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This month's interview was with the lovely Lexi of Lexi's Foot Fetish. She agreed to answer some of your questions. Send comments to

Panos Asks: What is the exact feeling you get when someone is licking your soles and sucking your toes slowly? Of course there is no doubt that I'd love to be so lucky!

Lexi Answers: Well, I will share with you a couple of feelings and make you wonder about the rest :-) I feel very relaxed, sometimes it tickles, it also gets me *****!

Billy Asks: What is your favorite color of nylons that you wear?

Lexi Answers: My favorite color nylons are the sheer black hose.

Joe Asks: Hi Lexi. I think you are very beautiful as well as your feet. My question is do you catch people checking out your feet in public? If so, do you ever tease them?

Lexi Answers: Thank you for the compliment! I have noticed some people checking out my feet in public. I always have a cool design or something nice on my toes. So many girls tell me how nice my feet are. If I notice someone checking out my feet like at a bar or something then of course I WILL TEASE them!!!! I love it I think it is fun!! :-)

Phillip Asks: What's your shoe size?

Lexi Answers: My shoe size is a 7 1/2.

ForeverFootFan Asks: Your feet look like they would have such a great scent. What would you say the smell like?

Lexi Answers: It depends on the time of day you want to know about. They naturally do not have a smelly scent but if I wear my sneakers without socks that usually makes them have that sweaty smell. Especially after I have worked out in my sneakers as well. The hot summer makes my feet smell too.

John-Has Asks: Hi Lexi. I love your feet. They are hot and sexy. Would you consider doing private sessions with foot fans.

Lexi Answers: If you had asked me this about 6 months ago I would have told you NO WAY!! I have come a long way since then now though. I probably would do it if I had someone with me. Actually I am planning on having a foot party in Boston MA. If you are interested let me know.

Kusha Asks: Hi Lexi my darling!!! I love your feet soooooo incredibly much!!! What toenail color do you love most???

Lexi Answers: Thank You!! you are the best, hun :-) That is such a hard question! I think I like red the most but I love toes with a design or something different on them. I like to be creative with it. I also love purple and pink.

Sandro Asks: You have adorable feet and you are a very pretty girl. I've loved female feet since I was 12. I use to play with my cousin's slippers in the bathroom. Have you ever had a similar experience with a young boy?

Lexi Answers: Wow. I find it very interesting how most people ended up with a foot fetish. Did she know that you were smelling her slippers? No young man has ever done this with me and I would never let him because I think that is disrespectful to him and myself and his parents as well. I really don't know if there was a boy that was smelling my shoes with out me knowing though. I know that I do have some very well worn slippers!

Nick Asks: What is your favorite thing to have done to your feet? You have the sexiest feet that it have seen. Is there any whay that i would be able to suck on your toes.

Lexi Answers: My favorite thing to have done to my feet is ummmm........ that is a hard question !!! I love having my toes sucked and my feet rubbed and I absolutely love to have them kissed all over. That is just a few of the things I love :-) Thank you for the compliment too. If you would like to suck on my toes, I am going to be having a foot party soon in Boston, MA.

Micah B Asks: Are you ticklish? And where?

Lexi Answers: I am probably the most ticklish person in the world! Where? I am ticklish all over :-) You touch and I jump.

Sergio Asks: Hi Lexi, you have absolutely delicious looking soles! How ticklish would you say they were on a scale of one to ten?

Lexi Answers: Thank you, honey. Seeing that I am the most ticklish person, I would have to say that I am a ten.

Jim Asks: I think your feet are gorgeous. Do you show your feet off in the car on the dashboard?

Lexi Answers: Thank You, babe. I always show my feet no matter where I am at or what I am doing. I was at Disney World and I was taking my shoes off!! ha ha ha. I do drive with my feet up on the seat. If I am the passenger you will always see my feet up on the dash or out the window.

Marius Asks: Hi Princess!!, First I Like to say that Youre by far the most beautiful woman on the internet, and your feet are really amazing!! I think you really like toe rings because you wear them in many pictures. When did you start to wear them? Did somebody recomended them to you or did you see other women wearing them? I must say that I LOVE feet with toe rings. It's the sexiest I have ever seen and kiss :)

Lexi Answers: Thank You for so many kind words! I absolutely love toe rings too. I always have some toe rings on my feet and they never come off. I can't even remember when I started to wear them. I feel that I have always worn them. Maybe it was when I noticed it on someone else and I had to have it too.

Tommy Asks: Hi Lexi, you are soo hot and your feet are perfect. Have you ever injured your foot or sprained your ankle? How did you do it?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much for the compliment! I don't think that I have ever sprained my ankle but I have hurt my little piggies before and boy does that hurt!

Ericarrow Asks: When and how did you find that your feet were attractive to men and women? What was your first "foot fetish" experience?

Lexi Answers: When I first realized that I had nice feet was when an ex-boyfriend of mine told me how much he adored them. Ever since then I know that my feet are IT! When my ex sucked on my toes and WOW was that the best in the world. I love it!!!

Footjob Lover Asks: Hi Lexi you are so sexy!!! Would you ever give a members a footjob??

Lexi Answers: Thank you for the nice compliment! I'm sorry but I do not do any foot jobs with anyone on my site or with members. I still have to have respect for myself :-)

Footjob Lover Asks: Your feet are so sexy. How many footjobs have you given?

Lexi Answers: I feel that that is a personal question so I do not have to answer that! So, do you have another question?

Lexilust Asks: Joined the site and LOVE THOSE ARCHES! Do you think you will be doing any more revealing photo shoots?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much for joining my site!! I aim to please my members! If that is what you want then that is what you will get. I can do some more revealing shoots for you. I don't do anything less than a thong and bra :-)

Leo Asks: Lexi, you are one of the hottest foot-babes ever to grace the net. Are we ever going to see you suck your own toes? If not, why?

Lexi Answers: Thank you, honey! I love to be on the net and make all of you happy! I have put some thought into me sucking my toes but just did not get into it yet. Keep checking my site and it will be up.

Drumboy Asks: Hey Lexi! I just wanted to know if you dip your feet out of your shoes to tease men and also do you sleep in your stockings or pantyhose.

Lexi Answers: If I notice someone checking my feet out I will definitely tease them while I dip my feet in and out of my shoe. I love it! I have slept in my stocking before.

Adrian Asks: I was just wondering what is your favorite pose to show off your feet?

Lexi Answers: I have more than one. One of them is : I am laying on my stomach with my feet up as I am looking at you :-)

Pedro Asks: Lexi, I am your big fan. You are a super toe spreader but, only a few times, you do it. Sorry for my bad english but, we need more toe spreading. We love the toe spread. Please more toe spread, you have the sexiest feet in the world. Besos, a tus hermosos pies

Lexi Answers: I did not know you wanted more of my toes spread. I will do more if that is what you want to see more of. Thanks for being a big fan of mine. You are the BEST!!

Matt Asks: Do you ever wear socks and if so, do they get extremely smelly?

Lexi Answers: Yes, I do wear socks. I love to wear them. When I wear them to the gym they get smelly.

Jason Asks: Do you like making foot tickling videos? What do you like most? Foot tickling videos with a plot or non-consensual tickling?

Lexi Answers: I like to make foot tickling videos. It starts out with a plot but it does not end up that way. I think that spirit of the moment tickling is the best!

Joe Asks: Your pictures are great. Being that you are so ticklish, do you have any sets planned where you are tied and tickled? I would love to see that.

Lexi Answers: Yes, as a matter of fact we were talking about that the other day. I would like to start getting more tickling on my site and some bondage tickling.

Ralph Asks: What turns you on most about having your feet worshipped?

Lexi Answers: EVERYTHING as long as they are getting worshipped! I love my toes sucked on though :-)

Rocknrollsuicide Asks: You are from?

Lexi Answers: I am from Rhode Island.

Doug Asks: Lexi... your feet look so smooth and sexy! Have you ever had a nice foot tickling experience?

Lexi Answers: Yes, my feet are so soft like silk. I have had lots of tickling to my feet!

Marc Asks: Lexi... what is the sexiest shoe that shows off your feet the best?

Lexi Answers: I think that some strappy sandals show off my feet pretty good.

Ticklefiend99 Asks: Lexi, have your cute feet ever been tickled beyond you limits. If so please tell us in detail.

Lexi Answers: I really don't know if it has been to my limit or not but I have been tickled to the point where I have to say okay now stop it!!

Corey Asks: Hi Lexy, you have a fantastic site and your feet are by far the sexiest on the net. Tell me, how did you get started in foot fetish? Have you got a boyfriend or husband, if so does he adore your feet like we do?

Lexi Answers: Thank you for such a nice compliment!! I got started in modeling foot fetish by answering an ad in the paper for foot fetish models. I have always had a foot fetish though. I am single but some of my ex-boyfriends have absolutely adored my feet!

French Asks: Hi, you are lovely! Do you like your own foot smell and the smell of other girl's feet?

Lexi Answers: Hello, Thank You. I do like the smell of my own feet. I don't really go around smelling other girls feet so I don't know if I like the smell of other girls feet.

Root Asks: You have nice feet! What do you like more foot smelling or foot kissing? Would you let me kiss your feet?

Lexi Answers: Thank you for the compliment. If that question was for someone to be doing this to my feet then I like my feet kissed more than just to have someone smelling them. I am having a foot party soon so maybe you can kiss them there.

Tony V Asks: You are so sexy. What does a guy have to do to get a date with you, baby?

Lexi Answers: Thank you!! You are so cute ya know?!!! It really depends. I love a guy with a great personality I feel that that is key. If you can make me laugh then I will be happy :-) I like a guy that has respect for himself and for others as well. Oh and he has to love my feet too :-)

Tothila Asks: Hi Lexi, first complimets for your sexy formed and strong soles. Do you like it, if your friend pampers your feet. What is the smell of your feet?

Lexi Answers: I love my feet pampered, who doesn't? Thank you for the compliment! It depends on when you are smelling my feet. After I take a shower they smell clean. After I work out they smell.

TC Asks: Glad to hear that you are ticklish. Have you ever been tickled while wearing nylons? What tickles more - bare feet or with nylons?

Lexi Answers: I have been tickled while wearig nylons but I don't have pictures of it so I will have to do that for my site! I think that is a tough question though. It tickles and I am the most ticklish so it doesn't matter what is on my feet I am just TICKLISH!!!

French QB Asks: Hi Lexi! How are you doing? I really love your feet and I think that you've definitely the most beautiful soles in the world! Do you like trampling? Do you do some of it ?

Lexi Answers: I am great, Thank You! Thank you for the compliment as well. I do not have a fetish myself for trampling but yes I would do it to please my members. I do not have it up on my site yet but I am working on it. I am going to get some up in a few weeks.

Jessica Asks: Hi, some people say I have sexy feet too, but they are nowhere as cute as yours! How can I make my feet as pretty as yours? =D

Lexi Answers: That is great that you have nice feet as well. I think that I was just born with nice feet and now I take care of a good thing. I always pedicure my feet and put vaseline on them to make them soft. I also paraffing them and that really makes them nice and soft. my arches are really high because my foot is double jointed. Oh and nice fresh paint on them is always an eye catcher too! Thanks for writing :-)

Zoom Asks: I think you're adorable and not just your feet! I like pedal pumping and I was wondering if you've ever had trouble getting a car started before? If so, can you share some of the juicy details like what you did and if you were hard on the car?

Lexi Answers: Thank you! One time I had left work and got stuck in the middle of a high traffic street. I was at a light. Oh my goodness I was so horrified and upset! I kept trying to start it and pump it but nothing was happening. I got out of the car and slammed the door. Not to mention all of the horrible things I was saying :-) Then a nice police officer came by and helped me out.

Andrew Asks: Mistess Lexi, you have extremely beautiful feet. If I were ever to see you one day, I would fall on the ground and worship your outstanding feet and toes. I wish I could be your foot slave for the rest of my life even though I am not worthy to bow before you. I have just one question for you. My brother has an extremely hot girlfriend with great feet. I just want to worship them but I can't. I have massaged her feet once (with socks on though) and have taken pictures of her feet on my cell phone without her knowing. Plus I have smelt and jerked off in her shoes and sandals many times. Since it is summer and she will be barefoot a lot I would like some adivice on how I could give her a foot massage without it being a wierd thing (like her saying "Why do you want to touch my feet so bad?" or my brother saying "Why are you rubbing my girlfriends feet?" I think she knows I have a foot fetish because I am always looking at her feet and trying to playfully touch them but I dont want my brother to know. Also what are some other ways I can get close to her feet without anyone raising an eyebrow? Thank you so much for helping. You are amazing and I hope you would consider me to be your personal foot slave. (I give great massages, and would be honerd to lick your feet. I would worship you day and night. I could be your foot stool and shoe cleaner. I also need to be punished.)

Lexi Answers: Andrew, I think that the whole brothers girlfriend thing is very difficult. There is no way of touching her feet without someone lifting an eyebrow. If it were your girl then that would be different. I feel that you need to stay away from your brothers property. There are plenty of girls out there.

Tim Asks: I love your feet Lexi. I didn't even know about your site until this interview and I have to become a member. What are your favorite shoes to wear? Do you wear flipflops?

Lexi Answers: I am happy that you found me! I love shoes too! I love all types of shoes. I think I shop for shoes almost every day. I can't get enough of it. I do wear flip flops often. I wear heels when I am dressed to go out other than that it is flip flops. I think that the strappy heels are really cute.

Mtndukid Asks: Hi Lexi you have beautiful feet have you ever studied Karate or Taekwondo kinda cool to think about you kicking but with those beautiful feet... :)

Lexi Answers: No I have never studied Karate but I have thought of doing a shoot like this. You will have to keep an eye on my site for when I put the pictures up. I will have a movie clip also.

Panos Asks: I can honestly say that your body shape, your skin, your ankles, your toes, the curves of your soles and every detail of you are just very very beatiful- so beatiful that it is a great privilige for someone to touch them. Could you let me -at least in my imagination- to kiss them and worship them?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much for all of those nice things you had to say about me! I really appreciate it when someone is nice and they know how to give a nice compliment. I am going to be having a foot party soon so if you are interested you can touch my feet there. Sorry but you can't touch any other shape on me but my foot :-)

Niceguy Asks: Hello wonderfull feet. I would ask if you can imagine to sit on a very comfortable chair smoking a cigarette and have your shoes cleand by a footguy like me (i prefer sneakers)

Lexi Answers: I do not smoke but I would sit on a seat for you and then you could clean my sneakers, okay? :-)

Alex Asks: WOW, your feet are absolutely beautiful! I have had a massive foot fetish since I was 5, I am now 20! Anyway the closest I have ever come to worshipping a womans hosed feet was when she mailed her used hose to me... I jerked off into the toe section... I sent them back and she wore them... she said that she was crushing my sperm with her toes. I was wondering do you offer your worn hose???

Lexi Answers: Yes, I do sell my worn hose if that is what you would like. You can email me from my site if you would like to set something up. I hear that most people with a foot fetish starts at a young age. Hey there is nothing wrong in that.

Mental Asks: My question is simple, do you really have a foot fetish, or do you do it just for the pay check?

Lexi Answers: Do I have a foot fetish for other women? No. Do I have a foot fetish where I love my feet worshipped and sucked on and so on? YES!!! It is just a bonus that I get paid for something that I love to do. I notice that I do check out other women's feet though.

Marcus Asks: I think flip flops are the sexiest shoes on a women. Do you wear flip flops? If so, do you find men staring at your feet?

Lexi Answers: I wear flip flops most of the time. I find that even in the winter I wear them. I wouldn't want to chip my toe polish so flip flops are the way to go. I do notice people checking my feet out too!!

Paul_o_feet Asks: I LOVE your feet DAMN! The best I have seen! How smelly do your feet get? What was your first foot worship?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much. My feet can get really smelly after I have worked out with no socks on. I think if we were in the same room and I took off my sneaker after working out you would definitely know it!!!!

Brandon Asks: Hello Lexi. It amazes me that a gorgeous foot model like you still has respect for herself! I truly admire that. Especially since I'm not one interested in seeing you in XXX mode. You just have TRULY yummy feet!! I joined your site for a while too (my first site I "joined" ever) and loved what I experienced. I was wondering what's the most toe rings you'd like to wear comfortably? I like 3-5. I think your toes would look really cute painted hot pink and sky blue every other toe, with lots of toe rings (the number picked by you), and black sheer pantyhose. What do you think? Then spreading them toes to show off the hose would be really yummy! PURE EYE CANDY! Take care!

Lexi Answers: I have to say that this is one of the best emails I have read so far. I am so happy to hear that you realize that I have respect for myself!! It will always be there. I feel that if you want people to respect you then you need to respect yourself first. I feel so honored that my site was the first one you joined. I hope that you were very happy with it and if not tell me what to do different. I usually wear one toe ring on each foot. I have worn more but my little piggies get hurt. I can wear more comfortably in the summer though. I am going to be doing my toes hot pink soon. I just bought a pair of heels which are hot pink so I can't wait to share them with everyone!! If you are a member on my site and you have a request then write it to me on my personal email so I can print it out. This sound like a hot set of pictures to do!! Thank you so much for this emial I really loved it!!!

