"The Toe Ring of Doom"
By Andrew

It was just this past Valentine's Day in Boston, the blizzard was unforgiving and fierce, and I was snowed in for the next few days in a nice hotel room in the city, just my previous domme, (Goddess Lynne for those who remember her from FET). We celebrated Valentine's Day by getting naked and staying that way for the remainder of the brutal winter storm, having mind-blowing sex in between sessions of me bound and gagged to the bed.

Being Goddess Lynne's sub, one of my main duties in my worship of her was frequent foot worship and care. She is someone who really can't go very long without foot attention, and she genuinely, passionately loves having her feet massaged, licked, toes sucked, pedicures, etc, etc..

Anyway, after incredible mutual orgasms in bed Valentine's Day night, my goddess was in need of some good toe sucking. I had been sucking her toes during her great cum, so she didn't want me to stop for the rest of the night..

Well, I had bought my goddess a beautiful new platinum toe ring for V-Day and she was wearing it while I was pleasuring her toesies.. No more than two seconds after she commanded me to remove her new foot jewel with my tongue, the toe ring slides off of her sexy little toe and right into my esophagus!!!

As I found myself gasping for air, it took goddess a few seconds to realize that I was not fooling around, but she saved my life with the heimlich maneuver before it was too late.. The moral of this story: foot goddess and slaves everywhere: toe rings may be really kinky and sexy, but do BE CAREFUL!! Swallowing a "TOE RING of DOOM" such as the one I did could end your life!!!

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