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This interview was with the beautiful and sexy TJ of 'Coed Feet'. She had agreed to answer some of your questions. You will find the questions she's answered below.

Guto BH Says: What do you do if you find a tiny man in your room?

TJ's Reply: I would squish him, with my nice soles, like the tiny man deserved to be squished.

Jonathan Says: Hey TJ, what do you like about your feet?

TJ's Reply: I love my soles, but my toes are my favorite. The way I spread them drives men nuts ;)

Trample Freak Says: Have you ever trample a guy alone or with other girls? How did it feel?

TJ's Reply: I have walked on coed, as a matter of fact, and I do believe he LOVED it.. I can say I enjoyed the power of it also.

BDS Says: Do you like it when men cum on your feet? If so do you ever lick it off after? And do you like the feeling of cum on or between your toes?

TJ's Reply: The answer to all three of those are yes, look at coed's site, and you will see I do all three and enjoy them all.

Neil Says: Thank you for posing and thank you for taking time to consider our questions. You are a gorgeous woman! Beautiful all over and especially your stunning feet. Please tell me how it makes you feel to know that me like me (many of us!) are masturbating to the pictures of your feet.

TJ's Reply: It is a huge rush, I love to feel the power my feet have over men. I get so excited myself, when I think of all them men who enjoy looking at my feet as they masturbate.

Tornado Says: I think you are the most beautifull Girl in the World!! You have a very strong personality and very beautifull eyes, like Morning in May. Could you describe to me your red shaving dots on calves and thighs? On which part of calve do you have these red points?

TJ's Reply: Well, my leg hair dont grow that often ;( but when I do get shaving dots, they are on the high thigh, and lower calf. They are tiny red circles, and a little sore at times, but usually go away after a day or so.. maybe I could have coed take some pics for you to see ;)

Danny G Says: How do you keep your soles so wrinkle?

TJ's Reply: It is all so natural, it is hard to believe. I do put lotion on all the time, so they are soft, like an infants, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Devon Says: TJ I think your feet are hot as hell, my question is, are your feet ticklish and what spots are the most ticklish?

TJ's Reply: Unfortunatally they are not ticklish. I wish they were, I just love watching girls get their feet tickled.

Link Says: Hi TJ, your feet are beautiful! I'd like to ask you something: Do you use your feet to seduce a man?

TJ's Reply: I do.. I try dangeling them in sandlas, or high heels in front of almost every man I see now. Sometimes with coed, I will run my feet up his thigh during a shoot, and it drives him crazy.

X Says: You have amazing feet!! Do you lick or suck your own feet, and if so, what do your feet taste like?

TJ's Reply: I do suck my soles and toes (coed has a lot of this pics on his site) and they are sweaty for the most part. my feet are always cold, but they sweat a lot.

Slave82 Says: Do you prefer a big or little cock? I'm only 4" when erect. Am I allowed to have a footjob from your beautiful feet?

TJ's Reply: I prefer a medium cock. Not to big, but not to small. I love to give FJ's, and feel cocks between my soles, so e-mail coed, and maybe we can work something out ;)

Jakmo Says: What shoess make your feet the most smelly? Has a man ever smelled your feet while your were having sex?

TJ's Reply: My flip flops make them smell, by far. But no, no man have ever smelled my feet during sex ;( I bet it would be great though.

JohnT Says: I think you really have pretty feet & soles. Are you into footjobs?

TJ's Reply: I am VERY into footjobs. I would give one everyday, if I just had the opportunity to.

Double A Says: Hi TJ, You're stunning. I was wondering when and how did you realize your feet were not only pretty, but sexy too? Thanks so much.

TJ's Reply: Actully, I had no clue my feet were nice, until I started working with coed, and then I realized how huge the foot industry is. I think it is wonderful to have so many followers.

Xxboe Says: Hi! Who is your favourite man?

TJ's Reply: I really dont have a favorite man, but I love men in uniform. What woman doesn't ;)

Paul Says: Does your boyfriend cum on your feet? Would you enjoy watching me lick them clean after he blows his big load on them?

TJ's Reply: No, unfortunatly he doesn't cum on my feet. He really isnt into feet like that. But if he was, I bet it would be great to watch you lick them clean afterward.

The Fast Fret Kid Says: If you had me at a 2 in tall what would you do? Would You Keep me as you tiny footslave or crush me under your hot feet!

TJ's Reply: First I would make you lick the sweat from between my toes, and work you real hard, by making you massage my smelly soles, then I would crush you under my heel when you were done.

Nathan Says: Well after seeing how your feet are such a work of art, I was always willing to ask foot models would they have a chance to travel to other staes such as chicago, and come to foot parties if thier is a chance to?

TJ's Reply: I do travel from time to time, but keep me posted on when it is and it may be a possibility, and until them, keep up with my latest pics and videos at coeds site.

Bill Says: Hi TJ I love your feet. How do you position your feet when giving a man a footjob? Have you ever licked the cum off your feet after?

TJ's Reply: My favorite position is to have the hard cock between my soles. I do lick them clean also, I have some great video of that on Coeds site.

Porgy Says: Have you ever given a black guy a foojob? Would you be willing to? I'm a huge fan I would love to feel your cold sweaty toes wrapped around me.

TJ's Reply: I have not givin a black man a foot job, yet. But there is always a first time for everything ;)

Muscles Says: I love your feet... I can't tell you how many times I have jacked off to you!!! Anyway... do you find it attractive when you see a guy looking at your feet? What did you do to turn him on?

TJ's Reply: I do find it VERY attractive to know men like my feet. It give me a great sense of sexuality and power. I like to dangle my feet to try to seduce men.

Fluver Says: Hi TJ , you are awsome , I like your feet so much and I wish I could just suck them all around. My question is : who do you think has the sexiest feet in all the female celebrities ? would you like if you suck her feet ? do you like lesbian feet actions ?

TJ's Reply: Hmmm.. sexiest feet on a female (besides mine) would be jenna jameson. Her soles are hot.

Kerry W Says: Plenty of foot questions here. What city/state do you 'go back home' to? Like, me for example, I live in KC, MO, but I 'go back home' to Oklahoma City. Are you seeing someone now? What kind of restaurant (steak/seafood/Italian) is your favorite? What's the most decadent dessert for you? Like to participate in or watch any sports?

TJ's Reply: Well, going back home would be to a city in Ohio, called Circleville. Very small, and homely. I am seeing someone, and thanks to him, football is my favorite sport... but my true passion, is computer games.. I am a big city of villans, worlds of warcraft, computer game nerd. I like italian and mexican foods the best, and anything chocolate would do me just fine for a desert.

AC Says: Your feet are amazing,I would love to worship your feet for hours on end. I bet they smell great. How would a guy like me who is 20 let a girl know that he wants to worship her feet?

TJ's Reply: Just be honest with her, and forward. It might freak some girls out, but most will appreciate the honesty.

Jonathan Says: Describe what your feet smell like right now in full details

TJ's Reply: Well, I have been outside at a birthday party, so my feet smell like dirty and sweat mixed. The soles are filthy, and so are in between my toes.

