"Some Fun At A Wedding"

My wife was wearing an all black dress that had some rouffles around the bottom hem, which ended about 5 or so inches above her knees. It really looked great on her and even made her 34B breasts look larger. Her long, light brown hair was freshly curled and her makeup was done. I somehow convinced her to wear a pair of crotchless black pantyhose to help keep her legs warm.

She capped off her outfit with some 4" red heels. I complimented her outfit with gray dress pants, a black dress shirt, black dress shoes and a red tie.

The ceremony started at 2:00pm, and it was normally a 30 minute drive. We were dressed and out the door by 1:15. We made our way downtown and luckily found a parking spot about a block away from the church.

Fast forward a bit. The ceremony was great and was over 45 minutes later. We now had 2 hours to kill before the reception and dinner started. To kill some time, we went to a local bar. It was a beautiful rooftop setting with fireplaces burning to stay warm. We had a few appetizers and 2 drinks each.

I checked the time, it was now 4:30. We decided to head out and start towards the reception. We arrived at 4:40 but realized there was no one else there yet. Luckily, we found a really nice restaurant next door. We stopped in for another drink and to buy ourselves some time. Finally it was 5:15.

The reception was nice, definitely a younger crowd. My wife and I did not know anyone else at the wedding besides the groom. We barely even knew the bride!

Everyone started to make their way upstairs for the dinner. My wife found our name tags and took note that we were assigned table 19. We navigated the dinner hall and found our table, sort of tucked away towards the corner. There was a table to our right and one behind us.

I was most disappointed we were so far from the dance floor and the make-shift bar set up inside the room. I counted 3 tables between us and the dance floor. Being a man with such a huge foot fetish, weddings were my weakness. For sure there would be some lovely ladies dancing tonight after kicking off their shoes!

I made the walk to get fresh drinks for my wife and I. Vodka-water for her, rum and coke for me.

When I came back with the drinks I noticed more people at our table. We exchanged pleasantries and made some small talk. We found that we were sitting with 2 other couples, a single woman, and a single guy.

My wife started to complain a little about her heels pinching her toes. She slid her right foot out and lifted it up onto the side of my chair between us. I lowered my left hand and gave her hose covered foot a little rubbing.

Shortly after, dinner was served. Speeches were done and now the dancing was ready to begin. Time for another drink. This time, my wife walked with me. We were having a great time. We even commented to each other about the ages of most of the girls there and even the guys. We agreed, they couldn't be more than 21-22 years old.

My wife and I now 38 and 39, felt a little old. At this point, I have a nice buzz going and I can tell my wife does too. After we finish that round of drinks, I ask her to dance. We hit the floor feeling good. We stayed out for a few songs before deciding we need a break.

My wife went to the table as I went to get more drinks. When I brought the drinks back, my wife was talking with the single guy that was seated at our table. Turns out, he is in the military and was in town for the wedding. He was also a friend of the groom.

I got his drink order and went back to the bar to get it. When I returned, we toasted and all took a big sip. My wife wanted to dance a bit more, but this time before she went, she slid her heels off and left them on her chair.

Of course I followed her, trying to hide my excitement. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. After a few songs, our new friend visited us on the dance floor to deliver us drinks. He even joined us for a dance after.

I couldn't help but notice that he kept looking down towards my wife's stocking feet while dancing. I'm not sure if my wife noticed, but she was having a lot of fun. It's been a long time since we went out dancing, and my rusty moves were proving it.

I decided to take a break and head to the bar, leaving my wife and new friend to dance. They weren't doing anything dirty, they were actually having their own little "dance-off," my wife doing the famous shopping cart, while he was doing his best impression of the sprinkler. I found it funny.

I ended up running into the groom and some of his wedding party at the bar. We all agreed a round of shots was in order.

It was not my pick, but someone suggested tequila...ouch! After the shot, we talked for a bit and I finally ordered drinks for my wife, our new friend and myself. I made my way back to the dance floor but couldn't find them. Then I spotted them sitting at our table. Looked like there were having a fun time chatting and almost teasing each other about their dance moves.

I handed each one their drink, which they were both very happy to have and we all toasted again. I think at this point all three of us were feeling the effects of the alcohol.

Just as I sat down at the table, the DJ started to play an old popular song by Usher. My wife jumped out of her seat and said we needed to go dance! She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the dance floor, while hollering for "Mark" to come join us. I guess that was this guys name.

When we got to the dance floor my wife starting dancing in front of me, shaking and moving her hips to the music. I was trying my best to keep up with her. She looked over her shoulder, and invited Mark to join us. Mark started dancing behind my wife, moving his hips in sync with hers.

