Lissa's Interview

Below is an interview held with the lovely Lissa of She chose a select few of your questions to answer. You can contact her about this interview at She'd love to hear from you.

Andreas Asks: Hey Lissa ! I must say,you have gorgeous feet. I would like to sniff your feet. Have you ever done a real foot job ? Do you like to wear nylons? Thanks for your answers. Bye!!!

Lissa Answers: Hi there, Yes I have done a real foot job, nylons and everything..but only in my personal life, not in photos.

Josh Asks: hey lissa I am a big fan =D and i was wondering if ur gonna go do some more photos with foot fighters?

Lissa Answers: Hey.. email foot fighters and tell them to call me!

R Moore Asks: How do you get the models that you do for your site? Do you approach them in public? Do they approach you? Have you ever had to turn someone away because their feet jacked up and they wanted to model for you ? :)

Lissa Answers: Hey, that's a funny question..well I DO go up to strangers and ask them to model, I always have. At first it was really hard to do because they would look at me like I was crazy, but then once I got a little more confident it wasn't so bad. One of my newer models, Harmony, was standing in line in front of me at the cell phone store!

Lane Asks: Lissa, Of all of your members with the first name of Lane which one is your favorite???

Lissa Answers: Well Lane, since you have turned over a new leaf, that would have to be you!

Doug Asks: Do you like to have big black men inside of you? Because I\'d love to do bad things to you sweetheart.

Lissa Answers: Well..why are you assuming that would be bad?

Seth Black Asks: Hey lissa! Firstly I'd like to compliment you on your incredibly sexy feet. Your pictures alone could make me cum in an instant. I would like to know what your biggest foot fantasy is and also whether you prefer men or women worshiping your feet.

Lissa Answers: Hi there and thank you for the "foot love". Men or woman? That is such an incredibly difficult question, so I'm going to break it down. I'd have to say in photo shoots it would be woman because they are a little neater about it (sorry guys!) and I think in the end more guys viewing the work are going to enjoy looking at the girl/girl pictures. For *true* erotica though, I'm going with men. Why? Well if somebody is going to suck my toes, I'm going to get turned ON...I'm really professional with my female models ( yes there have been exceptions) but generally I don't get personal with when it gets real and I want to play, my feet are the first stop. But not the LAST the end I prefer men over woman as sexual partners, but both at the same time is sublime as well.

Matt Asks: I would like to know if your feet stink a lot after a hard day at work and if you would allow a complete stranger to smell them and suck them while they jerk off?

Lissa Answers: Honestly I don't have stinky's just not really my chemistry, but I think they have a nice fragrance. As for the complete stranger question. I'd probably let him smell them, but not suck them if I was in the mood. At certain times in my life I've really enjoyed doing wild things.

Kuken Asks: Hello Lissa! I'm a lonely man that gets a reason to go on because of girls like yourself. You are so adorable Lissa, Thank You! and you have "killer" feet that I dream to lick and smell on. I have Loved girl feet for many years and you are walking around on my biggest dream ever. My question for you is if you would like for me to rub my thing for you, while you place those girly piggies of yours up to my face and nose?... you see what you do to me? *smile* You drive me crazy girl! Please don't stop! Thanks again Lissa. Take good care "My Girl"

Lissa Answers: Hi you adorable man, thank you VERY much! Go crazy!!

John Asks: Lissa I think that your feet are so great. It would be a dream of mine to feel them on my cock. I was wondering if you are into pedal pumping yourself. Have you ever used pedal pumping to tease a man? Have you ever driven a truck and got it stuck in mud or snow spinning the tires? I would love to see you do this. I would also love to see you spinning the drive shaft while you were stuck.

Lissa Answers: I grew up on the east coast and I have had a lot of personal experience with pedal pumping very cold cars that didn't want to start and also cars stuck in large banks of snow. At the time I was not aware of any men with erections watching me, but now I know you were all out there all the time! I used to live in the city and now I imagine how many guys had their cocks in hand as they looked out of their high rise apartment windows watching poor Lissa stuck in her parking spot in the snow, wearing nothing but a skirt and heels :(

Andrés Asks: I really like feet in white socks what do you think about it? have you pics of your feet in white socks? Thanks.

