Lacy Summers' Interview

Below is an interview held recently with the very beautiful Lacy Summers of DF Productions. She chose a select few of your questions to answer. Be sure to contact her about the interview at

Toeluver Asks: Do you have talented toes? I mean can you pick up big things with them? What's the thickest thing that you're able to grasp in between your toes? Have you ever pinched someone with your toes? Who and what part of the body?

Lacy Answers: I suppose my feet are "talented" - I have pinched someone with my toes before… my sister. It was on her sides. She screamed, so I guess it hurt!

Johnny G Asks: Do you get a lot of total strangers complimenting your feet and/or asking to touch or massage them? What do you think of the guys that do this?

Lacy Answers: No - I haven't had many strangers compliment my feet. Perhaps it's because, before working for DF Productions, I never gave too much thought about showing off me feet. I would walk around in boots, tennis shoes, and other shoes that did not reveal my feet. If I were approached and someone complimented my feet, I would be flattered.

Marc Asks: Lacy.... what stands, in your opinion, as the biggest myth about men admiring women's feet?

Lacy Answers: I think the biggest misconception (myth) is that people who admire feet are "different." So far, it has been my experience that most "foot guys" are regular people, who happen to enjoy women's feet. I like that.

PICH Asks: Sorry for my terrible english, but i'm an italian fan. My little question is: do you love put off your shoes in public and see your bare feet?

Lacy Answers: In other words, "Do I like to tease?" Yes, of course!

S. T. Asks: Do you wear any foot Jewelery (Toe rings, Anklets)? If so, since when did you start wearing them? If not, why?

Lacy Answers: I wear toe rings all of the time. I don't wear ankle bracelets too often - but, I will if that's what people wanna see me wear!

Worshiper Asks: Do you have smelly feet?

Lacy Answers: In general - no. But, I have this one pair of sneakers that smell to high-heaven! If I wear those shoes, my feet become terribly smelly. Also, if I wear shoes without socks, my feet get pretty ripe!

Sydfm Asks: Your feet are perfect! I'm a musician. Can I write a song for you (and your feet)? Do you like being worshipped by women? Kisses everywhere!

Lacy Answers: Sure you can write a song (thanks). I've had a couple of foot-worship sessions with Mila - it was fun!

Joe Momma Asks: Have you ever given a footjob?

Lacy Answers: No, not yet. But will likely do one very very soon. Whether or not it is videotaped for the public to see, is up to DFP.

Paul Asks: Hi Lacy! You've got some very cute feetures there, and your ass-etts aren't too shabby either! When you get your toes "shrimped" do you feel the tingling in your pussy as well?

Lacy Answers: Okay, bear with me here - I'm still pretty new to all of this…. "Shrimped" is slang for getting my toes sucked, right? If so, the answer is… "it depends" - on the person doing the shrimping. If I find this person to be hot and and exciting, then yes - definitely…. My whole body tingles! If not, then the session would be a nice massage!

Gregor Asks: Have you ever had foot sex with another girl (girl to girl footjob)?

Lacy Answers: Only once so far… and the "footjob" was performed on me. DFP will probably have me perform as the 'giver' instead of the 'receiver' for a video or photo shoot.

Stone63 Asks: Hi Lacy I write from Italy and I would like to know what size you wear. Ciao, a kiss.

Lacy Answers: Size 7 1/2 U.S.

Finland Asks: Does your boyfriend sniff or lick your soles or does he do both both?

Lacy Answers: My special friend spends a lot of time pampering and worshipping my feet. Usually after a long day of class, he takes my shoes off and massages my feet. It is soooo relaxing. He has my feet in his face, so I imagine he's smelling them. Yes, he licks my feet, and sucks my toes all of the time!

Barry Mikkly Asks: What do you do when you are not posing and doing photo shoots?

Lacy Answers: I'm just a regular college-girl. I'm studying child psychology.

Adam Asks: Have you ever noticed guys looking at your feet when you were younger, say Jr. High and High School? Can you tell me about those times?

