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This interview was with the beautiful and sexy Pink of Pink's Sexy Feet. She agreed to answer some of your questions. Send comments to

John Says: Your soles are beautiful. Do you like to be tickled? I would love to tie you down and tickle your baresoles with a feather.

Pink Answers: I love to be tickled in a playful way. With a feather now that sounds like fun!

Toeboy Says: If you were geting ready to give a guy a footjob and you found out he had a really tiny dick. Would you humiliate him instead of giving him a footjob? What nicknames or insults would you give him?

Pink Answers: I wouldn't humiliate him, I would give him the footjob like I set out to do. Besides I wouldn't just give any man a footjob. My lovin comes from the heart. Now if the man was into being humiliated then I'm sure I would put his " cute little winky" right into it's little kid bad corner!

Tom Says: Do the balls of your feet hurt in high heels? What do you think about collagen injections into the balls of feet? What's the best part of your foot? Your soles are very cushy and sexy!

Pink Answers: After a long day in high heels my tired petite feet indeed hurt! I don't believe in any work done to the body. Natural beauty is beautiful to me. The best part of my foot I think would be the skin itself.

Bayonara Says: Thanks for beeing interviewd here at wus. I adore your feet since I like small feet, an yours are super petite :-) I like the fact that they look so cute. I know your shoe size, its 5 isn't it? How long are your feet in inch or cm from heel to toe?

Pink Answers: This is fun being interviewed at Wu's by you men! It is a good way for you men to get to know me. Yes my feet size is a slender size 5 shoe. That's 8" or 20 CM. You're welcome!

Tony Says: You are so beautiful and your feet are awesome.. I'm a big fan of giantess, would you play with a 6inch man with your feet? What would you make him do?

Pink Answers: I would make him clean out ALL my toe lint before I crush him. lol

Johnny tnt Says: How likely would you be to let an attractive and charming guy, who you've never met before, touch/massage your feet? Thanks Pink!

Pink Answers: I wouldn't let someone I never met before touch me in anyway.

Footguy Says: Hey Pink Do you like to drive fast and put your foot to the floor?

Pink Answers: Do I ever! Nothing but speed and aggression.

Joe Corbi Says: Let me first say how great your feet are. Are your feet ticklish and if so where?

Pink Answers: My feet are ticklish, all over. But for some reason my left foot more than my right. weird I know.

Ree Says: If you were in a movie, would you be a good or bad girl? How many times would you like to show your feet and what part of your feet would you like to show the most? What would happen to you if you at the end if you were the bad girl?

Pink Answers: I would be both! I'm a Gemini, I can work both sides of the coin. I would show my feet all the time but wear sexy shoes to entice. Bad girl in my movie always wins.

Jello Says: Nice feet!! They are so beautiful. The toenails are fixed by professional pedicurist ..aren`t they?

Pink Answers: Thank you for noticing my nicely done toes, but I take the time to do them myself.

Shoeboy Says: Hello Pink. Very sexy feet. I love shoes. Have you ever had walked in cum filled shoes? If yes what was it like? If no what do you think you would do if you stepped into your shoes to find out you just step in cum?

Pink Answers: With all the disease in this world I would kick some ass if someone came in my shoes. How would YOU feel putting your foot in a cum filled shoe?

Burdo Says: Hy Pink! I send you a kiss.... :-) I would like to know if you are a dominate girl and if yes you prefer use stinky feet in that situations.... Thank you!!!

Pink Answers: Depending on my mood I can be a very dominating women! Yes I have used my stinky feet in some situations.

Steve Says: Hi there. How often do you wear pantyhose and what do your feet smell like after a long day wearing them?... Also have you ever had someone smell your feet while wearing pantyhose?

Pink Answers: I don't wear pantyhose all that much. I don't like covering up my skin with those hose! Natural is the way to go in my book. Why hide my feet?

Jason Says: How old were you when you first heard about foot fetishism and what were your initial thoughts about it? Did you think it was wierd?

Pink Answers: I was in my 20's when I first knew about foot fetishism. My thoughts were, how cool to think guys get off on feet! I think it is special, and special guys are the ones that look past the normal.... You guys see more beauty in woman than a tit or ass guy!!!!

CA Fem Foot Fan Says: what was it that got you to start working in the foot world? how old where you when you started? also you are one a my favorite foot models because of all the lines your foot soles have, is there any other model that you have worked with or know that has foot soles like yours? up to how long do you see your self doing foot modeling? and last, have you ever had a bad time because of your foot modeling work (like some one knowing it is you at work or something like that)? will love to hear from you.

Pink Answers: working? what work. I do this with my husband because it is beautiful. I like showing my beauty while I still have it. I'm not a model. Just having some fun. I'm in my 30's now. We will see how long I can keep having fun.

John Says: Hi there Pinky,firstly I would like to say that you are very pretty and extremelly attractive.My question is that I am very attracted to stockinged-pantyhose feet but nowadays woman hardly wear can I get my girlfriend to wear them without sounding too wierd and should I tell her about my fetish?...we've been going out for a month now...also how often do you wear them?

Pink Answers: Always be open with your girlfriend. I bet if she knows it turns you on she would wear them more. I don't wear them very often.

Paul Says: Hi there Pinky....You have very nice feet and a very nice smile.What nationality-background are you? and do you think that certain nationalities accept foot fetishism more than others or are more tollerant of it and also without sounding racial,do you believe that woman in some countries take better care of their feet than others?

Pink Answers: I'm a mixed breed. I'm a bit of everything but 100% American. I am not sure about the international foot scene.

Alex Says: Hi Pinky..just found out about your site, you are beautiful.My question is if you had a younger brother and knew he had a foot fetish would you tease him about it or would you let him smell your feet?

Pink Answers: not a chance.

Mndingo Says: Your feet are so sexy Pink and I love your arches. Will you show more of your arches on your site? Also, have you ever done a footjob to completion? If so, did you enjoy it?

Pink Answers: Thank you for the kind words. My site offers plenty of arch photos for you. What is a footjob that is not complete? All of my footjobs end in climax, and yes I enjoy it or I would not do it.

John Says: Do you like when your boyfriend cum on your sexy feet?

Pink Answers: Yes I do.

