Mysty's Interview

This interview was held with Mysty of She chose a select few of your questions to answer. You can contact her about this interview at She'd love to hear from you.

Ryan O Asks: Hey, Mysty's Heaven for sure!! Unbelievable soles, just can't get enough of them. Anyways, what is the smelliest socks you have ever been in? Also, how did you ever think of selling your socks on the net? Great idea by any means.

Mysty Answers: Soleboy Ryan, Recently, I wore a pair of ankle socks for SIX days straight. Those, I would have to say, have been the smelliest and sweatiest pair of socks I have ever worn. To answer your second question, since I can remember, I've always had smelly feet. I never knew though until my last boyfriend that they could be such a turn-on. One day, he asked me to wear the same pair of socks two days in a row for him and I did. I'm a very sexually open girl. He complemented me a lot on my legs and feet, and soon I really embraced it and would make him smell and kiss my feet for my pleasure as much as his (if not more). I don't know when or how it happened, but I guess I just got used to all the attention and foot pampering I received. So, one thing led to the next and I thought it would be fun and wild to start this site and share my smelly socks on the net! So many guys have written such awesome things about my site and feet and I've just fallen in love with the idea and the whole concept of the male foot-fetish.

Ftsniffer Asks: Do your feet smell very strong and what type of footwear makes your feet smell the strongest? I would love to sniif your feet after you have been on them all day and they are very sweaty!

Mysty Answers: Yes! My feet smell very strong, especially when I wear certain shoes. I own these black kneehigh boots that I'm sure you've seen on my site. I wear them mostly during winter and they REALLY make my feet smell and sweat a lot. I'm sure you'd love to get a whiff of my toes after a long day in them barefoot..;-)

Lovin' Footjobs Asks: Dear Mysty, I have two questions for you but let me start off by saying how absolutely beautiful your feet are! My first question is how does it make you feel to know that men and women all over the world are jacking off to your feet pix? Second, Do you give Foot Jobs? If so, what is your technique to giving a guy a foot job? thanks for answering!

Mysty Answers: Hey Lovin, It's pretty excting, actually. Believe me, I know what you horny guys are doing over there and it kind of turns me on knowing I have so much power over you. Secondly, yes I do give footjobs. You should check out Mysty's Heaven for a glimpse..;-) I have several techniques, but I'd have to say my favorite is using the side of one foot against the sole of my other, especially when my feet are either really sweaty or moisturized. My slaves like that position the best as well.

JJPDO Asks: Hi Mysty, I'm jjpdo and I've a site about female feet in martial arts. What do you think about that? Have you ever kick a man or a woman in the face with your perfect bare feet? would you like to do that?

Mysty Answers: I have never kicked anyone in the face. I've trampled guys before, but never kicked. If we go to war though, I may have to kick Bush in the face!

Jay Asks: Is it possible to buy your socks by check, money order, or cash by sending it to you in the mail? I would love to sniff your socks daily. It would be an honor to sniff your foot smell.

Mysty Answers: Of course it is, honey! You can email me at for my address and make sure to check out for some pictures, sock descriptions, and pricing info as well.

Steve Asks: Mysty you have gourgeous big feet. Can I be your footslave? I would love to take your shoes and socks off with my teeth and lick your feet clean. Are you dominant and what would you make a slave do?

Mysty Answers: Slave Steve, Yes, you can be my foot slave. You better serve me well, though. It's harder than you think to take my sweaty socks off with your teeth. Others have tried and didn't have enough strength to tug my socks off my size 10 feet due to the friction and the clinginess of the sock to my foot sweat. You may have to bury your tongue under my sock to make it a little easier... :)

Barry Asks: I was just looking over your web site, which I wasn't too familiar with until seeing this interview starting up. I must say that your bare feet are absolutely beautiful, ranging from the bulging veins on the tops of your feet that add to the shape, to the arches, to the beautiful toes, I must say this is one fellow 20 year old who is completely infatuated. I just had a few questions. First of all where are you based out of, like what college are you attending? Second of all, have you partook in giving out a footjob or having a woman ride your foot, meaning having foot sex with a woman? Thanks for your answers!