As he got closer to her I watched as her eyes were now locked onto mine. She was starting to show the slightest grin. Mark eventually made his way to my wife who was now dancing between us. She put her hands on my shoulders and stared into my eyes as Mark was now grinding on her from behind. After only seconds of this going on, I saw my wife give her lower lip a little bite.

She was really enjoying this.

It made me think what I might have missed earlier when I left them on the dance floor to go get more drinks...

After the song was over, Mark gave my wife a little wink and left us alone, walking towards the bar area. We stayed out and danced a few more songs together. The last song we danced to was a slower song and wife was nuzzled up into my neck. I could tell she was really buzzed.

I asked her if she was having a good time and she just nodded her head. My hands slowly making their way down to her hips. Then I asked my wife if she had fun dancing with Mark? She again nodded her head. Finally, I asked my wife if she noticed Mark looking down at the dance floor a lot? She giggled a little and slapped my chest with her right hand, nodding her head, smiling.

The slow song ended and we decided we should get going. We made our way to the table, set on getting our things and saying our goodbyes. I grabbed my sport coat, my wife grabbed her purse. She was looking under the chairs and table now, telling me she couldn't find her shoes. I looked under the table, nothing. Checked each chair, not there. She sat in her chair, confused. I sat next to her. No one else was sitting at our table, where could they have gone?

It couldn't have been more than a minute and here our friend Mark was walking up to the table...carrying my wife's heels in one hand, drink in the other. What the hell is going on I wondered??

My wife was so happy to have her heels back that she jumped up and hugged Mark, thanking him. He bent over and placed her heels on the floor and held my wife's left hand as she climbed up into her shoes. I was disappointed to see my wife's little stocking feet disappear, but noticed a big smile on his face.

My wife had an odd look on her face, staring at Mark. She turned her head slightly on an angle and I heard her ask him, "what is that?"

Mark replied, "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself."

She just shook her head a little, smiling. I noticed she was shuffling her feet inside her heels a bit. My wife then asked Mark if he still needed a ride to his hotel. Apparently they discussed this at the table when I was busy getting drinks.

Mark said he would love a ride if we were still offering. My wife turned to me and asked if I was ok with that. Of course I agreed, but was more interested with what was going on with her heels.

We walked to the elevator, just my wife and I, Mark went to get his jacket. We told him we would pick him up by the door and gave him a description of our car. As soon as the elevator door closed, my wife slipped her right heel off and bent her knee, lifting up to look at the sole of her foot. That's when I saw what she was feeling. Her right foot, mostly her stocking toes, were covered in cum.

That punk must have walked off with her heels and jerked off into them thinking she wouldn't notice. But now, why my wife would still want to give him a ride to his hotel had my head spinning. So I asked her, "You sure you want to give this guy a ride? Seems like an ass for making that mess in your shoes."

My wife answered, "Don't get upset babe, how many times have I caught you jerking off to my feet before. Besides, he's going to have to pay for this."

We got to our car, I hopped in the drivers seat and my wife crawled into the backseat. I assumed she was leaving the front for Mark. I pulled up to the door and we waited about thirty seconds before we saw him walking our way, through the lobby. Mark saw the front seat was open, so he hopped in next to me. He started to thank me immediately for giving him a ride.

I asked him where he was staying and he gave me the name of his hotel.

Great, I thought. It was by the airport. That was a good 30 minute drive from where we were. This made me a little upset since I was buzzed, my wife was buzzed, and all I wanted to do was get her home and give her a good fucking. I was hornier than ever. It's been at least 5 weeks since we've had sex.

After thanking me, Mark turned towards the backseat and apologized again to my wife. My wife told him he should be and out of the corner of my eye, I could see she had her right stocking foot raised to show Mark the mess he made. Mark turned a little more in his seat to face my wife and grabbed her ankle with his right hand. He brought his face closer to her foot and stuck his tongue out. I watched in awe as he licked her entire right foot from her heel all the way up to her toes, even tasting his own cum. I looked in the rearview mirror and my wife's mouth was open in shock.

Mark continued to suck on her toes and lick her arch until all of his cum was gone. I couldn't believe my eyes. My wife then raised her left foot up and starting rubbing that foot all over his face. Stroking his cheek, his nose and covering his eyes. Mark picked up quickly and starting licking her left stocking foot and sucking on her toes.

I could hear my wife letting out little whimpers in the backseat. When I looked in the rearview again, I could see she had pulled her dress up enough to play with her pussy. Naughty woman had moved her panties off to the side and was fingering at her clit. She noticed me watching in the mirror and smiled at me.

