"Quarantine Relief"

It has been months since I've had to actually get up and ready and head into the office. I was dreading this day for the last two weeks, knowing it was approaching. My wife on the other hand, seemed giddy. I guess I couldn't really blame her.

We've been around each other almost all day, every day since the virus hit and things were shut down. She normally works from home so this transition for her was easy. It's been great for our sex life too, or so I thought.

We were having sex more times a week now than we've had since we started dating 19 years ago. It's like my wife couldn't have enough.

A little background on us. My wife is 5'1" and with the quarantine has put on a little weight but is still a very petite 120lbs. She keeps her hair a light brown with blonde highlights to compliment her green eyes. Her breasts are a still-perky 34B, even at 38 years old. She could easily pass for a 24 year old having such a young looking face.

Me: I'm 39, 6'3" and now 235lbs thanks to the quarantine. I have dark brown hair, with some gray starting to show. Blue eyes and I keep a short-style beard, though I do shave my neck clean.

We've been together for 19 years, married for 15. My wife's favorite asset to me is her feet. I have a huge foot fetish and her size 6 feet are perfect in my opinion. When I first confessed to her about my fetish, she seemed a little put off. But now, she is more and more accepting of it, even encouraging at times. It wasn't until this lock down that she confessed to me, I was not the first guy she's been with who liked feet.

It sort of came as a surprise to me. I thought we've shared all of our past experiences with each other early in our dating. Before my wife I slept with nine ladies, all of them being one night stands. My wife on the other hand, had a few long-term relationships mixed in with sleeping with other guys to take her total to fourteen. She knew I loved talking about this stuff. Often times she would jerk my cock or have me jerk off while she told me about her experiences.

I would ask her questions about the biggest cock she's ever had, or the smallest one? Did any of them put it in your ass? Which one had the best stamina? Who ate your pussy the best?

My wife still swears to this day, I am the best pussy eater she's ever had. I wear that badge proudly. And I should, since my stamina and cock size are not exactly.....great.

On this particular Saturday night, my wife received a text from one of her friends that Josh was in town visiting.

Josh was one of my wife's exes. One of her long-term relationships. I've heard a lot about him from her, and even some of her friends when we would be drinking and reminiscing. Josh was always the answer my wife would give me when I asked which one of her past experiences had the biggest cock. I just never followed up to ask how big, exactly.

With the lock down ending Sunday night, my wife's friend was wasting no time and wanting to get a group together for some drinks and a bonfire. My wife asked if I wanted to go with the following Saturday. She knew I might be a little uncomfortable around her and her ex-boyfriend. I played it cool and told her that it sounded great. Honestly, a night out of the house sounded wonderful at this point. Throw in some real conversations with other adults and drinks....I'm in.

My wife excitedly text back that we would join. She then told me not to worry about anything. Her relationship with Josh was a long time ago and that ship has sailed, she was very happy with us. I felt reassured.

Monday morning came and I was starting to get back into my routine of waking up, getting ready and leaving for the office. By Thursday, I was back in full swing, and even enjoying the alone time in the car and interacting with the few people at my office again. The sex at home did drop off. In fact, we didn't have sex since the previous Friday night. I figured Saturday night would be perfect after we spent time with her friends and had some drinks. She always seems more playful after a few drinks.

Saturday night was here and we packed up our lawn chairs and a cooler with our favorite drinks.

I wore a pair of gray golf shorts with a white and gray polo, and black and white sneakers. My wife was wearing black yoga pants. She had a black and white striped sleeveless top on, and wore her gray colored Birkenstock sandals. My wife even wore a toe ring on her left middle toe to compliment her pink polish.

We made the 20 minute drive to her friend Sara's house. We arrived about 6:45pm. It was a decent crowd, I counted 9 people total.

Fast forward a bit. Around 9:00 Josh arrived with a group of three other guys. All high school buddies that my wife and her friends knew. It was easy to tell that they had been drinking before stopping over. It was also easy to tell that my wife and her friends were a little buzzed themselves. Everyone introduced themselves with an awkward elbow-bump.

