"Secret Tennis Feet"

I've had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember.

I was in year 10, I chose tennis as a sport and I would train on Tuesday and Thursday. There was a girl called 'Abbey' in year 11 and she was the best girl you could dream of. She had a beautiful rack, nice arse, she had abs and she always laughed which made me happy, she also had the most perfect face, tanned slender body. Her feet could have been in porno's and everything, it was size 6 or 7 and I always dreamed of her arched feet stroking my cock. Since she was the only girl who did tennis she was the only person who used the girls change room while all the boys striped outside.

One day I needed to use the boys toilet which is in the change rooms, there was a boy before me who needed to go. We were both waiting for the toilet, the tennis instructor must of started to get impatient so he told us to "Just use the girls change room." The boy in front started making his way to the girls room before saying "Is there anyone in there"

Before the coach could reply the boy from the mens change room exited and the boy in front of me sprinted into the boys room. I had no option so I entered the girls room, and expectingly there was no one in the girls change room. Once I entered the girls change room I saw abbey's bag and saw her black school shoes sprawled against the floor, without hesitation I quickly locked the girls change room so no one else could enter.

I went in the toilet and took a piss, after I picked up abbey's right shoe and started sniffing and licking the insides, the shoe was a size 6 and it had the blue padding in them, I could see the shoe was a bit well worn so I knew that she wore them a lot, the smell made me a bit queasy but I enjoyed the smell, I got so horny and I could feel my cock pointing and trying to rip through my pants. I decided to exit so I didn't look suspicious and I put the shoe to the original spot

After two days I went into the girls change room while no one was watching and saw the black shoes again sprawled across the floor, I locked the change room door and whipped out my cock, I could see it rising and becoming hard, I started to then lick and worship the shoe while jerking my cock. I quickly grabbed the other shoe and started giving myself a self foot-job. I decided not to cum into the shoes so I left the change rooms and went into the boys changer and masturbated until I shot out all the cum. I realised I forgot where I put the shoe so it may of looked suspicious if she remembered where it was.

After a whole week I quickly got changed and went into the girls change room to see if her stuff was there, surely enough they were there, BUT she had organised her whole stuff and fitted it into her bag so there was nothing on the floor. I quickly remembered what and were her stuff was so I quickly unzipped her bag and looked for her shoes, I came across her leggings but that didn't really turn me on so I stared digging and I found her white socks, her feet size must have been so small, probably a 6 or 7, anyway I started to insert my hard cock into one of the white socks while licking and sucking the other, I cummed so quickly and I produced so much sperm. I decided I had to do something so I put the clean sock back into her bag while pocketing the white sock.

I cleaned out the white sock and started licking it in bed every day knowing that's where abbey's smelly, beautiful feet have been.

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