"Appt. with a Foot Mistress"
By Barefoot Luver

     The day I had been anticipating for weeks had finally arrived, it was Friday the 13th and my appointment with the Foot Mistress was scheduled for that night. I've been chatting with her on-line since she joined my Yahoo club and she seemed very real and exciting. This visit was for her Foot Goddess of the Month photo shoot to be posted in the club, but for me I couldn't wait to meet the Foot Mistress in person so I could serve as her footboy and to worship her beautiful sexy feet that weekend.

     I departed that Friday afternoon to visit this Goddess in a small midwestern town about 500 miles from where I'm located. The drive was smooth, except for the usual rush hour traffic going through Chicago. During the 8-hour drive, thoughts raced though my mind as to what I was going to encounter. My cock grew stiff as my imagination ran wild, but I couldn't cum just yet! My Foot Mistress instructed me that I was not allowed to "milk" myself for a week before my visit and I had followed her instructions. She also instructed me the day before to bring supplies to pamper her feet with. Before leaving, I went to my neighborhood pharmacy and bought all the foot care products they had. The sales woman at the register gave me a coy smile as she scanned each item while my face grew flush and cock becoming erect.

     I finally arrived at her studio just before midnight. As I carried my luggage up the steps, I remembered thinking, "my God, its Friday the 13th and almost midnight! I wonder what in the hell is going to happen?" I found her door and no, it wasn't apartment 13! LOL, but I was still nervous as I began to knock. As I heard her footsteps coming toward the door, my heart began to race! Then the door opened to reveal a True Goddess that my humble words cannot fully describe. I first saw her beautiful face and stunning blue eyes surrounded by her long blonde hair. Then my eyes quickly looked down to her feet and I was in heaven. She was wearing a dress that revealed her bare tan legs with her feet in 3" high heels! With the heels on she had to be at least 6', just an inch or so shorter than me. Her toenails were painted a delicious yellow spring color and her 8 1/2" feet had an incredible arch! I was speechless as she welcomed me in to her studio. As she showed me around I was in awe. By the door was a shelf with her tools carefully laid out; such as handcuffs, blindfolds, cock rings, and so forth. Then my attention was drawn to the other side of the room where all of her heels were displayed in a special area, almost like an alter or shrine. My head turned and saw her "punishment" area with whips hanging from the wall with a bondage bench in the corner. As my eyes were taking in the eroticism in the room, Candy continued to show me where things were in her studio such as the restroom, kitchen, shower, towels and so forth. I was nervous, excited and could hardly speak, but I remembered I was there as her footboy and not her slave, so I began to relax.

     Candy asked me to sit down on the bed and we began to talk. I found her to be a very nice woman that has a special quality about her. I can't describe it, but I felt completely at ease with her. She explained that she couldn't stay the night and had to leave, but I was welcomed to make myself at home in her studio for the night. Then she said in the morning she would come over for our photo session. I asked her what she would like to do and she reminded me about pampering her feet and giving her a foot bath to start things off. And then she said she would tie my hands above her door and tease me really good! OMG, I could hardly wait and my cock was getting so hard thinking of it. She then stood up and gave me a hug saying it was getting late and had to go. I then said, "I wish I could kiss your feet before you leave". With that, she sat down on the bed and extended her beautiful foot for me. With a smile she said, "Well, you did drive 500 miles, so I guess that's the least I could do for you." I knelt before this Goddess and slowly took off her heel and brought her foot to my mouth. I savored each and every one of her exquisite toes and my cock was wanting to explode! After 10-15 minutes Candy had to leave and I put her heels back on. She stood up besides me and ran her long fingernails through my hair as she reminded me not to "milk" myself. Then she gave Mr. Happy a little grab through my pants. And with that she was gone.

     My head was spinning! I was so hard, but I decided to unpack so I could get my mind off things. After putting my clothes away, I then laid out my foot care supplies on the floor at the end of the bed for the next morning. As I went to bed, my cock was throbbing, so I decided to put on a cock ring. Getting to sleep was difficult, since my cock was so hard. I began to stroke it and moans escaped my mouth. The head was a nice purple color and the veins were really showing! I wanted to cum so bad, but I remembered what the Foot Mistress said, "I want you to save my "milk" for the morning." Finally after 2 hours I fell asleep with the cock ring still on.

     My eyes opened and I moved to turn off the alarm clock. It was finally 8:15am! I didn't need coffee today to help wake me up this morning, my adrenaline had kicked in the moment I thought of seeing the Foot Mistress with in the next hour. Making the bed and double-checking the foot supplies I had laid out the night before, I decided to take a shower. As I felt the warm water hitting my body, I realized I still was wearing my cock ring as I began to soap myself. The smoothness of my growing cock felt so good and I reached for a razor to do a close shave in preparation for what was to come.