Bob G Asks: Dear Lexi. How long have you been modeling? What got you in to foot fetish modeling? I just want to say thanks again for your site!!! You are loved and appreciated your fan from Huntinton, WVA

Lexi Answers: I have been modeling for a few years now. I got started modeling my feet from an ad in the paper. That is great to hear that you appreciate my site and the work I put into it! Thank you! I love all of my fans as well :-)

Randy Asks: Hi Lexi, first off let me say that you are one of the hottest models on the internet today. My question is this: Any future plans of having a foot party in Manhattan? Also would you travel to Manhattan for a private session if merited?

Lexi Answers: I do not have any plans of traveling to NY for any future foot parties. I am planning on having one here in Boston MA. If you want to pay me to have a foot session it would depend on the rate. You would have to email me through my email at my site so we could talk about it.

Doc Asks: Do you prefer black guys worshiping your feet or does it matter?

Lexi Answers: I never thought about someone's color, to be honest with you.

Shyguy Asks: You said that you are ticklish so I am wondering are you into giving a man a good tickle? Because I have this fantasy about you taking your sexy nylon covered toes and using them to tickle me to death.Have you ever used your toes to tickle a man and if so please tell me about it? PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!

Lexi Answers: I have never tickled a mans feet with my toes. I guess I am always up to try new things so if a guy had nice feet I would try it.

Dino Asks: I was just wondering, do you clip your toenails or file them?

Lexi Answers: I clip them if they get long enough to clip them but I always file them even if I clip them.

Anthony Asks: Why don't you do footjobs on your site?

Lexi Answers: I don't do that because I feel that some things in life are to be done with someone special and not with the public. I also feel that it would be disrespectful for me to put this up. Not that there is anything wrong with foot jobs because there isn't but there is a time and a place and only certain people to do this with. I just want to be respected :-)

Mike Asks: I saw on in your bio on your site that you like guys in jean shorts, boots, and a t shirt. What makes you like that and what else do you look for in a guy? Physically and personality wise.

Lexi Answers: I really don't know why I love that in a man it is sort of why do you like feet or why do guys like a women's ass there is no reason it is just what you like. I think it is the whole hard working man sweating while he is working in work boots jeans and t- shirt. A guy has to have a great persoanlity, someone to make me laugh, sensitive and real not someone who is stuck on himself and always worries about what other are thinking. I like a good looking person from the outsite but if I had to choose I would take a guy that is not gorgeous physically and is gorgeous from the inside!! That is what counts first :-)

Jeremy Asks: Hi Lexi! First, I just want to say that I'm a HUGE fan of yours! You have some of the most beautiful feet I've ever seen. Here's my question: What was your first reaction when a guy told you he was attracted to your feet?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much. That is great to write to some of my biggest fans. I love this! The first time someone told me I had great feet I said thank you. I guess I though it was different but hey everyone is different, right? I thought it was great that someone noticed my feet.

PLO Asks: Hi!

Lexi Answers: Hello!

Micah B Asks: Are you ticklish? If so where?

Lexi Answers: I am very ticklish!! You name the spot and I am ticklish!!

Micah B Asks: You have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen and I hope to tickle them some day. Can I do it?

Lexi Answers: If you ever go to a foot party that I attend or maybe one of these fetish parties then yes you can.

T-Bone Asks: First I'd like to say; their have been many interviews/women's feet displayed on this site, but yours have to be damn-near the best. I really couldn't tell you whose are better....because I don't know. I'd like to ask, 1) what type of shoes do you like to wear - from what establishment(s), and 2)how do you get/keep your soles looking so soft and welcoming?

Lexi Answers: I like to wear any kind of shoe really but if I went out I usually wear the heels that lace up my leg. I think those are so sexy, don't you? I work hard at keeping my feet so soft. I pedicure them frequently. which includes doing a paraffin wax treatment on them and I also put vaseling on them.

Mickey Mouse Asks: Do you enjoy having your feet smelled?

Lexi Answers: I sure do!

Gonzo Asks: First you are a beautiful woman, and you have perfect feet. I have loved female feet since I was in the 2nd grade. When was the first time you had a guy compliment your feet?

Lexi Answers: I would be lying to you if I said I knew but I have been told this for a long time. I really do wish I knew who the first person was that told me. Whose feet got you into loving feet so much?

Tom Asks: Hi I live in the Boston area and I am curious as to what may occur at the foot party. Any information on it? I am eighteen and haven't endured in much foot activity. Your gorgeous as well are your toes.

Lexi Answers: I will be posting something on my site about what to expect. Of course it will a classy party no nudity and sex going on. It will be pure foot stuff. It will include toe sucking, licking, massaging, and kissing. As long as it all stays respectful I don't really mind what goes on. It will be $75.00 either at the door or you can pay before to reserve a spot. Let me know if you need more info. Hope to see you there!!

David Asks: Hi Lexi, while I am writing this question I can see your gorgeous face and astounding feet on the web page and just can't thank you enough for sharing your beauty with all your fans. Do you accept gifts from your fans?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much for being so appreciative for my work. I aim to please every one of you. You are GREAT!! I would never ask anyone for a gift but if you would like to send me something then I would cherish it! That is very thoughtful of you to want to send me something. Thank you in advance!! :-)

Bob G Asks: Dear Lexi, I wanted to know since your feet are double jointed what tricks can you do with your feet and toes? your number one fan in Huntington,WVA

Lexi Answers: I can bend my toes back to just about touch the top of my foot. Is that cool or what?!!!!

Cage Asks: WOW! Just looking (guys are very visual) at you sent my blood pressure up! What a beautiful lady. My question to you is have you ever been stuck in your car in mud, snow, or ice, and did some real wheel spinning and pedal pumping? I know the question may sound stupid but there are a lot of fans who want to know.

Lexi Answers: I have been stuck in the snow. At the time I had a standard car which is pretty cool to do wheel spinning with. I remember getting stuck and going from first gear to reverse back and forth spinning my wheels. This went on for a while seeing I was stuck in the snow. I ended up getting out though!!!!

Faiz Asks: Do you like to wear toe ring or any other accesories? And how many toe ring you have in your collection?

Lexi Answers: I love to wear toe rings and I love to wear anklets. I think it dresses up the foot so nice. I have quite a few toe rings but I am picky. I have my favorites.

Lex Asks: Have you ever played footsies with another family member before?

Lexi Answers: When I was a little girl my mom used to play footsies with me. How cute is that?!

Adrian Asks: I was wondering if you could tell me what to say to a girl to let me play with her feet and lick her soles?

Lexi Answers: I think that it is difficult if you are not seeing her as in dating her. I would start conversation with her about feet and see where it goes. Ask her if she likes her feet rubbed and take off from there.

Vince Asks: Let me start off by saying that your feet are absolutely to die for! When you discovered the world of footfetish, how long did it take you to feel comfortable with it? If you're in a relationship, does it disturb you if your guy is more interested in your feet than in other parts of your body?

Lexi Answers: Thank you! I was very comfortable with it right away. It was almost like it was my place here! It does not disturb me if a boyfriend of mine were to be interested in my feet but if that was always the only thing all of the time I think I would be looking for more.

Ale Asks: LEXI YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thanks for sharing your feet with the world!! You make us happy!! :) Im wondering, Whats your opinion about the foot fetish in general? Do you think men should be more open to talk about it? In my personal experience I dont fell confortable to talk about it with anybody but I sometimes make complements to a lady if I noticed that she has a pretty feet.

Lexi Answers: I feel there is nothing wrong with having a foot fetish. I feel that guys are not ashamed to say if a woman has a nice ass or big boobs so why is it bad to talk about feet? I feel that men and women should not hesitate to talk about this with others. I am so honest that I say everything that is on my mind whether someone is going to make fun of me or not. At least I know I am talking about something I like :-)

Eagerthruster Asks: Do you wear latex boots? I love the feel and especially the smell of the foot after they have been in them all day. Do you get that ripe smell?

Lexi Answers: I do have some latex boots. I don't wear them long enough to have noticed them ripe or not. I'm sure I can get them ripe :-)

Dino Asks: First of all, you have absolutely gorgeous feet! I have been a member of your site a few times and have always been so pleased. I just wanted to know, are you single? Also, I love it when girls crack their toes, do you, not everyone does but its a total turn on for me.

Lexi Answers: That is great to know that you were happy while you are a member to my site. I am a single woman right now. I am looking for Mr right. A man that can suck on my toes good. heee hee. I do crack my toes once in a while. Only when I feel the need to.

Mike C Asks: Dear Lexi. Well this is not really a question, but I just want to let you know that you have the most sexiest feet that I've ever seen. Do people recognize you when you are out, like at the store or just where ever you go. But all in all you are very beautiful, and you have very very very very good looking feet.

Lexi Answers: Thank you for sending such a nice email to me. I love compliments!!! No one has asked me if I was Lexi yet. I think that maybe if someone were to think it was me they may be hesitant to ask. I will keep my feet looking real good for you, babe.

Tobe Asks: While taking a drive, sitting in the passenger side seat.. Have you ever rested your sexy feet on the dash of the car teasing possible guys while flexing them and pressing against the glass? Do you ever do things knowing their checking out your feet?

Lexi Answers: When I am in the passenger seat I do put my feet on the dash and out the window. If I noticed a guy in the next car checking them out you know I am going to tease with these babies!!

Tickler06 Asks: Have you ever had your feet tickled by someone using their tongue and fingers? Are you ticklish on your feet?

Lexi Answers: I have been tickled with someones fingers. I wouldn't think it is ticklish with someone's tongue it is very relaxing instead.

Digitalsine Asks: How do you find the models which appear on your site? Do you put an ad in the paper? :) It's nice to see such perfect feet that can be found nowhere else on the web.

Lexi Answers: It is great that you realized that all my models are new and only on my site. It is because they aren't just models they are my friends. The only one which is not a friend and is a model which contacted me about modeling for my site was Karyna. It is very personable my site I like it that way and it will stay that way. My and my friends have such a great time when we get together!!! I think you all can tell :-)

Feet Guy Asks: Do you like french manicure? What kind of shoes do you like?

Lexi Answers: I think french manicure looks very nice. It looks clean. I have lots of pictures wiht french manicure in my site. I like all kinds of shoes. If I am shopping for shoes I want them all.

J Diggs Asks: Lexi. You and Monique know you are the hottest foot models out there, right? Though I notice there's somewhat of a shortage of sole closeups on your site, I think you guys do yourself an injustice in this. Any plans to do something about this?

Lexi Answers: When I do an update on my site I try to please a little for everyone. Not every one like the soles some like other things. If I get more of one thing someone is saying why and if I do the other then someone is wondering why. I feel that no one can complain or feel cheated if I get a little of everything. I do have on my site that I take requests for my members so if someone wanted to see more of something I would be more than happy to do it! I guess I am going to be doing a special set of some close ups, ha?

Jay Asks: Well fist of all you have a beautiful smile to go with your sexy feet, both any one would love to kiss ;) For my question have you ever sucked on your own toes? If so do you like the taste and can you tell me what they taste like?

Lexi Answers: I actually just sucked on my toes today for the first time. I made a movie clip for my site. My feet had a salty taste sort of. I can't wait to get that up for everyone who has been asking me to do this!

Carlos Asks: What is the thing you like being done to your feet when having sex?

Lexi Answers: That is a personal question so therefore I am not going to answer that! I would appreciate it if you would please respect me. Thank you in advance.

Footboy Asks: Hi, I just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful feet. I wish I could be able to worship them for you. I wanted to ask you how it felt to suck your own toes?

Lexi Answers: Thank you. Well this is the first time I did this so I really was not thinking about it too much. It was okay since my feet are really soft and all. I would definitely do it again :-)

Mike Asks: Do you get turned on by just walking around in public barefoot knowing guys and ladies are looking??

Lexi Answers: Well I wouldn't say that it turns me on exactly but I know that I like it!! Knowing that I am probably turning someone else on is really cool.

Tim Asks: Hi Lexi, What do you think is the best part of your feet? You have the best feet I have ever seen. Especially your toes and soles.

Lexi Answers: I really like how soft my feet are and how high I can get my arches too. My toes are proportioned well too.

Fox Asks: Have you ever use crutches?

Lexi Answers: no I didn't but when my brother had them I used to always be on them playing.

Silk Asks: Lexi you are beautiful. I was wondering were you where from?

Lexi Answers: Thank You. I am from Rhode Island.

Silk Asks: When is your foot party in Boston? Can I come and lick those beautiful feet? You are the most beautiful women not only on the net but also that i've ever seen. Keep up the good work.

Lexi Answers: Everyone is invited to my foot party. Just let me know if you will attend so I can put your name on the list. Thank you for your sweet compliments too.

Giovane B. Asks: Hi Lexi! I just want to say Im sorry for my other question, because you said that you want to be respected. Its something for yourself and your really, really lucky-man!!! Do you like to use sandals? (sorry for my vocabulary....Im from Brasil!!)

Lexi Answers: Thank you for appologizing to me, I really appreciate it. I accept appologies because no one is perfect and it takes a lot for someone to say sorry. I think you are really cool for that. I do not mind if you spell something wrong at least you are trying. I wear sandals a lot. I think it looks really nice. Have a great day!

Primo C. Asks: Hi Lexi, let me start by saying that you make a great model and I enjoy your work very much. Where do you get the ideas for your web site picture sets so that it does not become repetitive? Is it yourself, members or special hired employee?

Lexi Answers: Thank You so much! All of the work is done by me except when I am the one in the pictures. I am the one with the ideas! I love stuff like that. I do requests for my members as well so some is from the members. If anyone has requests I love to do it for them because I know it makes them so happy! :-)

Jon Asks: Lexi I have to say you have very sexy feet. My question is what do you think about guys who like to smell feet??? Would or have you ever had yours smelled??

Lexi Answers: Thank You. I think that if that is what they like then so be it. I have had my feet smelled before. I was just at a foot party for the first time and some of the guys were smelling my feet there. I don't mind at all.

Daniel Asks: Do you enjoy having your soles licked?

Lexi Answers: Of course I do, silly! ha ha!

Joey Asks: Lexi I just cant get over how beautiful you are. When a guy looks at your feet more than your face... Does that make you feel like your not pretty?

Lexi Answers: I think that it is a package deal. If someone were nasty looking and had descent feet they wouldn't be as nice. I wouldn't feel ugly though.

Bob G. Asks: Dear Lexi, Do you have any pets? What are thier names? Lexi, you are a very beautiful person inside as well as outside. I love those eyes and that beautiful smile!!! your number one fan in Huntington,WVA

Lexi Answers: Bob, you are awesome ya know! I do have pets. I have a dog and his name is smokey and a cat her name is Friskey. I love them as if they were my kids. Thank you for your sweet compliments you are very nice as well.

AJ Asks: I would like to know if you have ever worn a belly chaing? AJ from Fall River, MA

Lexi Answers: Yes I have but it isn't something I wear often.

Bronk Asks: Did YOU ever have a man painting YOUR toenails?

Lexi Answers: I let an ex of mine paint my toes once and he did a horrible job!! It was nice though. I am very picky on how my toes are painted I can't even let some of these salons do it because they don't do it good enough for me.

Micah B Asks: How can I get to the foot party you attend?

Lexi Answers: I can let you know where it is and then you show up. There will be one in Boston MA this month.

Salvatore Asks: What were you like in high school? What's your favorite movie? Keep up the good work pretty lady.

Lexi Answers: I have always been outgoing but I think that when I was in high shcool I was past everyone's level. I matured rather quick so I felt they all acted kind of childish for me. My favorite movie is Annie.

Jim Asks: How tall are you? Please list all the things that would turn you off in a guy.

Lexi Answers: I am 5'6" tall. What turns me off in a guy is someone with no personality, conceited, worried about what others think, bad breath, and ronchy feet (ha ha), bad manners and disrespectful.

Dean Asks: Do you crack your toes? Please, tell.

Lexi Answers: Sometimes I do.

Mike Asks: Have you ever fantasized about a celebrity worshipping your feet? If so, who? Please describe the fantasy.

Lexi Answers: I haven't but I have thought about it. One would be Jon Bon Jovi and I think Antonio Sabado Jr is so hott!!

Hobo With A Rolex Asks: Have you ever killed a man with your feet? What a way to go LOL!

Lexi Answers: NO, I have a heart ya know. Although that may be the way you might want to go. ha ha ha!

Jim Asks: Have you ever gone out shopping or walked through a grocery store barefoot? How often do you walk around barefoot in public ? Do the soles of your pretty tan feet get dirty & grayish black from walking aroud barefoot very often - if so I'd love to see!

Lexi Answers: Yes, I have walked around some stores in public bare foot. When my feet hurt from the shoes I am in I am not ashamed to take them off and walk without them on. My feet have gotten dirty of course. I don't do this every time I go out but I do do it.

Satchmoe Asks: Lexi.. Can you do some more pictures with Kianna? Or can you tell me where I can find more pictures of you and her together?

Lexi Answers: Yes, I can do pictures with Kiana. She has her own site but it is a bondage site not directed at feet.

