"Danielle - Pt 1"
By Miles

     I met Danielle on a summer day in Washington Square Park in the village. She was grooving to my rendition of ‘Brown Eyed Girl' on guitar and I was trying to not stare at that fine little body while finishing the last verse of the song. I was in love with what I saw. She's about five feet tall, 95 pounds with jet black hair going down to her shoulders. Her face is amazing... perfect porcelain skin with just the slightest bit of pudginess to her cheeks. Big beautiful brown eyes that seemed to be looking at me with a curious innocence. Her lips had a natural pout to them that was driving me nuts and I simply couldn't believe how perfect this girl's face was. The features of a model or an angel. I couldn't tell which.

     When i finished the song, I'll never forget what she said after she introduced herself to me. " you can teach me to play guitar if you want, but I think you should be my professor. I think you should teach me anything you want." I took that as an opportunity to kiss her lips which filled me with more desire than i had ever felt in my 30 year old life.

     In the cab ride to my apartment on the upper east side, I found out that she's a freshman at NYU and she claimed to be 18 years old which was difficult to believe by looking at her. When I first saw her I thought she was 16 but she actually showed me her drivers licence proving that she was 18 years old. She noticed that I was trying not to look at her body while having a conversation with her. She then got on her knees on the back seat of the cab and leaned over whispering into my right ear: "It's OK to look at my body. I'm on the gymnastics team and I know it looks good." She then sat facing me and said out loud: "go ahead professor..." I spent the rest of the cab ride literally staring at every inch of her body. She was wearing jeans shorts and a white t-shirt with a pair of flip flops on her feet. Her petite body was so incredibly tight looking and I was aching to see her without those somewhat baggy clothes in the way. Her breasts seemed to be just slightly too large in proportion to her tiny body but they also appeared to be incredibly perky and firm. When my eyes reached her legs and feet, I must have started drooling. Her legs were so firm that I reached out to touch them without realizing that I was doing so. The skin of her calf was incredibly smooth and she had to let out a slight giggle when I stared at her feet for what must have been about thirty seconds. "I'm learning already" she said as the cab pulled up to my address.

     When we finally got inside, I went to put my guitar away and she asked me if she could use my shower. Before I could even answer, she was in the bathroom turning on the water. At this point, I had to see her naked body and as I approached the bathroom door she called me in to join her. "Miles," she said, "I was serious when I said it was OK to look at my body, so don't be shy baby." What I saw made me want to ravish her right then and there. I shed my clothes in record time and there I was. The firmest, sexiest body I had ever seen was in my shower with me. When I reached out to touch her breasts, she stopped me. "Lets get clean and then we'll get dirty if you know what I mean..." she said. I washed myself and watched her as she did the same. Her pussy was completely shaven and her ass was beyond description. "Can I tease you professor?" she asked as water cascaded down her body. I nodded and she looked down at my rigid cock and then back up at my face with an expression of doe-eyed pouting. She then kneeled down and positioned her lips around the head of my cock without her mouth touching it in any way. "No touching yet" she said. The head of my cock was in her mouth yet she wasn't letting it touch her lips or mouth in any way! All I felt was her very hot breath on my throbbing cock head. When it accidentally touched the roof of her mouth, she pulled away quickly and repeated the process. After the third time, I started stroking myself. She grabbed my hand and told me to please stop and go into the living room where we could start her "training".

     I sat down on my couch with Danielle taking a seat on my right. She sat indian style and looked up at me with those doe eyes. "I want to learn how to make you cum harder than you ever thought possible. What about me turns you on more than anything else? Is it my ass? My legs? You can tell me." I looked down at her feet and she nodded. "I knew it by the way you were staring at them before. Do you want me to jerk you off with my toes or something?" I decided to turn the tables for a moment. "What part of a guy's body do you get the most turned on by Danielle?" She giggled and looked down at my rigid cock which at this point was leaking pre-cum and twitching noticeably. "I can't help it" she said. "I must have a serious dick fetish or something because I want it near my face where I can look at it up close, smell it and kiss and rub it on my cheeks! Oh I can't believe I just told you that! It's true though, I love the smell and taste.. Everything about it is a major turn on for me." She then rubbed the tip of her finger against the opening of my cock, moaning as she brought her finger to her mouth tasting my pre-cum. "Well back to you professor. I guess you feel the same way about my feet as I do about your cock so tell me how we should get started."

