"The Electrician - Pt 1"
By Sanmaster

     It was a warm summer day and my wife was working at her previous office job. The building she worked in was a converted warehouse that now contained cubicles for all the office workers. Because this was a converted warehouse, there wasnít enough electricity to power all the computers and printers that were needed by the staff. My wifeís cube was having problems this day and she called building services to see if anything could be done. They told her that they could have someone there in the afternoon but they didnít know the exact time. Since it was close to noon, and it was a warm day, she and her friends decided to go out for lunch.

     Before I continue, I must tell you that my wife has beautiful size 7 feet with perfect toes and shapely arches. She loves showing them off especially knowing how I feel when other men look at her feet. Today she had on one of her favorite pairs of Kenneth Cole driving moccasins that gave her feet a wonderful, pungent odor. Not too strong but extremely sexy.

     After lunch, my wife and her friends decided to go do a little shopping since it was such a nice day and since my wifeís computer wasnít working she went along. She had a ton of paper work to do that she had been putting off and this afternoon would be a perfect time to get to it.

     Lunch was over and my wife told her friends that she would be clearing up her paper work while she waited for the electrician to come. Her cubicle is situated such that no one can see inside. It faced a window and was around a corner. Perfect for the quiet time she had planned. When she got back to her office she immediately sat down and began working. Walking and shopping at lunch had made her feet sweat more than usual so she decided to kick off her shoes and dig in. She began the dreaded paper work and was becoming totally focused on what she was doing.

     As my wife was working she thought she felt a slight breeze or wind near her toes. She didnít think anything of it and continued to work. Then, it happened again. She decided to investigate, not by looking under the desk, but by spreading her toes and moving her foot around slightly. She felt something but she wasnít sure what it was. Then, something happened and she knew. She felt wetness on her toes and knew that someone was under her desk sniffing and now licking her feet. Little did she know, but the electrician showed up while she was out to lunch and began working under her desk. Because of the way the desks were situated, she didnít see him there when she came in. The thought of someone under her desk sniffing and licking her feet made her crazy. She spread her toes more and began to rub her feet all over his face. The sensation was overwhelming! Then, on her cue, her suitor took all of the toes on one foot into his mouth. He then began running his tongue around each and every toe. While he was doing this, he was also running his fingers up and down her sole. This was too much for her to take. She was wearing a skirt and because it was summer, no panties. She slid her hand down the front and began playing with herself. The electrician saw this from under the desk and decided to help her out. He slid his hand between her legs and inserted his finger into her pussy. While she rubbed her clit he slid his finger in and out. Little beads of sweat began forming on her forehead. And, all the while this was going on he was still sucking her toes and stroking her sole. It was like having three guys all touching her at the same time!

     It didnít take long for her to come. She had to control the force of her orgasm even though her juice was all over his fingers. She was shaking but kept it under control not wanting anyone to notice. Obviously, he was coming too because she could feel his breathing getting heavier. Once they both came, they stayed in their respective places for a short time. Her foot had slid out of his mouth and she could still feel his warm saliva all over her toes. After a few minutes he came out from under the desk. It was the first time she got to see the person with whom she just had great sex. He was young and handsome, about 28 Ė 32 years old with a great build. He smiled at her and said he thought he fixed the problem but that she shouldnít hesitate to call again if there was anything else he could do for her. She signed the paper he had and he left.

     After all that she had been through she decided to go to the ladies room and freshen up. She searched for her shoes under the desk with her feet. When she found them, she also found that the electrician had left her a little surprise. As she slid on her right shoe she felt something warm, wet, and sticky and knew exactly what it was. She couldnít go to the ladies room barefoot so she decided to leave them on even though her toes, and most of her foot, were soaking in his cum. She also thought it best to leave them on for the rest of the day, not wanting to risk any of her friends seeing her toes all slathered in cum. Thereís no mistaking cum.

     Needless to say, my wife continued to have electrical problems at work. But those stories are for another time. Thereís also a second part to her day that is just as good as the first part. Stay tuned.

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