Lestat Asks: HOLA LEXI!! You are gorgeous!!! But also I can see by the way you answered to your fans that you are a wondeful person and a beautiful human being!! Im really happy because my dream girl is really an angel in every way. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY PRINCESS!! Im not living in EU, but it doesnt matter, one day I will travel there and looking for you in a foot party and I hope I can meet you in person, YOU ARE UNIQUE!, NEVER CHANGE! :-) I LOVE your face and soles shots! I will love to see a set were you be in a bed with your pajamas, under the blankets and your bare feet off, Have a nice day beautiful and good luck in everything!!:-)

Lexi Answers: Hey honey. You are so sweet! That makes me smile knowing someone out there thinks I am an angel!! I try :-) I would gladly do pictures of me in bed and my feet hanging out the bottom. I think that is a great idea and lots more are thinking so also. Feel free to email me anytime, your too sweet!

Lexi Lover Asks: Lexi: You are a beautiful woman. (With awesome feet, of course!) Ever thought of doing some professional foot modeling? (Catalogs/ads...)

Lexi Answers: Thank You. Yes, I have thought of it but I never tried to get into it. I would really love to though. I just don't know where to start with something like that.

Ryan Asks: Hi Lexi, I just wanted to say that you are beautiful from head to toe. My question is two parts, how did you get into the fetish scene? And, what is the best for a guy to to approach is girl about getting a little foot play? Thanks Lexi for your awesome site.

Lexi Answers: Thank You! I got into the foot fetish scene from answering an add in the paper. I think you would have to know the girl a little before asking something about playing with her feet. Maybe start off by complimenting her feet and asking if they are soft and if so could you feel them.

ToneDahitman Asks: Hello, its me again. Just stopping by to say you are a beautiful model. You seem to be very caring since you like animals. You have nice feet to look at. If I was single, and saw you, I'd ask you out. I would respect you, like I do my girlfriend. I feel that a beauty such as yourself, demands respect. Thats makes you hard to get by men who are rude. I can never be rude, not to my girlfriend nor you. Good luck on the site. It looks great and so are you. You are such a babe :)

Lexi Answers: Thank you for such a nice email. I am a very caring person. I love to love and be loved! That is great that you respect your girl and especially me :-) Stay sweet and don't change that about yourself because that is a very good quality you got going on. Have a great day!

Jboxx83 Asks: Hey I was wondering what kind of slippers do you wear and what do they smell like? If they are stinky may I have them to worship?

Lexi Answers: I have a few pairs of slippers. One pair is a flip flop style slipper that are pretty worn. I have a slipper that looks like a shoe (I love them). And I have a pair of soft slippers. I never did smell them so I would be lying if I said I knew. If you would like to purchase a pair of my slippers just email me through my site address.

Micke G Asks: Ok Lexi, honestly, do you and the other girls think that guys with this foot fetish, which I also do have, are a little on the weird side? I mean I go to some of the foot parties and see some of the guys there and wonder if you and the other girls look at me the same way I look at them. My girlfriend loves that I pay attention to her well manicured feet and soft high arches and she admits that I'm alittle out there for liking the things I like when I worship her but, we're dating and sleep together unlike other guys who worship you and the other girls in the biz. What's your take on the whole weirdness issue?? PS.. You are hot!! Don't tell my girlfriend!!

Lexi Answers: I don't feel that someone is weird because they like feet. I think that everyone likes something and yours just so happens to be feet! I do think there are some weird fetishes out there though but not this one! About the foot parties: I just went to one for the first time a few weeks ago and it was different. I don't think that anyone was weird there though. Everyone was very nice and so respectful and everyone knows how much I love a respectful person! What really makes someone weird? I think it all depends on who would answer that question.

Footboy21 Asks: Do you like to suck your own toes?

Lexi Answers: It is not something that I sit around doing all the time. I don't mind doing it.

Ollio Asks: Hi Lexi, compliments for your wonderfoul feet! In your pics I can see that you have also ten fantastic fingernails, have you ever used them to scratch someone??

Lexi Answers: Thank you for noticing! What type of scratch are you talking about here? A fight scratch or a scratch to tickle someone?

Andrea Asks: Hi Lexi :) have you ever trampled a woman?

Lexi Answers: No, I haven't.

Ty Asks: I have a shoe fetish. Can I lick all of your shoes clean? How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Lexi Answers: I have a shoe fetish too!! I can not go to a store without walking out with some shoes! I have hundreds of pairs of shoes. I sell my shoes on my site.

Nuninho Asks: First I think you have the most amazing toes!! Since I'm from portugal I would like to know if you would like to visit my country and make some photos here! Kisses!!!

Lexi Answers: I would love to visit over ther. I think that would be great!

Toe Guy Asks: Hey Lexi, I just wanna say you have really hot feet and pefect toes, I love your ass too!! Have you ever gotten your feet massaged or toes sucked in public?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much! I work at this ass ya know? 5 days a week at the gym. I have gotten my feet massaged in public. I was at the movies. You know how I love my feet touched, well I always would ask my ex to touch them while watching a movie. I always put my naked feet up on the chairs too!

Jqsmoove Asks: If you could put your feet on any part of my body, where would it be and why?

Lexi Answers: I would have to say on your chest because I like a mans chest.

Footcare Asks: Hi Lexi, those are some lovely feet you got. I want to ask you this, which toe do you like best out of the ones you have? Is it the big toe? For me it seems like if the big toes are unattractive it pretty makes the whole foot unattractive. I like the pinky toe the least, do you feel the same? Another thing, how do you manage to get rid of any hard skin building up on the base of the big toes, I do a lot of running and no matter how much pumice I use I can't seem to scrape it all off. Please let me know, thanks.

Lexi Answers: I never thought about what toe I liked the most. Probably the one that I keep my toe ring on. I just found my self checking my feet out because I had to see what I honestly thought about that question! ha ha ha That cracked me up :-) Someone that runs is going to have a hard foot but that is good because a runner is supposed to. I never pumice my feet because I feel that it makes your feet harder. It takes away the rough spots while you are doing it but it comes back harder. I soak them in a softner and then paraffin them and put vaseline on them. They are so extremely soft from that!! You have to try it and let me know what you think.

ToneDahitman Asks: I think you have nice feet, they look so good. if i was single, I would would rub them for you. I have severe footfetish, and I just wanna rub them for you. I hope I'm not coming off freaky.

Lexi Answers: Sounds great! You are not freaky!!

Sketch Asks: Hey Lexi! Your feet are amazing. I saw a clip of you in clear nylons that almost made me fall out of my chair. My question is how often are you in a skirt and nylons with closed toe shoes for an entire day without taking your shoes off? How do your feet smell when you finally take them off? I can't imagine a better smell.

Lexi Answers: I am in nylons for about 8 hours a day sometimes and my feet are hot and sweaty after being in them that long. I think that you would love the smell of them. If only you were there when I took my feet out of those heels!

Micah B Asks: Do your feet stink?

Lexi Answers: They don't stink all of the time. Like certain shoes make them smell in the summer and after I work out they smell. If my feet have been in a shoe without socks they get an odor to them.

LikesfeetinHouston Asks: Hello Lexi. I want to start off by saying that i enjoy your site. It is very tastefully done and the pictures are really nice. You have really pretty feet and cute little toes. I was wondering if you sold items such as worn socks or hosiery on your site? Thanks and keep up the nice work.

Lexi Answers: I am so happy to hear that you enjoy my site. I hope it stays that way forever! I do sell socks, nylons and such. If you go to my site and email me we can talk about what you want. Thank you in advance.

Micah B Asks: Hi Lexi you have nice feet. I want to know if I can tickle them?

Lexi Answers: Thank You. If I end up seeing you out in the world some day, yes you can.

Steven Asks: Hi, you have amazing feet. I was wondering, do you like to floor the gas pedal and do you drive barefooted? I think it is really sexy when a beautiful girl such as yourself does those things. Also, are you into crushing things at all? You are really sexy from head to toe Lexi!

Lexi Answers: Thank You so much. I find myself driving bare foot so much lately. I know that if I go out for the night dancing the first thing I do when I get into the car is take my shoes or heels off. What a feeling that is!!!

Thomas Asks: Hi Lexi! I`ve got a question- it`s a little bit strange. Im a Giantess Fan and nothing turns me more on to think about little man being squashed under a female foot. If i were only 2 inches tall, what would you do with me?

Lexi Answers: I think that if you were 2 inches tall I would torture you with my feet. Perhaps step on you and then let you go and them capture you with my feet. Maybe I would put you in my shoe and then step on you. I think it would be cool to put you between my toes!

fPPlover Asks: Hi dear! Your feet are great, what do you prefer about foot fetish?

Lexi Answers: Thank You. I like pretty much all of it as long as it is respectful.

iLoveLexisfeet Asks: Lexi you have the sexiest feet ever!!! I can't get enough of them. My question is what is your favorite thing to do to a guy you see when youre outthat has an obvious foot fetish and has been checking out your feet?

Lexi Answers: I like to dangle my shoes and play around dipping my feet in and out of them.

Newman Asks:First off, I have loved and do love your feet. I've been signed up with your sight before. Anyways, do you like ball busting?

Lexi Answers: Than You so much. To be honest I have never done any of that before but it seems to be pretty popular!

Joey Asks: Just curious... what sign are you?

Lexi Answers: I am an aquarius.

XXX Asks: Do you like pedal pumping or real fast driving?

Lexi Answers: I do like real fast driving. I do some pedal pumping on my site.

John Asks: What does your feet smell like after work??

Lexi Answers: They have that sweaty smell usually.

Lisa Asks: I was curious if you have ever kicked a guy in the balls before and would you if a guy asked you to?

Lexi Answers: I have never kicked a guy in the balls before. If someone asked me to do this I would wonder why they would want to feel such pain. :-)

Dave Asks: Have you ever trampled a man's dick?

Lexi Answers: NO!

Catherine Asks: Hi my sweet! I think you have just adorable feet, I wish I had such lovely toes with such perfect formed toenails too! Could you give me some advice how I can make my toenails look just as perfect as yours? How often do you clip them? And do you use nail scissors or clippers to cut them? I use nail clippers (in fact my boyfriend does because he loves doing my toenails), but toenail clipping doesn't feel so good with using clippers because especially at my little toes the nails are pretty strong. I tell my boyfriend to clip my nails straight across and prety short, but can't manage to do them as pretty as yours! Please give me some advice how your toenails get their perfect length and shape! Thanks and big kisses!

Lexi Answers: Thank you! I don't always clip them. I usually file them staight across and then I buff them as well. You shouldn't cut them down too low becaue that don't look good. You should still have a little white of your nail there. It is always good to push back your cuticle once in a while that helps as well. When I paint my toes I don't miss a spot. I even paint the edge of it. I hope that I helped you out. Good luck fixing them up :-)

French QB Asks: Hi Lexi! How you doin'? There's a little question I've been asking myself for a pretty long time, and I'd be really thankful to you if you could provide me with a piece of answer. I love face-standing but I've never had the chance to try. Is it really that painful ? Is it dangerous for the man under those cute feet?

Lexi Answers: To be honest with you I have never had my face stood on before so I don't know how it feels. I know that I was standing on someone's face and I asked him if it hurt and he said not at all. Maybe it depends on the persons level of paing that they can handle.

Tyrone J Asks: Hey Baby! You are one of the hottest ladies I've seen anywhere! I really want to go to one of your Foot Parties. Would you have any problems with a black man licking and sucking on those fine feet and toes??? Will you be wearing pantyhose? Any chance you might be willing to pose nude after the party for $$$...?

Lexi Answers: Thank you. I have no problem with someone's race or color what I would have a problem with is making sure I get respect! I don't look at someone from the outside first I look from the inside. I am going to be bringing pantyhose with me to the party. I'm not sure if you have checked my site out or read some of my replies yet but if not I don't do any nudity for any amount of money (sorry). I want to have my self respect still. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Adrian Asks: I was wondering if you could do more pictures with your soles getting licked.

Lexi Answers: I am going to do more of that on my site!

Max Asks: I am forced foot smelling fan. I want know if you at once force someone to smell your feet and do you like to do this ?

Lexi Answers: Yeah I have forced people to smell my feet. For instance I have forced Monique and Jenn in a video of mine. It was so much fun! I think we all had a blast at that video.

Tumpy Asks: What is your normal reaction if you see a bug in your house?

Lexi Answers: It depends on the bug but I usually flip out ranting and screeming with a broom in my hand as I chase it around.

Ali Asks: I only want to say that I want to lick your soles how it is possible?

Lexi Answers: If you would like to email me through my site email then we can chat more about setting something up, okay?

Dave Asks: How did you meet Monique and Lindsay and the other people that feature on your websites?

Lexi Answers: Everyone of my models are my friends. We grew up together or we went to school together or worked together. The only one that I did not grow up with is Karyna. She emailed me wanting to shoot with me.

Moldy Asks: Hi Lexi, First of all you are a gorgeous lady with beautiful feet and toes. I am also a giantess fan but dream of being 1" tall and kept by a gentle giantess. Would you keep me as your pet? I could clean between your toes or do anything you want. What would you do with me?

Lexi Answers: That sounds like it would be too much fun to have a 1" man as a pet. Boy so many things run through my mind that I would have you do. Maybe I would put you in my smelly sock and carry you around. How about dropping you in a pair of sheer nylons and then putting them on!!

Ripin K Asks: You have got the most beautiful feet on earth.I just get excited by looking at your gorgeous feet & I mean it.

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much, I try! So happy I could be here for you.

Buffo Asks: I'm a bodybuilder. Do you like muscular guys?

Lexi Answers: Of course what woman doesn't!

W.F. footbottom Asks: Hi Lexi, First I think your feet look so good I went out and had a wooden statue made of your sexy feet. My question is can I marry your feet and how much does your feet stink? Somewhat, stinky or very stinky? I hope very stinky!

Lexi Answers: Thank you. How did you get a statue of my foot? That is pretty neat. I would love to see some pictures of it. I do have a ceramic statue of my foot for sale but I did not put it up yet. You can see every wrinkle it is so cool! Well, my feet only stink in the hot weather or it depends on what shoes I am wearing. After working out and stuff like that. If I have been in shoes all day too. I guess I would have to say my feet can range from smelling sweet to very stinky.

Ank Asks: Hi I love your feet and am pleased to say I am very impresssed by the amount of self respect you have. I have a foot jewelry fetish. I saw the other toe ring questions. Tell me about your anklets and slave anklets or any other things you like to wear on your sexy feet and ankles? Thanks and have a great day.

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much for noticing how much respect I have for myself! I love to wear anklets and I like to wear more than one but I find that they brake so easy. I go through them so fast. I would love a white gold diamond anklet!!!! That would look so hott! I love toe rings as well.

Prock Asks: I've seen your site. You have amazing looking soles but, you dont seem that ticklish. Are you really ticklish or are you enjoying it??

Lexi Answers: I am too ticklish that is the problem. Thanks for checking out my site!

CD Rogers Asks: I used to have a girlfriend who liked to step on my face. If I were, for example, lying on the carpet watching t.v., she would jump out of her chair, and rush over and lower one pretty bare foot down on my face. She wasn't a dominant; she would just giggle, as she pressed her pretty bare foot down on my face.

Lexi Answers: Perhapes she knew she was making you happy by doing this or she though that she was teasing you.

Gaston Asks: Hi sexy!! You have a beautiful face & you are very very pretty and with those feet, WOW!!! You are a perfect woman!!! I want to know how often do you answer the e-mails that you receive and, have you ever met any members of your site as well??

Lexi Answers: Well, I try my best to answer all of my emails. I have recieved a few computer viruses in the past so I lost so many emails and I could not write to anyone because I lost them all. I'm sure lots of people just figured that I did not want to write back but that was not the case. I was so upset about it :-( I was at a foot party a few weeks ago and met some fans there but other than that I have never met anyone. Thanks for your questions!

Ronnieboy Asks: Do you like sucking your own toes and licking your feet? Would you prefer to suck another woman's toes? Thank you!

Lexi Answers: I don't think that I would ever suck on another womans toes!! I just made a movie the other day of me sucking on my own toes. This was the very first time that I did this.

Ian Asks: Hey there Pretty Lady! What a great website and such a beautiful woman. Do you ever paint your toenails while sitting on the toilet? I think that is soooo sexy!

Lexi Answers: I can't say that I have done that (sorry) I would think that would be uncomfortable.

Dangerous D Asks: I know it's an inappropriate question...but could you tell me your age?? I am very curious.

Lexi Answers: I don't mind any questions like that. I have my bio up on my site and it tells all of those. I am 27 years old.

Nathan Asks: Hi Lexi! I have to say you have some of the most succulent looking toes I have ever seen! When are we gonna see you give yourself a juicy self-toe suck...preferrably while wearing pantyhose. Can I pay you to do this in a custom video? Also, can you do classic pump shoe dangling?

Lexi Answers: I haven't sucked my toes while having nylons on. If you would like to talk about a custom video then it would be best if you emailed me through my site so we can talk about it. I will be looking for your email. If anyone else wants anything from me it is best to email me from my site! Thank you in advance!!

Footlover129 Asks: Hi Lexi. First i must say you have beautiful well kept feet and your website is one of the greatest finds I've come across in a long time. I was wondering, are you going to be on the east coast anytime soon for any foot parties?

Lexi Answers: Thank You it is nice to know that you enjoy my site. It's great to know! I am going to be doing a foot party in Boston MA if you are interested. Hope to see you there.

Sebastian B Asks: HEY!! I would like to know if Lexi likes men to see her feet in public places.

Lexi Answers: Of course I like men to see my feet in public places! I guess you are not a member on my site yet. I have a lot of pics of me in public places. I think it is real!

