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This interview was with the beautiful and sexy Nikki of 'Nikki's Arches'. She has agreed to answer some of your questions. You'll find the questions she chose to answer below. Send comments about this interview to

Kenneth Says: I love your feet, they are so sexy. Do you enjoy giving footjobs?

Nikki Answers: Hi, Yes.... I LOVE giving footjobs. :) Are you interested ;)

Alberto Says: Hi Nikki, you have a very beautifull face!,Im your big fan from mexico!! I Would like to ask you If your husband didnt get jealous when someone reconized you in the street? (I guess somebody did because you are one of the most famous feet models on the web) and I guess your husband didnt have a ticking fetish but did you consider do some tickling shots for some of your fans that love to see that? Thanks a lot Nikki!!

Nikki Answers: Hi Alberto, Well to be honest with you no one has ever approached me on the street. I dont know if no one noticed who I was or was just too shy to say anything. I dont think the husband would be jealous if someone did. I'll get some tickling sets posted soon.

Bende Says: I have a question for you, do you like squash toy cars under you sandals?

Nikki Answers: Hey Bende, I've never done that before... Would you like to see that?

Footsie Says: Do your feet smell Fresh and clean, that really turn's me on.

Nikki Answers: Yes, I always try the keep them clean and soft :)

Marzell Says: Do you know that your feet drive men wild? and do you like the fact that men masturbate to your feet?

Nikki Answers: I never really thought about it before I met my husband. He is the one who got me into the foot fetish thing. Now that I pay more attention I do notice men checking them out. I think people masturbating over me is soooooo sexy.

Robert Says: Have you made someone lick your spit from your feet?...Are you dominant woman?... Does your husband enjoy watching other people licking your feet? Thanks, I love your feet!

Nikki Answers: I've never had anyone lick my spit from my feet, I'm a dominant sometimes.... It depends on my mood.

Marzell Says: Have you ever given a black man a foot job before and would you ever give one?

Nikki Answers: I've never given anyone but the hubby a footjob. But it wouldn't be totally out of the question either ;)

Johnathan Says: What do you like most about your feet and why? Also I love your feet.

Nikki Answers: Well I would have to say my high arches..... Then probably the wrinkly soft soles.

Tron Says: Do you ever find yourself checking out other womens beautiful arches?

Nikki Answers: Sure, I have found myself checking out other womens feet a lot of times. I LOVE pretty female feet too :)

Datruth Says: Can I smell your feet and what they smell like after a long day in tennis without socks?

Nikki Answers: Well, maybe, I'm working on setting up some kind of contest where a member of my site will get to worship my feet.

All Says: What size are your feet? They really nice. Do they smell?

Nikki Answers: They are a size 7.... and thanks, I'm glad you like them. I try to keep them really clean so they dont usually smell. Sometimes after I'm working out for a while they do though.

Ray Says: How long can your wear high heel sandals for without them hurting your feet? I so want a footjob from you, and I want to lick your toes.

Nikki Answers: I can go for the day..... But by evening they are starting to hurt. Then I need a nice foot rub :)

Ace101 Says: Hi Niki, my question is, what makes for a good foot worship session?

Nikki Answers: I like having my soles licked and kissed, having the tops and my ankles licked and a bit of massaging mixed in on my high arches.

Mike Says: Nikki are you ticklish on your feet?

Nikki Answers: A little bit :)

Hillo Says: Hey sweetie, what is you favorite pose with your feet?

Nikki Answers: I like showing off my high arches and doing the classic "pose" shot.

JK Says: Heya. Are you normally barefoot around the house and if so how often do you wear socks. What is your general house wear?

Nikki Answers: In the summer I'm barefoot all the time. In the winter I usually wear socks. You mean everyone doesn't go naked around the house ;)

Todd Says: Hello Nikki. Would you ever own a foot slave? What would a slaves duties be? Can I call you Goddess Nikki? I would love to be your slave.

Nikki Answers: I migh like that. Your duties would be to be my foot stool to keep my feet up off the floor and keep them well creamed up and massaged. I love having my arches rubbed. You can call me that.

Wolfham Says: I love your feet. I was wondering, are your feet ticklish? Have you ever been pinned down and tickled on your feet?

Nikki Answers: They are a bit ticklish, but I've never had that done before.

Bowa Says: Nikki,You have really awesome feet. If a man paid you to kick him in the balls as hard as you can twenty times would you do it? How would you do it and would you wear shoes?

Nikki Answers: Thanks, I'm glad yo find my feet sexy..... I don't think I could do that. I'm a LOVER not a FIGHTER :)

Toeguy Doug Says: I can not tell you how hot I think that you are. You have beautiful eyes and feet. I love you poses. They are always just right. You are proof that naked is not the only way to be sexy. I surf the net for hours looking for something to shoot my load over and always come back to your photos. Your feet and eyes do it to me everytime. My question.. How did you get into the foot scene and did you go along with it easily or have to be talked into it?

Nikki Answers: GREAT COMMENT AND QUESTION: Well, first let me say that I have tried to keep my site non-nude. I also feel that you can be sexy without being nude. Thanks for always cumming back to me :).. As far as the foot fetish scene, well my husband got me into the foot thing about 12 years ago when we met. Then about 5 years ago I started my yahoo group. Which is still going strong 7000+ members. After a few years with the group and meeting a bunch of great people I started Nikkis Arches and the rest as they say is history. I really didnt have to be talked into doing it. I started with the hubby, then the group. I never showed my face in the begining so it wasnt really that bad. Now I love it. I love to hear from all of my "fans"

leFou Says: I have a fantasy that is killing me... I dream of cumming onto a female feet and being forced to clean it with my tongue... Do you think this is kinda weird? Have you ever done something like that or could you imagine doing something like that?

Nikki Answers: I dont think its weird..... I have never done anything like that, but I probably could.

Boyboy Says: I have a question for you. Do you enjoy the guy licking your beautiful feet more if he is under you? Like laying on the ground?

Nikki Answers: Yes I like to be on top so I can control things. I like to be able to force my wrinkly soles into your face and make you gasp for air..... Shove my toes in your mouth and make you suck them all in.... I like to have total control of my worship.

David Says: Hi Nikki, I just want to say you're so damn fine and you have the sexiest feet ever. How many footjobs have you given in the past, and would you ever give me one?

Nikki Answers: Damn, I dont know how many I have given.... A LOT. So far the only one has been my hubby.

Andrea Says: Hi would you describe the scent of your feet after a long day at work?

Nikki Answers: Actually not too bad..... My feet dont tend to really stink. Sometimes though.... LOOK OUT! LOL!

Maxxaxxe Says: Will you include suntan or nude hosiery in your pictures in the future?

Nikki Answers: If you would like that.

Greg Says: My question is do you sell your worn socks? If so, what type (e.g ankle socks)?

Nikki Answers: I'm in the process of setting up an online store on my site..... I will have socks, nylons, shoes, and custom vids.

Vince Says: Hi cutie! What sort of attention to your feet do you like the most?

Nikki Answers: I like a nice long foot rub.

BIG-John Says: Your feet are gorgeous. Do you drive barefoot or in nylons? What kind of car do you drive? Have you ever done car crushing (running stuff over) while barefoot or in sexy shoes? If not, have you ever run anyting cool over like cell phones? I know its alot of questions. Thanks!!! Love those soles!!!

Nikki Answers: I drive barefoot in the summer a lot. I have a '99 Jeep Wrangler, 4" suspension lift, 33x12.50 Pro Comp tires. And a ton of other goodies. :) LOVE my jeep. I've never run anything over like that.

Maz Says: Yeah! Grrreat feet! I would really like to be small as an ant next to your toes and be your tiny man... Would you like that? Do you have giantess fantasy? Thanks so much!

Nikki Answers: That would be cool.

Chuch Owens Says: Hi Nikki!! You have a very sweet arches... Are your feet ticklish? in case of yes... Do you enjoy the tickles or hate it? Kisses and have a nice day

Nikki Answers: Thank you, and they are a little ticklish. I love and hate it. :)

Len Says: Hi Nikki, If a guy had a tiny cock, and you made fun of his cock,what nickname and insults would you give him? Keep up the good work on your website.

Nikki Answers: I'm not sure I try not to be rude to people.

Willy Says: Hi Nikki. You have really beautyfull feet's. So I would know what was the fastest and slowest footjob you ever given ( a lucky guy..)?

Nikki Answers: Probably from just a couple of minutes to about an hour or so.

Joe Says: When your feet are tickled do your toes curl?

