"Confessions of a Foot Lover"
By Rogahh

     This story involves another girl, Christine's best friend, Ashley. This is not the same friend that is rather amazingly present during my first story. First let me describe her, because she really is one of the most amazingly beautiful women I have ever met. At 5'3 with a small C-cup, a 22 waist, and a pair of sexy size 6s that you would kill for I hope you can understand how I could feel this way. She has long blond hair, and deep brown eyes. Ashley's toes, unlike Christine's, are small, and evenly decline in length from the biggest to smallest. Those feet are attached to slender ankles, legs that seem impossibly long for her height, and an ass that is simply incredible. Ashley's body is well muscled, but not overly so, and she has a athlete's physique that puts Anna Kournikova to shame. I had met her at the same time I had Christine, in my senior year of high school. So I had known her for about two years, but only really got to know her over the past six months of my relationship with Christine. I found her fun to be with, charming, and sexy, if not standoffish at times. We talked around any big subjects, keeping everything light and completely friendly. At the time of this, we'd had occasion to go out as friends, just the two of us, for about three months. Although truth be told, she usually accompanied Christine and I on one or more of our dates during the week. But when Christine was busy or unavailable, I'd found Ashley had become my first alternate female friend. I know that may sound weird, but its true. I was definitely attracted to her, but I would much rather spend time with Christine. Those who have read my first story can guess why.

     So it was a mild day in June, only about 81 degrees, that Christine, Ashley and I had made plans to go, of all things, bowling. I guess we could have done anything, but looking back I was glad to have a physical activity that required running, even the little that bowling did. I called Christine around 4 o'clock that day, to see if she was ready to get together. The response was not a good one,

     "I'm sorry," She said, her voice slightly raising, "They called me into work again, and you know I need the money for school." Christine and Ashley were both students at nearby colleges.

     I sighed. This had happened a couple of times in the past few weeks so I guess I can't say I was surprised,

     "That's okay, did you call Ashley to let her know?" I asked

     "No, I'm sorry," She apologized again, "I just got the call a few minuets before yours."

For someone who was so dominate in bed, Christine apologized profusely for minor things.

     "No, really, its okay," I assured her again, "I'll call her and see if she still wants to go."

There was a moment of complete silence on the phone, then,

     "Okay, you guys have fun," Christine finally said, "I really am sorry but you know how it is..."

I said that I did, and we agreed to catch a movie or something the next day.

Hanging up, I dialed Ashley's number. She answered before the second ring,


Recognizing her voice I said,

     "Hey you, are you almost ready to go?"

Ashley also recognized my voice,

     "Sure, I just got out of the shower, so by the time Christine gets over here I'll be dressed."

     "Well, I just talked to her," I said breaking the news, "They called her into work again, she has to close."

I thought I could hear that pout,

     "That sucks, do you want to go anyway?"

Straight to the point like always. I agreed to pick Ashley up at her house in half an hour. When I saw her I smiled. She wore a light blue tank-top that only covered about half the distance to her pierced naval, a pair of acid washed jeans that lacked their cuffs from her knees down, and white canvas mules that reveled her translucent blue toes, and gold toe ring.

     "Wow," I breathed. I always said that to myself whenever I saw Ashley's outfits, but this time it just sort of slipped out.

Her smile widened,

     "You like?" Ashley said as put her arms straight out and did a slow spin.

I did like. Her jeans were skin tight in all the right places, revealing just enough of her taunt tanned curves to rouse me to half mast.

     "You always look good, all ready?" I replied.

She was.

     We went to the bowling alley, rented shoes. Ashley produced a pair of socks from her bag, and how I was sorry to see those sexy peds go, then preceded to mop the floor with me in seven straight games. I acted like my normal self, playfully teasing her on her ‘girly' bowling style, sneaking up behind her to throw off her rolls, and kept up my running line of smart ass comedy. Ashley however, seemed different. Gone was the standoffish beauty, who didn't want to talk about anything but jokes and her college classes. In her place was a woman who gave back as much teasing as she got, talked about herself more than ever before, and seemed to be flirting with me. I dismissed it almost as easily as she had dismantled me in the seven straight games. I was in an intimate relationship with her best friend, she had to know that. Plus, she was way out of my league. Christine was pretty, but Ashley made her look down right homely by comparison. It took a stranger turn at dinner afterward.