Robert Says: I just wanted to know if it would be possible if you could send me a close up of your feet just natural without paint. It's just a certain turn on I have and since I don't have a girlfriend recieving something from you would be like having one since im a preety huge fan of your web site. Well I hope that my question is respectfull enough to be answered with a nice surprise at the end. Keep up the good work!! I Love You Feet Pink.

Pink Answers: You must not have been a member of my site or you would have enjoyed many images as you describe.

Soso Says: My question is are you in barefoot around the home and stuff or do you prefer to wear socks, even in the cold weather.

Pink Answers: I go barefoot!

Toe Pinch Lover Says: Hi Pink I like your beautiful feet and toes. I am a toe lover. I like toe pinching foot jobes very much. My question is do you have any new technique for this type foot job? Please can you explain?

Pink Answers: My technique is easier seen than explained. My footjob videos on my website should do the trick. ;)

Julian Says: What's your job Pink?

Pink Answers: CIA operative. But dont tell anyone.

Marlon Says: Do you have a boyfriend and is he cool with you doing footjobs.

Pink Answers: My husband is fine with getting the footjobs you see on my websites.

Brian Says: Are you a footjob giver? Tell us what your favorite position is. Would you be barefoot, or wearking fuzzy socks or stockings? Would there be baby oil? Your feet are so gorgeous!!!

Pink Answers: Is this the first time you have seen my photos? Wu has a link for my site on this very page, and if you actually checked it out you would be more than pleased at what you find.

Joanne Says: I love jewlerry for feet, have you ever done a photoshoot where are you are wearing LOTS of jewlerry on your feet, I especially love indian foot jewlerry, will you ever do a shoot wearing lots of jewlerry on your feet?

Pink Answers: Yes I do. Once again, this is a question that would be happily satisfied by simply visiting my site and reading my bio.

Sam Says: Do you really like to have your feet licked?

Pink Answers: Very much so! The more the better.

Skorpius Says: Hi Pink, I've adored your feet (especially your soles) since I laid my eyes on them about a few years back. They look so soft and so lickable..yum! My question is, how'd you get into the foot fetish biz?

Pink Answers: I married a foot fucker!

Phil Says: Hi pink, I was wondering do your feet smell, and if so, what do they smell like?

Pink Answers: They smell something like my feet. LOL.

Solelover Says: Hey pink do you like it when your man cums on your soles? How is it like for your?

Pink Answers: Yes, it means job well done!

Dox1 Says: Just wanted to comment on your absolute gorgeous tiny feet. The red, dark or no toenail polish all works for you. Add to that the gorgeous legs,body and face and you have it all going for you. A 10+ for sure.....thanks for sharing with us viewers.

Pink Answers: Thank you for appreciating! It is nice that you notice the fine details. It makes sharing that much better.

Stefano Says: What's your fav. colour nail polish?

Pink Answers: Reds.

Nick Says: What is your favorite part of your foot? Do you prefer handjobs or footjobs?

Pink Answers: They are both fun to do.

Gregory Says: I've shot loads and loads of cum looking at pics of your incredibly, sexy feet & perfectly painted toenails. I wondered, do YOU actually get off on making a big, thick cock explode? If so, what gets you off more, making a big dick shoot thick cum with your beautifully manicured hands (looks like you're a lefty) or with your pretty pedicured feet & toes?

Pink Answers: Yes I do get off on getting my man off just pretty juicy down there! I like doing both to him. I'm a righty by the way, but I'm ambidextrous.

Chainsaw Says: Do you like the feel of a cock between your sexy feet?

Pink Answers: Love my mans cock between my sexy toes!

Treerobber Says: pink, first of all, you look amazing, never mind how your soft feet make me want to melt! and I was wondering, when did you first find out the effect your feet have on us fans of the toe?

Pink Answers: Thank you for the kind words. When I married my foot fucker, he opened my eyes to your world. I love it.

Zomgoman Says: Whats your favourite foot fetish activity? do you enjoy givin footjobs?

Pink Answers: Anything that gets my foot fucker off I enjoy. I like mixing up the activity's. Footjobs are fun and always end with a blast! lol

Joe Says: Pink, I was curiosu what happened to the middle toe on your right foot? did you break that toe or were you born with it like that? My both pinky toes overlap my 4th toes, so it kind of reminds me of my toes

Pink Answers: I was born with it. I think it's special, you must be too. My mother has the same thing but on her left foot!

Lickstinkyfeet Says: Hey Pink! I just wanted to start out to sayin that you have the most incredible looking feet. Your toes and soles look stunning. I was wondering if your feet smell strong? What kind of footwear makes your feet smell the strongest?

Pink Answers: If I had a strong odor to my feet then they would not look as good. I take care of my soles. If anything would make my feet smell it would be my workout sneakers.

Lickstinkyfeet Says: What is the exact feeling you get when someone is licking your soles and sucking your toes slowly?

Pink Answers: I love it when my husband licks my soles ever so slowly, and then slides his tongue in and out of my toes and just waits for me to giggle with joy!

Adam Says: I love seeing women showing their feet at stores like Wal-Mart. I like to go up to those women and tell them they have pretty feet and shoes. What age group of women do you think would let me take pics of their feet and would it be weird to ask them to take their shoes off and walk barefoot? what is your opinion? Thanks

Pink Answers: I wouldn't do it. Not a good way to go about it.

Fussmann Says: You have absolutely gorgeous feet and toes! Do you prefer your sexy toes to be painted or erotic naughty naked?

Pink Answers: I love it both ways. I like to air my toes out without polish for a few days and then paint them. My toes I think look great either way.

Hector Says: Do you like crush objects, like toy cars using you sandals?

Pink Answers: I do take member request, and that sounds harmless. I think that could be done.

Big D Says: Your feet are amazing! and so are you! I was wondering what was your first foot fetish experience?

Pink Answers: Thank you for the kindness. My first foot fetish experience was with my husband at the time boyfriend and we were having sex and he grabbed my feet and started sucking on my feet and came so hard and so fast! After that it was clean feet, polished nails and ankle jewelry!

Jess Says: How would you react if guys came up to you and told you that they like your feet?

Pink Answers: I would thank him.

AC Says: You have incredible feet. What do you think the best way to tell a girl you have a foot fetish and that you want to worship her feet is?