The group of guys all hugged the girls and shared some nice pleasantries. I watched closely as Josh approached my wife. They both had a bit of an embarrassed or shy look on their faces. It was quickly gone when Josh leaned in for a hug from my wife. She leaned forward to meet him halfway. Nothing out of the ordinary so far.

My wife introduced us to each other and started to tell Josh how long we've been together and what I do for a living. I'll be honest, he seemed pretty easy going.

I wasn't sure what to make of his looks because he didn't look anything like me.

Josh was only about 5'9" and slim. If I had to guess, I'd say he weighed about 155lbs. He had brown hair, combed off to one side. Green eyes.

Anyways, the night went off without any drama. It was entertaining to hear them share some of their stories from high school and the parties they used to have. I did, however, notice Josh was looking towards my wife's feet.....a lot.

Being a guy with a foot fetish, I can normally pick them out easily. It's not hard to watch someone's eyes and notice them always looking down. I don't know if he liked her sandals or what, but it seemed obvious to me. I'm not sure my wife picked up on it. If she did, she did not pay any attention to it.

When I checked my phone for the time, it was 12:30am. I tapped my wife on her shoulder to see if she was ready. She nodded her head. We finished our drinks and packed up. My wife made her rounds saying goodbye to everyone while I sort of stood behind her and waved.

It was a quiet ride home. I kept what I noticed about Josh to myself. My wife was nodding off, enjoying the music on the radio. We got home just after 1:00am.

We each got ready for bed by basically getting completely naked. I laid on the bed first, followed quickly by my wife. I asked her if she had a good time. She smiled and told me yes. I then asked her if I could go down and taste her.

"Mm, that sounds great," she answered.

I made my way between her legs, softly kissing her inner thighs. I slowly moved my way to her pussy and gave it a few slow, long licks. Her hips bucked in response. I continued my oral assault on my wife's wet pussy for the next 15 minutes until she was ready to erupt. I begged her to let herself go and cum all over my face.

"Oh fuck! Are you ready to taste it?" she asked me.

"MM yes!" I moaned into her pussy.

"MM Oh God! Yes! I'm almost there!" she told me.

I kept swirling my tongue in circles around her clit. I slid my right middle finger into her pussy and she lost it.

"Ugh! Here I cum!!" she announced.

I just kept licking and pumping my finger in and out of her pussy. She had a great orgasm and I lapped up every drop.

"That was great honey," she said, after settling back down.

"Thanks, I do what I can," I joked.

"Do you want to fuck me now?" she asked.

I looked down, noticed my dick was rock hard and nodded to her.

I crawled up to my knees and got myself ready to enter her. Once I was there, I wasted no time and shoved all 5" of my hard dick inside her still wet pussy. My wife responded by lifting her legs up to give me better access.

"MM, little pumps babe, little pumps," she was requesting me.

"OK," I answered back as I started to give her short, quick, little pumps.

"That's it. Just like that. I'm close to cumming again," she said.

I obeyed her request and kept pumping.

She was lifting her legs back further and further.

"How does that look? I know you like to watch it," my wife said to me.

"MM, it looks so fucking sexy," I said. "I love to watch a dick going in and out of your beautiful pussy."

"Fuck me!" she continued.

"Mm-hmm, take that dick baby. You know you like it," I said.

My wife, knowing my weakness, then put her feet directly in front of my face. Holding them just inches away.

"You like my toe ring?" she asked me.

"It looks so sexy on your sexy feet," I answered.

I then grabbed her left ankle and brought her foot closer to me, taking her big toe into my mouth.

"Oh fuck, I can feel you get harder when you do that," my wife said.

I just kept her big toe in my mouth and continued with the short pumps.

"You're so hard!" she said, "I'm going to cum again, keep pumping."

I kept pumping, feeling my own orgasm coming on. My balls were starting to tense up and I wasn't sure how much longer I could last.

I quickly adjusted and stuffed all five of her toes into my mouth at the same time.

"Oh fuck, here I cum!" my wife yelled.

"MM, me too!" I answered back.