     We continued our conversation at dinner, during which Ashley confessed, when I suggested she needed something more in her relationships, both friendly and intimate,

     "Yeah I need something alright," She said around a slightly bitter laugh, "Like an orgasm."

I was stunned for a second, then we both broke out laughing.

     "You have got to be kidding me, you've never had one?" I asked already knowing the answer from Christine.

     "Nope, not once. Not even close." Ashley replied with a smile.

     "Not even by yourself?" I asked around my nervous laugh.

She shuttered dramatically,

     "No way, I don't do that." Her smile was gone. She looked like I'd issued an insult.

I held up my hands in surrender,

     "Hey you don't know what your missing." I said as her smile returned, "What is your one thing?"

Ashley looked puzzled and repeated the question,

     "My one thing?"

I leaned closer and lowered my voice,

     "Yeah, your one thing. That one thing that turns your key, pushes your buttons. You know, your fetish."

Ashley had leaned closer to hear my lowered voice, as I'd intended, now she sat back in her seat.

     "I don't know," She said, "I like to, you know...Be...adored."

I also sat back,

     "Adored?" I repeated, "You mean worshiped?" My voice was still low, but it carried across to her.

Now it was Ashley's turn to lean forward,

     "Yes and no," She whispered, "I like for a guy to ya know, make me feel like I'm his queen, his goddess."

I leaned in again,

     "So you like to be worshiped, to be in control." I said again, thinking how Christine had beaten around the bush on just the same subject.

Ashley seemed slightly exasperated, she placed her palms flat against the table.

     "No, that's not it," She sighed and leaned back in her seat, "Never mind. You don't understand."

I didn't understand, but I was curious. It was a new problem, understanding this woman's need. So I attacked like I did any other problem. With an equal dose of logic and passion.

     "You said, ‘I like a guy to make me feel like his queen' does that you need your man to not only tell you you're the best thing in his world, but to show you in bed?"

Ashley blinked, but said nothing.

     "You need him to make you not only the number one priority, but the only priority," I continued, "To devote all of his attention to you and not want anything in return. To take his pleasure in giving it to you, not in you giving it him. That about right?"

     "No, I'm not selfish in bed," She said, it seemed she was on the defensive, "I don't always need to be the center of attention. You act like I'm this prima donna bitch sometimes and its just not true."

I realized that she was no longer talking about her bedroom habits, so I quickly backed away from the subject altogether. I apologized for what I said, even though I felt I had only tried to help her. Ashley calmed back down, but she was back to the way she always was, keeping me at arm's length.

Oh well, I thought, At least I tried. I wouldn't know how hard I had tried until later that night.

     So when we finished dinner, it was getting dark, and I drove Ashley home. When we got there, I noticed she was limping very slightly. I asked her about it and she replied,

     "Oh, those damned rented shoes always hurt my feet. I'll just get my mother to rub them for me or something."

     My ears perked up. Her mother? I looked longingly down at those stunning size 6s. Those were defiantly to good to pass up. I looked back up into Ashley's eyes, placing my thumb and forefinger on either side of my chin in a thoughtful gesture,

     "Are you sure your okay? I give a pretty mean foot massage. You want me to help you out?"

Help her out, yeah like she was the only one getting something from that foot massage. Ashley thought about it for a second, then smiled,

     "Okay, your massages do come highly recommended. Christine said they were incredible."

     My smile froze for a second, then I recovered. She didn't know anything; She shouldn't, or she wouldn't have excepted my invite, right? I looked at the driveway, it was empty except for my white Eclipse, none of her parents where home. Inside we went, down to her basement living room, to watch her one of father's bootleg movies. I placed a pillow over my crotch to prevent Ashley from getting poked by anything that would arise. Returning to the couch, Ashley swung her legs across the cushions and plopped her feet, white canvas mules, pale blue toes, golden toe ring, right into my lap. I smiled, looking down at them for a second. Ashley's toes clenched into fists, then unclenched, my penis throbbed in my pants, beneath five inches of pillow. I felt a slight phantom pain there too, remembering Christine's commanding pinch not ten days before. Gripping the sole of Ashley's right shoe, I slipped it off, then tore my eyes from her feet to meet her gaze,

     "Oh I see," I quipped, "I have to take your shoes off too, huh?"

Ashley laughed,

     "I wouldn't have it any other way." She joked.

I placed the shoe on the coffee table, then took the other off with a slightly slower touch. Shifting around so that I faced Ashley, I took her right foot in my hands. At my slightest touch, she sighed,

     "Ahhhh," Ashley breathed as she slid down farther into the couch, "This is how life should be."