     I swallowed hard, went to the fridge and brought us some spring water. I knew what I wanted and she was about to find out the true meaning of the word kinky. "Danielle, you must be extremely flexible to be a gymnast. I love your body and I want to see you contort yourself while I play with your hot little body in some very perverted ways. Start off by standing on your right foot, bringing your left leg all the way up in a split so that your left foot is up above your head." "That's easy!" she said while quickly getting into position. She held onto her left ankle to hold the position while I went directly for that left sole that was right at my face level. I was hugging her body and pressed up against her left leg as I pressed the sole of her left foot all over my face. I was inhaling against the bottoms of her cute toes while humping against her exposed left inner thigh. I had to stop to avoid my orgasm but I told her to maintain the position which she was able to do easily. I took a few steps backwards to take in what was a vision of utter beauty. She smiled as I watched her. She began to flex and scrunch the toes of her left foot while stretching that leg even further actually bringing that gorgeous foot behind her head. I got to my knees to cup and feel her butt while she was in this perverted position. I looked up to see that she was rotating her ankle and scrunching her sole provocatively.

     I stood up once again and literally embraced her sole, inhaling deeply against the underside of her toes. She giggled as she lost her balance and had to sit on the couch again. I sat down to her left and my cock was once again leaking pre-cum. She looked at this and moaned with desire. "I can't help it! I just have to...." and with that she lied down on her stomach and slid up close to me with her face an inch away from the underside of my twitching shaft. I looked to my right at the soles of her feet which were waving in the air as she moved her mouth and nose down to my balls. She was breathing in the scent of my sweat and I began to tighten up indicating that I was close to an explosion. She felt that and moved away with her face now staring at the underside of my shaft with an expression of lustful fascination. I knew that I had to cum soon and I wanted to feel my cock rubbing against her face while I was shooting my sperm. "Danielle, I'm so close to cumming right now. I want you to rub my shaft against the front of your face while I shoot my sperm. Don't put my cock in your mouth while I shoot, just press it up really hard against your lips, chin, nose and cheeks." She immediately started and I had to stop her. "Miles, I'm so turned on by the thought of making you cum like that! Don't make me stop, please!" I explained to her that I wanted her to do that, but that I wanted her to press the soles of her feet against my face while I was shooting against her pretty face. "Oh, now I understand professor. We better move to the bedroom baby. I know just how to make you cum now, but first we can have some more fun." I groaned, and as we walked into the bedroom, I poured some of the spring water on my cock to cool off a bit.

     I took a couple of minutes to rearrange the pillows on the bed in order to get comfortable. As I was leaning back against the headboard I thought how glad I was to have a king sized bed in a situation like this. "Danielle, baby. I want you to pose for me a little. How about sitting on the bed, facing me with your legs and feet up in the air. You can lean back on your elbows... that's it, point your toes at the ceiling so that your soles are facing me.. Oh yea.." She followed the directions perfectly and I was salivating at the sight of her like this. "I'm taking mental notes of all of this." she said. "I want to become your perfect baby." I couldn't contain myself as I repositioned so that I could slowly lick all the way from her pussy, up the length of those hot little legs and up to her gorgeous ankles. I bent her knees a little so that I could press her soles against my face. "That feels amazing." she said as I lapped away at her toe cleavage. I was on my knees with her feet in my face when I got an idea. "Don't move, I'll be right back." I said. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of olive oil, bringing it back to the bedroom with me. When she saw the bottle, she moaned and gave me a wicked smile. I got back on the bed and we both resumed our positions as we were. I slowly rubbed the olive oil on her ass and then up her thighs, past her knees and all over her beauitiful calves. I really took my time rubbing it onto her ankles and then finally massaging the delicious oil all over her feet and in between her toes. I must have spent five minutes rubbing oil onto each foot as I was fascinated by her high arches and perfectly pedicured toes. "Baby," she said, " I want to spend some time massaging your cock with my feet but I'm afraid you'll cum and we both know that you're saving your sperm for my face. You know how much I want that cock cumming hard up against my face." She spoke slowly and sexily seeing how much her dirty talk turned me on. "We'll just have to be careful baby." I said.

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