Pink Answers: Be honest and just tell her.

Mitch Says: Hello, do you drive barefoot? Do you go barefoot in public?

Pink Answers: I will drive my truck barefoot on hot days. I will not go in public places without something on my feet like flip flops.

Jelipe Says: Hi gorgeous!!, You are a very beautifull girl, thanks for give us some of your time for knowing more about you. I would like to know if someone has ever reconized you in the street and if you like to show your soles in public? (like putting your feet on the table or outside the car) and if yes, what is the reaction of the people? Thanks for your time!

Pink Answers: Your kind words are nice to hear. I have never been recognized and I wouldn't show off my soles if I was.

?? Says: what would you say the average size dick is?

Pink Answers: 6-inches

X-man Says: How often do you notice guys checking out your feet...and how can you distinguish from someone just looking down and someone else actually checking you out?

Pink Answers: I don't ever notice guys checking out my feet. Maybe because I don't look at what other people look at. It takes a special person to catch my eye! :)

Tiny Says: Hello Pink. You have nice feet. Would you rather give a footjob to guy with a 8+ inch dick or one with a 4 inch dick? Would you enjoy humiliating him?

Pink Answers: Size doesn't matter to me, it is all how you use it!!!

Hi Pinki Says: do you like toe ring? and what about strappy sandals? do you find them sexy?

Pink Answers: I love wearing toe rings and sandals. I think they are very sexy to wear.

Seattle Says: Your soles are so gorgeous!!! Great close ups! Are they as soft and smooth as they look???? Do you ever put your feet in someone's face and smother him/her with your soles.... Do you enjoy this???

Pink Answers: Thank you for noticing the details. My soles are very soft and smooth. I take care of every inch of my skin. It is all I got. I love teasing my husband with my feet and stuffing them in his face! Sometimes I even tie him up and really torture him.

Dave Says: Hi Pink just want to say your very sexy and have very sexy feet. was wondering if when you wear heels if your feet hurt and which part of your feet hurt the most from wearing heels. Thanks!

Pink Answers: Wearing heels the part that hurts the most is the ball of my foot.

Stan Says: Do you like men with baldness?

Pink Answers: Love my husband nice and clean.

Slings Says: Pink, you have soles to absolutely die for really .I was wondering if I can make a request would absolutely love to see you stand on your toes in strappy sandals or slingbacks closeup viewed from the back ,this would be extremely appreciated.

Pink Answers: Thank you for the request I think I will add that to my next photo shoot.

Daledee Says: do you get a lot of men asking about your feet wrinkles? what do you think of men who are into this?

Pink Answers: your the first. I think everybody has a different part of the foot they like best. I think it is all beautiful. The more wrinkles the better right?

eSC Says: A quick question, when you are doing photoshoots do you actually get horny? or is just money and a little bit of fun?

Pink Answers: After every photo shoot I get it on with my husband. Sharing sexy moments with him how could I not get turned on?

Ink Addiction Says: First off, you have incredible feet and one awesome body. Your site is amazing and so are you. What's your favorite toenail polish and would you consider selling any of your footwear on your site or ebay?

Pink Answers: Your kind words are nice. I like the reds. I will not be selling any of my items. I love them all!

Kevin Says: Just would like to know will you ever have your sex clips for sale again.

Pink Answers: Please check out my site page. There is many sexy clips on there.

Peter The ToeJizzer Says: I am a 26 year old guy, living in the Netherlands. A total footfreak and I absolutely love your pretty feet and wonderful toes. In fact, a couple of minutes before typing this, I jerked of on your feet. I lost count of the number of times your toes made my cock shoot big streams of hot cum. What I wanted to ask you is how does it make you feel that guys like me, all over the world, are jacking their dicks to your pretty feet. What feeling do you get when you read messages like this one.... Anyway keep up the good work girl and know that you will always be my number 1 jerking queen

Pink Answers: Thank you for your very detailed kind words! : ) Bottom line is no one is getting hurt doing any of this, we are all getting off. So to hear that you feel good about something you saw on me can only make me feel good in return. I'll keep having fun (and keeping up the good work)on my end you do the same on yours! enjoy!

Guitardrew Says: Pink, wow what an honor to finally be able to tell you how amazingly hot you are, and for the love of God you have the best feet Ive ever seen pretty much. Just excactly my type with the size, toe shape and most especially the deLICIOUS looking soles that look so soft and smooth yet are not completely wrinkled, just these folds that drive me insane when I see a girl who has soles like this. Anyway, Im just curious how much do you absent-mindedly dangle your shoes/flip flops and slip your feet in and out, just all out shoeplay. I realize since it is absent minded you may not know, loll but maybe just check as you are sitting at the computer how much do you play with your shoes? thanks for having the sexiest feet on planet earth.

Pink Answers: Wow that was allot to read and thank you for the very kind words. How cool. Well I do slide my feet in and out of my shoe and not thinking about it. I think it helps me think, like now!

Mike Says: Hello Pink!!! Your feet are amazing!!! My question is this, is it possible that a man can be turned on by feet, but view it more as an appreciation?? I love all kinds of feet. Mature,Young, wide, narrow,etc...... My female friends see it as some kind of cheap pickup line. What do you think???

Pink Answers: If you are sincere and you truly are not using it just as a pickup line then I think its great! Appreciation is the greatest flattery.

Mike W Says: I think you are very sexy.. Will you ever sell worn items?

Pink Answers: Yes I will and I have in the past when I was with BHE. We are still working on a store page on the new site for my worn items to be sold. Thanks for the reminder!

Creg Says: Hey Pink, first off i'd like to say that you have amazingly sexy feet and really pretty toes. At what age was your first foot fetish expierence and what did you do??

Pink Answers: Thank you! My first experience was with a boyfriend (now my husband) about 12 years ago. He didn't have the courage to come out and admit that he wanted my feet at first. He would be more passive-aggressive than that. He would always offer to give me full body massages, but I always ended up on my belly with him straddling me from behind as he massaged. The thing was that every time he ran his hands up my back, he would rub his erection up against my soles. I thought it was only coincidence, but it happened every time. I figured it out the first time I actually reacted with my feet and rubbed him back with the soles of my feet. He came instantly, and the rest is history. :)

Gerald Says: What would you do to me If I was 2 inch tall crossing on your floor? Thanks.

