"First Sale"

Recently my wife starting selling clothes online - pants, tops etc. Even some of the kids clothes they grew out of. I told her maybe she should get rid of some of her old shoes and boots too, make room for some new ones. She really had no interest so I told her I would sell them for her. She thought I was just being perverted so she shot me down. After a few weeks of her listing stuff and not really selling, I offered my help again. This time she seemed interested but I told her there would be a little extra work to help. She asked me what I meant so I explained that I would need some new updated pictures of her shoes and of her wearing the shoes. She said you're crazy, no way am I doing that. I don't want to attract the wrong people.

I then offered to create my own account with a dummy email and location. She was a little hesitant but after a few more days she agreed to take me up on the offer. So I collected her shoes and boots, sandals and even a pair of slippers she no longer wears. They were all in really good condition so I didnt think it would be difficult to move them. Although deep down, i really wanted another foot guy to enjoy them!

Friday arrived and I had managed to have both kids sleep over at their friends house. After dropping them off, the wife and I went to dinner. We had some really good Mexican and shared a pitcher of Margaritas. We were both feeling pretty good at this point. I brought up the topic of selling her shoes again at dinner and she said maybe we could start tonight. When we got home, we discussed which pairs we should focus on first. I picked the black 4" patent leather heels and the light blue open toe slide ons with 2" heels. She agreed on the black heels but her 2nd pick was a pair of tan boots that came up just under her calf, they also had about a 3" heel. I agreed with her to make her more comfortable and started staging them for pictures.

After a few pictures of both the heels and boots, I asked her if she was ready for her modeling debut. She hesitated again, but I convinced her it would speed up the process of selling so she agreed. First we had her slide on the boots. She was wearing her dark brown almost dress socks already so the boots slid on easily. I snapped a few pictures from different angles and we were both happy how they turned out. The next step were the black heels. She slipped off the boots and then her socks. I noticed she must have just recently gave herself a pedicure because her toes looked so perfectly painted a shade of purple. I'm a huge fan of red but these were so sexy I almost forgot what we were there for.

She slowly put on her left heel first, then her right. I again took pictures from all different angles. I asked her to pop out her right heel and she did - snap! I then asked her to pop out her left heel, she did - snap! I was getting a raging hard-on with her shoe play which did not go unnoticed. I then pushed my luck a little more and asked her to dangle her right heel from her toes, she did! Snap! I got very close with the camera and got a great shot of the inside of her heel and also a great shot of her sexy, high arch.

I then had her put both heels flat on the floor in front of her and asked her to pull her feet out of both but keep her toes on the back of the heels. I knew no way would she agree with this but she gave me a look with a twinkle in her eyes and said ok. Now I have to zoom close and get her sexy toes with her heels.

After all this work, I was all wound up and she was really hopeful they would sell. I uploaded the pictures to the laptop and listed the boots and heels! We talked about the rush for the next hour while we had some wine and relaxed on the couch together. We were watching a movie when we both dozed off, still on the couch. I was awoken by a ding on my phone at 11:30pm. I quietly reached over to the table to get my phone, trying not to disturb my sleeping wife. I opened my email and I had a new message from the site! I opened it up and it was a direct message from an interested buyer. It started out by saying they thought the black heels were in mint condition and they were very interested in purchasing them. They asked where they would be shipping from and how would that be calculated. Towards the end of the email I discovered it was a Male contacting us, and he was from our same state! What are the odds of that?!

He ended his email by saying what beautiful feet were in the picture and if we had any more pictures or heels to sell, he was VERY interested.

I must have been really focused on the email because I didnt notice my wife had opened her eyes and was watching me read my phone, meanwhile her left foot discovered how turned on I was getting reading the email. I tried to play it off and just mentioned to her there's a buyer that is watching our listing. She rubbed her left foot up and down my hard cock under the blanket and said to me, oh, are you sure that's all?

She then asked if she could see the email but I was reluctant to hand her my phone. After some back and forth I agreed. I handed her my phone and waited for her reaction. I was sure we would not be listing any more shoes. Instead, as she was reading the email, she started to read it out loud. When she got to the end and the compliment on her feet, she peeked over my phone to look at me. I was trying not to blush but I could not hide it, or the erection that was ready to split open my pajama pants!

