Kimi's Interview

Below is an interview held recently with the beautiful Kimi SuperVixxen from the web site, She chose a select few of your questions to answer. You can contact her at

EJ Caster Asks: Kimi, you are so hott and your feet are gorgeous. I am also into women in leg casts and was wondering if you've ever had to wear a medical cast on your leg or foot for a broken bone? You're awesome! I can't wait for the next update.

Kimi Answers: HI sweetie. I did acually have to have a cast on my leg becuase I fractured my foot.. I wish I kept the cast. I would have given it to you.

Cuckold Asks: Have you ever been with a black guy who worshipped your feet, or who you gave a footjob to?

Kimi Answers: I have dated a black guy before,he was wonderful, a great man and I am still friends with him today.. I would love to do a foot job !! MMM yes I love footjobs those are the best!!!

Chepe Asks: Well, lets see, um, I first saw your foot pictures like 2 years ago, and I liked what I saw. I wanted to ask you how long you have been modeling your beautiful feet?

Kimi Answers: Well I first started modeling my feet about 2 maybe 3 years ago. I have a friend in town who shoots for major foot fetish sites and she asked me to be a model for her. Ive been doing it ever since and I just love it, now I can't get enough of it. =) Kisses xoxo And thank you luv for your sweet compliments xoxox

Keith Asks: Have you ever had an orgasm from having your toes sucked or your soles licked?

Kimi Answers: Hi Keith, Yes I have had an orgasm while having my toes sucked.. It's one of the best forms of foreplay for me. I just love it.. Sucking on toes feels so erotic because its such an unknown feeling to our senses in our bodies.. Its extremely erotic to me I love the feeling of a toe being sucked slowly in and out of hot, wet lips.. mmmmm xoxox

Zappa Asks: How was it working w/ Enchanted Foot? What has happened since with your relationship with the site?

Kimi Answers: HI Zappa, I absolutley loved working for enchanted foot. I would still love to work with them, I just havent heard much from them latley. I know they have a million things going on over there. They are great to work for, very fun people. Hey Enchanted foot, if your out there call me!!! (giggle)

Dan Asks: This is a dream come true for me. Your feet were the first I ever saw on the internet. They are totally captivating and are sheer perfection. Just a simple question for you. Do you like the feeling of a tongue on your soles when they are wrinkled (with your toes curled over)? or when you are flexing your toes?

Kimi Answers: How are you babycakes? Well if you've seen me on the net, you know I specialize in wrinkled soles and you know I absolutley LOVE having a hot tongue slide over every wrinkle one by one. MMMM Just feeling the saliva dripping down my foot it heaven! Wanna lick it? mmmm

Amit Asks: Hi,Firstly I must say you have really great and sexy feet! I have kissed my girlfriends feet several times during sex and i really enjoy this but I dont think she found this sensual or even a turn on. She has very beautiful feet and sometimes I crave a footjob but I think she may think this is strange as she is Indian. Do you have anytips on how i can get this and kiss her delicious feet in a way that she would enjoy it too. What do i do to make her ask me to kiss her sumptuous feet? Thanks

Kimi Answers: I would suggest getting one of her favorite lotions,, something that smells yummy .. Start up on her shoulders and back then slowly work your way down paying close attention to her feet.. Then, maybe get some oil of the same sent as the lotion and warm it starting from the bottom this time, working your way up.. I bet she finds this very stimulating and enjoyable.. Maybe this will change her views on foot worship =). Let me know how it turns out ok? Kisses xoxox

Anders Asks: What size are your feet?

Kimi Answers: The size of my foot is 6.5 xoxo

Johnny Asks: Ok, lets say you were having lunch or something by yourself in public and a decent guy came up to you and asked you if he could massage (or even taste) your feet. What kind of reaction would you have? Would you let him pamper your feet? Has this ever happened to you??? You're super hot, but i think you knew that.

Kimi Answers: Well if it was a stranger asking me to come suck my feet I might be a little freaked out by that.. not knowing someone sort of makes it an akward situation. Especially for a woman I am sure you can imagine.. It would however peek my interest.. I dont know I might just let him do it if he was cute ..(giggle) No it hasent happend to me.. yet anyways.. that would be pretty coolif someone noticed my feet just out of the blue.. how flattering. Kisses

Sam Asks: How tall are you?

Kimi Answers: I am a little thing lol I am 5'1, .. maybe 5'2 if Im lucky.. xox

Da Foot-Master Asks: Do you really like having your feet licked and sucked, or do you find it boring? Also are you ticklish?

Kimi Answers: Yes I do truley love having my toes sucked.. and Yes I am extremely ticklish on my feet.. I will kick and scream if someone holds me down with my feet in their hands lol..

Detroit37 Asks: Hi Kimi. Your feet are gorgeous! I wanted to know if you can do a video or free pictures of you wearing pumps and trying to start a chainsaw? After you cannot get it started you take off your pumps and continue to try and start the chainsaw.

Kimi Answers: Ive had a lot of requests for more foot fetish shoots and custom vids.. I will work on getting some more stuff out asap. I just havent had a photographer latley around to do the photos for me or vids.. I do plan on getting in touch with a girl in town to do more foot fetish stuff. I will send them along to Wu once I get the photos done.. Thanks so much for asking sweetie! xoxox

Wizard71 Asks: Have you given a footjob under a dinner table in a public place (for example in a restaurant) ?