I began to massage her instep, working my thumbs in small circles, switching to a down-up motion every once in a while to penetrate deeper into the muscles of her sole,

     "How's that?" I asked.

Ashley had closed her eyes,

     "A day of fun, entertaining conversation," She began, "With charming intelligent company. Then a nice skillful massage to melt my tension away. This is the way life should be."

I smiled at the complement, I didn't get them often,

     "What tensions do you have that are in need of melting?" I said as I began to rub between Ashley's toes with my thumb and forefinger of one hand, keeping the circular pressure up on her sole with the other.

     She didn't respond. Instead she rolled her head towards the television and opened her eyes to watch it.

     "You know," Ashley told me, "You never told me yours."

I was puzzled,

     "Mine? My what?" I replied.

Ashley's brown eyes met mine as her head turned back to me,

     "Your one thing, the thing that turns your key, pushes your buttons."

I paused, breaking eye contact. During my silence I switched over to Ashley's other foot. This one had the sexy golden toe ring encircling her second toe.

I decided to stall.

     "Well...I thought we had gotten away from that line of questions."

She smiled,

     "Don't stall."


     "I don't know," I lied, "There's a lot of things I like."

     "Name one." Ashley shot back.

This seemed to be getting a little intense, and I wasn't sure if it was a good thing.

     "Legs," That was good, everyone liked legs, "Long legs, tanned and tight."

I don't know if I was unconsciously describing Ashley's legs, but I was.

     "Come on," She taunted, "Every guy likes my legs, give me something else."

I attempted to make myself look as uncomfortable as possible. It wasn't hard. Well it was hard, but that was really only one of the reasons for my discomfort.

     "I....Ahhhh..." I stuttered slightly, very slightly, hoping she Ashley didn't notice.

She of course, did,

     "Hey," She began, "I don't want to make you feel weird, but turnabout in fair play. Just don't worry about it okay? Forget I said anything."

I was slowly twirling the gold ring on her second toe, sighing a breath of relief. Then she did something I hadn't expected.

     "My neck is starting to hurt, where's that-Oh you have it." Ashley now sat up, gripping the pillow I was using to cover my excitement.

     She pulled it away, and her feet dropped directly into my lap. Well, kind of onto then off of my lap, there wasn't much room there, I was sporting a very visible erection. Ashley's toes were together, in a kind of steeple, each toe touching the one of the same type on the other foot. They came down directly onto my penis, splitting to either side, quickly running down the length of my shaft. Then Ashley realized what had happed, and she pulled her feet away to rest on either of my thighs,

     "Woah there tiger," Ashley said through her short laugh, "What you do you got going on down there?"

She was staring right at my tented crotch, there was no way to hide it. I was for once, at a loss for words. Luckily, I didn't need any this time.

     "So that's it, huh?" She said smiling broadly now, "This is your one thing, your fetish?"

She wiggled her toes slightly to illustrate.

I began to apologize,

     "Ashley-I'm so sorry-I don't know what to say."

She laughed again,

     "This is great," Ashley said, "Its about time I got to see you this uncomfortable. Not so funny now that you're the one under the microscope."

I saw her smile for the first time, and but I relaxed only slightly,

     "Could I have that pillow back, please?" I asked

Ashley hugged it across her full breasts, locking her arms around it,

     "Oh no," She laughed, "You had me basically stripped naked at dinner, poking and prodding my libido ruthlessly. Now its my turn."

I folded my hands over my engorged cock, and blushed,

     "I didn't have you stripped naked-"

     "Yes you did!" Ashley playfully shouted, "You might as well have broadcast my whole sex life across the diner!"

We argued back and forth for a couple of seconds, until I finally conceded the point. We sat in silence for about a minuet, listing to the movie in the background, then,

     "That's it right?" Ashley began, "You get all worked up over giving foot massages?"

     "Yeah, over feet in general really," I admitted, "Just seeing some woman's toes poking out of her sandals is all I need to get me worked up."

Ashley seemed to think this over for a second,

     "Really? That must make you pretty lucky."

I didn't follow that one,

     "How does my foot fetish make me lucky? At this moment it seems to make me a pervert and a most unlucky one at that."

Ashley only laughed,

     "Think about it!" She said, "All spring and summer you get to see feet and toes, sandals, flip-flops, mules, even just bare feet. Every other guy is forced to look around at the pool for bikinis or for some tramp wearing a super low cut top to get off. You just have to take a peek down and voila! You got your fix."

