"Therece and the wonderful night "

I thought I would write a small series of memoirs involving some of my romantic encounters and foot fetish exploits over the years. My love for womens feet came early in my childhood and has since remained. This story is about a co-worker who I had the privilege to have worked with and known. We both worked on the same line at a factory and shared a lot of laughs.

Therece was a young black girl in her mid-20's. She was very petite, around 5. foot 2 inches tall and a slender body weighing in around 100 or so pounds. Her short straight hair framed her very cute face and fit well with her wonderful outgoing personality. She also had the loudest, most infectious laugh I ever heard from such a tiny girl: the laughter of a giant in comparison to her dimunitive framework.

We enjoyed joking around alot and tried to work together as often as possible. We also spent most of our breaks outside at one of the picnic tables and talked about anything and everything. I couldn't help but notice she had small feet. I guessed they were size 6 or slightly smaller along with slender ankles. I fantasized about what her bare feet would look like and tried to imagine what color nail polish she wore on those tiny toes. Sandals and open shoes were not allowed at work, so I had to use my imagination. Most days she wore black sneakers and ankle socks.

One evening we were talking at the picnic table during lunch break and were the only two people outside at this time. Most people had left the plant for lunch. I was curious about whether she was seeing anyone. I had noticed she never wore a ring, so I guessed she wasn't married. Turns out I was right. She was divorced with 2 young girls.

"So you were married before but no boyfriend now"? I asked.

"No, I was seeing this guy for about 8 months. He turned out to be a real jerk and started getting into partying too much. I didn't need that kind of drama around my kids"

"Sorry to hear about that" Kinda put you off the dating thing huh"?

She smiled and replied "Yeah, I'm in it strictly for sex now" letting loose with one of her loud explosive laughs just before adding "but it has to be really great sex"

I laughed and said "Only great sex huh"? The sex with the boyfriend wasn't that great"?

"He thought it was..maybe to him.. it didn't exactly rock my world" I couldn't wait until he passed out so I could finish the job right!" she laughed.

"Ouch!" I chuckled. "Remind me to not to get drunk around you. You'd destroy my ego".

"You are not the type of guy who treats girls the way he did. You seem very trustworthy. Heck, I might even get drunk with you" she laughed. "My kids are at their dad's this weekend. I just dropped them off before work. You feel like coming over to my apartment after work"? I have some beers chilling in the fridge"

"Hmmm. That does sound good, but aren't you worried about what your neighbors will think? Letting a strange white boy into your apartment?" I laughed.

" My only neighbors are my landlords and they're in Florida right now, so you're the only person that might look strange to me" Depends if we have our clothes on or off. If I'm drinking and you still have clothes on you'll look real strange to me" I'm planning on going buck-naked when I get home" Her laugh was something else.

"At least I'm dressed for the occasion. That won't last long I'm guessing. I might end up 'undressed' for the occasion after a few beers", I added.

"Oooh. That's what I wanna hear! We'll both just get strange together" she laughed.

Lunchbreak came and went. Soon 11:00 pm rolled around and time to clock out. I agreed to follow Therece back to her place. It was a short drive from the plant. We went in and she invited me to have a seat on the sofa while she went to the kitchen and brought out a couple of beers. She was still dressed so I figured having kept my clothes on was the right thing.

She sat closely next to me on the sofa while we drank and talked. She propped her feet up on the coffee table and I couldn't help but steal glances at her small slender feet. Her shoes were still on, but I could make out the shape of her toes nestled beneath. Her big toes seemed to be about the same length as her second and middle toes and her slender ankles were like dainty works of art to look at.

It didn't take long for us to finish that first beer and once again she went to the kitchen returning with 4 beers. "Are you gonna drink all them yourself or are you gonna share"? I joked. She laughed, leaned over to me kissing me on the cheek. "Aww. I'm going to share with you. I'm not stingy. I may need a favor from you. Hmmm.. like having you give me a foot rub or something"

"I'm pretty good at giving foot rubs or so I've been told" as I popped the tab on my 2nd beer. Therece placed her small feet back on the coffee table and looked down at them. "They do get kinda tired after working all day" she replied. She was already half way through her second beer and I could tell she had a small buzz. "My feet could use a little attention and besides I couldn't help but notice you looking at them" she smiled with a sheepish grin.