Liam G Asks: Have you ever had a complete stranger come up to you and compliment your feet?

Lexi Answers: Yes I have. I think it is nice.

French QB Asks: Hi Lexi! Again I'm! Thank you so much for answering the first two questions! This time around I don't write for asking a question but for admitting something. In the past, I've been used to see galleries of your feet but I was lookin at it more for seeing a pair of feet than because I was really pleased by you...And I also didn't know you really well...But know I must admit that I really appreciate you because unlike some other foot models, you're really kind, and most important you're an intelligent women with a few principles and that's really something I deeply respect. Congrats for that and thank you Lexi!

Lexi Answers: I don't mind if you write to me all day. I think this interview is the best thing that I have done! I really enjoy letting all of you get to know me. I wanted my site to be really personable and now I feel that this is a good way to get to know each other. Thanks for appreciating who I am I think that is really cool! Keep in touch and have a great day :-)

Joe Asks: I have not heard you say anything on footjobs. Is it somthing you even do?

Lexi Answers: When I see a question or even a guesture on foot jobs I usually delete it instead of wasting my time on responding but this question you sent me was good. I do not do foot jobs on my site at all. I feel that some things are to be done with someone you love only. I also feel that it would be disrespectful for me to put this up. I usually say if my mom were to see this on my site would she mind? That she would mind so therefore I shouldn't be doing it. I hope that every one uderstands where I am coming from. I don' t think for a second that there is anything wrong with foot jobs it is just that there is a time and a place for certain things. Thank you so much for this question. Have a great week!!

Tomasz Asks: Hi Lexi I want to say that you have the most wrinkly and pointy feet I have ever seen!!! I want to know have you ever had your feet sucked whole, and how far can you bend your feet and what size are they?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much. I love my wrinkles too! What do you mean sucked whole? I have had my feet sucked on, like the whole foot in his mouth? Yes, I have. My toes can just about touch the top of my foot when I bend them. My shoe size is a 7 1/2.

Jeremy Asks: Do your feet get a salty vinegary smell to them when your feet have been in your sweaty socks and sneakers all day sometimes? Do you get that sour vinegary smell between your toes ever?

Lexi Answers: I can honestly say that my feet do not smell like vinegar. I don't think I have ever heard of that. If I had one word to describe my feet after wearing a leather or suede shoe in the heat it would have to be a bag of fritos chips. My sweaty socks it would have to be.... I don't know how to describe that one. Definitely not vinegar though.

BigToe23 Asks: When your feet smell bad do they ever smell like vinegar?

Lexi Answers: No.

Jim Asks: You are beautiful...... my favorite pose of yours is when you curl your one has better wrinkles on or a better arch than you.

Lexi Answers: Thank you. I love my feet ya know. When I get emails that say how you like all of these things it makes me think that I am happy to have these feet! ha haha. I will keep up the wrinkles and the hight arches, okay?!!

Stan P Asks: How would you, from a man's perspective, approach a foot fetish with a girl?

Lexi Answers: I would start off with a compliment to her feet and then really get into the conversation from there.

Root Asks: Do you at once force someone smell your feet?

Lexi Answers: Yeah, I think that is so much fun!!!

Amr Asks: How many lucky men have kissed your feet? I'd love to be one of them.

Lexi Answers: Well a few guys at the foot party that I attended a few weeks ago have kissed my feet and also a few ex boyfriends too!

Les Asks: I know you've already answered several questions about pedal pumping but I had more! Can you tell us more about when you were stranded and trying to start your car. How much did you pump the gas? Did you pump it fast or slow? Did you press hard or were you gentle? Was the engine trying to start but dying? Also, do you remember what kind of shoes you were wearing? Were your feet stinky that day? Sorry for all the questions! You have such beautiful feet. I have really enjoyed your site and it's great to see your interview. Thank you!

Lexi Answers: That is okay if you have more questions that is why I am on this interview for you to ask me questions :-) At first I was pumping the pedal hard and slow and it was only making a clicking noise so I started to pump it hard and fast and I got only a clicking noise! The engine was just dead no matter what. I was wearing some clogs that day. I'm sure that my feet were stinky because those clogs make my feet stink they are leather inside. I hope I answered your questions well enough.

Christy Asks: Do you like to suck female toes and lick female sole? What is your foot size?

Lexi Answers: I do not lick girls feet! My shoe size is a 7 1/2.

Lexis Fan Asks: Hi princess Lexi, you are the only one who has beautiful feet and sexy figure also with so naturally lovely feet.. The beauty of your hands and feet gives me a sweet pain. Your feet are so adorable that it hurts and give ache in my heart. I really find myself in love with you.. My princess its sweet that you like your feet being worshipped but do you have the right idea of whats happening to the lucky man who is there at your feet? Do you see the ecstacy he is in, have you noticed him literally moaning and gasping for breath while he is laying at your feet and rubbing his eyes on them and kissing?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much for all those nice words. I really appreciate it ya know?! I know that guys are breathless sometimes when they have my feet at there face! I love it too.

Ikki Asks: What can I say, you are perfect! I know this is an odd question but I think I'm not the only one who would like to know have you ever crushed a bug under your beautiful feet (with shoes, of course) and how did it happened? By the way, you are the most beautiful foot/model on the net! Keep up the good work!

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much. You are just way too good to me, honey! Yes, I have crushed bugs under my feet while having shoes on of course. I hate bugs so there for I will crush on if it is next to me. I kind of feel bad but yuck!

Turbo Asks: Lexi, you have one of the nicest soles I have seen. I was wondering if you feel any special pleasure driving barefoot or with sexy shoes. Thanks in advance.

Lexi Answers: Thank you. I take good care of these soles :-) I think it is so comfortable driving without shoes on. I love to wear sexy shoes because I know that the guys are looking at them and the more sext the shoe the more it will drive them crazy!

Pam Asks: Hi Lexi, I love the way you pay such special attention to your toenails. You have beautiful feet and the special care you give them makes them noticeably soft and loveable. I was wondering if you've had girlfrinds in the past who admitted that they were attracted to your feet. I know I would have a hard time keeping my feelings to myself, even as shy as I am. Thanks!

Lexi Answers: Thank you. I think it is fun to do my feet. Even before I started doing the web I paid close attention to my feet. It's just something I love to do. Yes, a lot of my friends really do love my feet! They like the cool designs I make on my toenails too. They always ask me to do there feet like mine. When one of my friends would model on my site I always would tell them to come over and let me do there feet first because I wanted to make sure they look perfect for my site! That got to be too much work so I just tell them exactly what to do to get them perfect as can be. Thanks for your question!

Jim Asks: My thing is seeing two pretty women comparing bare feet by pressing them together sole-to-sole and seeing girls with wide toe spreads interlocking them with another girls. Have you ever gone sole-to-sole or locked toes with any of your girlfriends ? Is there any of this in the 'Members Section' on your site? Seeing you and Jenn doing this stuff would be incredible!

Lexi Answers: Yes, all of the time we do this. Sole to sole, I think I do this with just about every model. One of my movies which is for sale in my store is about comparing feet. That is Kiana and me together. Monique and I have interlocked our feet once or twice and I think that Laina and I have done this too. I will have to do this with Jenn as well. That was a great idea of the two of us. I asked Jenn if she wanted to open a site with me just the two of us in it only!

Sole Man Asks: Hi Lexi! First thing's first. You have the most amazing pair of wrinkled soles I have seen on a sexy lady. I have become very keen about all aspects of womens feet, but I have to say that the thing that really does it for me is wrinkled soles. I have to ask this. What are your thoughts on the soles of your feet? Do you think that those gorgeous wrinkles play an important part in foot fetish?

Lexi Answers: Before I got started into this foot fetish on the net I really did not realize this. None of my ex boyfriends really said anything about wrinkles but now I really do understand that there are plenty of people out there that absolutely love it. I know that I have lots of wrinkles and soft ones at that! I will keep them up for you.

Smittin Asks: What size are your feet and what is the youngest guy you have ever let suck your toes?

Lexi Answers: My shoe size is 7 1/2. Only ex boyfriends and I would not let a youngen suck my toes because I think it is a respect thing for there parents.

Evisu Asks: Hey Lexi I was wondering if you do footjobs on your site?

Lexi Answers: No I do not (sorry).

Ekko Asks: Lex...I'm curious...what kind of music you enjoy listening to? And do you frequently go to concerts? That would be fun to do with you! Anyway, my foot question for you old were you for your first experience? High school? College? Anyway, thanks, and take care of yourself!

Lexi Answers: I love to listen to country music and the 80's-90's music. I also love the music that a local band around here play the band is backlash. I think the site it ribacklash or backlashri. Go check them out they are awesome!! I love to go to concerts. I am at most of them. My first experience was in college. It was great too! Thanks for your questions it is nice to have a question that is personal once in a while.

J Dela Asks: Lexi, you probably are one the most beautiful girls out there. How do you cope with guys constantly hitting on you, or do like the attention? Also, I have a hard time knowing if girls like to have their toes sucked, so how do I approach them about it?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much! Well, I am the most friendliest person you have ever encountered so if someone is hitting on me sometimes I don't see it because I think they are just being friendly like me. I don't mind it if they were to be hitting on me I think it is nice. Well about the girls and sucking their feet. You won't know unless you ask. I would start the conversation by comenting on her feet. That opens the door to more questions. I think you can use your judgement on whether to go any further or not. Thank you for your questions! Have a great day :-)

Micah Asks: When is a tickle party coming to houston, and are you going to be there?

Lexi Answers: The only parties I am probably going to attend is in Boston MA. I don't really know when it will be in your area.

Stefan Asks: Hi Lexi. I wonder if you like crushing things under your beautiful feet. For instance, do you like crushing cigarettes, if you smoke? And do you have a certain manner to crush, e.g. twist your foot or somethin' else?

Lexi Answers: I do not smoke. I actually hate it when someone smokes around me so if I would be putting a cigarette out it would be me taking the cigarette out of someones mouth and then twisting my foot to make sure it is out.

BigToe23 Asks: I was wondering if your feet ever smell like vinegar?

Lexi Answers: I have never heard of someone's feet to smell like vingegar. I think the smell is fritos chips is more like it.

Rob Asks: When did you start to notice that you had beautiful feet? Do you notice men staring at your feet when your out in public?

Lexi Answers: I really started to notice that I had nice feet once I was in high school. I notice men staring at my feet in public all of the time. Not only men but women also! They don't know that I am into it so I just smile :-)

Kev Asks: Hello Lexi, you have such pretty feet. What shoe makes your feet the smelliest? Are they smellier in socks, pantyhose or barefeet?

Lexi Answers: Thank You. The smelliest I think is with certain shoes with no socks on. When I wear nylons in my heels all day my feet get smelly. If I wear socks and sneakers and I work out in them they get smelly. Some shoes of mine that I wear in the summer get smelly just from wearing them. I have this one pair that have to smell THE WORSE!!

Foot Cannibal Asks: Are you into foot fetish in your normal life? If so, in what way? Do you like to show your feet in public places and notice people's attention to them?

Lexi Answers: Yes, I am into foot fetish in my normal life. It is so funny because I never knew to call it foot fetish before I got started into modeling on some sites. I just knew that I loved my feet licked, sucked, etc. I love to show my feet in public. My toes have to match my outfit, how funny is that!! ha ha ha Most women match there shoes with their purses but not me it is my toes!! I notice people checking them out all of the time. The most frequent place is when your in line somewhere. People always check out feet while checking out!

Melemel Asks: Hello Lexi, Your entire foot is beautiful. Has any man or woman ever given you a pedicure in a public place? For instance, after dancing for hours, I would adore the chance to sit you down at a table in a night club and pedicure your feet. This would include soaking, clipping and filing your nails, followed by an hour long lower leg and foot massage. Obviously, I would conclude this public session by applying a polish to your succulent toes. Again, have you ever had such a treatment in plain view of the public, and if not, how does it sound to you?

Lexi Answers: Well I have never done this at a night club but in a public place for a pedicure I have done it at the salon. Your idea sounds awesome though. I love to have my feet massaged and the lower portion of my leg to go with it!! I think it is so relaxing! Thank you for your question and have a great day!

PedalloverBrazil Asks: Hi dear! You have very nice feet! Do you like pedal pumping? Do you like to rev your car hard? Do you pump the gas hard and rev it hard holding the gas down to heat the engine? Tell me please about you and pedal pumping if you really! Big kisses!!! I would love if you will be my girl!! :)

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much! I have done some pedal pumping. When it snows out over here I do lots of it! I like the warm weather so I pump the gas to heat the car faster. I love the sound of an engine reving! Hey I am single!

Jmagpro Asks: You have a very nice smile, a very nice body and to top it off very nice feet. Have you ever thought about doing another type of domination like facesitting and do your slaves ever lick your feet while they are sweaty with sock lint in between your toes and dirty?

Lexi Answers: I do other fetishes but not face sitting. My fans have only met me that one time at a foot party. I did not have on socks though. The foot party that I will be hosting I will go there in socks and I might be running a contest the winner gets to take my shoes and socks off!!

Mario Asks: Hi sexy fairy! I read about your foot party... If I would come to one of them, how could I know you and how could I manage to have a worship and licking session with your feet??? I also would like to lay on the pavement with your soles on my face? would it be possible? Thank you in advance for your kind answer to my questions. You are beautiful and feet so...seeeeeeexyyyyyyyyyy!:-)

Lexi Answers: Hello Mario. IF you were to come to my foot party you could have a foot session with me. I will be having foot sessions with everyone that shows! It is going to be $20.00 for every 10 minutes with my feet. There will be only respectfulmess at this party! I sure hope that you don't miss me if I were to walk by you :-)

Mark Asks: Amazing Feet..... Do you realize how sexy every little line and wrinkle on your soles are?

Lexi Answers: I know that I have real sexy feet and wrinkles but you probably realize this even more than I do. Thank you, honey!

Polidoro Asks: Hello Lexi, I saw your site few days ago and I really fell in love with you! :-) You are so sexy and beautiful and I couldn't keep from going weak in the knees after looking at your pics. You have a pretty face and a sexy body too. Nature blessed you with a pair of irresistible feet! This is my opinion! :-) And this is my question: I always had a female foot fetish but I always asked myself why girls feet are so attractive for lots and lots of men. I've never found an answer to this, so I hope you will help me! :-) Also, how does it feel having a pair of sexy and desirable feet with soft soles and perfect toes? :-) I dream night and day to worship you and lick your lovely feet. Bye and congratulations for your great site. Keep in touch. Kisses from your slave! :-***

Lexi Answers: That is so nice to hear that I make you week at the knees!! :-) Thank you so much for all those sweet compliments. I think there are many answers to your question about why people are attracted to womens feet. It depends on who answers the question for you. I think that the curve of the foot is similar to the curve of the womens body. I also think that most women don't really show there feet so therefore men want to see more of it. They love the smell as well. That is a very good question though. I feel very lucky to have these feet. I know that I was very blessed. I thank my mom and dad all of the time!

Shibby Asks: Hi Lexi, I must say you have very sexy feet. I jst love toerings. I actualy had a question. My girlfriend sometimes wear baggy jeans or army pants, and when she is barefooted, her toes peek underneath her pants when she is standing. God it makes me soooo crazy, but I dont dare to ask if I can lick, smell, tickle, even touch her feet. I am very shy. Any advice?

Lexi Answers: I think that looks so sexy as well! Good taste. If this is your girl I don't know why you would feel shy about doing this. I think you should start off by putting in a movie and you sit up on the couch and she lays with her feet on your lap. Tell her that you are going to rub them. See how she reacts to that. I'm sure she is going to love it. I think it will be a start. If you want to kiss them I would start that off in the bedroom some night. Make that part of foreplay. See if she likes it. I'm sure she will absolutely love it! If she don't she is a crazy woman!! I hope that I helped you out. Feel free to email me sometime to let me know how everything works out for you. I am very interested in knowing.

John Asks: Hey Lexi!! MMM your feet are so perfect! lol, well anyway in public do any guys ever compliment you and your hot feet?

Lexi Answers: I have had some guys in public tell me I have nice feet. It gets this whole conversation going about feet usually.

Meat Head Asks: I think your feet are very pretty and I would like to know if you like it when men lick your salty, sweaty, stinky feet after a long hot day?

Lexi Answers: I would not mind it. I am a single lady right now so therefore there are no men doing anything to my feet but when I do shoots I love it!!

Mick Asks: Hey Lexi. First I have to say that your feet are the greatest! I'd love to see your soles! I was wondering, I hope this isnt too personal of a question, but do you know if any of your ex-bf's know about you and your site? If it is I am sorry, and I have another question. When you go out in public, do you ever see people staring at you maybe because they recognize you from your site but they arent sure if it is you?

Lexi Answers: I don't mind personal questions as long as it is clean. Yes, an ex boyfriend of mine does know about my site. I was with him for 7 years. He is not the one who told me that he knew about it though. A friend of mine is friends with him and that is how he found. I don't mind that anyone knows about my site. My parents know most of my friends are the models on my site so I am not shy about it. I have not noticed anyone. Although it is not on my mind of whether they are looking at me because they may know me from the site. When I first opened the site I used to think that when ever someone would just look at me they knew me from the site but I have been over that. I would never know unless they asked me. I hope someone does some day too!

