"Teaching Teacher"
By Dave "Soleman" Brown

     Hello Again Friends and welcome to the latest installment of "The Soleman Chronicles." In recent weeks I've been bombarded with e-mails from my growing collection of fans (Thank you ALL, you're what make this worth while) thanking me for putting my little vignettes on Wu's for all to read. I've also been getting a lot of requests for various types of stories. One particular came to the surface of memory that I am sure all of you will enjoy. The evening I gave a lesson in foot worship to a young teacher and remember folks, all of my stories come from real life situations. If you don't like it, don't be rude. So have a glass of whatever spirits you may enjoy, sit back, unzip, and let your mind play over this one…

     I entered college early, bored in high school; I found a legal loophole allowing me the right to take classes at the local university. The matter was simple enough, I take college level classes and the credits count both towards graduating high school and as my introductory core college classes. I will never forget that first semester. After four years of having to deal with the cliques, ignorant (Sounds arrogant, but screw it) teachers, and the stifling atmosphere of high school, college was Heaven. Instead of the monkey-see-monkey-do teaching methods, college professors challenged me (and even sometimes bullied me) to express myself to my maximum capabilities. Oh, and no dress code barring girls from wearing foot-showing shoes was also a perk.

     By the time spring rolled around I'd developed a good standing academically and a social life was in the budding stages. For the first time in my entire scholastic career, I felt as if I was actually doing something meaningful. That was when I met Ms. Kelly Wilken. Ms. Wilken was what we liked to call an Ice Cream Trucker. Not nearly as embittered as Teaching ASSistants, ICTs were instructors working on doctoral degrees, but taking time off to get experience. I first met her through my advisor/drinking buddy Beau Dade while working on a proposal for a pop-culture literature class. She invited me to join her special class in postmodern fiction and after snatching a quick glance at sandaled size 7's I heartily agreed.

     For the first time that year I found myself struggling, physically and mentally. Ms. Wilken didn't take shit, but man, she could hand it out. I worked my ass off that spring for a measly B+, but after five months of sneak peeks at a wide variety of toe nail colors leaking from the open toe of her shoes, I'd do it all over again. After the semester ended I spent my summer playing the games all high school grads do right after getting their diplomas and didn't spend another thought about Ms. Wilken. Fall came and went, right along with Dade. During Christmas break he'd come down with pneumonia, leaving me alone tom complete his project as his assistant.

     Here I was, sophomore in college, wet behind the ears, and responsible for the work my advisor had done for the past two years. I prayed for a quick death. In stead I got Ms. Wilken. (Not literally…well, not yet at least.) Dade called her to help me out with finalizing the project so he could propose the grant as soon as he was back to 100%. For six months I worked beside Kelly (we'd dropped the formalities since we were working as colleagues) and it was marvelous. Every evening we'd meet in the English department conference room to go over articles and depositions to bolster Dade's project. On some evenings Kelly would take her sandals off and prop her bare feet on the table top, the polished lacquer top reflecting those soles, perfect mirrors. More than once I took smoke breaks to go to the rest room and splash cold water in my face.

     It was a shame then that after so much time in close quarters that we were almost done. I was surprised one evening when Kelly asked me to her house for dinner after work to celebrate the completion, Dade would return on Monday from his sabbatical. Don't get me wrong. Dade's my buddy and a great guy, but I don't bat of the other team (if you smell what I'm cooking) and I doubt the guy would look a fraction as good as her 7's coated in a metal tint green. So the idea of celebration was more like a wake. Well, better a wake and a final "viewing" before passing on, eh?

     Saturday night rolled around, I'd been anxious all day with the kind of anticipation one has waiting in a dentist's office. I arrived on her doorstep five minutes early knowing her appreciation for promptness (I swear the woman was born for being a teacher) with a good bottle of Jack Daniel's One Barrel under an arm and tub of Ben & Jerry's "Chubby Hubby" ice cream in the other. This being our last chance for intimacy, I was prepared to leave knowing I'd made a good impression by supplying our two favorite things in the world, good ice cream and better bourbon.

