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This interview is with the beautiful Francine of 'Feet Fair'. She had agreed to answer some of your questions. Below, you will find the questions she's answered so far.

a.g.e Says: Hi Francine, you are very pretty and your feet are great! I wanted to know if you enjoy standing on a man's face, and also if you have crushed any bugs with your bare feet?

Francine's Reply: Haa haaa, off course I've stood on a mans face and also chest, tummy, etc...Oh those funny little carpets. I love it when "it" tries to make faces while I'm trying to balance myself on "it's" face. haa haa! I've crushed lots of ugly little buggies under my feet, I just wont do it bare! I don't want their icky juices on my little feet, that's just disgusting....

Jason Says: Hey I just wanted to let you know that you have really pretty feet. I was just wondering what your shoe size is and if you have ever given a footjob?

Francine's Reply: My footsies are a sweet pair of size 6's ....Yes I've given a foot job, and that was/is a one time deal! Never again! I don't like foot jobs because it just dirties pricey pedicure, and why would you put my sweet little feet through such a naughty deflowering?! Bad boy! Would you still like to suck my feet after its been on a cock? Well if you don't mind then, I guess the men who love foot jobs also wont mind sucking cock, right? HA!

X Says: Francine I love your feet!!! Just two questions. Do you like to lick and sick your own feet, and if so, wat do they smell/taste like? And on that note, do your feet have a strong smell?

Francine's Reply: Oh yes! I like sucking and licking my own feet, especially if a hungry needy foot boy is watching me. It's like I'm showing off what they wish they could do, and I'm hogging my feet all for myself. I'm Just being mean when i do that, its more of a voyeuristic act than anything...HAA HAA

Budboy Says: Wow! You have beautiful soles Francine! May I ask if your feet get slippy and slidy in your shoes from sweat?

Francine's Reply: Haa Haa... the only time my feet got slippy and slidy was in my rainboots. I just jumped into my rainboots to run to the local store, I'ts only a 5 min walk I figured I didnt need socks...i was wrong kee kee* my footsies got all sweaty...

Chew Says: So does that mean you don't suck a man's cock if he has been with another woman? Essentially, you would be eating another pussy, if you look at it the way you look at giving footjobs. Or do you just never wash your feet?

Francine's Reply: What If I don't suck cock?!...haa haa I'll leave that thought to torment you in your dreams... Stop it with this FOOT JOB crap!!! A foot job is a very intimate act and Its something I just wont do with anybody. I't something I would only do with a boyfriend or someone I have "chemistry" with, or i can connect with...It's like "sex" and "dating" basically...worshiping my feet is the "dating" part and getting the foot job is finally having "sex"...and Some people will just NEVER get that far. Especially guys with your attitude... Also, you know some guys might actually like the idea of me never washing me feet!!! haa haa! I wash my footsies all the time of course.

Pete Says: Hi! You have great feet! My question is: what would you do with me if you saw me shrunk and at your beautiful giant feet?

Francine's Reply: Awh poor little foot boy... I would tease you and torment you with my feet duh! My feet arent "giant" they're size 5 1/2's geeezz! You must be real tiny, "tiny", if you think my feet are giant! haa haa But i'll be nice since. I forgive you... haa

MarkB Says: Yes I would just like to say you have the best lookin feet. they are beautifal feet are face. I was just wondering if a man gave you money to kick him in the balls barefoot would you do it as hard as you can and what part of the foot would you use and are your feet soft.

Francine's Reply: I love BALL BUSTING! haa haa... And yeah thats right give me all you money! MWAhhaa haa... I would use my heels since they're nice and round its like a hammer! Yes, my feet are soft but they pack a heavy blow..kee kee*

Ramon Says: Are your feet smelly?

Francine's Reply: My feet dont smell all they time, but they do get pretty smelly if i let them...

Fantafeet Says: You say that you love to lick your own feet? Who knows that and have you ever licked your own feet in a public place?