Lissa Answers: I have a lot of sock pictures..I like white sox too. Check out my new site, we do a LOT of white socks there.

Bowa Asks: Lissa you have very nice feet. If a man paid you to kick him in the balls ten times has hard as you can would you do it? How would you do it?

Lissa Answers: I have mixed feelings on hurting people for real..I'm honestly a lot stronger than I look and I'd hate to think of what I could really DO to some guys crotch! I've actually been giving this a lot of thought the last few minutes and I still can't decide.

Johnny TnT Asks: Hey, would you ever let, like, a complete stranger massage your feet, like on a bus or at a park or somethin'. no weird crap involved, just a decent guy wanting to give your feet a little rub. i gotta say that i do have a bit of a crush on you.

Lissa Answers: Hey, a crush is a GOOD thing! I'd love a foot massage too :)

Mike D Asks: Can we meet you?

Lissa Answers: There have been times in the past where I've gotten to know people on the web, male and female and started friendships that did end up with us eventually meeting. I'm generally not afraid of people and I'm not "hiding" but I am very street smart and trust my intuition. SO if you're a freak I'll KNOW!!!!

Martinwimp Asks: Worshipping female feet is my sexual destination. Only thru humiliation under a Lady's feet, can i have an orgasm. Are You interested in humiliation of a foot-slave? If so, what would You do?

Lissa Answers: I have had some very heavy experiences with humiliation and doing it in person was too much for me at the time. I was really good at it, and it freaked me out to disassemble somebody's psyche in front of me. I can think of so many bizarre tortures but sometimes I gross myself out and don't really want to watch.

ILPBF Asks: I have been in love with your soles since I first laid eyes on them. Thanks to the internet, there are many pretty soles available for the viewing pleasure of foot fetish guys and gals and yours definitely top my list. On your web site I see you engaging in foot love with other girls. What chance does a handsome guy with serious hard-on for your sweet soles have at getting a taste?

Lissa Answers: Are you saying you want to model for us?? If so, email me at

Pete Asks: How ticklish are your feet?

Lissa Answers: Ticklish feet run in my family! I have a fear of being tickled because I laugh so hard that I can't breath...but then , that's kind of a dom/sub turn on too!

William Asks: Lissa, when did you first realize that your feet had the erotic power to turn men (and some women) on?

Lissa Answers: I was seventeen when I found out what my feet could do:) I liked it.

Dutch Asks: Hi Lissa,

Since you found out that men are turned on by your feet, do you expose them more often (or in a different way) than you used to do ?

Thank you for taking time to anwser my question !

Many compliments on your website and thank you for sharing us your sexy toes ;-)

Kiss from Amsterdam,

Lissa Answers: Yes I do look at my feet in a new way. Sure there are still days when I'm going to wear socks and sneakers and nobody can see my toes, but when it's warm out, I really show off! I have tons of strappy sandals, both high heeled and flat and I NEVER go out with out a nice pedicure. Sometimes I like colors and other times french style with the white tips, but they always look very tasty :)

Mattlock Asks: Nothing in the world turns me on more than the wrinkled sole of a beautiful woman, and you are my fantasy. When I am having sex with my fiance, I love to lick and rub the soles of her feet. Do you like to have your soles licked during sex? Could you suggest some good positions (besides missionary) where this is possible? Finally, do you do bachelor parties:)?

Lissa Answers: I like to have my feel rubbed and touched during sex if my boyfriend can remember! If I'm on top with my knees bent and my soles facing away from him, he can just rub them perfectly while I'm up there doing my thing! He can't see them, but he can feel them, and I'M a very happy girl! I personally don't do bachelor parties but I have a few models who do since you can email me at and I'll get you their info.

Footguybb49 Asks: How did you get into foot fetish modeling? Did you have a foot fetish or were you drawn into it by some other source. Also do you like giving foot jobs? As a side note.. What with all the nice cars? Who's are they?