     Sitting in shorts and a t-shirt I awaited the Foot Mistress arrival. It's now 9:00am and I hear footsteps coming closer to the door. "Could it be her?. I thought. The steps stop and I hear a key go in the door and the lock turns. My heart is pounding! Candy enters, looks at the foot supplies laid out and said, "Well, I see that you have done a good job at getting ready for pampering my feet this morning." I rose, thanked her and ask for her to have a seat and the end of the bed so I could begin pampering her sexy feet. With a smile, Candy said, "Yes, I would love that, but first remove your clothes. I will only have a foot bath if my footboy is naked while doing it!" With that I undressed before her as she sat at the end of the bed. As I knell before her feet she said, "I have a feeling we're going to have fun today!"

     Her voice is soft, yet commanding while a smile comes across my face as I look up at her.

     I asked if I should begin and she says yes. I offered her the latest issue of Leg Show magazine to read as I begin to pamper her feet. Candy is pleased by this and looks through the magazine as she extends her sexy legs so I may take off her heels. I remove each heel very slowly, cherishing the moment of smelling her peds and seeing this Foot Goddess's feet up close. I bring each foot close to my mouth as I massage her tender soles. I kissed each toe and asked, "Candy, would you be pleased with this color today?" as I show her the polish I picked out. Candy looks down from the magazine and says, "Yes, that will do, but first you have to remove my polish." I take the nail polish remover and wet a cotton ball. I rubbed her polish slowly off her feet, seeing her naked toes for the first time. They were lovely and I kissed each toe after I was done. I then placed toe separators on her feet and began to polish her toes a sexy neon pink color. My left hand held her sole while my right hand carefully painted each of her toes. When I finished I gently blew on her feet to dry the polish and then removed the separators from between her toes.

     Now I prepared her foot bath and as I did, my cock was pointing straight out wanting attention! Candy laughed asking if I was up to this and I said yes. I started out soaking and rubbing her feet in the water, but soon I realized she had an idea of her own! She put the magazine down and picked up the digital camera as she began to caress my hard cock with her warm wet feet! Moans escaped my mouth as she ran her toes up and down my entire shaft. While doing this several times my precum started to ooze from my head and she said, .Now, now footboy, I.m not ready to have you cum just yet!. And with that, Candy gripped my cock just under the head with her toes to halt my orgasm. I was still wearing my cock ring from the night before and I could feel the cum building in my balls. Candy knew just how far she could tease me, bringing me up to the point of no return and then stopping!

     After I massaged and soaked her feet for 20 minutes, Candy instructed me to dry her feet so we could continue to what she had planned for me next. When I did this she told me to stand up and go over under the doorway between her living room and kitchen where the leather cuffs were hanging down from the frame. When I was under the doorway Candy said, .Now put your hands above your head so I can make sure my footboy is nice and secure.. She went behind me and bounded my hands with the leather cuffs. As her long fingernails caressed my chest she said, .I.m going to need some help if you want me to take pictures of this. Do you mind if I call one of my slaves over to take pictures while I tease you?. My breathing was short and rapid as I responded in a faint voice, .No Mistress, please do..

     Candy tied a blindfold around my eyes and then I heard her walk toward the phone. After dialing, Candy spoke in a polite but firm voice asking her slave to come over to her studio to take pictures of us. The minutes seemed like hours as I was tied and blindfolded waiting for what was to come. Finally there was a knock at the door and I heard Candy walk to open it up. I heard them exchange small talk but could not make out what was being said. My whole body tingled as I anticipated what was to come next.

     After they stopped talking, Candy approached and said, .I believe we.re ready to begin.. I felt her hands caress my chest and she began teasing my nipples with her long fingernails. With that, the camera soon began to click and she proceeded behind my back to continue her wonderful tease. My cock was so hard now and was wanting so much to be touched by her. Candy could sense my excitement and came around to my front and began to trace the thick veins of my cock lightly with her fingernails. The feeling was incredible and my precum began to wet the purple head of my cock! Once again I was on the verge of orgasm, but again Candy stopped and told me I wasn.t to cum just yet. After another 10 minutes of teasing she released me and lead me to the foot of her bed. She had me knell down and brought one of her feet up to my mouth and I begun to kiss and suck each of her toes passionately. My cock was aching and Candy could see how bad I wanted to cum! She instructed me to lie down on my back and told me it was time to take some oily foot job movie clips. I couldn't wait and soon I felt the warm oil cover my hard cock and then her feet sliding along both sides of it! I was in heaven and my cum had been building up from the night before as her slave began to take the movie clips. As I began to thrust my cock hard between her beautiful soles I heard her say, "Come on baby, fuck my feet good! I want to feel your hot cum on my toes!" That sent me over the edge and I knew I was about to explode soon! As I moaned loudly I started to cum with such force that my cock felt like a geyser, shooting loads and loads of hot cum in the air for what seemed like minutes! Candy made sure to milk me dry and I almost passed out from the pleasure. It was as if my balls exploded through my cock. It was incredible!