Wow! She had caught me stealing peeks at her feet. I didn't think she had noticed and I tried to act as inconspicuous as possible. I must've given myself away at some point

"Was I drooling when I was checking them out? I was trying to control that!" She giggled and said " I saw you looking at them. I thought about taking off my shoes but you might start that drooling thing you talked about"

"That might happen if your shoes come off. Can you imagine what could happen if your socks came off too" I laughed.

"Mmmm. I was thinking about that too" she smiled. "What do you like about my feet"? I tried to say something that wouldn't sound too strange, but my brain was tangled up for a few seconds. "Well, I do love the shape and equal length of your toes and the small size of your feet. I have to admit I have something of a foot fetish"

I couldn't believe I said that out loud to her. She took another large sip of her beer just before leaning over and kissing me. This time she kissed me on the lips. "Maybe I should take off the shoes and let you take off my socks. I have to warn you my feet get very sweaty at work and I haven't had my shoes off all day. They could stink a little bit" she laughed.

I immediately replied " I could give them a sniff-test" I paused slightly before adding "That is, if you wouldn't mind" She smiled, took another drink of her beer and stood up slightly before climbing onto my lap. "If that's what you'd wanna do I wouldn't mind. I wouldn't mind at all". I leaned into her sexy face and pressed my lips against hers and we began kissing passionately for the next several minutes.

"So it wouldn't bother you if I wanted to sniff your feet? It wouldn't seem too strange?" "She grins while looking down at her feet and says "Not if that's something you like. Does it turn you on?"

"Yeah. Actually it turns me on a lot. You said your feet are sweaty?" "Mmm-hmm. my feet are very sweaty. She reaches down and rolls up the cuffs of her jeans revealing her slender dark chocolate legs and removes her shoes just before placing her stockinged feet in my lap as she curls up to me.

Right away, I noticed a slight whiff of her natural fragrance. It's strong but not excessively pungent, and although my cock was already hard, it was now extended at full mast. Therece presses the sole of her left foot against my crotch as I begin removing her other sock. Her black ankle socks were damp and did not easily slip right off: they had to be rolled off. I could feel the warm wetness of her beautiful little peds against my hands and fingers

She bursted out laughing "I told you my feet are sweaty" Just then, she raises the top of her hot bare foot to my nose, teasing me with her big toe and second toe touching against my nostrils. "You like?" she giggles. The smell was so intoxicating when inhaled up close "Yessss. I do. Very much. God Therece, your feet smell fantastic!" She lets out a soft giggling moan as I grasped her delicate ankles, place them together and proceed to bury my face in her moist,soft soles.

I could feel the many small wrinkles which endlessly covered her cocoa brown soles including her toes. I begin inhaling her sweet fragrant aroma, deeply sniffing her slender toes all the way down to her soft heels while constantly kissing her feet as I'm moving my lips and nose around them. I could sense the heat from her soles rising the more I kissed them and the modestly stout aroma increasingly becoming stronger; a slightly cheese-like overtone becoming a little more pronounced. It was a pleasant but not punishing smell.

I wanted so much to take her toes into my mouth and lick her soles, but was slightly worried I might suck this wonderfully elusive scent off her feet. I decided to wait until her feet aired out naturally. Most girls I had dated had little to no foot scent, and any scent that was there evaporated within minutes; even quicker if I licked their feet. I didn't want to chance that happening with Therece's gorgeous peds.

As I'm kissing her lovely slender feet, she begins unzipping my fly. After taking another sip of her beer before putting it back on the table, she uses her left hand to pull my seven inch cock free from my jeans. "Ooooh you are very turned on! I never expected this! You seem to be fairly hung for a white guy. Not that I have been with a white guy before" I laughed just before saying "That makes two of us. I've never been with a white guy either". This was the first time I was with a black girl as well, so it was a new experience for both of us.

I took a slight break from Therece's pretty feet. Just long enough to take a couple of gulps of beer, kiss her, and remove my jeans and underwear. She took that as her cue to strip down all the way, removing my shirt and sitting squarely on my lap, allowing my hard cock to protrude from between her soft dark thighs. We began to kiss again, using our tongues and lips to caress one another. My right arm was wrapped around her shoulder slightly pulling her against me while my left hand gently squeezed the soles of her feet, alternating between massaging her feet and moving up to her small but perky breasts.We kissed like that for several minutes before temporarily pausing to finish our beers.