     She opened the door and as she surveyed my offerings I saw her face twitch in amusement looking at the ice cream, aficionado approval of the Tennessee whiskey, and something indescribable as her eyes settled once more on mine. Looking back on it now I can only describe that expression as the one the spider gave the fly before inviting the poor victim to his doom in her parlor. No, watching flash between emotions perusing my gifts and finally taking measure of me sent chills down my spine. I was on trial, for what I didn't know, but I was sure that before the night was out that bourbon was going to be dead before midnight.

     I helped her cook dinner while we tried our best to avoid talking about the project. As we discussed our private lives I couldn't help but marvel how personal we'd gotten. We'd remained professional, but in our breaks we'd talked about our backgrounds and social lives. Suddenly she brought up the touchy topic of a recent break up. She'd been aware that the girl I was dating and I were having a rough spot, but that had been at the beginning of term together; she'd been totally unaware of the official split that had come down two months later. I'd worked through my emotional distress, but hadn't resolved some issues. Having to work during the day in my classes and in the evenings on the project had left me no time to seek closure. I turned my attentions to the bourbon, letting the not-so-subtle double shot of 150 proof whiskey be my response.

     Kelly jumped as my glass smacked against the tile counter top and look on her face made me instinctively look own to avoid her gaze. I didn't want her to see the jumble of emotions playing across my face and the sight of her feet hidden in plain white Keds added to my frustration. What little of her face I'd seen and the fact I found my self just as distressed by her covered tootsies as her comment had made me realize something. I'd come this evening; despite whatever I'd told myself, intent on playing the part of Don Juan. The ice cream, the bourbon, and faux pas witty banter was idiotic. The look on her face had been one of maternal concern and the differences in our ages made terribly apparent. I don't know to this day what I had intended, but at the time I felt like the world's biggest fool.

     Kelly placed a hand on my shoulder and finally coaxed me to reveal the situation. I explained the ordeal (it had been particularly nasty, she'd been a long time crush and used me to get closer to my better looking best friend) and went into sordid detail of how I found her and my (now EX) best friend in bed on Valentines Day. Several times I heard her curse, finishing with a damning "Cunt" as I closed with the girl's ranting about how inconsiderate I was for not knocking upon entering the room, even though it had been MY apartment. Having gotten through my tale I saw the pity in her eyes and felt worse. I'd gone from being a fool to a pathetic fool. Fortunately she left her last comment be her only one instead of going on with the same speech I'd heard too many times already about how I'd have to move on, that I'd meet the right kind of woman when the time was right. To anyone who's given this speech to friend, be ashamed, it only hurts worse.

     We threw together the rest of dinner and sat down to a fairly decent meal. Dialogue was kept brief and we both tried our best to keep things lively. As we washed our dishes, I took her by her hand and apologized. I told her I was sorry for my behavior earlier and asked forgiveness if I'd ruined the evening. She dazzled me with one of her beautiful, contagious smiles and palmed it off. We sat back at the kitchen drinking the bourbon. About three quarters of our way through (and a full four quarters smashed) the bottle, she began her own tale about love and loss. She'd been engaged the previous year and he'd suddenly left her to "find himself." What made this bad situation worse that in finding himself, he'd evidently also found "a liking for sucking dick" (HER words not mine). After two years, he'd suddenly left her three months before their scheduled wedding to be with another man.

     She'd been a virgin up to her relationship with him, and she figured it was her sexual inexperience that led to his change in sexual preference. She paused in her reverie to nab two bowls of ice cream and returned to the table. As I in my drunken stupor tried to remember which end of the spoon to use, I heard the distinct sound of a pair of rubber soles smacking the ground. I felt a warm presence in my lap and looked down to find her feet in my lap. The toes painted shiny beetle black, arches suffused with a shining coat of sweat; I couldn't believe my eyes. She became self aware and started to remove her feet from my lap. (Like hell she was going to deny me THAT little bit of pleasure) I grabbed her right ankle and told her it was ok before giving the object of my fascination the beginnings of a light rub.

     She relaxed and turned her attention to her bowl of ice cream, but she had a surprise for me. She continued her story of her ex-fiancé, but this time focused on her sexual insecurities. I found myself trapped. She was revealing the tiniest details in her sexual awakening while eating ice cream and now pressing her feet into my hands, demanding. The worst part was her nonchalant attitude! My head swimming from heavy drink and the heady aroma of foot sweat, and the added stimulation of her "sleazy" talk? I had to cross my legs before she noticed an extra hand on her sole.