She had a point, but I was still feeling rather ashamed,

     "It doesn't ‘get me off'" I said, "It just, you know, turns me on. It's not like I come every time I see some girl's pedicured toes. And I still like the other stuff just as much as the next guy."

     I was getting a little defensive now. I felt bad enough about this, it had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now it seemed like I had been molesting her or something. I was finally beginning to lose my hard-on.

Ashley sensed my feelings it seemed,

     "Hey calm down, look at my face, I'm smiling, I'm laughing. I'm not laughing at you. I'm not all freaked out or anything. Okay?"

I looked at her face. She was indeed smiling.

     "Your not feeling all....disgusted... with me taking advantage of you?" I asked starting for the first time to realize what I may have happened into.

Ashley laughed at this remark,

     "You taking advantage of me?" She laughed again, "In case you hadn't noticed, I'm the one getting the foot massage. I'm the one getting all the pleasure. If anything, I'm taking advantage of you! I just never realized that a guy could get aroused like this."

     For the first time since Ashley had taken the pillow from my crotch, I smiled. Now I had a decision to make. Be bold and take the initiative? Or keep meek and let this opportunity pass me by? I tried something a little different. I was bold. I uncovered my now resurrected penis, and took Ashley's left foot, the one with her toe ring into my hands again. She showed no resistance to my touch, and I began to finger the gold circlet there,

     "Yes you did. If you didn't, why would you wear jewelry on your toes? Or paint their nail to make them look pretty. It's only natural that your feet would get someone excited."

     Ashley seemed to think once again on this perspective I had given her. The smile never left those full pink lips however.

     "It's after all just one part of your whole idea that you use to attract us. The pretty blue toes, the gold toe ring, the pierced belly button, your sexy little belly shirt." My hands moved slowly up Ashley's calf, then back down towards her ankle.

     "It's all just part of the package. To match that perfect face, your full breasts," I thought her smiled grew a little now, "That striking smile. It just seems that this facet of your sexuality, has been repressed. You know it's sexy, but not why. Now you expect me to believe you when you say that you didn't know deep down that your feet could turn me on."

     My other hand took her other foot back into my lap. Then as a pair they continued to roam, now moving past Ashley's knees, just teasing the sensitive spots on the inside of her thighs, then moving back out towards her feet, but keeping just a little bit farther above where they started. Her legs were perfectly smooth, and I could feel her hard muscles sliding softly beneath her skin. Her calves were like massaging firm rubber through a sheet of silk.

     "I've always felt a woman's body was sexy. Every part of it," Ashley said, "From the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I just never fully realized it until now."

     Ashley's thighs were still covered in the knee length legs of her thin jeans. I wished I could have taken her shorts off right then, but patience was required. Sensitive, sensual patience. Instead of going for her zipper, I lifted Ashley's left leg and, leaning forward slightly, I placed her foot on my chest. The toes were bent backward, pressing against my breastbone, and her leg was bent at the knee. I moved my hands in circular patterns, tracing lazy rings around the sides of her ankle.

     "I'd have to agree with you," I said, "Every part of your body is sexy. Even feeling it. Any part of it. The solidness of your calves, the shape of them."

     I had moved up at a brisk pace to her calf. Rolling my fingers all around that tanned flawless flesh, sides, back and top, I kept my hands moving between Ashley's erogenous zones at the back of her knee, the inside of her thighs, the base of her heel. It had the desired effect. The surface temperature of the skin between her thighs was rising, and Ashley's calves had picked up a slightly rough texture; Gooseflesh had caused the base of her shaved hairs to raise above the surface.

     "How does that feel?" I asked, keeping my voice low.

Ashley's smile had subsided awhile ago, her gaze had been locked on mine, with her lips slightly parted, now it returned quickly and vanished just as fast,

     "Good," She whispered, "Very, very good."      I said nothing in return, but I didn't let my mouth's silence go to waste. I grasped the foot that I had placed on my chest gently with both hands. My left cradling Ashley's heel, my right's fingers wrapped around her metatarsus, the top of her foot, and my thumb in her instep. I slowly raised it, and bowed my head to meet her foot half way. Rolling my head to my right, I took Ashley's smallest toe into my mouth briefly, not sucking, but just touching my tongue to it's soft pad and pulling it back in a teasing lick.

