"Lee's Secret"
By Sheree

     I was sitting on the couch watching the screen of my friend Lee's huge television. I had on a jean skirt with a slight split up the front, a pink shirt and some pink sandals. My toes had a fresh pedicure with a sculpture design on the big toe. Of course I had my legs crossed. My right leg was crossed over my left leg because Lee was sitting on my left side. Always have the crossed leg facing your man (or your soon to be man). I noticed, out of the corner of my eyes, that Lee would glance at my toes every so often, but he would un-suspiciously lift his head up when I faced his direction. I never mentioned anything because I figured it could be my imagination. We continued to talk, laugh and watch television until it was time for me to leave.

     Lee called me that night and during our conversation he said, "You have some pretty feet". I said "Thank You". But in my mind I was thinking I knew you were looking at my feet. We went for a couple of days without mentioning my feet but one day he shocked me and said, "Sheree, I am scared to tell you something." I said " Go, ahead don't be scared." He said " I wanted to kiss your feet the other day but I thought you would look at me funny if I told you." After hearing those words I felt like a little kid inside, with giggles and smiles. I was thinking I wouldn't have minded at all, it sounds good to me. I have not heard anyone say that before but it sounds like something I would enjoy. I kept thinking Wow, he thinks my feet are that pretty he wants to kiss them. I wanted to run over his house right then. But I had to act cordial on the phone. Anyway, back to our phone conversation, I said "for real Lee". I asked myself Sheree, Don't you want to say more than that? Tell him if you still want to kiss my feet then come over now or I will come over there, but I never said a thing.

     A few days later I went to Lee's house again, we were playing in the Kitchen and I was trying to break lose from him and I kneed him in the balls. I could tell he was hurt so "I said I am sorry, are you Okay?" We walked to the bedroom and he laid on the bed with his stomach facing me. He said "I would feel better if you let me kiss your feet." I got the same exciting feeling that I had on the phone a few days ago, and I wasn't about to give this opportunity up again. So I sat beside him and he caressed my feet, it felt really good. I laid back, closed my eyes and felt his warm tongue on my toes. Oh, I couldn't believe this was happening, I have never had my feet kissed and licked before. Lee's warm soft tongue hit every portion of my feet which made other parts of my body wet. I opened my eyes to see what he was doing that made me feel like this. I was so horny by this time I moved my right foot away from him and it accidentally rubbed against his penis before it hit the bed. I heard him make a moaning sound when that happened. I thought, hmm that must have felt good for him, let me do it again. So I purposely rubbed my foot up his balls and onto his penis. I became aware that he loved it. He laid back, continued to hold my left foot in his hand and moaned and groaned every time my foot rubbed up and down his penis. I asked him, " Do you like my foot touching you like this?" He said "YES". This turned me on to the point where I wanted to snatch him up, throw him on the bed and climb on top of him. But he was enjoying my foot so much that I got some lotion, squirted it on his penis, and rubbed it in with both of my feet. I wanted it to be moist so he could feel extra good with my feet sliding up and down his penis. This was a whole new experience for me but I liked every moment of it.

     Thoughts were just running through my head about how different and exciting this was, and how horny it made me. Lee interrupted my thoughts and said " Stop, I am about to cum". I didn't stop, he said, " I don't want to cum like this, it feels so good but there is something else I want you to do". And I thought, maybe he wants to have sex now. But he said, "stand up on my chest." I said "What? But I did it and he said let me kiss your feet some more. I didn't ask any more questions, I said OK and I put my right foot in his mouth while balancing on the other. He asked me to tell him what to do with my foot. But I was scared; I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to sound stupid. Then he coached me by asking me questions like what do you want me to do kiss them or lick your toes. I said kiss the bottom and he said keep going like that. I felt a little uncomfortable at first with telling him what do to but I got the hang of it. I told him to "lick every part of my foot until it is clean". This made him so horny and it made me horny by watching him do what I say. I felt like he cherished my feet. I wanted him to cum now, so I put one foot on his chest and the other foot on his penis and I stroked his penis with one of my feet, up and down, up and down. Sometimes slow and he liked it fast. I could hear the sounds coming out of his mouth that allowed me to know which way he like my foot to move on his penis. I did this until the cum eased out of his penis and onto my foot. Then I laid beside him. I could not believe this just happened. Lee introduced me to something new, something that I definitely wanted to do with him again. I now know Lee's secret and I am glad he shared it with me.

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