"Rebecca's Feet"
By Jim

     I first met Rebecca in a class we share together at our university. I was attracted to her instantly. Rebecca stands about 5'6" tall and I guess about 120 pounds. Her hair hangs straight down to her shoulder blades and is a dark brown color. She also has the sharpest blue eyes I've ever seen. When I first introduced myself to her I noticed that she has a smile that would light up room with her perfectly white teeth and sweet, innocent face.

     Our school has a fairly conservative dress code. Everyday I sat in class waiting for her to walk in, I always looked to see if she was wearing shoes that would show off her feet. I was dying to know what they looked like. I wasn't very lucky. Rebecca always wore black leather Oxford shoes with socks and slacks. The end of the semester was nearing and I still hadn't seen her feet. I knew from looking closely at her delicate hands that her feet were probably amazing.

     Finally enough was enough. I went for broke one Friday afternoon and asked her if she cared to join my friends and I at our favorite local pub. I was overjoyed when she accepted my offer! I arrived early at the pub out of sheer excitement. "Just my luck" I grunted under my breath when Rebecca walked in STILL wearing those Oxford. She joined us at the bar and we commenced our weekend ritual of drinking. My friends were impressed with Rebecca's natural beauty and good sense of humor.

     We all drank pretty hard and I could tell Rebecca was getting a pretty good buzz. She was seated next to me at the bar. I noticed the more she drank the more she relaxed. It wasn't long before we were flirting pretty hard. Drinking alcohol always makes me want to confess my desires and thoughts to women. I've told a number of strange women at clubs about my foot fetish when "under the influence". I wasn't that drunk yet, but I did confess to Rebecca how beautiful I thought she was. I kept looking down at those black Oxford and wondering what her feet look like.

     At the end of the evening Rebecca asked if I could give her a ride back to her place. I accepted and off we went. Once we got to her place she asked if I wanted to come in for a second and see her apartment. We sat on the sofa and joked about our professor and past relationships. I knew that she had to take her shoes off soon. I mean come on! She's at home now, relax! I decided to take my off as a hint. "Awww that feels much better" I said as I kicked my sneakers off. No reaction from her whatsoever. This was going to be difficult.

     I went for broke and used one of my most retarded lines. I looked down at her feet and said "Damn girl, you've got some big ass feet!" She really didn't, in fact I was guessing a size seven or eight. But it got the attention down on her feet. "No I don't!" Rebecca joked. I reached down and pulled her left foot into my lap. I inspected her shoe "That looks about like a size 13 foot to me. Lets see the other one too" I said reaching down to scoop up her left foot also. Now Rebecca and I were sitting on opposite ends of the couch and her legs were extended straight out in my lap with both Oxford-clad feet together.

     I made a few more stupid remarks and kept talking to her as I began to unlace her Oxford. She cleared her throat to get my attention "What do you think your doing?" she asked with her head ducked down looking up at me with a devilish smile. I almost didn't know what to say. I perked up and said "What? I though you might like a foot massage." It occurred to me that she might have nasty feet. I had to find out anyway. I changed the subject, taking the focus off her feet as I continued unlacing her shoes. I wanted to make it seem like I was doing this to be nice and that it was no big deal.

     I slowly pulled off the right shoe. Rebecca helped by pulling her foot back towards hers and then resting her foot on my leg. Instantly I felt the damp heat from her foot on my leg. My cock almost ripped out of my shorts! I felt my hands start to tremble a little. She flexed her toes in her socks as I pulled off the other shoe. Rebecca had turned her head to watch television. Both socked feet were resting on my leg. I reached under them and extended her feet back into my lap. I ran my hands all over her feet. Her socks were a dark blue and were made of cotton. They were so warm and moist. I felt the dampness on my hands. I pushed up the legs of her slacks and reached the tops of her socks. I curled my fingertips under the top of her socks and slowly began to roll it off. I watched in amazement as the sock passed over her heel. It was narrow and pink, no rough skin on the heel. I pulled more. Next it passed her arch, it was high and soft too. I gulped hard as the sock was pulled further to expose the balls of her feet, then finally all the way off. Rebecca looked down at her naked foot and spread her toes. "That feels much better. Thanks. I hope my feet don't smell." I shook my head and smiled. Her toes were perfectly formed and tapered nicely from one toe to the next. Rebecca's toes were painted a light pink color and looked as if they were done recently. I removed her other sock and placed it inside of her empty shoe. Both of Rebecca's feet were now bare in my lap. Her left heel was very close to my erection. As I massaged her feet I made an effort to press the side of her foot against it. I wanted so badly to jump to my knees and wrap her sexy feet around my cock. As I massaged I inspected every inch of her soles and toes. Her soles were very smooth on the bottom with a narrow heel. I took my hand and placed it flat on her toes. I bent her toes down towards her heel to see how flexible her feet were. Her toes bent down so far that her foot almost made the shape of a "C"!

