By Cash

     Every year around Christmas time, my friends and I get together for a dinner Someone volunteers his or her house, we make tons of food, drink and smoke and basically spend the day hanging out and stuffing ourselves silly. Last year, the dinner was at Tina and Stuart’s place. I arrived late because I’d spent most of the day helping a friend move to a nearby town. Everyone was pretty full, drunk and/or stoned by the time I came in. As I was in the kitchen fixing myself a plate, Laney, my ex-roommate Mike’s girlfriend came up to me and placed her wool-socked foot on top of mine said, “My feet are ready for you when you want them.” Then she turned and walked back into the living room. Now, my group of friends is pretty close. My foot fetish wasn’t a big secret but I didn’t think Laney knew about it. I was too puzzled to be embarrassed. I wasn’t even sure I’d heard her correctly! I hadn’t given much thought to Laney’s feet. First, because she was my former roommate’s girlfriend and second because I didn’t consider Laney or her feet “my type”. She’s petite and blond and I go for tall, curvy brunettes. I also thought she was rather aloof and I knew she went barefoot a lot, so I really didn’t expect her feet to be in very good condition. Still, the idea of playing with some toes caused my cock to stir. I decided to bide my time and see what was going on. I ate then joined everyone in the living room where a pipe was being passed around. There were only a few candles lighting the room and Massive Attack was on the stereo. Laney was on the couch and I was sitting in an armchair. Everyone was happy and mellow. I got up to refill my drink and on returning from the kitchen found I’d lost my seat. But there was some room next to Laney. I decided to go for it. Casually, I walked over to the couch and sat on the floor next to Laney. A few minutes later, she put her foot in my lap. I looked up at her.

“I hear you give great foot rubs,” she said.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” I said trying to sound casual and noting the knowing glances my friends were giving each other.

     Mike was in the room but didn’t seem concerned, so I nonchalantly picked up her foot and began to rub through the sock. Conversation resumed but after a few minutes, I noticed everyone was staring at Laney. I turned around. Her mouth was open and her face was slack.

“Ohmighad…,” she breathed. “You like that, huh?”

     I grinned, suddenly remembering that another friend of mine who’d also dated Laney, once told me that she was a sensualist of the first water. She was quiet for a few seconds.

“You have a gift. You should take this up professionally.” she said.

     I shrugged. I knew I had the hook in. I turned my attention back to the group, to distract myself from my throbbing cock. Some of my friends departed for home, others drifted off to other parts of the house. After 10-15 minutes on each foot, I stopped rubbing. But Laney had other plans. She removed her foot from my lap, only to take off her sock and put it back. I looked at her foot, then Mike shrugged and stumbled off to the TV room where the Playstation was kept. I looked up at Laney.

“I just want to see what it feels like without the sock.” she said.

     Now I really had to fight to keep my cock from popping out of my pants. Her feet are about a size 6, with surprisingly baby-soft soles. They were also slightly damp from her socks. I started rubbing again. By now, most everyone had gone home. Stuart was in the game room with Mike, playing a new First Person Shooter on the Playstation and Tina was in the kitchen cleaning. I moved up to the couch and continued rubbing Laney’s feet and making small talk. Tina came out of the kitchen and after smoking a cigarette while kneeling near the dying embers in the fireplace, announced she was going to bed. Laney asked me if she and Mike could get a ride home with me.

“Yeah, but we’re spending the night here. I’m too messed to drive.” I lied.

     We could hear muffled gunshots and Stuart and Mike’s excited voices through the door. I decided to make my move.

“May I kiss your feet?” I asked.

“What?” She giggled.

     I knew Laney had heard me. Her voice sounded thick and husky. She was aroused. So I started to kiss the top of her soft, pretty foot. She sighed and lay back on the couch, surrendering herself to me. I got bolder and pushed my tongue between her toes. I felt a tremor run up her leg. I started to suck each one of her toes, but she stopped me.

“Wait, wait. I need to change clothes!” She whispered.

     She quickly jumped off the couch, grabbed her bag and dashed into the bathroom. She emerged a few minutes later in loose fitting yoga pants and a white top. She stretched out on the couch face down.

“Now you can continue.” She murmured.

     I knelt and started licking her feet again, marveling at how soft and smooth her soles were. I’d opened my pants and started jerking off. My cock was so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I wanted to savor her toes for as long as I could but since I couldn’t count on Mike staying in the game room, I had to act fast-I was close to coming. Laney was sighing and enjoying herself. After about ten minutes, I slowly maneuvered her feet over the edge of the couch while sucking her heels and nibbling her ankles. Then I quickly and firmly grasped a foot in each hand, rose up on my knees and put my cock between her soles. Laney started to protest and pull away but it was too late. I pumped once! Twice!! Three times and shot a hot, thick, gooey stream of cum on her soles! She stopped struggling.

“Ohmigod,” I breathed, still sliding my tingling cock between her feet. “Let me get a towel and clean you up.”

     I went into the bathroom and found a hand towel and soap. I went back to the couch and cleaned the cum off her feet and the floor. Laney didn’t say a word. After I was done, she got up and went into the bathroom. Then came out and tapped on the door of the T.V. room.

“Mike, it’s time for bed.” she said.

     Mike ambled out, smelling of pot. I got my sleeping bag from the corner and spread it out. We all crashed right away. The next morning, Tina made breakfast for the five of us. Afterwards, Mike and Stuart went back for another round of Playstation, while Laney and I sat on the couch and flipped through magazines. I waited until Tina went outside for a smoke, and then tapped Laney on the shoulder.

“Hey, are you pissed about last night?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “I take responsibility for my part in it. I knew what I was doing.”

     Ever since then, almost every time our little posse gets together, Laney surreptitiously teases me. She always takes off her shoes and sits next to me, or makes sure they’re in my field of view. I’m not sure if she wants a replay and I’m not going to push it… Just waiting until the opportunity presents itself again.

©2003 and may not be re-posted without proper written permission.

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