After she read it, she handed me back my phone and rather calmly said, maybe you're right after all. Maybe I do have pretty feet, I just never really thought of them in a sexual way. I couldn't have agreed more. At this point I was feeling brave so I asked her if she would like to respond to his email with a picture of her bare feet on my lap. She haughtily said yes, but she wanted to do the email response and I was not allowed to edit it. I happily agreed and started to take some pictures with my phone. She teased my cock thru my pants I almost came. After a few pictures she took my phone.

I patiently waited to get it back but it seemed as though she was writing a book back to him. She first thanked him for the interest in her heels and she thought his compliment of her feet was very flattering. She went on to tell him how many times she wore the heels, where she wore them to and what other clothing she wore with them. She then asked him where he was from and informed him she had several other shoes, sandals and even slippers she would like to get rid of. She ended the email asking for a picture of his choice back. She handed me back the phone but she had already sent the email. What a tease!!

We decided to get off the couch and go to bed at it was after midnight already. She got up and went to the bedroom, I quick made sure everything was closed and locked, and the TV was off. I got to the bedroom and she was already under the covers. I soon joined her and just as I leaned over to give her a kiss...DING! My damn phone again! My wife asked if she could check this time so I handed her my phone and laid there next to her. She opened the email and said out loud, ooh looks like he replied already!

She opened his email and her jaw opened widely. I asked her what crazy thing did this guy write now. She said to me, that he didnt say anything crazy, her eyes never left the phone screen. I asked her why she looked so shocked then. That's when she turned the phone towards me and there it was. This guy had sent back a picture of what we assumed was his rock hard HUGE cock. He had a can of Monster energy drink under it and his cock head still peeked out past it. My jaw about hit the bed. He then wrote that he was from a neighboring city in our state. This guy was only an hour drive away! He asked if there was any way to pick up the heels in person as he did not want to spend the money on shipping.

My wife found put thru email exchanges with this guy that he was a single father of 1, the mom had died of a bad drug overdose. He was 22 years old and working 2 jobs. He just had a crazy foot fetish and hasn't had any real relief in the last year and a half when his girlfriend died. She asked my thoughts on meeting him in person for the sale but I was a little hesitant this time.

I thought this guy was BS'ing us just to try and get a deal or something. My wife finally convinced me to just give it a try one time. She did make a good point too, maybe if things go well, he will buy more! I finally agreed against my gut feeling. So she emailed him back and set up an arrangement for the following Friday night to meet in a Walmart parking lot. We exchanged vehicle descriptions and he sent a picture of his face so we would recognize him. It was a long week of work for me but finally Friday was here. I again, got the kids off to their sleepover destinations and came back home. My wife was in what seemed like a very cheery mood. I got out of my work clothes and decided with the warmer weather I would wear my tan cargo shorts and a polo shirt. After getting dressed I checked on my wife. She was in the bathroom. When I peeked in, I was stunned to find her wearing a swooping low top light blue dress that went down to just above her knees. The dress was strapless and on her feet were the light blue open toed slide ons! Her toes were painted a bright red and she even had her new toe rings on! Wow! She saw me and asked me to wear something nicer. She wanted to go out after and celebrate our sale! She told me how happy relieved she was and glad she took me up on my offer to help her. I raced back to the bedroom and threw on a pair of tan dress slacks and a button up short sleeve shirt to match.

She grabbed her black heels and put them in the box and out the door we went. The walmart we were meeting him at was about a 45 minute drive. We were happy to make the drive since it calmed our nerves about not running into anyone we knew. The drive went smooth and we made great time. As we pulled into the lot, we went to our designated arrangement. We waited for about 10 minutes when we started to feel we were lied to. My wife emailed but no response. We were just about to leave when we saw a truck that fit his description pull in. The truck drove right over to where we were and stopped on my wifes side. We were both parked in the back corner of the lot, a good 200 feet from anyone else. His windows were tinted so dark we couldn't see in them. Finally he rolled down his window and we were shocked what we saw. This was definitely NOT the guy who was in the picture! This guy was older than us, he had to be in his fifties. As he rolled down his window he started apologizing right away and begged us not to leave. I guess a 22 year old single father would have a hard time marking payments on this truck the more I thought about it. He went on and on to my wife with excuses why he had to be so discreet. Apparently he was some big shot business man in that local city and wanted to keep his identity safe. After he said his real name it rang a bell with me. This guy was a real estate broker I've heard about. He had his hands in on some big property dealings and was worth quite a bit of money if I recalled correctly.