Mysty Answers: Thanks so much for your sweet complements. I go to college in Connecticut. I do give footjobs to deserving footboys but haven't had another girl "ride" my feet. It's not something I wouldn't try, I just haven't had the opportunity just yet.. ;-)

Joe Asks: Do you like giving footjobs to guys? Do you feel like you have them in your control? Also, do you like having a slave as your foot stool? Would inhaling your feet cause a guy to be deeply hypnotized under your control forever?

Mysty Answers: Yes, I absolutely love the power my feet have. I do enjoy giving footjobs as well. I actually just shot a clip where I hypnotized a foot slave into serving my feet at my command.

JulianBoy Asks: You have great feet. I am in love with them! Have you ever given a bootjob, I mean straight after pulling off your boots, with hot feet making the lucky cock cum. Did you give your shoes for smell while you do footjob, which was your fastest footjob. Your devoted slave.

Mysty Answers: Actually, I have. My feet were very sweaty which helped lubricate him and the smell was SO strong it quickly filled both of our nostrils. He went so fast. I didn't time it, but it probably didn't take him more than 2 minutes to go all over my toes.

Michael Asks: Your soles look so creamy and wrinkly. I was wondering if they were ticklish? Do you enjoy having your soles nibbled?

Mysty Answers: YES, MY FEET ARE VERY VERY TICKLISH! I don't think I'd be able to sit still if someone was nibbling on my soles.

Mukesh Asks: I have an indian girlfriend who has absolutely stunning feet! I have occassionally kissed her feet during sex, and I loved it but felt a bit foolish...What do I have to do to make her beg me to kiss and pamper her feet?

Mysty Answers: My suggestion is that you should casually introduce the idea of role playing into your sexual relationship. Start out slow, and work your way into more intense roles. Sooner or later, I'm sure your foot-fetish will be revealed to her and she will become more and more dominant. Myself, I just love men's foot-fetishes! I think more and more women can and should too when they see what they can get guys to do! :)

MFP Asks: Do like to wear toe ring? If yes how many toe ring do you have?

Mysty Answers: Yes, I do. I never owned toe-rings until I started my site several months ago, but now I own 3 and my collection is growing. I also own a couple of anklets which I like showcasing.. :)

Dave Asks: Have you ever smelled the feet of another woman or let a woman smell your feet? If so, can you tell us a little about the experiences? Thank you, and I absolutely love your feet and would love to know the smell of them some day.

Mysty Answers: I'm not too into smelling other girls feet but I like having girls smell mine. It goes back to that whole empowering feeling I get. My first real experience with another girl came a couple of months ago at a foot-fetish party I went to. A girl recognized me from my site and asked to smell my feet. It was pretty wild! I will have her do it again for a photo series coming soon in the members section within my site.

Marc Asks: Mysty... what is your best foot pose that draws a guy's attention?

Mysty Answers: The shoe dangle works best. Also, when I press down on my toes revealing my arch and sole, I think that's a pretty sexy look.

Spidy Asks: Dear Mysty, Your soles look sooo perfect, I have to know if they are ticklish. Are they? If yes, where are they most ticklish? Do you like to have your beautiful feet tickled and would you relate a personal tickling experience with us? Keep up the great work, you are incredible!!!

Mysty Answers: Thanks Spidy, My feet are extremely ticklish and it's PURE TORTURE when they are being tickled. I *may* allow myself to be bound by a belt and have them tickled in an upcoming photo series in my Members section, maybe next week.. ;-)

Alper Asks: I am in love with your wrinkled soles. If there is a chance, I would nibble them all the time. I wonder what your beautiful soles smell like?

Mysty Answers: How do my feet smell? That's the #1 question I get! Some guys ask if they smell vinegary or cheesy. Others want me to compare them to food or liquid. It's hard to describe the odor. All I can say is that you just have to imagine the sexiest, most erotically sensual female foot odor and multiply it by infinity. Depending on the shoes and socks I wear, my feet give off different smells, all of which are heavenly. That's why my members section is called Mysty's Heaven, because that's where you'll be when you smell my feet.

Kyle Asks: I have seen on your site some crushing. Have you ever crushed or popped balloons? Iv'e seen it on other sites and wonder how you feel about it.