Francine's Reply: Actually I was at my friends pool party this summer and just for fun i sucked my big toe in front of some people... my friends wanted to see how other people would react, so several girls just suddenly sucked their feet, including me. It was a dare, for giggles* I guess. But I don't think I would just suck feet in public randomly.

Shane O Mac Says: Hey there Francine! Have you ever kneeled to a lady that you personally know and kissed her feet? If not, would you?

Francine's Reply: No...But I've worshiped little Dee's feet and Nicole's feet too haa haa

Foot_Slave Says: Hey Francine just want to say first off both you and your feet are breath taking. I have cum many times to the thought of being your foot slave and being forced to worship your smelly feet. Have you ever had a foot slave or dominated a guy.

Francine's Reply: Yes, I have had lots of foot slave and I love dominating all of them! So your going to have to be extra special to compete with these "others" to get some of my attention. Tell me how much you worship, adore, desire me! Give me something to compare you by, do you think you could be better than these "others"? Ha!

Simon Says: Hi Francine. I wonder if you ever have sprained your ankle or had a leg cast? And have you have thoughts to put your leg in a hot leg cast? :) PS. Love your toes ;)

Francine's Reply: No I haven't sprained my ankle or hurt my legs(knock on wood). I would play with casting though! I think its sounds fun! I was with some friends and were were making paper-mache figures and i had some plaster drip on my foot, and we just started "casting" my foot for fun haaa haa!

Sneakman Says: Hello Francine, I love you and your feet! Do you enjoy licking and kissing another woman's feet? You did a really hot foot worship set with Nicole on Feet Fair, and I was wondering how much you enjoyed it. Would you do it again? Thanks!

Francine's Reply: I Love Nicole! She's super hot! She's got so much "happy" energy exuding off her! I had a great time doing that video with her. We were really into each other. I'm still begging Adam if he could let us do it again! haa haa

The Man Says: If you were in a movie, would you be the good girl or the bad one and would you show your feet a lot? What part would you mostly show? If you had to die, what would happen to your feet and gorgeous body?

Francine's Reply: I would probably be the bad girl, just cause..haa haa Of course I would show my feet a lot! I would show off my sweet little toes, my soles, and even the little spaces between my toes if i can haa haa. What?! Who die?! Who wants to think about that?!?

Detective Miller Says: Is it hard for you to walk in high heeled or platform shoes, and what do you have to do with your feet to be able to do that? What is the most shocking thing you have done to man with your feet? And on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being most, how stinky are your feet? You have gorgeous feet I want to cum all over them!

Francine's Reply: No its not hard to walk in high heeled platform shoes. I think its a "girl" thing to be able to balance that way. The most shocking thing I ever did with my feet was crushing someones penis! I saw blood leaking out the condom they had on! I don't ever want want blood on my feet ewh, thank god for condoms and gloves. Hmmm from 1 to 10 i guess my feet stickiness varies from 6-8, around there i guess. And No! If my feet a really that gorgeous why would you want to dirty them with cum. Ewh!

ILoveStaceyCasebiersToesinSandals Says: Francine you are to hot to be true! Your toes are amazing! But I have to know, do you enjoy wearing any foot jewelry like toes rings or anklets? I know it'd look sexy!!!

Francine's Reply: Yes I do enjoy wearing foot jewelry! I wear a lot of toe rings and anklets in the summer. Adam has been trying to let me show off my feet in jewels! maybe in the next foot shoot.

Footdude 1408 Says: Hi francine, I was wondering how often do your feet get sweaty, and what do they smell like, if you were able to compare them to something?

Francine's Reply: Smells like mayo, mustard and relish..haa haa

Bosco Says: My question is: have you ever had those sexy wrinkled soles covered in cum?

Francine's Reply: Somebody made a boo boo and got some cum on my feet once(they're dead now, HAA HAA)..but never on purpose that it was all over and coverd my feet ..ewh! smirk*

Anonymous Says: When did you first realize that you liked your own feet? Is it just your own feet, or do you actually like feet in general with your own feet being an extension of this? Also, what circumstances brought you to modeling for FeetFair?