I thrust as deep as I could into my wife's pussy, never taking my mouth off her toes. I dumped all my cum inside her.

It was great to climax like that together. After I finished cumming I fell off to the side and laid next to her. Cum was now dripping out of my wife's pussy. We laid there panting for a few seconds.

I decided to get up to get a glass of water. My wife made her way to the bathroom to drain herself. I met her back in the bedroom, offering her a drink. She happily accepted.

We laid speechless for a few minutes and I turned on the TV. My wife then said to me, "I have to tell you something."

"Yea sure, what is it?" I asked.

"Promise not to be mad?" she asked back.

"Of course, what's the big deal?" I said.

"Well, remember how we used to share old experiences with each other?" she asked.

"Uh huh," I responded.

"Well.....I know I've told you before that Josh was the biggest guy I've ever been with......" she drifted off.

"Yep, I remember you telling me that, and?" I pushed on.

"Well.....he's also the first guy to ever show me what a foot fetish was." she continued.

At this point, I was a little shocked but not mad.

"I thought you told me you've never been with a guy who tried playing with your feet before me?" I asked.

"I know, I'm sorry. I didn't know how to tell you. I thought you would be jealous," my wife said.

"Jealous? No. Just more confused why you wouldn't tell me. I guess that would make sense after meeting him tonight." I said.

"What is that supposed to mean?" she asked.

"You didn't see him staring at your feet all night?" I followed up.

"No I didn't," she answered quickly.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, I just couldn't think of a good time to tell you. Besides, you are way better at foot massages than he ever was." she told me.

"It's not a big deal babe, I really don't mind. And I know I give the best damn foot massage." I said in my best Samuel L Jackson voice from Pulp Fiction.

We both laughed. We watched some more TV and my wife started to nod off again.

"Babe?" I whispered.

"Yea," she responded keeping her eyes closed.

"Question for you....." I continued.

"Sure, what?" she asked.

"Did you ever give Josh a foot job?" I asked curiously.

"Yes, a lot of them," she answered, never opening her eyes.

With that I let her drift off to sleep. I passed out shortly after.

Sunday was a great recovery day. We slept in, ate a nice late breakfast. Just relaxed all day. No sex.

I went back to work Monday. I texted my wife around lunch time letting her know I would be home late. My boss wanted to have a late afternoon meeting which meant I wouldn't get out of the office until 5:30pm.

My wife responded that was fine. She was going to meet Sara for an early dinner anyways. She said she would bring me something home later. Worked for me.

I ended up getting home around 6:30pm, my wife was still not home. I got out of my work clothes and threw on some shorts and a t-shirt. I poured myself a cocktail and laid on the couch. My wife arrived home around 7:30 with some leftover wings and pizza in a container for me.

She heated it up in the microwave and brought it to me on the couch.

"How was work?" she asked.

"Long," was all I could say.

"How was dinner?" I asked.

"Pretty good," was all I got for an answer.

She sat with me on the couch and turned to the TV. I nibbled at the wings and pizza, finishing my drink. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. We talked a little, but not much. My wife went to bed early. I ended up falling asleep on the couch, eventually crawling into the bed about 11:00pm.

I awoke refreshed on Tuesday and got to the office in a good mood. I was very efficient that morning, almost finishing all my tasks for the day by 10:30am.

I got a text from my wife around 10:40am, asking "can you sneak out early today?" with a smiley face emoji.

I texted back, "probably around 1:00, does that work?"

"Sure. Have a surprise planned for you...and me!" she answered with a kiss face emoji.

That certainly sparked my interest and gave me more motivation to finish my duties. I even skipped lunch to finish up. Just as I was about to leave, my phone rang. Dammit, I thought!

I answered my phone and it was my boss calling. He was ranting about some new policies coming our way and how terrible these changes are going to be. He was going on and on and by the time I hung up the phone it was 1:30.

I walked to my car and text my wife, "leaving now."

I was a bit perplexed that I made the 20 minute drive home and never got a response.