Mysty Answers: That's a good idea. I think I will do that soon... :)

Dave Asks: You have some of the prettiest feet I have ever seen. I have not yet purchased any of your worn items, but I'm sure they smell even better than you describe. I will find out someday. Anyways, I was just wondering, How much do you enjoy letting someone smell your feet if in fact you do enjoy it?

Mysty Answers: I really, really enjoy it. Realllly enjoy it. It's like a euphoric high having complete power and control over a guy with my smelly feet. To sit in a chair, and have a guy begging me to crawl underneath my smelly sweaty soles and lick them clean while inhaling every inch is really a turn-on. Knowing that guys have a strong desire to own my smelly socks and knee-highs turns me on as well. That's why I always wear them for the days that I promise and I've never had an unsatisfied customer in the 4 months I've been doing this.

Stickman Asks: Hello sweetfeet, should I be shy about telling the ladies that their feet are pretty????????

Mysty Answers: Not at all. Just be respectful and tactful and wait for the right moment... women love complements.

E-Dawg Asks: Hi Mysty! I really love the way your feet look! Also I love seeing your sock pics, the ones in which your socks are being removed or torn are my favorite! Are you ticklish on your feet? If so, do you enjoy being tickled on your feet? If so, here's a tickle for your feet kitchy, kitchy, koo!!! I wish I could tickle them for real. I also love to give foot massages! Do you like foot massages? Having your toes sucked? Thanks for your time and have a nice day!!

Mysty Answers: Aww, you're so cute. I've been told those are some of the best series I post. It's really easy though when the smell and footsweat is genuine. Tickling for me is pure torture because my soles are very sensitive. I absolutely LOVE good foot massages and I have sucked my own toes on occasion. I'll definitely have a toesucking photo series or clip coming soon.

Sean Asks: Do you like to dominate a man by making him smell your stinky shoes?

Mysty Answers: Yes, just ask some of my foot slaves in Mysty's Heaven... :)

Anthony Asks: Hi Mysty, I love your web site and you have very sexy feet. I am also a full time college student and I will probably buy a pair of your stinky socks. My question is: Do you have a boyfriend? If not, would you ever date a huge fan of yours like me? Thanks!!

Mysty Answers: I'm a full time college student too. I'm so active! Sometimes I wonder if other students can smell my feet in class when I've worn the same pair of socks several days straight. I actually had a dream about that. To answer your other question, I do offer the opportunity to members to have personal sessions with me. As for dating, I definitely love to get to know guys with foot-fetishes better. After dating a guy w/ a foot-fetish, I think I'm hooked! :)

Fred Asks: A lot of men with a foot fetish would love to be your slave. What would a footslave be expected to do as his duties and would you totally dominate him if he was submissive?

Mysty Answers: I think the most important responsibility of a true foot slave is to do whatever it takes to make his goddess happy. Personally, I love having my feet massaged. I could have them massaged all day. I'm also a very busy girl and would expect massages as soon as I got in. All I would do is plop onto my bed and command a slave to massage and do whatever else I would order him to do to my feet. Including taking off my shoes and socks, smelling and licking them, and showing respect to me. That's it..:)

Melvin Asks: Can we see pictures of you or other girls smelling your socks/pantyhose/shoes/feet in your members' section?

Mysty Answers: Soon. Very soon. :)

Footsniffer773 Asks: Hi Mysty, I just want to say that you have absolutely beautiful feet. I am a big fan of foot-sniffing and I want to know if a guy has ever got off while sniffing your feet?

Mysty Answers: Oh yes. My #1 slave loves to be smothered and dominated by my smelly socks and feet while he does his thing. I really enjoy it too.

G Asks: I'm a college footboy from california. I see great feet all year long. I'm really impressed buy your peds. They are so feminine yet commanding. I want to experience the scent and feel of your toes. Would you do a video with a devoted fan. If yes how could we make it happen?

Mysty Answers: Awww, you're a sweetie. I'm very flattered by your complement since I know it's coming from an experienced gazer in CA. I recently visited San Francisco during my winter break! Too bad I didn't hear from you before then. The best way to make something like that happen would be to come out to NYC and we'll work something out. For more details, email me at

nineone5 Asks: Have you ever thought of being a giantess stepping on people barefoot, or just forcing them to smell your feet or whatever? if so what did u have in mind?