Lissa Answers: Fetish modeling has always been an interest of mine. I love drama and art mixed with sex so it's perfect for me. It's really funny because when I was in high school I was in performing arts at a special school and they let us get very wild there...I didn't exactly want to be a regular actress, but I wanted to create and do fetish modeling ( didn't know what that was so much at the time) worked out really well. The only problem was that I was really an ugly duckling and didn't have a lot of confidence in myself. Now i'm 34 and I feel pretty good..I work out and eat really well. At least I know I'm doing my best. I do like giving foot jobs if my partner is turned on by that. I currently date a guy who has feet that I am very attracted too and THAT hasn't happened before. The cars? Well, the 58 Buick is mine, the 65 Baja is on loan from a friend/member and some of the other cars have been mine or the models..was there one in particular you wondered about?

Mstopps Asks: If I went to a strip club, would it be alright to ask to see there feet instead of a dance?

Lissa Answers: Yes and what a wonderful question! I have a lot of models here in Las Vegas who are also not surprisingly dancers and I've sent plenty of my site members down to the clubs to meet my girls when they would come into town for conventions or whatever. The girls were always *very* happy to see the foot guys and give them extra time with their feet. Foot dances, foot rubs and who knows what else made a lot of guys very happy. If you come to Las Vegas try the day shift at Little Darlings:)

D Asks: I'm assuming perhaps that you have a boyfriend that has a foot fetish and showed you this world about feet. Are you really into this, or are you just having fun because this is a novelty sort of thing right now? I know it can cause problems later if you might feel like it becomes all consuming. I had a site that was actually pretty popular and had a falling out over it.(one of other issues). Be careful and have fun.

Lissa Answers: No this wasn't the case at all. I DID have a boyfriend for a while who also had a foot fetish site, but I had my site before, during and after our time together. If anything being in the relationship competing against your boyfriend financially is the part that caused the most problems. That and fighting over models! I have no regrets about what I do and for me helping people become comfortable with their fantasy side and therefore their true selves is the reason I do what I do. It's hard to be honest about who we really are and if I can create a place for people to explore who they are and what they love with out guilt or shame then I've done one of the things I was put here on the planet to do. I got into fetish and fantasy...well I didn't get into it, it was already IN me, it's who I am and it's always worked for me so i'm sticking with it.

Chuck Asks: Have you ever suspected a guy for cumming in your shoes socks or pantyhose without your consent?

Lissa Answers: You know that's funny you should ask that. I'm the type of girl that would *love* to catch a guy jacking off, but it never happens! I mean, if I ask somebody they'll usually do it for me, but catching them in the act has alluded me :)

Gary Asks: Would you consider making a custom made video (No sexual content) for a few $$$$$.

Lissa Answers: I do make custom video's so if you send me a story idea to I will definitely get back to you with a price quote! I'd love to.

usemeibegu Asks: Does it excite You to have Your feet licked clean when the soles are all dirty and grimy?

Lissa Answers: Honestly I don't think I have had that experience. I've had my feet licked of course, but not when they were really and truly filthy dirty. I have to say though that if the guy were so turned on by it that he had to get himself off while he was doing it to me..well then THAT would be a huge turn on!

BlackMagic Asks: Your soles look super soft! I was wondering if you've ever squeezed a black cock between them, stroking it until it released its gooey cream all over your feet?

Lissa Answers: Nope, I've never dated a black man. My feet are so white it would probably look pretty cool though.

Bela Ogmix Asks: What kind of shoes make your feet really smell cheesy and stinky? Do you like that smell?

Lissa Answers: I think those cheep jelly sandals make every ones feet smell absolutely horrible. If you want stinky feet, those are the ones to buy. I don't like my feet to smell that might have to help me out with a tongue bath.

Fetishboy Asks: Lissa you have gorgeous feet. Some women feel that a man with a foot fetish is destined to become their slave because they are submissive by nature. What is your opinion on this? Would make a man your slave?

Lissa Answers: Yes I would and for that matter have made men my slaves. It's been a while, but i've done it. The problem with the slaves that I encountered before was that although they would claim to be very submissive, they were constantly telling me what to tell them to do! It was exhausting and I hated it. I'd love to have a slave that really knew how to give up control and trusted me. I'm very trustworthy as a mistress :)

Amber Asks: Hi Lissa, Your feet are very beautiful I love your soles. I was wondering which gender you like most to worship your feet males or females? And I'm curious have you ever sucked a guy's toes before? I kneel at you feet Lissa like your a goddess.

