"So What Turns You On"
By Dave "Soleman" Brown

     Hi again all! First off I want to thank everyone for all your great responses. Secondly, I want to thank Wu for letting me be heard. You truly are the man Wu. Ok, So in the past week since my first submission, I've had tons of you writing in suggestions in what you want to hear. The majority of you want to know where all my stories originate and what started me on my long list of exploits. And yes ladies, I'm going to answer all of your questions in this one.

     The Honor belongs actually to the big sister of my grade school best friend. We hung out for all grade school and junior high, but drifted apart through high school. For the sake of argument, I'm going to drop this as an aside. The legal age in Ga. is 16 for consensual sex. So for the record anyone 16 or older is considered a consenting adult. I was 18 and she was 23. It was the end of high school and we decided to get together before we left for college. Now in those days I was at the height of my insomnia. I've had it since I was 12, but from the time I was 16 till I was 9 I would go days without sleep. That night happened to be one of those occasions.

     Freddy lived with Crystal (his sister) and his mother in a little suburb outside town. His mom was in Daytona with her boyfriend and Crystal was out with her own boyfriend, leaving Freddy and I to ourselves. We tried to make it like old times by rolling a joint, ordering pizza and watching bad 50's horror/sci-fi flicks. The differences in our social lives became painfully apparent when he coughed his ass off smoking grass and I was not getting off on the cheap bourbon he'd swiped. Instead we sat back and talked about the last four years, him Mr. Popular football player and me, Mr. Scholar stud. We'd gone two different ways, had similar experiences, but while I was bored with High school, he wished to remain the BGOC (big guy on campus). So when talking died out, he ended up crashing quickly. Leaving me alone for I thought would be a long boring night. (oh the irony.)

     I heard Crystal come in around eleven and go to bed. I decided to sneak a toke on the back porch and snuck out the backdoor and reclined on a lawn chair. I had just lit up the J when I heard a soft voice say, "Is that dank I smell?" I whirled to see Crystal leaning out of her bedroom window next to the side railing. "Can I have a hit of that shit?" Eager to bail my ass out, I leaned over and passed her the burning doobie. As I leaned over I saw her eyes bleary and puffy. She'd be crying, no, bawling her gorgeous hazels eyes red. I told her to hold the joint and I crept around to her room.

     Now Crystal was the manager of a local shoe store franchise. She was known to be ruthless as an employer, cut throat in dealing with competitors, and a hard nose bitch with suppliers. On a personal level, she was very gentle. I was shocked to see her room lined with antique dolls and a pink coverlet on her bed. Despite her touch business manner, she was the same sweet older sister I knew growing up.

     She sat on her bed in loose cotton shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt, and displaying one hell of a tan. We passed the joint till it died out, talking about this and that, plans, work, until we got to relationships. As we got more personal, she let out a stiff sob and tried to cover her face. "What's wrong? Did that asshole mess with you?" I said, placing my hand on her shoulder. "He won't." came the reply. "Huh?" At first I thought I had misheard before she started on a long tirade about how her boyfriend had broken up with her because he felt she was too pushy. Evidently he wanted to save things for marriage and poor Crystal had been starved for two whole years.

     I don't know what it was. I'd had a crush on Crystal when I was younger but I'd thought it passed. Maybe it didn't. Maybe it was because I felt it wrong that someone had devoted her everything to keeping her lover happy only to have him spurn her when she wanted to share her most prized possession: her body. Or maybe, just maybe it was the pot that made me take her into my arms and kiss her tears. The funny thing about kissing tears is that sometimes you find yourself eventually kissing their lips. And that's what happened to us. One minute I'm consoling and the next I feel her hot, quivering breath on my neck.

     Suddenly she stood and with a passion I've not yet seen again asked me if I thought she was beautiful. "Yes, more so. Heavenly." She pulled her shirt off and in fell swoop let her shorts drop to the floor and stepped closer to me, her body in all its nude glory. "Is my body nice?" "Dear God, Exquisite…" She turned slowly in front of me, letting me breathe in her beauty, her magnificence. I'd been with a few girls; this was my first woman. "What turns you on? What excites you the most about me physically?"

     I clenched. I'd been aware of my foot fetish, but had never mentioned it to anyone. I was always afraid that they'd freak. But here I was stoned in my best friend's house with his older sister. Fuck reservations. "I love your feet. That blue toe nail polish makes them look like pure sex." She glanced down at those perfect size 7s ad looked back at me with a wicked grin spread across those seductive rose petal pink lips. "Show me how much you appreciate them. Crawl over here and kiss them." Who am I to argue?

     I dropped to my hands and knees; I crept forward on the prowl. One eye on heaven, the other on the door, sure Freddy was going to barge in. But no, no more than twenty feet from the room he slept on, unaware that his sister and I were going to take of our deprived needs. I raised a tender foot to my face and let a tentative lick graze her sensitive upper. "God!" She murmured as I started sucking her toes in earnest. "One of my stock girls mid town told me she's let a few male clients do this in the back store room a couple of times. But never could I have imagined it to be like this!" She squealed with pleasure high as I ran my tongue to her sensitive arch and she braced her self with both hands, one on her dresser and the other against a shelf holding her collection of Betsy Wetsys.