Francine's Reply: I love my feet because I love shoes and my feet look great in and out of them! I have a thing for socks too...I 'm confident about my feet so modeling for feetfair just came naturally.

Mike Says: I want to ask you how often you polish your toe nalis and what is your favorite toe nail colour?? You polish your toe nails yourself or go to the professionalist or have slave to do it for you??

Francine's Reply: I polish my toe nails at least once a week just to keep it fresh. I love the color black! Sometimes i switch it up with red, but i like black more. I like to get them done professionally because i love being pampered, but if I don't have time I wont mind doing them myself.

Footlover Says: Hi there sexy. Do you prefer foot play with someone who is submissive. Also when your feet are sweaty, do they smell like vinegar?

Francine's Reply: Yes I do prefer playing with someone who is submissive! And yeah I guess my feet smell like vinegar sometimes...haa haa

Maddhatter Says: hi francine. you are gorgeous! and those feet of yours are incredibly sexy!! so you said you won't ever give a foot job again? would you try it if you could make a needy foot guy watch you give a nice long footjob to another man, who also got to worship those beautiful soles before you started? also, have you ever made a man suck another guy off for your amusement?

Francine's Reply: Well If i get to see you suck dick after wards then i guess that a fair trade! haa ha I'd dirty my feet on someones cock just to see you do that! Yup, its always been for my amusement!

Matt Says: Have you ever given a guy a footjob and then had him lick your feet up afterwords ?

Francine's Reply: Not really, but I've seen a guy jerk off in a cup and slirp up all his cum ....same difference, minus the feet haa haa!

Ironman24 Says: Francine can you cum off getting your toes sucked?

Francine's Reply: No..HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! But you wish i would wouldnt you!!!! No one will ever be good enough to do that! Loser!

Sara Says: ON a scale of 1-10 how ticklish are your feet and why?

Francine's Reply: 7 to 8 ....just because ...RAWWHHHRRR!

PAftguy Says: Beautiful feet! Do you have a foot fetish?

Francine's Reply: I guess I have a little foot fetish...I really love shoes and then my feet like like #2 after the shoes haa haa!

Cs.F Says: Hi Franciene, you have got really preatty, and cute little feet. I wish I push my face onto your beautiful soles,and i'd lick them clean,after a long day.What would you do with a man,who offer him to you?Do you like when somebody worship you like a godess.My last question.If you would be a giantess,and everyone would be few inches tall.What would you do? Would you squish men,those who try to worship your precious feet,or you allow them...?

Francine's Reply: HAA HAA HAA I loved being worship and if you were all a few inches tall and I a giant! I would squish who ever gets in my ways and have the rest of you scurry about looking up and dreaming of getting close my feet haaa haaa HAAAAAAAAA!!!

Toeboy Says: Hi Francine I like your feet. Would you tease a guy for having a really small dick while foot teasing him? What nicknames would you give us small dicked men?

Francine's Reply: HAhaa you have a tiny weeny peenieee haa haaa LOSER! I call you losers "stumpy"! or "pussy boy" cause what you probably have is just an enlarged clit!!!! HAA HAA HAA!

Ranger Says: Yu have beautifal feet can you ballbust me barefoot and then stomp them if I signed a waiver sayin you can. How would you go about it what would your dream ballbustin session wit me be. Do you think you can hurt me barefoot even without shoes make me beg. Thank you your the best

Francine's Reply: I would tie up your arms and your legs Farrrrrrr apart! HA.. And I would gag you so i don't have to hear you whine, just for a little bit...and I would put your worthless cock on a stool and stomp away! then I would just take the gag off just to hear you scream! I hate blood so i would probably put a condom on you and watch it turn red Mwahhhaa haa haa haa!

Karl Says: Does the smell of women's shoes or feet turn you on alot?

Francine's Reply: Only if its leather!!! I love leather!

Wolfham Says: Hi. You have gorgeous soles. I was wondering, are the soles of your feet ticklish? and if so on a scale of 1 to 10, how ticklish are they?

