"A Night In A Dept Store" Pt 1

Last month when I went to work at a temporary agency, as an unskilled laborer, little did I know that I would have an experience of a lifetime. My first job assignment was at Kershner's Department Store as a nighttime security guard. Kershner's is our local department store located in downtown Toledo. It is an older building 7 stories high with each floor containing about 60,000 square feet of floor space. The first 6 floors are the retail department areas and the 7th floor is the offices.

My first night on the job was uneventful. I was taken to the offices on the top floor and introduced to Tony Cline, head of security. He gave me a cup of coffee and showed me a blue print of the store layout. Each of the 6 retail department floors were similar in design. An escalator was in the middle of each floor for going up and down to the different levels. In the back of each floor was a set of rest rooms. At the middle of each set of rest rooms was a door leading to the stairwell for those who didn't want to use the escalators, or for use in fire situations. On the west side of the building, each floor had a small warehouse area with a freight elevator for moving merchandise up and down. The first floor housed the main warehouse area and loading docks for incoming shipments.

I was to be assigned two floors per night to patrol. I was to walk a pre-determined route on floor 3 and then go up the escalator to floor 4 and walk a similar route there. I was to make sure no unauthorized individuals were in the retail areas, and also look out for fires, power outages, or anything else that would cause a security problem. If I found any of these situations, my job was simple, call Tony on the radio and report the incident. As I was a little on the lazy side, this job fit me perfectly. The only problem I saw was that only 9 people were in the store at night. There were 3 of us guards, Tony, and 4 women working accounting and inventory control. That few people in a large 7-story building were a little spooky. The lights were also turned down very low at night to save energy, so that took getting a little used to.

Well the first night went pretty smooth. It took about 45 minutes to patrol each floor, so I made my first round in about an hour and a half. We were allowed a 15-minute break after each round, so I settled down in a chair in the break room. There were stacks of magazines that were strewn over the break room. I found a stack of adult mags on the table and thumbed through them. I found an old copy of a magazine called Leg Tease. I had read my share of penthouse, hustler, and other assorted adult mags, but had never seen one devoted entirely to legs and feet. Tony saw me reading it and asked if I was a leg and foot man. I told him I really wasn't. He smiled at me and said, "You might be when it's over". His comment seemed a little odd to me, but I had no idea what I was in for.

The first half of my shift passed quickly. At 2:15 P.M. it was time for lunch. Everyone met in the break room and ate dinner, as there wasn't anything open downtown that late at night. At the end of the picnic type table I was sitting at eating, sat a women that intrigued me. She wasn't that pretty, but had a unique face. There was something fascinating about it. She was big boned, but not fat. She was about 5' 10", 140lbs or so, with a small waist and a rather full bust. She had legs that would attract any red blooded males attention, and long flowing auburn hair. Her clothing was enticing and it was obvious she dressed to attract "us guys" attention. She wore a black skirt about 2 inches above her knees, and a tan colored blouse that showed off her ample breasts very nicely. She wore off black stockings and had a pair of black patent leather heels that showed the high arch of her foot and a lot of toe cleavage. She was the perfect example of the term "sultry". After my break, Tony told me her name was Heidy Kraft. Heidy was in charge of the inventory control group's night shift. She was not the kind of person who would take any crap from anybody, and I was told, If Heidy tells you to do anything, just do it. She was also the sister of the chairman of the board, so she carried a lot of weight around Kershner's.

My first night came and went and turned out to be pretty uneventful, but 24 hours from now would make a big difference in my life and my sexual desires. Tomorrow night would be the first of several "games" that Heidy would insist I play with her. At first I objected, but her insistence and my curiosity soon made me putty in her hands. The term (learning at the FOOT of the master) would soon take on a new meaning. Tomorrow night, Part 1 of my conversion.

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