"A Really Fine Teacher"

My friends who know of my love for the female foot have asked me at what age, and how did this "foot thing" get started. I can remember about the age of 5, crawling under the kitchen table to play, and seeing my mom's friends dangling their heels, or letting their shoes fall off their feet, and once or twice, a foot rubbing my head as a loving gesture, such as a pat on the head. At that young age, I didn't associate feet with my sexuality, but they did arouse my curiosity.

I forgot about feet after a year or two until I was in high school. I remember sitting in class and I started noticing the girls slipping their shoes off of their feet and rubbing their toes together under their desks. In those days, all the females , teachers and students alike, wore reinforced toe and heel stockings. The look of the foot in those stockings had an erotic effect on me. I had the biggest urge to touch those sexy young feet, and even tried to imagine what they might feel like being rubbed on my penis. But I was naive and though I was the only one who would get turned on by some girls foot. I dated quite a bit, but never dared to touch my dates feet, for fear of being branded a "kook" .

By the time I graduated from high school, most of my friends were off to college, but I stayed home and took a job in the customer service department of a local furniture manufacturer. As I worked in the office, I was required to wear a dress shirt and tie, and the women wore dresses, stockings, etc., which was the accepted dress code of the late sixties. There was a break room and lounge where we would go for our breaks. I had been working for about 6 months. I was in the lounge by myself one morning, when Marsha Jennings, one of the women I worked with came in and sat next to me on the bench. Marsha was an "OLDER WOMAN" about thirty years old. She was a quiet type and pretty much kept to herself. She was attractive, but not a knockout, and always wore expensive clothes, including shoes. I started noticing her shoes, as they were just a little different from those the other women wore. They all wore pumps or flats, but Marsha's were just a little provocative, or a little naughty. As an example, most women wore 1 or 2 inch heels as they were comfortable. She wore 3 or 4 inch pumps and she had the first pumps I saw that had a real low vamp showing a lot of toe cleavage. One pair was so low that when she walked, and the toe flexed, you could almost see her toe nails. Anyway, that was Marsha.

As I sat there, finishing my coffee, she turned to me and said she noticed that when we were together, I stared at her feet a lot. I felt my face flush, but I knew I wouldn't get away with lying to her, so I told her that her feet turned me on. I fully expected some kind of angry words or chastisement, but she very gently looked at me and said "that's ok Chance. Tell me why you like them". I didn't know what to say to her, so I simply said I didn't know why I like them, I just do. She told me that this was a condition know as a fetish, and that it would probably last all of my life, and if I was to understand and get the full enjoyment out of it, she would be glad to help me. I had no idea what she had in mind, but you can sure bet my heart was going about a hundred mile an hour.

She suggested that I should come over for dinner one night soon, and we could explore and I could learn "at her feet" so to speak, so the night was planned and my education began on the following thursday night.

I arrived at her house about 6:30, flowers in hand, heart racing, and a big curiosity as to what would soon transpire. I fully expected Marsha to come to the door all dressed up and looking like a french street walker. I convinced myself that she just wanted to have sex with a young 19 year old stud. I should have been ashamed of myself. As I realized later, she was really wanting to help me understand, and to grow in my sexuality, including understanding my fetish.

She opened the door looking more like June Clever than a french whore. She had on a medium length plaid skirt, white blouse with a fairly low cut collar, coffee colored hose, and a pair of burnt orange flats. I went in and she took my coat and shut the door. When she came back from hanging my coat up, she looked at me, slipped her right shoe off of her foot and showed me her new "paint job" on her nails. The polish matched her shoe color. She then put her foot back in her shoe. She told me she saw me stare at her foot twice before I came in the door, so she wanted me to see it so I would eat my dinner and concentrate on our conversation. She also told me if seeing her foot made me hard, not to worry about it. It would be taken care of before the night was over.

As we sat down to dinner, we talked about things in general and just got to know each other. I told her about my high school years, including my foot obsession, and she told me about her 4 year marriage and the eventual divorce it ended in. She had now been by herself for 3 years, but seemed very happy. After about 15 minutes, she turned the conversation to my foot fetish. She asked me some questions to see just what I knew and understood about it. The only thing I really knew for sure was that a pretty female foot gave me a hard on. She sensed my lack of understanding and told me not to worry. She would help me to understand and enjoy.

After dinner, we went to her den. She had laid out several pairs of hose and had about 6 shoe boxes on the floor. She also warned me that even though what we were doing was of a sexual nature, and even though she might relieve me in some manner, this was not about sex and in no way was she going to let me screw her.

The first thing she did was to give me a lesson on foot love. I really knew nothing. She taught me that all feet are different. A foot can have a different effect simply by being adorned in a different type of stocking, or the effect would differ depending on what type of shoe it was wearing. There was a different effect between a stocking foot and a bare foot. She taught me that a foot is to be appreciated like a fine wine. The human senses all come together to add to the over all effect the foot has on us. There is the feel of the foot, the smell or the absence of, the shape, and of course the taste. After years of enjoying feet, I found Marsha was right. All feet do taste, feel, and look different.