I lightly tapped my wifes arm to get her attention but she was not thrilled with the lying. He fessed up that he was really a 55 year old widow but that he would pay 4 times as much for the heels if we would still sell them to him. My wife looked at me and I happily accepted. He flashed some cash and when my wife went to hand the shoes to him she couldn't quite reach. He was too high up in his truck for her to reach from our car window. My wife decided to get out of the car and hand him the heels and get the cash. He handed her 4 $100 bills and took the heels. Before my wife could get back in our car, he pulled her right heel up to his nose and took in a long sniff, closing his eyes. My wife frozen, blushed as she watched.

He opened his eyes back up, looked at her and said how lovely her heels smelled. He then looked her up and down and complimented her on her beautiful dress. Then he noticed her slide ons she was wearing and asked her if she would ever sell those. I butted in and said those will be next to list. My wife shyly modeled her shoes for him before getting back into our car.

What happened next I was not prepared for. He said he would also love to purchase the slide ons my wife was wearing right then and there! She thought it was silly and asked him what would she wear the rest of the night. He didnt have to answer. He flashed another 2 $100 bills and said I'm sure you can find something. He then said, only on one condition - he gets to remove them from her feet. My wife looked at me for direction and I whispered how we could really use the money. I the spoke up and asked him, you're just removing the shoes right?

He answered back, unless she would like to do more, I have more money...

He then suggested we both move into his truck as it had more room than our car for the 3 of us. My wife hopped into the passenger seat and I jumped in the backseat behind my wife. She was nervous and I could tell. She asked the guy, who we now knew was Dan, how he wanted to do this. Dan asked her to turn sideways in her seat and put both feet up on his lap. As she did, I noticed that Dan was in really great shape for a 55 year old man. He was wearing some gym shorts that showed his toned legs and a tight fitting t-shirt. You could see he took pride in his body, flat stomach and a toned chest as well.

My wife put her little size 6 slide ons on his right leg, hesitant to go any further. He slowly pulled her right shoe up to his face and put his nose right above her toes, inhaling deeply. As he did this I noticed my wifes dress slit up just slightly on her thighs. After a few seconds of sniffing, he held her foot so delicately and gave her toes and foot a good look over. He said her feet were even more beautiful in person. My wife blushed. He gently put her right foot down and repeated with the left. Again. I noticed her dress sliding further up her thighs, I wondered if she did.

He slowly slid her left shoe off and held her foot. He sniffed her shoe while holding her foot with his right hand. He set the shoe down on the dashboard just above the steering wheel. He then lifted her left foot higher to get a good look at her sole. He asked my wife if he could get another sniff and she quietly nodded her head yes. As he stuck his nose under her toes, her dress slid up more. My wife started to get a little flush and bit at her lower lip, she never took her eyes off Dan. I dont think she knew I was even in the truck at this point. Dan ended his sniffing with a kiss on her padding under her toes to which my wife let out a slight squeal. He then set her left foot down and picked up her right. Slowly pulling her shoe off again and repeating the same process, not even asking for permission this time. This time, my wifes dress slid up more and I realized she was not wearing any panties!

Again, Dan ended his sniffing with a kiss under her toes but this time he didn't lower her foot. Instead, he asked my wife how much it would cost to suck her toes. My wife answered $100 for 10 minutes. Dan told me to check his wallet and see how much he had. His wallet was on the center console. As I grabbed his wallet and opened it, he didnt waste any time getting my wifes toes into his mouth. He started with the big toe, swirling his tongue around it, then he ran his tongue along each toe until he got to the little one. Dan popped her little toe in his mouth and sucked hard. My wife let out a low growl. I looked in his wallet and I counted 12 more $100 bills!