Lacy Answers: A close friend of mine in High School confessed to having a foot fetish. I didn't think much of it at the time… Actually, I didn't understand what exactly he meant by it! I used to be a cheerleader, and would run around the gym in my socks - The bottoms of my sock-covered feet would get filthy dirty. My friend would always point out how dirty my socks were…. I guess he was taking notice... I wonder if he's on the internet nowadays.

Eyeslow Asks: I wanted to know what makes a pretty young girl like you start showin' off your peds to the whole world? Not that it's bad or anything- but how and why?

Lacy Answers: I guess it comes down to the simple fact: I love the attention! As DFP puts it - the foot/leg fetish folks are a small community who are pretty much respectable people - that just die for a glimpse of pretty feet. Hey, I can dig that!

Al Asks: Do you prefer to have a man worship your feet or a woman? And why?

Lacy Answers: Again, this is one of those question where I have to answer - "it depends." People are different, if I'm attracted to that particular person - then the slightest touch will light up a fire inside of me.

Dave Asks: Hi Lacy, you have absolutely beautiful feet. How do you like your feet to be worshipped?

Lacy Answers: I think it's safe to say that most women enjoy foot massages. Any foot-worshipping session with me must include long periods of massages up and down my arches, squeezing my heels, and gently caressing my toes. I like to have my toes sucked as well as licked in between each one.

Vince Asks: You are such a beautiful woman with gorgeous feet. Have you gotten to tickle Heather Fox?

Lacy Answers: No, not yet. From what I understand, DFP is working on getting us together… I think they wanna call it "Heather and Lace"… or something. I would love to tickle her --- it's revenge-time! I got tickle-tortured in the last 2 tickle videos… it's my turn to be the tickler!

Tommy Asks: How much fun is it for you to have your toes sucked and your feet licked?? By the way your feet are gorgeous.

Lacy Answers: Thank you. I think it's more sensual than fun to have my toes sucked.

Wu Asks: Do you watch your videos? If so, what was it like the first time you saw yourself on video?

Lacy Answers: Yes - I watch the videos! Seeing myself on video for the first time was really cool. It's especially cool seeing the finished videotape. When we're shooting the tapes, it's often difficult to imagine how the final, edited videotape is going to appear. For example, in "Relentless Initiation" - the first scenes in the DFP receptionist area were all pieced together - you'd never know it. The DFP crew is really talented.

John Ramsey Asks: Do you like a guy who is into feet?

Lacy Answers: So far, the foot-guys I've met have been genuinely nice people.

Chavez Asks: Are you a true foot fetishists? and if so do you have any other fetishes?

Lacy Answers: No, I do not have a foot-fetish. But now I catch myself always looking at women's feet and wonder if "you guys" would like that pair or not!

Roberto Asks: Would you give a private foot session to an underage at any price you want?

Lacy Answers: No.

Ericarrow Asks: How old are you? When and how did you get into the foot fetish thing?

Lacy Answers: I'm 19 yrs old. I was approached by one of DF Productions' employees at a club - where I was on the dance-floor without shoes! I was invited to a test -shoot - and the rest is history!

Bigman Asks: How often do you wash your feet?

Lacy Answers: Usually during my shower or baths - at least once per day.

Pan Asks: From what I know your a student at an University. How do your colleagues react after your sexy shots?

Lacy Answers: My fellow classmates have no idea that I am a foot-fetish model.

ALFONSO PEREZ SANTOS Asks: ¿Como fue la primera vez que alguien lamio y beso tus hermosos pies, y quien fue?

Lacy Answers: Hice mis pies adorar y ser besado para el diciembre la primera vez pasado mes de. Era de mi novio. Gocé de él!

TheCuriousType Asks: What would be the best way for younger men, say between ages 17-21 to approach women of the same age group about foot fetishes without them being scared away??

Lacy Answers: First off. Don't be creepy! Just be yourself and when the time is right start with a foot massage. You'll be able to tell if the woman is "into" it or not. If she's acting awkward - do not reveal your secret! On the other hand, if she seems to enjoy it - you can give her compliments on how pretty her legs and feet are….etc.--- you take it from there, stud! (smile).

