"My Nephew's Girlfriend"
By Jack

     Hi, I'm a huge fan of your site and wanted to contribute. I'm 36 years old and married. My wife has cute size 8 1/2's, they are long and narrow, with very high arches and med-long toes and keeps her toes painted year around for me. I often grab them during sex and keep them apart of our sex lives. Today though, my story is not about her. It's about my nephew's girlfriend Katie. She has been hanging around now since last summer and has a huge sexual appetite which she wears around proudly. Not to mention her dirty talk which I'm really fond of.

     Katie is a petite girl as is my wife. She's 20 years old now, Probably 5' 6", naturally blond hair, petite features, pert 34B Breast, a tiny ass and what I believe to be size 8 - 8 1/2 feet (although i was shocked the first time I determined that because they look smaller).

     I'm always trying to size up women... it's a little game to guess what size are those feet, what size are those breast. Especially at the mall or better yet at an amusement park or festival when I have my sunglasses on and they don't know i'm looking. So when my family has a cookout or such, I always wear my sunglasses in anticipation that Katie is there. You can imagine the excitement I had the first time this girl showed up last summer and I can still remember. She had on a pair of tiny red cotton shorts that barely covered her ass but did, a white tank top with red pin stripes and a pair of black slide type mules and her toes were painted as most teenages are, light blue. Now at the time, that light blue done nothing for me, but since then I've grew very fond of it. ;)

     Anyways, this petite girl often has her knees crossed when sitting and she kept that dangling foot busy that day from being nervous about meeting his family and I soaked up all there was to see. I'm not sure how often she paintes her toes yet, but at times it is fairly often. Her toenails never have the paint flaked and they always look freshly done while she has wore every color in the rainbow since that first day. This girl even wore those black slides to Thanksgiving and also to a birthday party in February which just amazed me since we live in the midwest where it's cold. When I saw that, I thought, she must have a quirk about her feet.

     This summer so far has been great. Me, my nephew and her went to car auction a few weeks ago that my wife backed out on us at the last minute. I had just tried to bid and the auctioneer didn't see me when she elbowed me and said, maybe I should flash him my tits, that should get his attention, with my nephew looking on. We all giggled and I swear my cock was throbbing as she stood there with burgandy toes bared for all to see. That day before we left the auction and just because my nephew had heard her comment about the flash, we were all sitting at a table in the food court eating a hotdog and we were discussing when we were going to leave and she looked at me and asked when do you want to leave, I said, well that determines if you were serious about flashing him your tits, and I continued, I'd be happy to wait a little longer to see that. We all laughed again. But deep down, I was serious obviously and hoping for at least a quick flash since she just had on another tank top.

     Two weeks ago, the four of us went to a Stock Car race and we had just started the long walk in when she elbowed me again and said, maybe if I offer one of these policemen a blowjob, they'll give us a ride in. I replied, yeah that would probably work and we both laughed and I took about 5 steps and replied, I know I would and we both laughed again. I was so glad that my wife was walking 10' ahead of us talking to my nephew. Anyways, you can see my predicament. This little hottie has me all worked up and have thought long and hard about propositioning her but I never will. The icing on the cake happened last Saturday. My wife had a garage sale and sold everything we had. She asked her sisters and also Katie if they had any junk for the garage sale. Obviously with any garage sale there is a clothes table and also a pile of shoes. Now I can tell you with my wife and her sisters and now Katie, there is quite a shoe collection and especially for a guy with a foot fetish, an opportunity, ha. And that opportunity is in my garage over night since the sale was Friday evening and Saturday morning, meaning I had access to it overnight.

     They sat things up Thursday evening and I was shocked at 9pm after they had all left that Katie was attempting to sell Bra's and also various sandals and slides. My wife went in to take a shower and I took advantage of her being gone to look. I found out that while those were 34B'b, there was quite a bit of padding in that tiny bra. This made me absolutely throb, as I mentioned earlier, my wife is also petite, a 32A petite, so to know that Katie was almost the same size, was just amazing feeling. When I looked at her shoes, I found out that she wore a size 9, which floored me. I had guessed her feet to be a size 7 1/2 - 8 but her shoes were always a little bigger. I heard her explaining to my wife the next day how she hates for her shoes to be too small. so I guess that explains it? Anyways, late that night I hid away a pair of black slides that still had toe impressions in them. I hid away a tiny pair of anklet socks that have a cheerleader horn on the ankle of them and I hid away one of those bras which is a mauve color. It was well worth the .75 that I paid for all 3 without anyone knowing.

     Those socks must be one size fit all but I was amazed how tiny they were, when unrolled there are no longer than 9" long including the ankle part. very cute. She was a high school cheerleader 2 years ago so since she had about 5 pairs in the sale, I guess that is where they came from. Well at least I'm hoping, ha.

     I've been fantasizing about her now for almost a year and I can tell you that I felt so wonderful yesterday as I put those socks to the test while I was home alone. I took one and stretched it over the length of my cock as I watched a video that my wife made of me sucking her toes. As I did this, I licked the nipple area of that bra hoping for just a flavor of Katie as I filled that sock with convulsing thrusts. I know I will keep this secret for years to come, but I just needed to tell someone. I'll keep you posted.

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