Toespreadlover Asks: MMMMm i absolutely love girls with double jointed toes! I learned that you can bend your toes back like almost touching the top of your foot. I just wonder how wide you can spread your toes when you open up a gap between big and next one. I'm sure you can pick up thick objects well with your double jointed toes, right? :)

Lexi Answers: Yes, I can pick things up with my double jointed toes. I think I am so lucky to have double jointed feet!

Hamed Asks: Goddess Lexi! What do you think of people who worship you and call you a Goddess. How do you feel about people who want be your slave and worship you and call you Goddess.

Lexi Answers: I think that I am very lucky to have people call me their goddess. I feel like a princess. It is great that people want to be my slave! What more could any girl want but to be a goddess, be worshipped and have a slave!! I am so lucky!

Dodi Asks: Hi Lexi; in the models section of your site you put a lot of pics for many girls but we see only few girls who work with you continuously. Where are the others? Can we see girl on girl trampling on your site? From your point of view which one of the girls on your site has the prettiest feet??.... OF COURSE AFTER YOU...

Lexi Answers: I don't know who you are talking about that you don't see much of. Sometimes when someone shoots they love it but it is difficult with there everyday life to do shoots or some have moved away. There is no girl girl trampling on my site yet. If I had to choose one girl who had the best feet on my site it would be hard between Jenn and Monique. They both have awesome feet!

Root Asks: I have a big fetish for giantess women crushing tiny men. I want to know, what would you do with me if I were 1-inch tall?

Lexi Answers: I would step all over you and smother you in my shoes!

Croom Asks: You have perfect soles. I would to lick your soles for all eternity. Would you rub your feet in my face?

Lexi Answers: Thank you. My soles love to be licked so come over here, baby! I sure will rub my feet in your face :-)

Croom Asks: Have you ever forced someone to worship your feet when they were very SMELLY?

Lexi Answers: Yes, I have done that to one of my ex's! We had so much fun!

Seef Asks: I love giantess women and dream to be squashed under a female foot. If I were 2-inches tall, what would you do with me?

Lexi Answers: If you were two inches tall I would definitely squash you under my foot. You would love it too!

XYZ Asks: Do you ever take photographs of you feet without any nail polish? Which shoes make your feet smell the worst? Do you have any shoes that realy smell?

Lexi Answers: I have some galleries in my site with no polish on. They came out really good too. My feet look good without polish on them as well. Usually leather or suede shoes make my feet smell the worse. Some summer sandals do to. It depends on how much I wear them and when. I have lots of shoes that really smell!!

Massfootfan Asks: Can you give any more details about the foot party in Boston, MA?

Lexi Answers: I am thinking that the foot party will be held the second to third week into July. It will be a $75.00 admission fee to get in. I am going to give the option to pay by credit card before hand and a chance to enter a contest for paying ahead. It will be $20.00 for every 10 minutes with the model. Drinks included, music and lots of fun. I also want to give everyone the option to have there session photographed to be put on a cd or printed out there. This will be your own keep sake no one else will see but you and me! The price will vary depending on what you want. If you would like to know more please email me through my site! Thank you in advance and I hope to see you there!

Foot Worshiper Asks: What's the longest you have ever had your feet worshiped?

Lexi Answers: I never really time it but it seems to go by too fast!

Ace Asks: I like a lot to be kicked in the nuts. Do you ever try this fetish?

Lexi Answers: I have never tried this fetish before.

Tim Asks: Hi Lexi, Would you let me lick your shoes clean? Do they ever get dirty?

Lexi Answers: My shoes are very dirty. IF you would like to lick my shoes clean that sounds great!

Rob Asks: Do you like to suck female toes?

Lexi Answers: No, I do not.

Gary Asks: You have the sexiest arhes on the net. What is the highest heel you ever wore?

Lexi Answers: I am glad you like my arches.. I have some pictures on my site of me wearing a 6 inch heel, those are probally the highest. I don't wear them to often because they hurt my toes!!

Moldy Asks: Have you ever grown your toenails longer? I don't like really long toenails, but maybe like 1/4" past the end of your big toe, and less for your other tootsies. Would you ever consider growing them a bit longer? I think its really sexy when you can see the underside of a women's toenails when your looking at the bottom of her foot. Just curious if you would someday.

Lexi Answers: Hello. I have never purposely grown my toenails long. I am sorry but I don't like my toe nails long so I don't see that happening in the future. I know that Monique has her toe nails a little long wher you can see them from the under side. I will take some photos of hers if you would like me to.

Ben D Asks: Hi Lexi. I think you have very pretty feet. I have to ask you, is it strange to find the veins on a woman's foot to be sexy? It's very sexy to me.

Lexi Answers: I think that anything goes. If you think it is sexy then don't worry about if anyone else approves or not because it is not going to change the way you feel about it. I think it is fine to think it is sexy.

Jay Asks: I just have to say that your feet are absolutely the sexiest ever. I was wondering if you like it when people smell your feet? Do you smell your own feet? And, when are your feet the most smelliest? If you couldn't tell, I love the smell of a woman's foot. I can only imagine how devine your sweet scent is--thanks.

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much! I do like it when someone smells my feet. Yes, I have smelled my own feet before, besides who has not done that? ha ha ha. I would have to say that my feet are the most smelliest when I have worn my sandals all day in the hot sun. I know that you would love the scent of my foot!! :-)

Eman Asks: I want to say that your feet are absolutely gorgeous and your body as well. I was wondering if your feet ever get sweaty and stinky. If so do you take advantage of it?

Lexi Answers: Thank you! My feet get sweaty all of the time. Yeah sometimes I do take advantage of it. Sometimes if I know that I have a shoot I will make sure my feet smell and when I am doing a shoot I will put them in Monique's face and sometimes my photographers face. We all have a great time!

Sharon Asks: Hey Lexi, What is the most toe rings you put on your feet? What is your favorite color for your feet? Have you ever worship another woman's feet?

Lexi Answers: I have put on lots of toe rings for a shoot before. It is hard to wear lots of toe rings on my little toes. My toes are very skinny so they fall off. The favorite color for my toes is such a hard question. I love lots of colors. I love designs as well. I like the french manicure, red, pink, purple, and for designs I like the leopard! I am not one to worship another woman's foot.

Tickler06 Asks: Lexi, One last question, would you allow a man whom you never met, though respectful and courteous, do the following things to your feet in public:

1) Tickle
2) Smell
3) Lice the Soles
4) Suck The Toes
5) Massage Your Perfect Peds

Lexi Answers: This is such a hard question. If I did not know them at all I really don't think I would let them touch me. If I got to talking with someone and the conversation lead to it then maybe I would let them do all of the above. It just really depends on my gut feeling.

Tickler06 Asks: Have you ever had your feet tickled by two or more people.

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much! Yes, I have had my feet tickled by two people at the same time. Oh my goodness I am so uncontrolably ticklish! You just don't understand, I flip out laughing and moving all over the place. I am so sensitive!!

Williams Asks: What do you do to care your gorgeous and tasty feet?

Lexi Answers: I make sure I put vaseline on them once in a while. I give them good pedicures and paraffin wax. That makes them so soft!

Biggdirtyredd Asks: I was also wondering if there were going to be other girls at your foot party and if so, who?

Lexi Answers: There will be Monique, Kristy Lee, Kendra, Bella, Laina, and myself right now. My friend John from Lickgirlsfeet is also going to be bringing some models for the party.

Derek Asks: Hi Lexi, your website is all class, beautifully set out with beautiful models and feet to match. I am so encouraged by the fact that though having a foot fetish is sexually invigorating, I believe that the manifestation of having a foot fetish can also be an innocent act of admiration towards another person's body parts. Do you have many people come up to off the street and give compliments about your beautiful feet, and how do you handle the compliment? Thank You Lexi :-)

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much for all of those nice compliments! I really appreciate that a lot! I also feel that having a foot fetish is very innocent and also I feel that because I am on the internet doing this and taking part in helping others which have a foot fetish is also very innocent. I still feel that with my site I still have the respect that I had for myself before I started this, that is very important. I have had people compliment my feet in public. I say thank you so much and that is usually it. If someone continues to talk about it then we will. Thanks for the question.

Mike Asks: When was it that you found out you were a sexy woman with fantastic legs and feet and was it told too you by someone else or did you just find out on your own?

Lexi Answers: Well, ever since I can remember I always kind of felt that I wasn't the prettiest or anything but I think that once I started high school is when I started to realize that I had nice legs and feet and all. I was around more people and more people told me. I never ever got conceited about anything though. I know that I am not perfect but yet I know that a lot of men are looking :-)

Arif Asks: Hi Misstress.. I cant believe my luck... I've been cuming by watching you in your feet for ages now. I'm totally yours. You are the most beautifull Lady with lovely feet on the planet.. I'm your footslave.. plz tell me how do you like me to cum while watchin your feet?.. Can you send me your toe nails or socks or old shoes.. please!... Tell me and I'll mail you from your site... Kisses for your feet!

Lexi Answers: If you would like to purchase something you would have to email me from my site.

Sylvia S Asks: Do you like foot fetish?

Lexi Answers: Yes I do.

Noe Asks: Is it important for you to be with a significant other who enjoys your same fetishes. Also, I would like to see if you and I can chat and get to know eachother a little more.

Lexi Answers: Yes, I think it is important to enjoy the same fetishes but if you just so happen to fall in love with someone that doesn't then maybe you can introduce them to your fetishes! If you would like to chat more just email me through my site and tell me that you were from Wu's. I would love to get to know you more!

Tim Asks: Do you think that men with foot fetishes can be made into slaves? You're a true Goddess Lexi.

Lexi Answers: Thank you. I think that if anyone has any kind of fetish they could be made into slaves.

Kokik Asks: Lexi you would be the perfect Cinderela! I live in Boston and I adore you, your smile and ofcourse your feet. Right now I am in Europe and I will be here untill end of August. When I found out that you will be in Boston MA for a foot party I felt terrible because I can't come. Will you do another foot party in Boston? Will you ever do one on one private sessions?

Lexi Answers: That is too bad that you will not be around. I am going to see how this party goes first before I announce whether I am going to have another one. This will be the first one that I am having. I hope it goes well so I can have more. If you would like to talk to me about something like a private session it would be best if you email me through my site.

Shibby Asks: Hi, its me again, if you remember me ;). I did your advice to my girlfriend, rubbed her feet. she liked that ;). Then after a while she was teasing me and I playfully bite her toe. She laughed cause it tickled her but she told me she liked it, so I continued the footworship. After it: she told me she thought it was kinda weird, but very stimulating. So I think I can do it some more ;) thanks alot Lexi, you are the best.

Lexi Answers: That is so cool!!! I am so happy that I helped you and your girl out! I think she probably loved it, she had to! I think if you do it again it will become an all the time thing and it won't feel weird to her any more. If you ever want to email me through my site feel free. Thanks for letting me know how everything made out. Have a great day!

Felix Asks: What do you feel when a guy is worshipping your feet?

Lexi Answers: Oh boy this is a hard question to answer! This is hard to put into words. Well, I think it depends on what they are doing exactly. I could be laughing if they are tickling me, relaxed if they are licking and kissing my soles and feet. I could be very turned on if my feet are sucked and licked in certain areas! I love it!

Foofran Asks: Hi Lexi, I just love your feet. Those wrinkles are to die for!! I Have a couple of questions that I hope you won't mind answering: Will you start out your foot party with footsniffing sessions (very stinky feet)? Who takes the photos for your site? Do you and the other models take turns shooting, or do you work with a professional photographer? Keep up the great work, and don't ever compromise with your values. Respectful kisses on the soles of your feet...

Lexi Answers: Thank you kindly. I love my wrinkles too :-) I did not think that far ahead about the foot party but that is a good idea though so maybe I will. I have a freind/professional photographer take the photos. I also take the photos as well when I am not the one in them. Thank you for your commment at the end of your email. You are so sweet. Some people do not know what values are now a days!!

Adrian Asks: I was wondering if I coud ever lick your soles for you one day.

Lexi Answers: Well, like I was saying before I am going to be having a foot party soon so if you would like to meet my feet you can do this there.

Midon Asks: Hi Lexi! First of all, like all those before me, I just HAVE to say that you have the sexiest feet EVER! My question is whether you ever intend to come to Canada for a foot party? Or at least close enough to the border that it would be possible to make a stop-over? I am in the Toronto area and would LOVE to attend a foot party featuring you, and would jump at the chance to do so!

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much honey. I would love to meet you as well. Unfortunately I really don't think that I will be traveling that far for a foot party. I would love to but the expense it too much. If anything changes I would definitely be posting it on Wu's! Make sure you keep in touch and have a wonderful day!

Kurt Asks: I am a new fan of your site and think you and all of the models are wonderful! Honestly, do all the girls that model on your site ever have stinky feet in real life? Have you ever discussed the fact that you all can't believe there's guys like us that adore the scent of your sweaty feet? Also, are you aware of any of the other girls having car starting problems and pumping the gas pedal? Maybe that came up when discussing photo shoots for such a what kind of guy is turned on by something like my car not starting? Thank you for sharing your feet with us all!

Lexi Answers: Thank you for being a fan on my site!! I appreciate that a lot. If there is anything that I can do for you just let me know. I do requests for my members. Honestly I think that everyone has stinky feet depending on what shoes they are wearing and such. If someone tells you that there feet never smell no matter what they are lying. Yes, me and the girls talk about stinky feet all the time. The one that has the most smelliest feet is Monique. Her feet just naturally smell it does not matter what she does. About the cars not starting Laina used to always have car trouble and have to pump the gas and of course get stuck and call me. Jenn is in the middle of having car problems now. I know because whenever I am trying to get together with her she is telling me how her car won't start! Kristy Lee also has car problems once in a while.

Steven Asks: If I came to the foot party in Boston, would you crush things for me such as insects wearing sexy shoes? Please let me know!

Lexi Answers: I would crush bugs for you as long as I had shoes on my feet.

Jason Asks: What tickles your feet more, Lexi? A feather or fingertips?

Lexi Answers: My personal opinion is definitely someones fingertips!!

Eric Asks: Would you crush my model cars in a custom video?

Lexi Answers: Yes, I would crush your model cars for you in a custom video. If you would like to set something up with me it would be best if you emailed me through my site so we can talk. I'll be looking for you!

Sean Asks: Lexi you have very hot, smooth, and round heels. Do you like to crush anything-objects, bugs, whatever with your hot barefeet? If so, what do you like to crush?

Lexi Answers: I have crushed things with my feet. I know that I step on bugs all of the time (only with my shoes on) I have crushed some strawberry shortcake and also a little man.

Steve Asks: If you were in a a mall with your footslave would you use him as a foot rest and chair to relax your very sexy feet? I would love to be your slave footrest and chair and sniff your stinky shoes.

Lexi Answers: Yes I would use him as a foot rest at the mall. Actually I think that is such a good idea for a shoot. I think I will do that at the mall soon and put it up in my members area!

Xchubbs419 Asks: Lexi, I want to play with your feet so bad I can tast them.

Lexi Answers: oooohh baby, my feet are so soft and waiting!!

EVH Asks: Hi Lexi! I'm a long time member of your site, and I'd like to know, what can a man do to get his girlfriend's toes to suck, without get her scared or angry? PS: Your feet are so beautiful !

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much for being a member of my site and thinking my feet are beautiful!!! I think you should start off in the bed room with the toe sucking. Maybe you should start off by rubbing her feet and then gently kiss them and see her reaction. Ask her if she thinks it feels good or not.(I'm sure she will love it!) Then go to sucking on them. Take it one step at a time. Maybe you shouldn't do it all in one night. Wish you all the luck! Hey tell her that I said that she does not know what she is missing out on :-)

Rick Asks: Lexi, you have great toes and heels. I've seen some models crush crawdads barefoot before. Would you crush a crawdad or crickets barefoot in a custom video?

Lexi Answers: No, sorry but I could not do it barefoot! YUCK!! I would do it for you with some shoes on though.

Chris Asks: Hi Lexi I think you look wonderful from head to toe! Just wondering if you enjoy being barefoot or ever wear socks, I myself cannot stand socks and I think they look horrible on women.

Lexi Answers: Thank you hun. I love to be barefoot! I almost think it is a bother sometimes with the whole shoe thing. I do like to make sure I have some kind of shoes on my feet to make sure my soles stay nice and soft. I wear socks in the winter because I hate the cold. When it is not cold I NEVER have socks on the feet. Thank for the question.

Dave Asks: Hey Lexi! Nice feet. Have you ever walked by and crushed someones toy on accident? Can you put some toy crush on your site? Thanks

Lexi Answers: Yes, that has definitely happened! Depending on what I stepped on it sure can hurt your feet. Yes, I will definitely get some toy crushing on there for you!! Make sure you check for it once in a while.

Will S Asks: Hey Lexi, you are hot! I looked at your site and so is your friend Jenn. Is she going to be at your party? Could you tell me if she likes barefoot crush (detail) or trample (detail)? Thanks I appreciate it.

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much. Yes, Jenn will be at the party as well. I am not sure if she has a fetish for it herself but I know that she will do that at the party!

Dave Asks: Hi Lexi, I enjoy your site very much, you do a classy job. You do have very pretty and sexy feet and toes. I think the extremely high arches set you apart from the rest. You are very photogenic, and it is a real pleaseure to visit your site. I do have a couple of questions. I read that you are from RI, but what is you nationality? Also, do you enjoy the smell of your own feet and shoes? Look forward to hearing from you.