Kimi Answers: WOW! That's an interesting idea.. Im just going to have to try that.. No I havent ever done that, but now that you planted the seed in my head, I just might..=) mmm thanks

James Asks: When did your first sexual foot experience occur and how did it happen?

Kimi Answers: My first sexual experience was with a man I met on one of my foot shoots.. I never knew about foot worship before I started doing the foot fetish shoots. He was very cute.. I was shy, he was posing in some scenes with me having to suck on my toes and feet and massages and tickle me..they sexual tension was very extreme.. I loved rubbing my feet all over him.. and I loved having him do things to my feet..I secretly "got off" on the fact we were supposed to be acting professional.. and we were sneaking around doing little sexy things to eachother.. I cant wait to do it again. It definatley made for some long nights thinking about it lol. I still get flustered to this day.. xoxoxo

Chris Asks: I am a dirty foot fan. You have awesome feet. Do you enjoy getting them dirty at all and then licked clean?

Kimi Answers: mm I love dripping chocolate on my feet and sticking each toe in someones mouth, one by one.. I love feeling the spray of whipped cream being sprayed on my feet.. and yes of course I love the feeling of a hot tongue sliding across my toes mmmm

Brian Asks: Your toes are SO gorgeous! Do you ever catch guys trying to be sly and look at your toes? If so, what do you do?

Kimi Answers: I never really notice anyone looking at my feet when I go out.. I should start paying more attention.. I would love if I saw some cute guy looking at my feet.. thats so sweet!

David Asks: Kimi, you have such beautiful feet I was wondering when you first noticed that men were into your feet and when you gave your first foot-job?

Kimi Answers: I noticed an intrest in my feet when I began doing the foot fetish shoots and vids.. I never really knew to many people that were into that. Now that I do let me just say you all are the BEST! I love foot worship.. I still have yet to do a real footjob.. I have on my toys but as for a man.. first I need a man interested ..LOL... any suggestions??

Mikael Asks: Do you like to get your feet licked when your wearing stockings?

Kimi Answers: I just started getting into the nylon fetish.. I really love the older vintage stockings.. I would love to be able to stick my toes in someones mouth and have them pull them off my feel exposing my toes. That would feel fantastic!!! Thanks for the question.. kisses xoxo

Tau Asks: I am a foot loving man from Sweden, and I have seen alot of sexy girl feet online. I think you have a pair of the most perfect girl feet i've ever seen. I have jacked off many times to your beautiful soles and toes Kimi, and I came hard each time. Thank you for sharing your feet with me. The only thing thats a shame about it all is that I can't smell them...would you have let me?

Kimi Answers: Aww how sweet!! I love your email sweetie. Your very welcome, and I am so happy and flattered you find my feet so appealing. I certainly love showing them off to all of you.. I want to do more showing off. Im so happy to know I can excite you so much. Of course I would let you smell my feet..not only is it a turn on for you but it is for me as well. I hope I can continue to make you excited over my little piggy toes..Thanks for your sweet compliments baby! Kisses xoxoxo

Martin Asks: You are a sexy girl with sexy feet :).... have you ever used your feet as a method of seduction?

Kimi Answers: Well the only form of seduction I am doing with my feet right now is through the foot fetish photos and vids I have been doing.. Also the live foot shows I do on my site as well as a few others. I havent met a man yet that loves feet like most of you. They are all into the typical things. I am still waiting for that foot loving man.. =) I cant wait till I find him. xoxo

Joe Asks: Kimi, you have the most beautiful soles ever! Wouldnt i love to taste them! What about your feet is it that you find really turns guy, or girls on? When did you know that you had a talent with your feet? how did you realize?My final question is, how does it make you feel to know that so many guys love yours sexy feet?

Kimi Answers: HI Joe! Thank you so much for your compliments. I am so flatter you all are so much in lust over my feet.. thats a turn on in itself!! Well what I think about my feet that turns ppl on is the fact that I am double jointed in my feet and hands so I can bend them pretty far.. I also stretch my toes and spread them open very wide and I have the ability to wrinkle my soles very well. I think I realized my feet were so popular when some of you started emailing me requesting me to do more shoots and vids.. I never had ppl wanting to see my feet before, its rather flattering. I really love the fact that so many people have responded to me and the foot worship side of me. I think its a huge turn on knowing I can effect people this way.. Thanks for the questions sweetie! xoxox

Sandal Lover Asks: Which is easiest to foot job circumcised or normal? does a lube have to be used when performind on a circumcised guy??

Kimi Answers: HI sweetie, I wish I knew, I never acually done a full real foot job on anyone.. just my toys (dildos). I would love to find out though.. I would imagine lube would be a good idea either way, you wouldnt want to get hurt or foot burn would you? Be safe and use lube for sure. xoxox

Feetlover_BR Asks: Why do you think your feet look so sexy when you're pointing them like a ballerina?

Kimi Answers: I personally think a pointed toe is brings out the muscle form in the leg of the woman along with the wrinkles it causes to point the toe..isnt that just sooooo sexy? I think so xoxoxo

John Asks: Are you into pedal pumping. Have you ever used your feet to tease a man by pedal pumping. Have you ever driven a truck and got it stuck in mud spinning the tires

Kimi Answers: Yes I have done pedal pumping before.. its fun. I like it although I dont think the vehicle does lol. I have been stuck in the snow acually and mud before spinning tires and all.. I just got stuck having to push myself out of the mud.. I was covered with snow and mud.. but it was fun. My little poor toes were frozen though..perfect for the sucking to warm them dont you think?