Mysty Answers: I could picture myself starring in the movie "attack of the 50 foot woman" and crushing buildings and people with my barefeet. I'd find all the guys with foot-fetishes and trap them in between my smelly, sweaty toes... :)

Foot Lover Asks: Your feet are super sexy! I love your soles! My question is: Have you ever done a foot bondage photo shoot? If so, what was it like? If not would you ever consider doing one?

Mysty Answers: Actually, I plan on doing a bondage photoshoot THIS weekend. I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm willing to give it a try. I'm going to have my hands and feet bound by belts so I can't move. Then I'll have my feet.... tickled.... (not happy about that!) and worshipped (that's okay).

Berte Asks: Hi...Have you ever trample someone ? or You like trample on belly?

Mysty Answers: Yes, I have trampled foot slaves before. My enjoyment level depends on my mood.

Marcus Asks: Do you ever wear flip flops? I bet you catch a lot guy staring at those sexy feet. Are you going to have any photo shoots with you in flip flops?

Mysty Answers: YES! Definitely. Probably when it starts getting warmer though. I have a pair of reallllly worn pink flip-flops that I'm going to auction of sometime soon. I guess you're a flip-flops guy... :)

Hal Asks: Mysty your feet are simply delicious looking. My question to you is have you ever had a man (or woman for that matter) eat your toe nails?? I know I sure would.

Mysty Answers: I've had recent offers from guys who want to buy my toe-nail clippings (if that's what you're referring to). I've never seen it or sold any yet, but I would for sure.

FootFetish Guy Asks: Hi Mysty, I would do anything to be underneath your beautiful feet. I read that you have been to a foot fetish party. Where was the party? I have been to one in Las Vegas. Do you like to trample guys and do you enjoy the power that you have over a guy laying underneath your feet as you trample him.

Mysty Answers: The party was in NYC. I think it would be pretty wild to go to a party in Vegas! Too bad it's hundreds of miles away...:) Yes, I do enjoy the power I have when a guy is lying beneath my feet. It's the most euphoric feeling I've ever had.

Gato Asks: Hi, what kind of heels do you like to wear? I like when a women wears nylons and sandals. Do you prefer giving footjobs, with nylons or without??

Mysty Answers: I prefer to give footjobs without nylons. I like to feeeeeel a nice, hard begging cock between my barefeet.

Brian Asks: If I wanted to suck on a girls toes, and she had never had that done to her, how should do that without having her think that I'm really weird and crazy?

Mysty Answers: Here is one suggestion. This is actually what my ex-boyfriend with a foot-fetish said to me to originally open me up to the world of foot-fetishism. We had been hanging out and dating for like a month. I met him through a friend and he was a nice, sweet guy. After some time, we grew more comfortable with each other and we got to talking about sexual fantasies and desires. He mentioned he had something but didn't want to tell me, and of course I wanted to know so I pushed and pushed and finally he crumbled and just said "i'm attracted to female feet." I was kind of shocked, but really interested and asked him more questions about it. I could tell he was really nervous and he told me he's had a foot-fetish and he likes the smell. He then told me how beautiful and sexy my feet were and one thing led to the next and he was kissing and sucking my toes, and licking my soles. After some time, he grew more comfortable and started to do other things. So basically, just be patient and instead of saying directly "Hi, my name is Brian and I have a foot-fetish. Can i lick your toes?" Just say that you're attracted to feet. It worked on me!

Submission Asks: Your feet are truly stunning. I was wondering if you could possibly do a video where you train guys to be your perfect footslave? I would love to serve as your foot slave in person?

Mysty Answers: That's a very good idea! I may do that soon. I'm glad I already have some volunteers.

Joe Asks: Hi Mysty you have gourgeous feet. There some women who feel that a man with a foot fetish who is also submissive can be made into a slave? How powerful do you feel knowing that a man would let you own him because of your feet?

Mysty Answers: Thank you, sweetie. Well, I know not all men who have foot-fetishes are submissive. Just like not all men who are submissive necessarily have foot-fetishes. I think truly submissive men who have the ability to be transformed (by the right mistress) into total slaves are extremely rare. And I also think that women who have the personality to be a total domineering dominatrix/mistress are also rare as well. For me, I can be extremely domineering when I'm in the right personality and with the right person. I can easily tell the difference between a truly submissive guy and a guy who is just submissive in terms of his foot-fetish.

