"Nightshift Feet"

In 2008 i worked at this plant, i started off on the day shift, i got bumped to nightshift. The team leader on nights was tough and didn't take no shit from anyone. She was a sweetheart to me. She showed me how to run every station in the department. At the end of every night, we were the last to leave, i had to clean up every station and she did paperwork. One day i passed by her desk and gym shoes were off, she was caressing her feet, her feet were sore due to standing on them all day, i offered her a foot massage, she accepted and before I got started she warned me that her feet are extremely sweaty snd stinky, I didn't care, and I got started anyway, her socks were soaked in sweat, i massaged her socked feet for 10 or so minutes, i peeled her sweaty socks off, her toes were painted black and they were short and pudgy, her soles were wrinkly from the sweat and they were stinky. I started sniffing them. I buried my face into her sweaty damp soles. i stuck my tongue in between her sweaty toes and methodically sucked on all her toes. She enjoyed it. So every night i would take off her shoes and socks and worship her feet. In the winter i would take her boots and socks off and her feet were cold, so I would let warm her feet on my, face, chest and bare stomach for 30 minutes, and she would give me footjob, her cold clammy soles felt so good, i couldn't hold it anymore i busted a load all on her feet. every time I would see her i would seize the moment and fuck her sweaty soles.

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