"Danielle - Pt 2"
By Miles

     "Danielle, I'm going to lean back now against the headboard and spread my legs open. I want you to sit facing me... that's right, scoot in nice and close in between my legs..." She did as she was told almost hugging her knees into her chest as she sat facing me. Without my asking her to, she put the top side of her right foot under my balls and stimulated that area by flexing her toes up and down. "I just need a taste" she said as she leaned forward between her knees. Using her whole tongue, she slowly licked the underside of my shaft from bottom to top. She kept her face a half inch from my cock as she breathed deeply in and out to get the smell that she seemed to crave. The feeling of her tongue pressed against my shaft was incredible and I told her to do it once more but then stop before I could cum. I was amazed that she could do that while her right foot was lodged underneath my balls. This time she had forced up even more pre-cum so using the tip of her tongue, she fed herself the clear liquid smacking her lips afterward like a little girl who just tasted some maple syrup.

     My cock was buzzing on the verge of orgasm so I told Danielle to wait a minute before pressing her toes against my dick. "Baby," I said "pour some water on my cock and straighten those legs out so I can taste your sexy feet some more." I handed her the water and she did as she was told pushing her soles up close to my face. This time, I held her by the ankles and just gazed at her closeup feet in amazement. I was trying to guess her shoe size. "They're five and a half, baby." She said. Her pink nail polish was almost the same color of her sweet soles. I held her feet by the ankles and kept her soles about five inches from my face. "Flex your toes for me baby, I want to see your wrinkled soles when you scrunch your toes like that." Danielle's pretty feet followed these directions and more .She would massage one sole with the toes of the other foot going back and forth only inches away from my face. I was in a state of perverted bliss unlike anything I'd ever considered. I massaged a little more olive oil into her feet as I thought about what I wanted this little teenager's feet to do to my cock. She leaned forward again while I was massaging her soles. "Just a few kisses on your shaft while you're rubbing my little feet, OK?" All I could do was groan as she began to slowly and deliberately place small kisses on my dick. She would whisper to it lovingly in between kisses as though it had a mind of it's own. It was only then that I realized how strong her ‘dick fetish' was.

     "Professor, teach me how to use my feet on your dick." She said as she leaned back again, propped up by her arms behind her. I had her feet in my hands still as I stared at her arches. "Baby, slide that perfect butt backwards about 12 inches. That'll make it easier for you." I said as I let go of her feet. She moved back a little and slowly walked her feet back down my body tucking her knees into her chest as she did so. There she was, sitting in between my spread open legs with her knees tucked into her chest and her chin resting on her knees. She automatically nudged the tops of her toes underneath my ball sack as she sat staring at my engorged cock. "How should I start, baby?" she asked slowly. "I bet I could do some things to you that would blow your mind! In fact, sitting up close like this, I bet I could use my feet to press your dick up against my face like you told me about before. I could grip the head of your cock with the toes of my right foot, using those toes to rub your shaft up hard against my face." I nodded in agreement as she swung both of her feet up from under my balls where they were resting. She momentarily rested them on my chest and stomach as she squirmed a bit to get more comfortable on her butt. She leaned forward bringing her face within an inch of my dick as she held onto my arms on either side of me. She then went about bringing her right foot directly over the head of my cock while her left foot remained resting on my chest. I was propped up nicely against the headboard so I had a beautiful view of what this tight teenager was doing to me. Her toes of that right foot came down directly onto my cock head, gripping it tightly. She was scrunching and flexing those toes on my dick's purple head in such a way that her big toe was tugging right against that most sensitive v-shaped area right underneath the head. I grabbed her left leg which was resting on my stomach and chest and groped that leg like a man possessed. "Now you can have my left sole in your face while the toes of my right foot are gripping that delicious cock head." she said. I was getting dangerously close to cumming just as Danielle leaned her face in close and began using her toes to bring my cock up against her lips.