     "Does that tickle?" I asked.

     "No, not in the least." Ashley replied.

     Moving my head around to my left side slowly, I planted a butterfly kiss where Ashley's instep met her heel. Then I placed her left foot over my right shoulder, my kiss pressing against her calf, and lips fluttering slowly up towards her thighs. I had to lean forward even more, and Ashley accommodated me by moving her other foot, the one on my thigh, away from me, out and around my waist, parting her legs so that I could gain more access to her. I placed a single fleeting kiss around the back of her knee, then skipped away from her thighs and most tender of areas. I felt it would be too unfair to her to go this normal route. I needed to break some new ground, and stir Ashley even more before I could even begin to move out of the role I had given myself in the erotic play I was performing for her.

     My hands moved up either side of her buttocks, catching her wrists as they did, and moved her hands over her body briefly, just teasing the sides of her breasts, and finally holding them above her head. As I did this, I moved my body up also, so that I was now face to face with Ashley. I had one leg between her thighs knee bracing the cushions, the other planted on the floor, steading me. My thigh was just far enough away from her sex that when I flexed it's muscle, the wedge it made bearly touched. My nose was nearly pressed against Ashley's, our eyes locked, my hazel irises matched to her liquid brown ones. I could at last hear her breathing, it was the sharp intake of arousal followed by the slow exhale of desire. I held this pose for a few seconds, keeping her hands above her head with just the thumb and little finger of my left hand on each wrist, and my right supporting my weight. After what seemed like an eternity, but was only thirty seconds, I slowly lowered my head until our noses did touch, then I allowed mine to slide softly to her right. Our lips met firmly.

     There was a slight stiffness in Ashley's kiss, but it softened with a shutter as my tongue caressed her lips, begging her to return it. When her mouth opened, I felt a shock start at my temples and toes, then race together to collide in my stomach like a lightning strike. Our tongues pressed together in swirling harmony, the warm, soft feeling of Ashley's lips began to undo me, and my cool erotic control of the situation. However; I felt her hips grinding against my thigh, stimulating her surely over-impassioned loins. I broke the kiss, hovering just inches above her lips, and the slow caress against my thigh muscle stopped also. I dipped my head again and the grinding resumed, but I halted my kiss just scant millimeters above Ashley's, her tongue, expecting to meet my own, simply flicked against my open mouth's lips. I lowered my mouth onto her's for just a second, then pulled away again. I repeated the process, lingering just a second longer, never touching Ashley's tongue for more than a second. Her hips ground faster against my thigh.

     "I want you." Ashley spoke softly.

     My smile was my only reply.

     I removed the fingers that represented her restraint from Ashley's wrists, and moved my kiss down her neck. My teeth nibbled the thin skin of her throat, my breath tickled the supple flesh stretched over Ashley's collarbone. My hands slid down the backs of her arms, softly touching the quivering mounds of her breasts, my thumbs briefly encircling the areola of each nipple. Then they were gone, wrapping around her waist, my fingers running lines of pleasure down the small of her back. My head moved inches from her cleavage, keeping my lips above the now sweat dampened cotton of her tank-top, the blue color darkening with Ashley's perpetration. I kissed her stomach just below the tail of her shirt, I was pleasantly surprised to feel the burning heat there. Ashley's body hyperventilated oxygen into her lungs, causing the gold stud fixed to her naval to rise and fall rapidly in the heaving of her stomach. My lips tasted the salty sweat that covered her abs in a shining coat, the muscles there weren't overdeveloped, but it was still firm and slightly hard to my touch, like she had a two-hundred page magazine under her skin. I dropped my mouth over her pierced naval, playfully flicking the stud there with my tongue. I didn't know how this would feel, and it was a spur of the moment thing, but there was a slight gasp from Ashley's throat. If displeasure or ecstacy, I couldn't tell, so I quickly moved away from that area.

     I guided my hands over Ashley's tight belly, pausing this time to fully cup her breasts, rolling my fingers off them, and onto her shoulders in one movement. I began to kiss her again, moving my tongue up and down in small motions instead of in my normal swirling pattern. My knee was back between her thighs, Ashley's loins moved to meet it, and my left hand supported the small of her back, my right her neck. I actually lifted up into my arms in a fashion. Her torso was completely held above the couch by my arms, and the back of her thighs and ass bearly touched the soft cushions. It wasn't easy, but I hoped it was impressive. Holding Ashley weightless in this way, I continued to kiss her, but with more force. She was still caressing my thigh with her hips, hard. Ashley used her heels for leverage, grinding her clitoris against my straining muscle with reckless abandon. We were both sweating gallons in the June heat, but I imagined I could feel a hotter dampness seeping through my jean shorts' pant leg. My arms ached. I had held Ashley aloft for better than two minuets, until my biceps and back burned from the exertion. Oh well, no pain no gain.