     As I lay exhausted on the floor, Candy thanks and dismisses her slave and returns to my side. She removes my blindfold and I begin to come back to earth. We decide it's time for lunch and head off to a local restruant. After going through the buffet we take a table surrounded by mostly families out for an afternoon bite. I look at Candy and she smiles as she slowly slides one of her soft warm feet up my legs to my shorts. She knows I'm not wearing any underwear as she begins to tease me in public. My cock soon responds and I place my hand on Candy's foot, massaging it and smile back. I know others could see if they were paying attention but that just made it so much more sexier! I wish we had time to continue, but we had to go shoe shopping.

     The mall was about 30 minutes away and while Candy drove, I began to take pics of her feet on the petal. I was again getting so turned on by this I started to rub my cock through my shorts. After a minute, Candy reached over and pulled my cock out and started to stroke it hard. My head was spinning with traffic going by, but this just got our Foot Goddess more excited! And once I was completely hard, Candy put Mr. Happy back in his shorts. By this time we were at the mall and I had a big bulge in my shorts as we walked looking for a shoe store. I couldn't wait to be her "shoe salesman" and soon we found a nice store to go in. We looked at their selection of heels and picked a few out to try on. I asked the sales clerk to bring a size 8 1/2 of the three styles we selected. Upon returning, I proceeded to remove Candy's shoes and place the new ones on her beautiful feet. With Candy not being shy, she took the camera and photographed me changing her sexy shoes in the store. I know my face must of blushed when she did that, but I loved being her footboy salesman.

     We continued shoe shopping for hours and each time I served as her personal shoe salesman! After walking for a while, we decided to rest on a bench in the middle of the mall. Candy was so beautiful and sexy as she stretched her long legs over my lap so I could massage her sore feet. I can't tell you how many people stopped and looked at me massaging our beautiful Foot Goddess's feet in public, but there were quite a few! At this moment I felt so proud to be there with her, running my fingers up and down her soles and toes! I only wished I would of sucked her pretty toes for all of them to see, but I was still a little shy about adventures in public. All that would change soon once we took off to visit the Capitol grounds!

     It was a wonderful spring day and the flowers were blooming. We walked around the state capitol and paused every now and again to take pics of her sexy feet. With each photo shoot, my cock was getting harder and Candy could sense that. We soon found a bench and once again she laid her long legs over my lap. Candy took the camera and told me to take off my shorts so she could rub my hard cock. After looking around and seeing no one there I did and that became my first foot job outside! She didn't let me cum but the feeling was incredible like the morning in her studio. Candy then did a little exposure of herself, telling me she doesn't wear panties under her dress! I then began to take pictures of her on the Capitol grounds while she showed me wet pussy. I wanted so much to taste her and to make her cum right there, but the State Capitol police were driving by every 5 minutes. Heck, I should of went for it anyway!

     Anyway, my story ends with me and Candy returning to her studio. We take a few more pics and she asks if I would take a few blow job pictures. Of course I'm happy to and she begins something that no other woman could ever match. Her mouth is incredible! I wanted so much to cum again, but she holds me back. With my cock throbbing, she tells me she wants my cum on her beautiful feet and I stand up at the end of the bed to do just that! I grab the digital camera to record a mpeg as she strokes my hard cock with her wonderful hands just above her sexy feet. Then when I can't hold back any longer I take my cock and stroke it fast, knowing that I'm going to explode soon! With Candy's toes massaging my balls I squirted hot cum at least 4 feet by her face and the remaining cum was dripping on her sexy feet! Candy loved my warm cum on her feet and she began to rub the cum in between her sexy toes. The site of seeing this was so beautiful and exotic I had to have more. I knelt and began to lick Mistress Candys feet clean of my cum and loved every second of it!

     I was getting hard again, but it was time for me to travel back to Milwaukee, so we said good bye and who knows, we might post another story again sometime soon.

Dave, the Barefoot Luver

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