Dan asked me if he had enough and I said he had enough to suck her toes until tomorrow! He laughed and my wife finally looked my direction. She mouthed and asked me how much was there? I mouthed back $1200 and she bit her lip again. I looked over at Dan and he now had both feet by his mouth and was sucking both big toes at the same time.

Dan mumbled for me to take the money. I removed the bills and put his wallet back on the console. I tried to put the money in my pocket but my raging hard-on was trying to prevent it. I was focused on putting this money away, I took my eyes off the show for a bit. When I looked up I noticed that my wife was now scooched closer in her seat, Dan had a full view of her freshly shaved pussy. Dan opened his eyes and was delighted to see her wetness in front of him. He raised an eyebrow at my wife as if asking permission without ever taking her feet out of his mouth. My wife moaned back yes. With that, Dan moved his right hand and started to rub on my wifes clit. This drove her crazy. Dan took note and decided to use both hands on my wife. He moved his left hand over and rubbed her clit while he inserted his finger into my wifes pussy. My wife meanwhile managed to hold her feet up at his face so he could continue his assault of her sexy red toes. She was moaning with pleasure. I decided I was too worked up that I sat up and lowered my slacks to get some relief. As I did, I reached over the seat to my wife and pulled down her dress, exposing her perky 34B breasts. Her eyes shot open at me and they were filled with lust. It's been a long time since I've seen her this horny.

She closed her eyes again and moved her hands up and began pinching and twisting at her hard nipples. I worked my boxer briefs down to my ankles and reached back over the seat with my left hand to massage her left breast. My right hand was full of my hard 5"cock. Dan looked and had noticed what I did and said he should get more comfortable too. He removed his hands from my wifes pussy and she let out a sigh, clearly upset that he stopped. Not for long though, I quickly replaced Dan's hands with my left hand, rubbing at her clit. She responded excitedly and raised her hips to my hand.

Dan pulled his shorts off and I noticed he wasnt wearing any underwear either. His t-shirt was in the way that I couldn't see his cock just yet. He asked me to reach into the back and grab some towels he had back there. I climbed over the seat, and found the towels. Again, my wife disappointed with her pussy being neglected. As I grabbed the towels and started to climb back over the middle seat I hear my wife say holy shit! I get back to my seat and look, its Dan's cock. Its huge. It has to be at least 10" and it's thick!

My wife is now sitting up on her elbows amazed and just staring at Dan's hard cock.

Dan laughs and thanks her for staring. He said his wife used to love to play with his cock every chance she got, but she never let him get into the foot stuff with her. Dan gave himself a few strokes and went back to playing with my wifes pussy. My wife put her left foot in his face and he happily sucked her toes I to his mouth. Then my wife lowered her right foot and touched the head of Dan's cock with her big toe. She giggled and said how warm it felt. She did it again and this time there was a trail of precum from her toe to his cock. She wiggled her toes and then tried to put Dan's cock head between her big toe and second but it was too thick to fit. Dan eagerly sucked at her toes and now had his first 2 fingers stuffed into my wifes pussy, rubbing her clit with his left thumb.

I was grabbing at her left nipple again but had to stop stroking myself, I was too excited I didnt want to cum too early!

My wife leaned forward more and reached across the truck with her right hand. I sat back and watched as she wrapped her little hand around Dan's cock head. Dan moaned his approval and let go of her toes from his mouth. Her feet dropped next to his leg. She quickly tucked her feet back onto her seat and sat up. She now reached over with her left hand and stroked at Dan's massive cock. It was paralyzing yet so erotic to see her little hand stroking up and down his cock, her wedding ring just shining the whole time. I zoned out for a minute when I heard my wife giggle and say that his cock was as thick as her wrist. I snapped put of it just as she stopped stroking it and held it up next to her arm. My God! It was thicker than her write and it was almost up to her elbow in length!

Dan asked me if he gave enough money to feel my wifes feet wrapped around his cock? My wife didnt even let me answer as she sat back and extended her legs. She slowly lowered her feet to his hard cock. First just squeezing his cock head between her big toes, then slowly moving her feet lower and lower. She gave his cock a few long strokes when she giggled AGAIN. This time she looked at me and said, honey, I think his cock is longer than my foot what do you think?

