"Two Times Ten is Twice as Nice"
By Dave "Soleman" Brown

     I discovered sex when I was fairly young. As a matter of fact, I spent a day in the principle's office in the first grade when I laughed at the teacher for saying the stork brought babies. Hey, I grew up watching movies like Porkies and Meatballs, so sue me. By the time I was fifteen I had already lost my virginity and well aware that I have a foot fetish. Now shoes or socks don't turn me on, but a nice shapely set of feet? Now you're talking. So anyways, I could fairly conceal my fetish. In the seven years since I first lost my cherry, I've had my fair share of experiences and shown many a woman the advantages of a man with a "foot thing." This story comes from my latest encounter and if I get good reviews, will be happy to share more of these experiences.

     I was starting my senior year in college and having a good time enjoying the privileges that come with a good run. I'd built a solid reputation as a hard worker and offered the chance to oversee a pop culture literature class. Aside from scholastic achievements, commanded a stronger standing as a decent fiction writer and developed a small following in local poetry circles. I'd recently thrown off a relationship with a young woman, despite being an all around great person, for the fact that she clung to me like a bikini on a sorority girl. I considered this to be a critical point in my young career and felt that it was time to concentrate on studies and take pleasure in some of my success.

     Two weeks after my split and bogged down in work, I was hard up for some good old-fashioned brain cell killing fun. As luck should have it, a female friend was throwing herself a party to celebrate her 21st birthday. It was a holiday weekend; leaving me Sunday and Monday to finish any work for the following week and so I decided I had a choice. Stay home and hang with Wordsworth, Conrad, and Faulkner OR go have a few drinks, catch up on events, and possibly flirt with a couple of young hotties. What would you decide?

     I pulled into my friend Cynthia's around 8 o'clock on Friday night. I knew Cynthia had a sort of a thing for me so I was decked out a nice set of loose jean and a shirt with the sleeves half way rolled up to accentuate my upper body. Now I may not be cut, but I tell you, farm work for 12 years does great things for ones physique. I had a bottle of Jack Daniels old Number Seven tucked under one arm and the other lighting the cigarette dangling from mouth. I had my mental game set (I am the man, I look good, Kick ass and take names, please God don't let me seem like an ass!) and rang the doorbell. Cynthia appeared wearing a cute set of plaid pajama bottoms, a University T-shirt, and a more importantly: showing off a gorgeous set of size 6's. I flashed a smile and said hello as my mind flip-flopped like a trained dog and yipping, "TOE RING! TOE RING!"

     As she pulled me inside she introduced me to the three other people sitting in her living room. Her friend Kathy, Kathy's boyfriend Todd, and her best friend Melissa. After making my hellos, I proceeded into the kitchen to help Cynthia with dinner. She informed due to the night's big football game, this was everyone who could make it. She kissed me on my check and thanked me…and called me stud. (I am the man, I look good, kick…Stud? Huh?) Trying to keep cool I chopped veggies while we caught each other up on what happened during our summer vacations. As I looked over my shoulder time to time, I watched the bottle of wine by the stove continually drain down. By the time I saw bottom, I told her of my failed relationship and noticed a slight change in her posture, figured it was the hooch.

     After enjoying nice lasagna, we settled down in the living room to play Six degrees of George Lucas. Basically it's you versus George Lucas' Episode One: Phantom Menace. Every detail that conflicts with the storylines set by the earlier movies results in everyone taking a shot. For those of you who've seen it, by the time Little Anakin asks that chick if she's an Angel, forget about it, you can hardly find your mouth. As the Movie ended, Kathy and Todd had long since retired to bed leaving Cynthia, Melissa, and yours truly to fight the evil movie mogul. I'd been drinking the Jack and having a hard time getting cup to mouth, when Cynthia decided it was time for heart to heart discussions. You know, what's important to college students: sex. For lack of better judgment I took the role as male commentator and tried to dispel any myths the girls had. Both girls were 21 and having had only had maybe two lovers apiece (and in both cases always younger men) and so I acted as this great well of knowledge.

     Now let me tell you. Both of these girls look fairly decent. Cynthia has a kind of Slavic look with frizzy dark hair and nice A cup sized breasts. (Not to mention those lovely size sixes she kept sporting). While Melissa is your typical southern B, no not Belle, B for everything: B-cup, Beautiful, and BOOYEA, size 5's. I decide right then and there that I was going to have one of them that night. I took the chance while Melissa was using the bathroom to massage Cynthia's feet. As I rubbed her instep she closed her eyes. Her toes a gorgeous shade of metallic blue, I kept talking to avoid the temptation to just stick those morsels in my mouth. She informed me she'd only been with one guy and the last time was six months prior. She confessed to me that she'd never had an orgasm. I started to say something witty and try and entice her when Melissa returned. (Damn.)