     "Don't you want your ice cream?" she asked, nodding toward my half melted bowl. I smiled and lifted a spoonful of chocolate soup to my lips, but my hands shook so that a drop of the melted confection landed in my lap. More precisely onto and between her big and second left toes. I sputtered an apology and started to reach for a napkin. Before my hand could cross the table, a foot was presented in front of my mouth as her other foot pressed me back into my seat. The proffered appendage was pushed into my mouth and as I greedily sucked chocolate from her foot, salty and sweet all at once, her right foot pressed gently into my crotch.

     "Did you know that Jana Moritz was my assistant this past semester?" She said calmly as I worshipped her foot. The slowly made its way home and I almost choked on my treat. Jana had been a girl I dated back in high school. We'd had a purely physical relationship that ended with my entrance to college. There had been no hard feelings between us and I hadn't worried about her telling anyone about my secret. Silly me, by now I was quite sure half the campus had heard! She laughed softly as I stared at her in shock, eyes wide, and foot in mouth. "I never totally believed her until I got up the nerve to start taking my shoes off in front of you. Greg always said I had ugly feet."

     I took her foot from my mouth (never mind the one massaging my cock through my pants, no way was I moving that one!) and mimicking her said, "Cunt." We both laughed at this one and moved in at once, leaning into the inevitable kiss. That single kiss was incredible, the taste of chocolate, bourbon and foot sweat. It had to be the single most animalistic moment of my entire life. Breaking from it, we looked at each other with pure lust in our eyes and our bodies radiating heat like an open fire. I decided in that moment without anything being said that for once the pupil was going to teach the master a few new tricks.

     She lived in a cheap apartment in the commercial part of town. I'm sure you've seen the type, the kind where the kitchen adjoins the living room via false arch. And that is exactly where we ended up. We backpedaled kissing, groping, and stripping five feet before falling over the arm of the sofa with her under me. I leaned back and looked down on her. Her chestnut hair ringing her face, her hazel eyes peering up at me tenderly was simply ethereal. She was bare to the waist and seeing such a stark contrast of pale skin to dark hair made me weak inside. She bit her lower lip and her eyes became distant, I thought she was going to push me away, afraid of what might happen.

     Instead I realized that this was not a look of regret and confusion, but of longing, a puppy dog stare. "Can I tell you something?" She said, as I tried my best to present an air of understanding and compassion. I nodded and for as long as I live, I'll never forget what she said next. "After Jana told me about…you know… I thought it was a bit weird at first, but Jana kept going on about how great it was. SO I looked it up. I've never looked at porn, but what I saw of foot sex looked really…sensual. Could we please try some…you know…stuff?"

     Stuff? Please Try? Never underestimate the prowess of a true foot fan. Instead of trying to come up with something witty (God knows I'd probably would have come off a complete dork, my mind was centered on only one thing, her) I crept to my knees and again took a foot to my lips. I sucked her tiny shrimp like a convict eats his final meal, slowly, deliberately, and with absolute intent. Her feet were perfectly sculptured. The toes were dead even, the nails defined by routine pampering. High arches and wrinkled soles leading to graceful heels and a delicate arch. I fail to find words to describe the delicacy of her odor and taste. This surely had to be a meal to rival any God's banquet.

     I heard the familiar sound of a zipper being pulled down and her breathing become erratic. I looked up to see her hand jammed down the front of her pants, working furiously at hidden places. Her eyes were locked on mine, unwavering, lost in the moment. She pulled her hand from beneath her pants and as she raised her right foot, smeared the glistening fluid all over her arch. She lowered the foot back to me and I graciously accepted the offer, cleaning any traces of love juice. I pulled myself up at we began kissing again. Our hands reached simultaneously for our pants and in a flurry of movement we were nude save my boxers and her panties.

