hide and seek in the store. The rules were that as I was making my rounds, she would leave me hints as to where I might find her. She could be anywhere on the first 6 floors. I wasn't supposed to be on any floor but 3, 4, or up in the office. The element of danger, by being on a "forbidden" floor would add to the excitement. Any time I found her, She would allow me to give her whatever pleasure she asked for. If I pleased her, she would in turn "do me in different ways" to put it in her words. I must admit, my heart was racing and I really wanted to do this, but this was taking a hell of a chance. She told me to come over to the end of the love seat. She held her right foot up to me and told me to remove her shoe. I did as she told me. She than told me to slowly inhale her foot odor from her shoe. I couldn't believe this was happening. As I smelled her shoe, she took her stocking foot and rubbed my penis through my trousers. The combination of the smell and the feel of her toes on my penis gave me a sexual sensation like I've never experienced. After about 15 seconds of this, she sat up, grabbed the shoe from my hand and put the shoe back on. I wanted more of this foot candy, but could get it only if I agreed to play her game. I did. She told me, to be ready for anything after the lunch break, and then she left.

My emotions were many. Excitement, fear, anticipation, and a few others. And here I am standing in the middle of the furniture department at 2:00 in the morning with a giddy heart and a major league boner. All this over a well shape pair of legs and feet. Not hardly what I'm used to. But at this moment, they sure seemed more exciting than a nice pair of tits. As I exclaimed to myself earlier, "WHAT THE HELLS GOING ON WITH ME ". See you all after lunch.

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