I arrived home just before 2:00pm and pulled into the garage. I walked in the the front door and heard music playing quietly. I kicked off my work shoes and followed the music. It led me to the living room. As I turned the corner from the kitchen I could see her laying face down on her old wax table with a over sized towel draped over her. My dick immediately stiffened.

My wife greeted me with a smile, saying "Josh is just getting ready in the bathroom, should be out any minute."

Before I could utter a response, the bathroom door opened and out walked Josh wearing nothing but his boxers. I must have had a shocked look on my face. My wife broke the silence, "Babe, you remember Josh?" she asked me.

"Uh, yea. Hey," I said.

Josh, responded with a smirk and a head nod.

"I hope you don't mind, Josh stopped over for some lunch. I tried to wait for you but my back was hurting so bad and Josh offered a massage." she said to me.

"Mind? No, not at all. What's a little back massage?" I asked smirking.

Josh made his way to the side of the table, reaching for the bottle of lotion/oil mix. He quickly put a large amount in his left palm and rubbed his hands together.

"Get comfy babe, have a seat in your chair," my wife insisted.

I made my way to our bedroom and tore off my work clothes, putting on a t-shirt and shorts as fast as I could.

Returning to the living room, Josh was now standing on my wife's left side.

My wife had her head turned to the side facing me. I watched closely as Josh now applied his oil and lotion covered hands to my wife's lower back. My wife responded with a low moan of approval. I watched on as Josh slid his hands all over my wife's back, sliding from her lower back up to her shoulders, and back down again. He was careful not to move the towel draping over her ass. I was curious to see what she was wearing under that towel, or if in fact, she was naked.

After 10 minutes rubbing her back my wife asked Josh if he would mind massaging her legs too.

Josh said sure and squeezed out more oil and lotion mixture. My wife adjusted the towel, raising it up a bit. She looked at me with a naughty smile. I looked again and noticed she was wearing black panties underneath the towel. I was slightly relieved.

Josh turned back to my wife and reached out with both hands. His right hand reaching her right quad, left hand reaching her left quad. Josh was hunched over the foot of the table, digging his hands and fingers into her quads. My wife again responded with a low sigh of approval. She reached out with her right hand for mine. I held her hand gently as I watched Josh work his way down her legs to behind her knees.

He stopped to reach for more oil and lotion. I looked at my wife, her eyes were closed. She was really enjoying this massage. I thought to myself, "is this the surprise she told me about?"

Josh returned to her calves. Again, right hand to her right calf, left hand on her left calf. Her legs looked so smooth.

Josh then alternated and used both hands to massage her left calf, then rotated to both hands on her right calf. I noticed Josh never looked up or made eye contact with me.

One last turn for more mix and Josh was a now applying it to my wife's little feet. I watched intently as he dug his thumbs into her arches. Josh was making small circles with his thumbs around her arches and her heels. He moved his fingers down towards her toes and pulled on each one. It was a little difficult to see her feet from my view because they were laying over the edge of the table.

Josh spend a good 5 minutes massaging both feet together when he made his move. He bent her right leg at the knee, lifting her foot up in the air. He held the foot with his left hand as he continued to rub it with his right. He then changed to her left foot.

After setting her left foot down I noticed something in Josh's boxers growing. He gently moved both of her feet closer together. I must have been staring at his growing cock, I felt a squeeze in my hand. I looked over at my wife and her eyes now open, smiling at me. She knew I could see what she has told me about during our sexy talks. She also knew how watching another guy rub her feet was driving me crazy.

She let go of my hand and reached for my dick. She gave my rock hard dick a squeeze through my shorts.

Josh moved his hands higher and started to massage my wife's quads again. He was running his hands higher and higher until I watched his hands disappear under the towel. I could see his hands moving underneath, massaging my wife's ass cheeks.

Something you need to know about my wife is that if you give her a good rubbing on her ass, she will absolutely melt in your hands.

I watched as Josh kept up his massage of her ass, wondering how wet her pussy was right then. Josh's excitement must have been growing too because I was now starting to see the head of his cock peek out of his boxers. It was hovering over my wife's heels.