     I lowered her back onto the couch, and with my right hand, I coaxed Ashley to sit up. I stared fiercely into her eyes, our foreheads touching, I was breathing her soft exhalations. I could smell her excitement; Mixing with her sweat, it made for a compelling scent. We sat like that for a few seconds, My arms around Ashley's waist, embracing her, while she had wrapped her legs around mine, encircling her arms around my neck. I could feel her heels in the small of my back. For the first time since the accidental touch of her foot, she felt my cock through my shorts. It was directly at the opening to her vagina, only our underwear and jeans separated us from joining together. There was no stroking by either of us, we only sat realizing our positions. I couldn't believe I had started this, and Ashley, as she would later tell me, couldn't believe just how badly she could actually want someone.

     You have to realize that I'm not very commanding in bed, but there was no doubt I was completely in charge in this situation. I didn't know if Ashley was as excited as I was. I mean I knew she was, but just how much did she want me, or if she was just waiting for me to stop. I knew that last thought was crazy, I could feel just how soaked the crotch of her shorts was. Still, I had some issues with this situation, issues that I purposefully put out of my mind at this point.

     I moved my hands away from Ashley's hips, grasping the hem of her shirt as I did, and brought the shirt up and over her head. Her arms left my neck only to facilitate the passage of the damp tank-top off of her body. Beneath, she wore a strapless white bra, her nipples not hidden in the slightest by the soaked cloth. I balled the top up in my left fist, then tossed it across the room, I think it bounced off Denzel Washington's head on the television and landed in a heap on the floor. As soon as my hands returned to her waist, Ashley's moved around her back to the clasp there. In a second, the bra flew the same route, landing only inches from the top. Straight to the point, just like Ashley. Finally, her breasts stood naked before me. They were magnificent. Seemingly unaffected by gravity, they swept upwards as breasts do only to that lucky few percent when they are in their late teens. Ashley's nipples were dark, contrasting the pale triangular tan lines that marked her bathing suit's presence. The areolas were about an inch across, and her nipples were perfectly centered in them. Crazy detail to remember, eh? Just a second after her bra bounced off the convex glass of the TV, Ashley's arms returned around my neck, but I held her slightly away so that I could see her perfect C-cups. After only a short few second's look, I pulled her tight against me, feeling her hard nipples through the thin cotton of my T-shirt, and kissed her harder than ever before. Our mouths seemed to meld with no noticeable effort for either of us, and Ashley took the freed attention to reposition herself so that she could start working her clit against me again. I decided to help her by leaning her back farther, so that her loins stroked my pubic bone instead of my penis, giving Ashley a much broader area to pleasure herself, and keeping me out of the orgasm race for the time being. It was better that way. I could not allow myself to come first, I didn't think I could forgive myself if I did. Besides, there would hopefully be other times, and I'm sure I'd get my fair share then.

      Instead, as Ashley swung her arms away from my neck to plant them behind her on the couch for support, I kissed just above her left breast, at the swell where it connected to the muscles of her bosom. My tongue traced a spiral down the soft orb, stopping firmly at her nipple. I teased with my mouth, caressing in a figure eight pattern, stimulating her areola first clockwise, then counter-clockwise. As I sucked softly at Ashley's breast, her whole body moved slightly towards me. A moan escaped from the back of her throat, low and long, getting louder as I nibbled, rolling the nipple between my tongue and front teeth. I moved to Ashley's other breast, but I didn't completely duplicate my efforts. As I suckled her nipple, I moved my tongue in a left and right manner, with more force, then pushed back, inverting it slightly. Her moans were constant now, as her pelvic thrusts grew shorter and faster. It was then I realized that Ashley was dangerously close to coming. I couldn't let the memory of her first orgasm be that she got off by grinding against my pelvis for fifteen minuets. Didn't have a very good, ring to it, did it?

     So I stopped sucking her nipples and moved my hands back around behind her, my left in the small of her back, the right between her shoulder blades. Lifting her hips away from mine, I stopped her coming orgasm, and she spoke, a single word, almost a plea,


She resisted me, trying to grind against my stomach, I shushed her,

     "Quiet now," I cooed, "It's time. I'll take care of you."