Pink Answers: Crush you like the bug you are!

Sean Says: Have you ever teased a guy under the table with your feet? Also, can you do some more nylon sets? Thanks.

Pink Answers: Hi Sean. The under-the-table tease is fun! As for your request, there will be more nylon sets coming. Stay tuned!

Cool Rick Says: Let me first start by saying how beautiful you are from head to toes.I love the way the soles of your feet get wrinkles on them when you point your toes,they are very sexy! I was hoping that maybe you could share a story with us all about how you teased someone that you caught staring at your sexy feet.Where was it? How did you tease him? What happened from start to end? I hope you can do that for us, it will make my dreams much better. :) Thanks Pink and keep up the great work on your site.

Pink Answers: Thanks Rick! I have noticed my feet getting attention many times, but I don't usually tease strangers on purpose. However, I have occasionally been known to kneel down exposing my soft heels and arches from behind. It is harmless and leaves the watcher with a lump in their pants!

Huppy Says: Hi, do you prefer giving footjobs or getting your toes sucked?

Pink Answers: Both!

Jude Says: Hey Pink.. For starters you have beautiful feet! I just wanted to ask, a womans feet plays a good part in how attracted I am to a woman. I've always been afraid though when getting intamit with a girl who has beautiful feet like yourself if I was to show any affection to them they'd be freaked out. Would you say that most woman who take extra care into their feet and go outa their way to make them look sexy are into receiving attention in an intimate situation?

Pink Answers: I would not say that all women who take care of their feet will take to the foot fetish well. But once you have developed a relationship you should be able to share your fetish without problem. Once a woman has taken to you she will be more responsive. being to forward with anything before the time is right will always cause problems.

Green Says: Pink, you have beautiful feet and I thank you so much for sharing. What is your preferred shoe?? I like seeing your feet in clogs!

Pink Answers: Any shoes that expose the sexy parts. Clogs are nice as they show the sexy heel and allow peeks when kneeling. Maybe it is time for a new pair?

Kevin Says: If I gazed at your beautiful feet in public would you be offended? bB the way you are pretty as hell.

Pink Answers: As long as you didn't lurk like a creep! LOL! Staring could be very flattering, but could you control yourself?

Pelly Says: What do you do for fun?

Pink Answers: I ride motorcycles and atv`s. I also enjoy camping, hiking and most outdoor activities.

Temo Says: Pink, your feet are extremely beautiful...high arches and oh sooo suckable toes...awesomely hot bod, too. But on with my question, what percent of men that you've encountered have had an apreciation for your feet???

Pink Answers: So far only the man I am with now. I married him so the uncommon foot guys must be special!

Kluger Says: Please indulge my ignorance but after seeing your site I see you are ticklish. When your feet are tickled do your toes curl.

Pink Answers: I am very ticklish, and yes my toes do curl. Just so you know, I have a tickle site as well. By joining any one of my 3 websites, you will get access to all 3 sites including my tickle site

Strutter Says: Just wondering....would you ever love to be tickle attacked,while laying on the beach. Tell us how much giggling you would do, having both feet tickled. P.S., feet Pink...thanx

Pink Answers: I am not sure I would love it, But I do know that I would giggle and scream!

Kfcare Says: Hi dearest pink, First of all I want to say that Your feet are best on net and the soles are so delicate & beautiful and I love the wrinkles on your sexy soles. My questions is do you love when a guy lick your perfect soles and what are your feelings at that point of time. Take care.

Pink Answers: Thank you for the kind words! I love my soles being licked. The feeling is mixed between tickle and sexy. I want to giggle but it also makes me wet and horny.

Luy Says: Hi Pink, your feet are SOOOO cute. My question is what is your favorite foot fetish activity ? and how many lucky guyes have had the privilege to put their lips on those beautiful toes? I wish I can be one of them :-)))

Pink Answers: I am not sure that I can choose just one. All foot play is fun. As much as I love giving footjobs and the feeling I get, teasing and using the power of attraction is hot too! My husband is the only man that has had his lips around these toes. No girls have, although I know many of you as well as my husband would love to see that!

Footlover Says: Are you going to put some pedal pumping clips/pics on your site.

Pink Answers: I have some pedal pumping clips and pics on the site. There will be more to come as well. You would have found them in the members area if you joined. :) Fast and furious is the only way I drive!

Antiochos Says: Hello Pink- you're gorgeous! It seems in your pictures as if you recognise the overt sensuality and sexuality of the arch and soles, which you put to great effect by tip-toeing and scrunching. Do you have a fetish for feet? Do you recognise how cute YOUR own feet are? Do you crave their worship by some guy? Keep up with the good work and we'll keep up!

Pink Answers: You can thank my husband for showing me the beauty in the female foot and appreciating mine enough for me to like them myself. My hubby takes the photos and explains poses and what makes them sexy to him. Member requests help with things that hubby may not have come up with on his own. Yes, my feet do crave worship, but they don't go without for very long.

Pearl Diver Says: Would you consider doing a barefooted underwater photo set? It would really look great if you wore a mask or goggles so that you looked like a pearl diver.

Pink Answers: I have plenty of underwater video clips on the site, but I have not had the still camera underwater yet. Hopefully the video clips can hold you over until we can shoot some underwater stills. I do like the look of underwater sets. Sky blue, sunshine and sexy skin tone. Or is it just that you cant be seen peeking under water?

Caligula Says: How often do you update your site? On your old BHE site we could see when the updates occur and the new one keeps us in the dark. I think you have the hottest feet on the net but I've already seen all the old pics.

Pink Answers: The new site design has the updates and my "Diary" in the members area now. I know this has caused some confusion so I will try to get an updates page in the free area. I did like that aspect of the BHE layout, simple and clean, and you know what you are getting. I just wanted something more original. If you have not joined the site since BHE, then you can look forward to many new sets and video clips on the new site. The new design has all photo sets in categories. Footjobs, Bare feet, Shoes, Outdoors and so on. Also, all new sets on the new site design were taken with a new camera. The newer sets are much higher in quality. On another note, any time I get behind on updates, I am sure to add several sets or clips at one time to make up. At this time I am actually in the process of adding several full length clips from my clip stores onto my websites as an added bonus.