Al Asks: Hi Lacy... First of all, I want to tell you that you are gorgeous and your feet are equally sexy. A perfect package :) I just want to ask you, do guys really pay attention to your feet when you're out? And what's your reaction when you catch a guy staring at your feet? I've been caught looking a few times and I get weird looks. Thanks!!

Lacy Answers: Thank you! Well, since starting with DFP, all the months have been cold! I have not had the opportunity to "show-off" my feet in public much…. Oh but I have plans to do so this summer - just wait! I think you're probably confusing the weird looks you receive as a result of staring at the woman's feet. If I see ANYONE staring at me - ever… it's creepy. My advice, don't stare. Get some courage, and approach the woman, strike up a normal conversation. If there's chemistry, then perhaps you'll get a date - and the rest is up to you!

Steve Asks: What is it like knowing thousands of guys are getting off while looking at your feet?

Lacy Answers: The owner of DFP was straight-forward with me from the beginning and told me - "you know, guys will be getting-off to your images… all over the world.." He went on to say, "I bet there are guys jerking off to Lacy Summers as we speak!…" At first, I had to admit, I was a little shocked…. But now, I actually find it exciting - kind of a "power-thing"… All I have to do is flex and point my feet - show off my high-arches, and it's like, "Hey guys, check these out!"

Marty Asks: Do you feel turned on by men staring at your beautiful soles?

Lacy Answers: I love to tease and attract men - the fact that they also love my feet makes even more exciting!

GT Asks: When was your first foot experience and how did you get involved with DF Productions?

Lacy Answers: My first foot experience was with DF Productions. I got involved with DFP after they asked me if I was interested in doing a test shoot. They showed me their portfolio of the foot fetish photos they've had published in various magazines - so I knew they were professionals. They said DFP also does videos. It sounded like fun, so I went for it! I've a great time with the guys ever since!

Daniel Asks: Hi there Lacy! You are so beautiful, and so are your feet! Both with and without socks! I'm curious if you're going to do a sock tease movie some time in the future? 'Cause I really love looking at your feet in socks!

Lacy Answers: DFP plans to use me for their sock tease video.

John P Asks: What do you like the most when guys or girls are worshipping your feet? whats your favorite nail polish

Lacy Answers: I like having my feet massaged. Different shades of red are my fav polish.

Brian Asks: Do you like having your feet smelled? If so, how do you like it done, and what do you like to wear on your feet while having it done?

Lacy Answers: Do I like it? hehehe! Well, let's just say - it doesn't bother me... ya wanna smell my feet? I wear white socks a lot.

Alecmetro Asks: My love for feet is so extreme that i'm sure that if you would give me a footjob, I would blow within a minute. But no matter how many times you could get me off, I know for sure that if you would rub me with your feet on any part of my body I would get hard again. No matter how hard my dick would 'hurt'. It probably sounds a bit freaky to you, but i still want to ask you if a woman could see this as an advantage. I mean, I could get it going over and over again until you have had enough sex for the night. Please tell me if you think any woman could see this as a good thing, or does it sound to freaky, be honest please?

Lacy Answers: Sounds kinda one-sided if you ask me!

Tft Asks: Hi Lacy! you have very pretty feet. if someone approached you, say, at the mall or the beach, or a park and complimented your feet and wanted to photograph them, how would you react? how do you think other women might react?

Lacy Answers: You wrote, "what if?.." Well, actually - I was approached by DF Productions to do foot fetish modeling. I had no idea my feet could ever be considered sexy. The DFP guys are really good in approaching potential models - and I was really comfortable with them... my reaction was positive. Had it been someone else, I might have reacted differently.