Lexi Answers: Well, Thank you very very much!! That is so nice to hear :-) I take pride in my work, I love what I do and I love to be in front of a camera!! Yes, I am from RI and my nationality is Portugues, Irish, French and Indian. What a mut, ha? Sometimes I like the smell of my feet and my shoes. I know you would love to smell them some day :-)

Bob G Asks: Dear Lexi,I want to say you are the kindest sweetest, sexiest and most caring person in the world!!! I am glad I AM A MEMBER OF YOUR SITE. What is your favorite shoes perfume and hose?

Lexi Answers: Bob, You are one the very best yourself, ya know?! I love to have you as a member of my site as well. My favorite shoe is any kind of open toe strappy sandal or leopard anything type shoe, I love the hose that are sheer and shimmery, my favorite perfume is Ralph Lauren Polo Sport for woman. Thanks for the questions, sweetie!!

Billy Asks: Have you ever worn fuzzy pink slippers? I must say they are a major turn on for myself but very few beautiful women such as yourself photograph with these.

Lexi Answers: I do have those and I did not know that anyone would want to see them but now that you have told me I will put it on my to do list and get that up on the site soon! They are so comfortable too!

Toesinmymouth Asks: Have you ever had your toes sucked my a guy and a girl at the same time? If not would you like something like that.

Lexi Answers: No I have never done something like that. I really don't know if I like that or not. I guess I would have to try it to know first.

Detlef Asks: Hi lexy, first of all, your feet are perfect!!! Do you have a toering for your big toes??? Keep up the good work!

Lexi Answers: Thank you honey. Yes, I do have a toe ring for my big toe somewhere. It was not comfortable so I don't wear it. I will keep up the good work, thanks!!

Fred Asks: Hi Lexi. Let me begin by saying you are an absolute hottie. You're so beautiful. You have some of the most amazing eyes. :-) My question is: Ever since I was a teenager (I'm 32 now) I have enjoyed looking at women's feet. But I've never been the type who liked to smell, kiss or lick them. I do like to give a foot rub though. Mostly for me it's all visual. I love the shape of a foot. Do you think that would classify me as having a foot fetish or not? I like a woman's entire body as well. Thank you for your time and for the incredible pictures of yourself. You're a doll. :-)

Lexi Answers: Thank you so so much for those nice things you had to say about me! You seem like an awesome person!! I think that everyone likes something different about the female foot and your is that you just like to rub them. I figure that if you have noticed yourself looking since you were a teen and you are also checking them out on the net then I would probably say you do have a foot fetish. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that either. Maybe you have other fetishes also and not just feet. I know that I do! Thanks for your time :-)

Chief Slave Asks: What is your limit when it comes to foot worship? Do you enjoy being licked up your calf? What would you do if a slaved crossed your limit?

Lexi Answers: What I would do is tell you to stop right there and tell you that I was upset with you for disrespecting my wishes. Then that would be the end of your worship with me. If you did what I told you I would be in heaven!!

Kevin Asks: Your pointed toes look so elegant and sexy. Have you ever been a dancer or gymnast? In fact, most ladies on your website have nice arch and toes. Is that deliberate choice?

Lexi Answers: Thank you! I did some acrobats when I was a kid but not a whole lot of it. The models on my site are all my friends witht the exception of one of them. I am picky though who will stay doing more shoots. I want to make sure my members like them as well.

Dbl Fat and Greasy Asks: I think your feet are among a few of the most lickable on known parts of the internet sites. So, one of my special wishes is to be your foot slave: the one you order to lick your gorgeous soles and toes as well as the one to be trampled by you, pretty mistress. Tell me, please, would you like to trample and humiliate very fat and clumsy guy like me? What would you do with my fat face and belly under your feet for which I could die smiling?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much for wanting me to humiliate you. Honestly I could do that to you if you wanted but really inside it would be killing me because I am a very loving person and I don't like to be humiliated so I don't think it is fair to humiliate any as well. Yes, I could definitely step on your fat belly and fat face and make you suffer though!!

Jediofthefeet Asks: I had no idea you had your humble beginnings by responding to a foot model ad in the paper. You and I talked a little while ago, and I said you were inspiration for my Web site. They say the pupil is never supposed to know more than the master. In your opinion, do you believe your site gets more traffic, members, and publicity than the person or agency that placed the foot model ad?

Lexi Answers: That is a very good question. In my personal opinion yes I think I get more traffic. I think that the other site gets a different crowd on there. As long as one of us is making someone with a foot fetish happy that is all that matters. Thanks for the good question!

Kevin G Asks: If you were a ruler of a planet, would you make it standard for men to be footslaves and how many slaves would you own? and what do you think of men being your footrest while you read or watch TV?

Lexi Answers: I think it would be pretty cool to have a personal foot slave and for it to be standard. I would have one for every day and then dispose the ones who couldn't lick my feet as good as the next. I think that if that will make you happy being my foot rest while I read or watch tv then hey it is good for me as well.

Tim Asks: Hi Goddess Lexi, Do you like to wear sandals? I love when women wear opentoed sandals. Especially backless.

Lexi Answers: I love to wear sandals. I have so many sandals I do not know where to begin. I love to show off my perfectly painted toes so my feet are always showing!

Lexi's Dream Man Asks: Do you like sports? If so which ones? Ever seen a podiatrist?

Lexi Answers: I am not the biggest in sports but yes I do watch them. I like a little of everything. I like football, baseball and hockey oh and I even like soccer too. I did see a podiatrist before. I had a black and blue toe nail before and I got nervous that something was wrong. I never banged it or anything so it is strange how it got there. It ended up going away after a few months.

Jack Asks: Does it matter what the guys look like at the parties? Will girls will reject me for any reason?

Lexi Answers: It does not matter what you look like at the party. As long as you come with respect you are good to go. I am not one to judge anyone from the outside, I judge from the inside. I would like to think that is how the other girls are as well. Hope to see you there!

Jason Asks: Hello, I jerk off to your feet wishing i was cumming all over them I just want to tell you that you have the sexiest feet I've ever seen.

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much!

Foot Addict Asks: I want to know do you like the fact that many guys jerk off while looking at your feet and how does it make you feel also I am one of them?

Lexi Answers: I think that what people are doing while looking at my pictures is none of my business. If that is what they would like to be doing then so be it. If that is what is going to make them happy then it makes me happy. I really don't think about it to be honest.

Ben Asks: Do you like crushing bugs with your sandals? Please, tell me an experience.

Lexi Answers: Well, I do not like bugs so therefore I do crush them under my sandals. This happens all of the time so I don't know which to tell you. Once there were hundreds of ants in my driveway and it freaked me out so I was out there stomping on them! My neighbors had to of thought I was a freak. I was yelling and everything!! ha ha ha. I think about it now and I think it is funny. I'm sure I looked silly getting mad at these ants.

Bowa Asks: Lexi you have beautiful feet. If a man paid you to kick him in the balls as hard as you can twenty times would you do it? How would you do it and would you wear shoes?

Lexi Answers: If someone was paying me and I got something signed that if he got hurt I am not liable then I probably would do it. I know I would feel bad to do it though. I am not one to go around hurting people. I would wear some sandals so they could see my cute little piggies coming at them!

2pac Asks: I was wondering do you ever get toe jam in between your toes when you take off your hot sweaty socks???

Lexi Answers: I get the lint balls if it is new socks that I put on my feet especially black socks or the colored ones.

Tcar Asks: Hi Lexi - I am very happy to hear that you are so ticklish. Are there any clips of you on your site being tickled? Who is the most the most ticklish of the group of girls featured on your site? And one last question - which role is your favorite - tickler or ticklee?

Lexi Answers: I am the most ticklish but I would rather be the tickler. I think it is fun to watch someone laugh there ass off! I know everyone is pretty ticklish so that is hard to know just who is the most ticklish. Of course because it is me answering the questions I would say it is me that is the ticklish!

Sole Lover Asks: You have wonderful feet!!! I'm not from the United States but if I ever come to USA would you let me to lick your feet?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much! Yes, I would let you :-)

Kyle Asks: Hi Lexi, I have to say your feet are very sexy, the best I've seen. I saw that you said you crush some different things. Have you ever popped balloons with your sexy feet. If you have, what was the situation and how did you feel about it. Thanks for your time

Lexi Answers: I have popped ballons with my feet but I did not realize at the time that it was a fetish for this so I do not have it up on my site yet. I am going to be getting this up very soon.

John Asks: Do you like when you have a man sucking your pretty feet?

Lexi Answers: I don't like it I LOVE IT!!

Carl Asks: Why don't you have any guys like licking or sucking on your beautiful feet and toes?

Lexi Answers: I do have some of that up on my site. I have a movie which is going to be out soon of a guy sucking my toes as well.

Tom Asks: Hi Lexi, very hot feet :) Have you ever crushed a plastic car with your barefeet? I would love to see that.

Lexi Answers: I never did that yet but I can get that up on my site.

James Asks: Lexi, even though you have very nice feet, I see you wont crush bugs barefoot! Come on it's fun! Could you give me a list of things that you would like to crush barefoot? But anyway, does your model Jenn like to do that?

Lexi Answers: I will crush just about anything as long as it is not a bug! I will have to ask Jenn what she will do.

Ruwan Asks: Give me a kiss girl!

Lexi Answers: Hey baby, get over here and I will show you what a kiss is!!!

Elyte Asks: I have a question if you have a foot fetish yourself have you ever played footseis with a relative and they just went along and didn't even make a comment you embarrassed. I would love to here how it was. You have beautiful feet and I would love for you to email me a picture.

Lexi Answers: The only time I can actually remember playing footsies with a relative was with my mom when I was a little girl. It was not a sexual thing it was a game and I did not know I loved my feet touched at that point. Other than that my feet were never touched by a relative. Sorry!

Martenot Asks: How do you react when a guy nibbles on your high arch?

Lexi Answers: Well, it feels so good. I never payed attention to how I react I'm sure I giggle a little in enjoyment!

Steve-O Asks:

Hey Lexi, just wanted to let you know that I love your feet.
They look so soft, and oh-so-sweet.
I wish I could suck your toes, if we'd ever meet.
To see your pretty face and your feet, would be a real treat.
I wonder if I could ever lick your feet.
I might sound lame, but I think this poem is kinda neat.
Several lines dedicated to you and your nice feet.

Lexi Answers: That is the CUTEST poem!! Thank you so much for taking the time out to send a poem dedicated to me!! I really appreciate that so much. Now everyone else can read it too. Thanks so much!

Kickmeplease Asks: You're fantabously awesome. As you mention that you would crush things at your foot party, would you also be willing to give ballbusting a try, and give me a few kicks?

Lexi Answers: Maybe. I know I would feel really bad to kick you there. I'm not one to hurt anyone. So my answer would have to be maybe.

BootsNoSocks Asks: Hello Goddess Lexi. I love when women wear their boots without socks or stockings. Do you wear your boots against barefeet often? If so, why and how does it make you feel?

Lexi Answers: Yes I do wear my boots without socks or stockings. I like to because I think that the sock will fall sometimes and that aggrevates me. It feels kind of sweaty in that boot after a while. It is more comfortable though.

Les Asks: Do you view men that want to be your slave as weak or strange?

Lexi Answers: NO way why would I view someone who is willing to be my slave weak or strange. I think it is awesome!!!

Hayes Asks: Just an admiriation note to say how wonderful to see a LADY with the class,charm,charter,and most of all SELF RESPECT. Lex, your beautiful inside and out. Stay happy and good luck with your site.It's great (OH,forget to mention PERFECT FEET)

Lexi Answers: Hey thank you soooooo much!! That was really nice to recieve such a nice letter of admiration. It is great that there are some still out there in the world that like a lady with class and self respect! Keep in touch and feel free to email me any time through my personal email on my site. I would love to get to know a person like you :-)

MarcusB27 Asks: Lexi, what is your favorite thing to have licked off of your feet?

Lexi Answers: Thank you hun! It does not really matter to me what is being licked off as long as they are being licked!

Moscasz Asks: What's your favorite food?

Lexi Answers: Well, I love food and I absolutely love to eat so there are a few favorites. My very first favorite is boneless buffalo wings with extra hot sauce, chicken parm., bruchetta, chinese food, pizza with extra sauce. That is a few of the food I love! I am not one of those girls that tries to make off like I don't eat much because I know I eat lots of good food! Thanks for the question!!

Fantafeet Asks: Have you ever licked a woman's foot or your own in public?

Lexi Answers: No, I have not.

Archybunker Asks: What is the longest anyone has lightly stroked/tickled your feet?

Lexi Answers: About a half hour or so.

Marty Asks: Have you ever purposely gone barefoot at a party or other situation to get the attention of guys?

Lexi Answers: I have been barefoot at parties but I don't think my intention at the time was to get attention. Maybe now I would do it just to see if someone is looking at my sweet feet.

Zack Asks: I like your feet alot. Has anyone ever noticed the wrinkles on your feet? If so have you ever let them look at them?

Lexi Answers: No, no-one has noticed the wrinkles on my feet. Not in public anyway. I usually have something on my feet so there really is no way to notice that. If someone did notice then I would let them look!

Ricardo Asks: What is your shoe size?

Lexi Answers: My shoe size ranges from a 7-8 for the most part I am almost always in a 7 1/2.

Epop Asks: Do your toes ever twitch when you are sleeping?

Lexi Answers: To be honest I have no idea if my toes twitch while I am sleeping. I don't think that I have ever noticed that happening to my toes.

Michael C Asks: You are very beautiful. I definitly respect you because you respect yourself. I really admire that about you. I just want to let you know that Keep up the good work on your site, You have lovely good feet. I wish I was there kissing, and licking the wrinkles on your feet. Take Good Care Of Yourself. Your adoring fan Michael. P.S. Right now Im not a member of your site, reasons why because Im currently out of a job, but this coming week I start looking for one. As soon as I get on my feet, I'll definitly become a member. Again take care.

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much, Michael! That was a special email. I love the fact that some people admire someone with respect for themselves. I can not wait till you are a member of my site! You will absolutely LOVE it at my site!! Let me know once you are a member. I take requests from my members. Have a great day :-)

Andrew Asks: I think that your feet are fantastic. I wish I could be your personal footslave who would do whatever you want. i would massage them and give you pedicures plus tons of licking, kissing and sucking. How's that sound? Do you want to add anything to my job?

Lexi Answers: Well that sounds great!! Maybe I would add that I would want you to clean all of my shoes.

Johnny B Asks: Do you ever wear shoes that are a half size too small, I know they probably feel tight but it is so sexy when a woman's foot is in tight shoes! Especially your feet goddess Lexi!

Lexi Answers: Yes, I like my shoe to be tight anyway. I hate it when my shoes are loose.

Jackass Asks: Hi, Lexi I'm Jackass from the Philippines you know what you have very delicous soles. Can I lick them?

Lexi Answers: Hello Jackass. Sure if you can make it to one of my foot parties then you sure can lick my feet!

Roberto Asks: Hello Lexi. Forgive me if I type something wrong. English is not my mother language. I was born in Sicily, and the women there enjoy getting foot attention, I guess its almost a part of the cultrue, that women get spoiled by men in differnt ways. But my question is, what is the best way that you would like to be spoiled by a man? I always love spoiling my women and I am interested in what a foot model would like the most.

Lexi Answers: Hello Roberto. I think that is so cool that you are from Sicily! I think I have to go there if the women get spoiled! I think I would love that. Well, there are 2 different types of getting spoiled. I think there is getting spoiled with attention whick I would probably pick first. I love to be spoiled with attention. Then there is getting spoiled materialistically. I like that as well but I also like attention. If I could have both I would be very happy! I can't seem to find someone like that though :-(

4Sho Asks: You have the greatest arches I've ever seen and I'd put your feet in the Hall of Fame as soon as it was erected. I love your feet and just want to know how I can get the chance to worship them?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much! That is the first time someone said the hall of fame! That is a cool idea. Maybe a website designed to hall of fame feet or whatever fetish they have.. If you are interested in meeting me and my feet then email me through my website email address.

Ryan Asks: What do you do to maintain such beautiful feet?

Lexi Answers: I am always pedicuring them. Which I am in need of one as I write. I put vaseline on them to make them soft and I make sure my polish is perfect!

Dude Asks: Do you suck cock?

Lexi Answers: FUCK YOU!!!!!!! Go disrespect someone else asshole!

Ion Kexagioglou Asks: First of all i would like to tell you that you have not only perfect feet but you are remarkably beautiful. When and how did you start noticing that men were attracted to your feet?

Lexi Answers: Thank you, darling! I think I started to notice when I was in high school. Thanks for the question.

Big Z Asks: Ever take any martial arts?

Lexi Answers: No I haven't but I would like to.

Ben Asks: Hi Lexi you are so sexy and beautiful. Would you let me lick your feet and suck your toes and massage your sexy feet

Lexi Answers: WOW! Does that sound good right about now!

Doug Asks: Does the thought of being a giantess give you any kind of thrill? If so, what would you do with a shrunken guy?

Lexi Answers: I think it is cool to be a giantess! You can do what ever you want with him. I would do so many things. I would step on him and torture him in my shoe. I would put him in a strangers shoe and tell him to tickle her foot as she stepped into the shoe!!