     As her massage continued I had one hand under both heels holding her feet tightly together. I imagined that's what they'd look like if I had tied her feet up. I looked down at her soles as her feet were placed tightly together. I ran my fingers up and down her soles. I also slid my index finger between each of her lovely toes. Rebecca asked if I minded if she turned over. I said no and rotated over on her tummy. I faced her and scooted down on the sofa. Her legs were coming up between my legs and her top of her feet now rested on my chest with her soles toward the ceiling. I looked down at her soles and her legs pressed down on my cock.

     I decided to go for broke. I leaned forward and kissed the tip of her big toe. Rebecca quickly looked over her shoulder with a stern look on her face. I stared in her eyes waiting to get scolded. Instead Rebecca gave me a smile and said "Have a little foot fetish do we?" What the hell I thought. I told her that I did. She giggled and said "Your such a freak" with a wink. She turned back over on her back with her legs still coming up between my legs. She even scooted down so that her feet were closer to my face. I leaned forward and took her big toes in my mouth at once. I screamed and laughed at the same time. "That tickles!" She didn't move away though. I began to suck on each toe as I looked in her eyes. I let each toe slip between my lips. Once inside my mouth I ran my tongue all around her toe and sucked on it like a piece of candy. In a few minutes her toes were all wet with my saliva. I took her right foot and raised it to my face. I buried my face into her young tender sole and inhaled deeply. Her foot was still warm on my face and they smelled of warm leather mixed with sweat. It was offensive, but it was strong. "God don't do that! My feet must stink really bad!" Rebecca protested. I pulled her foot away from my face and slapped her milky sole with my hand. "HEY!" she laughed. I scooped up her other foot and pressed both of them flat on my face. They fit perfectly. The balls of her feet rested on my eyes while her heels touched my lips. She wiggled her toes on my forehead.

     I pulled her feet back to look closely at the soles, then lick ran my tongue up the length of her soles, heel to toe. I used long, broad strokes of my tongue. Making sure to cover every inch of her feet. I used the saliva on her feet like a lotion as I resumed the massage. I could still smell her feet on my face and the salty taste was present in my mouth. Rebecca pulled her feet away and crawled over to me. She straddled me and bent down to kiss me. I pulled her down on top of me as we kissed. Her soft tongue explored my mouth. She really knew how to kiss. After a few minutes she pulled back and said "I can taste my feet on your tongue!" She looked a little grossed out, but I quickly pulled her back down to get another dose of her foot sweat from my tongue. The fact that we could both taste her feet as we kissed was incredibly erotic!

     We continued to make out for a while. Finally I knew I was going to cum soon. I knew from the type of girl she was that sex was out of the question on the first date. I didn't want to screw it up so I told Rebecca that it was time for me to go. It was clear that we both wanted to have sex, but we decided to be good. When she wasn't looking I reached down and stuffed her socks in my pocket. I kissed her good night and began to drive home. I pulled them out of my pocket and pressed them to my nose. They still smelled very strong! I pulled into an empty parking lot and released my cock. I slid one sock over my cock and held the bottom of the other sock to my nose. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes. I pictured her feet as I masturbated. It wasn't a second later that I erupted into her sock! I came so hard that I was lightheaded. Her sock was completely filled up as my cum ran down inside it. I wished that it was dripping off her beautiful soles. Rebecca and I have been seeing a lot of each other now, and I am proud to call he my girlfriend. I'll share more about our foot fun if your interested. Until then!

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