I smiled back.

"How long until we get to his hotel?" my wife asked. I checked my GPS, "about 25 minutes," I answered.

"I can't wait that long, Mark get back here NOW!" she demanded. Reluctantly, Mark stopped licking and sucking her feet and crawled over the console, into the backseat of the car.

"Lick my pussy," my wife said.

Mark happily obliged.

She scooted over, leaning up against the side door, spreading her legs. Mark leaned forward, burying his face in her soaking wet pussy. My wife was moaning with pleasure the second his tongue touched her. I took a quick peak over my shoulder to see Mark licking her pussy while sticking two fingers inside her.

This went on for about 5 minutes when my wife demanded Mark take his pants off.

Mark quickly sat up and tugged his black dress pants down to his ankles, his boxers too.

"MMM, so that's what I felt poking me on the dance floor...," my wife said.

"Yes baby, you are so sexy," Mark responded.

"Do you want to fuck me with my pantyhose on or off?" my wife asked.

"I'd love to have you barefoot," Mark said.

With that, my wife sat up a bit and pulled her pantyhose down over her ass. She then asked Mark to help pull them off the rest of the way for her. He grabbed them and yanked them down past her ankles swiftly. My wife held both of her feet just inches in front of his face. Mark tossed her black pantyhose up in the passenger seat, then proceeded to press his face into her bare feet.

I watched again in the rearview as he ran his tongue from her small toe on her right foot all the to the small toe on her left foot. Licking and tasting each toe in between.

"Hurry up and fuck me with that big cock already," my wife told Mark.

I looked over my right shoulder just as Mark leaned forward and plunged his cock into my wife's pussy. She immediately responded with a groan.

"Oh my God, you're so big!" she exclaimed.

"Baby, his big dick feels so good inside me," my wife said to me.

"MM good babe, I'm glad you're enjoying it," I answered back.

My wife then raised her legs up a bit more to let him in deeper and reached to put her right foot on my shoulder. I looked at my GPS and saw we still had about 15 minutes to go before we were at Mark's hotel. I then turned my head and gave her right foot a deep kiss. She flexed her toes for me and I happily stuck out my tongue, reaching a few of them.

Mark was thrusting away at my wife's pussy while I continued our drive. Every now and then, a vehicle would pass us up and I wondered if they could see anything through the tinted windows.

We were now about 10 minutes out when my wife decided she wanted to get on top and ride Mark's cock. They swapped places and Mark tried his best to lay as flat as he could in the backseat. My wife grabbed at her dress and lifted it up over her head, tossing it to the passenger seat. She got on top of Mark and impressively got his big cock inside her pussy without using any hands.

Once inside her again, Mark reached up and undid the latch on her bra, freeing her breasts and already erect nipples. He grabbed at them and squeezed them, pinching her nipples. He then moved his hand down her sides to her hips. Mark took a strong hold and starting to push her hips front to back, grinding her pussy and clit on his cock.

My wife responded, announcing she was close to cumming. A few more back and forth grinds and my wife was having her first orgasm. Mark moved his hands again, now to her ass. I watched over my shoulder as he grabbed handfuls of her ass. He would spread her ass cheeks as he grabbed. My wife was focused now on trying to get Mark to cum.

"Babe, how much time until we get to the hotel?" she asked me.

"GPS says about 6 minutes," I told her.

"C'mon baby, you going to cum yet?" she asked Mark.

"I'm close. Can I fuck you doggy?" Mark replied.

"Sure, hurry up. We only have a few minutes and I need to feel that big cock cum inside me," she said.

My wife slid off his cock and positioned herself leaning towards the front of the car, between the drivers and passengers seats. She immediated reached for my cock with her left hand, finding it already hard. She pulled at the zipper until she was able to fit her hand inside, pulling my cock free. I turned my head to the right and kissed my wife deeply. Our mouths were locked in a kiss while she stroked my cock, waiting for Mark to re-enter her from behind.

She moaned into my mouth. I knew Mark had slid his big cock back inside her pussy. He was now pumping in and out of her from behind with more aggressive thrusts, causing us to stop kissing. My wife's face not right next to mine, began to talk to me.

"Oh baby, his cock feels so fucking good inside me," she said.

"Yea?" I asked.

"Yes baby. I haven't been fucked this good in a while. He's hitting spots so deep," she continued.

"MM that's good babe, I love watching you get fucked so good. You're so sexy," I told her.

"Are you going to cum again?" I asked her.

"MMM I'm so close. I love when you watch me get fucked," she said as she continued stroking my dick.

I was too close to cumming to I reached down with my right hand and stopped my wife from stroking me anymore.