Max Asks: Is there a particular way that you like having your feet and toes sucked and licked? Also, do you also have a fetish for another girl's feet? Have you ever worshipped a female feet in real life rather than on film?

Kimi Answers: Thanks for the questions sweetie, I love having my toes slowly sucked on one by one..then to feel theperson breathing on my feet then licking them up and down my soles the blowing air on them again.. gives me the chills... I do really like the new girl on enchanted foot WOW shes hot and I think Paige on lissasfeet has some amazing toes! Whew.. dont get me started lol ..its gettinghot in here... xoxoxo

Tony Asks: Hi Kimi you have such nice feet. Do you wear any anklets or toe rings? My girlfriend wears an anklet but now she has brought me one. What do think about males that wear anklets?

Kimi Answers: I absolutley love toe rings and anklets! I dont haveany but I really should get some its extremely sexy!!!it reminds me of foot bondage, I like that. As for men having anklets, I think it would be hot.. I think somelike like a leather rope around the ankle of a man would be incredible hot!! I wanna see yours!!

Joe Asks: Hi Kimi! First of all, I have to say you're feet are the sexiest ones the world has ever seen! What I like to know is, whether you have sometimes smelly feet or not. If it is so, in which shoes smell they strongest and do you like it, if your feet are a bit sweaty? I would be glad if you can answer honest. Thanx a lot, your biggest fan Joe

Kimi Answers: HI Joe sweetheart! Thank you so much I am so happy you find my feet so sexy!! I have noticed that in certain shoes my feet smell stronger than others.. Usually sandels that are open can sometimes be hot making the foot sweat and smell. I also find in cheaper shoes the feet smell stronger.. I cant explain that..that just happends..I have some shoes that have a slight stronger smell.. I think its justa matter of how the foot is ventilated.. wanna smell? mmm

Brian Asks: If I asked you to tie my arms, place me on my knees and kick my balls 15 times and then asked you to kick my mouth five times and then ask for a kick to the nuts so hard, would you do it. Please tell me how you would do it.

Kimi Answers: I have acually done this before. I did tie someone up and kick them in those areas .. I think it was more for dominating, which of course I dont mind doing.. I wouldnt mind at all if you asked me to do that. I wouldnt want to hurt youbut if you liked that, I wouldnt have a problem doing it...are you sure that wouldnt be painful? kisses xoxoxo

Dave R Asks: do you like a man to worship your feet? Clean or dirty?

Kimi Answers: Well I like both .. its different both ways.. I like the clean because the person can lick and smell and rub them anywhere on the body.. doing yummy things.. but dirty is fun to .. squishing my feet in the mud or getting them covered in food and having someone eat it off.. tough call I wouldn't be able to choose.. I like both.. I hope thats not a shitty answer...xoxox

Crazy Paul Asks: Kimmie, your 100% perfect!! best feet in the world too.

What kind of videos will you be making if any? (e.g footjob movies,B movies, porno etc)

If your in college, or done with college. what is your major?

I have only 1 request. please make a footjob video sometime in the future.

(I'm not really crazy, i get my weekly dose of Kimmie every month)

Kimi Answers: How are you sweetie!!! Thank you so much your so sweet!! To answer some of your questions.. I am not currently going to college, although I might someday. I have done foot videos and I do also do custom videos. I do private live one on one foot worship shows on my website. I have some vids avaibale now and some video clips on my website for the viewing. I just completed a 30 min custom foot worship vid with me doing footjobs to all of my new toys (dildos) I got for my Birthday! I would love to do a one on one show with you.. .. see you soon? Kisses xoxox

Joe Black 88 Asks: Have you ever made a guy cum so hard that you thought that he was gonna die?

Kimi Answers: Well I would love to say I made a man that crazy lol. I have been showered many times in a river of lust.. I just hope it was as good for him as it was for me =)..xoxox

Roberto Asks: I would like fist to tell you that you have the perfect feet and most delicious looking tasty tootsies and that I'm your no. 1 fan. I wonder, would you ever to a private foot session so that someone could enjoy those amazing feet of yours? What are your foot habits in your daily life?

Kimi Answers: Thank you so very much! Im so flattered baby! Yes I do offer live foot fetish worship shows, also I offer custom videos. Just let me know what you would like for me to do in the vid and I will get that done or do my best. You can see some foot fetish clips I have available on my website. You can email me if your interested in having me make you a custom video or do a live foot show for you. I would be more than happy to do that for you. As for my foot habits.. Im not sure what you mean.. I do get regular pedicures..I always have lotion on my feet.. I love wearing fluffy socks or slippers. But I also love the feel of a great high heeled shoe..I hope this answers you questions sweetie.. kisses xoxox

Curiousk Asks: First off i would like to say hello. I have always like women feet/toes. The hing that i see different from the norm is instead of licking or smelling or worshiping them, I like to be squeezed by toes. More so on the face and the fingers? Is this a trample thing? I do not like smelly feet at all(thats a preference). Can you grab things(pinch) with your toes? Not only in between but just grab?