"So do I seem strange to you now that you know I like to get kinky with your feet" Therece just laughed out. "No honey. I love what you do with my feet. I never had anyone want to do that but I think it's very erotic". She repositioned herself on my lap facing me. "I have an idea" I said. I reached out and moved the coffee table closer to us on the sofa.

I had Therece brace her arms down against the table to raise her upper body up, her legs draped slightly over my shoulders. I then lifted one side of her lovely small ass cheeks off my lap, gliding my hard shaft slowly into her wet pussy with my free hand as I gently lowered her back down for penetration. About half way in she let out a soft cooing moan. I placed her left foot down onto the sofa cushion, placed both of my feet against the top of the table and began to use my legs to slowly pump Therece in an upward motion. I took her right foot and placed it in my face.

She began softly moaning as I gained momentum by using my legs to push upward,while she supported herself with her arms and left leg to keep herself into a raised position. I was able to get a good amount of speed going which eminated into a loud slapping sound as our crotches collided together fiercely. I couldn't possibly get any deeper into Thereces' love canal although I know I tried.

We were both achieving our orgasm around the same time. I managed to hold my creamy load back for a few seconds before erupting full force into Therece's quivering clit. I felt her long slender toes curl firmly around my nose at the same time as I emptied into her. She immediately let out a long, almost painful sounding moan as she hit her climax. My cock continuously throbbed hard as her fountain-like spurts gushed down my thighs,stomach and drenching the sofa cushion.

We had kept this position for only about 20 minutes, though it seemed much longer. I realized it would be better if I had her lying on the sofa so as to not tire out her arms. She climbed onto the the sofa on her back. I had her place her ankles against each side of my neck and mounted her. She knew instinctively knew what I had in mind, so as soon as I mounted her,she bent her legs slightly inward and placed both feet against my face. My lips pressed firmly into the deep dimple at the ball of her foot. She seemed to really enjoy my fetish like it was a new-found addiction she didn't want to kick.

At this point her shoes and socks had been off for at least 45 minutes and her soft feet were still as sweaty as when her socks had been removed. Her tiny feet had not aired out, in fact they may gotten stronger in scent. A slightly cheesy aroma which once inhaled seemed to cling to the back of my my sinus cavity. She didn't seem to mind the position at all. I was jack-hammering her wet pussy when I exploded inside her for the second time. Within seconds, she responded with another strong climax which sprayed against my crotch and thighs. As we continued, her orgasms were firing quickly, almost seemingly back to back at one point.

After a while, we decided to take a short break. I needed to take a pee. Therece went to the fridge and brought us back a couple of fresh beers.I certainly wasn't done with her tiny feet just yet. Before we resumed our sex encounter, I brought her feet to my mouth and placed my lips onto her soft plump big toe and sliding my mouth over it while applying gentle suction.

Her toes were salty tasting which seem to compliment the taste of the beer. Her voice was that of a soft quivering murmur; long and almost continuous as I moved from toe to toe letting my tongue bottom out into her toe jambs. I was easily able to get all 5 of her toes into mouth. As I buried the whole front of her foot into my mouth, I half expected one of her loud bursts of laughter, but the laugh was replaced by the quiet long moan which only stopped long enough for her to draw in another deep breath and resume her soft cooing. She was defintely enjoying this!

Our little sex marathon went on for another hour or so. We did a couple more positions which went on for over an hour. When we were both completely worn out and satisfied,we cuddled together, finished our last beer and kissed some.more. I wrapped up the evening by giving her a proper foot massage as we talked and joked. We both decided we'd have to get together and do this again.

It was almost 2:00 am and I needed to get back home which was almost an hours drive away. We kissed softly but passionately before I left. I hugged her tightly, got dressed and went on my way. Interestingly enough, on the drive home when I breathed through my nose, Therece's wonderful foot scent was with me the whole way home, if only slightly. Mmm. That girl.

The next day at work, we both had a wide smile when we met up. "I still got a few beers left in the fridge" Therece laughed. "And the kids won't be home 'til Monday" I knew where this was leading and where I was going to be spending Saturday night after work. Oh, and btw:

She didn't have any nail polish on her toes. Just gloss. In case you were wondering. :-)

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