Mr Niceguy Says: Do you prefer to have your feet kissed or your toes sucked?

TJ's Reply: Toes sucked, most definitley.

FootSlave Says: Your feet and legs are truly sexy and hot. I would like to know if you have ever kicked a guy in his balls? How would you do it during a session? Would you rather use your feet or your curvy legs, TJ?

TJ's Reply: Hi, coed and I have threw the idea around, and are planning a shoot with that involved. I would use my feet to kick him in his nuts. Keep checking the site to see what come of if.

Rah Says: Have you ever been to a foot doctor for any foot aliments? Have you ever had injections in your foot/feet?

TJ's Reply: Never been to a foot doctor for foot aliments, or had anything injected into them. I do like my pedicures though.

Texx Says: Hi, you've got amazing feet. I love your toes. I just want to know if you ever had a sprained ankle, so that your cute toes were sticking out of a bandage?

TJ's Reply: I have never had a sprained ankle, but I have broken the same toe (left right foot index toe) three times, and had to have it taped to the pinky toe.

I heart smelly feet Says: What do your feet smell like? Are they cheesy? Are they vinigery? Are they flowery? Are they sweaty? or are they corny? I'd lvoe to know

TJ's Reply: They are more sweaty i guess. The do smell flowery sometimes, depending on what shoes I am wearing.

Daniel Says: Do you ever pose your feet with baby oil rubbed in and how does that make you feel when they are all shiny and wet?

TJ's Reply: I think baby oil or luberication are my favorite way to pose. I like the wet shiney look of my feet and they way it feels between my toes.

Big Brian Says: Have your sexy feet ever gotten you into any trouble?

TJ's Reply: Not so far, but I am just learing the power of sexy feet. I bet if given some time, they could get me into real trouble ;)

Antiochos Says: You have incredibly slender feet and as such are some of the most feminine on the net, as you know you have a huge following. If you didn't have a boyfriend, how would a guy have to approach you with the concept of a foot fetish. What would you be willing to do to satisfy him? Thank you so much for the time you take to answer these!

TJ's Reply: I didn't realize I had such a huge following, until this interview was posted. But I appreciate it. If I was single, a guy should not be shy about approching me. I come off as aggressive, and tend to scare men away, but that is just the outside lining, I am really a sweet caring and very open person, so I would go a long way to satisfy him, if I felt he would appreciate it.

Scott W Says: if I were your cheating husband and youŽll have a shrinking gun. What would you do to me?. thanks for sharing your time with us

TJ's Reply: I would shrink you, and make you my foot slave. I would keep you in a jar beside my bed at night, and make you massage my sweaty smelly feet after every long day, and before each long day. I would make you work to regain your size.

Footlover Chcse Says: First you feet are very beutiful!!! What is the yougest guy you let worship your feet? I am 18 and would love to worshiip!!!

TJ's Reply: Anything 18 and above is fine with me. I love men of all ages to worship my feet.

Mike Says: What is your favorite toe nail colour and how often you get pedicures??? You do it yourself or go to the professional?? Do you like black pedicure??

TJ's Reply: I love pink polish. I think 90% of the pics coed has taken are of me in some shade of pink. I do go from time to time to get pedicures, but most of the time, I do it myself. It is my way to relax and feel girly.

Pete Says: You have the most luscious feet I must say. Do you prefer male or female feet. Have you licked another girl's feet? If so, how many?

TJ's Reply: Well, I would have to say I prefer female feet to males, but that is just because most male feet I have come into contact with are hard. I like my feet soft. I have licked toes, and had mine licked as well. Coed has a ton of great pics on his site about this.

Micheal Says: Do you like to crack your toes and if so how often. Would you ever do a video of your cracking your toes

TJ's Reply: That is a wonderful Idea. I do crack my toes, and sometimes when I am walking threw the house they crack. Almost always when I first wake up. I have not done a video yet, but I think it would be a great idea. Thank you so much.

Smellyfeet Says: Do you like to dominate guys with your stinky feet?

TJ's Reply: I do. I love private worship sessions where I can force men to smell and suck my toes. Where I can walk on their chests, and smash my feet into their faces.

Goth25 Says: Hi TJ I would like to know if pantyhose make your feet smelly? Also could you tell us about some times when you walked around in public in stocking feet, at nightclubs etc.?

TJ's Reply: Pantyhose make my feet very sweaty, and smelly. I used to work in a business office, and I would wear hose all day long, and when I would come home, they would have to go straight to the wash, or my whole house would smell of sweaty hose.

Footsie Says: Would you wear black pantyhose with reinforced toes&heels or reinforced toes/nude heels and black socks for 1 week straight 24 hrs a day without washing them and sell them to me? How about wearing them with closed slippers on your feet(slipper boots or ballet type), when you sleep as well and sneakers when you workout in a gym!!! I would love smelly sweaty dirty pantyhose and socks that reek of your pungent smelly feet!!

TJ's Reply: I would consider wearing them and selling them. I do that from time to time. Wear shoes, flip slops, gym, sock, ect, and then sell them after they stink from a few weeks worth of straight wear. contact coed, and we will see what we can do to get those hose for you.

DirtyLover Says: First what I have to say, you have really sexy toes. And my question is: do you enjoy when someone is licking your dirty feet?

TJ's Reply: I do like my dirty feet licked, expecially in between my toes

Smoothy Says: I love to see fresh cum on wrinkled soles, do you have photos like this on your web site?

TJ's Reply: Coed has some pics and great video of that on his site. you should check it out, you wont be disappointed.

Travis Says: What do your feet smell like when they sweat and you wear shoes?? have you ever smelled them??

TJ's Reply: They have a flowery smell from time to time. I do smell them, and lick and suck them too.

Scott Says: First, TY so much for sharing your gorgeous feet with us all! I have two questions- 1. Do/would you do private foot sessions with fans? 2. Have you ever had those beautiful soles eaten from?

TJ's Reply: I would do worship sessions with fans, as long as you travel to me. I have such a busy schedule that it makes it hard to travel right now. I would love to have you eat off of my dirty feet.

Volman Says: You mentioned no man has ever smelled your feet during sex. I'm willing to be the first:) Has a man ever made you curl your toes during sex?

TJ's Reply: So far, no man has ever smelled them during sex (as far as I know, men can be pretty sneak about these things) but I have had men make my toes curl.

Anthony Says: Would you be availabe for a foot session? I would like to lick soles and suck on your beautiful toes. :)

TJ's Reply: Yeah, as long as you travel to me. Get in contact with coed, and we will discuss some fun worship sessions.

Devon Says: TJ, have you ever had another woman suck and lick on your feet and toes and if so, what did it do for you?

TJ's Reply: I have had a woman suck and lick my toes, and I was suprised to find it very erotic. Coed has some pics he will posting soon of me and another model, and it was HOT.

GQman Says: Hi! You're lovely. I am curious, what were your initial thoughts when the idea of a foot fetish was first explained to you? I'd love to hear your opinion. Thanks!

