Lola's Interview

Below is an interview held with the lovely Lola of Latina School Girls. She chose a select few of your questions to answer. Contact her about this interview at She'd love to hear from you.

Sugaboy Ray Asks: Have you ever given a footjob and, if so how does it feel giving it?

Lola Answers: Hi Baby, Well you asked the "big" question. The truth is that I am a footjob virgin! Footjobs sound so amazing and exotic, I really look forward to the day when I can slip off my shoes and wrap my feet around something hard and slippery but I haven't found the right hombre yet. I'll keep you posted for sure.

Bob Asks: Have you ever smelled another girl's feet? What is the biggest size of female feet you were with? Did you like them?

Lola Answers: Hell yes! What a great question and it sounds like you know me well already. I do get hot for other girls feet. When I was in high school I used to love to be really aggressive with other pretty girls. I think a lot of teen girls are BI-curious and if one of the girls is more forward then things get done if you know what I mean. I was a cheerleader and I had fun with some of my team mates feet back in the day and in the end they loved me for it. Hm, the biggest feet? I think one of my buds was a size ten and a half but she was also really tall.

Pvt Asks: Hi Lola, You have wonderful and sexy feet. I would like to ask if it is really wierd to have a foot fetish?

Lola Answers: Is it weird to have a foot fetish? NO. No way. I love feet, I love the way they smell, I love having mine played with and I'm a very confident girl, I don't second guess myself or beat myself up for what I'm into. If Lola says it OK, then it is! Feel better?

Davide Asks: Hello! I must say that you have the most beautiful feet I ever seen!! I like above all the shape of your toes and arches. Do you think that wearing high heels have changed the shape of your toes and arches? If it is so in that way and do you like this?

Lola Answers: Hello Davide, you sexy man. I am a Latin dancer and I have worn high heels in shows for years and yet my feet don't have corns or bunions and I got to keep all the shoes so it was a win-win thang. I have seen plenty of other girls who had big problems with their feet from the shoes though, I really think you have to get shoes that fit and if they mess with your feet don't wear them no matter *how* cute they are! Personally my feet are really important to me. I always get pedicures and wear shoes and toe rings that bring attention down to my feet so they better be the bomb or we're gonna have a problem.

Feet4Life Asks: First let me tell you how beautiful your feet are. My question is, how does it make you feel to know that men all over the world are jacking off to your feet everyday? I myself jacked off to them before I wrote this. Do you give Footjobs? If so how often?

Lola Answers: I have never given a foot job but I do live for the day. I personally feel very happy to know that I'm like a goddess to you, somebody to be worshipped and fantasized about like the Playboy models are to mainstream guys. It's an honor and it's a privilege to get you hard and get you off! Do you think about me when you drive your car? Are you going to get excited and have hard on in inappropriate situations because of me? I hope you are standing in line at the dry cleaners and you start to think about how far you shot cum thinking about sucking my feet and I hope you have such a huge boner that you have to go back to your car and jerk off again before you go back to work or home to your wife or whatever. Tell me if that happens :)

Kameleon Asks: Hey Lola you are really beautiful and have beautiful feet, are they ticklish?

Lola Answers: My feet are so ticklish and sensitive that you could probably get me to do anything you wanted if you tied me up and held me captive with a feather! Are you gonna?

Footlover Asks: Hi Lola! You are absolutely gorgeous. I just wanted to tell you that you have very sexy feet especially yours beautiful toes. I was wondering have you ever had your sweet toes dipped in chocolate and them had someone suck it off?

Lola Answers: Dude yes!!!!! On prom night we got so drunk and wild is was awesome and I'll never forget it. That night was the first time I ever had foot activity with a boy. We rented this hotel room upstairs from where the dance was and there was a Jacuzzi and all kinds of good stuff. My date had gotten all this food for us to play with and he licked the chocolate off my toes and got me so hot and wet that I poured it on him and gave him the best BJ of his life.

Nylon Smeller Asks: Hi Lola, you are absolutely beautiful. My question is do your feet get really hot in stockings or nylons and do you dangle if they do?