Justme Asks: Hi Lacy, I'm 22 years old, a virgin, and not at all bad looking. I'm waiting for the right woman but, my fear is that this woman that I would really go for is not going to be in to my fetish. What percentage of all women do you think are ok with the idea of having a husband/boyfriend with a footfetish. Don't give me any: if she loves you she wants to give you pleasure, just please give me a straight answer. How many of a random picked 100 women would like/love to have a boyfriend or husband with a footfetish. Giving a straight answer would really benefit all the readers of your interview and especially those who are afraid of admitting their fetishes to that one special person in their life.

Lacy Answers: I can't speak for "100 randomly picked women" - but, yes at first I thought the whole foot fetish thing was a little odd. I t was because it was new to me! The friends I've discussed this with react pretty much the same way: puzzled at first, then it's like, "hey, this is pretty cool!"

You definitely have to be up front with your fetish - but it's not something that should be expressed at the beginning. Wait and see if the relationship is worth revealing your deep secrets.

Vsank Asks: If a total stranger walks up to you on the street and compliments your delicious pedicure, how would you react?

Lacy Answers: If someone were to approach me TODAY with that compliment - I would say "thank you." If I were approached 6 months ago - it would depend if I thought the person was creepy or not.

Wu Asks: If you were given creative control over the next DFP video, describe the video that you would produce. (theme, who would star in it, etc..)

Lacy Answers: That's easy.. I WOULD BE THE TICKLER! I would tickle Mila and Brooke!.... and then it would turn into a trample video where I get my revenge on that little Mick James guy!

Suxtoes Asks: When was the first time you had your toes sucked and did it arouse you or freak you out a bit?

Lacy Answers: The first time was about 2 months ago - it felt nice. No, it did not freak me out.

John Asks: What is your biggest fantasy you would love to do concerning your foot fetish?

Lacy Answers: My biggest foot fetish fantasy right now would probably giving a footjob... I still haven't done that yet!

Mr. Squirrel Asks: Hello Ms. Summers! DFP has released two films with you receiving quite a bit of tickling so far. If your feet are that ticklish, do you really enjoy making those films?

Lacy Answers: What ever gave you the idea that I enjoy it? I am terribly ticklish. I HATE the tickle videos - check out my last tickle video - they interviewed at the beginning and at the end of the session.... it was awful.

Lacyfan Asks: I love your work. Please keep it up. When are those beautiful feet gonna come to California? I'd love to meet you someday.

Lacy Answers: DFP promised me a trip to California - hopefully it will be soon!

Nick Asks: Would you meet with your foot fans?

Lacy Answers: I've met a few already. I won't say I would meet with just anybody - it would have to be safe and all that.

Deepone Asks: Do you like having your feet worshiped in socks?

Lacy Answers: Lately I have received quite a few foot massages in socks.... nice and warm!

Kevin T Asks: Have you ever had your toes sucked by another female?

Lacy Answers: Yes... by Mila.

T'ziah Asks: Can an ordinary person you don't know become one of your foot slaves for the site? If not for the site period

Lacy Answers: If you're interested in doing something for the site - you'll have to contact them. No, I don't take people up on private sessions.

Daniel Asks: Hi Lacy! First I have to say that I love watching you and your feet, both in socks and without. I was wondering if you get really aroused by socks? Cause I know I do :)

Lacy Answers: I love wearing socks. It's pretty cool to see the guys at the photo and video shoots get all roused up over my feet in socks!

Shoefetish Asks: Do you do any trampling? Face,chest,CB Etc.

Lacy Answers: I've done a little trampling - it was fun. Raphael of DFP says I'm a "natural" - so you'll probably see me in some upcoming trample videos.

Sobeent Asks: How is the subject of foot worship approached with meeting new guys?

Lacy Answers: I'm still new to foot fetish - so I haven't been approached by any "new" guys about the subject. When I am... I'll let em sweat it out a little!!! (smile)

Johnny Asks: Do you ever wear some nice sexy nylons?

Lacy Answers: Of course! I absolutely love the feeling of nylons on my skin - especially after taking a long bath and my skin is extra soft. Last week, DF Productions shot a video of me in different nylons. I think it's gonna be called "Sheer Glamour." They had me wear black seamed stockings, nude pantyhose... but they also had these old "Full fashioned" coffee colored silk nylons with the hour-glass soles. Ooooooooo.... those were nice!