Peter HK Asks: Love your soles. Are you into footworship? Would you prefer worshipping men's or ladies' feet? How many women's feet have you worshipped?

Mysty Answers: In all honesty, I'm not too interested in worshipping other girls feet. I enjoy my own feet occasionally, but it turns me on 1000 times more to have a guy or girl under my feet. Then I can be in total control.

Brian Asks: Hi Mysty, you've got very nice feet I must say. I was wondering, what's the longest you've ever worn one pair of socks? What pair of shoes makes your socks the stinkiest? And have you ever gotten your socks so smelly that you've grossed yourself out?

Mysty Answers: YES! I have grossed myself out. So far, the longest I've worn a pair of socks for has been a solid week. They were ankle socks and I can't even describe how powerful the odor was. The fabric was so worn my soles were extremely visible through the fabric. There were lots of holes by the toe area. They REEKED! The smelliest shoes I own are black knee-high boots. They are so worn out. The heels are falling off, the insole is completely gone... I need to buy new ones. I'm thinking about auctioning these boots sometime soon. My foot odor is going to plague these boots for life.

Yatharth Asks: Do you prefer giving footjobs to circumsized or uncircumsized dicks? I have the latter type and is slim. How would you give me a foot job?

Mysty Answers: No preference, sweetie. As long as I can squeeze the head in between my toes and have my own fun, I could care less. Size doesn't matter either.

Michael Asks:I would just like to say that you do have beautiful feet, and guys who get close to them should feel honored! I would just like to know, when you give footjobs do you prefer your feet to be barefoot? socked? nyloned?

Mysty Answers: Barefoot. Definitely barefoot. Read up for an explanation why.

Juan Asks: Great site! My dream is to host a FOOTJOB TOURNAMENT, where say 8-16 women would compete against each other 1v1 in a Knockout style format. The rules would be simple. Just make your man CUM 1st using only your feet. How would I go about organizing such an event? And How much $$ should I award? Thank you for your time

Mysty Answers: Interesting idea. My guess is though you would have to pay the women lots of $$$ to even be apart of it..:) Will there be a footjob trophy as well?

Turbo Asks: Hi Mysty. I love your smooth wrinkled soles and I'd like to know if you've used them like a seduction weapon while driving? Are you into pedal pumping? If yes, which thing is a major turn on for you: cranking, revving, drive fast or getting stuck?

Mysty Answers: I actually just did my first pedal pumping series last week. It was great! I drove barefoot and with my white thigh-highs. You really get to feel the car that way. I drive a Monte Carlo too so I really felt her.

Footsmeller Asks: Dear Mysty, fisrt of all I want to say I think you got the cutest toes I have seen on the web! My question is, I have seen that you mentioned many guys were satisfied with your socks. But has there ever been any customer who said the smell was too strong?? (3 day or 5 day socks)

Mysty Answers: Yes, One guy in particular whom I wore 5 day socks for said it was "unbearable". The socks were still soaked with sweat when he received them and the smell was confined in the airtight bag I send it in. He said it was overwhelming. On a side note, my website has been down for the past 5 days due to server problems. However, I have found a new server and the site is back up and running. Come check it out for the smelliest socks on the net...:)

Minntimbs21 Asks: Let me start off by saying you have some beautiful soles. I would love to worship your feet sometime. My question to you is, how do I get my girlfriend to dominate me and is it ok to have a foot fetish? I would also like to know, what is your favorite way to be worshipped?

Mysty Answers: Of course it is okay to have a foot-fetish! You guys are the best! Trust me, any girl would be lucky to be in a relationship with a guy who has a foot-fetish. A lot of the girls out there don't know virtually anything about it and I think that is what intimidates them. I have plenty of friends who I've talked to who would love to date a guy with a foot-fetish. I don't know any girl who wouldn't want their feet pampered, massaged, and worshipped whenever they wanted. The only thing guys with foot-fetishes need to watch out for with girls is not to make their feet your only focus for sexual attraction and stimulation. Make sure you have a healthy all around sex life and you'll be able to indulge in your foot-fetish to your heart's delight.