Nikki Answers: Yes

Dan (TSII) Says: I just wanted to first comment on your extremely sexy feet. I think they are very sexy and above all you arches. I was hoping you would be able to give me an answer as to whether you like to dip and dangle your shoes while out and about. If so do you get a buzz from this?

Nikki Answers: I do dangle my shoes while I'm out in public. I don't really get a buzz from it, but I do like to catch guys looking then I really turn it on. I'll let one fall off then try to stretch out my foot, really flexing my arches and grab my shoe.

Izzy Says: Hey Nikki, it drives me crazy when a woman dangles her sandal or plays with it with her toes. Do you like doing that in public and do you like to control a guy with a foot-fetish with your feet?

Nikki Answers: Yes I do dangle and yes I LOVE to control men with my feet. Especially when I catch them looking in public.

Bill Says: Do you like giving footjobs and if so, do you like giving them with socks on?

Nikki Answers: I really enjoy giving foot jobs, i've never tried with socks on though..... I'll have to try that.

Alfred Says: Hi Nikki! Do you like to take a man's nose between your smelly toes?

Nikki Answers: Yes, but I really like to force their mouths open and shove all of my toes at once down their throats.... Now thats hott :)

Eric Says: When did you decide to model your feet? How did it happen?

Nikki Answers: About 5 years ago and it started just for fun and something to do really.

Al Says: I would like to know why there are no toe spreading pictures on your site. Are you able to spread your toes and how far? How long can you keep them spread?

Nikki Answers: No reason really, I guess mainly because I was never really asked by any site members to do so. I cant really spread them too far though...... LOL

Ash Says: You have the most wonderful feet. They are gorgeous. Now.. when out for meals with men, do you ever slip your shoes off under the table and expose your feet just within their vision, to entice them, and do you prefer your feet bare or in shoes??

Nikki Answers: I have done this on many occasions and I prefer them bare.

Jeff Says: Do you like men's feet at all, or do you just like Pleasuring/Being pleasured with your own feet?

Nikki Answers: I'm not into mens feet, but I do like other women's feet.

Joie Says: First, I have to say you have verry beautiful and sexy feet, you drive me crazy when you spread your toes on flip flops, Do you know when someone is staring at your soles? However, do you notice a lot of men watching your feet when you are out in the public? Do you feet get very stinky in stocking and heels after a hard night of dancing? How would you rate the stink on your feet, stinky, somewhat stinkly or very stinky?

Nikki Answers: I dont always notice people looking at them. I do see it a lot though. I think my feet go from somewhat stinky to stinky. But useally I keep them really clean.

Legged47 Says: Hi Nikki, Just wonder if you've ever been tied and gagged and did you enjoy it?

Nikki Answers: I have and it was kinda cool. Not something I would do all the time though. I like to have more control than that.

SoleAndToes Says: nikki ithink that your feet are beautiful! Do you give footjobs and if so do you like doing it? Wwhat is the fastest you have ever got a guy off by only using your soles and toes.

Nikki Answers: I do like it. I have had a guy cum in about 2 min.

Obi Says: Have you ever smoked a cigarette using your toes?

Nikki Answers: Yeah, but I quit about 5 years ago... So no more of that. LOL

Andy Says: No Question! You have the World Best Wrinkled Soles!!!

Nikki Answers: Thanks Andy :)

FM7 Says: Hi Nikki, always been an admirer of you & your sexy footsies ! Do you enjoy having your feet sniffed at all? I would love to personally. What sexy shoes would make your feet nice & hot for a sniff & lick session?

Nikki Answers: I'm not sure if I ever had them sniffed, but I love to have them worshipped. Well I guess sniffing is a big part of worshipping them.... So yeah, I do like it.

Smartie Says: Hey Nikki, I like you very much :) But are you really a "foot model" or do you this just for the money? Thanks for answer and sorry for my bad language, but I'm from Switzerland ;)

Nikki Answers: No, I'm not really a "footmodel" I dont know any of us girls who have websites who really is a professional foot model. Believe me I dont do it for the money.... I would be starving. LOL! I do it because I enjoy it.

Jake Says: Needless to say, you're an exceptionally beautiful woman from head to toes. Since you're doing an interview with Wu, I'll concentrate my questions on your amazingly sexy feet. First I would like to ask if you enjoy taking a dominate role with submissive men, and having them worship your incredible feet and shoes? A follow up to this question would be what is your favorite activity to order your slave to perform for you with regard to your feet and your shoes? Thanks in advance for your time, and I wish you and yours happy holidays!

Nikki Answers: Thanks for the kind words, I like to force men to suck on my toes to the point of me shoving them down their throat. I do enjoy being the dominate one when i comes to foot worshiop. Thanks, and you have a great holiday too. :)

Mike O Says: When giving a footjob do you like giving them barefoot with your sexy painted toes or do you like giving them wearing pantyhose or stockings? Which do you feel gives the best pleasure?

Nikki Answers: I like to do it barefoot and I think that would feel the best.

Solelove Says: You have beautiful soles, have you ever worhipped another female's feet and lick her soles?

Nikki Answers: Not yet, but I love other female feet and am looking forwart to the day when I get to finally do it.

Coolv Says: Do you mind alot of cum Nikki or a little to be shot over the soles of your feet. By the way I think your feet are so sexy.

Nikki Answers: I like whatever you can give..... I'm not picky :)

ESD Says: Hello there. I am not a member, but I do enjoy the contributions you make to Wu. You have pretty feet and toes. I was wondering what your feet smell like and do you sell worn items such as socks or thigh highs. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Nikki Answers: Thanks, and I'll have another contributon to Wu's really soon so keep an eye out for it. My feet are usually kept clean & I am going to have an online store set up soon.

Virtom Says: Hello, First you are very beautifull with sexy feet. My question is: Have you ever teased total strangers with your feet in public after noticing that they stare your feet?

Nikki Answers: Yes I do. I think it sooooo sexy to catch a man looking at my feet in public.Then I really start teasing them dangling my shoe, flexing my arches MMM MMM MMM

Larry Says: Hello there from a fellow "burgher". Quick question, are your feet ticklish??

Nikki Answers: Cool another Pittsburgher WOOO HOOO Go Steelers, LOL! Oh, and yes they are

Footslave Says: Do your feet smell if they do can I buy your socks?

Nikki Answers: They do sometimes and my store will be open soon to buy many different things.

Soleface Says: Hello Nikki. Your soles are really gorgeous and sexy! Love those sole close ups. Question: Do you like to do foot-smothers by putting your feet in a man's face and covering his entire face with your bare soles? I would love to have your soles in my face :-)!!!!

Nikki Answers: Next to gagging you by shoving half my foot in your mouth, its one of my favorites. I love to feel you gasping for air under my soft wrinkly soles. :)

Fantafeet Says: How old were you the first time you licked your own feet and did you family or your friends know?

Nikki Answers: I was about 18 and no they dont know...... Well not that I know of anyway. :)

Footman913 Says: Hey Nikki you are so beatiful. You have very sexy feet. My question is do you like the fact that guys jerk off over your feet and are they ticklish?

Nikki Answers: Thanks and yes I love the thought of guys getting off on me. It really turns me on.

Lei52 Says: First of all, Let me compliment you on your lovely feet and your willingness to allow others to enjoy their viewing pleasure. I am curious as to how you first discovered the allure that your feet have on us with the fetish?

Nikki Answers: Blame it on the husband, LOL we met when I just turned 18 and he got me into it.

Alex Says: How often do you polish your toenails?

Nikki Answers: About once a week, or sooner if they get chipped or something. I try to keep them nice.

Bana Says: My girlfriend's feet look very similar to your's, however, I have to confess I like your feet more...they're almost PERFECT! Well, she says that women with small feet usually get stinkier feet than other women. Do you think that is true? And did anybody ever made fun of the "strong" smell of your feet?

Nikki Answers: Thanks for the compliments, and I'm sure your GF's feet are really sexy too. I don't know.... My feet really dont smell that bad.... But then again, I keep them really clean.

Steve Says: Hey you have very nice feet! I was wondering if you ever stepped on things wearing shoes such as bugs? And if so, could you tell us a story about it =)

Nikki Answers: I really never have..... I would probably feel bad for killing it. LOL!

Rjcast Says: Nikki I love your special toes. I find women wearing casts to be a turn on. Have you ever had to wear one and would you consider doing a set wearing one?

Nikki Answers: I have never had to wear one, but I do have plans to do a set for the site with one on.

LJR Says: How often do you suck your own toes, do you enjoy it?