Dean Says: Do you like you feet sniffed while being fucked?

Pink Answers: I love having any kind of touch to my feet when I'm getting off. I love it most when he is on top of me and my toes are in his mouth while he is looking at me in pleasure. I love watching my toes slide in and out of his mouth it is such a turn on!!!

Tumpy Says: What is your normal reaction if you see a bug in your house?

Pink Answers: My normal reaction is to crush that ugly thing in my house! If it is on the floor I'll crush it with my foot doesn't matter if I have socks, sneakers or nothing on. I'll still crush it. I have to admit that I did crush a field mouse once outside last fall. yewwww was it gross, I had to crush it. I was wearing boots.

DueceBigglo Says: Love your feet. Question, how does your family feel about you posting pics on the net? ( family as in mother and father and other immediate members). I ask because most of the time family members tend not know about it. unless they are into feet.

Pink Answers: Now that is a great interview question. I will be honest, my parents have raised me to be honest and open with them. After my husband and I got into the feet website we expanded into the handjob and nudity. I asked myself this very question, what if one of my dad's friends told him they saw me on the web? How would my dad feel? So I told him what hubby and I were up too. He did process it for a day or so before responding and he came back and said "Good for you, enjoy sex and the human body. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides if you`ve got it, enjoy it now. Nobody is getting hurt and you are sharing this with your husband." My family is not into feet. Dad is more of an leg and tit man! But I wanted him to know from me what his daughter is into, just incase he heard it from someone else and he wasn't surprised about it. He also told me that if I'm ever in any "girly magazines" that I need to inform him so he doesn't buy that month!!!! lol Thank you for the great question.

Crazy Boy Says: Hello. I think you are a very pretty girl and you have very beautiful feet too. This is my question: Just imagine the following crazy thing: During the last years an unknown virus has razed the masculine population making many men to be shrinking. At the beginning this fact is considered as a great misfortune, since doesn't exist a remedy for the illness, but with the step of the time it transforms into a normal fact and those that were reduced by the illness are considered as inferior simple human beings without rights, like pets or bugs. Now imagine that one day you return home of work, bad humor and tired, you take off the shoes and, suddenly, you find in the floor of your living room a small man of approximately ten centimeters high requesting for your help. What do yo do with him? Would you help him? Do you squash him with your bare foot? Would you keep him as a pet? What do yo do with him? Only take some minutes and please respond me. Thank you for your time and and excuse my so bad English and my crazy fantasies.

Pink Answers: Thank you for the kinds words. If I came home to a small 10 centimeter man standing in my living room my first reaction would be a startled one. What would be his need for my help? I wouldn't crush him. I would think he was cute, like a pocket pet. Maybe I would put him in my pocket just to see if he would fit, hopefully he wouldn't bite me. I would keep him. I would want oral pleasure daily if he wanted to stay, make that 2 times a day! Morning and night. I think I would dress him up like the "Pillsbury's Dough Boy" that really is the only thing I can think of when I think of a little man of that size. I do have a thing for that little white dough boy. I would poke his belly over and over again while his mouth was over my clit! lol

Bello Ragazzo Says: Hi Pink! Great feet you have!! My question: what do you think about crushing? Do you sometimes crush things? For instance, are you a smoker and do you put out your cigarettes by crushing them with a twisting motion of your feet? Find this very sexy. Kisses.

Pink Answers: I'll crush a bug in my house!!! I'm not a smoker but used to be. I quit 4 years ago. To this day I'm still proud of myself for doing it cold turkey and never looked back!!!! When I was a smoker (and was one for 10 years) I would crush the butts (if outside) with my right foot in a twisting motion to put it out.

Lady Foot Says: Hello sweety Pink. Kisses for your beautiful feet and toes. My question is about foot jobs. For giving good foot job and best results what should I do? My hubby some times not feel good.

Pink Answers: LUBE LUBE LUBE!!!! Ask him to help you out so you know what he likes.

Castboy Says: You do realy have perfect feet. I love your feet and every time I see your well shaped sexy feet I explode ! Girls generaly don\'t like me when I\'m into their feet. They like to have real sex and blame my foot fetish, while the word sex in my vocabulary means female feet! Should I reconsider my view about sex and forget about my real apeal, that is female feet? I'm always under your feet and ready to serve them Pink.

Pink Answers: Thank you and please keep worshiping my feet! Maybe your approach when having sex needs to be reconstructed. Just because your into their feet you cannot ignore the female NEEDS. You have things that turn you on like the feet while she may have different needs that needs attention like intercourse itself. Maybe what you can do is while your worshiping her feet with your tongue and lips you can give her some oral pleasure with your fingers? I bet she would like that very much. Why can't you have the best of both worlds? Sex and your need to get those feet!!!! Besides as you pleasure yourself with her feet and pleasuring her wouldn't it be such a turn on when she moans with joy?????

Johnny Says: Hi Pink! While giving oral to your man, does he ever suck on your toes? Kinda 69 BJ/Toe suck?

Pink Answers: Yes he does. In fact we will have to get that one on video for the website just so you can see.

Aikikai Says: What do you think about footjobs in kimono? My girlfriend is a black belt in karate and I feel so excited when she takes my hard cock with her soles after a karate training!!!!! Maybe you are black belt too??? I'd like to see you in a karate footjob, wearing a martial arts uniform, forcing a boy to lick your wonderful feet..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!it would be so GREAT!!!!!

Pink Answers: That sounds like a great fun thing to try out on my husband. Thanks for the idea. My busy life I don't have time to take karate lessons. But getting the gear and pretending I'm a black belt could be fun for me and him. Wonder if I should kick his ass if he doesn't lick my feet the way I want him too! hee hee. : ) mmmmmmmmmmmm that sounds like fun!

Marcus Says: Hi Pinky! I love your feet, especially your toes. There's nothing more arousing than tiny soft toes. My question is:Do you like having your feet massaged? I noticed my foot fetish at a young age and I have some massage techniques your husband could use on your feet (and toes) that you might really enjoy! I would like to know if you actually like any of my ideas! 1) Spread your toes and have him slide his fingers back and forth in between your toes against the sides of your toes and the webbing of your toes. The skin here is SOFT and SENSITIVE. 2) Have him stretch your toes by pushing them backwards with his hand or fingers. This will stretch the muscles in your toes, the balls of your feet and your arches back to your heel. Please try these ideas and tell me if you like them - they worked for the girls I did them for and should leave you drooling I hope!!