Francine's Reply: They're ticklish okay!!! geeezzzz stop it with this question!

You-Know-Who Says: What can a former slave do to redeem himself?

Francine's Reply: Absolutely nothing! you can go wallow in your misery!

el enamorado de francine Says: Hi princess!!, you are extremelly beautifull and a very sexy personality! =) I want to ask you if you model you feet in another web site? And also I want to know if you have made any tickling photos or video? and for last, what was the most extreme experience about you feet being ticking (for how long and did tou enjoy it) Thanks francine!! have a nice day!

Francine's Reply: NO. Adam shares my pictures with Wu so you can see me in Wu's site, but I'm exclusive to feetfair. I made a tickling video when I was younger I think it was with little Dee. It was more of funny experience it wasn't really extreme...

Go Mets! Says: Francine do you have a favorite sports team?

Francine's Reply: No but i watch Wrestling! and I love Super Crazy, Carlito, RVD, John Cina, The Under Taker! Kevin Thorn, Sean Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, tripple H ...I kinda like Rando Orton ..I dont really like Big Show and I hate king booker!

dmfatah Says: hi francine.your feet are you said in a previous answer to a footfan that the most shoking thing you did with your feet to a guy was making him bleed from his cock, well I have questions conserning that ,how did that guy feel ?and did it hurt him a lot?and were you ready to do much worse damage then that?i wish I was in his place and get my cock and balls crushed by you my godess.what would you to me and my private parts if I were your dirtiest enemy?thanks for answering ....i'm your slave whenever you want me to be....ready to die under your feet

Francine's Reply: HAA HAA Your Such a loser! why are you asking me how "he" feels how would I know I had him gaged! haa haaa haaa....I would probably burn off your cock if you were my worst and dirtiest enemy! or I could just ignore you completely cause you wouldn't be just a waste of my time! HA

Your Foot Boy Says: Hi, Francine! First of all I have to say that your feet are beautiful and they really turn me on just by looking at them. I want to ask if you would like to trample someone with your sexy bare feet who got no clothes on? Thanks you for taking time to answer my question (hopefully)

Francine's Reply: I don't care if you have clothes on or not! your equivalents to a needy little bug and bugs don't wear clothes anyway! awhhhh poor little shivering foot boy ...kee kee kee*

RJ Says: Francine, you have gorgeous feet, I was wondering if you enjoy pedalpumping or driving. If so, do you like to wear shoes or would you rather be barefoot?

Francine's Reply: Yes I Do! I do enjoy pedal pumping, i like how it's cold and icy against my bare feet!

Steven Says: Have you ever though of putting a cast on your leg? I'm sure your toes would look soo cute sticking out the end of it!

Francine's Reply: Yeah! they would look really cute! I've wore a cast for fun just so my friends could sign it...I had my toes painted red..

Paul Says: I guess from your previous post you don't like cum on your feet. I would be more than happy to lick the dirt off your pretty feet also... Would you like that instead?

Francine's Reply: YES!!!!

John Says: hello there! I have 3 questions for you. how do you feel when you trample a guy? do you have any mercy? did you ever trample someone with one more of your girlfriends?

Francine's Reply: I feel great using men as carpets and what mercy? I'm 100 pounds, you must be a really big loser if you cant hold me up! YES! trampling with girlfriends is just more fun!

asianfootslave Says: Francine may I say you have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen(more so then my godess), and I'll most likely be punished by my asian goddess for saying so. I just wanted to know, if you had (unless you have one) would you ever let your foot slaves cum or do you think slave are here for you not for themselfs but for your amusement. Thank you for answering.

Francine's Reply: MY slaves are here for my amusement! And just for mentioning "cum" i hope your mistress( who isn't very good at keeping you loyal and obedient) will make yo eat "cum" just for talking to me.

Paul Says: Do you smoke? Do you like when one kisses your feet while you smoke?

Francine's Reply: Yes I do smoke and I like when someone is kissing my feet when I'm smoking...

You can see more of Francine at