Kimi Answers: Well you came to the right place.. I am double jointed in my feet and hands so I can bend my toes very much. I can pick up a penny (which I demo in my live shows) with my toes.. I can pinch, sqeeze and grab anything with my feet. I can pick up dimes, pennies,berries.. anything pretty much with my feet..Im not exactly sure if there is a specific site where you can find women doing that but you certainly found me here. I do my live show on my site as well.. your more than welcome to come see meif you wish =). .I hope this answers your questions luv.. Kisses xoxox

Marcus Asks: Are you a flip flop wearer? I get turned on by a girl in sexy flip flops?

Kimi Answers: Yes sweetie, I love love love flip flops!! I have a pair now.. soooo comfy. I love the air between my toesies!!!

Rizzo Asks: Would you ever allow a man to smell your feet knowing that by doing so, he would become utterly enslaved by your gorgeous feet?

Kimi Answers: Yes I would let a man or woman smell my feet.. I would love to have someone be enslaved by me!! that would be awesome dont you think? xoxox thanks baby

Sungod Asks: 1)What types of sexual things do you like to do with your feet? 2)Are you open to new or different sexual activities with your feet?

Kimi Answers: I love to really have my toes sucked and the bottom of me feet licked.. I aboslutley LOVE warmed oil to be rubbed all over my feet in and out of my toes. I would love to expand my sexual activities with my feet as soon as I find someone ready and willing to let me expand..=) thanks so much for the question sweetie!!! Kisses xoxox

M Pacheco Asks: Kimmie- what is your personal preference- to walk around in socks or barefoot? Do you do this modeling just to appease us foot folk or do you get something out of it yourself? Thanks

Kimi Answers: Thank you for your question. I am really torn between barefoot and socks.. I like them both because of the different feelings. I love fluffy new socks making my feet warm and comfy, but then I like the barefoot feel walking outside on wet grass or mud. I love warm sidewalks. Yes I absolutley do get something out of doing my foot shoots and shows. Its very stimulating to me and its a refreshing change from the rest of the typical modeling. It's always fun, never stressful and of course it really does turn me on. I wouldnt do it if I really didnt like it. kisses xoxox

Martial Arts Lover Asks: You know, ultimately some foot fetish sites are exploring new ways of showing the fantastic feet of beautiful girls. One of them is showing the girls practicing martial arts, pointing her feet at the camera as they're doing some karate kicks. Would you do a photo set like this?

Kimi Answers: Thanks for the question sweetie. I have acually done a martial arts photo set. I have some of the pics available on my website but I will forward some to Wu so you can all see my hugh kicks.. I love kick boxing and I've been wanting to get into it more. Maybe this wil be the kick in the pants I needed.. Thanks baby!

GQ Asks: How soft are your feet? i think you have very sexy feet and would like them on my face

Kimi Answers: I think my feet are really soft. I always keep lotion on them and have them done (pedicure) all the time. I wish I could let you touch them so you can feel how they feel.. Kisses xoxo

Shaggy Asks: Do you enjoy teasing people with your feet, and what is your favorite way to do that....dangeling, showing toes or soles, or having a guy rub them. Do you like it when guys sniff them, do you think that is sexy or odd?

Kimi Answers: Yes I do enjoy teasing people very much with my feet. I don thave anyone right now to tease in person but I am working on it.. Hopefully soonI can send along a photo set of me teasing someone... =) Keep your eyes peeled.

Seth Black Asks: Does it turn you to know that hundreds of guys and girls masturbate over your sexy feet?

Kimi Answers: Oh yes absolultey!

Taj Night Asks: Firstly i want to know whether you prefer men or women worshiping your feet. Secondly, what would be your biggest foot fantasy?

Kimi Answers: WellI like both men and women so either of them to lust me would be an honor.. as for a fantasy, I would love to have a woman on one foot and a man on the other.. doing whatever they wish mmmm

Chris Asks: What do your feet smell and taste like kimi

Kimi Answers: My feet almost always smell of vaniall lotion.. as for how they taste.. I wouldnt know how to describe that.. come taste for yourself mmmm

FS Man Asks: Kimmie- you have great feet- that goes without saying- I've seen your feet on many a website. I have a huge foot fetish but a sock fetish also... do socks do anything for you?

Kimi Answers: Thank you so much! I hope you liked my pics.. I do absolutley love warm fluffy socks on my feet.. I love new socks. It makes me feel all cozy when my toes are cold... =)

Jhonny Asks: Hi Kimi, probably your feet and my wife feet ( are the best feet in the world! I would ask you: in your site can I see your footjobs pictures?

Kimi Answers: Thank you so much!! I think your wife is HOt too!! definatley Awesome feet she has!! I dont have footjob pics because Ive never done a real footjob, only with my toys.. but I plan to soon =).. I will send Wu some of those pics when I do them .=) thanks for the compliments baby!!!

Jay Asks: My question- When was the first time you started to be instested in becoming a foot model?

Kimi Answers: thank you sweetie. I became interested in foot modeling when I was approached by A website to be a foot model. I didnt really know much about it until then but now that I do I am in love =)

WWJ Asks: What is your fav color?

Kimi Answers: I like lots of colors but I tend to go towards the Pinks,purples and blues.. I like deep reds too.

Cali Asks: You have very pretty feet and such sexy body to go with it!! Are there lots of other women out there who get turned on by your feet?

Kimi Answers: Thank you so much!! I really hope there are a lot of women who like my feet.. I personally dont know of any but I would love for women to be interested in my feet.