Ashley spoke again, her voice in a high, but quiet wail,

     "Hurry, please, I can't take much more."

     I smiled at her. Hurry? Not a chance. But she no longer fought me, lying down on her back again, uncoiling her legs from around my waist. I unbuttoned her shorts, seeing for the first time the soaked through crotch of Ashley's jeans. Perhaps I would hurry a little. As I pulled down her zipper, Ashley arched her back, helping me take off her shorts. I happily obliged. Her panties were the same white as her bra, save for the greying from her moist vagina. I slid her jeans down, lifting her legs up, stopping at her ankles. I took both big toes into my mouth, sucking on both at the same time, twirling my tongue around them, feeling the different texture of her toenail, then the pad of her toe, toenail, pad, toenail. I was getting dizzy. Ashley's jeans hit the floor.

     Spreading her legs wider than ever before, I moved between them for the first time. I could smell the overpowering scent of her juices, filling my nose, leaving a faint taste of her on the back of my tongue through her cotton panties. I gave a wet kiss to her bikini line, then brushed against her clitoris with my nose. Ashley moaned, shifting her hips restlessly. My mouth was centimeters away from her soaked crotch. I could feel my own breathing, more rapid now, bouncing back against my face. I put my left hand's fingers on Ashley's pelvis, my thumb just an inch above her clit, and spread my fingers, then pulled them back together, massaging her with my finger tips. It was getting too hard to resist giving her what we both wanted, my tongue in her pussy, so I decided to just give in. The foreplay was instrumental in bringing her to orgasm, but now it was the time to give Ashley that orgasm. I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her cotton panties, slid them down her hips, over her knees, and off her pale blue toes. I dropped them on the floor right next to the couch, and stared for a second at this breath taking vixen, completely naked, on her back, with legs spread.

     Her blond hair had fallen into her eyes, but she made no attempt to b rush it away. Ashley's breasts heaved as she gulp huge amounts of air into her lungs. Now that she was on her back, I noticed that they obeyed gravity after all, falling to either side of her chest. Her hands were locked together, wringing each other, just above the gold stud piercing her navel. Ashley appeared not to know what else to do with them, but they were busy, wanting to do something, but unable to. The thin strip of light brown pubic hair that pointed to Ashley's swollen labia, also attested to her true hair color. Her size 6 feet rested against my shirt clad chest, the perfect blue toes bent back. Every inch of Ashley's body was covered in a sheen of sweat that only added to the seeming perfection of her athlete's frame. A shallow pool of it had gathered in the concavity of Ashley's belly. I thought of how my semen would look pooled there, filling her belly button, only one end of that golden stud showing through. I realized for the first time that my underwear was also soaked, but in my own precum. Neither of us could wait any longer, I slipped her feet to either side of my head, pausing to kiss each ankle, then dipped my head forward.

     My first lick went the complete length of her pussy, from the bottom of her labia to the hood that hid her clitoris. I doubled my tongue back, pushing the tip of it behind my front teeth. This made it so that the middle of my tongue, the largest part, stroked both labia at the same time. When I had licked passed her clit, I flicked out my tongue, the tip lashing directly against it, penetrating its hood. Ashley screamed. Really screamed, like bloody murder, and her thighs clamped closed on my ears. Her body arched like a bridge, the soles of her feet flattened against the small of my back, curling her toes, her head shooting back, supporting her entire body's weight in those two places. I licked again, forming my tongue into a tube, then unrolling it against her clit in and upward flick. Ashley's body began to convulse, causing her to become limp like a rag doll, then stiffen like a board. Her moans where loud. I could hear them through her thighs, and they still hurt my ears. I rolled my tongue back into a tube, and used it to suck Ashley's clit, giving it a miniature pussy to penetrate. I had my left hand pushing down on her pelvis, keeping her still so that I could accurately pleasure her in the proper places, despite the reflexive movement of her body. I also used their thumb and forefinger to pull back the folds of flesh from Ashley's pussy that would have dampened the affects of my tongue fucking.