After a 30 minute primer on feet, Marsha suggested that I get comfortable on the floor. She had me to take my shoes, socks, and slacks off. I sat cross legged on the floor while she sat on the couch in front of me. The first thing she did was to hold her foot up and rest it on my chest. She told me to slowly remove her shoe and to do what I wanted with her foot. She told me if I did anything she didn't like, she would tell me. She said that foot play is part of the fore play process and done right, heightens the sexual experience. I cradled her foot in my arms and slowly removed her shoe. She asked me to stop for a minute and to tell her what I had noticed up to that point. I had to stop and think, but I found there were several things that was involved in that simple act of removing her shoe. First was the silky feel of her ankle. Her stockings were of a high quality, and the slick feel they gave her foot was very erotic. It contrasted nicely with the smooth feel of the leather of her shoe. I also noticed that her shoe was warm from the heat of her foot, while her ankle was fairly cool. I then noticed the hollow swishing sound that was emitted when the heel of her shoe slid off the heel of her foot, and finally, I detected a very faint combination of perfume and leather odor when I took her shoe off. She apparently put a small amount of it on her foot and the leather smell was from her fairly new shoes. She asked me what I notice and I told her what I just shared with you. She was happy that I was so observant. She put her toes to my mouth and I instinctively kissed them. I felt a little push on my groin area. She had taken her other foot and probed my crotch momentarily and smiled at me. I'm sure it was a "REWARD" for being so observant. It also started my penis growing.

Next she taught me that the greatest way to enjoy the female foot is to seduce it. The female foot is no different than the female herself. I held her foot in my hand and kissed the toes for a few more minutes. As I did this, Marsha slipped the shoe off of her other foot, and rested it on my leg. Her toes were only about 4 inches from my cock, but I didn't dare make a move, so I continued to massage her other foot. She showed me how to take my thumbs and stroke her soles back and forth. Starting at the base of the toes, and sliding down to the heel. Every few strokes, I took my thumbs and rubbed large circles in the meaty middle part of her soles. I think I heard her purr once or twice whenever I did that. Every so often, she would slide her foot to my cock and push it back and forth with her toes, but when she felt it growing, she would withdraw it and rest her foot on my leg again. Her reinforced toe stockings felt so warm to my touch and as i massaged her foot, I could feel the silky material slide on her foot, and that contributed to my growing erection. After 10 minutes of this, Marsha leaned down and pulled my cock out of my under shorts. She than told me to remove her stockings. They were held up by garters, but weren't attached to a garter belt. I instinctively rolled them down her leg to her ankle, and then slid them over and off of her feet. I laid them on the floor beside me. Marsha then sat back on the couch and told me to hold her foot in front of me, which I did. She told me to notice the difference between her stocking foot and her bare foot.

Next she asked me to look at her foot and describe it to her to way I saw it. I noticed that the bare foot felt different. Her skin was so silky smooth. Not like with her stockings on, but more like velvet. As I talked about her foot, I felt her toes from her left foot slowly inch their way up my leg and rest on the top of my cock. I noticed that her toes were fairly long. As I said this, she stroked my dick with her other foot. Very slowly and very softly. She barely touched my skin, but it felt wonderful. It felt like every nerve in my body was standing on end. I continued to tell her how I thought her foot looked. Her high arches and slightly wrinkled soles. As I said that, she rubbed my cock with her other sole. She asked me if I felt the wrinkles ride across the sensitive area of my penis. Just under the head. The bottoms of her toes really turned me on. The way they curled under, the meaty undersides, and the back of them where they connected to her foot. As I told her this, I felt her toes sliding on my cock. I was dripping precum by now, and Marsha instinctively rubbed her toes in it and lubricated my cock. Now I slowly and and with great passion, put her toes in my mouth. One by one I gently devoured them. First the big toe. As I sucked it in, Marsha stroked me with her other big toe. I'd suck it in, and she would rub it from base to head. I'd release the pressure and she would rub it the other way. As I went from toe to toe, she would stroke me with each corresponding toe on her other foot. I told her how nice her pedicured toes looked with nicely trimmed nails and the burnt orange polish. She curled her toes under and rubbed my sensitive area with her toe nails.

By the time I explored her whole foot, I had experienced so many different feelings I lost track. She finally sensed that I was building to a climax, so she leaned forward and laid me down on the floor with a throw pillow under my head. She poured a little baby oil on my cock and stroked me with her right foot. Marsha's left foot caressed my cheek. As she stroked me, I could feel my orgasm mounting. I took her left foot in hand and sucked each toe with a passion that I have never felt. I massaged her foot as I devoured it with my tongue and mouth. Her other foot was masterfully rubbing my cock. Playing it like a fiddle. I felt her passion being transferred through her foot. Her toes seemed to kiss my dick with each stroke. After a few minutes of this, I felt the powerful energy well up in my loins, as my orgasm mounted. She took her foot from my mouth and held my cock with it firmly between her big and second toe. Her other foot stroked a few times and my hot fluid literally exploded from my loins. I have never came as long and hard as I did that evening. Wave after wave after wave, until it started to hurt.

After a few minutes, I got up and Marsha took me to the restroom to clean up. When we got back to the den, She had me put her stockings and shoes back on her. That was also a pleasure. After that evening, I felt I really had a gift that was special and that although I had a lot to learn, I made a great start with my special teacher that night. We got together about once a week for a year and Marsha taught me much about the female foot and all that is associated with it. She also taught me some things about conventional sex, but only for future reference. She never allowed me to touch her anywhere but her legs and feet and we never had sex. She did get turned on one evening, but used her fingers to stimulate herself while she gave me a foot job.

I owe much to Marsh and I won't ever forget her. I will tell you later about a couple of our early lessons, and some other things she taught me before I GRADUATED. Until then, love and respect your ladies feet, and peace to you all.

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