Nikki Answers: I would say about 3 sometime 4 times a week. I do enjoy it. I do it as a show for the hubby to enjoy.

Jay Says: Hello Nikki, my questions are do you like to give foot jobs? If so, do you like to lick the cum off your toes after? If you do, do you like the taste of your toes in cum?

Nikki Answers: Love giving footjobs..... Dont really like the taste of cum..... Sorry Guys :) Love the taste of my toes though.

Mickey Says: What do you look for in a guy?

Nikki Answers: Honesty :)

Micke Says: Sup girl? Well my question is simple. I've visited your site from time to time and you have very sweet petite feet. Have worshiped a few in my day of your calibur and was wondering if you would ever be down to going to a foot worship party in Lav Vegas or Cali area? I realize you're married but my fantasy is to worship an internet model such as yourself and think it would be a fun experience. Can't blame me for asking!

Nikki Answers: I have thought about attending some foot worship parties. Never have yet though... Vegas or Cali? Well thats kinda far for me... I'm on the east coast. I thought about hosting one in the Pittsburgh area.

Faiz Says: I must say that you have a pair of gorgeous feet. Have your feet ever been tied up by someone you like and have you ever thinking of giving footjob while your feet being bondage?

Nikki Answers: Thanks, I have been tied up and I have given of FJ while my feet were tied.

Soleman Says: Hi Nikki. I'd like to start off by saying that I really enjoy your site and those lovely photos of your beautiful feet. My question to you is, being a devoted feet lover, how often have you caught guys looking at your feet, have you commented to them about it, and what were their reactions. Look forward to your response. Thanks.

Nikki Answers: I have caught many guys looking at my feet.... I have never really said anything though, just give them a little show. :)

Mark_up Says: Hi Nikki, I've got a few questions for you:
1 - How did you find out that you had nice feet? Who first pointed it out to or did you realise it on your own?
2 - Which celebrities do you think have hot feet?

Nikki Answers: 1. My hubby
2. Well lets see I like Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguliera, Jodie Foster... I could go on and on. I love so many different celeb feet

Dox1 Says: Just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely pics. You are surely one of my favorites. Love your eyes as well as your beautiful peds. And especially love the barefoot and blue jeans pics. Happy Holidays to you and your toes.

Nikki Answers: Well thank you. I'll have some new barefoot in jeans photos posted soon. You have a nice holiday too.

Vincent146 Says: Well Nikki you probably hear this all the time but you are indeed beautiful and you have gorgeous feet. I just wanted to ask for your opinion. I've been seeing someone for a while now and our relationship is going strong but i'm worried that if I tell her about my foot fetish she might feel disgust or hate me. I mean the fetish isn't a majorly serious one but she does have lovely feet and I want to tell her but she might get freaked. Hope you can help and keep up the brilliant work

Nikki Answers: Just take it slow.... Don't come right out and tell her you have a foot fetish. Maybe sit with her legs across your lap and just hold her feet, maybe caress her legs too. Try not to make it seen like anything more than just casual being together. Then just slowly increase it. Maybe offer to give her a foot rub and after your done with each foot give it a soft kiss. My hubby really never came right out and told me it was just a slow progression over a few months and I kinda figured it out on my own..... Now look at me :) lol well good luck with it and feel free to email me and let me know what happened

Tony Says: Can you squish mac n cheese and put it on you free sample photos?

Nikki Answers: Sure I'll do that. :)

eSC Says: Firstly, your feet are amazing, I especially love the wrinkled soles. My question is do you get turned on when you do photo sets?

Nikki Answers: OOOOH YEAH !! :)

La Monza Says: Hello Nikki. how do you do this, that your soles always are so beautifully wrinkled??? Your feet look really super!!!!

Nikki Answers: Not sure really, I just try to take really good care of them and keep them creamed up.

Ron M Says: Do you like to have your toes sucked and why don't you wear toe rings?

Nikki Answers: I love having my toes sucked.... I do wear toes rings sometimes..... I just dont have that many..... *HINT* *HINT* so come on all you guys out there start sending me toe rings, shoes.... Whatever you like. LOL ;)

T Roney Says: When you are in public with heels or flip flops on, do you ever catch guys checking out your feet and how does that make you feel?

Nikki Answers: Many times & sexy.

Chris Says: I really really love your feet so much they are the most beautiful things I have ever seen! I look at them everyday because they are the wallpaper for my cell phone. My questions are do you have a foot fetish and do you ever suck your own toes? Love you and your feet!

Nikki Answers: Cool your cell phone wallpaper???? Thats awesome. What do your friends think? I do have a bit of a fetish that I acquired over the years and I suck my own toes all the time.

Phil Says: What do your feet smell like?

Nikki Answers: Cream usually.

Johnny Tnt Says: Your feet are ridiculously hot. What I was wondering, is if you would let a total stranger take pictures of your feet in public or if he wanted to simply touch your feet? How would you feel is someone approached you with these requests.

Nikki Answers: Taking photos would be cool. The touching... Well that would depend on the situation.

Vito Says: Hello Nikki. You have a set of some beautiful wrinkled soles!! I myself being a wrinkled sole fan love a good set of wrinkled soles. What would your favorite part of your feet be? Also what is your favorite thing you like a guy to do to your feet?? Thank you and lick some sole for me!!

Nikki Answers: My arches and soles are my favorite parts of my or any womans feet. I like having my soles and arches licked and kissed.

John Says: Your soles are beautiful. Have you ever been tied and tickled on your beautiful soles?

Nikki Answers: Yes and I was really hott. I got really turned on then gave him a footjob :)

TommyB Says: I was just wondering what your favorite part of being a foot fetish model is.

Nikki Answers: All of you guys :) I have met some wonderful people.

Corgi37 Says: Apart from having the most amazing feet, you also possess the most gorgeous face and body. Have you done other modelling apart from your site? Oh, and do you have plans to visit Australia? Gotta ask that! LOL

Nikki Answers: I have never done any other modeling... And I dont have any near future plans to visit, but I would love to visit there someday.

Dman Says: Hello Nikki. You have gorgeous feet. Have you ever sprained your ankle or had to have aan ace bandage on your foot?

Nikki Answers: Yeah, about 8 months ago I slipped getting into my Jeep and really hurt my ankle bad.

Johnny Says: was wondering at what age you found out you liked to have your feet worshipped? I knew I had a foot fetish when I was 5 years old. You're very pretty and have great feet and arches :-)

Nikki Answers: I was about 18 when I started getting into this.

Kevin Says: I just recently won 800 thousand florida lottery how much would it cost to set up an appointment to suck on your beautiful toes?

Nikki Answers: About 800,001 lol Just kidding. 800,000 would do ;)

Shifter Says: There are alot of picture sets on your site where you lick and suck your own feet! Do you know when the first time you licked and sucked your own foot and what was the reason for it? Also, most of the foot models on the net are wearing toerings, why dont you wear toerings that much?

Nikki Answers: The first time was when I was around 18 or 19, I did it to turn on my boyfriend (future hubby) and because he asked too. I really dont have that many toe rings. I have got a lot of questions about that so I guess I'm going to go get some.

Joseph Says: Your feet are gorgeous! Do you like it when someone sucks your toes b/c I would love too. LOL!

Nikki Answers: I love having my toes sucked.

Akoke500 Says: Are you ticklish on your feet? Which part of your feet is the most ticklish? Also are they ticklish in socks? If so, is it worst in socks or barefeet? Thanks! You are pretty.

Nikki Answers: Yes they are, I would say the inside of my arch on my sole is the most sensitive. It's dafinately worse barefoot, and thanks.

Gruman Says: Two questions, first, do you get positive/negative of attention because your toes are webbed. Second, do you enjoy giving footjobs and if so why are they not a regular part of "Nikkis Archs" updates. Also do you have plans to include footjob content in the future (i'm politly requesting I guess).

Nikki Answers: Well, I have to say that I honestly have never had negative feedback about my toes. Everyone seems to think that they are unique and really likes them. And yes, I do like giving foot jobs. I guess they arent a regular part of the updates because believe it or not I dont really get a lot of requests for them. I'll post a set soon for you. :)

Billy Says: I think forced foot worship is sexy. Do you like shoving your feet in someones mouth and could my mouth be the one your're shoving them in lol.

Nikki Answers: I LOVE doing that. I really enjoy the feeling of forcing my foot into someones mouth and telling them to suck my feet. I also like to force my soles into their face and making them fight for air :)

Matt Says: Hello Nikki, I was wondering if you ever get French pedicures? In my opinion, they make a woman's feet look beautiful.