TJ's Reply: Well, coed first approched me about foot fetish, and I loved the idea. I didnt realize there was such a huge following. He explained to me all that was involved, and then the more we worked together and got comfortable with each other limitations, the ideas for new pics just began to flow. We have had about 30 shoots to date, and great pics from each one have emerged.

Anakin Says: Dear TJ, first let me say that you have by far the sexiest feet ever. My question is this: What would you prefer. a tongue lashing on your soles, your heels nibbled on, or your toes sucked one by one???

TJ's Reply: Great question, toes sucked my far. I like the feeling of my little toes in someones wet mouth.

DJ Says: Do your feet stink alot? do you enjoy shoing your arches and toes:)

TJ's Reply: My feet sweat a lot, so they stink unless I am barefoot all day long. I love my arches, and toes, and my wrinkles as well. What is your favorite part of my foot?

SissyMaid Says: Have you ever made a man lick/clean your high heels/boots etc.? Also, do you enjoy dominating and humiliating men, and using their foot fetish on the? You are a Goddess.

TJ's Reply: I do like dominating, but I have never had a man lick the bottoms of my high heels yet, it is mostly feet that I make them clean.

PA Foot Guy Says: Do you like the sweaty smell of another womans feet?

TJ's Reply: Yes I do. I didnt realize feet have so many different smells. I have worked with a girl whos feet smell like cornchips, and one whos smell like vinigar, and one whos smell of sweat.

Epic Says: Hey TJ! You have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen!.. Tell me what do you enjoy being done with your feet?

TJ's Reply: Truthfully, I love a great foot massage. For someone to rub my soles and arches nice and deep and hard.

Alexandre Says: You have very beautiful, soft looking feet. How did you discover your feet are attractive to other people and how do you advise us "Footlovers" to address a woman about her feet?

TJ's Reply: I didn't realize my feet were so attractive until I met coed. Then after countless shoots and worship sessions, he inflated my head about how great there were. Be honest with a woman about her feet. If she gets freaked out, then you really dont want a girl who get so upset so easily right? I mean, I would be honored to have men address me about my feet. I find it much more respectful than being addressed about other body parts.

Sliver Says: TJ. Which girls feet on Coeds do you most enjoy sniffing and why ? Do your feet ever smell vinegary ? I would love to sniff yours!!

TJ's Reply: I really enjoyed working with Loren. She was so much fun. But all the girls feet are great. I always joke with coed and tell him I have the greatest job in the world. Smelling girls feet, and getting paid to do it.

Tiny Says: What would you say a small sized dick is?

TJ's Reply: 3-inches

Ali Says: My question is how do you feel about someone licking your soles the whole night?

TJ's Reply: I would feel so lucky to have that. I love my soles to be licked, and a whole nights worth would drive me nuts.

Bill Says: Do you like being tickling on your feet?

TJ's Reply: Unfortunatly, I am not ticklish ;(

Sohail Says: H TJ. I am BIG fan of your feet. Do you like anklets and toeings? And if you wear, how many do you wear on each foot? My second question is do you ever think of growing your toenails very long like some models on internet have?

TJ's Reply: I do like anklets and toe rings, but I don't wear them as often as I should. I don't think I would like to grow my toe nails long, because I wear flip flops often, and am scared if I stubbed my toes, it would break the nail off and bleed a whole lot.

Steve Says: Hi, have you ever crushed anything under your feet before? And have you ever driven barefooted?

TJ's Reply: I have crushed food and playdo under my toes. I like driving barefoot, although in ohio it is illegal (or so the cop told me)

Steve Says: If tied up and tickle tortured on your feet with a feather for info would you give it up.

TJ's Reply: probably not, I am not ticklish, but if you were real sweet, and licked my soles and sucked my toes, I might divulge.

J-rizzo Says: What's your shoe size? What kind of shoes are your favorite?

TJ's Reply: I love all types of shoes, and I wear generally a 6, but sometimes, depending on who makes them, a 5 1/2.

Gene Says: Like most have already said, you have very pretty feet and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! How did you end up getting into the foot industry and modeling for coed? I love your sets where you are licking and sniffing other females feet! Do you really enjoy doing that? Thanks!

TJ's Reply: I started modeling years ago, when I lived in Florida. I moved to Ohio a year ago and coed contacted me threw a modeling site about foot fetish work, and it just took off from there. I do enjoy working with other females.

Sid Says: You mentioned working with a girl whose feet smell like vinegar...Care to give us a name?:-) Also, do you ever wear backless sneakers, and if so, do you go sockless?

TJ's Reply: Candace had feet that I thought smelled like vinigar. And I do wear backless shoes, without socks.

Alexa Says: I was just wondering do you clip or file your toenails? If you clip them, do you use clippers or scissors to clip them?

TJ's Reply: I clip my toes nails with toenail clippers. Then if they still feel jagged, I will file them off to a smoothness.

Fun Guy Says: Hi there TJ. Wow your soles are amazing! Have you considered doing just a feet and face sole show? Go on, you know you can! Just put your wrinkly soles up high and scrunch those yellow soles of yours!

TJ's Reply: I have not done a shot like that yet, but It sounds fun, and I am flexible, so you never know, maybe something in the near future?

The Dude Says: Hey TJ! You have such pretty feet! Ok now here's my question, I'm a rather good looking 22 y.o. male who's looking to get into the foot fetish biz. So I was wondering if you know anyone I could get in touch with, perhaps coed so I could get to work with you and maybe be a footjob guy... Thanx, YOU ROCK!!!

TJ's Reply: Yeah, by all means, contact coed. He is the master in the busniess, as far as I am concerned. He can steer you in the right direction, and he has some awsome pics and clips you can look over to see what your the most interested in.

Ras Says: You spread yer toes so well. How do you do it?

TJ's Reply: Pretty natural I guess. I have no problem spreading my toes, or wrinkling my soles. Guess I just got lucky in the foot department.

Lobo Says: Would you ever give a footjob to 50 men at one time, would it turn you on to have 50 men whacking their cum all over your feet?

TJ's Reply: Wow, 50 men is a lot. But I am sure my feet could handle it.

Fiddy Says: Damn TJ you are hott!..... do you like wearing toerings? ....blingblings?

TJ's Reply: I do like toerings, but they are so hard to find around here, that I dont wear them all that often.

Chris Says: You have lovely feet. I'm a big dangling fan (especially high heels). if I was sitting across the way from you and you noticed me staring at your dangling would you put on a show for me.

TJ's Reply: Oh definitely. I would find it hard to resist not putting on a show for you. I love when men look at my feet, and I play it up big time when I notice.

L2J Says: Do you like being tied up and getting hogtied?

TJ's Reply: I do like being tied up. I have not done anything yet, in the foot industry, being tied up, but before foot fetish I worked as a bondage model and couldnt get enough of being tied up.

Jeff Says: Is smelling other girls sweaty feet a personal turn on for you and if so what is your favourite kind of foot smell on a woman? How would somone be able to have a foot smelling/footjob session with you for the site?