I watched as Josh's cock grew larger and larger. It was growing at a quick pace, becoming so large and heavy that it was starting to hang lower and lower. His cock getting closer to making contact with her bare feet.

I had to remove my wife's hand from my dick to stop myself from cumming in my shorts. My wife moaned again from the massage Josh was giving her ass. She reached down with both hands and slowly lifted the towel higher as she swayed her body back and forth. Little by little her ass was being exposed.

Also, little by little, Josh's cock was starting to stick out from his boxers. It looked massive. My wife must have felt it touching her, as she gave me another smile. I then watched as she slowly raised both of her feet up slightly until her soles were cupping Josh's balls through his boxers.

Josh reacted with a low moan of his own. He then lowered himself more, touching his bare cock to her arches. Never stopping from running his hands all over her ass, digging his fingers into each of her ass cheeks.

My wife rested her feet back down over the edge of the table. Josh, ran his right hand all over her ass and even under her panties. He used his left hand to pull his boxers down to the floor. He quickly returned his now semi-hard cock to my wife's arches.

"I miss these feet," Josh finally spoke up.

"MM, they miss you too," my wife said back.

Josh was now starting to pump his cock between her arches, still running his hands all over her ass and down her legs. He grabbed both of her feet with his left hand and raised them slightly. Josh grabbed his cock with his right hand and started to slap my wife's soles with it. I was impressed with the slapping noise his big cock was making on her feet.

My dick was oozing pre-cum watching.

Josh's cock continued to grow. His cock was now longer than her foot, and thick! He slapped her soles with his cock a few more times. He then set her feet down again and placed his balls on her toes while sliding his cock up and down her feet, between her heels.

I could see my wife doing her best to keep her feet tightly together. She then reached down again and moved her panties off to one side. My wife opened her eyes and motioned for me to rub her ass. I stood up from my chair and made my way to the table.

I stood on her right side and began to rub her ass with both hands. I was rubbing aggressively, spreading her ass occasionally. I was now so close to the action, I couldn't take my eyes off what Josh was doing. Now that I was this close, I could see his cock was easily 9", maybe 10".

My wife reached for my shorts with her right hand and yanked them down. She gave a slight groan of disapproval that she didn't manage to get my briefs down as well. She reached again and yanked harder. My dick was now pointing straight at her as I continued rubbing her ass and watching Josh fuck her soles.

I could hear how wet my wife was when I would spread her ass and pussy. I kept brushing my finger along her pussy lips and up her ass crack with the massage. Each stroke, she would raise her hips up slightly, begging me to put a finger inside her or toy with her clit a bit. I finally gave in and slowly slid my left middle finger inside her pussy.

She immediately pushed her hips back onto my finger, taking it as deep as she could. I still had my right hand rubbing and grabbing at her ass. Running those fingers up her ass crack, teasing her tart little hole. My wife pulled hard on my dick.

Josh was watching her movements and started to pick up his pace. Thrusting his huge cock between her feet. His cock was so long it would touch her calves. My wife picked her feet up off the table again until she had Josh's cock between her arches.

My wife pulled me closer until she was able to get the tip of my dick into her mouth. She started to suck my dick as I fingered her pussy, now with two fingers. This only lasted for about a minute.

"Someone please fuck me!" my wife yelled.

"I'm too close to cumming," I said.

I looked at Josh and we locked eyes.

It went unsaid, he stopped fucking her feet.

Josh crawled up onto the table above my wife. He ran his cock up and down her ass a few times. My wife sucked me harder.

I moved my hand out of the way just as Josh shoved the head of his cock inside her pussy. He was feeding my wife's pussy his cock, inch by inch. My wife was groaning on my dick. This was almost too much to take for me. I had to quickly pull my dick out of my wife's mouth before I came.

"Oh fuck!" my wife immediately exclaimed.

"Fuck me with that big cock Josh! Holy shit!" she yelled.

Josh was on his knees hovering over my wife, fucking her deeply. His hands on her lower back to keep his balance. My wife now picked her head up off the table, looking straight ahead.

I walked to the foot of the table to get a better view. I watched as Josh's big cock pumped in and out of my wife's pussy. Her pussy looked so stretched.