     I stood so she could take my boxers off and was rewarded by a wide eye stare as my fully erect manhood sprung from it's confinement. "My God! This is JUST like that stuff I saw online. This is huge!" She said. I could only grunt a response as she took me into her mouth. Surprise, surprise, for a woman whom had been with one man, Ms. Kelly Wilken was a proficient cocksucker. She further astonished me by taking my full length into her mouth, several inches sliding down the back of her throat. Pulling me from those regions unknown, she smiled up at me and confided that she'd only done that with one other man. Greg had thought it nasty and perverted, shocking news since his turn in sexual preference could only mean things a tad more lewd.

     I pushed her back down and kissed my way from mouth, to ear, neck, breast, and further south. I finally came to her panties. There was something innocent about the trim cut undies with little blue flowers on them and for a moment I considered stopping. (Hey! I said FOR A MOMENT!) I caught scent of her womanhood flowing freely and upon closer inspection found the area drenched. My mind was made up. I literally tore the flimsy material away to find a neatly trimmed bush in the bikini style. I kissed my way around her mons Venus and along the insides of her thighs. I wanted to drive her to the edge of insanity before laying my trained mouth upon her swollen sex.

     Seconds later I felt her long fingers grip my hair, almost wrenching hair from my scalp, as my mouth was guided to her soaked pussy. I slowly sucked upon her swollen, puffy lips and curled the hood of her clit back with my tongue. Her moan was deep and reeked of gratification as my skilled mouth worked its way around and in her. I felt a foot slide under my belly and I hunched my back allowing the roaming appendage better access to my hard dick. I sucked her clit hard between clenched teeth as she spread her toes and griped me between them.

     She was mumbling incoherently as I furiously worked her erect clitoris. She begged me to stop, to take her, but I told her no until afterwards. Cursing me she took the bait and asked after what? Til she had covered me with cum juices. I stuck my bid finger deeply into her at that instant and I felt the beginning convulsions of a violently explosive orgasm. I was suddenly given what I wanted as her whole body was racked in the throes of passion. A torrent of cunt juices spilled from her and I worked double time to make sure none escaped my waiting mouth.

     I looked across the valley of her body and as her breathing regulated she gave me a wild look. "That was simply incredible!" She said between wheezing gasps. "I hope you didn't expect that to be the only one," I said with a wink. I pulled her up and kissed her lightly on the mouth. She licked her lips and suggested we move to the bedroom. It was far from a fantasy boudoir, no four-post king and drapery, no fancy fragrances and lighting. Only she and I, and that's all that mattered.

     We rolled around on cotton sheets kissing and letting our hands roam free. Suddenly she pushed me to my back and I felt a foot slide up my chest as a mouth found my cock. I lifted my head up off the bed and started sucking her toes as her head bobbed up and down. My head was swimming with awe as her right foot came up and tickled my balls. I swear the woman was a limber as a wet noodle.

     I felt the familiar stirrings in my gut of a coming orgasm and to be polite, warned her. "Do you think we could try one of those things I asked you about?" She said, pulling her mouth off of me. Who was I to argue? She repositioned herself at the foot of the bed as I lay down on the floor. She wrapped bother her feet around my erection and started to slide her feet up and down my length. The mixture of her saliva on my dick and mine on her foot was perfect lubrication.

     She grasped me again between her spread toes and started pumping in earnest, every now and then using her top foot to give my dickhead a squeeze. I looked up to see her legs spread wide, fingers buried deep in her snatch enthralled by the spectacle below her. She matched pace with her feet as her footjob reached phenomenal speeds. She began talking dirty, asking to me cum with her, to cum between her toes, to show her how much of a real woman she really was (IS!).

     The clutching in my abdomen spread downward as my balls drew tight into me. I cried out that I was cumming and she instinctively gripped the whole of my head with her toes. We moaned in simultaneous sexual bliss as what seemed like a gallon of jizz burst from my p-hole, coating the underside of her toes and bubbled up between them. As I struggled for breath she quickly brought her foot to her mouth and started sucking her own toes, making sure she missed not a single drop of pearly cum.

     I stood on shaky legs and with her head bent over to reach her foot found her face at waist height. Not one to miss an opportunity, I slid my cock into her mouth along side her big toe. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I solemnly swear that there is no more an incredible sensation that a tongue massaging a swollen dick head as saliva soaked toes grind against the underside of the shaft. As she robbed me of my last few drops I found myself just as hard and waiting for no invitation put her on her back, toes still in her own mouth and pressed my dick to her gapping entrance.