Lola Answers: Well yes I often wear stockings and nylons. This summer I was in a group of Latin dancers that rehearsed and did a lot of dance performances and we always had to wear hot pantyhose with our skirts and I can remember my whole car smelling like my feet when I'd leave the pantyhose in the car!

Adam Asks: What do your feet smell like? Can I have a pair of your socks? Do you need a foot slave?

Lola Answers: Hm, do I need a foot slave? Well, who doesn't? As a matter of fact we're kinda having foot slave "try-outs" on September 7th here in Las Vegas. There will be models from my site,, and! And my girl Lissa's You can email any of us to get more details on that, but there will be like 30 models at least who will let ya sniff and lick to your hearts content and if you're good, I'll bring my socks, the stinky taco smelling ones.

Coco Boi Asks: You have some sexy A$$ feet. And your toes are so cute. What size are your feet? You ever dominate with your feet? I would be down with you shoving your toes in my mouth.

Lola Answers: Hey Poppy.......I wear a six and a half shoe and I always have my toes done up right. I'd love to have you slurp up my toes and the only people I ever dominated were other girls in high school. I told those cheerleaders what was UP! Really, I did.

Footickler Asks: Lola, you are truly beautiful. I have a 2-part question... First: what was your reaction when you were first asked to pose with your feet being the primary focus? (Did you think it was weird or silly or...?) Next: Just how ticklish are you on your feet... and how difficult would it be for you to get through a tickling video?

Lola Answers: Thanks for writing and for telling me I'm a hottie! I got into foot fetish because I met Lissa from and she asked me to model for her. I got to know her and we talked about my opening a site up with her and after working really hard shooting pictures of the models for a whole summer we opened up last Halloween! I am a really open minded girl and I didn't think it was weird, I thought it was *hot*. As for being ticklish, yes I am I am very VERY ticklish and you'd have a hell of a time keeping me all tied up. I'd wriggle and squirm and scream my head off, but then again you would probably like that even more with me all tied up and tortured. How long is a video? I might pass out after all of that action for like an hour or something. I DID get to tickle Lissa last year at one of the shoots, I got her really good too.

Francesco Asks: Do you like to seduce a man with the smell of your feet? If yes which type of shoes gives you the "ideal" odor? And is it more effective using stockings or socks?

Lola Answers: I honestly would love to seduce a man with the smell of my feet, to be irresistible is such a fantasy. I think every woman would like to be a Lolita....a secret forbidden attraction. There are a lot of different shoes and a lot of different smells you can get. Sneakers without socks can get an amazing scent, the jelly sandals can get them really smelling strong too. Anytime I wear pantyhose and my shoes for dancing that does it too, the whole car stinks on the way home. If you were sitting next to me in the car you'd have the biggest hard on!

Jami Asks: Hi Lola, my name is Jami and I live in France. You are so classy and your beauty kills me. I see only one pic of you. I'd love to suck your toes for long time. Do you like foot worship and giving footjobs?

Lola Answers: Hi Jami, You sound wonderful to me, I've lived all over the world growing up and I love Paris baby! I have never given a foot job but I do plan on it with the right guy. I very much look forward to the day I have a real life foot lover. J'Taime, Lola

Donny Asks: Explain to all your foot fans how your feet and toes feel in pantyhose!

Lola Answers: Have you ever heard of these magical stockings made by Wolfords? They are not normal pantyhose and stockings but extra silky, shiny, sheer and lush. When I put them on I feel like a true foot Queen and I never want to take them off. EVER. I suggest you go to their website and buy them for your girl friends, lover or wives because if you gave them such an amazing gift they would have to pay you back with the best foot job of your life. I have not given a foot job but the first time I do I plan to wear these amazing pantyhose. They make me feel like I have legs wrapped in silk, and to have my feet covered in these pantyhose would feel so amazing on my lovers cock. They hold my fragrance very well and I would love to have somebody go down on me through the crotch of the smell me and bite me while I rub my feet and legs all over them too. OK, I'm getting all turned on thinking about the Wolfords now! I have to cool down! I'll be back when my vibrator runs out of batteries :)

Tara Asks: Have you ever kicked a boy in the scrotum, and if so, what kind of shoes were you wearing?