Big Pappa Asks: You have got beautiful legs and feet. Have you ever used your sexy feet to play with or pop balloons and do you notice guys looking at your feet?

Lacy Answers: Balloon popping was mentioned at a recent shoot. No, I haven't done that yet. I have started to pay more attention to people when I think they're noticing my feet. This summer should be interesting.

J. Starks Asks: What do you really think about foot fetishism? Some models have the "look" but you can tell by their body language that they're not really into this much. I must say that you seem to a passion for what you do.

Lacy Answers: Aside from the tickling, I've really really enjoyed the foot fetish fun!

Ernie Asks: Do you like to pedal pump?

Lacy Answers: Sure- I like to pedal pump.... cranking is more fun.

Grendel Asks: Which kinds of shoes make your feet the most fragrant? :) Ever force a guy to smell them?

Lacy Answers: Tennis shoes by far! I have a pair that smells up the entire studio when I take em off! I guess that "forced" everyone to smell them!

Nello Mellow Asks: Since you are very ticklish, will you allow one lucky fan the honor of tickling your beautiful feet, and then the pictures shown on your website?

Lacy Answers: That's sounds like a neat idea. You should approach DF Productions with it! I do not make those types of decisions.

Footdude Asks: What was your first foot fetish experience?

Lacy Answers: It was very recent - before a shoot, the DFP guys showed me how I would get my feet worshipped. At first I was embarrassed (because of the smell of my feet, etc.), then I just relaxed and enjoyed it.

Julian Asks: Are u into ballbusting?

Lacy Answers: Ballbusting as in "I was just bustin' your balls" (the guys always say that, here).... or actually kicking a person in the crotch? If it's the latter, then no.

Wu Asks: If you could choose one well known celebrity to be your foot slave for a day, who would it be and why?

Lacy Answers: Brad Pitt because he's such a babe. It would make me so hot to have him lick my feet and suck my toes... oh baybee!

Brenda Sweet Asks: Hi, Lacy. I was wondering if you thought the number of men who get aroused by women's sexy feet is actually a lot greater than people think. It seems like it is. Also, what are some of your foot-tease tactics you use to turn a on a man who just met?

Lacy Answers: The more I get into this stuff - the bigger it seems to become. Yes, I really believe there are lots and lots more people into foot fetish than we know. You have to realize, most guys are somewhat embarrassed about their fetish.... so we'll never know! Some foot-tease tactics: pointing my toes so my arch is bent really tight, flexing my toes and spreading them, rubbing my soles, tip toeing barefooted, and of course, dangling.

Suckmtoes Asks: Lacy, have you ever had a guy smell your feet, or socks, when they were really really smelly and sweaty? What's the longest you've worn the same pair of socks, and what's the longest you've gone without cutting your toenails? Thanks you're awesome Lacy!

Lacy Answers: Yes, I've had my sock-covered feet smelled. I've gone 3 days without changing my socks - it was for a person who ordered a pair of my socks at

Danny-boy Asks: do you have a boyfriend? would you ever consider dating a guy with a footfetish that you met through your appearances on the net?

Lacy Answers: Too busy for a full-time boyfriend. I would date anybody who I thought was interesting.

Griezel Asks: What is your webb address??

Lacy Answers: or or or or

Joe Asks: You are absolutely beautiful and you have perfect feet. I don't think much more can be said about that. As I'm sure you know, there has been a proliferation lately of great new sites dealing with the fetish of martial arts and feet. There are many of us out there who really seem to enjoy this particular type of foot fetish. So I am writing because I'd like to know your personal take on this type of thing. If you had a boyfriend who confessed to you his attraction to your feet, and he subsequently confessed that he would be really turned on if you'd act out scenarios with him in which you pretend to use specifically your feet on him in a Karate type fashion,(not to cause him any pain mind you, just for fun) how would you react to this type of request? Would you think it odd? Have any problems with it? I'd love to hear what you think about this?