     Cynthia quickly took her foot from my hands and put them on the ground, but not before (And I still swear she did it on purpose) bumped my crotch with the ball of her foot and rolled her toes down slowly…. and I mean those few seconds lasted me the next twenty minutes. Cynthia then went to use the restroom and without any kind of queue, stared talking about how her asshole ex boyfriend would never go down on her. I figured my chances with Cynthia were nil since I couldn't get my foot in the door, so I started in on Melissa. Now it maybe cheesy, but it's gotten me into place easier than Fort Knox, I fed her my old line, "Show me a man that doesn't eat pussy and I'll show you a woman I can have." She smiled coyly and asked me to fix her a mixed drink.

     Cynthia rejoined us in the kitchen and after three doubled up drinks both girls were getting tipsy. I went to the bathroom and returned to find both girls sullen. I figured I was in deep shit for something by the looks on their faces and so when Cynthia asked me to help her get Melissa to bed, eager to get myself out of whatever trouble I'd inadvertently gotten into.

     A drunken person can feel like a punched numbed heavy weight boxer, but we finally got the wispy girl to bedroom, we both sighed in relief. Cynthia stubbed her toe (goodness gracious no!) on the doorjamb and I offered to carry Melissa the rest of the way. As I lowered her onto the bed, Melissa reached up like something out of a Ridley Scott flick and latched on to my face, her tongue dancing with mine. I reacted out of instinct and lowered her with me on top pressing her into me. We broke our embrace and I remembered Cynthia standing near by. Panicked I stepped back, ready to apologize when I realized she'd changed her shirt. It took another second to realize that she was wearing no shirt.

     She slinked her way over to me and proceeded to kiss me deeply and with more passion than Melissa. I felt her reach for my shirt and at the same time unbuckle my pants. Standing there it slowly dawned on me that while she pulled my left arm out of the shirt, her left arm was around my neck. I glanced down to see Melissa half naked herself, doing the work of de-panting me. Here I am, 22, drunk, horny, and being molested by two women of legal age. I swear I tried to find something witty to say, but two firm butts, four beautiful breasts and twenty toes confronted me. My mind singing, "God Bless America" I gave in to my attackers.

     Completely naked I kissed one while fondling the other. Cynthia rolled her back to my front as I kissed the napped of her neck while she and Melissa shared some kisses. Suddenly I felt a cool sensation on my throbbing member and saw Cynthia's foot rubbing up and down the length of me. Looking at her heel jutting back and forth and those deep blue toes stroking my sack was too much and I let out a light moan. Melissa broke off and saw what was going on before leaning down and whispered something to Cynthia. Cynthia giggled and Melissa crept over to my side of the bed. She pushed me back with her tiny foot. She then slid her foot up my chest and stuck gently at first her big toe into my mouth. Dark green toe nails glinted under my eyes, I was lost to reason. After getting a "feel" for having her toe sucked, she packed as many as she could into my mouth, breathing heavily. I opened my eyes to see both girls, fingers buried deep into their dripping wet orifices. Cynthia's eyes locked on her feet rubbing up and down my dick, Melissa babbling about big dicks and needing a tongue on her swollen clit. I didn't need any more encouragement.
     Having both girls lean against the headboard I turned sideways and buried on finger in each girl. My face buried in Melissa, I pushed back her hood and banged against her clit with my nimble tongue. Meanwhile I found that Cynthia wide enough to accept three fingers. I pounded that gapping gash with my three fingers buried deep, the thumb working her clit and my pinky; lubed from the amount of juices flowing out of her, buried up to the second knuckle in her ass. Her long toes found my cock again and I started pumping, envisioning those bright nails painted white.

     Melissa started moaning louder and pressed my face further into her by pushing my neck down with her foot. I leaned back and sucked her toes again as I pushed my finger as deep as I could in her tight pussy. Suddenly I felt her vaginal walls tighten around my knuckle and she screamed. She lowered her mouth to Cynthia's nipple to keep from waking Todd and Kathy in the next room and then my right hand was drenched as Cynthia started cumming too. Both girls then, smiling, pulled me up to meet them and started licking the cunt juices dripping from my chin.

     Melissa leaned back and sighed, thanking me. Cynthia, grinned evilly and looking into my eyes said to Melissa, "That was really nice. But right about now, I could use a slab of meat up my box." Melissa returned her devilish smile and said, "You're right," she glanced at my now purple dick, "That thing is going to rip the fuck out of me." Cynthia asked me if I minded only fucking her. Somehow I found it in my heart to live with that. (As the old goes, better to have one pussy on your dick than none at all, yeah right!) I rolled on my back and both girls took positions on either side. Melissa helped Cynthia by guiding me into her still soaking cunt and Cynthia gasped as she felt me enter her, though her pussy walls were stretched, my three fingers are not nearly as wide or long as the real thing. (Sorry ladies, but if you want details, write me. E-mails with pics, get pics back.)