     I turned my head slightly to the side, ending the crushing squeeze of Ashley's thighs with some effort. Using the space I created, I moved my index and middle finger of my right hand over the burning flesh just to the sides of her labia. They caressed the opening to Ashley's tender loins with ever increasing frequence, until only my middle finger circled slowly there, pressing in slightly. The tightness of Ashley's pussy resisted me. It took a little more pressure than I had ever used before to slip inside of her. When I did, I marveled at the feeling. Her heat was incredible, a feverish temperature I thought was reserved for times of sickness. However, it was her tightness that I was most amazed with. The walls of Ashley's vagina seemed to clutch at my finger, hungrily squeezing the digit with amazing force. As every inch my finger went into her, I removed it nearly all the way on the backwards stroke, inserting another inch ever up stroke. Although she was completely soaked with her own juices, I found it was difficult to reach Ashley's G-spot, several inches back and on the top of her vagina, with even just my middle finger. I would have to force my index finger into her with what would have seemed like an uncomfortable amount of pressure to stimulate it completely, so I made do. My tongue seemingly punishing her clit, and my finger swirling inside her at her second most sensitive spot, I knew it wouldn't take long.

     Finally Ashley started to pull away, kicking with her feet, pushing with her hands, trying to instinctively stop this agonizing feeling, but my hands, fingers vacating her pussy, quickly pulled her back to my probing tongue. I heard her voice now,

     "NO, NO-STOP-YES!!" She screamed, "ITS, ITS, ITS-" Then Ashley screamed again.

     Then her body stiffened one last time, and I felt some of her wetness squirt onto my neck. Seemingly spent, Ashley collapsed, muttering over and over,


     I too, was exhausted. My back was sore from lifting Ashley in the ways I had, and also from the hundred or so pounds placed on it in a space just about the same size as a woman's 6. My sweat burned there too, those pretty blue toenails must have gouged me, perhaps drawing some blood. But of all those pains, my penis was the worst of all. It's spongy tissues didn't seems so spongy anymore. I had been fully hard for a little more than forty minuets, and I hadn't received any stimulation at all really. I didn't count that accidental touch of her toes that started all this. My dick was so engorged, it hurt. It throbbed like my thumb would if I'd hit it with a hammer. I wanted very badly to come, to experience some type of release, but I honestly didn't believe I had anymore passion to give. I only wish that I could give this experience justice, but I feel my writing skills fall short on this matter. It may have been only an hour since I first started to massage Ashley's feet, but it seemed like forever. My techniques might not seem that impressive, but any inadequacies you may have found here seemed to have been swallowed by the raw sexual energy we somehow created. I felt more spent from this hour of foreplay then in any actual sexual encounter I had ever experienced. Well, almost any.

     We laid there for awhile like that, my head between Ashley's legs, Ashley panting. Soon though, she said that she needed a shower, and asked if I was okay,

     "Okay?" I asked, rolling on to my back, "I'm better than I have been in a while. But I seem to have a little problem. One about six and a half inches long, containing about two-thirds of my body's blood supply." I motioned to my straining erection still inside my pants. Ashley smiled, then walked naked across the room to the couch. Her hand moved down to my zipper,

     "Well, don't you know how to take care of yourself?"

     I smiled too,

     "Yes, of course I do, I just hoped you might help me." I replied

     Ashley pulled down my zipper and withdrew my swollen member, holding it in one small hand,

     "I thought you knew my fetish," She twisted her hand down the length of my shaft, arching my back. Then abruptly, Ashley released her grip, turned on her heel and walked towards the basement bathroom and its shower, "I come first, you come later. I like this new arrangement."

     I lay there stunned. Watching her ass sway from side to side, I thought about what had just happened. I had given Ashley a gift, her first orgasm, yet she walked away not returning any of my favors. Perhaps she needed to feel in control of the situation, I may have given her that orgasm, but it was me who had given it to her. I had been the aggressor. I realized as I had been thinking, my hand had moved unconsciously to my penis, and was caressing it gently. I smiled and began to masturbate in earnest. There would be more times, and I would let Ashley take a more active role. I would get my fair share of the pleasure. Just like I did with Christine. Oh no....Just as my first stream of come shot from me, I remembered what I had actually done. I stopped stimulating myself, so my orgasm was weak and unsatisfying; Semen just dribbling down the shaft of my cock. I had just gone down on my new girlfriend's best friend. Oh shit.

This is the second part of what seems to be shaping up to be a three or four part story. I hope you enjoyed it. There is still a large amount of truth in it, however it is not a fully true story like my first was. If you have any questions or comments about this story or my previous one, email me at Rogahh@aol.com I appreciate the replies I have received, thanks for reading.

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