Lacy Answers: Actually, that sounds like fun!

Richie Asks: Have you thought about cutting your hair short again? I believe short hair looks best on you. Long hair kind of hides your beautiful features. Love looking at you anyway.

Lacy Answers: No, I'm actually growing it out again right now. Sorry.

Tuck Asks: What do men love about your feet and legs?

Lacy Answers: I guess they like long legs - I'm 5' 10" and also they seem to like my high arches and the flexibility of my feet. Yes, I do love to show off my high arches in the videos!

Strappyheels Asks: What do you do to intentionally turn on foot lovers at shoe stores?

Lacy Answers: I haven't yet... but I sure plan on it!

RANduSKI Asks: You are a very beautiful lady, Lacy. If I were to pass you in public how could I tell you I love your beautiful legs and feet without offending you. I find this to be the hardest part, I see so many lovely peds every day but can't get the nerve up to say a word to the ladies about how nice their lower appendages are.

Lacy Answers: I think most women would find that approach to be a little weird. Reconsider your approach.

Jon Asks: You have sexy feet.. Are you into feet or is this just a job? Do you like to have your feets kissed?

Lacy Answers: Of course, at first I considered these assignments as "just a job" - then I really got into it - and now I LOVE IT!

EJcast Asks: i have always thought that a very erotic take on the foot fetish was a beautiful woman such as yourself in a leg cast. I was wondering if you had ever had to wear a cast and for what? Also if you've ever heard of this fetish and the possibility of including it in upcoming projects? Your feet and your site are awesome, thank you ever so much for your time.

Lacy Answers: Sounds in interesting. No, I've never had to wear a cast. I'll tell DFP about your idea... making a cast sounds like a lot of work though.

Fuzzy Asks: What's the kinkiest thing you've done (or been asked to do) with your feet?

Lacy Answers: The kinkiest thing I've been asked to do so far is a footjob.... I haven't done one (yet).

Summer Lover Asks: How were you approached to become a foot model, and how did you react? or have you always had a thing about people looking at your feet and it didn't really bother you? And by the way I would just like to say you are the most attractive "complete" package model at DF! ;)

Lacy Answers: I was approached DIRECTLY from a DF Productions staff-person while I was out with friends one evening. I guess you can say that my reaction from DFP's approach was "surprised" - and CURIOUS. I never considered my feet as being sexy... Although I've always realized that my arches are somewhat high, I never considered that as being sexy. Thank you for the "complete package" compliment!

JD Asks: Are you a woman who loves to control her men? do you enjoy it knowing that a man has to jerk his dick off just because of pictures of your legs and feet or does it bother you that all these guys are wanking off on your feet?

Lacy Answers: I wouldn't say I love to CONTROL my men.... but I am a person who needs have control (does that make sense). My close friends know that I "do my own thing." Oh of course I know guys are out there pleasuring themselves over my images. No, it doesn't bother me... if you guys weren't turned-on by my images, then I would be doing something wrong!!

Barefootluver Asks: Lacy, I know you must of been asked this a thousand times, but what is the best way for a male foot lover to find a woman that loves her feet pampered? I know location has something to do with it, since there's not too many women in the upper midwest into feet. Too cold up here I guess! (Heck, I even when to a strip club up here and a beautiful woman asked me if I wanted a private dance. I said sure, but when I requested that she remove her heels, she said it was against the club's policy! Imagine that!) What are your thoughts on the subject? Since I fully realize my foot fetish, I have met some very nice people in the foot fetish community. I would love if there was a central point where we could all meet on the web and find others in our area. Have any ideas? Thanks for answering

Lacy Answers: I think the best for a male foot lover to find a woman that loves her feet pampered is to start with a foot massage. I really believe most women would be open to that.

Regarding having no shoes in a club... that's often true. In fact, I was breaking the rules at a club by being on the dance floor barefooted with my friends ... but that's what got me noticed by DF Productions!