Lissa Answers: Hi there, yes I have sucked a guys toes and it was a very erotic experience for me...for me it's an expression of love that goes both ways. For some reason most people assume that i'm just into being dominant, but in my deepest relationships I have been submissive and I think I'm happier that way. I adore woman but prefer men.

Oreja Asks: What is your foot size?

Lissa Answers: I am a size 7 shoe..sometimes six and a half depending, my feet are pretty delicate with high arches.

Mellow Nello Asks: Your best work was when you hooked up with the model Danielle for a friendly foot-worship. Any more future encounters with her? Or has Danielle put up her own web site.

Lissa Answers: That was actually the first and only time that she ever modeled. I've been trying to get her to do it again, and her husband does my taxes so you know I talk to them! She's one of those real life girls-next-door and she has a full time professional job so this wasn't really her thing. I always loved those pictures too and I hope I can talk her into doing it again someday!

Toast Asks: Hey I love your chat room!!!!!! thanks

Lissa Answers: Thank you, our free chat room has been so much more active that I ever expected it to be, I'm really pleased. I started it with the hope that the foot community would have a place to go and talk and I've been really happy with how many woman show up to chat.

Johnnie Asks: Id like to know if you are very ticklish and where your most ticklish spot is

Lissa Answers: Yes John, I am a VERY ticklish little girl! The soles of my soft little feet get all wrinkled tense when you run your fingers up and down them so you better be careful or I might scream and then what would you do?

Romeo Asks: Hi Lissa ! Your feet are delicious, and even when they are a little dirty it makes them even more desirable. My question is : would you enjoy having a 'footslave' pampering and taking care of your feet 24h/24, everyday ? What would you want him (or her) to do ? Thank you and i wish you the best !

Lissa Answers: Hi Romeo, you sound wonderful. Um, honestly 24 hours a day would be a little much for me at first, I'd probably have to work up to that. I'd like to explore having a totally supple and willing foot attendant though. Somebody who could take initiative themselves and not always have to be instructed as I do like to be surprised. Honestly with work being the way it is, a personal assistant with strong foot slave tenancies would suite me better these days :)

Harry Asks: Besides being one of the most gorgeous women in the world, when did your love for feet first surface and when did liking other wowomen'seet come about

Lissa Answers: thinking about your question it comes to mind that I liked woman before I liked wowoman'seet. I've always had crushes on other girls starting with one in particular when I was fourteen. I still remember her feet now that I reflect for a moment and they were really nice, size 7, tan had nice toes. Amy was her name. I used to try on her shoes all the time, especially her flip flops in the summer. I loved her socks too, she used to wear the little terry tennis ankle high ones with colored stripes and I used to "borrow" them from her all the time! I never sucked her toes but I'm sure I got off thinking about it!

KK Asks: Do you like guys cumming on your feet?

Lissa Answers: In general watching a guy jack off is my favorite obsession , so cumming on my feet seems to fit in with that just right.....YUMMY!

Andyboy Asks: Have you ever been rerecognizedn "real life" by a fan/admirer who has seen your sexy feet pictures on the internet?

Lissa Answers: Yes I have! In the spring I went to a glamour modeling convention in LA and a few people came up to me and told me how much they liked my site. I was there to meet other models and just check out Glamourcon as a tourist, but they spotted me. Everyone was really nice and it was kinda fun..I'm like, "Hey, there's the chick from Penthouse!" and then I have somebody tap ME on the shoulder and ask if I'm Lissa!

Jack Asks: Did somebody kiss your feet?

Lissa Answers: When? Today? Well, no I haven't had them kissed today but I have had them adored plenty of other times. There have been of course many models I've been with in shoots which is always's good to find out which girls can really get into toe sucking and foot biting which I love. Then there have been lovers that knew just what I liked..I've been pretty lucky I think.