     She pushed me to a prone position while she sat down, never once taking her right foot from the sanctity of my mouth. She there helped me out of my shirt and jeans. As she pulled my boxers down, she let out a gasp. I looked up at her frozen, eyes wide like a child in a toy store, my raging cock waving in the cool air. "This is in-fucking-credible!!" With a loud, wet pop her foot came out of my mouth and she reached up into a drawer for her tailor's tape measure. I lay laughing as she gently stroked me to my full length in order to capture my full length. "9 and a ½ inches! My God, two years of nothing and now I get everything in one package" She looked to me, a woman possessed. She stared into my eyes as her left foot came up; gripping me between her longs toes and in a distant voice said, "Tonight is our night. I will do anything you ask as long as you return the favor. I've heard all about you foot pervs and now you're mine." Her foot milking my straining member all I could do is struggle out a desperate yes.

     She rose up and shifted over my face. Her weight balanced over her right foot, hands as her sweet pussy lowered onto my face and her left foot resumed its task. I'd barely been going down on her for a second when the first flood of sweet juices poured from her and she let out a deep groan. She lost her balance and came down hard on my face. My chin lodged in soaking nether regions and her foot shook in orgasmic joy, taking my breath away. Again the flood came gushing out, as I opened my mouth to drink up all her ambrosia.

     She lifted up, taking her foot away from my now purple cock and proceeded to sweep me into he velvet mouth. She accented each upstroke by flicking her tongue against the open slit on my dick head. She again got up and promptly repositioned her self over my hovering cock. She slowly rolled back, never breaking eye contact. As I felt her slide down my length and expand to fit my girth, I could stand it no longer and thrust up to meet her. She let out another of those delicious low moans and started bouncing over my groin. It felt like molten gold, hot silk encased my dick touching all the right spots. I felt a spray across my balls as she came again and she slowed her rhythm. She leaned back brought her left foot to my mouth. The sudden movement drove me the rest of the way home as she brought her right up to my chest. Now all her body weight rested solely on her hips and the slightest movement rocked my hard dick against her g-spot, punching her womb.

     She spoke in tongues as mine massaged her foot and my dick waged war upon her tight, hungry pussy. I brought her other foot up and stuck both big toes in my mouth. This pulled her forward and I swear I felt myself push through her womb. She screamed with the sudden thrill of being filled and having her toes sucked together and what felt like a gallon flow out her . "ohmygodthisisfuckingincredibleawesome!" She blurted. "You're in me so deep. So big. So huge, beautiful."

     She could stand no more and pulling herself off my dick jumped forward, kissing me, sucking all her excess cunt juice from cheeks and chin. "I know what you really want foot-boy." She said, enjoying being aggressive. "You maybe a foot boy, but you got the horse cock of a man." Crystal said, looking like a primal goddess. Her strawberry hair stood fanned across her shoulders, glued and matted by sweat. "I'll give you more than the simple release you crave. IF you fuck my ass. That pussy Richard. He isn't fit to lick my cum from your big man dick, told me he thought anal disgusting and vile. I want to be vile, fuck my ass!" This coming from the same girl who thought worms were gross. This was too much, I grabbed a bottle of lotion from her dresser (folks please use something prescribed for this, astro-glide or KY. It's safer) and applied a large glob to her puckered pink star.

     As I pressed my engorged head into her, she leaned back, driving my dick slowly further into her virgin ass. I thought her pussy was tight. This was like plush rubber tubing. Every inch gripped me and sucked me further forward. I still think I felt her kidneys brushing the underside of my cock. Meanwhile I reached around and pulled her nipples, her own hands spreading her ass. I let my right hand drop and I began to grind her clit with my thumb. Her breathing became more rapid and I felt my balls slap against the back of her cunt as I pounded into her. All the while she kept calling me her little footboy, her horse cock stud, and a variety of other names I never thought possible from the valedictorian of her high school class.

     All at once I felt her ass tighten around me and she fell forward, my dick sliding out of her ass with a ssccchhhllluuuppp! She was mumbling my name admits "oh Gods" as she came yet again. I had never had one woman come from my ministrations before. I merely sat back in awe. When she finished she rolled on her back and grinned up at me. "That was incredible footboy." I think it's time fore your reward, don't you." She snaked a foot around my lubed cock and began lovingly stroking it. "Cum for me stud. I love this dick. I love you. Just cum for me, I want to see you cum, feel your cum hit the bottom of my soles." And just like that I did.

     I felt it build just below my abdomen and spread from there. A glowing burning sensation, that set my body shaking. A pint of steamy hot jizz burst from my cock, coating bother her feet with enough force that the spray reached her belly and tits. She clapped her hands before licking off her right foot. Her left found its way to my face. Wrapped up in the moment I liked her clean, she grabbed my face in both hands and rinsed my mouth of my own seed with her tongue. She showed me an open mouth full of cum before happily gulping it down.

     She then leaned forward licked me clean, winked and headed to the shower. I joined her there and again on the bathroom rug before that night was out. After that initial two hours the rest of the night sped by, blurring. I can only legitimately remember how we began and how the next morning we agreed to get together as often as possible. Six months later she married Richard. She even convinced Richard to let me join them one night to show him how to properly take care f her. That night I acted only as instructor and didn't get to participate. I don't think she ever told Richard how she came to know me carnally, but I do know that we made a footman out of her life mate.

     A sad end to what is still (and will always be) the greatest sexual encounter of my life. I take solace in it that that night I stopped hiding my love of women's feet. I helped a dear friend to explore her sexuality and in turn helped me to exercise my greatest fantasy. Thus ends yet another installment of the Soleman chronicles. Send comments and questions, or pics for trade ladies and couples, send 'em to Solemanbrown@netscape.net Thanks all for joining me on this little trip down memory lane.

©2002 and may not be re-posted without proper written permission.

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