Bouffie Asks: Lacy, I haven't seen your videos yet, but will order them very soon. Your feet look luscious, as does the rest of you. Will you ever get together with Mila Donovan for some classic foot action. THAT WOULD BE THE BOMB?

Lacy Answers: Yes - of course!

Chris Asks: Lacy...Absolutely love your pics! You have some of the sexiest feet on the web. I have a question that I hope you don't find too odd. I would love to know what your feet smell like after wearing pantyhose and heels all day. Have you ever intentionally made your feet smell to satisfy a lover? I would really like to know the answers to these questions. Thanks.

Lacy Answers: The guys at DF Productions say my feet smell like Fritos!!! I just think they like the smell of my feet! (smile) Knowing that it's probably a turn-on for the DFP guys- I'll probably tease them more often with my smelly feet.

Daniel Asks: Do you have any plans of making a sock worship movie?

Lacy Answers: Yes, it's the next video DF Productions wants me to do.

Ryan Asks: Hi lacy, have you ever had a foot-fetish experience with a much older man?

Lacy Answers: I'm only 19 yrs old - "much older man" is kind of vague.... but yes, I've had foot fetish experiences with an older man.

Wu Asks: Now that you have been introduced to foot fetishism and have found out how much you enjoy having your feet worshipped and pampered, will you make this a part of any current or future relationship you may have?

Lacy Answers: I already have!... the answer is definitely - YES!

Insectakon Asks: Would you ever do any insect crush pics or movies?

Lacy Answers: Definitely NOT.

Canadian Bad Ass Asks: Lacy, how much do you love teasing guys with your feet. And how would you feel if I told you I'm your slave for life. Could I ever have a chance with you??

Lacy Answers: I absolutely love to tease guys with my feet, legs, body... it's a kick to see them squirm! You would be my slave for life? Hmmmmm... would you do my college term papers for me?

Peter Asks: Hi Lacy!! You obviously have two of the softest, smoothest and most suckable looking feet on the web!!! This leads me to wonder about a couple of things:

-- What is it you immediately feel about a person who pays "special" attention to your feet and toes?

-- Who, in the adult entertainment business (films, etc...) do you MOST admire for her obvious promotion of foot fetishism?

Lacy Answers: When a person who pays "special" attention to your feet and toes, it makes me feel sexy.

I really admire Mila - her promotion of foot fetishm is from her very authentic viewpoint... she has a fetish for pretty female feet!

CDNNiceguy Asks: Do you yourself have a foot fetish? If so do you prefer men's or women's feet? What in your opinion makes someone's feet (as yours) attractive and what turns you on when someone takes hold?

Keep those pictures coming, and good luck in your studies

Lacy Answers: I think feet can be very sexy, but I don't consider myself as having a fetish. Well, many people seem to like long slender toes, high arches and soft, round heels.

CafcFootlover Asks: How do you keep your Feet in such beautiful condition? What is your Secret?

Lacy Answers: No secret... I just keep them clean as I do with the rest of my body.

Kiv Asks: I am about to get married. my fiancee does not know about my footfetish. How should i let her know and how should i convince her to let me suck her toes and ask her to give me a footjob?

Lacy Answers: You can be doomed if you don't give her an idea of your fetish.

Tom Asks: What for you is the perfect foot, and how does your's compare. I would also like to say that i think your feet are so pretty, and i dream about them often.Would you ever meet with any of your fans to do a photo-shoot?

Lacy Answers: The perfect foot is pedicured, with nice clean toes, a good arch, and soft soles. The photo shoots are invite-only.

Keith Asks: Do you like wearing toe rings? also do you find thong sandals sexy?

Lacy Answers: I love toe rings and wear them all the time. I'll be wearing sandals a lot this summer also.

Tony Asks: are you going to be doing more food crush videos and i would love to be your slave.

Lacy Answers: Food crush for sure... no bugs or anything else "with a face."