     Once she was sure Cynthia was well impaled upon me, Melissa piled pillows around my head and sat facing towards Cynthia on my face. Both girls rocked to their own tunes and I got to sit back work Melissa clit with my tongue. Heaven is sex without having to work so damn hard. Melissa reached up and grabbed the headboard to brace herself as she brought her other foot to the base of my dick. Her toes now tickled that sensitive spot above my pubis, every time Cynthia came down, her toes would brush against her friends clit. Soon I felt the usual contractions around my hard dick and another torrent of hot lovely honey dribbled down my dick and balls. Melissa picked up her pace as she heard her friend's squeals of delight and soon my nose was buried in the folds of her ass as her velvet like pussy convulsed poured juice into my mouth. I was so lost in the sensations assaulting every part of my being that I forgot that I hadn't cum yet. The girls hadn't.

     Both girls moved to the end of the bed and licked me clean I watched from the head of the bed in awe as I for once in life saw someone fit the entirety of my hard cock into her mouth. Melissa's cunt maybe tighter than a flea's ass over a barrel, but she could deep throat like a champ. Convinced I was properly lubed, the girls sat back, putting their four feet around my swollen dick the proceeded to lock toes and stroke me. Melissa kept rubbing that sensitive spot again as she played with my balls with her other foot, burying one toes deeply and wiggling it sent sensations through my balls I've never known. Cynthia meanwhile concentrated on using one foot toe stroke me and the other's toes playing across the head of my dick and squeezing gently. The ring on her stroking foot ground into the spot beneath the head where's extra sensitive to pressure and my body shuddered.

     Both girls lost in their work talked dirty, calling me their little foot rest, wanting to see my hot jism pour over their feet and how they wouldn't stop till their foot boy gave them what they wanted. It was too much to bear and I felt my hips rise in the air as what seemed like gallons spurted from me, coating the sole of Cynthia's foot and spilling down onto Melissa's feet which she'd clamped around my base at the first sign that I was cumming.

     Afterwards we lay there basking in our own glow and passing a joint. Melissa then said she could feel my cum drying on her feet and didn't want her feet all sticky. She shocked me by then proceeding to lick them clean. I've always found female solo foot play highly erotic and my dick stirred to life, Cynthia noting was happening started doing the same. Before we knew it we were all kissing and groping again. (Thank God for youth and our energy!) This time Cynthia laid back, propped up with pillows as Melissa crouched and started eating out her best friend. I saw that perfect ass waving and I couldn't stand it anymore. I put my dick in Cynthia's mouth to lube and fingered Melissa to get her good and wet. I returned to that wonderful piece of female flesh and parting her cheeks slowly inched the head of my dick into her.

     Melissa let out a low moan, something that I would never have come from someone so small and pushed against me. Slowly my dick disappeared into the smooth cunt, her walls gripping me like a vice and pulsing. Cynthia raised her legs over Melissa's head to give her better access to her and so I found those six's waving in my face. I surrendered. I sucked on her toes, as we became one swift moving machine. My pumping would rock Melissa further forward, jamming her face and muffling her moans in Cynthia's…muff. Soon we were all groaning and we picked up the pace. I don't know who came first, but it was like a symphony. I felt Cynthia's toes curl and Melissa's pussy surge and the next thing I know my cock is jerking like a baby waving an apple. After everyone stopped shaking Cynthia crawled over to Melissa's pussy and sucked my cum from her twat as Melissa licked me clean. We curled up together soon after and slept.

     Breakfast was two hours later at 7. I rose from my light sleep feeling someone playing with me. I would be the happiest man in the world if I woke up every morning this way. Melissa was deep throating me again, while Cynthia worked me over with her toes. Cynthia had a finger jammed up to the knuckle in Melissa and Melissa almost had her entire china doll hand buried in Cynthia. I came quickly, empting unknown stores of hot cum down Melissa's throat, anything that escaped landed on Cynthia's foot, which Cynthia quickly lapped up.

     I took a long shower afterwards. My skin was tingling, and my tongue and dick numb from the exercise. I dressed and found both girls smiling broadly at me as they handed me a cup of coffee. They thanked me for such a wonderful evening and then apologized. It seems that my ex was Cynthia's ex roommate from their freshman year and had stayed good friends. After the break up, my ex had let it slip that she thought I was a know-it-all when it came to sex. They'd set me up! They'd known the whole time I have a foot fetish and when Cynthia that I was aroused from giving her a foot message, that they were going to have ME. Both girls looked to each other and laughed. It was their decision that I was something of a know-it-all, but as the old saying goes, if you can talk the talk you better walk the walk. And baby, I had the unanimous vote: I don't walk; I swagger.

     That was two months ago; I got a call from Cynthia the other day. Evidently Kathy and Todd were awake during our escapades and used it for motivation in having their own party. As it turns out, they rather enjoyed the sound effects and this time want to join in. Melissa is going to be in town again at the end of the month. Perhaps three can turn into five.

     If you enjoyed this story, Please write me at Solemanbrown@netscape.net . I have many more experiences I'd be happy to share. And if a single woman or open couple is interested in some fun, send pictures and I will send pictures back. Thank you!

©2002 and may not be re-posted without proper written permission.

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