Nikki Answers: I do once in a while..... I guess I'm due. I post some photos when I get it done.

PJ Says: Hi sexy Nikki, I hope you remember me. I am the one who had a status made of your feet a few years back, and now I had one of your picture tattooed on my leg. Can I worship your feet someday? Or have you ever let a stranger massage your feet and suck your toes? I would love playing with your feet after a hard night of dancing in stocking and high-heels shoes.

Nikki Answers: Sure I remember you, How have you been? I would love to see the tattoo. I'm working on setting up a contest for one lucky guy to worship my feet. Stay tuned to my site for details.

Tom Says: You have perfect soles.Do your feet hurt in high heels?Some models have collagen injected into the balls of feet?A fleshy ball of foot is very sexy!

Nikki Answers: Thanks, and not unless I wear them all day.

Sanitys Door Says: You would make a great giantess! Would you ever do a video where you were a big sister crushing your bratty little brother's sci fi models with your barefeet?

Nikki Answers: Sure I would do that.

Sohail Says: Hi Nikki! your feet are GORGEOUS. Do you like wearing anklets and do you like the chime of anklets on your feet? Do you think the anklets help you make a guy hot on your feet while you give him footjob?

Nikki Answers: Hi, I do think anklets make feet look very sexy.

Swedish Ft Lvr Says: I really like your webbed toes. Do you like them yourself? Can you you spread them? Do you feel that you can move your toes less as they are webbed? It is really cute when you are wearing toerings on your webbed toes.

Nikki Answers: I'm glad you like them and yes I like them too :) I can spread them a little bit. No they move just fine :)

Gerold Says: Hey! This is very important for me so please answer this question. I'm totaly turned on when women don't wear their seatbelts in a car. I dont know why. Please tell me. Do you always wear a seatbelt when you take a ride in a car and please be honest to me.

Nikki Answers: Yes, I always wear my seatbelt.... And so should you ;)

Andrew Says: You have beautiful Nikki and due to the fact that I don't own a in home computer I would love to see your feet in the access of my own home. If a person like myself wanted to buy a custom video of your feet would you be able to do it for me, or are you even thinking of doing a video or DVD soon?

Nikki Answers: I can do that, I also have an online store about to open soon to purchase photo CD's videos shoes socks and so on.

Bone Werks Says: How do you take such good care of your feet? I'm a huge foot entheusiast but I must admit, unlike other women, with every pictorial, your beautiful feet always seem to look softer and sexier everytime I see them. What's the secret(s)?

Nikki Answers: I do the soles if my feet at least once a week with one of those foot file things and creme them up a couple times a day. Thats the key... Creme lots of creme.

Andrea Says: I seem to be the only girl fan you have here at Wu's so I gotta ask, do you ever catch other girls checking out your feet and do you like it? Are you bi? Would you ever suck and play with another girls feet for a picture set on your site?

Nikki Answers: Sweet, another woman. I have on occasion seen other girls checking them out. I'm not really Bi, but I would like to and plan to someday have a foot fetish session with another girl for a photo/video set for my site. Feel free to email me anytime.

Icepicks Says: I like to jackoff over your feet all the time. Do you like the feeling that a lot of guys jackoff over your feet pics all the time?

Nikki Answers: I think its sexy.... I love the thought of all of you getting off on me. :)

Web Says: I've been a fan of yours for years. I particularly like your webbed toes. Is your husband turned on by your webbed toes? Does he do anything special with them? Do you like having webbed toes?

Nikki Answers: Thanks for following my for all these years. Yeah, the hubby loves them. He likes to put them both in his mouth and suck on them. When I was younger I was kinda self consious about them.... Now I love them too. :)

Stanus Says: I seldom see you in flip flops? Why is that?

Nikki Answers: Actually I just posted a set today :)

Alex Says: Hi Nikki have you ever tried stuck feet? Like getting them stuck in rubber cement or crazy glue? I am into stuck as well. So that is why I asked.

Nikki Answers: No I never tried that.... To be honest with you I never thought of it. Maybe I'll give it a try and post some photos.

Mahmoed Says: Hust how old are you and do you feel alone in this world?

Nikki Answers: I'm 31, no I have a great family and a wonderful husband.

Footjoblover Says: Would you enjoy a foot bukkake? Where about 3 men cum on your feet at one time.

Nikki Answers: I have never done that, but it does sound really hott.

Markos Says: First let me say that you have a very sexy soft feet. I am dreaming of such soft feet touching my face. Your hubby is a lucky man. My qustion is: Do you or your hubby refuse the idea of showing more beautiful part of your body? Your photos are very sexy but you know people are looking for more, kissing your feet!

Nikki Answers: We don't really refuse the idea of showing more, but we dont really think it's that important to either. I feel that I'm just as sexy not doing nudity(if not more so) than those out there doing some really xxx stuff. Actually I get a lot of compliments for my site being non nude

Giovanni Says: Hi Nikki. Are you into crushing? I get so hot when a beautiful lady grinds her cigarette into the ground. Do you do so sometimes?

Nikki Answers: Hi, I do like cruching food and stuff like that. I don't smoke so I can't crush a cigarette :)

Duece Says: We all like something different about female feet. In your opinion what makes a lovely pair of female feet. (If you were walking down the street what would make you say those are a lovely pair of feet.?)

Nikki Answers: HIGH ARCHES.... I think thats the most sext part of a womans foot.

Pierre Says: You're very pretty, do you like a face as footstool?

Nikki Answers: Yes, I love putting my soft soles on a mans face, making you lick every soft little wrinkle.

Peter S Says: Hi Nikki, I have just shot a HUGE load looking at your gorgeous feet. First of all I am totally obsessed with your toes and arches ;-). I jack off to your feet EVERY single day. Secondly, I would like to ask you what does it make you feel like that guys like me here in Europe are jacking their cocks to your feet. And Third, do you get wet thinking of the fact that we are shooting load after load of cum on those beautiful toezzzz of yours. Take Care.

Nikki Answers: Well, I'm glad I could help :) Yes, I do love hearing about you guys getting off on me. And yes, when I'm giving a footjob or having my feet worshipped I do get really HORNY :)

Mike Says: First off I just want to say that you have the most sexy feet ever. Do you like to tease guys in public by showing off your feet.

Nikki Answers: I sure do. When I catch I guy looking at my feet. I really turn it up. Flexing, dangling, maybe letting a shoe fall off. I like to tease.

Andrew Says: What do you think would be a fair price for me to pay you if I asked you to trample my cock for say 30 mins?

Nikki Answers: If you are serious, email me.

Zuckerman Says:
1.-have you ever meet another famous foot model from the internet?
2.-do you compare your feet with the other girls from the web?
3.-in your opinion, who has the best soles from the internet?
4.- and do you think the size matters, like the bigger the sexyest (Im talking about feet, hehehe)

Nikki Answers: 1. No not yet.... Lexi from LexisFootFetish and I have talked about meeting, but we never have yet. Thats probably the one girl I would most like to meet.
2. Sometimes, but not really. Everyones feet are different. Thats what makes them so nice.
3. ME lol
4. Actually I think the smaller the feet the sexier they are.

Jenny Says: Hi, I know is very odd that a girl has a foot fetish to other girls feet...but thats me. First of all I want to say that you have so beautiful feet and soles. How did you found the foot world. Do you have or had developed a foot fetish to other girls feet, and when you have kids (i dont know if you have) how would you handle your fetish site with them, I mean sometime they will be teenagers, and will understand what foot people do with foot sites, and finally how would you react if you found out your son has a foot fetish. I ask all this questions because some day I want to have kids too.

Nikki Answers: Hi Jenny, It's not odd. I like girls feet too. I started getting into feet around 18 when my hubby introduced me to the foot fetish scene. Right now I dont have any kids so I really dont worry about them seeing my site. :) But, someday if I do have a son, and he does have a foot fetish, I dont think I would care. They could be into worse things. :)

Billy Says: It always seemed to me like you could suck a cock better than you could stroke it with your feet? Would you beg to differ?

Nikki Answers: I'm GREAT at both ;)

Hoover Says: Hi Nikki!, hope all is well with you--- More than a question this is kind of a request from one of your fans (me of course =)) Would you do more tickling photo sets and video in a future? you just did it but not very often. I would like to see your feet get tickled with your anklets tied up by example (sole and face photos of course) Please Nikki, Please!!! hehehehe Thanks for your time.

Nikki Answers: I can do tickling sets for you. I'll post some a.s.a.p.

MikeJones Says: Footjob? Pics?

