"My Friend's Sister"
By JoeyS

     So a quick start to the story. My friend has a sister, somehow or another she found out I have a killer foot fetish, its not hard to find out considering all my friends know. She has grown to liking me massaging oil on her feet, I usually do this every time I come over, maybe 4 times a week. She only recently let me suck her toes for the first time. But today was different.

     Erica usually talks to me about her problems while I rub her feet, and today was no different. She was out of baby oil so I couldn't use any. But thats alright, because today her feet were pretty sweaty, and I never got to smell her feet without baby oil or lotion on them. I was sitting on the floor in front of her bed, she was sitting on the bed with her foot on my knee, since my knees were up, and she was having fun giving me a nice sole show. She knows how much I like when she flexes and shows off her pretty wrinkles. I was rubbing them while she was on the phone then suddenly she said "Go ahead Joey, I know you wanna suck em, go ahead, my toes are looking for your tongue." I was pretty surprised, considering the rule is usually touch, but no lick. So I started sucking her toes and licking her soles with my nose buried under her toes. "Joey, do you like the smell too? I sure hope you do cause my feet are kinda sweaty today." Of course I said yeah and continued enjoying the pretty foot in front of me.

     Then something happened that blew my mind. "Joey, are you getting a stiffy?" Too late I said. She looked at my pants and said "whoa , thats a big one!" I sat back to get a good view of her sole, and just as I did, she kicked my legs so that they laid flat, rather than my knees bent in the air. My pants immediately bulged, due to the position of my dick. She said "Will this help?" Just then, she placed her toes right on the bulge. This stunned me, I jumped. She laughed and said "I bet that feels good, doesnt it." I said "Well yeah, of course, your foot is on my dick!" She pressed in and stroked it back and forth, and I couldn't believe she was doing this, much less how good it felt. I rolled my eyes and made a gesture with my fist (like jerkin off) and she was like "what do you want to or somethin? Go ahead, I don't really mind." I was like "WHAT?", since I was really only joking. She said go ahead, and when I began to undo my pants, she didn't laugh and say joking or anything. I pulled it out, and she said, laughing, "I didn't know it was that big!" I was like, "Its not that big..." then she said "Enough to turn ME out..!"

     So then I began to jerk off in front of her, with her sole right in my face. Then to my surprise, "Little Joey" was greeted with his own soft piece of flesh. I could actually feel each wrinkle of her sole run down my shaft when she stroked it. I could not believe this was happening! "Joey are you enjoying yourself? I bet you never though this would happen!" I said "Sure as hell! Damn Erica!!" I pointed to the spot on my dick that feels really good, just then, she concentrated her toes on that spot. She giggled as I sighed and closed my eyes. I felt the other foot on my dick and was just completely amazed. After a couple of minutes, I grabbed one foot and began to dig my nose in it, and stare at the beauty in front of me, while pushing myself to orgasm on my own. Then I felt it well up, and I put her foot just a few inches away from my foot. I couldn't believe the stream of cum that shot out! It landed all over her foot and up her leg. "Now get somethin to clean it up ok?"

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