Foofran Asks: I really adore your wrinkled soles. They are so sexy, just begging to be licked. My question to you is about what pictures can't tell, namely foot smell!! Have you ever tried having a guy smell your stinky feet? Do you enjoy it? How do you get your feet to be at their stinkiest?

Kimi Answers: Well I dont know a lot about smelly feet.. I personally dont have smelly feet.. my feet usually smell like vanilla lotion. I would suggest going to get a pair of really cheap shoes.. they tend to make your feet smell sour. If someone wants to smell my feet after a long day of walking in cheap shoes, come smell me!!! xoxox

Footboy Asks: Would you like to turn a guy into a slave and what would you make a slave do for you?

Kimi Answers: I would love to have a foot slave to come rub my feet, lick and suck on my toes.. paint my toe nails.. mmm what a lovley thought. xoxox

Bad Asks: Do you ever sell your shoes?

Kimi Answers: Yes I do sell shoes, also socks, stockings, footprints,custom videos, anything you wish really. Just let me know and you got it.. =)

Bill Asks: How can i join your site without my wife finding out?

Kimi Answers: My site will send a statement under the name ccbill.. it doesnt say what ccbill is for, it wont show that your a member of an adult website.. I would love to have you as part of my Supervixxen family!! Thanks baby!! Kisses, Kimi xoxox

Bo_J Asks: Just wondering if I were sitting at dinner with you and look over at you with a smile. Your returned the smile and the waiter walked up to ask for our order. I found this to be the perfect opportunity to slip your shoe off of your foot under the table. Of course your eyes were wide as could be and I started tickling your feet. Could you take it without letting the waiter know what was going on?

Kimi Answers: thanks for the email sweetie. Wow what an interesting thing to think about.. Well being me, I am extremely ticklish so I probably wouldnt be able to contain myself, but I would have fun trying!

Bowa Asks: Do you like to humiliate a man with your feet?

Kimi Answers: well I havent really done to much of the Humiliation thing.. I naturally wouldnt want to humiliate anyone. But if he begged me, I would have to reconsider.. xoxox

Sam Asks: What can I do for girls to let me start licking thier feet? How can I start with them ?

Kimi Answers: I would suggest starting out slow and easing the girl into it.. give her a long massage..rub her feet a lot.. while rubbing start licking and sucking.. moving slowly up her legs and back down.. then whisper to her how much you love her feet.. what women wouldnt love that??? MMM I would!!

Kinkyblkdhere Asks: What's your favorite foot fantasy?

Kimi Answers: Thats a good question.. I have so many things I would love to have done and do to someone with my feet... mm I would love to pull ripe cherries from one hot spot..(can you guess?) and feed them to a willing "victim" mmm then have them lick the cherry juices from my red soaked toes.. wow this is making me hot!!! xoxo

Manny Asks: Hi Kimi, when did you become aware of the incredible allure of women\'s feet? How long have you been involved with foot fetish and what do you enjoy having done to your lovely feet? By the way, I think you are extremely beautiful from the top of your head to the tips of your sexy toes! Thank you. = )

Kimi Answers: Thank you sweetheart! I didnt start getting into the foot fetishthing until I started doing the fetish modeling.. I fell in love!! Its extremely erotic to have someone playing with my feet.. I would love to be blindfolded and tied up having someone doing all sorts of things to my feet, making me wonder whats going to happen next... from sliding cold ice cubes across my wrinkles soles to melting hot wax and pouring it all over my feet.. mmm

Footsie Asks: My girlfriend and I both think that you are absolutely beautiful! My girlfriend became attracted to other girls' feet (especially soles) after she discovered my fascination with her feet...She was wondering if you are also attracted to other girls' feet and if so what do you enjoy to do with them and when did you discover your attraction to them (and what was your first experience)? We'd love to buy amateur videos of 2 girls having sex AND enjoying eachother's feet if you have any or know of anyone else that has some...Too often the feet videos out there are just foot worship and nothing else, which isn't too realistic if you ask us! Let me know...Take care and keep up the fantastic work!

Kimi Answers: I agree with you.. most vids are just so "made up" I guess you can say.. I personally love getting into everything I do.. I do have a girl I work with that really truly enjoys foot fetsih and loves when I massage her feet. I plan on doing a lot of shoot with her in the very near future. Shes an art student so I think her and I will work well together.. she is very creative and so am I so I am sure we can think of some interesting vids and shoots. I think its great you and your girlfriend are involved in the fetish together. I think thats very sweet and of course what an amazing turn on to see two people completely into eachother. I would love to watch you play with her feet mmm =)

Milt Asks: Will you ever do a photo shoot with a man? Say a foot-job spread?

Kimi Answers: Yes I would.. as soon as I find a willing "victim" lol xoxox

Toeguy32 Asks: Hi Kimmie. How did this whole foot thing start for you? Did you originally have a foot fetish or is it something you just did that turned out to be more than you thought? Are you into feet yourself? Thanks!

Kimi Answers: Thanks for your question. I didnt really know about foot fetish until I was approached by a website wanting me to model for them. After I did that a few times I realized how much I loved it. I started getting more interested and involved in foot fetish/worship. I absolutley love it and I am getting more and more involved in it. I still long to do a real footjob. I have toys that I love playing with, but its not the same I am sure.. I want to feel the real flesh between my toes and I want to feel the hot cum oozing on my feet. Its still fun with a toy grabbing it with my toes with the lotion squishing between my toes but I want to feel the heat of passion when I am playing... the toy is a bit inpersonal.. I have enjoyed sticking my toes in my friends pussy and the sucking on them.. I really enjoy that. I should do some photos of that.. what do you think? xoxox

Alvin Asks: What is your favorit foot position?