Nikki Answers: I guess this is a request for more? Sure I can do that.

Samuel Says: Hola Nikki, this is Samuel from Mexico City, I really love the women feet, but your feet are amazing, I would like (obviously Im just dreaming) to kiss and smell your feet immediately after you remove your shoes after a hard day work. Do you like the idea of someone who do that to your exquisite feet..?? Sorry about my english structuration, maybe I did not be clear in my question.

Nikki Answers: I understand your question just fine. I like having my feet worshipped after a long hard day.

Nancy Bear Says: Do you like other girls feet? It would be a nice fantasy seeing two girls caressing each other feet.

Nikki Answers: Thank You. Yes I do like other girls feet.

Ank Says: Hi you have very sexy feet and suckable toes. Do you like to wear foot jewelry and what is your faverite ankle bracelets or toe rings?

Nikki Answers: I do, and anything GOLD :)

Mitch Says: Do you drive barefoot?

Nikki Answers: Yeah, in the summer I do almost all the time.

Spencer Says: Hi again! Just wondering is there any way I can meet you in person and worship your feet or to keep contact with you

Nikki Answers: Hi, I'm working on setting up a meeting with one lucky fan. I'll post the datails on my site. You can feel free to email me anytime at

Ron M Says: Do you like to have your toes sucked and why don't you wear toe rings

Nikki Answers: I love it, and only because I really dont have that many toe rings. I do have quite a few sets posted with my wearing them though. If any of you want to send me some. Email me :)

Loookie Says: What was yout reaction to the idea that your feet could be the object of desire... weird, sexy,funny?

Nikki Answers: I thought it was really sexy.

Footboy Says: Hi Nikki, I adore your wrinkly soles and cute toes! I was just wondering if you ever had someone worship your dirty soles, did you enjoy it?

Nikki Answers: Thanks. I never have, mainly because their not dirty that often. I try to keep them really clean and soft.

Jorge Says: Do you like lesbian Domination?

Nikki Answers: Sounds hott, but I never tried it.

FootLad Says: You Have great feet Nikki. What is your favorite foot fetish activity?

Nikki Answers: Having my soles and arches licked and worshipped.

Latinguynyc Says: First I love your feet.Second I just wanted to let you know if you ever in the New York area and or looking for a Latin male model for your site , I will be very Interested in working with you. Iam a 21 yrd male looking to get into the foot fetish industry.

Nikki Answers: Thanks, and email me at

Chad Says: What is your opinion about giantess fetish? Do you prefer to be a giantess in a city, or have a small man at your feet?

Nikki Answers: HMMM probably a small man at my feet. That way they can lick between my toes :)

Feetz Says: What do you think is the best way to get my girlfriend into doing some more dominant footplay with me? I want her to rub her feet on my face, for example. Any suggestions? By the way, youre soles look delicious!!

Nikki Answers: Does she know you have a foot fetish? If not just take things slow. Good things come to those who wait.

Nancy Says: I really love your feet, I'm an undergrad lesbian in Wi, USA... I suck my own feet and have lot of questions, thanks for your time and attention, here goes:

How many of your toes fit into your mouth at once?
What size are your feet?
Do you feel close with your foot or separate from it as you suck your own foot?
Are your toes your favorite part of your foot to suck? (if not what is; heel/sole/arch/ball and why?)
At what age did you 1st suck your feet in a sexual way?
Have you sucked another girl's feet if so how old were you the 1st time and who was she?

Nikki Answers: Hi Nancy, Wow thats a lot of questions. I'll touch on a few here and feel free to email me and we can chat. My email is

I can fit all of my toes in my mouth at once.
They are a size 7
would say close to it.... I really get into sucking my feet and kinda lose myself.
I like licking my arches and feeling each little wrinkle of my sole on my tongue.
I first sucked my own toes at about 18.
I have never sucked another girls feet, but I'm looking forward to getting the chance :)

Leo Says: I love the way you suck your own toes! Is there any way you could do longer custom videos upon request? I'd really like to see you suck your toes with pantyhose on.

Nikki Answers: Thanks I love doing it. Yes. I will be offering custom vids in my online store. It will be up and running on my site soon.

Dave Says: Nikki, thanks x, your photographs always appear very natural and if I dare very sexy. Of all the women who portray their feet for our enjoyment you seem to be sincere. Is this an image you manufacture? My guess is not. Happy christmas x x

Nikki Answers: Thanks Dave, I am sincere. I dont do this for the money (believe me it's not much) I do this because I really love the foot fetish scene, love hearing from all of my fans and it's something the hubby and I enjoy doing together.

Nycfetish Says: Hey sexy!!! I am your biggest fan. You have very sexy and elegant feet. I'd lick them for days. I'm a submissive guy and I always wondered, have you ever kicked a guy in the balls? Would you ever do that if a guy begged you to?

Nikki Answers: I'm not sure if I would do that or not.... Unless well, maybe if you really pissed me off! LOL!

David Says: Hi nikki just like to say you have awesome soles and I think your website is comming along nicely. I have a few questions

1. How long have you been promoting yourself to foot fetish scene?
2.Do you find other womans feet attractive?

Also can you please nikki do this request for me pretty please, can you send a picture to my email with my full name on your soles because that would be so awesome. what a christmas present that would be.

Nikki Answers: Thanks I have been doing this for about 5 years on the net now. Yes I do like other womens feet.I can do that email me at and send me your request again

Arch Lover Says: Nikki I love your high arches! I love the way you flex them and tease us! I was just wondering what size shoe you wore? Thank you!! xoxo

Nikki Answers: Thanks, I wear a size 7

Toeman Says: Hi Nikki first I want to say your very hot and have very sexy feet. Was wondering if your toes ever hurt you from wearing heels?

Nikki Answers: Sure they do.... Thats when I get someone to worship/massage them. :)

Ray Says: When you're in public and you notice someone looking at your feet, do you put on a show for them?

Nikki Answers: Yeah, especially if they are with their girlfriend/wife. I love to see them try to keep control of themselves while they are checking out my feet.

Foot Entrepreneur Says: Dear Nikki, Im a huge fan and I feel as though your site is my true internet foot fetish favorite. Im just curious how you finally realized you should go public with your fetish. I, myself have a serious girl friend that I introduced this certain fetish too. We are both very much engauged in foot fetishism and the photography of her feet. I have mentioned the idea of putting our pictures on the net but she isnt as much into the idea as I am but is considering the idea. Do you think its a good idea to do this? I want to show her what you think...thank you.

Nikki Answers: Well, thats totally up to you guys. I would maybe suggest starting a Yahoo group first. Thats what I did, I still have it. it now has over 7000 members. If she is worried about people finding out and seeing her, dont show her face. I didnt for the first 2 years or so. (I started 5 years ago now) I was a little worried about friends/family finding out about it, but then I kinda got over it. I can honestly say I'm glad I did start my group and site. I have met some really great people. My hubby and I decided to go public because we though it would be something fun to do together. He runs his own photography business and does all of my photos. So I say go for it and have fun. Let me know if you decide to do it. I would like to have her on my site. Please email me and let me know if she would like to be on it.

Ruddi Says: What do you enjoy more? giving footjobs or getting your toes sucked?

Nikki Answers: I guess it depends on my mood. Sometimes I'd rather give a footjob and let him enjoy himself. Sometimes I want to enjoy myself :)

Azzhole Guy Says: Would you like to be fucked in the azzhole?

Nikki Answers: Would you?? Just kidding. No thats not for me :)

Bryan Says: Hello Nikki, Would you rather give a footjob to a guy with a big dick or a guy with a small dick?

Nikki Answers: Like they say size doesn't matter.

Fussman Says: Your feet and ever sexy sweet toes are so erotic and beautiful! I always enjoy your pictures of them and your beautiful face and eyes. I know that you always keep your feet well tended and nails painted. Will you post sometime some sexy "naughty naked" toe polish on your sexy toes...or clear shiny topcoat? Thanks!

Nikki Answers: I just posted some yesterday :) enjoy them!

Fiut Says: I want to ask you about pedicures. Do you do it yourself or go to the salon and proffesionalist polish your sexy toenails?? Have you ever had your toes polished on black??

Nikki Answers: I mostly do it myself. Sometimes I go and have it done though. I don't think I have ever done them in black.

Alfredo Says: Would you ever let a fan, smell and kiss your feet?

Nikki Answers: I'm working on setting up a contest to do just that.

Brent Says: What would you do if I was invited to your home and went through your hamper and even took some panties and nylons? Would it pis you off or excite you?