Lola Answers: When I was younger one of the football players at my Junior high school was giving me a hard time. I was a cheerleader then and I nailed him in the balls for teasing me and I was wearing white keds. I don't take ***t from anybody!

Sarah Sosa Asks: Hi Lola! Love your smile, soles, and toes. Im 23 and crazy about other womens feet (especially dirty soles)and one of my favorit activities is foot riding (I get off on it). My question to you is whether you have ever heard of foot riding and if not, would you allow a fan to teach you how?

Lola Answers: Is foot riding kind of like when a dog humps your leg? If it is then count me in, I think I'd love to feel your hard little friend rubbing on my beautiful tan foot and having you squirt cum all over my feet. I'd like to give you a very thorough going over while wearing both high heels, boots and stockings. I'd like to run my foot all over your juicy ass too, I really have a fetish for nice round butt's and I bet you have a nice one! If I'm wrong and that isn't what foot riding is, then email me back at and tell me how to do it!

Damon Da$h Asks: Hola Lola. I have two questions. First, what size are your feet? Second, would you do a custom video. Money is no object to me, just name your price.

Lola Answers: Hola yourself baby! Yes, I would do a custom video and price depends on what the video is about. You can email me at but don't worry, I'm not 17 anymore!

Mark Asks: How smelly do your feet get?

Lola Answers: You really like stinky feet don't you? I just think that's so amazing. I've always been a little self conscious about the way they smelled and my girlfriends used to tease me in school. In answer to your question, if you love stinky feet then you'd probably be pretty hot hanging around Lola!

Andre Dicks Asks: How old were you when you started liking your feet so much, and how did it happen?

Lola Answers: Really a few years ago I got into foot fetish through my friend Lissa and we kind of got into a foot sex situation. I probably shouldn't say, it's kinda personal but she was the one!

Adio Asks: Do you like footjobs? If yes, why?

Lola Answers: Do I like them? Well, as you probably know by now from all of my answers I have not had the pleasure yet, but I'm still very young. I love beautiful men with hard throbbing cocks, I love feet, I love having my feet worshiped and appreciated so this looks like a recipe for a really good time. I've masturbated thinking about how good it would feel to have my feet wrapped around somebody's most personal place, and thought about the look on their face and how much pleasure we would both be getting from it. I guess that's *why!*

Andrew Asks: When you are modeling do you enjoy to have your feet licked or smelt or kissed?

Lola Answers: You know I think modeling is just such a blast. In the days before a shoot we get ready and book the other models and plan what we'll wear to make you sweat! Then when the day comes for the shoot we're really excited and then the best part happens, all of that foot play. I never knew how much I would like this but it's become a big part of my life. I love to have another girl smell my feet really deeply and love what they smell. Licking tickles and I like it when I'm tied up so I can squirm. Ariela did that to me. I wish you could have been there!

Johnboy Asks: If you noticed a man gazing at your feet in a public place, what would you do? Are you always aware of "Foot Men" out there?

Lola Answers: I guess looking back I have always been aware of you on the periphery of my vision. Being a Latin dancer my feet are always noticed but usually for what they are doing not so much what they smell or taste like. I like it that they have so many different dimensions to them! Things are different now of course with the website. Chances are I would tease him with a little simple foot show and then if he's alone I might hand him my card so he can come check me out for real!

Zack Sarder Asks: Your feet are very sexy. I have had a foot fetish since I was a little boy. Now I am 22 years old and I can't tell any girl about it because I don't know what she will think a bout me. What do you think about guys with foot fetishes? Do you prefer your lover to be with out it?

Lola Answers: I prefer that my lover is a true lover of the female body. I want him to notice the way my feet smell how they taste and if I have new nail polish on. I care! I would not want a man who was so limited he would stop with the "normal" places like my awesome boobs! hahaha! As for your woman, give her feet the same attention you give the rest of her, don't single it out too much, keep a balance so she won't be concerned about it. WE know it's your favorite place, but just make her feel she is being spoiled!