Luis F Asks: que tal bella Lacy,mi pregunta es: el hecho de que seas modelo de pies significa que consideras esa parte detu cuerpo la más sensual? Por supuesto que toda tú eres......exquisita

Lacy Answers: Pienso tengo pies bonitos, pero también pienso que mis piernas largas son atractivas. Gracias por su carta cómoda.

Fabio Asks: Hi Lacy ! I love your arches and toes! Do you have really flexible toes? I have a great idea for your next update!

Lacy Answers: Yes, they're pretty darn flexible.

SL Asks: You are a beautiful woman and i enjoy your work. I was hoping you could fulfill a little wish. I was wondering if you could give us a few direction on how you would want us to play with ourselves. If your hesitant in saying yes, will PLEASE help? PRETTY PLEASE?

Lacy Answers: I will be doing a "J/O" video soon... I'll give you all the instructions you'll need to get-off!

Matt Asks: If you are interested in a guy, do you tease him with your feet to turn him on?

Lacy Answers: Now that I know there are guys who like feet - I am always aware of that fact, and use it to my advantage!!! The answer is YES!!

YourMan Asks: What do you prefer:your feet to be clean or not,when a male slave is licking them?

Lacy Answers: Clean, but with a natural aroma... (i.e., NOT freshly washed).

Lacy French Fan Asks: Dear Lacy, first let me thank you for the lovely pics you pose for. I would like to know what you think of men asking you to send them your well worn socks. As you know, they love to smell your feet perfume, but do you think it is a perversion or something normal? ANd do you think of the man who will sleep with your socks on is nose when you wear them? Thank you

Lacy Answers: I love knowing that there are men out there in the world who are attracted to me enough to want to "smell" me!... It's a turn-on. I do offer my worn items, and it's been keeping me quite busy. If you're interested - go to:

Jay Asks: I'm into Foot Worship in a big way, how could i star in one of your excellent films? What would i need to do?

Lacy Answers: Contact DF Produtions. But let me advise you, do not contact them unless you're serious.

Footman Asks: Your toenails are always short, does that mean you prefer short rather than long toenails?

Lacy Answers: It's more comfortable with short nails... but my nails aren't THAT short!

LOLLO Asks: How would you feel about comparing your small feet with a huge feet of a Chinese Giantess?

Lacy Answers: Bring me the Chinese Giantess and we'll compare feet!

Leland Asks: Do you have any diamond toe rings?

Lacy Answers: No I don't.... (hint, hint!!)

John Asks: You're so hot I was wondering what color do you usually paint your toe nails. I want to suck them so bad. Will you paint them white?

Lacy Answers: Sure, I can paint them white.... look for an update in the

Arthur Asks: Do you always match your toes with your fingernails with the same color? To me this is important and your feet and legs are unbelievable, so pretty.

Lacy Answers: For the most pert, yes I try to keep them matched.

UnderChair Asks: Of all your work, what are you proudest of?

Lacy Answers: I like "Lacy in Lace" the piano scene is cook. Also, I really like the results of one particular photo shoot where Raphael shot the pics against a white backdrop... DF Productions used one of the pics for the current website banner.

Ghost Asks: Looking at your video clip, I can tell that your feet are ticklish. What tickles more, when your feet are bare or stocking feet?

Lacy Answers: Barefeet - definitely.

Rick Asks: Hi lovely Lacy, I kneel at your incredible pretty toes. I need your help to know how to persuade my roommate to let me kiss her feet. How can i ask her without embarrassing her? Thanks for all.

Lacy Answers: If you two are just friends, it would be a little strange. You should at least be doing a little more than what friends do together.... from there approach the foot worship slowly.

Wu Asks: What can we look for from you and DF Productions in the future? Anything new or exciting?

Lacy Answers: I think it's exciting. DFP has been promoting me for use in a number of foot fetish magazine ads... we've shot lots and lots of photos and have been submitting them to their various sponsors.... lookout for something - hopefully this summer! We're also planning to shoot some stuff with me and some of the more "popular" foot fetish actresses.

You Can Also See Lacy Summers At The Foot Fetish Mall

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