Young Coco Asks: What's up Lissa? First off, I must say that you have very, VERY sexy feet. Your toes are sooo cute. I've always liked feet but ever since I turned 23 I've had a craving for sucking toes. My question is, have you ever dominated a black man, and if not would you ever?? I sure wouldn't mind you strapping me down and forcing all your toes in my mouth!

Lissa Answers: You sound like a really nice guy. Maybe I'll just have to do that! Do you think you could fit them all in your mouth, because I've got ten red toenails with your name on them:) I have never had a black partner, but that's not personal, I just haven't met any that ever asked me out!

Steven Asks: Do you like to smell your own feet?

Lissa Answers: Well....I have a vague memory of doing that when I was a little girl, but they never smelled like much. I'll put it to you this way, if I was blindfolded and you had me smell three different scents, I could definitely pick out my own feet.

J Asks: Hi, Lissa, I belong to your footsite and necrobabes and the asphyxia site, love your work! I was wondering if you have had all your toes sucked at once by a guy or a girl, or if u have done that to someone, and if u ever sucked a guys feet? keep up the good work, thanks!

Lissa Answers: Hi and thanks for being so aware of my body of work..I shoot for a total of about 18 sites, 2 of which Iown, and then which is a fetish site I run with Lola Alvarez who you will be seeing more of this year. I'm partners with the other group, so I can shoot about 800 pics a week for them and I never know from week to week which of the sites I'll get assigned so it keeps it fun. TOES....yes I have had all of my toes sucked and the honor goes to Steve Savage of! He's VERY good at it and even though he's a *taken* man, that toes sucking get's a girl thinking! I'm currently dating a guy who has feet that captivate me. It's never happened before and I'm enjoying it. I have sucked on his toes and pretty much never take my eyes off his feet when he's walking around his place barefoot...I gave him a killer foot rub last time I visited him and I put him to sleep in 30 seconds flat...then I just took my time and had fun with them :)

Nick Asks: Lisa, Do your feet smell when confinded for a while?

Lissa Answers: If I wear stockings and heels they can get fragrant after a long day. I recently went to court and was all dressed up and when I got home I noticed how tangy they smelled. I probably should have stuck them in a zip lock bag for you!

FX Asks: How do I find or go about looking for women with a fetish for feet or don't mind a male having one

Lissa Answers: Good question! I think a lot of woman are open to having a man with a foot fetish as long as it doesn't consume the relationship. I've had models with boyfriends/husbands who just treated them like they were a life support system for their feet and the girls didn't feel like the rest of them got noticed at all! If you can balance your "foot time" with whatever else it is that your lady likes then she'll probably be open to letting you have your play time. I always have said that offering foot rubs and bringing home scented lotions for her was a good place to start..also if you happen to be comfortable going to strip clubs, THOSE girls would think you were sent from heaven above if you offer them some foot attention. Living in Las Vegas many of my models dance as well and have loved the members from my site who have come to town and gone to their clubs to have special foot dances. If you'd rather go for another type of girl nurses and waitresses are on their feet all day as well.....pretty much put yourself in a situation where the woman want you to pay attention to their feet! Just talk to people. I know it's hard but when I'm looking for new models I'll walk up to girls and ask them if they have nice feet and if they'd like to model, believe me, a lot more girls than you would think really take care of their toes and would probably be into it.

FootLover Asks: First let me tell you that you have VERY sexy feet. Have you ever had a guy complement your feet out in public?

Lissa Answers: Thank you so much:) I think I've had more strangers comment or compliment me on the shoes I was wearing at the time VS my actual feet....but now I know what they were really thinking! Of course, I've always loved the idea of perfect strangers checking out my feet and having to rush off to the mens' room to "take care of some thing", you know?

ToeLicker Asks: How does it make you feel to know that men all over the world are jacking off to your feet? By the way, you have very sexy feet.

Lissa Answers: Gosh I hope that's TRUE! Since as I have mentioned before, guys jacking off is a huge if not the biggest turn on for me so it would make me ecstatically happy if it's true and you are all out there checking me out and shooting to the ceiling!

Hog Asks: How do you feel when ou put your dirty soles on a face of a man?

Lissa Answers: I feel pretty darn good. I mean, I have beautiful feet and what better place to wipe them off than on the mug of willing admirer!