Boris Asks: Do you use cream on your feet?

Lexi Answers: I put lotion on my feet all of the time.

Ali Asks: I like your feet so much. Do you have a foot slave and can I be one of them?

Lexi Answers: I do not have a foot slave right now. Where do you live?

Antonio Asks: Could you describe briefly how does your feet smell after a long day of walking.

Lexi Answers: Well, do you know that sweaty smell? That is exactly what is smells like.

Billy Sole Lover Asks: Why aren't there any trample pictures for guests on your page?

Lexi Answers: I do not have much trampling in my site but I am adding lots of new content to my site which includes: bug crushin, trampling, tickling and much more. Keep an eye out for when I post it for you.

Tommy Asks: Hi. You're a sexy girl with sexy feet. I dream to feel your feet at my face, to hear that you let me to kiss them but it isn't possible, is it?

Lexi Answers: Yeah!! My feet love to be kissed.

Ben Asks: Do you like squash toy cars with your beautiful sandals, like a giantess?

Lexi Answers: I would squash a toy car with my sandals. I can make it look like I am a giantess too.

Ben Asks: When will you put crush movies on your site?

Lexi Answers: I do have a few movies of crushing some food in my site. I am working on adding lots more different crush to my site too very soon.

Les Asks: Hello Goddess Lexi, I love your site and I am going to become a member. You are in my opinion the #1 Foot Goddess in the world and should be worshipped. My fantasy is to be your footslave. Would you like to have a footslave? What would my duties be? Would you be commanding and strict with your slave? You are awesome Goddess Lexi.

Lexi Answers: Thank you! I can't wait for you to become a member of my site so you can see all of it inside! I know you will not be disappointed! I would be strict if that is what my foot slave wanted. I can be good at making someone do something! I would make you lick my soles for hours and there are no breaks in between it is nothing but sucking those toes and licking my soles and don't forget those arches! I want a pedicure and a nice massage after. That is just some of what I would make you do! Love ya!

Ronald Asks: Have you ever scrunched your soles at anyone to tease them, ex-freind or stranger?

Lexi Answers: Maybe jokingly but not to sexually tease them.

Peeping Tom Asks: You have the sexiest feet I've ever seen. They look so soft. And you are stunning. Do you have any fetishes?

Lexi Answers: I personally do have a fetish for men in construction clothes. I like the dirty, sweaty, hard working look. Like maybe a t-shirt with some pants or shorts but they have to have the work boots on! If I were watching them work he got hot and had to take his shirt off! WOW, that is hottt!! It has to be a man in construction clothes hard at work. I also love shoes!! I must have hundreds of pairs of shoes. They do not fit in my room. I have to put them in totes. And as you know I do have a loving of my feet. I love to show my feet off and have them licked, sucked, massaged, etc. Those are personally my very own fetishes that I absolutely LOVE!

Les Asks: Hi ya Goddess Lexi, Would you ever let a guy lick your dirty shoes clean? I love this idea. No matter what you stepped on or how dirty they are I would love this. What are some of the worst stuff I would end up licking off are?

Lexi Answers: I would let you lick all of my shoes clean if you would like to. It depends on which ones you lick to know what you would get. You would probably get some dead insects, dirt, poop (maybe) my dogs saliva. He loves my shoes too.

Photoeguy Asks: Lexi you have some of the most perfect feet I have ever seen, thanks for being so cool about the foot fetish thing. i cant wait untill you come to boston, but i wanted to know when and wherre it is going to be held and how much it cost to attend.

Lexi Answers: I think that this whole foot fetish thing is awesome! Thank you for having a foot fetish. Without you guys this would suck!! It is going to be $75.00 to get in and then $20.00 for 10 minutes with a model. I am not sure where it is going to be held yet so make sure you check it out on Wu's, I will have it posted up there for everyone to see. I can not wait to meet everyone there. We are going to have so much fun!!!!

RCK Asks: > First off, I would like to say that you are my favorite foot model of all time (both to the beauty of you and your feet) and if/when I plan to get a membership to a site, your's will be the first (and maybe only) site I plan to join. Anyways, I just recently became comfortable with my foot fetish and I was wanting to know what your advice is on how to tell someone that I have it without coming off as a some kind of pervy freak and still be able to maintain a relationship. I would appreciate it, especially coming from a beautiful and respectable woman as yourself (for you do all of this without resorting to some "hardcore garbage"). Thank you very much.

Lexi Answers: hank you so so much, honey!! You are too sweet. About you: I think that there is nothing wrong with having a foot fetish. If you think of it this way. Most guys talk about a girls ass or her boobs well they have a fetish for that so what is the difference? It is just that most don't really talk about it. Some girls don't like there feet because they do not take care of them. If there is someone you are serious with right now and you want to tell her then perhaps you can get her comfortable with her own feet first. Take her to get her feet pedicured then maybe later you can watch tv together and put her feet on your lap and rub them. Don't move too fast though. Don't go from rubbing to licking them for the first time. I would tell her how nice her feet are and ask her if she likes them rubbed. I think if you start off like that and then go to licking them and sucking them then you are good to go. I know that once you lick and suck her feet she will absolutely love it and you will be happy! Let me know what happens. I hope I could help!

Peter Asks: > Do you prefer a man or a woman to have the honor of painting your toenails?

Lexi Answers: Well, I think that a woman would do a better job than a man but it does not matter to me who paints them as long as it is to my standards.

Lidia Asks: Have you ever licked another girls feet or anything like that.

Lexi Answers: I have done this on my site.

Jenny Asks: > Hi Lexi, it's an honor for me to say hello to you. It is weird that a girl have a foot fetish... but this is how I am and I feel so good. I am completly in love with your soles...the color, the wrinkles... If I just could smell them, kiss Im saying. Please could you tell me a little bit of your history. When did you found out about the foot stuff? Do you, and your circle of friends on your site, really have a foot fetish? How was it borned?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much. I do have a foot fetish. I love my feet kissed, licked and so on and I also love to show off my feet. I love shoes and nylons and just everything about this whole thing. I do not have a fetish for other women though. Although I do check out there feet to see if they keep up with them or not but I don't imagine myself sucking on their feet. I guess I noticed about the foot fetish when I was in high school. It is hard to remember exactly when I noticed but it was arount that time. I am not usually a shy person. I feel there is nothing wrong with it so I tell my freinds and they love it and want to model for my site with me. It is an absolute great time!

Micah B Asks: Can I tickle your feet on the internet?

Lexi Answers: You sure can!

Claudia Asks: > Hey Lexi, My husband is a big fan of you. He has a super big crush on you. His name is Carlos and he has like a big poster in our room were we sleep of your big feet and he kisses it every night. I never complain because he gets real angry when I mess with you. Well Carlos forced to make this note. I am really sorry if I have been talking bad of you. I have no reason for doing that. You are a really lucky person and you deseve every thing you have and if I see you in person I will kneel at yoou and beg for forgivenes. Thank you for making Carlos so happy. Please answer my apologies you are my husband real desire.

Lexi Answers: That is so nice to know that your husband is a big fan of mine! Thank you for your appologies. I always accept an appology because I think it takes a bigger person to appologize than not to. Although I never did know that you said anything about me so.....Well, I wish the best for your and your husband! Tell Carlos I said hello

Kirk Asks: Who has sucked your toes better, man or a women?

Lexi Answers: A woman has never sucked my toes.

Toetally Wild Asks: I guess you have heard it a million times already of how pretty your feet are. Let me just say that your toes are something any man or woman would just love to be able to let their taste buds run free for. I admire your toes very much, and just love how you accentuate them with those sexy toe rings. My question old were you when you first had your toes sucked, who was it, what did you think of it, and who actually brought up the suggestion?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so so much! I don't know my exact age but I do know it was around high school. It was my ex-boyfriend that sucked and licked my toes for the first time. No one ever said anything about it he just started licking and sucking my toes and I absolutely LOVED it!!! I thought that this is the best in the world and I made sure to tell him that too!

Jerry Asks: First off, I think it is very cool that a gorgeous woman like yourself, who has a pair of very beautiful bare feet (and who takes very good care of them), has a fetish for having her feet worshipped. I mean, how cool is that? No wonder you're so popular around here! I wonder, do any of the other models on your site feel the same way about their own feet, like Jenn or Monique? Also, You say your ticklish all over, especially on your feet. Do you enjoy that kind of attention at all? If so, what's your favorite form of foot tickle? Take care and keep flashing that beautiful smile!

Lexi Answers: You are so awesome!! Thank you, Jerry! The other models love their feet worshipped as well. I know that Monique and Jenn like it and I am pretty sure that all of the models love it. you know we have those girly talks about it. I am the most ticklish person in the world. I think that it is fun to tickle each other. Does it turn me on? Not really (sorry) I do think it is lots of fun! Hey lets have a tickle party!!!

Lou Gojira Asks: Hi Lexi. I noticed in one of your answers to a previous question that you'll sometimes take your shoes off in public (I think you mentioned doing this at Disney World). My question is, are you one to leave the house with no shoes on at all? And, to further clarify, how durable are your gorgeous feet to rough terrain? Can you handle treading things like gravel or hot asphault? I absolutely adore dirty soles of sexy feet, and it would be a fantasy of mine to see a pic set of you walking all over creation in your bare feet (adorned with plenty of anklets and toe-rings). Thanks for all your great work, and please keep it up. You're making me and a lot of other guys very happy people just looking at you. :)

Lexi Answers: Yes, I do take my shoes off in public! I just did the other day at cvs. Yeah people were looking at me like, why is she walking in here with no shoes? My feet hurt. I don't think I leave the house without shoes on. I don't want the bottom of my feet to look nasty and if I walk around bare foot on rough surfaces all the time my feet wouldn't look so good. I can do it for a short period of time. My feet can not handle walking on rocks and bumpy things. I can handle cement if it is clean. I also get nervous to walk around barefoot because if I were to step on something grose and if someone left a needle laying around I could get hurt and possibly a disease! Yeah I look way into things! :-)

Amon Asks: Hi Beautiful, yummy yummy soles. Doing any crushing?

Lexi Answers: I am starting to do crushing on my site soon. I have some but not hundreds of things so I am working on it right now.

IEatCuteFeet Asks: Do any of your "real world" friends know about your foot fetish modeling? If so, what do they think of it?

Lexi Answers: Seriously the models on my site ARE my real world friends! Just about every person I know knows about it. Word travels real fast as everyone knows.

Banks Asks: Hey Lex, #1 You are very attractive. #2 You have the nicest feet. Have you ever rubbed your feet in someones face before? #3 I can tell you work out, I do as well. I'm a personal trainer and I do fantasise about girls feet, is that bad?

Lexi Answers: Thank you soo much! I have rubbed my feet in someones face before. Sometimes to tease and sometimes to get someone aggrevated :-) It is not bad that you fantasize about someone's feet. Why would that be bad? Hey I have been going to the gym in my flip flops lately. What would you think it I walked into your gym with my work out gear on and flip flops on? I feel weird with them on because I am at the gym but I don't want my polish to get messed up.

Jay Asks: Lexi, you have the sexiest soles that I've ever seen, I love them. Have you ever had someone smell your feet before? I know would love to bury my nose in your perfect peds.

Lexi Answers: Thank you! Yes, I have had someone smell my feet before.

Rey Asks: Lexi, your feet are beautiful! Have you never crushed little bugs like ants under your lovely barefeet or with stockings? It would be best way to go for them... :)

Lexi Answers: I have crushed bugs but not with my bare feet! YUCK!!! That would grose me out forever. Maybe I would do it with socks on. Thick socks that is.

Harry Tickler Asks: Lexi, I'm a total foot fetish but I have to tell you that you are beautiful all together. Your smile is so sweet! I have a foot ticklish fantasy with you being tied and foot-tickled till begging. Have you ever done something like that? Would you? I love your feet but I repeat, you're the kind of girl I would like to get to know from the first I see her. But, from your pictures I can read a fantastic personality. Am I falling in love?

Lexi Answers: Awww how cute is that email?! Thank you, honey! I don't know if you are aware of this but I am on another site called and I am pretty sure I am tied and tickled in there. I know that I am going to be putting this in my site soon. I am going to be adding lots more new content that every one has been asking for and this is one of them. Hey if you would like to get to know each other better all you have to do is email me from my site. Have a great day!

Tim Asks: Hi Lexi, I think you are the queen of the foot fetish world. I am becoming enslaved because of your feet. Do you think I am strange because I would like to be your footslave? Would you rather be called Goddess Lexi or Pricess Lexi? I have enjoyed this interview so far and respect you.

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much. I love a guy with respect! I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to be my foot slave. If you feel there is nothing wrong with it then there isn't. I think Princess Lexi is really nice, thank you.

BFM Asks: If Im worshipping your feet at the Boston party, would you be willing to give ballbusting a try and give me a few kicks? Theres a huge difference beween soft/medium kicks and the full force save your life kicks...and I'd love to be the recepient of some medium kicks from you.

Lexi Answers: Maybe I would try it. Are you willing to sign a waiver? ha ha ha. I have never done this before and I would be nervous to hurt you. I am not one to hurt someone else, ya know?!

Toeboy Asks: I have a fetish for having my balls busted or kicked. Would you enjoy doing this? What kind of shoes would you wear?

Lexi Answers: I have never done this before and to be honest I don' t understand it. I would love someone to explain this to me so I can understand. This seems to be pretty big out there. I would wear any shoe you like to be kicked in. I like sandals so probably sandals.

Steve Asks: If you were in a public place would you use your foot slave as a chair or footstool to rest your tired feet?

Lexi Answers: Depending on where we were at, yes, I would.

Big Jake Asks: Do you in joy mens feet? I love your soft looking feet. My wife feet are just like yours and when she is letting me lick her feet sometimes she licks my feet at the same time. It drives me wild

Lexi Answers: I like to look at mens feet but a mans foot is usually never nice. If a mans foot was attractive I would not mind licking them.

David Wal Asks: Hi Lexy!! You are so pretty and your feet too, are very beautiful.. How do you take care of them? (Lotions, washing...)

Lexi Answers: Thank you. I pedicure them a lot and I use a paraffin wax on them and also I put vaseline on them so they stay soft too.

Peter G Asks: Hello LexI, your feet are terrific.. Have you used jewlery on your ankles or toes?

Lexi Answers: Yes, I love jewelry on my ankles and toes! I think it looks so nice! It seems to be that when I wear anklets they brake so easily.

PedalLoverBrazil Asks: Hi, I would love to know you better! When I ask you say to me: I'm single! If you was my girl, will you rev your car to me? Big kisses and nice feet girl! Wow!!!!

Lexi Answers: If you would like to get to know me better you can email me through my site. I can rev my car to you.

Footfreak23 Asks: Hey Lexi, I have been a HUGE fan every since I found your site. I have had a foot fetish all of my life, and I have to say I have been to every site and you have to have the "SEXIEST" foot fetish style in the world. I love "the pose" and you do alot of pictures like that. Thanks for being you, and thanks for what you bring to the foot fetish world. Your awesome. I don't really have a question, I just wanted to thank you for your GREATNESS.

Lexi Answers: Hello Footfreak, thank you so so much! I appreciate you appreciating my work and my unique way of working. I absolutely love what I do and I think it shows. Thank you for all of those nice compliments you really are a sweet person! Stay in touch and have a great day!

Dhual Asks: Do you love driving barefoot and your feet beeing worship cause I love when you put you sexy barefoot on the gas pedal.

Lexi Answers: I do like to drive barefoot. I always do after leaving the beach and to drive home. I will do more photos my bare feet on the gas pedal. I do have some on my site.

Bigman Asks: You are the only girl I want to marry. Also, I would love to worship you barefeet sexy Lexi!

Lexi Answers: I love to have my feet worshiped as well. Hey I am single so lets go get hooked :-)

Ron Asks: Hey Lexi very nice soles! Can you do a barefoot plastic car crush with Jenn in a custom video?

Lexi Answers: Thank you! Yes we can do a custom for you just email me through my site so we can discuss this in detail.

Footsmeller Asks: Do you like when someone smell your feet? How usually is the scent of your feet? Can i smell your feet one day?

Lexi Answers: I like it when people smell my feet. Yes, you can smell my feet some day. You will have to meet me at a foot party some day.

Corey Asks: Hi Lexi, you are gorgeous. Do you ever wear legwarmers? I would love to see you wearing them and showing off your baresoles.

Lexi Answers: I used to wear leg warmers. Hey that is a cool idea. I love leg warmers!! I think it looks so nice! If I can find some I will do some photos in them.

Littleman Asks: If I were an ant-sized man and you had to choose one toe to crush me with, which one would you use? You rule!

Lexi Answers: I would have to say that I would use my big toe. Because that one is the strongest.

Leonardo Asks: If I join your site, will you do an update where you crush crawdads beneath the soles of sexy shoes? Crush is such a turn on!

Lexi Answers: What is a crawdad?

Missouri Asks: What would you think if I asked you to place one of your feet on one of my hands and press down with firm but gentle pressure?

Lexi Answers: I don't think I would be thinking of much maybe just concentrating on pressing firmly on your hand with my foot. What would you want me to be thinking?

Essi Asks: Your feet are the BEST Lexi,I believe that the key to that beauty is your care of them. What sort of things you do as regular to keep them so nice and sexy? How do you keep your heels and soles skin in such a soft look. I LOVE to lick your soles forever honey.