Kimi Answers: Good question sweetie. I like to spread my toes. it feels good. I like grabbing thing and picking them up with me feet.

Les Asks: Do you have any foot fantasies that you would like to fulfill? My current one would certainly involve getting a footjob from you.

Kimi Answers: aww thank you sweetie I am so flattered.. My Fantasy mm lol Iwould have to say getting Sexy Shirley Manson from the band Garbage in a room with me, tie her up to a bed and get some yummy smeeling hot oils and rub it all over her with my feet.. then blindfolding her and foot feeding her some juicy exotic rubbing the juices all over her oiled body I slowly caress her with my feet.. slipping my toe in her warm pussy..taking it out and having her suck hard on my toe... mmmmmmmmm

Nele Asks: First I'd like to tell you that you are the most attractive girl I've ever seen (girl of my dreams). I love your feet too :) and I just wanted to ask you what foot fetish do you prefer (footjob,worship etc.) and also what other sexual activities do you enjoy (other than foot fetish)??

Kimi Answers: Thank you so much sweetie! I have so many foot fantasies its hard to pinpoint one.. I would love to enjoy my first footjob on a man.. but I would love to have a woman there to play with too..feeding both man and woman with my feet and to play with their bodies fondeling her pussy and his dick with my toes. mmmmmmm I would love to do that..xoxo

Hog Asks: Do you think bad smell make a exciting and sexual feet?

Kimi Answers: Well I think thats in the eyes of the beholder.. I think some people can go crazy over a scent that they find arousing.. I personally would love to smell a foot that has a slight perfumy smell..or grassy wet smell.. mmm

Footman Asks: Your toenails are always short, so I would assume nails do not play a part in the pleasure derived from your foot.

Kimi Answers: Well I like my toe nails short. I dont like long toe nails at all. It looks odd to me and I am sure it would feel odd. I dance and wear tight fitting high heels all day, I would think if I had long nails they would probably break from wearing the heels or even from the dancing. thanks for the question sweetie.

Steph Asks: Hi Kimi ! First you have wonderful feet, terribly exciting ! My question is, would you enjoy to have a footslave taking care of your feet 24/24 ? What would you want him/her to do all that time ? Thanks and keep up the good work!

Kimi Answers: Thank you sweetheart! Wow what I would do for a footslave!! I would love to have a foot slave to worship mt feet all day. I would have him/her pamper my feet all day long. I would take a long bubble bath and while Im in there they could rub my feet, when I get out they could dry my feet and toes. dress my feet with socks, then after a day of pedicures and walking I would have them undress my feet, warm up some oil and drizzle it all over my feet slowly kneeding my feet then take my feet and rub it all over his/her body..then wash my feet with a warm washcloth, take my toes one by one and suck on them so hard until they turn purple ,,, MMMMM I could go on all day .... =)

Joe Asks: Ever the brown-noser when it comes to perfect female feet, I have to say that you got my vote in the sexiest soles contest. My question is moreso practical in nature, rather than having to do with specifics about your feet and foot activities. Assuming that you have obvious knowledge in the realm of foot fetish, I'd like to know how you would handle it if you ever got involved with a guy (that is, if guys are your thing) whom you felt was much more interested in just your feet than you? I think this can be a common problem when a guy has an intense foot fetish. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter as a woman who realizes the sexual power of her feet. Thanks...

Kimi Answers: First of all thank you so much for your vote!! Your the best sweetheart! Thank you for all the compliments! To answer your question, I think I would be very facsinated at first and I would enjoy the pleasure of someone worshipping my feet, but I would think if thats all they did it would get boring. I love to tease but not to be teased.. The foot to me is an avenue to an ulitmate destination.. I have to reach that destination at some point in my fun.. foot worship and fetish is a very intense form of foreplay for me..but I would need to reach the climax. Now if it was a foot that got me to the climax then even better =).. I dont mind being "toed' I would love to dip mans toe in a stimulating hot oil,fondle my clit, then insert.. I dont mind at all if he is into just my feet but he needs to include the rest of me eventually.. Im not all that bad lol. Kisses xoxox.

Fantom Asks: Kimi ... what do you really think about foot fetishism ... would you date someone with a foot fetish, who wanted to smell, lick, suck, tickle and play with your feet when possible .

Kimi Answers: Thanks for the questions sweetie. I think foot fetish/worship is great! Its about time we get into other forms of expression and lust other than the typical T&A.. right now I am not dating anyone with a foot fetish but I am still looking.. =)

Curiousfoot Asks: Kimmie- Is there a celebrity's feet that turns you on more than others?

Kimi Answers: ohhh yes The sexy Miss Shirley Manson from the band Garbage MMMMMMM

Toeman Asks: KIMI - your feet are perfect! have you ever sucked a guys cum off of your beautiful feet and toes? what about a girl's cum? do you enjoy rubbing your own pretty feet on your face?