Jeff Asks: I'm a 20 y/o male seriously turned on by feet and toes and being humiliated by a woman. Do u think there is a womn turned on by that?

Lissa Answers: I Know for sure that there are woman alive and well out there who would really get into doing that to you. You need to find your self a girl that's a lifestyle Dom and you'd get exactly what you want!

PE2000 Asks: Hi Lisa, how old were you when you realized men were attracted by your feet?

Lissa Answers: I was 17 and a stranger told me he was masturbating thinking about my feet. This was before the internet existed so it was pretty wild, maybe 1985.

Enrique Asks: First of all I like to say i think you have the sexiest feet on the web and the face and body to match. Iam really in to dirty smelly feet.Is there any chance I could worship you and your feet?

Lissa Answers: Interesting question. Every now and then I have contests at the site and I have been thinking about having another one. The winner gets to spend some time with the models, take some worship pics or whatever we decide the prize is going to be. I personally probably won't donate by feet to the line up since I'll be holding the camera, but you can bet whatever girls I have will be very worth the trip :)

Andre Asks: Hi i`m a brazilian man. I`m a fan of pedal pumping, and i want to know if you like this part of the foot fetshism and i want to know if some time your car broken down.

Lissa Answers: Oh yes my car has broken down many many times and there was nothing I could do. As a matter of fact I went to pick up some lights at my studio today and my model Taryn was having car problems right in front of me! I wish I had my camera because the car would not start and she was really crying and throwing things around! For real!

Clint Asks: When was the first instance of your foot allure consciousness?

Lissa Answers: "Foot Allure Consciousness" , what a beautiful phrase! This question has been put to me a few times already and I said I was seventeen and all that, I'm sure you've read those answers before but I'll go farther than that. It's honestly always new and being raised to new levels all the time so while it started with a phone call by a stranger masterbating, it's grow to two foot fetish websites ( as well as lissasfeet) and all the people and models I deal with and hear their stories. I mean, it started with one horney guy telling me what he thought about my feet, and me being open enough and curious enough to want to know what his inner world was like. Once I stepped into that water it's been 17 more years of swimming in peoples fantasies. I'm blessed and honored to have been here for all of the guys who wanted to go down that path.

Crazy Carl Asks: Hi lissa! I was wondering if you have had experiences with food or drinks being licked off your feet and what kinds and how it was. also whats your favorite? thanks a lot!

Lissa Answers: Ok I had fun thinking about that one! My favorite was the Valentines day shoot with Nikki Steele when she was still blond two or three years ago...damn that girl can lick! We had these chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and we went to town on each others boobs and feet...I have the pics on my site to prove it!

Football Asks: hey lissa, first off you have amazingly gorgeous feet. i just wanted to ask, have you ever had a foot encounter with someone noticably younger, say a teenager, what was his/her age and what was it like? and whether or not you have or not, would you ? and what would be the youngest? thanks a lot and take care!!

Lissa Answers: The closest thing to that in real life was when Erik won my foot lovers dream contest and came to stay for a weekend with me and the girls, he was 21 at the time and I was 32. I would LOVE to be with a very hot and hard younger guy, hell yeah!!!! How young? Well since this is fantasy, a really horny 16 year old athletic type would suit me just FINE. Maybe a hockey player or gymnast..they have nice butts:) I'd spend some time teaching and corrupting to the best of my abilities...the best way to suck toes, where to cum when you jack off above my to paint my toe nails, and how to enjoy my sucking on HIS feet! Of course I would also have to give him his first ever foot to see the look on ecstasy on his face!!

Toeringfan Asks: Do you wear toerings??

Lissa Answers: I LOVE toe rings but I have very sensitive feet, unless they are very special they hurt me, so I wear them for shoots but not every day when I have to wear shoes.

BelPedicreM Asks: Have you ever been pedicured by a guy?

Lissa Answers: Yes I have and it's the BOMB!!!!!! In private I have had lovers do it, but not long ago I went to a spa and the guy doing toes gave me an amazing foot rub, I'm pretty sure he was more into feet than he needed to be for the job! His wife was there so I didn't tell him what I did.....didn't want to cause a fight!