Nikki Answers: It would probably excite and piss me off. I would take them and you into my room and make you jack off on them in front of me. Then I would make you cum all over my soft wrinkly soles. :)

Paul Says: Do you smoke? Do you like when one kisses your feet while you smoke?

Nikki Answers: I did smoke, but I quit about 5 years ago.

Higharchesamust Says: Could you pleassssseeeeee do more forced foot worship pics. I think thats so hot!

Nikki Answers: I can do that for you. I like doing that.

Joe Says: Your site is great would you do a set of your husband tickling your feet with a ball point pen.

Nikki Answers: Sounds fun, I'll post some soon.

Todd Says: I want to buy a pair of shoes for a girl I know, but I don't know her size. How can I get that info out of her without giving away the surprise?

Nikki Answers: I would say if you in a position to check any of her shoes while shes not looking try that.

Offtoe Says: Tell me about your webbed toes! I like them! Have you ever thought about having surgery to seperate them.

Nikki Answers: Well they run in my family. My dad had them and my brother, one of my sisters and myself. I used to think about having them separated, but now i'm perfectly fine with them.

FrankRR Says: What type of lube do you like when giving footjobs? When I masterbate while looking at your feet I like to use vaseline

Nikki Answers: I use KY silk-e KILLER stuff, you should try it. Believe me you wont be disappointed. :)

Alex Says: Do you have webbed toes?

Nikki Answers: Yes I do :)

Rich Says: Hello Nikki, you're very beautiful. You actually look ALOT like my girlfriend although she is alot younger. Anyway, my question is, do you often tease guys with your feet or use them to get something you want with anyone? Hope to hear from you, stay beautiful!

Nikki Answers: Just the hubby LOL. You know I give him the "I'll give you these for this or that line" :)

Ain't Easy Says: I noticed there aren't a lot of picture sets or vidcaps from when you hurt your ankle. Were you a litte shy about showing your injured foot? I think that your feet are beautiful even if injured and you should have more pictures of your sexy bandaged feet

Nikki Answers: I think I do have a set or 2 from when I hurt it. I'll see if I can fine them and post them for you.

Sole Lover Says: Do you ever catch a man watching your feet then proceed to tease him wiggling your soles and toes pretending not to notice?

Nikki Answers: Yes I have, I love to tease :)

Tom Says: Have you ever had your feet sucked whole?

Nikki Answers: The most was probably all of my toes and up past the ball of my foot. And boy did it feel good.

Joe Blow Says: I noticed that you have some stunning, and veiny bare feet. Have you ever come across a guy that thought that veins on feet, or your feet in particular, were particularly hot?

Nikki Answers: My husband thinks they are. Other than that, no one has come right out and said it.

Phil Says: Hi Nikki you have beautiful feet. I love the wrinkled soles and high arches. I was wondering what color you like have your fantastic toes painted? If your ever in the State of Florida I'd love to work with you for an update on your site if you wouldn't mind a 44 yr old male worshipping your beautiful feet

Nikki Answers: Hi, Thanks, I like pretty much any colors of red & blue.

Joe66 Says: I have two questions. Do you like to walk barefoot and step on bugs barefoot? If so, please post photos of that on your site. Would you give me or any other fans a footjob or let us lick your play with your perfect feet

Nikki Answers: EWWWW no crushing bugs with my barefeet. :) And like I said before I'm working on setting up a contest for one lucky fan to worship my feet for a photo/video shoot.

Joanne Says: Hi Nikki, Its Joanne? remember me? Joanne P. well what can I ask you...will you let me worship your feet and maybe you worship mine?

Nikki Answers: Hi Joanne, How can I forget those sexy feet? :) I miss talking to you. Email me sometime.

Shoelover Says: I would like to start with your feet are great. Have you ever had someone cum in your shoes then you where them. If so what was it like, if not would you let someone cum on your feet then put your shoes back on and walk around allday. I had a girlfriend that use to do that, and she said she like the idea of the slick cum in her shoes.

Nikki Answers: I never had anyone do that to me..... Sounds like a slippery situation. :)

Frank Says: Do you like having your soles licked? And, if so, how often do you get them licked?

Nikki Answers: I love it, I probably have them licked just about everyday :)

J.M. Says: Nikki I find your feet to be very beautiful, and amoung my favorite that are on the web. My question is simply,what do you think of the giantess fetish? Would you ever consider giving it a try? I think you would make a wonderful giantess! Thank you for all your work!

Nikki Answers: I have thought about doing some sets like that. I'll take some and post them.

Jeff Says: Oh my God! I love you. Your feet are my favorite of all! What do your feet smell like after a long day in pumps? I think I would love to smell them for myself. Your biggest foot fan.

Nikki Answers: They do sometimes have a delicate sweet foot scent.... To describe it would be really hard though.... We need scent cams LOL!

Dave Says: You have some sexy ass toes Nikki! I love them! Do you enjoy sucking your own toes or do you enjoy it when your hubby or someone else does it? And what's your favorite part of your feet? I think your toes are the sexiest part!

Nikki Answers: Well thanks, I'm glad you like. I really love sucking on them myself, but there is nothing like feeling them in someone elses mouth being worshipped. I would say my favorite part is my high arches or my wrinkly soles.... It's hard to decide.

Barefootfan Says: Have you been walking barefoot over the city streets in your town? Do you ever go out barefoot for dinner or dancing, leaving your shoes at home and getting your soles dirty

Nikki Answers: Sure I have gone walking barefoot around town. I have never gone out for dinner or dancing barefoot, but have taken my shoes off once I got there.

ep70456 Says: What size are your feet?

Nikki Answers: I wear a size 7.

Jay Says: Would you ever do a set with hot wax being dripped on your foot or being teased with an open flame?

Nikki Answers: I have done 2 different sets with my feet being covered in hot wax dripping from a candle. I also did some with them in a paraffin wax bath. They are on the site.

Bill C Says: Would you ever do a picture set barefoot in the snow?

Nikki Answers: Sure, I'll post some when we get another fresh snow. The snow here now looks kinda crappy :)

Eli Says: When was the last time you stubbed your toe or someone stepped on your foot? Would you ever do a picture set that showed your foot in pain?

Nikki Answers: I stubbed my big toe about a month ago. I thought it was going to fall off it hurt so bad. The worst part was there was nobody there to kiss it and make it better. :(

Mikey Says: You have the most perfect toes I have ever seen. Do you like the feel of someone's tongue in between your toes? Which toe is the most sensitive?

Nikki Answers: I love it.... I would say the most sensitive is between my big toe and the next one.

Chris M Says: What do you think about guys that have foot fetishes?

Nikki Answers: I think they are just like everyone else. I dont think they are strange, weird, or anything like that. I actually find that they are more respectful and kind than most men.

Footdoc Says: You have amazing feet! Well I was wondering if you have ever given a foot/blow job at the same time?

Nikki Answers: I have, I never did a photo set of it though.

Feet Slave Says: Hi Nikki. First let me say that you have wonderful feet that it would be a great honor for me to be trampled by them. I want to know if you find some joy while you trample a helpless man under your lovely bare soles? What do you feel when you do that? Thanks for your precious time my Lovely Queen.

Nikki Answers: Hi, Thanks, I do like the feeling of trampling on a man. It really turns me on doing that. I get really horny. :)

Shaun Says: Do guys grunt when you give them a foot job?

Nikki Answers: Yes they do... I'm good at it :)

Skorpius Says: Hi Nikki, just want to say "Love Ya and Love your soles!" You're gorgeous and I like a taste of your soles, if you'd allow it. My question is: Do you like to hang your feet out of the car window during the summer? I bet you'd cause alot of accidents along the way. Just the thought of you teasing all those drivers (and I hope I'm one of them) just gets a salute from my pants. Take care and hope to see more of you.

Nikki Answers: Thanks for the compliments. I do hang my feet out the window in the summer. I also like putting them on the dash. I have seen a lot of men checking them out when I do it. One time we drove past someone and a few sec later I saw them pulling up beside us again. So we sped up and got ahead of them, then they got in front of me again and drove really slow so we would go around them putting my feet on their side again. Then we just drove beside them for awhile while I teased them with my high arches.

Bernard Says: Do you enjoy giving blowjobs? Do you put your feet in the lucky guy's face when you do?

Nikki Answers: I LOVE giving blowjobs. I do it in a 69 position so I can put my feet and toes in his face.

Tyler2005 Says: Hi Nikki. You're so sexy and your feet, oh my god the best ever. If you caught me starring at your feet for a long time and you knew I was rock solid in my boxers would you consider giving me a footjob?