Kimi Answers: HI sweetie! Thank you so much! I havent done a foot job so I never sucked any mans cum off of my toes.. I have however stuck my toes in a friends pussy and had her suck on it.. I dontknow how she felt we were drunk but I absolutley loved it and from my excitement over it I think it made her a new foot lover... we will see I will be doing some photos with her very soon.. =)

Jeff Asks: Do you consider yourself a foot slut? If so how long have you been this way?

Kimi Answers: Well Although sometimes I feel slutty,lusty,etc.. inside, slut is such a harsh, ugly word.. I hate calling any woman a slut.. I would hate to degrade myself or any woman by using such ugly words.. I understand your point though and Yes I do feel very passionate about foot erotisism, its my #1 form of fourplay.. I am a relativley new foot fetish lover as I just got started into this about 3 years ago. Its definaltey something I will continue doing.. mmm

Foot Lover Asks: Would it turn you on if you were walking down the street in a pair of open toed shoes, and some good looking guy just dropped to his knees, grabbed you by the ankle, knocked off one of your shoes and stared stroking his cock all over your foot?

Kimi Answers: WOW that would be a fantasy for me!! Absolutley I would be shocked but very turned on MM =)

Stevo Asks: Do you think guys with a footfetish are strange? What is your opinion of men that have a foot fetish?

Kimi Answers: No absolutley not. I dont think men with foot fetish's are strange at all.. I think they are more creative and daring and comfortable expressing themselves sexually.. I feel people who arent might be a big stuffy or akward with expressing themselves sexually. Its nothing at all to be ashamed of.. its just and extension of their lust for the female body. No need to just focus one part of the body when you can have it all right?

Dicky Asks: Are your toenails always painted? Aren't they yellow by now? How bout a footjob photo session with unpainted toenails ?

Kimi Answers: Well I do take off my toenail polish.. My toenails are never yellow, yellowing of the toenails are due to a fungus condition. I never had any sort of foot fungus.

10 Little Piggies Asks: I am a sole man at heart. That being said Kimi, I just love your soles! =) What part(s) of your feet would you say are your personal favorite(s) if you were asked to choose?

Kimi Answers: Thanks so much for your sweet email =) your very kind. If I had to choose.. it would be tough,, I like the soles because I can feel so much with them .. but I like my toes because I can spread them and pick things up with them... very tuff to pick just one favorite part..=)

Jack N Off Asks: Would you find it hot to have a room full of guys jerking off over your bare feet, but never touching them?

Kimi Answers: MMM wow that would be amazing!! But what a tease for all of us!!! It would be hard not to touch.. whew.. Im getting hot. xoxo

Teddy Asks: I haven't seen you but on some stills at lisa's feet, can i see more?

Kimi Answers: Yes sweetie you can, I have my site: You can also request to see me again at I do a lot of foot fetish work through her. She has vids of me available on her site as well as mine.. Enjoy sweetie!! Kisses, Kimi xoxox

DJ Twist Asks: I found some pics of you on the web in the Desert. Were you in Arizona a while back ago? I lived there.

Kimi Answers: The desert pics you seen were taken in Pahrump Nevada about 45 mins outside of Las Vegas. I did acually live in Arizona, I was born there in Tucson Arizona. Where are you from? Maybe we knew each other =) kisses, xoxoxo

Laura Asks: Please, please, I hope you are bi! I would love to make love to you. I`m 27 and my gf just introduced me to this site and I think its so sexy i can write you. I absolutely adore ladies feet! Especially their toes and arches !

Kimi Answers: Thanks so much!! I love your compliments!! Yes I am Bi, and I love women and their feet as well. Feel free to keep in touch with me at: I would love to hear from you! Kisses, Kimi xoxo

Manny Asks: Kimi, what would you say are your favorite types of shoes?

Kimi Answers: I love heels and boots and slippers lol really all shoes as long as they dont hurt.

Slaveboy Asks: Do you want a slave :) I'm all yours

Kimi Answers: MMMM YES YES YES!!! Now cum to me my foot boy.. I need some foot rubs and kisses ,mmm .. puuurrrr.. Im Waiting.

David Asks: I love women who wear soft leather moccasins on their bare feet. Have you ever worn moccasins?

Kimi Answers: Yes I love those I just got some from ebay as a matter of fact.. Im planning a shoot with them soon.. I will keep you posted =)

FeetFootishGuy Asks: Before I ask my question, allow me to state that you inspire so much lust in me. Your eyes are gorgeous. And your feet ... well ... your feet make me want to do very naughty and sticky things to you. My question is, have you ever had a guy cum on your feet while you sleep? If so, tell me about it.

Kimi Answers: Well thankyou very very much! I am so flattered. As for your question, I would love to feel a man cum on my toes while I sleep..What a great way to wake up =)

Feetdave Asks: Hi Kimi. First of all I want to let you know that I think you are one of the sexiest women on the web. Not only your feet are beautiful but you also have a gorgeous body and perfect breast.

My question is: Kimi, would you allow your fans to kiss your beautiful feet if they happen to run into you in a public place?

Kimi Answers: Thank you =) You're so sweet! If someone happend to see me walking and was admiring my feet, and wanted to like them.. I would be a little concerned but I think I would let him. =)

FootBall Asks: your feet are so amazingly gorgeous! have you ever told a man to kiss or suck on your feet and have him refuse it? that would be toetally insane!