Swolls Surfer Asks: Hey, whats one place (out of any) you would want to have your feet worshpped?

Lola Answers: There are so many places that come to mind! I went to this place once in the mountains, it was a nudist retreat of all places. It was a really peaceful (not aggressive sexually) place and there were all of these beautiful gardens and hot springs out in the woods. I'd like to be naked with a bunch of other foot lovers walking around barefoot on the soft pine needle floor, having my feet rubbed while soaking in the hotsprings and giving a foot job under the stars!

Jim Asks: Have you ever allowed a guy to tie your feet up, lay you face down on a bed and jerk off on the soles of your feet? If not, would you?

Lola Answers: Wow that sounds really awesome! I had a similar experience once but it involved my ass not my feet! I think it sounds incredible and I would love to try it, honestly I would do that.

Girl69 Asks: What's up Lola. Love your pics girl. I was wondering If you like to play with women's feet and if so, what type and size do you like best?

Lola Answers: Hey sweetie! I do love other girls feet, nice juicy round asses and pretty tan feet are my weaknesses. I'm not really picky about foot size as long as it fits with the girls body. Although now that I think about it Gloria Reyes has some hella fine size 5's....those were amazing :)

Asi Asks: How is the feeling to know that I jack off everyday thinking of your feet?

Lola Answers: Well I'd have to say it thrills me to no end honestly. I do mean that! I love being a web girl and bringing so many great jack off sessions to your fingertips.

Lexy Asks: Hallo, I am Ukrainian boy who can smell women feet during long time. Please say me about scent of your feet. Can you arrive in Ukraine?

Lola Answers: I think it would br great to go to the Ukrain just to give you my feet as a gift from my country! Kind of like "from Russia With Love" in reverse huh? I have traveled a lot been all over but not the Ukrain. I hear the girls there are very beautiful. My feet would be special spicey Latina ones and I bet you've never smelled anything like them before, I'd love to share their sweet smell.

Sean Asks: First of all let me compliment your pair of gorgeous feet.I definitely would love to suck your soles and toes until you cum!My question is if you would ever give a footjob to an 18/19 year old who has never had one before?

Lola Answers: Well is this a theoretical question or a literal one? I mean, since I've never met you I can't just say "yeah, come on over baby and whip it out!" However if it's in theory then yes if I had a virgin foot friend who I was comfortable then it would be both of our first times together since I haven't given a footjob before. I'm not that much older than you , remember. That way if I sucked my first time he wouldn't know either! After all losing one's cherry is never a graceful experience if I remember my "other" cherry experience.

FT Sniff Asks: On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the strongest, how bad do your feet smell? i would love to bury my nose between your toes and take a deep breath. Also, what kind of shoes make your feet smell the worst?

Lola Answers: I would say on an average day just cruising around town my feet might be about a six or seven by the end of a day. However, if I'm wearing pantyhose and my dance shoes and we are hot and sweaty rehearsing for a show ( I'm a Latin Dancer as a hobby/passion) then forget it, they stink!!!!! Some days a 10 would not even be enough honestly, pantyhose are brutal when you sweat. If my shoes are real leather it's better, but if they are "man made materials" whatever exactly that is then it's god awful babe. However, around here I guess that's just fine, isn't it? Want my used ones don't ya?

Ihsan Asks: Will you trampled on my chest and belly?

Lola Answers: I would love to walk all over you! I have a whole closet of shoes, would you like me to wear heels or do it barefooted? I might put white high heels on my tan feet and stand on your chest and put my shoe on your face for you to lick and suck.....that would be a fun night!

Rigel57 Asks: You are a complete beauty! How did you get introduced to the foot fetish world? Is it just part of modeling for you, do you have a foot fetish or did a footguy get you turned on to it?

Lola Answers: Good question! I was turned onto foot fetish by a woman! Do you know Lissa from, she did one of the other interviews here. Anyway she was the one who hooked me up with it and she's still going strong today so you can thank her. I do a lot of modeling and but foot modeling is always a pleasure especially when I get to do foot worship sessions and get my toes sucked or massaged, who wouldn't love that. I think foot fetish guys are the nicest people there are. Love ya!

