"Her Foot Aroma"

I can relive every second of my many sexual encounters with JR because the aroma her feet put off when she is excited is that musky female scent that always sends my orgasm over the edge so quickly that I have to refrain from smelling them deeply until I am sure I want to cum.

She is always a willing participant in any sort of foot play I include in our lovemaking. She loves that I adore her feet and it is a turn on for her that my cock gets hard just from the sight or smell of her perfect feet. Her feet are a perfect size 10 and she always has a very nice sexy pedicure. Of course being an unselfish lover, I make sure she is properly taken care of before I indulge my foot fetish with her perfectly scented toes. She is a multiple orgasm lover that has female ejaculations with each orgasm. Although that is for another story, I will say that I love it when she comes in my mouth while I’m licking and kissing her swollen clit. Afterwards, she allows me to do anything I want, and her feet are always part of my play.

While most foot fetish fantasies are about getting their cock stroked with feet, mine is more into the smell and taste of her feet. Obviously, I never want them washed, and I prefer to have them after being in her work shoes all day. They are always soft on the soles, and have that musky aroma every time….EVERY time! When I get to have my way with her, I take my time and enjoy the seconds like they were hours. My favorite thing currently is kneeling next to her naked body and her feet in my hands and up to my face when I want them as she strokes my cock with her soft hands. I’m not usually a toes sucker, but I love to have her two smallest toes in my mouth at the same time, and she surprisingly finds this terribly titillating as well. In my mind I can feel the softness of her hands easily playing with my now fluttering cock as her aromatic feet are rubbing all over my face and my nose gets that aroma all at once. My body cannot almost process all this pleasure and I have to decide how to finish this, not that I am in any hurry. The last time, she could tell by the head of my cock getting harder with her touch that I was about to explode and deplored that I please put my cock in her wet pussy as she thought she was about to come again. I knelt in front of her, and the head of my cock was just brushing the wet fur surrounding her love hole. Fantastic feeling and I feared I may cum prematurely right then, but I did get the head of my cock inside her, and I stopped there and lifted her left foot to my face to take in that wonderful sexy aroma all while my rock hard cock was just inside her wet and warm pussy. Small strokes with the flanged head of my cock on her swollen clit and and my nose taking in that wonderful foot odor that I love. Her orgasm surprised me, and she squirted all over my cock that was just on the edge of her pussy….I was so turned on by her sudden orgasm that my cock exploded all over the outer lips of her pussy and it must have been the third or fourth spurt that I finally calmed down enough to still enjoy her feet in my face…….

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