Nikki Answers: Not sure if I would give you a footjob, but I would tease you and let you jack off for me. I love seeing men jack off for me.

kfcare Says: Dearest Nikki, I love the wrinkles on your soles. I have a question for you. Do you enjoy the guy licking your wrinkly sole when he is in your foot control (he is under your feet)?

Nikki Answers: Thanks, Yes I do enjoy that.

Seanman Says: Would you ever consider making a wax mold of your feet and selling them on your site. That would be fun to masturbate to.

Nikki Answers: Believe it or not I have thought about that.

John Says: Hey Nikki, I am a really big fan of yours, and I love your feet and your toes, does it bother you that people are fascinated by your feet? I would love to kiss your feet, and toes.

Nikki Answers: No it doesn't bother me at all.

Murango Says: Do you have any particular poses you do with your feet that express how you feel? For instance if you feel shy what sort's of poses would you make? Or perhaps you make certain gestures with your feet to show your happy, angry etc... Are you attracted to other women's stinky feet, or would you rather fresh clean nice smelling feet?

Nikki Answers: I dont think my poses change with my mood.... Well, not that I have noticed anyway. I am attracted to other womens feet, but that have to be clean :)

Sudhslave Says: Hi, I'm the youngest slave to princess geminni in California. Can I also worship your archers?

Nikki Answers: Sure you can :D

Trent Says: How long does it take you to get your man off using just your feet? What if you had a bet that he could last longer than 5 minutes, who would win?

Nikki Answers: That depends, I can get him off really quick if I want too. I would win the bet of course. I could definately get him off faster than that.

Phil Says: Your feet are very lovely. Do you enjoy having your perfect toes sucked on?

Nikki Answers: I enjoy that very much.

Dane Says: First of all, I think you have the sexiest feet on the internet!! Also a beautiful face and hypnotic eyes to match. I love the footjob scenes on your site. Would you do any shoots with a footjob finsh with your soles hiked up close to your face?? It would be an exciting picture with cum on your soles and beautiful face!!!

Nikki Answers: Thank you for the nice compliments. I could do a set like that.

Dj Joe Says: Hey nikki you got some awesome looking feet but my question is, when did you first start gettting turned on by feet and your first foot fetish momement. Write back.

Nikki Answers: I'd have to say around 18 was my first foot fetish experience.

David J Says: Hi Niki. I'd just like to say you have awesome feet and my two questions will be, how would you turn me on with your feet and it was my birthday last week saturday and I thought I was gonna get my birthday present of a pic of your feet with my name on but pretty please can I have that request.

Nikki Answers: I'm SOOOOO sorry, I forgot. I have been so busy with these questions and with the holidays and everything. Please send your request to me again at

William Says: I won't go into the obvious and state that you have gorgeous feet to go along with your breathtaking looks! :) However I would like to give you a scenario: You've just been pulled over by a male police officer, who secretly, has a weakness for sniffing the shoes and feet of the women he pulls over. He notices that you are driving barefooted and that your shoes are sitting next to you in the passengers seat. He can't hide the bulge in his pants while writing you out a speeding ticket and finally says: "Miss...I'll gladly tear this ticket up if you'd let me lick and sniff your feet and sniff the inside of your shoes." What would be your response Nikki? Also, would you ever use your feet to obtain "special favors" at the store, cleaners, etc. once you found out that the male clerk working there has a foot fetish?

Nikki Answers: I would probably have to let the officer do it right..... I mean, he is the police ;) If I thought that a male clerk had a thing for feet I would probably tease him. Not for favors(unless he wanted to do that.) but more just for fun.

Lrj230 Says: Nikki, you have the sexiest feet I have ever seen, what besides your feet, what is your favorite sex activity, also fellow burgher her go steelers

Nikki Answers: WOOO HOOO GO STEELERS :) I like giving blowjobs ;)

Dan Says: Have you ever put oil on your soles?

Nikki Answers: Like baby oil? Yes I have.

Shoelicker Says: Would you like for someone to wash your feet and then drink that water? I would love to do that. I would want to be under your feet always. Your feet are divine and should always be above someone. What are your comments on this, goddess?

Nikki Answers: That would be different. I have never had anyone do that before. Would you like to do it :)

Jeff Says: Hi Nikki. Let me say you have a great website and that you are a very beautiful lady with really sexy AND talented feet. How often do you give your man a footjob and do you use baby oil sometimes? Thanks.

Nikki Answers: Thanks, He gets a foot job a few times a week usually. I use baby oil sometimes, but we usually use KY Silk-E Now thats some great stuff. :)

Wesley Says: Well I can start off by saying Wow! I joined not to long ago and let me say If I masturbated anymore than I did when I joined I feared I was gonna go blind hehe =D. You're feet drive me wild, They are stunning and you're pretty face and eye's just set it off more. It's a perfect combo. I have no real Question for you but I felt I should comment =) Well I may have one, Why is it the good ones are always taken? =D

Nikki Answers: Hi Wesley, Thanks for joining my site, and I'm glad you like it. I do what I can ;) As far as you question goes.... Well, I don't know. I'm sure there is some sexy foot goddess out there for you. Until then, keep masturbating to me..... I think it's sooooo sexy.

Footfreak83 Says: Nikki, your feet are absolutely perfect. I see that you have said you enjoy having men masturbate for you. Do you make them finish on your sexy soles or toes? And once they are covered how would you make them clean it? Please let me know.... Thanx

Nikki Answers: I do like men masturbating to me. I love having my soft soles cummed all over. Then they can clean it up anyway they like :)

Wu Says: Hi Nikki. Great interview. Before you met your husband, did you have any idea that guys found feet sexy? Had you ever heard of what is termed a "Foot Fetish"? If so, where did you hear about it and what were your thoughts on it at the time? Thanks!

Nikki Answers: Before I met him, I did hear about the foot fetish scene, but I didn't know it was such a big thing. Only once I got into it did I come to know how far and wide the fetish goes.

Dave Says: What are the top 5 qualifications of a foot slave? Are you into tease and denial, as in bringing a man so close to cumming than backing off? If you are how many times would you do it before letting him cum!

Nikki Answers: HMMM,
1. Respect
2. Obediant
3. Submissive
4. Passionate
I do that to the hubby. I get him really close them don't let him cum. After about 4 or 5 times of that he explodes at the slightest touch of my soft soles.

Murango Says: Nikki, first, you have very sexy feet! Your tatoo's are groovey! Have you ever been embarassed to show your bare feet?

Nikki Answers: Thanks, glad you like the tattoos. Actually when I was younger I was embarassed of them.

FootFetishDude Says: Your feet are very lovley. Do you enjoy the sensation of having someone rubbing their face on your sexy soles?

Nikki Answers: Enjoy... NO, I LOVE it ;)

Simon Says: Hi Nikki. I wonder if you like to were toerings? I like toerings very much. Im also a big fan of leg-casts and I wonder if you ever have were a leg-cast and if you have plans to put your leg in one?

Nikki Answers: I do like toerings. I have never been in a leg cast. I do plan on doing a set in the near future though wearing one.

Futlvr Says: Have you ever catched a man staring at your feet in public until you see him cumming in his pants?

Nikki Answers: No, but that would be really hott.

Jason Says: Ever give out a free membership to your site? =)

Nikki Answers: Actually yes I have. :)

Cage Says: Hey there lady!!! I would love to know if you have ever been stuck in your car with your wheels spinning? A short story about being stuck from you would be the BOMB!

Nikki Answers: I don't get stuck, I drive a Jeep with a 4" suspension lift and 33" tires :) lol

Tiny Says: Hello Nikki, Would you enjoy giving a footjob to man with a big dick while humiliating a small dicked man?

Nikki Answers: Dont know if I'd enjoy it, But I'll try it :) I dont like to be mean or humiliate people.

Lance Vance Says: Hey Nikki, I'm a big fan and I just adore your feet. They are so gorgeous, especially your cute litte webbed toes. But heres my question, What did you think the first time you ever had a mans cum on your feet?

Nikki Answers: EWWWWW...... No just kidding. I thought it was really warm and sexy to see it all over my toes. I also thought it was really hot to know that I just got someone off with using just my feet.