Danny Asks: What is your favourite color of nailpolish? are you wearing polish 24/7? If so are your nails yellow?

Mysty Answers: My favorite color is purple. I wear nail polish virtually 24/7. My nails are not yellow as a result of the polish because I take very good care of them.

Mike K Asks: Mysty you have very beautiful feet, and I'd like to see more of your feet. How much is it a month and how I can cancel? I would love to lick and smell your soft soles.

Mysty Answers: Right now it's $16.80/month and you can join and cancel anytime manually through Paypal. It's really easy actually and pretty convenient. As soon as you sign up, you get immediate access to Mysty's Heaven as well. If you'd like more info, go to

Frank Asks: What do you think about deep stomach trampling?

Mysty Answers: I've done it. I always feel like I'm hurting them. If it doesn't bother them though, it doesn't bother me.

Jim Asks: Mysty, Have you ever dominated one of your professors with those sexy feet of yours?

Mysty Answers: Nope. There are a few I wish I could though.

Joey Asks: You have very lovely feet Mysty. I wanted to know what your reaction was the first time a guy asked to smell your feet?

Mysty Answers: At first I thought it was a little strange. But I was more intrigued by it than anything. For me, it was nothing that was ever done before so I kind of wanted him to do it just to see what it felt like and looked like. It's kinda fun watching you guys smell my feet..:)

Ric Asks: Misty your soles sre absolutely suckable. Has your partner ever passed out as a result of your feet's strong smell? What do you tell your partner when he is sniffing and licking your feet? Have you ever stuffed food between your toes and made ure partner eat it? If I were a student at your uni, how would you know that I would be interested in your feet? If you did know would you allow me to worship them? Would it be at uni or at another location? You are one sexy girl.

Mysty Answers: Thanks for your words. Nobody has ever passed out from being overwhelmed by my feet. I've had wrinkled noses, but that's usually followed by a lot of sighs and heavy sniffing..:) I am pretty verbal and constantly tell my partner or whoever is pampering my feet to smell and to kiss and to lick. I know what I like and what I want and have no problem telling whoever exactly what to do. I have had people eat stuff from between my toes (grapes, banana, even pizza!) I'm not sure about the random worshipping part... depends on the impression that a guy leaves on me I guess.

Tim Asks: Do you like wearing sandals or barefoot sandals? You are the best footmistress in the world.

Mysty Answers: I love wearing sandals in the warm weather. My feet neeeeeed to breath. Since I've only started my site back in November, this spring and summertime will be intriguing because now I'll be a lot more conscious of you footboys out their sneaking peaks...:)

David Asks: Mysty, first off I want you to know that I love what you do and how you do it. You are very beautiful and talented. My question is, what is the most valuable thing you have gained through your sexy feet and their intoxicating fragrance, whether it be material objects, knowledge, happiness, etc.??? P.S. Can't wait to recieve your 5 days worn, ankle socks!!!!

Mysty Answers: I've gained a lot through my feet. Perhaps the biggest and most important thing Ive gained is a greater self-confidence and empowerment with men. I feel as if my sexy feet make me unique and it's nice to feel distinguished. The money is nice, but I also love the attention and complements. Plus, I love making footboys like you happy by selling my worn socks (which I know you'll fall in love with).

Sash Asks: Why don't you show us your face in the pics. You seem like an elegant young woman. by the way, ure feet turn me on

Mysty Answers: The reason I don't show my face is more about privacy issues than anything else. I post my face and full body pictures in my members section but just not in the regular section. I'd prefer just to focus on feet, my smelly socks, and knee-highs/stockings.

TridedAndLost Asks: Have you ever suspected a guy of cumming in your shoes, socks or kneehighs without your consent? And if they did would you be mad or would it excite you? P.S. Foot sniffers everywhere: Buy Mysty's ankle socks!! A stinkier, sexier sock cannot exist!!

Mysty Answers: Hello Mystyer Sock Buyer! Yes, I have. There have been times I've noticed that my shoes were not where I remember leaving them when I've hung out at a few guys houses. The most I ever thought was "that's strange", but never suspected any "foul" play. I've never felt anything gooey in my shoes (which I'm happy about) but I'm sure I'll never know what's gone on with them behind closed doors.

You can see more of Mysty at

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