"My Pretty Masseuses"
By Juan

Since I am a busy 45 year old businessman in the Philippines, I just go to a massage parlor and choose a pretty masseuse. The manager there knows that I like feet, so she recommends to me the pretty young ones. They are usually 22-23 years old and always with pretty feet. I then get their cell numbers and tell them to come to my pad. I live alone as my kids live with my ex wife, so at least once a week, one or 2 of these girls come over. They both do as I tell them, to make me kiss and smell their feet and tease me with their feet like I was their slave. As an example, there is Jane and Ana.

A typical scenario is that I lie in bed naked as Jane, who has one of the sexisest feet I've even seen (size 6), first puts her shoe or sandal on my face and makes me kiss and smell it. Then slowly, she takes off her shoe and makes me kiss and smell her heel as she goes all the way up asking, "How does it smell?"

I tell her, "It smells so good."

Jane then says, "Good. Smell it some more!" She tells me, "You like it" while Ana jerks me off at the same time.

Jane then takes off her shoe, places it on my face and makes me kiss and smell the insides of her shoe. She presses it with her foot. "Inhale! Inhale hard! Smell my shoe!" She commands.

So I inhale and smell as I go crazy with the smell of her shoe. Then she pushs the shoe away and puts her soles in front of my face. "Do you like that?" She asks.

"Yes Jane, you know I do." I tell her as she giggles.

She rubs her sole on my cheeks, face and then teases me. She puts her instep on my face and says, "Kiss it. Hold my foot and keep on kissin it!"

"Yes Jane."

"Miss Jane!" She reminds me.

After a few seconds, she takes her foot away and tells me, "Come on! Kiss it some more, you stupid dirty old man!"

I try to kiss it, but she has her other shoe on my chest. I can't reach it, so she and Ana giggle at my predicament. Then Jane suddenly puts her foot on my nose and presses against it. She takes it away again and teases me by swaying her foot over my face and laughing. Then she suddenly puts her toes on my nose and presses them down. With a commanding voice she says, "Smell them!"

I smell for all I am worth. "Do you like the smell of my feet?"

"Yes Miss Jane."

"Well here! Smell both of my feet!" She then takes off her other shoe and places both of her feet on my face, pressing down while I inhale the sweet fragrance of her feet that had just come from her high heeled shoes.

I cum in no time. After resting for 20 minutes, it is now Ana's turn to do the same things as Jane is the one to jerk me off. Ana, who is 23, makes me kneel first on the floor while she sits on my bed and makes me kiss and smell her shoes. All the while she teases me and tells me to jerk myself off.

"Like the smell of my shoe?"

"Yes Miss Ana."

"Lick the shoe, too!"

"Yes Miss Ana"

Then she slowly holds my hair and removes part of her shoe while making me smell her foot which is still inside of her shoe. I almost cum again. As I mentioned, it is the smell of the shoe, sock and feet that turn me on the most.

"Smell little puppy," she tells me as she forces my face inside of her shoe.

"Yes Miss Ana."

As I get aroused, Ana lets go and commands, "Lie here on the bed!"

As soon as I lay on my back, Jane jerks me off while Ana does her thing with her feet.

That's the way my scenario goes with these pretty masseuses. I have 6 masseuses to choose from. Sometimes I get one. Sometimes two. This has been going on for 2 years now. I hope you like my story.

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