I bent down and ran my tongue along her left foot. I licked from her heel all the way down to her toes. I repeated the same with her right foot. She flexed her toes in response. I kissed and licked all over her feet, never taking my eyes off Josh fucking my wife.

I stood up and put my wife's feet together like Josh did earlier. When I placed my dick on her soles, mine wasn't even close to touching her heels. I ran my hard dick up and down her heels and soles.

After a few pumps I had that all too familiar feeling in my balls. I decided to hold off and sat back down in my chair.

Josh noticed I was finished and eased up on his thrusts. He was now slowly pumping his huge cock in and out of my wife.

"On your back," Josh said to my wife.

He raised up and off the table, standing on the side. I could see the disappointment in my wife's face when his cock was withdrawn from her pussy.

My wife rolled onto her back and removed her panties completely. She tossed them to me in my chair. I snatched them with my right hand and raised them to my face, sniffing deeply. My wife just smiled widely at me.

Josh moved to the foot of the table as my wife scooted down. She spread her legs, resting her feet up on Josh's shoulders.

Josh easily slid his huge cock back into her waiting pussy.

"MM, ready to see me squirt babe?" my wife asked me.

"Squirt? I didn't know you could. I'd love to see it," I answered.

My wife reached her right hand down and started to vigorously rub her clit.

I remember thinking how she never touched herself for me. This was like watching a new woman.

She locked eyes with me, "MM fuck me Josh, I'm so close," she said.

Josh wrapped his hands around her legs just above her knees, pulling her into his huge cock as he thrust forward. His over sized balls were slapping my wife's ass making a slapping noise.

My wife used her left hand to grab at her breasts and pull on her hard nipples. She never stopped staring at me. She was struggling to keep her eyes open, licking and biting on her lower lip.

After about 20 seconds, my wife screamed she was going to cum. Josh quickly pulled his cock out and used his cock head to rub her clit. She gushed like a garden hose. I've never experienced someone squirt in person. It might have been the hottest thing I've ever seen. Josh was soaking in my wife's juices from the waist down.

He continued stroking his cock while rubbing the head on her clit. He then raised his hand to his mouth and licked his fingers clean.

"MM, I remember that taste," he told my wife.

"Oh fuck! I can't remember the last time I came so hard," my wife said, now looking at Josh.

"Are you ready to cum or do you want to fuck me some more with your big cock?" my wife asked Josh.

"I'd love to fuck you some more and enjoy those beautiful feet," he answered.

My wife smiled, "good, I'd like that too."

Josh slowly fed his cock head back into my wife's sopping wet pussy. She looked over at me again and locked eyes. I couldn't resist and starting stroking my hard dick while I watched.

"Do you like watching Josh fuck me baby," she asked me.

I could only nod, I was speechless.

"Do you want to see him suck my toes?" she continued.

I again nodded.

"OK babe, keep watching," she said.

I watched intently as she raised her feet again, this time in front of Josh's face. First, she offered Josh her left foot. He took her big toe into his mouth until it completely disappeared. I quickly looked at my wife and she was smiling at me.

"Keep watching," she told me.

She then took her right foot and began to run it all over Josh's face. Stopping to squeeze at his nose. She stroked his cheek and eyes until he opened his mouth back up and took the big toe of her right foot into his mouth. I noticed Josh was starting to thrust his cock into my wife a bit harder.

My wife was letting out little "ugh" sounds with every stroke touching her inside her so deeply. Josh then grabbed both of her ankles with his hands and steadied her feet. He then took both big toes into his mouth at the same time. His eyes closed.

Josh was really enjoying tasting my wife's toes while fucking her. I could relate, it was my favorite too. I watched as he then grabbed her left foot and fit all 5 toes into his mouth at once. Her right foot dropped to his chin.

"I'm real close now," Josh mumbled with her toes in his mouth.

"Keep fucking me. I'm going to cum again," my wife said.

Josh pulled her toes from his mouth, "If I get you to cum twice, you owe me a foot job," Josh stated.

"Whatever, just keep fucking me with that big cock!" my wife said louder.