Pink Answers: Thank you so much for you advise! My husband does these very techniques to me. He too had a foot fetish all his life and learned what makes women weak in the knees (or foot) from massaging.

CharlyB Says: Hello Pink, no need to tell you of your beautiful body from top to toes. But I have to tell you that your beautiful and sexy feet are absolutely unique: your 2nd toe right side always taking a ride on its neighbours is something I've never seen before. My question now: Do you like your sexy, beautiful, unique (!!) toes as much as I do?? Is it a turn-on for you knowing that guys love you playing with your feet and toes?? Perhaps you like to tell us something about your thoughts and feeling concerning your feet. Kissing your feet!

Pink Answers: Charly-Your comments made my day! I love the fact that my feet/toes are different than any other woman. I also get off on the fact that men find my toes unique and sexy! It is a turn on to love the skin your in and not want or need to change what was giving to me.

Mike Says: Pink, you are incredibly beautiful. What do you like to have done to your sexy feet the most. On a scale of one to ten, how ticklish are your feet. Also, if you ever were walking or shopping alone, and a nice -looking man came up to you and offered $50 to to ONLY smell those cute feet and toes, would you agree. Thankyou, and I want you to know that it's your feet that are 110% worthy of every mans jacking off to.

Pink Answers: Thank you for the kind compliment. I love to have my feet rubbed the most with lotion. I'm on my feet allot and they do get sore. So the foot rub is so wonderful to have. :) Even if I was with a friend and a nice looking man came up to me and offered me any amount of money and only to do something as innocent as smell my feet I would have to decline. My feet, heart and soul are for my husband only. But please keep enjoying what you see.

Love Pink's Toes Says: are truly beautiful. I love your sexy feet and the skills you possess. Your body is mint...I would truly love to make love to you and have you stroke my cock with your sexy feet. I would love to cum all over your wrinkled sexy soles. My question is how did you learn to give such great footjobs and where is the most public place you have given one?

Pink Answers: I learn to give footjobs through hubby, he told me what he liked and I just went from there. We have done footjobs on a airplane under a blanket, beach, and parks. I think the airplane one was pretty public and FUN! Love the name way the way. Thank you for the nice compliments.

Maurice Says: Your arches are so sexy. My question is do you prefer to draw attention to your feet by wearing sandals or by wearing heels and dangling? Which one gets you the most attention?

Pink Answers: I think I get more attention from heels. My heels are open toe and open back. But wearing them and sitting down I do dangling them allot. Hubby likes it all when he is in the mood.

Musclex Says: First off let me say that you have very lovely and talented feet. My question is what do you think you are better at, dangling or footjobs? Which do you like the most?

Pink Answers: I think the more I give my husband footjobs the more I get ideas on something with a twist and it is more fun. I like getting him off the most. So I would have to say the footjobs get more of the pleasurable result.

Jean-Pierre Says: I noticed that you point your toes in many of your photos, I find this incredibly sexy ! :)It is very feminine ! You have magnificient soles and toes ! I am a man who enjoys a foot tease, but I am not submissive, I like when a women uses her feet to seduce me. I'm sure sometimes you initiate foreplay with your husband, do you use your feet to seduce him ? If so, how do you do this ? Thank you, ma belle, for your time. :)

Pink Answers: Hubby likes the toe points also. There are to many ways to list, but for example, to initiate some play I may start by lotioning up my feet in front of him. Then when I'm done, I slide my right foot up his pant leg slowly up and down. Sometimes I lay on the floor in "The Pose". He can look down at me and I can point my toes in his face and still be able to look him in the eye. He loves this. I can also simply get on one or two knees to expose my heels and soles to his prying eyes. That always does the trick!

Jake Says: Pink I love your feet.. I was wondring if you have ever considered decorating your feet with paint or markers? I was also wondering what is your favorite color of polish? How do you feel about a guy polishing his toenails?

Pink Answers: Thank you for reminding me about the latex body paint I bought! I had a set done with liquid latex for a forum member (Named "You") but my hubby somehow lost the set. Grrrr. I will do a set with my legs and feet painted. Wow I can't believe I forgot. Reds are my color. I think a guy that polishes his nails is in touch with himself. All right by me. :)

Foot Lover Says: Would you ever date a guy if he approached you and said "wow you have beautiful feet"?

Pink Answers: I married him!

Johnny Says: Hi Pink. I really enjoy viewing your gorgeous, sexy feet and leg pics. Your feet look very soft and beautifully shaped. Please accept my comments and compliments as positive. However, I would probably never get the nerve to tell you, or any woman this, in person. My question is, how would you respond to a guy telling you this just out of the blue??

Pink Answers: hank you very much for the kind words. If a women can't take a kind word about any part of her body she isn't worth your time. You shouldn't feel that you can't get the nerve to say something that turns you on. I've been told out of the blue by strangers on the street that I have nice set of stems or whatever body part that liked. I take it as a compliment and I do feel good about myself after they say it. Rejection only makes a person stronger REMEMBER that for me. I hope someday you can get the nerve to say something nice that you wanted to say. You only live once, enjoy life and make others feel good!

Big Fan Says: Hi, do you have your toes done by cute little asian women?

Pink Answers: I do them myself! :)

Dave Says: Hello lady, as well as appreciating your lovely feet, I'd like to say I love your toned body. Do you pump iron?

Pink Answers: I do pump iron........ my mans! lol I am very physically active, that keeps me toned. Thanks! :)

Foothumper Says: I am a fan, and I love feet at all angles, but I really go mad on the backs of legs, calves and that tippy toe position that shows of the achilles heel. Especially in flip flops. I always have wanted to Hump the soles of beautiful define feet flexing up and down on a step ladder from this position. Would you think thats weird?

Pink Answers: Not a weird idea at all! Try the stairs, it might be safer. lol. Actually my man loves legs and calves as well!