TJ's Reply: I do get turned on by smelling other females feet. I love when they smell like sweat and flowers mixed. Get in contact with coed, and we can discuss setting up a worship session.

Randy Says: What is it with all of you beautiful Blondes. It seems like everyone of the Blonde Foot Models. Have The most beautiful legs and feet that just drive a foot man crazy. I can see why blondes have more fun. You're a Knock out TJ. You are a ten for sure.

TJ's Reply: Thank you. I appreciate all the input, and support I am recieveing from everyone out there. Like I said before, I didnt realize I had such a huge following. I am honored that you and all the other members look at me as a foot goddess. If it werent for ya'll, I wouldnt be doing this today.

Ank Says: Hi TJ you have great feet do you like to wear foot jewelry if so what?

TJ's Reply: Every once in a while I will wear toe rings, and anklets. I like to let my polish stand on its own though. I love painting my toes, and experimenting with new colors.

Foot Adict Says: Offering you money for you took kick me in the balls with your beautiful feet and then steeping on them is something that wouldn't really be wrong right?

TJ's Reply: Nothing illegal or morally wrong with that. In fact, it sounds fun ;)

Big Boi Says: How well can you wiggle your toes? Can you move them like your fingers?

TJ's Reply: I can wiggle my toes pretty well. I can make them wave like a hand, and I can pick things up with them. I can hold a pencil in between them too.

Robo Says: Hey TJ, you have very sexy feet. Just wanted to know what's you favourite foot activity is (licking, sucking, footjob etc)?

TJ's Reply: To have my toes sucked. I love the feeling of that act.

Doug Says: How much were you into showing off your incredible feet before being approached by the wonder COED Feet? Or was this your first time?

TJ's Reply: I have always like to paint my toenails and have nice smooth skin, even on my feet, but before coed, I didnt realize there is such a huge interest in foot models, and foot fetish modeling.

Paul Says: You're awesome, and so are your feet! Have you ever had a guy or girl lick the bottoms of your pretty feet clean for you? I would sure love to....(;

TJ's Reply: I have had a girl lick the bottoms of my feet, there are some great pics on coeds site.

Amit Says: I wish to get your name tatooed on my dick permanently. Which color would you like me to use and also please tell me where will you like it tatooed? On the helmet or on the shaft? Thanks for answering.

TJ's Reply: Well, pink is my favorite color ;) and my name is only 2 letters so the head would be just fine. Or maybe a T on the left nut and J on the right? Let me know how it turns out.

Vinnie Says: Hi Tj! I like the way that you spread your toes, and I have three questions for you. In Coed feet, are you the girl who spread the toes longer????? And do you like a man seeing you spreading your toes??????? and do you like to spread them?????

TJ's Reply: I am pretty sure I can speard them longer than any other model coed works with. I do like spreading them, and I love when men watch me spread them.

Footluvr Says: Hi there, first of all I think your feet are just perfect! My question is have you ever used those beautiful feet to kick someone in the balls? I would love for you to punish me with those beautiful feet and then tell me to worship them afterwards. Thanks!

TJ's Reply: I have not kicked anyone in the balls as of yet, but coed and I are in the talks of doing a shoot with that as the main theme. Wouldnt you love to see those pics?

Paige Says: Hi TJ. It's nice to see another girl that isn't afraid to admit that she finds foot worship/smelling erotic. I started taking Karate when I was 17 and I think that's pretty much what introduced me to the world of feet. I was just curious if you had ever taken it or found it,

TJ's Reply: Hey Paige, I started taking martial arts when I was a teenager also.. I never thought of it that way, but maybe that is where it came from for me also.

IFlyFA18s Says: I would love to give a guy in a uniform a FJ with baby oil.

TJ's Reply: I would make it last until you couldnt stand it one second longer. Till you were about to explode, and then I would let you finish all over my feet.

A Sock Guy Says: How do you feel about socks? Do you like them, and do you have a favorite kind? Have you ever given a footjob with socks on?

TJ's Reply: I do like socks in the winter time. I like the little one with the toes in them. but in summer time I am strickly a sandel girl

Ranger Says: Hi you are so pretty. Can you do me a favor and kick me in the balls as hard as you can barefoot. I would volunteer and what part of the foot would you use.

TJ's Reply: Sounds like fun. I would probably use the top of my foot and come up from underneath them to get a good hard kick

Detective Miller Says: OK say you were at a party or over at someones house, and you decided to leave your flip flops or shoes over by the front door, would you be digusted if one of the men at the house took your flip flops into the bathroom with him and smelled them and of course jacked off in them, if you found out would this offend you?

TJ's Reply: It wouldn't offend me at all, in fact, I would enjoy it.

R Chainsaw Says: I must say, you're one of my favourite foot models :) I love the clips with you smelling feet/getting your feet smelled your soles are amazing. Anyways my question is, what size are your gorgeous feet, and are they ticklish, and if so to what degree?

TJ's Reply: Thanks so much for the support. I am a 5 1/2 or a 6, depending on who makes them. I am not ticklish, unfortunatly, but I wish I were.

Hotboy79 Says: Hey sexy lady. I was wondering if you knew how Ronna's feet smell?

TJ's Reply: Hi, unfortunalty Ronna and I have not had the chance to work together yet.

Ratboy Says: When you orgasm, do you point or flex your toes?

TJ's Reply: I wrinkles my soles up, so I scrunch my toes

Sid Says: I would love to bury my face in your soles and smell them until I cum...especially when you just took off your sweatiest socks and sneakers ever. How long do you think it would take to make me cum all over your sexy wrinkled soles in that scenario?

TJ's Reply: If they smell real bad, and are real sweaty, I bet I could get it done in under a minute.

Will Says: How would you describe your feet? Are they tough or rather sensitive? Did you ever try to walk barefoot on gravel or small pebbles? Was it no big deal for your feet or did you have to make each step slow and carefully?

TJ's Reply: When I was smaller, I could walk on anything, gravel, rocks, glass, without any pain, but now that I am older, my feet are rather sensative. I could still walk on those things, but I would have to take each step slower and more calculated.

Michael Says: Do you like men deep throating your feet? has anyone sucked your whole foot?

TJ's Reply: I have never had anyone deep throat my feet, or suck the whole foot. That would be pretty amazing to see.

Stef Says: Hi Tj. Have you ever tried to see how long you can spread your toes? If so, how long did you manage?

TJ's Reply: I would say a while. It isnt hard for me to speard them at all. In fact sometimes they spread on there own, without me even realizing it. I will just be sitting there, and look down, and the pinky toes is sticking way out, without me doing it

Tezoh Says: Where's the strangest place you ever gave a footjob?

TJ's Reply: So far they have all be in the the studio. But I am trying to find a way to do it outside, in a parked car, at the mall or a park.

Alfa159 Says: What kind of experience do you have in martial arts and how long time have you been in martial arts? Can you do a martial arts custom photo set or video you vs a guy?