Andre Asks: Are you into pedal pumping, and do you have some stories to tell?

Lola Answers: Yes I do adore pedal pumping and certainly have some stories. I lived in LA for the last few years and there is no place worse in the world for your car to break down. It's hot and smoggy, the traffic goes on for miles and miles if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time as I often am! I remember one time last summer I was late for an audition. I try to do work in comercials whenever I can and so I was all dressed up in a skirt and high pumps with the hair and make up done to the 9's. I'm on the 405 and getting nowhere fast. I had a beat up 1983 BMW that a friend sold me cheap ( and now I knew why) and it kept stalling out on me. I think it was over heating and I tried getting it started once it stalled just so I could get to an off ramp and find a gas station maybe to get some water or something. Well here I am pumping away and listening to the engine turn over and over but it's not catching. I'm getting hotter and sweat is starting to form. I'm not a happy camper here! I don't know what to do or who to call to come get me as they would just be stuck in the same traffic I was in. It seemed really hopeless and I was getting a little scared. I let it rest and I try to stay calm and cool, then I give it another shot and after a few pumps and cranks it starts! I get back in line with the other cars and go for about another quarter mile, then it stalls out again! I was so mad I could have spit nails as they say. I have to aim it over and try again. I get out of the car and go look under the hood. I check the oil and it's ok.....I have water....the battery wire is connected. What is wrong with this car??? I get back in and slowly put my foot down on the pedal while turning the key, nice and easy baby I say, come on and start for your mommy Lola, baby. I probably pumped for another 20 minutes working my foot and leg up and down in those little black pumps but the BMW was having no part of my plan to be an actress THAT day!

Frank Asks: What do you think about trampling? Have you ever done it?

Lola Answers: I think trampling is a whole lot of fun and yes I have done it. I started when I was really young not even knowing what I was doing. I had a friend and we used to stand on each other. We used to see who could stand on the other one for the longest until they couldn't take the weight any more. Now that I'm a "big girl" I thik it's fun to jump around on guys and be a little dominant with my stand on their face and let them not only feel the weight and power of my tan sexy feet but to inhale my aroma at the same time. What could be a better foot experience?

Joras Asks: How do I approach a lady to worship her feet?

Lola Answers: Well my dear that is a delicate question. You can come right out and take a chance or you can be a little sneakier. You didn't say if you knew the lady in question or if you just wanted to meet a stranger and talk her into some foot sessions with you! If it is somebody you know but that you haven't "come out" to about liking feet then I'd go the old foot massage aproach. Get some nice lotion and tell her you know how long and hard her day has been. Most people won't dissagree with you. Then you offer her a foot rub and tell her you've been reading some books on massage and you'd like to try out a few techniques on her if she'd be willing to help you out with that! If you can get her that far, the next step is to compliment her and make her feel comfortable with how her feet look. I wouldn't mention smell, ladies can be sensitive about that. If her feet smell good, just enjoy it but don't bring it up until you really know she's ok with the whole foot thing. From there a little kiss, or more if she's telling you she enjoys it. If on the other hand she's not looking very comfortable, then stop where you are and wait for another day to continue. Let me know if you have any more questions, I love to help!

Patrick Asks: Have you ever wrapped those soft feet around a long thick black cock and treated it to a footjob?

Lola Answers: Intersteing way of asking that question! No I haven't but I'll tell you what, I am the first one in line for dark boys! I love a nice round ass and all the package up front so if I met the right guy it would be "on"

Baron Noir Asks: I think sexy ladies like you look great in strappy sandals or mules. Don't you think the contrast is very sexy when you're walking like that next to a man in boots?