I then let Mark know we had three minutes before we reached his hotel. He must have taken that as incentive because he started to pick up the speed to go along with his hard thrusts. The slapping sound of when his hips were meeting my wife's ass was almost too much to take.

Mark now grunted that he was going to cum.

"Ahhh, fuck me! Fuck me Mark! Fill my pussy up with your cum!" my wife yelled.

"Uuugghhh!! Here I cum! Are you ready?" Mark asked my wife.

"MMM yes! Oh my God, I can feel you pulsating! That's it, fucking cum!" she said.

Mark gave a few more deep thrusts and then just buried his cock as deep into my wife as he could and just held it there.

My wife said, "Wow, how much cum did you dump inside me? That felt like a lot!"

Mark replied, "That felt like a lot, I must have been backed up!"

"I'm surprised you had that much left after what you did in my heels," my wife teased.

"Yeah, sorry again about that. I couldn't help myself. Your feet are so sexy, and watching you walk around and dance all night in just your hose was driving me crazy!" Mark admitted.

"Yeah, yeah, all you foot guys are the same! Well, maybe not all the same," she said, as she now sat back next to Mark and gave his softening cock a few "thank you" strokes.

"Anytime you come back to visit, let us know. We would love to have and that big cock over. No need to spend your money on a hotel," my wife told him.

"Yea Mark, anytime you want to fuck my wife again. That was hot. Maybe next time you're around she can give you a footjob," I chimed in.

"Wow, that would be awesome," Mark said.

I pulled into the parking lot of his hotel just as he pulled up his pants. Mark grabbed his shirt and shoes and thanked us for the ride and great time.

He hopped out of the backseat and my wife crawled over the center console into the passenger seat. Just as I was about to pull off my wife yelled out of her window at Mark, "Here! Enjoy!"

She threw her crotchless pantyhose at him as we drove off.

I just laughed and shook my head.

My wife then turned to me and said what a good trooper I was tonight and now it was my turn to be rewarded. She told me to pull my cock back out. I did.

She then turned and sat sideways with her back against the door, bringing her little bare feet up to my lap. I watched as her bare toes started to grab at my aching cock. Slowly she started to stroke my cock.

"Did you have a good time tonight baby? she asked me.

"Of course I did, you were great," I answered.

"I can't believe he made such a mess in my shoes!" she said to me.

"I can't really blame him. You were sort of teasing him all night," I replied.

"Was I teasing him or was I teasing you?" she questioned me.

"Hmm, I guess you could say both," I said smiling, trying my best to concentrate on the 15 minute drive home and not my wife's sexy little feet stroking my cock.

"Are you going to cum soon?" she asked me.

"It won't be long," I quickly replied.

My wife moaned her approval and picked up the pace of her footjob. She was also now toying at her pussy, telling me how much cum wasrunning out of her and onto the seat. Every few seconds she would bring her hand up and spread her fingers to show me the sticky residue that Mark left inside her. My wife couldn't resist and stuck her finger in her mouth, tasting Mark's cum.

"MMM, his cum taste so good," she said.

"Hurry up and cum, so I can taste yours too," she told me.

"I'm really close now," was all I could muster out.

I was really hoping on holding off until we got home, but I was starting to doubt myself. My wife then reached towards the floor and grabbed a hold of her heels, lifting them up. Never stopping her footjob on me. She first raised her right heel towards her face. She stuck her tongue out, licking at the inside, as if trying to get more of Mark's cum from her heel to taste.

"Do you need a refill?" I asked.

"MM, I'd love one, " she answered.

"I'm ready." I said.

My wife gave me a few more strokes with her feet and lowered her heel near my cock. I used my right hand to aim my cock down. It took two strokes from my hand and my cock erupted. I was cumming in mass amounts. I must have shot 5 or 6 huge spurts of cum into her red heel.

I came so hard it made me light-headed, struggling to focus on driving. I somehow managed to regain my composure. After I finished cumming, my wife quicly withdrew her feet from my lap. She slid her right foot back into her heel. She ooh'ed and aaah'ed how warm and wet it was on her toes.

She pulled her foot back out of her heel and raised it up to her mouth. She licked at the cum dripping from her big toe, then took her big toe into her mouth and sucked on it as if it were a cock. I looked down and my cock was still hard.

We pulled into our garage soon after and made our way inside. Needless to say, my wife and I were still horny. We undressed ourselves as we walked back to the bedroom, totally naked by the time we got there. We had some great sex that night.

Thanks to Mark for befriending us at the wedding, we hope you had a great time and we can't wait to see you this summer when you come to visit! font size="3">

Thank you!

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