TJ's Reply: I have taken shotokan karate for about 10 years now. I think it would be fun to do a video with me vs a guy

Porgy Says: Where did you see Jenna Jamesons Soles?...I've been looking for pics of them for years.

TJ's Reply: Mostly from the porns she is in. I like to freeze frame them ;)

Sandra Says: Do you smoke? Do you like when one kisses your feet while you smoke?

TJ's Reply: Nope. I have never been a big smoker. I try to stay fairly healthy, but I dont look down on people who do smoke. We all have our vices.

Lidia Says: Do you have any fetishes besides feet? If so could you tell us?

TJ's Reply: Underwear. I love sexy underwear, and pics of girls in sexy underwear.

TC Says: How often do you wear pantyhose or sheer stockings? What brand, style and color do you enjoy wearing the most?

TJ's Reply: I dont have the opportunity to wear them as often as I used to, but when I do, I love victoria secret pantyhose. I like the kinda with the black line going up the back, and the black heel.

Toegirl Says: Hello TJ! Great job you're doing!!! Please answer my questions: Your toenails are always short, does that mean you prefer rather short than long toenails? How often do you cut them? What was the longest you've got without cutting them?

TJ's Reply: I do prefer them short, because of the fact that they dont grow very fast. I cut them one a month maybe, but the pinky toe nail doesnt grow at all, so it is always short. It would look weird if the rest were long, and it was short because it doesnt grow.

Craver Says: Very familiar with your work and definitely think you and your feet are quite beautiful and worthy of worship!
I guess this is a two part question really...
1) Do you actually enjoy having your feet licked and orally worshipped,and...
2) If so, does it make a difference to you if your feet are clean or somewhat dirty/sweaty when you're being worshipped this way?...i.e. is one or the other hotter for you in some way?

TJ's Reply: Thank you for being a loyal fan. I do like them worshiped but it doesnt matter much to me weather they are clean or not.

Theman Says: Beautiful feet you have! Do you wear loose fitting shoes so they will fall off in public? Has anyone ever held your foot while you put your shoe on?

TJ's Reply: Sometimes my flip flops fall off when I am walking in public. The last person who held my feet while I tired a shoe on was at the mall in the shoe store

Ben Says: Beautiful feet!! My question is: Have you ever had a man cum in your heels??

TJ's Reply: Um, yeah.. Me and coed shoot a video like that, where he came all over my shoes

Derek Says: Do you always wear a seatbelt in a car? Please be honest? Did you ever forget it? Please answer....thank you.

TJ's Reply: Um, I do forget from time to time. If I am just running down the block to the store, I forget it, but when I am on a long trip, I try my best to remember it.

Martin Says: Whats the favorite part of your soles?

TJ's Reply: The middle part, where the arch is, because it is soft and yellowish

Tom Says: Some models get collagen injections into the balls of feet. Are nice padded soles sexier? do the balls of your feet hurt in high heels?

TJ's Reply: I like my soles natural, not injections. They do hurt sometimes from heels, but I just get a good foot massage and they are fine the next day

Lidia Says: You have the most beautiful feet. Have you ever or would you ever get another girl off with your feet?

TJ's Reply: I have never gotten a girl off with my feet, so far, but it sure would be fun to try

Jim Says: Dear TJ: Have you ever gotten your foot stuck and needed help getting free, or had to struggle to free your foot? For example, have you ever been getting out of your car and gotten your foot stuck between the seats, or been home relaxing with your bare feet up on a wooden chair and gotten a foot stuck between the bars? Maybe you have been walking down a city street with sexy boots and gotten your heel stuck in a grate? I would love to know about any experiences like this.

TJ's Reply: Well, a couple years ago, I had come home to visit my family and my brother didnt know I was home yet, so when I saw him pull up, I decided to stick my foot between the banister bars, and kick at him when he was walking up the stairs. In the process, I got my foot stuck, and had to use lotion to get it free.

Musclex Says: T.J. Let me first say that your feet look so soft and kissable. I have a scenario for you. Lets say that you and I are on a first date and you want to send me a signal that you want to get closer. We are having dinner at a restaurant, how would you use your feet to turn me on? What type of shoe would you be wearing?

TJ's Reply: I would be wearing a strappy black sandle, with a 3 inch crome spike heel. I would rub my feet up and down your legs, very often.

Martin Says: Hi T J. I sure wish I could give you a foot massage, I am one of the best. My question is which do you wear most often, flip flops or heels?

TJ's Reply: Flip flops usually. I dont dress up that often, so flip flops go with anything

Max Says: First off all let me say that you have very nice feet. I have two questions for you. First what is the thing that you like most about your feet? Second, what is the thing that you dislike most about your feet?

TJ's Reply: I like the arches the most. They are very deep, and a yellowish color. The thing I least like is my pinky toes. The toe nail doesnt grow :( so it keeps me from getting sexy french pedicures since it is so short.

Sean Says: Have you ever given a footjob under the table before? Were you wearing nylons and what happened?

TJ's Reply: No foot job under the table yet, but maybe when it does happen I will wear nylons.

Socknfeet Says: Do you feel that your feet can look sexy in a pair of white socks too?

TJ's Reply: I love little ankle white socks. They look so clean and fresh.

Hector Says: Hi TJ, I'm from South America, I have a question for you, do yo like crush objects like toy cars under you sandals?

TJ's Reply: I do like to crush toy cars, little soldiers, playdough, ect.. under my flip flops and bare feet

Ben21 Says: Hi, you have very sexy feet. How old are you and are your feet ticklish?

TJ's Reply: I am 25, and unfortunatly my feet are not ticklish

Gabe Says: Hey, nice to see you. My first and only question is, do you really like feet? do you like being worship by a guy (or a lady) or is it just because of the money?

TJ's Reply: I truly like feet. The money isnt bad either, but I am a foot fan

Lobo Says: Hey TJ, when or how do your feet get the most stinky???

TJ's Reply: They are the most stinky after walking outside all day long in flip flops

Webbed-Toes-Man Says: You have a great toes, but I have webbed toes. So, this is my question: doyou know another feet model with webbed toes?

TJ's Reply: I have yet to encounter a model or worshiper with webfeet. I think it would be very exciting.

Foot Luver Says: Have you ever had your soles cummed on and if so did you enjoy it?

TJ's Reply: Yes I have.. I have a Fj video of it. Coed can direct you to the link.

Bowa Says: If a man paid you to kick him in the balls as hard as you can 20 times would you do it? How would you do it? Would you wear shoes?

TJ's Reply: I would do it.. probably unshoed at first. I would do it with the top of my foot 10 times then the hard sole 10 times

Toeboy Says: Hi TJ. Would you like to have a guy lick all your shoes clean? How many shoes do you have? Which ones get the dirtiest?

TJ's Reply: I would say I have atleast 30 pairs of shoes at the very least. I love my flip flops the best, and they are by far the dirtiest.

Max Says: If you are making love to a man and he wants to climax on your feet where to you want him to do it,on your toes or arches?

TJ's Reply: On my toes.