     Again she started slowly kissing my shaft while whispering soothing words in between kisses. I had one eye on her pretty face as she was driving me over the edge. The other eye was on her left sole which was being pressed and rubbed against my face. The kisses on my cock became more passionate and more forceful as she continued to massage my cock head with her scrunching toes. "Please let me put your dick in my mouth, Miles. Only for a few seconds, I just want to taste it before you shoot your sperm against my face and toes!" I groaned as her toes fed my dick into her waiting mouth. She moaned loudly as she was french kissing the underside of my shaft, still feeding it into her mouth slowly with those sexy toes. When her mouth completely enveloped my cock, I took both my hands and held her face firmly in place so that I could control her head with my cock in her mouth. I pressed her head down hard onto my groin and I could feel my dick pressing all the way into her mouth with the tip probing the entrance of her throat. Her lips opened around my shaft as she let out a cough brought on by my dick against her tonsils. The moment of that cough gave me shockwaves of pleasure because her throat momentarily constricted around my cock head. I released her head and she let my dick out of her gasping mouth. "That was so cool, baby.." she said "you were controlling my blow job and I deep throated you! I want to do that again." I was tempted but I knew it was time to spill against her pretty face. I couldn't wait any longer. "Danielle, it's time. Please baby, you know what to do.."

     She smiled and once again gripped the head of my dick with the toes of her right foot. I took her left foot and held that delicious sole against my nose as I licked and inhaled deeply. Her gripping toes were clenching and massaging my cock head as they also pressed and rubbed the underside of my shaft against her beautiful teenage face. Her lips would apply lubrication each time my dick was rubbed against them. She was really able to rub my dick against her face with great pressure because she was also leaning her face forward and rubbing her face into my shaft. At all times, her toes remained locked on and massaging the head of my cock as her gorgeous face was rubbing her cheeks, nose, chin and lips against my throbbing shaft. Her left foot meanwhile was about three inches in front of my face. She kept slowly rotating that left ankle which made it hard for me to look away from that hypnotizing sole.

     The beginning of the orgasm was so intense that it almost hurt in the moment leading up to it. Danielle had been rubbing her sweet, smiling face against my cock in the moments just before my release but she did two things in that very last moment that put me over the edge. First, Her gripping toes let go of my bloated cock head for only a split second before clamping down on my tip again with an even firmer grip. Second, she showed why she wanted the firmer grip: Her lips opened and she began to passionately french kiss the underside of my straining dick just below the toe locked tip. At first, the cum was oozing out like a slow and steady stream while my balls tightened up more than I thought possible. It felt incredible and a lot came out in this way before the first spasm of intense pleasure. When Danielle felt the liquid against the squeezing underside of her toes, she moaned and pulled her face away from my cock just long enough to reassure me. "That's right baby, shoot it against my little toes. Oh god, I love this! I'm going to fulfill every perverted foot fantasy that you can think of professor." Her mouth then resumed it's french kissing of the underside of my shaft. The first spasm hit me so hard that I had to jut my hips forward. Her lewdly gripping toes held on with ease when I did this and they even were able to continue their squeezing and massaging as it felt like my entire body was experiencing a tidal wave of pleasure release. Their was just enough space between Danielle's second and third toes for my cock's opening to be exposed. When the first actual stream shot up between those digits, It must have traveled about three feet straight upwards.

     A fraction of a second before that stream, Danielle had slowly nodded her face upwards against my shaft. Her mouth was dragging upward as she slowly nodded and it looked so kinky to see the inside of her lower lip dragging upward like that. As she was bending her neck nodding upwards, her chin also dragged slowly and forcefully up my shaft. She had a great view of that first spasm and as it shot up in the air, she looked at me with an expression of amazement and lustful understanding. She then pressed the front of her sexy face up hard against my shaft so that her nose, mouth and chin were mashed up against my dick's underside, all pressing hard at the same time. Her clamping toes made it possible for her to keep her face locked against my dick like that as I was bucking uncontrollably. I was holding onto her left ankle throughout as she rotated that foot while flexing and scrunching those hot toes. This orgasm seemed to last forever and I believe realistically, that it went on for about thirty seconds. I shot jet after searing jet of sperm between her squeezing toes as her unrelenting eighteen year old face pressed into my pulsing shaft. When I was finally spent, my eyes were closed as I felt her pull herself away from my dick and barely graze her sole up and down over my shrinking cock. I felt her gently take my left ankle and place the sole of my left foot directly on her shaven pussy mound. She must have cum five times in less than sixty seconds against the sole of my foot. I was half asleep when I felt her warm little body curl up into my arms. After breakfast the next morning, we resumed Danielle's training and she has since moved out of her dorms and into my apartment. Next week she's bringing home a friend of hers who is also on the gymnastics team. Danielle says she wants to watch us and "maybe take part in the learning experience." I'll have to save that for another letter.

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