Matt Hardy Says: Hello , I liked your feet a lot and wish if I could meet you in person . Anyway I have a question for you & ofcourse its related to feet :) . Lets say if we see a lady wear toerings and jewelry on her feet, can we say that she knows bout this fetish or she is just following a trend or fashion? Thanx for pictures Madam.

Pink Answers: I believe there is a mix of those who know and those who do for fashion. I wore a toe ring before I knew it gave some guys hard-ons. Now I think they are that much cooler! My ears have almost always been pierced and I only recently found out that fetish! You're welcome for the pictures sir!

Toelizard Says: Did you ever think of getting a tattoo on your feet?

Pink Answers: Yes I have and I'm still thinking it over. I have a few ideas on what kind of artwork I would do but time will tell.

Skeeman Says: Hey Pink, I like your cute little feet! I LOVE your handjobs. What turns you on abut handjobs and why do you think most women don't realize how great they are? It seems like women are more willing to give a blowjob than a handjob/footjob.

Pink Answers: Thank you for checking out the sites! What turns me on about handjobs is the fact I have control of the jerk. I can go fast and then tease a bit, I love to do that to him! I try to intensify the orgasm. I really love it when he cums it is such a turn on seeing him in pleasure. Most women don't realize how much you guys like handjobs because you don't tell us. We are not mind readers! We are used to most pornos of women giving head with their mouths. There is not as much eye candy for the women out there as there is for you gentlemen when it comes to porno movies. So we women can only learn from what you tell us you like and what we see on the screen. So communicate with your women!

Alfon Says: Hi pink, Iīm a spanish guy with a special predilection for the feet of the girls, my problem is the next, my girlfriend has a beautiful feet, but she doesnīt like very much that I worship them, What can I do? Thanx and kisses in your beautiful feet.

Pink Answers: Move on to the next women. If she can't fulfill your desires as a man what fun is that? There are plenty of women out there that love you feet fuckers!!!

Smoothy Says: Has a man ever shot cum on your wrinkled soles?

Pink Answers: Yes! In my members area there are many cum shots on my soles.

Mo Says: Hey love your site. You kind of look like a hippie. Are you? How do you feel about the war? Just curiosity (I'm a young wounded veteran)

Pink Answers: Not all people with dread locs are "hippie's". In fact I'm far from one, I just love the hair style. Other than regular washing, they take care of themselves. Yes, dreads can and must be washed regularly. I drive a big truck at high speeds while listening to hardcore. I have been in many a mosh pit in my day, not very hippie. lol. The T.V news and newspapers I don't think tell or know the entire stories. My father is a veteran of Vietnam and he came out of that war a different person by far. I can only think the same of you. Thank you for fighting for our country and I'm very sorry you were wounded. One difference between you and my father is that you chose to enlist, he did not. How do I feel about the war? Some wars need to be fought. But more on that topic would be better off in the "Political" topics area of Wu`s forum. What do you think of the war? I would love to hear you thoughts on it as you were there.

Mike Says: What do you look for in man? If you could be with one celebrity who would it be?

Pink Answers: I found what I was looking for, in my husband. I would not want to be with a celebrity, even if I could. They are never as they appear.

Coochie Coochie Says: Do you ever drive barefooted and have you ever gotten stuck spinning your tires in mudd or snow? Would you ever make a stuck video showing you spinning and pumping the the gas pedal as well as spinning the vehicles driveshaft underneath? Love to see that!!!

Pink Answers: If this should happen I will be sure to have hubby with the video camera record it. Of course I do get stuck with my At allot that might be a cool video? Will try it. Thanks for the idea.

Teri & Mark Says: Hi Pink! I just wanted you to know that my husband Mark loves your sexy little feet. Sometimes, after a busy stressful day that would normally not lead to sex, we'll surf the web or our photo collection to get in the mood. You're my favorite because your feet drive him wild. I just wanted to thank you for what you've done for my marriage, and compliment your husband on his taste and beautiful photographs.

Pink Answers: What I or we have done for your marriage? If all it took were some nice photos as the hubbies "Viagra", it could not have been that bad! Thank you for the kind words. You made both of our days! I think your response to the interview question was one that made my day the most. It is so nice to hear that you take part in Mark's visual pleasures. I'm sure that he gets more excited knowing you are apart of it! It is nice to hear that you two are a "real married couple" and enjoy sexuality together. Thanks Teri I hope you two enjoy many good sex moments for years to come.

Teri & Mark Says: Hi Pink, I just wanted to add a thank you to Teri's question. I also read your explanation of how you discovered your husband's foot fetish. He sounds a lot like me. I always want to give Teri pleasure first, so I started with a full body massage with strawbery oil that was going really well. When I got to her feet, she gave me such positive feedback that I began sucking her toes. When she moaned "This is better than my wildest fantasies", I knew she would be my future wife. xoxoxo Mark

p.s. After writing to you about our first time with the picture of your foot in my face, I need to go make love to Teri!

Pink Answers: Thank you Mark! I'm so happy that you enjoy the pictures. I hope you guys are members to my sites as there are many video's to expand that sexual mind of yours! It is so nice to hear that you WANT to pleasure Teri FIRST! What a lucky women she is to have you!!!! Their are many men out there that don't think this way. If they did there would be allot less "fake orgasms" these women would have. You know what a real womens cum face is and I can only bet that gets you off even more!!! You keep that wife happy and she will return it 10 folds huh?!!!

Jaden Says: Pink, first please let me say that your feet are remarkable. My question may seem a little strange, hehe bare with me please. You are at one your favorite rock concerts near the moshpit when people near you suddenly shrink! How do you react..? These people stand in your way to being closer to the band!=p Thanks pink, You and your husband do a wonderful job, on keeping your website well updated and cared for!

Pink Answers: Thank you for the kind words. As I do when people are at a concert and I want to get closer to the band to see, I squeeze by them. But if they suddenly shrunk and it was someone like Ozzy and he was throwing his bazooka out in the crowd, you bet your ass I would be kicking some people out of my way! lol. I wouldn't kill them but I would use my feet to push them out of the way. I wouldn't want my fingers bit if I tried to pick them up and throw them!! lol

Maurice Says: I have a question for you. What do you think is sexier to men if you had to guess? Wearing a closed-toe heel and watching it dangle or wearing an open back mule and watching the back end slap up against the heel while a woman walks making that nice sound? What do you think?