I nodded my head without saying a word or taking my eyes off her sexy feet rubbing his cock. My wife asked Dan to turn in his seat more towards her so he did. She then used her right foot to push his hard cock down so it was pointing straight at her and then held her left foot along the side of it. Look honey, it's almost as long as both of my feet together, she said! My wife put his cock between her arches and gave Dan monster cock long strokes from his cock head all the way down to the base. As she did this she asked me to play with her pussy some more, and told me how turned on she was getting. I leaned between the seats and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with my right thumb. She was punching and twisting at her nipples again. Her pussy was sopping wet. Dan was moaning his approval and just kept feeding my wife compliments on how beautiful her feet were and how sexy they looked wrapped around his big cock. My wife was moaning her approval too. It was clear these 2 were in ecstasy. My wife said her legs were getting tired and isn't used to stroking this long. Dan has tremendous stamina.

Dan suggested they move into the backseat where it would be more comfortable for them both. Dan climbed back first, almost hitting my in the head with his big cock, luckily I leaned out of the way just in time. Then my wife climbed back and laid back with her head just about in my lap. She mentioned to me how cute it was that I had my cock out and was hard from watching them. I tried to move out of the way a bit but my wife stopped me and asked if I could help pull the dress up over her head and off. Of course I agreed.

Now here is my way, butt naked in the backseat of some guys truck. I have my pants and underwear around my ankles, and this stranger has his huge cock swinging around my wife. My wife decided to try a new position so she sat up on her knees and faced me and wrapped her soles around Dan's cock. She was kind enough to give me a little blowjob while doing this. I closed my eyes as this felt so good at the moment with everything else going on. My wife doesn't normally give me blowjobs so I was truly enjoying this. It seemed like she was too, she was really starting to moan on my cock now.

I opened my eyes slightly and saw why she was moaning the way she was. Dan was bent forward and licking her wet pussy from behind, and every so often his tongue would trail up and tickle her asshole too. My wife never let me tongue her ass! I was so turned on by this I think my cock grew to 5.5"

Then I watched as Dan slid 2 fingers into her pussy from behind as he licked her asshole. She was moaning loudly and stopped sucking me to give Dan approval. A few more licks and Dan stuck his thumb in his mouth. He got it nice and wet and slowly started to enter his thumb into her ass while his fingers were still sliding in and out of her pussy. I've never heard my wife growl the way she did but I almost came right then! I watched as Dan was double penetrating my wife with 2 fingers in her pussy and his thumb in her ass. She starting to suck me harder and deeper. I tried to get her to stop but she didnt listen and I couldn't stop myself. I started cumming down my wifes throat and she never lost her pace. It's like she felt it and sucked harder. I must have let off a good 7 or 8 shots and she was still sucking me. Finally my cock softened and she released me from her mouth, swallowed every drop!

She looked up at me with hungry eyes as she was still stroking Dan's cock with her feet as he fingered her. She told me how good I tasted and that I was in for an even better treat. I wasnt sure what she had in mi f but it didnt take long to find out. A few more strokes with her feet and she stopped. She told Dan to sit back. Dan obliged and I watched as my wife turned around and now climbed over the top of Dan, mounting him. I watched as she raised herself up high enough to get the tip of Dan's cock to rub her clit. She rubbed up and down a few times loving the feeling. And then, lifted one last time, lowered her right hand, and guided Dan's monster cock into her soaking wet pussy. At first it was just the cock head. She threw her head back in pleasure. She moaned how big it felt, and how it was starting to fill her up, as she slowly lowered herself, taking more of his cock inside her.

I watched as my petite little wife was working the entire length of Dan's monster cock into her pussy. She let out a soft whimper which quickly turned into a passionate groan. Dan's cock was reaching places I could never get.