Musclex Says: Do you ever dangle your shoes naturally out of habit or just to take photos for websites? Does seeing your own arches when you dangle turn you on?

TJ's Reply: I dangle them out of habit now. I am almost always dangleing them, even when I dont realize I am doing it.

Azeim Says: Nice feet! Do you have wrinkles on the outerside of your heels?

TJ's Reply: They are pretty smooth, but I can make them wrinkly.

Toelizard Says: Did you ever consider getting a tattoo on your feet? If yes what and where?

TJ's Reply: When I was younger, I wanted a frog on my ankle, with its tounge wrapping around my ankle and down on the top of my foot, where it would be reaching for a fly on my big toe.. I guess I was just to chicken to get it.

Eric Says: How do you feel when you are in a photo shoot? Do you think how wierd it is to have someone take pictures of your feet? Do you feel exposed or do you believe that it would be the same as being a hand model or something like that?

TJ's Reply: I feel perfectly comfortable. Just like any other kind of modeling, it is series of poses. But foot modeling is much more fun. When the camera isnt focused on your face, you can be making silly faces.

Dave Says: Hi TJ. Just wondering if you ever wear sexy heels that are tight on your toes and hurt them? You are so pretty and sexy.

TJ's Reply: I have a pair of boots that are REAL pointy in the toe area, and it squooshes all my toes together, and after about an hour it hurts. God what I would do for a massage after wearing them all day

Azeim Says: Great feet TJ! Do you get a lot of wrinkles on your feet when you flex or point them if do where? Has anyone ever held your foot while you drive.

TJ's Reply: I get wrinkles from toes to the very bottom of my heel. IT is so crazy, they wrinkle so easy.

Martin Says: We know that you have great feet and are a great foot model. My question is, what do you like to do when you are not modeling?

TJ's Reply: I love to play video games, it doesnt matter what type of system. Xbox, PS2, Computer.. as long as it is a shooting game, or a game like everquest, I am all good

Max Says: I have two questions for you TJ. My first question is, on average how many men do you catch staring at your feet on a given day? My other question is, do you compare your feet to other feet models?

TJ's Reply: I do catch a few, 3-5 a day staring (who knew there were so many foot people out there) and I do compater feet (I always think mine are just ok, but I guess they are great, according to ya'll)

Shaun Says: I have seen some of you picture sets and in most of them your feet are pretty clean. Do you not like to dirty them? That's such a turn on at times! So, do you like having dirty feet and then having shots taken??

TJ's Reply: I know they have been clean so far, but I want to do a dirty shoot and then make a girl lick them clean.

i_heart_tjs_feet Says: I love your feet and masturbate to them a lot. I was curious about coed. He sounds so cool on your videos, I bet he is like a stud in person? And you would be giving him fj's and walking all over him even if he didn't have a site?

TJ's Reply: Coed is awsome. You have to remember, before him, I didnt do this. He made it so comfortable to do, and totally relaxed, that I would terribly miss him if he didnt have a site, but we would def still do some worship.

Ollie Says: Have you ever given a footjob in socks?

TJ's Reply: Not yet, but soon maybe.

Marc Says: Hi TJ! Do you like to pinch a guy's nose between your smelly sweaty toes?

TJ's Reply: Oh yes, that sounds like so much fun

Viceroy Says: Have you ever grown your toenails long?

TJ's Reply: No, I like them short, because my pinky toe nails dont grow. It woud look funny with long toesnails, except short pinky toes.

Carlo Says: Do you walk around barefoot in the summer and do you notice when foot fetish men are turned on by you walking around bare foot? Do you tease them?

TJ's Reply: I walk around all summer, and most of spring and fall barefoot. I love the feeling of the dirty ground under my feet.

Footfan1 Says: Hi TJ, Hey, what would you think if you caught one of your guy friends smelling your worn socks out of your clothes hamper?

TJ's Reply: I would be totally cool with it, as long as they put it back in the dirty clothes when they are done, so I dont have a mismatched pair of socks.

Corgi37 Says: Hi T.J. Hope all is well. Aussie boy Corgi here. Just wondering. I've enjoyed alot of your double shoots with other models. As well as your solo ones of course. Which do you prefer?

TJ's Reply: I really like working with other models. I love to talk, and it makes time go fast, and gives me some great excuses to suck toes ;)

Sid Says: Do you ever "dip" your feet? That is when you curl your toes into the ground so that your soles get all wrinkly...

TJ's Reply: Yea, I do that when I am nervous, or standing in line at a resturant waiting for food

Fleeting Says: Here are a series of questions: Do you have another job besides the foot fetish thing? Going/went to college? If so, what is/was your major? Down feather comforters and pillows, or synthetics? What kind of character do you play in WoW? Do you speak any other languages? And, ok, last one, a favorite book?

TJ's Reply: Modeling is my full time job right now, and I am going to college, for medical related training. I love down comforters, but not pillows, because I dont like the feathers to poke me in the head while I sleep. On Wow, I have a druid and a rogue. I do speak japanese some. And I love Danielle Steele books.

El Boricua Says: Hi TJ. I lovo your feet. Im 26 years, and I am in the military. Look, I want to know what can I do to have a private session with you? I'd love to be your footslave, smell your feet, suck each toes, foot massage, a footjob, and maybe we can play ps2. I'm not going to let you win in games. hehehe Kisses.

TJ's Reply: LOL.. I would so kill you in any PS2 game that involved shooting. Then I would make you massage my feet, and I would make you smell my sweaty toes.

Jakey Says: Since you said you're a good toe spreader, then maybe you're a good toe picker too, right? What's the thickest object that you can grab between your big and second toe? Can you pinch people using your toes too? Thanks.

TJ's Reply: I can pinch and leave bruises with my toes, and I think the thickest thing would be the remote to my DVD player possibly

Aceofspades Says: How many kicks in the balls do you think I can take before falling at your beautifull feet? ;-)

TJ's Reply: Only a few. I have pretty strong legs, and can kick really hard. It would only be a matter of seconds before I would have you on your knees at my mercy.

Mark Says: Describe your feet.

TJ's Reply: Well, they are a 5 1/2 very flexible toes, that can be spread very far, and then balled up to wrinkle my soles. My soles are pink on the outside, and yellow in the center. They are very soft, and smell flowery and sweaty most of the time.

Johnny B Good Says: You are an awsome girl with THE most georgeous feet. If a guy offered to pay you to stomp on his groin area 10 times - would you do it? Also, if he could take all ten stomps, would you carry on and how hard would you go. Thankyou so much . . .

TJ's Reply: I would do it for money, and if 10 stomps didnt work, then I would do it till he crumpled to the floor begging me to stop

Curious Says: I was just wondering. I have a foot fetish obviously, but I doubt that you do. Do you think the foot fetish people are weird? It is akin to liking boobs and butt but a different body part. When did you first find out about us? I imagine modeling feet is so much more laid back than photoshoots where you might have to get naked or something. I was just thinking while reading your interview, that if I found out that a group of girls were into shins or kneecaps, I would find it odd at first but then think it was cool. I didn't mean to ramble on... your feet are very pretty by the way.