     She soaked air around her toes and took her foot from her mouth. "Be careful, I've only had one man, and he was nothing compared to that hog's leg" She said. I whispered a promise and sucked gently at her nipples as I inched my dick into her, stopping with each portion to allow her pussy to widen to my girth and length. Finally I was buried almost to the hilt, feeling my head pushing against the back of her cunt. Deliberately and smoothly I began to thrust, accenting with a circular motion as to tease her. I felt her feet on my ass after a few moments and the pressure to plunge all of me into her.

     She uttered something between a curse and a growl as my hips met hers and my cock breached her cervix. "Goddamn! It's like being fucked with a billy club!" While inexperienced at being filled with man meat, my poor deprived teacher had evidently found a sufficient substitute. I kept up the pace, all nine inches of my flaring cock buried to the pommel and her screaming like a creature possessed. I could feel her vaginal walls try to work around me. I didn't want her cumming again this soon.

     I pulled out of her and she groaned in frustration. "What's wrong!? Why did you stop?" "I want you on top, I want to see you enjoy your treat," Came my reply. She smiled sweetly and confided that this was something new as she positioned herself over my wavering cock. She'd been subjected to only missionary while with Greg. You know ladies; find yourself a nice Nerd. While Most of the good-looking guys worry about their image, all we think about is sex and are always willing to do anything if there's a chance at getting some.

     She slid her velvet pussy down onto me as with an "oomph" sat down hard, driving all of it in at once. I rose up my hips to meet her on the down stroke and soon we were grinding and gasping again. In the lewdest terms possible she praised my large dick and me. At the same time I told her how beautiful she was and how great it felt to be inside her. Simply incredible, To be with such a beautiful woman and to have her be an even more inspiring lay? Heaven.

     A scream cut the air as I felt her pussy spray my balls, her body shaking with another orgasm. She collapsed on top of me, still impaled. Slowly she started kissing my neck and face as she pulled off of me with a loud "Schlup!" (I mean it! That's what it sounded like!) She lie beside me muttering over and over again about the impossible, but possible trio of intense orgasms.

     She looked down to see my still erect cock waving in the cold air like some obscene flag. And with child like innocence asked me why I was still hard. I explained that while I thoroughly enjoyed our last act, my more than average size caused a lack in sensation over time. She then asked me with a wicked twinkle in her eye if we could try something else she had seen. I gladly accepted.

     Resting her back on a mountain of pillows against the headboard, she brought her legs across her chest. She made a "window" with her arches that she then placed before her lips as I slid my throbbing cock through. I could now fuck her feet and receive a blowjob at the same time. When I felt her lips touch my head I pushed forward until I felt it rest against the back of her throat. She became use to the feeling of me sliding between her lips and soon her heels were pressing into to my sack, as she started deep throating me.

     I've rarely found a woman who could accommodate me entirely, most girls can barely shine my knob! Here I was with my dream teacher, fucking her mouth as her feet played down my shaft with each up stroke. I've never felt anything like it and if I can find another woman who can do it; I'll marry her on the spot. Looking down was breath taking to see all nine inches of angry red meat slide between two gorgeous feet into a hungry mouth. She looked up at me with eyes sparkling, begging for me to cum. I lost it that very instant.

     I told her of my approaching orgasm and started to pull out, but her feet clamped on to me. She thrust her face forward until I could feel her breathe on the base of my shaft between her feet. Mock lodged comfortably half way down her throat spasm, releasing hours' worth of pent up jism directly into her stomach. I pulled my shrinking cock, dripping cock juice down her chin and across her feet. She swallowed the rest before licking her mouth of any residue with a cheery "yum." We collapsed in laughter and light kisses, a beautiful end to what was for me a beautiful act.

     We lay in bed for an hour before drifting off to sleep, still nude in each other's arms. Around 8 o'clock I awoke to feelings something grind against my rousing cock. Sunlight peeked between the closed blinds, illuminating her in a radiant glow. She was still half asleep, but during the night curled into me, spooning into my front. My now very hard dick was pressed between her thighs and she rubbed back and forth, humping my dick across her wet cooze. I reached around with one hands and started fondling her nipples and she increased her pace. Asleep or not we both felt the overwhelming power of lust.