Lola Answers: You know you make a very interesting observation there. I DO think having super fem feet next to a very masculine guy makes it even better. When I dance in Latina competitions the guys all wear their black shoes, but the girls can go wild and wear very flamboyant stuff....the higher and strappier the better as far as looks go for me! The combat boot thing is also a favorite of mine. I've lived near military bases before and I love the guys in uniform and those boots they wear look like something I just want to grab and run off to the bedroom with. If the guy want's to follow me and his boots then so be it, hahaha! No really, I do kinda have a fetish for those boots. If a guy was wearing those and a pair of Calvin Klien knit boxers I think I'd be happy to stay home with him all night, and definitely give that foot job....first I'd run my feet up and down the outside of those Calvins, then I'd reach my toes in and stroke him really good...if I could smell the boots that would be nice too. OK I sound like I'm writing a romance novel here but I'm getting hot thinking about it so maybe you are too :)

Sole Survivor Asks: You have gorgeous soles. Have you ever had animals lick your soles while your in bondage? It's so erotic seeing a woman struggle to move while an animal, like a dog or cat, licks their feet. If you haven't, would you consider it?

Lola Answers: Oh god it is SO funny you asked me that! Yes I have had that experience but it wasn't supposed to be erotic at the time it was just funny. I was working at Lissas house doing shoots to open my site up and she had 4 cats at the time and no matter what we did those cats wanted to be in the pictures. One of them would just flop down in the middle of the set and wouldn't move. Another kept wanting to be petted and another one was rubbing on my feet and shoes! We laughed about that one because we said at least HE had read the script!

Michael Asks: How far can you spread your toes? And have you ever stuck your feet soles in someones face and spread them? What kind of reaction did you get?

Lola Answers: Yes I have rubbed my spread toes all over a guys face...a few guys actually and they about creamed in their pants if I do recall! I can spread my toes really wide, I have very athletic flexible feet and I love to grab the guys nose between my toes and keep him from breathing, I love to stand on faces and I for sure love to have my aroma all over his face so he can smell my feet even when I'm done with him. Wanna be next? Come to one of the Las Vegas foot parties!

Vinny Asks: Hi Lola I think you have really pretty feet. I wanted to know how often do you let someone worship your feet, and if you have ever given them a footjob. I also love the concept of your website because latinas and feet are two wonderful fetishes, are there gonna be any samples posted on the site?

Lola Answers: Hola and thank you very much for your sweet email to Lola:) I have been getting more and more into feet as I've gotten to know a few people in real life becasue of my website. I also think the web site concept is a good one as tan feet are some of the best out there, right? I am sending Wu some samples from the contribution page this week probably a model named Justine, Gloria or possibly Natalia, those are the best girls I've shot recently and natalia was just November 2002 Penthouse pet of the month so we're talking a FINE Latina mommy!

Dominick Asks: How did you first get into foot fetishism, and how did you start posing for a website like latina school girls?

Lola Answers: Latina Schoolgirls Feet was an Idea Lissa and I had ( from and we worked hard together to make it a reality and now it's about to turn 1 year old! I met Lissa and she turned me onto the web/foot thing. I already had personal experiences with feet from high school and before with girl friends but Lissa let me know what we could do on the web and how we could open the world of beautiful Latina feet to you we did. I've always loved the way girls feet smell, it would turn me on when I'd smell somebodys feet and they didn't know I could smell them. Like you know how sometimes you don't know if you have bad breath? Well I loved it when I could smell the other rooms are really good for that and I made the most of it which is why I still have a thing for the cheerleader outfits on my website. I can't help it, I just get into it.

Italian Asks: Have you ever suked another girl's feet?

Lola Answers: Yes I have sucked another girls feet but never as much as I did when I was working to open Latinaschoolgirls one year ago! We spent the whole summer finding hot latina models, calling all of my cutest friends and going to LA area strip clubs to find willing models. It was so funny calling my girlfriends up and being like "Yo, hey. I have an idea. How about you come over and we play with each others feet for a while and I'll pay you money to do it!" I don't think any of them said "no" , and we had feet for days!

Tampa Feet Asks: Latina's seem to acknowledge the sexuality of their feet more openly than others and are more comfortable displaying their feet in a sexual manner. Why is that?