TJ's Reply: No, foot fetish people are not weird at all. I look at it this way. Everyone has some body part the are turned on by. Some like butt, some like boobs, some like hips, or eyes, or hands, and some like feet. There is nothing weird about that at all in my eyes.

Martin Says: Have you ever sniff your feet? What is your feet size?

TJ's Reply: I have sniffed them. They are a 5 1/2 or a 6, depending on who makes the shoe.

Bigman Says: Nice and smooth feet you have! If a man wanted to hold your feet while you drive would you let him? Do you think this is crazy?

TJ's Reply: I might let him hold a foot, but it would be hard to drive, if I didnt have a foot for the gas or the brake, or my clutch.

Toelover Says: You have the most sexiest big toe. I am at a bar and a sexy lady has on high heels with her toes out, How can I say something about her sexy toes to her without her thinking I am crazy?

TJ's Reply: First start off by saying how nice her shoes are. Girls don't expect this. They are used to hearing nice ass or nice rack, but nice shoes will get her attention. Then go on to tell her that there is nothing sexier than a woman with nice shoes and great feet. If she is relaxed then just feel it out and go with it, and if she blows you off, them move on. But trust me, she will remember you way better than the 10 guys who tell her she has a nice ass.

Taru Says: You said you played Xbox, DO yopu play Halo 2? Whats your GamerTag?

TJ's Reply: I do play Halo 2 on xbox, not the 360, but old school x-box.

Letizia Says: Hello Sweetheart, you have incredible feet, probably the best I've ever seen. I for myself love getting pedicures. You too? My questions: How often do you clip your nails? And what do you cut your toenails with? Would you ever let your boyfriend clip your toenails? (because mine does...) Thanks and BIG kisses!!!

TJ's Reply: I get pedicures once a month, I take care of them, with creams and home pedicures every day almost though. I do clip them, with toenail clippers (the kind for baby's) and then file them smooth. I always wear clear polish under regular polish, so not to stain the nails the color of the polish. Its great to see other women who are into feet also.

Foot Guy Says: Hey TJ your feet and toes are sexy. Do you like driving fast and putting you foot to thr floor? if yes what shoes or barefoot.

TJ's Reply: I love to drive fast, usually in my flip flops. But I am always careful. I make sure I am all alone on the road when I put my foot to the floor.

Harris Says: You have an incredible feet. It's awesome when you wear anklets. So I want you to pose your feet in anklets

TJ's Reply: I am thinking about doing a set in socks of all different lengths, even mens knee high socks.

Sid Says: Do you ever wear backless Skechers? If so, what kind, and do you go sockless?

TJ's Reply: I do have some backless sketchers. I dont wear socks with them. They are white with a pink S (pink is my favorite color)

SmellySocks Says: TJ, Hi do you wear knee socks? Will you wear them for a few weeks unwashed then let me smell your knee socks while I suck on your sweaty feet/toes?????

TJ's Reply: I do wear knee socks. The kind with the toes in them, and they are striped all the way up, like a candy cane.

Amit Says: How long can you stand on a dick with your 5" heels? Thank you.

TJ's Reply: I could stand there, as long as the man can take it. I have great balance, and love to wear heels.

Eric Says: Will you trample me for money? I would love to have you walk all over me.

TJ's Reply: I do do private worship sessions, but only if I have an escort present (for my protection) and you come to my location.

Bradley Says: Do you enjoy it when men smell and lick your feet?

TJ's Reply: Yes, very much so.

Melanie Says: I think you're one of the prettiest foot models out there, your feet are SO SWEET! I have been thinking of becoming a foot model myself, I'd love to have my pictures on a foot fetish website, I'm even willing to be nude ;-) How did you get your start as a foot model and what advice could you give to me?

TJ's Reply: Foot modeling is like any other kind of modeling, you have to be professional, and friendly. Foot modeling is awsome, because you get to suck toes, and smell feet. There are always guys looking to hire foot models, like coed for example.

NewbieCollegeGuy Says: Hi Tj ...Sorry I`m late with the question...but i`ve got to agree with everybody have perfect feet really sexy hot soles...and very nicely painted toes. I`m 20 and I havent had chance to suck a girl's toe or get a footjob...but i`m starting university soon....have you got any tips for me lol? Also, I have seen from a pevious question...can I try and contact coed as well...cause i`d a foojob from you...I'm sure it would be over fairly quickly though lol..i`m 20 and I am 6 inches. Hope you reply...lots of kisses

TJ's Reply: Well hun, contact coed. I do worship sessions, but I have an escort with me (for my safety) but it is well worth it.

Iizzy Says: Cute toes! If a man told you he like your wrinkles would you point or flex more if he was looking?

TJ's Reply: I would flex my toes, then ball them up.

Jedi Guy Says: I was wondering about your karate experience. Are you a black belt and do you break? Have you ever used it before on someone?

TJ's Reply: I am a black belt, a third degree actully. I can break boards. I used to break block, but it bruised my hand, so I stopped. I only use it in self defense.

Giantessfan Says: Would you prefer to crush a tiny man with bare feet or with heel???

TJ's Reply: Bare feet, I would love to feel him lay between my toes and the hard cold ground.

Tim Says: What do you think is the best part of your feet?

TJ's Reply: I love my toes and my arches.

Bill Says: I have some model cars that I don't want anymore. Do you think you are heavy enough to crush them?

TJ's Reply: Well, it depends on what they are made of. I weigh 107 ( i know, a girl who will actully admit there weight) so if they are made of something fairly flimsy, I bet I could squish them flat.

Knight Says: Are you a shoe dangler in public? Do they ever fall off with men looking at your feet?

TJ's Reply: I do dangle shoes in public. Mostly not even realizing I am doing it. My flip flops fall off when I do it real fast.

Jedi Guy Says: Have you ever injured someone while sparring and how? Have you ever had to use it in self defense?

TJ's Reply: Well, once while i was in high school, a guy was picking on me, shoving my books out of my hand and stuff, and kept saying "what are you gonna do now karate girl" so when he grabbed me from behind, I threw him over my shoulder, onto the floor, and he broke his wrist because he didnt know how to land. He never messed with me again after that. I was picked on in school a lot. I was the "ugly duckling" girl.

Tom Says: You have incredibily sexy feet. Has anyone ever tied your ankles and big toes together and licked you beautiful until they came??

TJ's Reply: No, I have never had that happen before. i have had my ankles ties, when i did bondage work, but never my toes.

Kyle Says: Your feet are super sexy. I was wondering if you have ever used them to pop balloons and what was the situation. Did you have fun?

TJ's Reply: At birthday parties, I run around jumping on the ballons with all the little kids to see who can pop the most.

Ralf Says: Can I tickle your feet?

TJ's Reply: I am sorry, I am not ticklish.

