"The Matinee"

This really isn't a full blow story like I usually write, but an incident that happened to me when I was about 18 years old. It was one of a couple of things I experienced during my informative years that lead me to the love of female feet. I suppose that all narratives should have a title, so I will simply call this, "The Matinee"

It was July of 1962. The summer had been unusually hot for Michigan, and even the swimming pools and lakes didn't offer much heat relief. In those days, movie theatres were just beginning to be air-conditioned. You used to see big signs hanging down from the marquee that said "fully air conditioned inside". Most of the signs were cool blue with icicles hanging down to give you that cold chill feel. A lot of people would go inside to stay cool for a couple hours irregardless of the movie. That's the situation I was in. I was hot, bored, and had nothing better to do, so I went downtown to the RKO Grand Theatre. I went inside and bought a box of popcorn, coke, and milk duds and went into the theatre. It was wonderfully dark and cool inside. The previews of coming attractions were just starting, so I went down a few isles and sat over to the side of the theatre. Once my eyes got used to the light, I saw that there were only a hand full of people inside. Not surprising since this was 11:00 AM on a Wednesday. Not your typical movie hour. Anyway as I looked around, I saw it was me, two young boys down in the front row, and two lovers making out like crazy over in the corner. I felt that there was someone in the row behind me, but didn't want to be obvious so I didn't look.

The previews played and the feature film began. It was a Frankie Avalon surf film called Bikini Beach. Anyway as I settled back and the movie started, I opened my box of popcorn and got my coke. I was good and settled into the movie. It was about 20 minutes into the movie when I noticed a smell. It was kind of like when you open the popcorn box. I looked down and my popcorn was about half gone. The smell was similar, but had a much stronger odor to it. I thought maybe the popcorn was bad or something, but it tasted fine. Anyway I forgot about it for a few minutes, but the smell got stronger. It was now starting to bother me. It couldn't be the popcorn. About that time, I looked down and there on the arm rest of the empty chair next to me was a foot. That in itself wasn't unusual. Many people would rest their feet on the arm of a chair or piece of furniture, and it explained where the smell came from. I didn't pay any more attention to it for a few minutes. I got used to the smell since it was similar to the popcorn. After a few minutes, there was a scene in the movie where the screen was so bright, it illuminated the theatre brightly. For some reason, I glanced over at the foot again. It was still there and I could clearly see it belonged to a female, that it was encased in medium brown hose with a reinforced toe, most were in those days, and the foot was very pretty with cherry red toe nail polish. I couldn't help but look back at its owner. She was a pretty teenager about my age. She had on a pair bib pull overs with a blue jean skirt. I saw that her other foot was tucked under her buttocks and a pair of navy blue flats were on her lap. She smiled at me and I turned back around to watch the movie. Strange, but I kept having this desire to look at her foot every few minutes.

About 10 minutes later, I felt something brush against my arm. I looked over, and the girl behind me now had both feet up on the arm of the chair. She was rotating her feet back and forth and her left foot brushed my arm. She apologized to me and I turned and said "that's ok". A few minutes later, it happened again. Once might be an accident, but not twice. As I looked over, her foot was beside my arm. Her toes were flexing back and forth and stoking my arm as you would stroke a kitten. I turned around and she cooed, " I hope you don't mind, but my toes itch and that feels good to them". Now I'm confused. A foot is not a sexual object. Not something you seduce someone with. Or is it? I had the urge to pick it up to see what it felt like. But I didn't have to think long. She leaned forward and whispered to me, "it would sure feel good if you would rub my feet for me. These shoes are new and my feet hurt." Well, being a gentleman, I turned a little in my chair and held her foot. The odor was now fairly strong. It had a musty smell to it. Not so much now like the popcorn, but more like some strong cheese. It also had a musty, damp, leather under tone to it. The touch of her foot had me sexually aroused. Her foot felt soft to the touch. It was warm and you could feel the dampness from her sweat. The silky material of her stockings were slick feeling, and slid on her skin. As I started to rub her toes, I could feel the stockings slide back and forth. They weren't too big for her, but the silk and nylon that was used for stockings in the early sixties were shaped like a foot. Not like the shapeless knit material of today's pantyhose. As I rubbed her foot, I could hear her purring like a cat. I was apparently giving her pleasure. As I continued to rub her foot, paying special attention to her toes, I realized that I was as hard as a rock, but even though there were only a few people in the theatre, and my new friend behind me was the only one who could see me, I didn't dare expose myself. (Can you say pee wee herman).

My new friend asked me if I would like a piece of fudge that she had. I told her yes. That would be nice. She told be to turn my head around. I turned it about 90 degrees, and there staring me in the face was her other foot, with a piece of candy held by her curled down toes. She told me to open my mouth, which I did, and inserted it on my tongue. I closed my mouth and started to chew it, but she didn't take her foot away. She stroked my cheek with her toes and put them under my nose. She apparently knew the power of her foot odor. I was mesmerized. I held her foot to my cheek, sniffed it long and hard, and placed a couple of kisses on her toes. She wiggled them and giggled. My hard on was raging. She leaned forward and told me she couldn't give me any relief now, but if I could quietly rub myself into relief, I could keep her foot near me to smell, feel and kiss. She did, and I did. I wanted her toes on me real bad, but we couldn't take a chance in a movie theatre, so I masturbated while fondling her foot. My orgasm was long and hard.

I thought after the movie, I'll get her name and we can go out on a date and have some fun with her feet. When the movie ended, I turned around, but she was gone. Her stockings were in her seat. No note of any kind was attached. I never saw her again, but to this day I can picture those feet and her face. That long hot July day in 1962 was the birth of my foot fetish. I don't remember the exact date, but every July, I try to take in a movie and remember. Remember that special day. Those days we all have in our lives, but only once.

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