Kimi Answers: Thankyou luv, your so sweet. I dont remember a time where I put toes in someones face and they refused.. I am still somewhat new to the foot fetish world so who knows but so far nobody has done that to me.. =) kisses

Jose Asks: Have you ever suduced a woman with your feet? Have you ever been suduced by a womans feet? What was it like? Thank you.

Kimi Answers: Yes as a matter of fact I have. Ive done more foot fetish with women than with men. I think women are sometimes a little more open minded. I love to seduce a woman period but with me feet, mmm what a treat. Kisssssssssss

Kenny Asks: Do you have a man in your life?

Kimi Answers: Not right now,hence why I havent done many foot jobs..Im still looking for Mr. Right..=)

Old Foot Perv Asks: You are my number foot model, I am 46 and I Love you. I have a question for you One of my big fantasies is for you to play my a bitchy spoilt gitl sho dominates an old perv like me with your feet, Have you ever done a scene or would like to do a scene like this ?

Kimi Answers: I would absolutley love to play that role for you!! What fun! I would have lots of fun doing something like that!! Let me know if you are still interested =) Kisses, Kimi xoxo

Foot Deviant Asks: I like to stay up late at parties where girls pass out drunk. I pull back the covers and rub my self while looking at the beautiful arches. Would you freak out if you woke up to this?

Kimi Answers: Well,I dont know that I would freak out. It would be odd to have some guy rubbing my feet all over his body if I didnt know him.. it would be interesting though. Who knows..I may like it.. a lot =)

Radar Asks: Like many others I must say you have absolutely gorgeous feet. Your soles have adorable wrinkles and your toes look very suckable. You have a great body all together and a very pretty face. Do you like having men at your feet? What I mean is do you like the fact that foot fetish men simply want to suck on your toes, lick between them, and kiss and lick the soles of your feet? Have you ever had a serious relationship with a person who had a foot fetish outside of your work? If so did you let him lick your feet when they were rather grungy. Have you ever done foot fetish videos and if so did the people that worshiped your feet get to lick them when they were freshly clean or sweaty and smelly?

Kimi Answers: wow I really like your email. You're so romantic. I do love men at my feet. I haven't had much of that personally. I would really love to. I am not meeting to many foot fetish men.. where are all of you hiding? come get me!! I am waiting for you!!!!What I would do to have a man slip off my heels after a long day of work to lick and suck them then to massage them nice and deep, slowly working the pain and tension out of my body. Then slowly letting my foot down into a warm foot bath , taking them out, drying them off with a big fluffy towle then rubbing lotion all over them working and kneading them again deep until I am sound asleep.. you can violate my feet.. playing with them making them your own fantasy .. mmm =) dont you just love it?

ThongFlipFlopLover Asks: I am a great fan of yours. I love your toes. Do you think that you could do me and many of your fans a big favor and wear black thong flip flops and wear black toe nail polish?? I\'ll tell you, that would be such a hit with your fans, not to mention a turn on. Thank you.

Kimi Answers: That sound sexy and vampy, you got it I will do some pics like that for sure!! I will send them along to Wu.. Kisses, Kimi xoxoxo

Bill Asks: I have been into foot fetish for more than twenty years now can you tll me why it is so hard to find ladies that are will to place there soles upon a nice hard cock every once in awhile. were are all the ladies to be found kimi.

Kimi Answers: I know I am in the same boat with looking for a man who likes foot fetish.. what are we to do? Maybe we should start a personals site for foot lovers? That could be lots of fun!!

Carlito Asks: You are by far the most elegantly sexy model that I have ever graced my eyes on. I must know, have you ever had a feet worhipping session with a man that led to a foot job?? If so, what was it like,and if not, would you be open to one?? The mere thought of seeing you give a footjob is ecstacy for me......

Kimi Answers: aww baby thank you. I am still Looking for my first footjob guy.. Im still a virgin to the foot job world.. I wanna be a foot slut!!!!LOL. Im still dreaming but I think its going to happen soon.. =) yipppyy! I will film it and take pics! xoxoxo

Hot Load Asks: Would you ever let a stranger cum on your feet or at least jack off to them?

Kimi Answers: Well living in an age where we need to worry about AIDS and other nasty little bugs, I dont know that I would let just anyone cum jack off on my feet.. not that I dont want them to but you know.

Jay Asks: Is it a big turn on when you give a guy a foot job and he licks the cum off your feet after.

Kimi Answers: mmm never did one but I would definatley lick the hot sticky cum off =) mmmmm

Tom Asks: I would like to start off by saying you have GREAT looking feet. But my question is, have you ever worshipped another girl's feet/toes or maybe your own? Any experiences you would like to share?

Kimi Answers: Thanks sweetie for the email. Yes I have had several experiences with women and their feet. I love playing with them.. I have had lots of sexy feet in my face and mouth just by being a foot fetish model. I love my job! Ive had many sexual feet experiences with a few friends of mine. I love exploring a womans sweet "kitty" with my toes. Feeling her grow hot and wet by the touch of my toes is very exciting for me. Who wouldnt love that? MMMM

Brian Asks: What is your favorite thing to do when you notice a man looking at your feet, and why?

Kimi Answers: Well I like to slowly slip off my shoe and point my toe at him =) that should get his attention =)

StrangeManue Asks: How did you become a foot fetish star and how do you feel about it?

Kimi Answers: **blushing** well I didnt consider myself a star but thanks baby! I love modeling my feet its great and it allows me to meet other people who are into foot fetish. =) KISSSSS

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