Kevin Asks: I have a foot fetish on one of my teachers and I think she Knows about and I really want to massage her feet. Should I ask for a foot rub?

Lissa Answers: Probably not the best idea, but it's a good fantasy. You could get her fired for one thing :)

Paul Asks: Hi Lissa, I've really enjoyed looking at your pics! They keep me on the edge of my seat. I was wondering, do you like to suck your toes alot? If so, what does it taste like? Thanks Lissa!

Lissa Answers: I don't generally hang around sucking my's not as much fun as sucking somebody elses for one thing. They DO taste good....mild but flavorful :))

Len Asks: I happen to like smelling sweaty feet,how are you with that?

Lissa Answers: Hey Len, I'm totally fine with that. I mean, here I have these nice stinky sweaty feet, and they just go to waste! I need a guy like you to enjoy them before I take my bath!

Zack Asks: I want to blow a big load of cum on your feet!!! Can I please?!!!

Lissa Answers: Hey Zack. Honestly I'd enjoy watching you jerking off over my feet, can't think of a better way to wrap up a long day or to start a new one. I hope you have good technique and can really get into your self, I get off on that big time.

Silkyseven Asks: Where is the best place you secretly like to expose your feet to spying voyeurs?

Lissa Answers: I live and play In Las Vegas and I love walking around the casino's in my strappy high heels, all of the guys always comment on how sexy my shoes are! It's true, it does happen!

Navin Asks: Are there really women that enjoy crushing on a guy's cock and ball's? For some reason that is a big turn on for me and would like to meet women in real life.

Lissa Answers: Hi Sweetie, I know there are woman out there who really love that, but I am not one of them to be totally honest. I'm the opposite, into *cock worship* see, hard ons are MY fetish! it's true!

Archman Asks: Lisa, you have the most perfect feet I have ever seen. My question is have your ever penetrated a guy with your toes while giving a footjob? If so, did you enjoy it? Thanky you for your time.

Lissa Answers: Hey that's a really cool question and brings back happy memories:P) Yes I have done that. Not recently, but I have. Hell with enough astro glide I could probably put my toes anywhere..just remember that :)

Fantom Asks: I love your feet ... soooo beautiful ... what would >you say your feet smell like ( for instance, corn chips, salt+vinegar, >just plain sweat, roses :-) ... etc ... I am just curious ... thanx

Lissa Answers: Ok, my friend, I just stopped what I was doing to smell both of my feet for you. I have to say they each smelled slightly different! The left on was more "footy" I have my own distinctive smell, kind of deep and earthy and musky and sweet. The right one was a little more sweet. That was interesting.

Tuna Asks: Lissa you have gorgeous feet. I like to lick really dirty feet clean. Would you ever get your feet dirty by stepping in oil,dirt and mud so I could lick your dirty feet clean?

Lissa Answers: Hey, if you're willing to go *that* far for my feet, who am I to stop you??? Go for it baby!

Fantom Asks: Lissa ... what are your thoughts on foot-fetishism and would you date a foot fetishist ... if so, how would you go about satisfying their fetish???

Lissa Answers: I would absolutely date a foot fetishist and most recently a new person that I had a few dates with gave me a foot rub every day that we saw each other. He said that he had never liked feet or really noticed them before but he just really got into mine and as each day went by, the foot rubs got better and it's to the point that he promises me one every time we meet. You know I love that! How I would satisfy my foot fetish lover, if I had one would really depend on his tastes. Some guys love you to dress in stockings and heels ( had one boyfriend that loved to rub himself on my nyloned legs and kiss my high heels) or maybe it would involve footjobs as a regular part of sex and foreplay...I haven't really done those in a while and would really love to have a boyfriend that wanted that as part of our sex life, a juicy hard cock between my arches honestly makes me a happy Lissa! For somebody to wake me up in the morning with cum spraying all over my toes would be delightful, or even a guy who got subscriptions to sexy leg magazines and left them around his house where I could see them and enjoy them too would be great! I'm not gay, but more bi and I do enjoy checking out other foot girls with my partners :)

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