Lola Answers: I think in general Latin people are known for being sexy smokin' hot!!! White girls have that English puritanical attitude, like the preppy good girl type, but in South America we've been half dressed in sexy clothes since the beginning. Our dancing is the sexiest and most suggestive in the world I'm proud to say and with the dancing ( you know I'm a Latin dancer) go the shoes and they are very often high heeled and open toed. Just the way foot guys like it. Plus I know tan feet are the most desireable just from the comments I've gotten and what I've heard in my chat rooms. Plus we start younger. In the US the big thing is the sweet 16 but in the Latin culture it's when you turn 15 for the ( don't mind my spelling) quinenera party. I should really know how to spell that, sorry! So to sum this up we're lusty and proud to be so!

Zweli Asks: How do you keep your feet so sexy and soft?

Lola Answers: Good question baby. I get foot rubs whenever I can! I use lotion every single night before bed and then right after I shower. I love to spoil my feet with pedicures whenever I can afford it ( if it's a financial toss up between Sushi or a pedicure I'll go for the foot rub any time!) I know how much my feet mean to you and I take it really seriously.

Dustin Asks: Hi there, I think you have to sexiest feet on the planet, I was just wondering if you like to rub your feet on inanimate objects like shoes, socks, or even stuffed animals, I think thats really sexy, please answer k?

Lola Answers: Hey baby, that's cool that you asked that, I really love to rub my feet on my cat! He loves it too, I know he's not inanimate ( except when I over feed him) but I do also like to use stuffed animals. I have a big plush Lion and i use him as a foot rest when I read or watch movies and rub my feet on his soft fur.

Guillermo Asks: What part of your feet do you like to be licked?

Lola Answers: I like to have my arch likes and between my sends chills up my spine and get's me really hot to be honest. I get that "melting" feeling like when somebody gives you a really good kiss.

Fat Belly Asks: Would you like to have a very fat foot slave? Would you like to trample some soft fat guy who wants to be your slave called fatty and who could lick your toes and soles for a thousand years?

Lola Answers: Hey fat boy! Come over hear and let me mush you like big bowl of jello!!!!!! I love to trample bigger guys, I always have, I don't know why. But that works to your advantage. You should come to one of the foot worship parties in LA or Vegas. Check out and come meet me or Lissa and we'll walk on ya! We don't throw the parties and it's not our website, but we do come and have fun with the foot're just what I like :)

TQ Asks: Hi Lola, I am wondering if you have been giving footjob with your lovely foot while your foot being tied up?

Lola Answers: Well that's a really erotic idea but I've never done it to be honest. I think you need as much mobility as possible to do it though, it does take work. Maybe I should tie YOU up and give you a good going over with my tan sexy size 6.5 feet?

Peter Asks: Lola, do you give website members the opportunity to purchase some of your personal items ie. well-worn stockings, socks & old shoes?

Lola Answers: Yes if you'd like to purchase my stuff just email me at

Matt Asks: How can you tell if a girl has a foot fetish?

Lola Answers: Well from what I have been told most foot fetishists are men, but I don't really believe that. I think for men and woman it's just different like the Mars/Venus thing. Men love to smell and worship, woman love to control, be worship and have their feet played with. Now this is just my personal experience but a lot of girls can get very wet from a good foot rub. It relaxes our whole body, a lot like a good orgasm. How could a woman NOT say she's a foot fetishist if something makes her feel so amazing? Think about it! On the other side if you have a woman who is into the more male aspects of the fetish then she's going to be looking at feet and talking a lot about then, asking you questions and trying to smell feet, either yours or another womans. I'm assuming you are male. So you pretty much have to look for signs and follow your insticts.

Mike from Sweden Asks: I really wanna know if you really get turned on by letting people smelling and sucking your feet? Im a footfetisist my self. Are you?

Lola Answers: I get very turned on and aroused by the whole foot thing. I think at this point Lissa has me so trained and I get so much pleasure from my feet getting attention that it's just instinctual for me. I love when I know a man is turned on and if somebody is getting a hard on becasue of touching my feet, then I am on fire! I love having whatever is it that makes people feel this way about my feet. I'm very grateful really. Officially on the record I have a foot fetish.

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