"Paying for a Foot-job"

     I am here to tell you folks about the time when I was so eager for a foot-job that I decided to pay for it. I might add that this is a very true story.

     You see, my girlfriend and I have quite an open relationship, and more often than not, we often incorporate foot-jobs in our sexual activities. I have never came outright and told her, or anyone for that matter, about my fetish, but I have a good feeling that my girlfriend knows about it. I told no one openly until the day I met Carlitta!

     My friends and I often go to a makeshift brothel close to where we live. There, anyone can pay for sex for half and hour, or until you come. I never had sex there, but the women there are very sexy… usually the Colombian type or Venezuelan type. They have awesome bodies, and they wear such skimpy outfits revealing their ass and of course feet! I have always wanted to sample feet other than my girlfriend's.

     One night we were kind of high off drinking alcohol, so we went to the place. As soon as we walked in the women astounded us, because new women come to the place every 2-3months. This particular woman, or "man-pleaser for money," struck me as so gorgeous. She had on a bikini with a sarong, that revealed perfectly tanned legs, and she wore a gorgeous pair of sandals, that revealed her toes, and with every step she took, I could see a peak of her soles. I was looking in awe at her feet. The women will come once you call them and immediately I called her over. I was a bit shy but nevertheless, I swallowed the shyness and began talking to her.

     "Where are you from?" I asked

     "Venezuela, and my name is Carlitta!" she replied

     We chatted some more, and then she asked me if I wanted to go downstairs. Downstairs are where the rooms are located and there you could go and sex with them for the money. My heart was in my chest racing away when my mind said "Go down. Get her to tickle your cock with her feet" My eyes dropped at her feet and I said, "You have really sweet, sexy feet" She smiled, and said "Thank You." Then I followed what my mind said and I told her "Yeah lets go downstairs"

     We walked in her room - very small with a mirror to the left and a double sized bed in the middle. There was a window to the right, and on it was a curtain drawn. Next to the window was a little sink. She pulled out a condom and gave me.

     "I won't need that I said"

     "Rules, I don't allow anyone's cum in me or in my mouth. Condom for a stick in this pussy or a little tongue action," she said with a raised eyebrow.

     Aware that I only had 30 minutes, I told her what I felt bout her feet. She smiled, when I asked her for the favor and I knew that this was the time I was going to sample other feet. "I love your feet. All I want is for you to go topless, let me smell your feet, let me kiss and suck each toe and breast, and then I want to feel your feet all over my dick. I want you to stroke it until I cum and feel free to use your hands. I just want to cum all over your feet. Please!"

     "I wish I had more men like you. Simple task for money," she said

     She took off her top and her breasts just jumped out as if restrained by the bikini top. Then she took off her sandals, which I then took up and licked and smelled while observing the size 71/2 stamp. Smiling, she pushed me on the bed and, while I lay down, she sat on my left side. I sucked her brown nipples as she caressed my dick in her hand. Then with her still on the bed, I got up and began to kiss her arch. It smelt heavenly, and tasted like a combination of salty sweat and cherries. The latter I assumed was from her body cream. My penis swelled in its place and throbbed to explode. I pulled off my pants, and then rubbed my stiff member on her instep. Then she lay on her stomach while I rubbed my dick all over her sole. I was ready to cum, and I told her so.

     She flipped around and pulled me on the bed. I lay with my dick in her clutches while she stroked my cock with her sole. Her left foot tickled the head of my dick, while her right foot teased my scrotum. Occasionally her big toe would touch my rectum and I thrusted forward with that. Then I pulled her left foot in my mouth and licked it. I realized now that some moisture on it was some of my precum mixed with sweat. With he left big toe in my mouth, she rubbed my dick to and fro with her right foot, using her toes to start at the back of my scrotum, and then moving forward with the underside of her foot, while the ball of her toe rubbed along my shaft. Her heel then passed my balls and she applied pressure. I sucked her toe even harder, and she moaned a bit. Finally her whole foot caressed my cock, and her toes played at the tip while the heel still settled on the scrotum. Then in a sudden movement, I moved up, licked her breast and sat down again. This time she said "Now 30 mins is almost up so I am going to make you fucking cum all over these feet now."

     That she did. She wrapped her feet around my cock and slid it back and forth. Her toes then formed a clamp around the tip and she worked that quite a bit. Then using her soles she rubbed the entire length of the shaft, and finally pumped it up and down. Instinctively, I moved in motion as well. Then with a groan, out it shot.

     Thick cum shot about three inches in the air and landed squarely on her toes. She looked at me and smiled and continued to massage my dick. More cum erupted and then she rubbed even more. I told her to stop, because I was starting to feel very sensitive, but I knew I loved it, and she knew that too. So she kept on going, and the cum caused a lubricating effect, as it turned white and creamy as she massaged it in with her feet. All done, I looked at my cock. So did she. I was still throbbing and my cock was whitish with the cum. Her feet was so sexy, as her left foot was the same shade of white as my cock, but her right had a blob of cum on her toe. I smiled and kissed her left breast. Then I wiped up, and offered to wash her foot at the nearby sink. She took up the offer. 33 mins was up, but I licked her foot again and kissed them for about 2 mins extra. She allowed me to do so. Then I gave her the money she deserved, kissed her on the cheek, and walked out of the room. Ironically, 1 month later when I went for some similar treatment, she was gone. However, I will never forget Carlitta, her breasts, her feet and her toes. I never told my girlfriend or anyone until now, and to pay for a foot-job again, I most definitely will.

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