Desmond Says: Blond hair and light eyes aren't that rare, but somehow your eyes really standout, I cant break it down to why, but they just do!! I have a question regarding footmassages. I want to know what you personally enjoy more
1: a footmassage where a man uses his hands, lips (kissing, rubbing) face for rubbing across the soles for your and his own enjoyment ofcourse. (dry massage)
2: a footmassage where a man uses his hands and his tongue to wet your toes and soles. (wet massage)
simply put, really wet, or mostly dry? I wondered because I can imagine that when your feet are sucked, the moment the mouth lets go of the toes (who are wet), the toes will feel cold because of the saliva. Thank you for doing this interview Nikki.

Nikki Answers: Thanks for the compliment. I would say number 2. I love feeling a nice soft warm tongue on my soles.

Timmy Says: Hi Nikki. Do you also give handjobs? I love you sexy painted lang nails. have you ever give a boy a hanjob in public?

Nikki Answers: I do give handjobs. I like to give handjobs to my hubby while he worships my feet. That way he can have his hands free to rub and massage my feet. :) I also for the first time the other day gave him a handjob while he was looking a my website and checking out my photos.... That was really sexy.

Kin Says: Hey Nikki and big kisses to your feet. Do you mind to have an Arabic feet slave like me? Please say yes and let me dream!

Nikki Answers: Sure, there is nothing wrong with that. :)

Luke Says: I love smeling girls socks and I was wondering do your socks smell and can you put sum sock picturs on your site.

Nikki Answers: When I work out they do sometimes. I'll do some sock sets for the site. I will also be selling worn socks soon too.

James220 Says: Hi Nikki, I have visited your web-site, I think it is brilliant lots of sexy barefoot action. However I noticed that there wasnt any bondage, it would be great if you could do a bondage section with you barefoot and tied up.

Nikki Answers: Sorry, but my webhosts credit card billing company does not allow any type of bondage. If I did that I wouldn't have a home for my site anymore.

Pat Says: Have you ever sucked on another girls toes?

Nikki Answers: Oh how I'm looking forward to the day. :)

James220 Says: Hi Nikki, I would just like to say you look really pretty. I just wanted to know if you have ever been tied up, if so did you enjoy it?

Nikki Answers: I have and I did. I cant post bondage photos on my site anymore. But I'll post some in my fan club. The link is on my website.

Ing Jng Says: Do you do foot jobs?

Nikki Answers: Of course :)

Adam Says: Hi Nikki. I was wondering what your favorite foot activity is.(footjob, teasing, etc)

Nikki Answers: I would say teasing and having them worshipped.

Juan N Says: Hey Nikki, you have such sexy feet and legs, I want you to shove your feet in my face and make me smell them. Could you put up pictures with you in blue toenails and toerings?

Nikki Answers: I can do a set like that for you. I was just going to paint them blue this time anyway.

Sal - R.I. Says: Hi Nikki, I just visited your site and loved what I read and saw...I'm very impressed with your dedication to the site and to your fans...I am not a member yet, but will be after this!..When I found you, as a contributor on Wu's, I was hypnotized by your mystical stare...You have the most amazing eyes I've ever seen...Your husband is a lucky man...And to be married to a Goddess like you with such gorgeous feet...WoW!(Now for my fantasy)It would be an honor to lay at your barefeet and have you command me to worship them as you wish and to allow me to massage and gently kiss the tops of your feet for 2 hours...I read where you said you drive a Jeep, I have a 2000 Wrangler with a 4" suspension lift and 33" tires. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Nikki Answers: Thanks for the compliments. I would love to have you worship them. I LOVE my jeep also. Here is a link for you to see it,

Max Says: I have a question for you. I have a good friend (female) that has gorgeous feet. Now she is not into the whole feet thing like I am but now she is more aware of the fact that her feet are the BOMB. She knows that I love to see women in heels so we went to luch one day and she came in with a pair of the sexiest high heels that I have ever seen. Now I am a married man and we are just friends but do you think that it was possible that she was putting a signal out there for me? Let me know.

Nikki Answers: Well, with out knowing her it's hard to say. But it's a real possibility that she was :)

Bam Bam Says: First of all, I love your feet. I have a question for you. Now I am a black man and I work on a college campus. My question is why to white girls wear flip flops all the time no matter what the temperature or weather is?

Nikki Answers: Personally, I dont. My feet get toooooo cold :) LOL It must be a young high school/college girl thing. My hubby and I were at the mall a few weeks ago and talking about that ver same thing. I bet 1 in 6 or 8 girls had flip flops on and it was in the 30's Not that we didnt like the show anyway :P

Jack M Says: Hi, me and my girlfriend just got pretty serious. I have been wondering if I should tell her about my foot fetish or not, and how I should go about doing that. BTW, I love your feet, and I would love to suck your toes any day, but my girlfriends feet are just a little prettier then yours, so that should give you a little bit to guage it on, you have beautiful feet, but hers are fan-freakin'-tastic. Have a toetally wonderfull new year Nikki!

Nikki Answers: I would tell her, just tale it very slow.... Maybe dont come right out and say "I HAVE A FOOT FETISH!!!!!" Give her a nice foot rub, massage them for her. Over a few weeks start paying more and more attention to them, I bet she will begin to catch on.

Maurice Says: I am a big fan of yours. I have a question for you. Do you find that more men are checking out your feet when you are barefoot, wearing sandals or dangling? Also, which do you think turns men on more?

Nikki Answers: I would say probably dangling. I think that probably turns men on the most too. I think they get really turned on by what they cant see under the shoes, the high arches, the gentil bouncing of the foot up and down. Will it fall off??? Maybe.... Maybe I'll maake it fall off if I catch you looking and the streatch my sexy foot out and pick it back up and do it all over again. :)

Martin Says: Let me start off by saying that your arches are to die for. They are so sexy. My question for you is which do you think shows off your sexy arches the best, high heels or flip flops and which do you prefer to wear most of the time?

Nikki Answers: I think hight heels show them off better, but I love wearing flip flops..... I wear tennis shoes or flip flops most of the time and only wear heel for photo shoots or going out on occasion.... I try not to wear them too much. They really jack your feet up... Have you ever noticed someones toes who wears heels all the time, it can get kinda scarey LOL

Scottie Says: Would you ever let a small dicked man lick your feet clean after giving a footjob to another man?

Nikki Answers: Sure why not, If thats what he wants to do :)

Leo Says: How long are your feet in inches?

Nikki Answers: Not sure, I wear a size 7. I never measured them before. I have to do that.

Royal Says: wow you are beautiful girl. would you ever let a fan smell or do anything else to your feet

Nikki Answers: Sure I'd let them smell them :)

Slings Says: Hi Nikki, Your soles are incredibly sexy , smooth , soft and just plain hot :). I was wondering if it is possible to make a request to see you standing on your toes (heelpopping ) in sandals or slingbacks viewed from behind , I think that would be awesome . Thanks!

Nikki Answers: I can do that. I post some asap.

Maurice Says: Hi, Nikki you have very beautiful feet and the rest ain't bad either. I was curious to know what is your favorite nail polish color to paint your toenails with? And how often do you get pedicures?

Nikki Answers: Thanks, Well my favorite color is probably any shade of red then probably blues. As far as pedicures go well, I get them about every couple months. I usually do them myself or talk the hubby into doing them for me.... Although that really doesnt take much to get him to do it. :)

Mike Says: How do you feel about giving footjobs?

Nikki Answers: Love it. How do you feel about getting them ;)

Sammy D Says: Do you like it better if a man or a woman sucks your toes?

Nikki Answers: I love it when a man does, but I'm really looking forward to having a woman do it.

Aamir Says: Hello Nikki . No Doubt your feet are incredible. I just wanted to ask if you live in the Uk? And if we see a women wearing toering and anklets can we say that she knows about foot fetish and likes it or she is just following a fashion ? Thanx for answering .

Nikki Answers: Thank you. No, I live in the US. I would say a lot of women know about the foot fetish and know it turns men on to wear toe rings and stuff. I mean, why do you think we spend so much time on keeping them nice and soft, painting out nails and wearing the foot jewelry. :)

Alex Says: Hi Nikki, I love your webbed toes, I'm from Spain and I have webbed toes too. Do you like your webbed toes? Did you like them when you was a child?

Nikki Answers: I love them now. When I was younger I was really self consious about them and didnt show them off.

Nikki Says: I want to thank everyone who has sent in a question for me. First let me say this has been a lot of fun and I hope it has given you all a chance to get to know me a little better. Although I didn't get to everyones questions I did appreciate them all. I just had too many to possibly answer them all. Also some where basicly the same as questions that were already answered so I couldn't take the time answering the same ones twice, that made it possible to get to more of your posts. So, I may have not answered your specific question but I hope I replied to one that was similar. Thanks again for the great interest and taking the time to write to me.

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