Footluver Says: Hiya, TJ. First off, I just adore your feet and everything about them (including how sexy they look in socks), and everytime I see your videos, I've always fantasized how it would feel if you made me smell your socks, be ballbusted by you, and finally get pumped like a gas pedal by you wearing your dirty socks and cum all over them (yes, I know, big elaborate fantasy :D). Seeing of course as I can't do much travelling, as I'm not particularily rich, to see you and make it happen, would you be willing to make a video like that any time? Thanks for answering, sweet kisses on your toes.

TJ's Reply: Hi, thanks for writing. I do make custom videos. Write coed, and he will take your request down and we will work on getting it made. I also wear socks for a week, or stink up shoes, and then sell them.

StinkyFeet Says: I honestly just squirted a ton of cum all over my laptop looking at your pics at Wu's, I hope it does not ruin anything, it was worth it though so thank you, and now I can say I came all over TJ'S stinky feet!!!

TJ's Reply: LOL.. I just hope your keys dont stick on your keyboard. I am honored to be worth that. Thank you.

Cage Says: Hey girl... have you ever been stuck in your car in mud or snow with the wheels spinning? A short story from you would be the BOMB!

TJ's Reply: I have been stuck, but it was in the sand. When i lived by the beach, i had some jet ski's, and i was hauling them on a trailer behind my little 4 cylinder car, and they sunk down in the sand, and my poor car wasnt strong enough to pull them out. We had to put boards under the trailer tires, and get them out that way.

Harry Says: You have a cute feet. I wish if you could wear a silver/golden anklets it'll be awesome. Do you like wearing anklets?

TJ's Reply: I do like anklets, but they are hard to find around here, because I live in such a small town.

Debbie Says: Do you like seeing other girls barefoot in public?

TJ's Reply: Yes, unless they are coming from a public restroom. Something about that really turns me off.

Golfer Says: Do you think you can pick up a golfball between your big and second toes? your toes looks powerful.. Who did you pinched with your toes and what part of the body?

TJ's Reply: A golf ball would be pretty hard, but I could try it. I pinch my boyfriend, on his sides, or his inner thigh when he wont pay attention to me.. lol.. I love attention.

Tim Says: Hello did you ever model for another site cause you look like a chick named Lucie I've seen on another site.

TJ's Reply: Nope, sorry.. coed is the only foot site I have worked on, besides Wu's.

Tastytoes Says: Hi there! Would you let a chick suck your toes???

TJ's Reply: Of course I would. In fact, there are pics and videos on coeds site about that very thing.

Mick Says: Do you ever do cutom work? I find your martial arts training a huge turn on (no disrepect, I know that it's not meant to be erotic)I would love to you in your Gi in some sort of sceanario. If that would be something that would interest you.

TJ's Reply: I do do custom work, just e-mail suggestions to coed and we will work on getting something together.

Norm B Says: Hiya TJ! I'm a huge fan of! So, obviously I have a HUGE foot fetish but I'm still totally "in the closet" about it. Only my ex girlfriend knows and believe me, she hated the fact that I got turned on so much by feet. She said it's disgusting and she would get so hurt/jealous when I'd log onto feet sites; yet still, when she wanted something from me, she'd totally seduce me with her feet. She sucked. I'm a single man now and enjoying it very much but it bugs me to think I might end up settling down with another girl who thinks foot-lovers are freaks. I've actually met a handful of a girls that seem to be into feet but not many at all. What's your take on this? Do you think majority of girls are anti-foot fetish or quite simply unfamilar with it or not open about it? Is there hope? Because it's hard for me when I'm dating a fine girl and I totally suppress my desires to play with her feet. I give great massages and girls love it, but if I start kissing or! sucking, it sorta weirds some of 'em out. BTW, I bet you are ticklish... whoever's doing it to you just isn't doing it right. ;)

TJ's Reply: Well, first of all, your not freaks. I love the fact that you worship something other than the typical ass and tits. In my mind, that makes you original. Start off by asking the women you are intimate what they are "into". What is there one thing they love about men, then from there, most women will ask what you like about women. Say they are beautiful in many ways, but feet are a huge turn on to you. Every girl has something that turns her on, and so should every man. See how she reacts to that. If she cant accept it, get rid of her. Because that means she cant accept you. And you should never alter or hide who you are just to please some girl. I think most women are just unfamiliar with the whole foot fetish thing, and it sounds in there minds, a lot worse than it really is. If they had the chance to think about it, I bet most would come around to the idea of being desired for more than just the "typical" body parts.

Shawn Says: I have to say your feet look very beautiful. You have gorgeous peds. My question for you is If you seen a guy wearing red toenail polish what would you think. Do you think a guy should wear toenail polish in public and would women like you like this?

TJ's Reply: I think both men and women should wear toenail polish, if that is what they like. I dont think society should judge men for wearing something wemon typically wear, when they are all for women doing stuff men typically do.

Edward Says: Have you ever masturbated while giving a footjob?

TJ's Reply: No, not as of yet.. but there is a first time for everything.

Marc Says: Have you ever spanked someone with your shoe before and if so who? If not if you have children will you spank them.

TJ's Reply: Well, it was more playful than anything really. Another model and I were doing a shoot with waterballons, and we started throwing them, and then we started throwing food, and then I threw my flip flop and it hit her on the side of her head. It didnt hurt her, but it was funny to laugh at.

Footsie Says: Have you ever walked barefoot in mud. If so, how did it happen and did you like it? If not, would you mind and what exactly would you do?

TJ's Reply: As a kid I walked barefoot everywhere. Mud was the best. I like the cold feeling between my toes as it swuished out. I would do it again in a second.

Dick Says: Men with a fetish for sniffing stinky women's feet are "smell specific" meaning an exact type of smell turns them on. Mine specifically is the "vinegary" type smell. Others include "cheesey" and "corny". What smell out of the three best describes your foot smell?

TJ's Reply: Mine sweat a lot, but i would say flowery and sweaty.

Very Pleased Says: No question. I just checked out the new set of pics at Coed Feet and I am floored. You and your feet are beautiful. :)

TJ's Reply: Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed them. I hope you keep checking back. He posts new ones very frequently.

Jeremy Says: When you rub lotion or oil on your feet, does it turn you on or is it just a daily routine?

TJ's Reply: When I do it on my feet it is just a routine really, but when I do it to other womens feet it is a turn on.

Jack_2710 Says: I think it is rude to call you by your name so can I call you madam. You have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. You said that you pedicure your feet once a month. If I were your pedicurist I would do It for free and everyday If I were so what else you want me to do. If you come home and your feet are vey tired.

TJ's Reply: Well, I love my feet to be pampered. A good foot massage after the pedicure and then some really rich creamy lotion being rubbed in my feet would be great.

Footboy Says: Hi There. Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls before?

TJ's Reply: We don't have any pics up yet, as far as i know, but coed and i are working on a video and pic set at this moment.

Dani Says: Which type of shoes gives you the "ideal" stinky odor?

TJ's Reply: Flip flops make my feet sweat the most, and give me a real flowery smell.

Toe Sucka Says: Whats your favorite color to paint your sexy toes?

TJ's Reply: Pink.. any color pink really, as long as it looks girly.

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