     I felt her hand slide down between her legs and guide me to her waiting orifice. She'd been at it for a while because my cock entered her like a hand into a well-worn glove. It didn't take long for her to start grunting and groaning, now fully awake and aware. She slammed her ass back into me on every up stroke, desperate for her goal. Suddenly She started to cum, and my dick popped out. Frantically I went to push back in, my cock slid instead back and up, up into her puckered ass.

     I expected a scream of surprise and outrage, what I got was a sobbing voice crying for more. During her sleep, her asshole had relaxed and the motion of our fucking had caused a nice quantity of pussy juice to accumulate. It felt like fucking a greased rubber hose as I started cramming as much of my swollen manhood into her brown eye. She was screaming and ranting like a mad woman, as I felt her pussy from the other side clench. The absence of something filling left a wet pocket as she flooded her love tunnel and eventually sprayed out of her with such violence I was sure she'd pissed her self there was so much.

     We parted and a ton of air packed into her colon by my dick came back out. This caused another round of giggling before she suggested we wash up. We got towels and got into her spacious shower. We playfully scrubbed each other's backs and I had a sudden notion. I had yet to cum this morning (my balls being so kind as to hurt like hell to remind me!) and decided to have some "Wet" fun. I started washing her, paying special attention to cleaning her nether regions in a most seductive way. She whirled on me and wrapped her arms around my neck, locking tongue to tongue. Meanwhile she rubbed furiously at my cock getting me to full length. She then carefully went over me with a sudsy washcloth.

     She asked me for the soap and I "accidentally" let it slip from my grasp. It landed by the drain and as I hoped she turned around and bent over. I slid myself into her from behind, hearing her gasp as my length prodded her yet once again from deep within. She started pressing into me and I reached around and played with her clit. "I think I'm all cummed out baby." She said in a soft whine. "I think I feel one last one hiding behind your right kidney" I replied, accenting the comment by slamming in as deep and hard as I could.

     I used the remaining soapy water to grease my thumb before guiding it up her stretched ass. I heard another sharp intake of air from her once more before she started shaking. Another two seconds later had her screaming my name as her cunt caught my dick like a vise and she came for the fifth time in twenty-four hours. I pulled out of her hypersensitive cunt and told her to get on her knees. I started fisting my cock in front of her face; she stared mesmerized, flicking at the tip with her tongue. I felt her hand cup my balls and I let out a low moan. She got the hint and closed her eyes and opened her mouth as I unloaded that morning's stores on her face, neck, and tits.

     Twenty minutes later had us in the kitchen picking over leftovers from dinner and drinking lots of strong coffee. She looked at me every now and then with worry on her face, this made me extremely paranoid. Finally I asked her what was wrong and she explained that as soon as Dade returned, she'd be leaving to start an internship at Florida State. I started to mention possibilities, but she begged me off. She told me what had happened was something she'd wanted, but not as something to build a good relationship off of.

     I knew this to be true and didn't argue. I helped her clean up and was getting ready to leave when she called me back to the bedroom. She stood in the middle of the room, Polaroid camera in hand, eyes downcast. I held her and kissed her, trying to raise her spirits. I joked about the camera and she looked up into my face and asked me for one final favor.

     Ten minutes later she snapped two quick photos of my cock dribbling cum on to the top of her foot, painting the black toe nails white. "Something to remind us of our night together," she said.

     As planned Dade returned the following Monday and Kelly Wilken moved to Florida to begin her new life there as an instructor. I moped for a week and struggled through classes. I eventually put things in perspective and have learned to see that night as more than a "night of steamy sex", as the cheesy old porn novels go. I've come to see my experience with Kelly, as a student became the instructor in helping an "old" teacher to learn the pleasures of sex. After all, why else would I have held on to that, wrinkled Polaroid?

     Well folks, thanks again for stopping in to read another of my tales from experience. If you enjoyed this story, have a request, or would just like to say hi, write to me at: Solemanbrown@netscape.net

©2002 and may not be re-posted without proper written permission.

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