Pink Answers: I think each person has a different fetish. Some may like to see heels closed some open. Everybody is different and gets turned on by different things. The bottom line is, a woman is sexy to each man in their own way.

Toetally Says: My girlfriend doesn't mind letting me lick and suck her toes (provided I first give her a foot massage), but she's afraid to let me bite and nibble on her feet. How do you feel about that?

Pink Answers: I feel each person is different and you need to respect that. I love it when Neo does anything playful to my feet as I trust him not to hurt me. Is she afraid of being tickled maybe?

Tony Says: Hi, beautifull!!, your husband is very lucky to have a wonderfull woman like you!, to me your feet are the Number 1 on the net (they look soft and your toes and soles are PERFECT), so, my question is: Who other (or others) foot models do you think have a nice feet? and would you like to do a photo session with another well known foot model like yourself?

Pink Answers: Thank you for your nice kind words and for being a fan. I think there are too many attractive foot models to list.There will always be someone out there to please. When I first started these web sites we decide that we were to do this together only. We do this for fun and then we share with all of you. I don't need anything else but Neo. As long as we are having fun and looking good we will keep on doing this.

Pocas Says: Do you get jealous if your husband look at anotherīs girl feet?? and do you or your husband check another foot and tickling web sites? (if yes, Itīs only for get some ideas or also for fun)

Pink Answers: I do not get jealous when my husband looks at other woman's feet. It is only natural when you see something that looks nice, you look at it. Neo has always been into feet, and yes he does check out other web sites for his own eye candy of fun! You can look but you can't touch.

TonyWeb Says: Hello Pink! I'm italian boy! Excuse me for this question: but think you that your soles are perfect for a perfect footjob? Do you like it?

Pink Answers: I love giving footjobs. It is very sexy to get Neo off this way. I love the power I have over him. I love it when he cums all over my soles with his warmth & juicyness.

Thor Says: How and why did you get the name Pink?

Pink Answers: This was my nick-name growing up, pinky. :)

Dr Williams Says: Hi, Pink, first I must say I would die for a foot job from you, I know that will never happen, but I can dream can't I! My question,what part or parts of your feet if any are rough to the touch, and what parts are smooth?

Pink Answers: Dr. Please keep dreaming as it is only healthy and fun to do! I have to say that I don't have any rough parts to touch on my feet. I like keeping them nice and soft for Neo and Neo's cock! Smooth and silky as long as I can!

Soleman Says: As a loyal fan (without a membership sadly), I must say that you (and Neo) have some of the best physiques out there. More than a foot artist, it is always inspiring to see the defined lines of the performers-- my girlfriend particularly intrigued by the sincerity in those strained muscles when playing with each other-- you and Neo truly pleasure each other, as such, inspiring other couples to that level of devotion.

My question is: What is your work out regimine? You must fortify your your excercise with some nutritional balance, what do you recommend. Sex and love play are quite possibly the best forms of isometrics out there. Thank you for not only sharing ya'lls fetish with us, but helping promote good, clean living.

Pink Answers: Soleman I want to first say thank you for understanding how important it is to be healthy! Thank you for you beautiful comments! Made our day. We do allot of workout together and we eat very well. Neo is an awesome cook and healthy one also. We gets lots of sleep and really try hard to stay looking good for each other. Sex and love play do play a huge part in our workout to help burn up some energy! Neo is my soulmate(solemate) and we do almost everything together and enjoy each others company so much. We respect each other very much and with that comes much devotion.

Mark Says: Do you prefer having sex barefoot (as opposed to having on heels or boots) and is it a sexual thing for you to have someone touching your bare feet?

Pink Answers: I prefer barefoot. I love having Neo touch and caress my soles when we have sex. I think it feels so good and what a great turn on to have him inside me and caressing my soles at the same time. Gets me wet just thinking about it!

William Says: Pink, it goes without saying that your tootsies look delicious! I have a question and a "scenario" for you: Which style of shoe make your feet perspire the most when you wear them and: If you were pulled over for speeding by a male police officer (who just happened to have a weakness for female feet) and in exchange for him tearing up your traffic ticket, he asks to sniff, lick and nibble on your soft soles right there in public, what would be your response? Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question/scenario, My Queen!

Pink Answers: Thank you for your sweet yummy comment! The style of shoe that makes my feet perspire the most is van sneakers as they are very thick sneakers. Those sneakers make my feet stink awfully bad. If I was pulled over by a officer and in exchange for tearing up my traffic ticket so he can sniff, lick and nibble my sexy soft delicious soles I would just pay the ticket and leave him wanting. I'm the dominant woman and no man is going to black mail me! lol. Besides my peds are only and all for my hubby! Thank you for the question.

Julian Says: I would like to see more video of you alone,when you show feet slowly, it's hot. Can you make more video?

Pink Answers: Thank you so much for your comments. In fact we are in the making for doing that very clip on my web site. You must be a mind reader! lol.

Gregor Says: please....i pray that you answer my question....i love it when ladies have beautiful feet and your feet are making me crazy....but please answer this question and please you always wear a seatbelt when you take a ride in a car??? and do you never forget it???or have you ever forget it???please answer ...please for you.

Pink Answers: I always wear my seatbelt. I have been in too many car crashes and that seatbelt saved my life everytime!

SabadoGigante Says: Hi Pink! Amazing site(s) and, well, sights :) . Since you've established your feet are ticklish... what would be the most ticklish method for getting tickled? That is, what situation/tools/technique would be the absolute hardest to withstand, to the point of absolutely begging to get your feet free? (Now imagine it lasts for ten minutes straight)

Pink Answers: Good question! I have to say being restrained is by far the most ticklish. The tools used would be soft and movement slow. I must be relaxed to get the full effect of being ticklish.

Eastwardtraveler Says: First, thank you for the chance to allow the foot fetish community to communicate with you. That's very nice of you considering. In any case, how long have you been married/in a relationship? And how has the world of foot fetishism changed your relationship with your significant other?

Pink Answers: Your welcome. Have been with Neo for 12 years and married a few to him. Foot fetishism has only added fun and more enjoyment to our relationship! It is nice to be loved from head to toe! The feet are very sensual and a turn on to the touch when done with love and kindness.

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