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much, sweety! It is essencial to take care of your feet. The trick is to just take care of yourself and not blow things off. Hey my heels are waiting for some licks!!!

Jake Asks: Hey Lexi. I'd like to first compliment you on your all around beauty. Second, how old were you when you first got your toes sucked?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much, honey! I was in high school. I absolutely loved it!!

Footrest Asks: Very nice site and great pictures! I dream of being your pedicurist, clipping your toenails when they've gotten too long, and being forced to chew on them :) Do you ever have dominant tendencies?

Lexi Answers: Thank you. I love my site too. Well that is a good dream, ha? I don't always clip my toe nails. I usually file them. They never get that long to clip because I am always pedicuring my feet. Yeah once in a while I have dominant tendencies!

Will Asks: Lexi, you have very nice bare heels, do you like having them licked? Have you ever put something under your heel and slowly crushed it on purpose or on accident?

Lexi Answers: Yeah, I love them licked! I have crushed some strawberry shortcake before and lots of dirt and mud and lots of other stuff too.

Fluver Asks: I really am very pleased while looking at your sexy feet. I think they are really well taken care off and are extremely sexy. I had a foot fetish since childhood. Who do you think has the best looking feet in the female celebrities??!!

Lexi Answers: Thank you. I am please to please you! I never look at any celebrities feet. I will have to keep my eyes on the look out from now on.

Newbie Asks: Lexi, how are you? You look just fantastic. My question is, do you have any tatoos?

Lexi Answers: Thank you! I do not have any tattoos. I wouldn't want to put something on my body that I would regret. I think it looks good on others as long as it is not too much.

Footman411 Asks: Hey Lexi, have you had your feet massaged, pampered, or worshipped very recently. Please answer, because I'm dying to know!!

Lexi Answers: Not lately. I am bumbing out. My feet are in dire need of some massaging and pampering etc. Help me out!

Shawn Asks: Hi I was wondering if you would respond to this in a way that is hot, possibly a story. I have fantisized of your feet just looking at pictures, thank you your goreous!

Lexi Answers: How am I supposed to reply to this email with a fantasizing story? you didn't give me a question to go on.

Bob Asks: How do you grab a guy's attention using your beautiful, soft, sexy soles?? I'm so curious.

Lexi Answers: IF I wanted to grab someones attention with my feet first I would slowly play around with my shoes and that would lead to them dangling off my feet as I sway them back and forth. They would eventually fall off of my feet and I would massage my feet with my feet. Rubbing them up and down my legs as I point them and make nice high arches. I wouldn't have to say anything about how smooth they are because my feet speak for themselves. Just looking would make you go crazy!!!!

Tweener Asks: You have gorgeous feet! Have you ever attended foot worship parties? If not, do you think it's something you'd like to do someday?

Lexi Answers: I did go to one foot party not too long ago. I wanted to see what went on there and see if I were comfortable. I like it. Everyone was very respectful which is very big in my book. I am putting one together right now. There will be a few girls from my site there as well.

Grabby Asks: What's the thickest object you pick up with your double jointed toes? Can you pinch too? ;)

Lexi Answers: I've never tested to see what the thickest thing is that I can pick up. That would be a good photo gallery and movie to make for my site though. I will put that on my list of to do's. I'm sure I can pinch with my toes but I am not one to be mean.

Shiko Asks: Hi Lexi, how are your feet today? You said you don't like to suck on the feet of your friends on your site. But, do any of them like to suck on your feet?

Lexi Answers: I don't think that anyone from my site has a thing for other women so....

Footman Asks: Where is the most ticklish spot on your feet???

Lexi Answers: That is a hard question. I would have to say between my toes and on my arches.

Solid Snake Asks: Do your feet get all sweaty and what do they smell like? I would love to be your slave.

Lexi Answers: Certain times they do get sweaty. Usually they smell like a bag of fritos :-) Yeah I know I am silly but seriously!

Toe Sucker II Asks: Hey there Lexi. I think you're so hot and your feet are just gr8!!! My question is what do your feet smell of when they're all sweaty and smelly????????? And have you ever had toe prints in sandals or other shoes and socks?????

Lexi Answers: THey smell like a bag of fritos. I have toe prints in every shoe and sandal that I own. I love my shoes I make sure I wear every pair lots. Of course my socks have prints in them as well. Even my nylons too!

LovePPrev Asks: Hi dear! You are very sexy and the most beautiful feet on the net! Hey I'm single and you? What car do you have? Do you like to rev your car barefoot hard to the floor when you start it? Big kisses dear, I love you! :)

Lexi Answers: At the moment I have an Explorer but I really want a Mustang or an Eclipse convertible. I also love the Jeep Wranglers. I think these are hot. I do rev my engine sometimes though.

Madman Asks: I would like to know if you like to trample and what is the exact feeling when you are having someone under your feet. What do you like most while you are trampling someone? What do you like to do and which part of your slaves body do you like to trample most?

Lexi Answers: Honestly I have not done lots of trampling but the little that I did do I think that I was thinking "I hope I am not hurting him" I don't really have a favorite spot I think where ever you want me to stand on you is where I will stand :-)

Footlover_Brazil Asks: Hi babe, it's so nice to make contact with you... So, tell me why do you think your feet look so sexy when you point your toes like a ballerina? Are you a dancer or a gymnast? When you point your toes I get so horny. I love your feet.

Lexi Answers: Thank you! I love to be able to chat with everyone as well. I find it very interesting and neat that we get to know more about each other. I am not a dancer or gymnast.

Hot Gigi Asks: Would you consider doing a pictorial with me??? I think you are hot.

Lexi Answers: Sure why not?!

Steven Segal Asks: Hi Lexy your feet are so sexy and deadly (you have stepped on bugs before). Please tell us about any interesting bug crushing experiences that you've had! PLEASE =)

Lexi Answers: Well I think I step on them because I don't like them not because I have a fetish for this. Bugs freak me out. Everyone know when there are bugs around me because if I am not stepping on them then I am running from them :-)

Felix Asks: Do you like having your feet kissed because you are a dominant person?

Lexi Answers: I like having them kissed because it feels so good.

Sean Asks: Have you ever put your foot in a guy's lap under a table before? If so, where'd you do it? At like a restaurant or something? And do you enjoy doing that?

Lexi Answers: Yes I have done that at a restaurant before. I think that is so sext to do that under the table! He loved it too.

Kingpin Asks: Lexi your feet are so beautiful. I wanted to know which you like better, having your tose sucked or nibbling on your arch?

Lexi Answers: Oh boy, I don't think I can answer that question. I absolutely love my toes sucked on but yet I love my arches nibbled on too. They can not be nibbled on too hard because I will jump. I like it nice and soft :-) Forget it I would have to tell you that you have to do both and not to cheat me out!

Nick Asks: Will you ever do an insect crush video?

Lexi Answers: Maybe in the future I will. I have not gotten to that yet.

Studfly Asks: Do you do your own pedicures??

Lexi Answers: Yes, I am very particular with my feet. I am the only one who meets my standars!

Bowa Asks: Would you let me lick your feet clean after you workout and take you socks and sneaks off? I would love to lick between yor toes and eat the sweat and sock lint off your feet. Would you enjoy this?

Lexi Answers: Yes, I would let you do that after I worked out. Of course I would enjoy that. If you can handle my feet after I've worked out!

Fluver Asks: Hi Lexi, you really have a pair of gorgious feet, I think they're the best. Did you ever feel that you desperately need your feet sucked. I mean that you can't think about anything but having them sucked, like addiction.

Lexi Answers: Well, yeah! It is kind of the same way how you feel when you want to suck on some feet, well I have the same feeling when I want my feet licked or just touched.

Big Tony Asks: Lexi how should a guy aproach a 19 yr old girl about his fetish for her feet, and the fact that he is into sensual tickling. If you could just tell me what you would expect from a guy, and when was your first experience.

Lexi Answers: I think you need to take this a step at a time. Start off by complimenting her feet and get the conversation on feet. Next time you see her if your watching tv start to rub her feet. You tell by now if she likes it. If she does start to lick them. You can't just do this all at once. Next time you see her start the conversation about when you were kissing her feet. Ask her if she liked it. If she says yes then make it a game to tickle her feet and see how she reacts. Hope I could be some help to you.

Moldy Asks: Hi Lexi. In response to your offer to take pics of Monique's long toenails. Yes I would love it if you could post some pics of Monique's feet with long toenails. Thanks for offering. Looking forward to seeing them. Will you post them on your Guest Preview on your site? Or in the Members area? Thanks again.

Lexi Answers: Yes they will be up in my site. Keep an eye out for them.

Jeeg Asks: Do you like to squish ants with your sweet feet?

Lexi Answers: Oh yes. All of the time. When my nephew is over we step on their houses!

Ross Asks: You've mentioned previously that your feet get smelly after spending the day in pumps and nylons. Can you describe the smell, and how strong the smell is (eg. can you detect the odor from a distance?) BTW, I've never had the opportunity to experience the smell of a woman's foot!

Lexi Answers: I am having a hard time thinking about the way my feet smell in nylons. That is touch to describe. I wouldn't want to lie to you. No you would not be able to smell them from a distance. How come you have not experienced this yet? You will one day!

Dave Asks: Hi Lexi, thanks for responding to my last email. It was great to hear from you. I was wondering if you have any tattoos? I think a small flower on your ankle might look nice. Do you do your own manicures and pedicures? or do you have them done professionally? Also, You have very pretty hands, maybe you should do some hand shots to compliment those wonderful feet.

Lexi Answers: You're welcome. I do not have any tattoos. I never had an interest in them for myself. I do my own manicures and pedicures. Once in a while i will get lazy and let someone do my hands for me. I am a professional at manicures and such. I went to cosmetology school. I just did some hand shots in my 4th of July shoot. I have flags on my hands and feet it looks really cool!

Kurt Asks: >Hey it's Kurt again! I was so happy to see that you included my questions. I wish you would get the girls to film their real car trouble. I'd be first in line to buy that video! If I emailed a car trouble questionnaire I created, would you and some of the girls you mentioned that have trouble answer it? It would be such an enhancement to me viewing your site to have that sort of interaction. I hope it's not too much to ask! I think it's great that you have such a commitment to your fans and don't make us feel bad for having an interest in a body part that isn't just boobs.

Lexi Answers: Yes, Kurt I will fill out your questionaire if you send it to me. I am happy to be here for you. I think this is just great! I agree that there are more parts that are interesting than boobs! ha haha.

Roberto Asks: You have abosolutely fantastic feet and soles. When you were little, did you enjoy having the soles of your feet tickled?

Lexi Answers: Thank you. I remember that I used to laugh my ass off when my feet were tickled but that is about it.

Chris Asks: >I was wondering if you wear pantyhose very often. And do you think feet are more ticklish with hose on? Thanks Lexi

Lexi Answers: I do wear pantyhose often. I think that the panty hose are so thin that it is just like not having them on when you get tickled. I am ticklish no matter what is on these feet!

Hellofriend Asks: Hey. How are you? You are very pretty. It would be cool to makeout with you.

Lexi Answers: I am good, thank you. Thank you for the compliment! Yeah it would be cool, ha? Are you talking about making out with me or my feet? ha hahah aha

Shoelicker Asks: >If you were walking down the sidewalk and saw a large waterbug in your path,what part of your high heel shoe would step on it with? Your heel or sole of shoe. By the way, you have the most beautiful feet and also would love to adore them. Also in reading your questions and answers, you appear to be a sincere and caring person. Some women who are into foot fetish could care less and are just in it for the money. Thanks for allowing me to speak up.

Lexi Answers: I would have to say that I would step on it with the sole of my shoe. Thank you for your compliments, that is so nice of you. I really do care about others and love doing what I do because it is fun and I really am into it too! Thanks for being so cool!

Sasa Asks: >You have very beautiful feet. I especially like your toes. Your eyes are beautiful too. I have to ask a few questions. Have you ever sucked your own toes? How old were you when you had your first foot fetish expirience? How did it happen?

Lexi Answers: Thank you soooo much for such nice words! Yes, I just sucked my own toes for the first time on my site! I was in high school but can't remember when exactly the first date of it was. I remember my ex just started to play with my feet and then started to suck on them. Boy did I absolutely love this too!

ToneDahitman Asks: Hey pretty lady how are you. I hope I am not irritating you, but you are gorgerous. Like eye candy, so sweet to look at. My girl is not into the foot thing, she think its weird. To me its like the foot complements the curves of a womans body. People who don't understand often laff about it, but to me there is nothing wrong with feet. I been lovin feet since i was in the 4th grade. I had my first experence in 10th grade, with a girl who i think might have liked me. Afterwards ppl found out, i was estranged, even my best friend laffed at now, i wanna tell the whole world, female feet are a mans best friend. If i had the money, i'd come visit you at a foot party. Just talking with you will make me happy.

Lexi Answers: I hear that! I think that some people who are really into the female foot just act like they aren't because maybe they are too shy or embarassed themselves. The ones who are laughing are the ones who really like it. That is too bad that your own best friend would laugh at you about something like that. That is not what best friends are about. It is nice that you can be more open about this now.

Mark Asks: >What is it about foot fetish that turns you on and what size shoe do you wear?

Lexi Answers: I really love just about everything about the foot fetish stuff. I love to have my feet licked, sucked, worshipped and etc you name it. I wear a size 7 1/2

BetterDayz Asks: >Hey Lexi, I love your set of pictures. You have such a nice smile. Where are you from? And are you ever in the New York area? I really like ur feet too. I mean I have a foot fetish but its not too often that I see a girl with feet that I find that attractive. Well anyways, I was wondering if u had an e-mail adress for fan mail. Thanks for taking the time out to read this.

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much. I am from Rhode Island. I was in the NY area a few months ago for a foot party. I do have an email address that everyone can use if they wish to email me direct. It is just send anything you would like to say to me through this address. I would be more than happy to hear from you!

Henry Asks: Are you going to have and insect crush media on your great site?

Lexi Answers: I am looking into having some more crush on my site. I can not wait to get this up for you all!

Footman9 Asks: >I used your photo of you and Monique with your butts and feet showing in you all daisy dukes as my avatar. I am fan of rumproast (Butt) and shrimp (pretty feet/toes). Keep doing those type of photos. You are such a cutie pie , whatever you are doing to keep yourself looking great keep it up. By the way, Where are you from?

Lexi Answers: Yeah, I think I noticed that used on Wu's forum before! I think that is really cool. I have a lot of photos of us like that in the site. I am from Rhode Island. Where are you from?

Bende Asks: You like crush bugs with your sandals?

Lexi Answers: I do not have a fetish for crushing but I have done this so many times before. I am going to be having this on my site soon as well

Steven Asks: >Hey cutie! I couldn't help but notice that you said that you hate bugs and have stepped on them in the past. I was wondering, would you ever do a photo set where you are wearing sexy open-toed shoes and deliberately crushed bugs under your shoes? PLEASE ANSWER ME!!

Lexi Answers: Sure I will do that for you as long as I have something on my feet! Let me know when and we can get this done for you :-)

Mark Asks: >Have you ever measured your feet before? What did you find them to measure to?

Lexi Answers: Actually, no I don't think that I have ever done this but maybe I will do a shoot of me measuring them.

Sexy Mom Asks: >I was wondering have you ever had a woman worship your feet and if so how does it feel? Does it feel the same as when a man does it?

Lexi Answers: No, I never had a woman worship my feet and I don't think that I am into this either so. I do have some of it on my site but they are not actually sucking my toes they are just licking them

Elthon Asks: I love your feet!

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much, honey!

Dino Asks: You have very nice toes and I have an extreme fetish for the soles of a sexy brunettes. Particularly, I love the scent feet give off after they've had a chance to sweat. I get really turned on by the vinegar-like smell and wondered if your feet produced a similar scent.

Lexi Answers: My feet usually smell like a bag of fritos after I have worked out with no socks on I will have to pay attention to what they smell like with socks on instead.

Alex Asks: First off I think you're a beautiful , classy woman with feet just as beautiful. It's really is hard to find that combo. Anyhow, I was wondering if you are ever going to fly out to CA for a foot party?

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much! You are awesome! I really don't see me going there any time soon for a foot party. It is very expensive to get there and stay and I really don't like to fly either. I have to get really drunk to fly and that doesn't even help enough. I would love to go there though because that is where I was born so I would love to come see. Have a great day!

Shane Asks: >Lexi, first off I'd like to say your feet are the best looking feet I have ever seen. You have very cute toes and very sexy high arches. Your feet are amazing!!! I would love to smell and worship them!! If you ever come to a foot party in PA, let me know ;) I'll give you the best foot worship you'll ever recieve! You have a beautiful face too! So your're all around good =) Anyways my question for you is when did you first get your feet worshipped? (age & place) and did you always like your feet? Keep up the good work!!!!

Lexi Answers: Thank you so much, Shane! Yes, my feet have all the qualities that a foot man loves! And I know it which is even better :-) As you know I love to have my feet worshipped so I will let you know if I am ever in that area for a foot party, okay?! I got my feet worshipped for the first time in high school. I don't know exactly when (sorry) I think I was about 16 or so... Don't hold me to it. I am pretty sure we were on the couch watching tv. Before this I did not like my feet but he made me realize that my feet weren't as bad as I thought! Thank you for the great quesions!

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