Josh held her feet in each hand, spreading her legs a little further. He was now really pumping hard in and out of my wife. He then placed her feet again on his shoulders. Josh then grabbed a breast in each hand, squeezing and pulling them.

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!" my wife yelled.

"That's it, cum all over my big cock," Josh told her.

"Ohhhhh fffuuuccckkk!" my wife let out.

"I'm cummmmiinnnggggg!!!" she screamed.

I watched from my chair as my wife's whole body convulsed. Her toes curled up atop his shoulders. I had to let go of my dick quickly before I lost control. For some reason, I was trying to hold out as long as Josh.

Her second orgasm subsided as Josh was continuing shorter, slower thrusts. Josh again grabbed her ankles and brought her feet to his face. He stuck his tongue out as far as he could and ran it along both of her arches. It was almost as if he was spitting on her feet they were getting so wet.

"Time for my foot job!" Josh said excitedly.

"That's fine, I guess you deserve it," my wife said.

She then turned to me, "babe, you ready to see me give another guy a foot job?"

I quickly nodded. Almost cumming without even touching myself.

My wife lowered her feet to Josh's cock, placing a foot on each side. She slowly started to stroke his cock between her wet arches. Josh started to help himself. He held her by the ankles and started to fuck her feet as if it was a pussy. At full thrusts, his cock was touching her calves.

"Isn't his cock huge babe?" my wife asked, looking at me.

"Yea, it's definitely the biggest cock I've seen in person," I answered.

"His cock makes my size 6 feet look so little doesn't it?" she continued teasing.

"Yes it does. It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen," I whispered.

"Turn over, I want to fuck and cum on your soles," Josh instructed.

My wife turned over onto her stomach again, quickly placing her feet back to his cock. My wife now had her knees bent and gripped Josh's cock with her toes. I watched in amazement. His cock was almost twice as long as her feet.

Josh adjusted himself back a bit and started to thrust forward as my wife stroked her feet backwards.

"I'm really close," Josh said to my wife.

"Let me take over," he said.

Josh then grabbed her ankles and wrapped her arches around his cock in the reverse position. He was giving my wife's feet long, slow strokes, making sure the head of his cock was feeling her arches. His strokes so long that my wife's toes would grab at his big balls when he pumped forward.

This only lasted for about 10 seconds before Josh said he was going to cum.

"Cum Josh, all over my little feet," my wife demanded.

"MM" Josh groaned.

"Yea, that's it. Cum on my little feet just like you used to," my wife continued talking to him.

Josh gave my wife's feet two more strokes and pulled his cock back. My wife quickly put both of her feet together and scrunched her soles. Josh pointed his cock down at her little feet and started to cum. I watched as he shot rope after rope after rope of thick, gooey cum onto her feet. I had to stand up to see what he had done.

Josh had cum so much her soles were almost unrecognizable.

I quickly nudged Josh aside and lined up my dick with her feet. I slid my dick between my wife's cum-covered arches and pumped three times. I pulled my dick back and started to spray her feet with all the cum in my balls. I covered what was left of her soles with 5 ropes of cum of my own.

My wife flexed and scrunched her feet as she giggled. Josh and I were exhausted. My wife extended her left foot and stroked the tip of Josh's cock while doing the same with her right foot with my dick. She looked back over her shoulder at us, "you guys relieved?"

Josh and I looked at each other and just smiled, nodding back to her.

Josh got dressed and said his goodbyes. He was leaving to go back home the next day. My wife and I walked him to the door as his Uber driver pulled up. Before leaving, he gave my wife a kiss on her cheek and me a handshake. Telling me what a lucky guy I was. I already knew that. He then pulled out his phone and snapped a pic of my wife's feet before leaving.

"Let us know when you come back to visit," I said.

"Oh, I will," Josh replied, getting into the car.

My wife and I spent the rest of the day fucking every time my dick would get hard. I lost track, but I think I came about 5 times that day. Her pussy was so stretched from Josh and I just kept replaying what happened in my mind, driving me to orgasm.

Thank you!

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