My wife was bouncing up and down and mixing in grinding her hips to stimulate her clit as well. It didnt take but a few strokes of Dan's cock before my wife exploded with her first orgasm. Her entire body started to shake and she squealed loudly as she announced her orgasm to Dan and me. Dan was grabbing her ass cheeks and thrusting up into her harder and took her left nipple into his mouth. I watched as my limp cock now started to come back to life! After her orgasm she continued riding Dan eagerly looking to have another orgasm. My cock now hard from watching the action, I started to stroke it. My wife looked over at me and smiled, she looked so sexy. While Dan was licking and sucking at her tits, he moved his right hand closer to her asshole.

He was using his middle finger to brush over her tight hole while she was loving the feeling of his big cock in her pussy. She stopped for a minute and asked if Dan would mind laying flat on the seat. Dan readily agreed and they moved positions without his cock ever sliding out of her. I ended up having to scoot off the seat and was crouching between the passenger seat and the middle row seat. Dan's legs were now outstretched next to me, my wife maintained her positions on top but was now able to lay forward on top of him more. She was the perfect length for her tits to hang right over his face which he started tonguing them again. My wife moaned her appreciation. Dan now moved his left hand on her ass and started again with his finger exploring my wifes asshole. First, just brushing over it, then using the wetness of her cum and pussy juice, slipped the tip of his finger in her ass. She squealed and bucked up, now grinding harder on Dan's cock. Finally she barked at me to put my cock in her ass and fill her both holes!

I quickly obliged and hopped up behind her. I hovered over and slowly fed her ass my hard cock. She moaned again when she felt my cock head enter. I started to pump my cock in and out of her ass. She then told me to stop and stay where I was. I held my position and she started to rock back and forth, enjoying the rhythm of Dan's big cock in her pussy and my cock in her ass. We've never done a DP before and I could actually feel Dan's cock inside her with me. I tried my hardest not to cum right then and was able to hold off my orgasm. My wife rocked back and forth a few more times and orgasmed again. I could feel her pulsating and cumming on Dan's cock.

As she was finishing her orgasm Dan announced he was ready to cum. I tried to hop off by my wife reached back, grabbed my ass and pulled my tighter into her. She trusted harder and finally Dan let off and came inside my wife. She ooh'd and aahh'd at how she could feel his cum shooting inside and how it felt like it was a lot. I couldn't take it anymore so I told my wife I was ready too. She pushed her ass back harder against me and I let out as much as I could. I felt another 4 or 5 ropes of cum in her ass. We all moaned and giggled a bit at what just happened.

Finally I pulled out and used a towel to wipe off. Almost immediately my cum started to run out of my wifes ass. Dan wanted to see all the cum run out and asked my wife to lay on the back seat for him. She slowly hopped off Dan and laid back on the seat. I climbed out of the way and into the passenger seat up front. I handed Dan a towel. He moved off the seat and now crouched down to where I was before. My wife spread her legs for Dan as he watched his cum leak from her stretched pussy. I peeked over his shoulder and was amazed at how much cum was leaking out. She toyed with her clit as Dan smiled. He sat up on his knees and moved his soft cock which was still about 8", towards her clit. Dan rubbed his cock side to side on her clit, spreading his cum all over her pussy. My wife giggled and met his cock with her left hand, softly stroking it. After a few strokes she managed to push his cock head back into her pussy. She slowly teased his cock some more. Dan pulled back out and added another glob of cum to her clit. She rubbed it in with her right hand and moaned softly. She slowly raised her left foot to Dan's face and he eagerly took all her toes into his mouth at once. She was still stroking at his cock with her left hand. Dan then ran his tongue from her heel all the way up to her toes. My wife pulled her foot back, smeared some of Dan's cum on her toes and then lifted it to her face. She took her own big toe into her mouth and cleaned Dan's cum from it.

Dan wiped himself with the towel and then my wife.

We slowly got dressed as we realized how steamed up the windows were. As we were ready to leave Dan's truck, he asked if we would be back next week with another sale. My wife excitedly said yes. We hopped out of the truck, my wife now barefoot, and walked to our car. When we got it, my wife immediately displayed her feet on the dashboard for Dan, smiling.

Dan found her heel and pulled it up to his face, sniffing again.

We said our goodbyes and hit the road back home. We didnt say a word to each other the entire drive back, but deep down I know we were both thinking we cant wait to see Dan again next week!

Thank you!

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