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This interview was held with Erotic Nikki of Angel Kissed Feet. She chose a select few of your questions to answer. You can contact her about this interview at She'd love to hear from you. Thank you Nikki!

Sole-face Asks: Hi Nikki. You have some of the most lovely soles I have ever seen, and beautiful toes too. Love your website! Question: When you are with a foot worshipper, and the soles of your gorgeous feet are covering his face, do you enjoy the power you have over him in those moments? And do you like the feel of his face under your bare feet? I hope to be one of your worshippers at an upcoming foot worship party.

Nikki Answers: Hi Sweetie, This is one of My most favorite things to do when I am with a foot worshiper. I love to feel his warm skin on My bare soles. (And I especially love it when he's got a goatee that I can rub My feet on.) I absolutely love the feeling of his face under My soles. It's a very powerful situation to Me because I feel that if he let's me smother his face with My bare feet then he will do anything to please Me. I would love for you to attend a foot party so that I can rub My bare soles on your face. Thanks for the great question.

Steven C Asks: It seems most women don't have the imagination to truly explore the unusual world of foot fetishism. And along you come...beautiful & sexy along with some very well-kept, hot and shapely feet. Did a man initiate you to pleasure him with your feet or did you know all along that the female foot had such an erotic appeal? Your husband is one lucky guy!

Nikki Answers: Thanks for writing in. I've known for a long time that the female foot was very erotic to me. What I didn't know is how many others out there felt the same way. After attending my first foot party is when I realized just how many there were. My husband is the first person I ever "pleasured " with my feet. I initiated it. Before then he was not into my feet or anyone else's. That's changed now. He loves My feet and definitely loves to be "pleasured" with My feet as often as possible.

Toeboy Asks: If you were getting ready to give a guy a footjob who had a small penis would you verbally humiliate about it and then not give it to him? I am on of these guys who would like this done to him. Is 3 inches erect cosidered small? What insults would you give?

Nikki Answers: Well toeboy, I think it would go something like this... First thing is I would do is laugh, then tell you that it looks like a penis only smaller, does it come in a man size? What do you expect me to do, rub it with my pinky toe? 0-6 inches is a penis, 6-9 inches is a dick, and 10+inches is a cock. I'm looking for a Cock! I don't think you have enough to ante. In fact your not even close. I'll tell you what I will do...I will let you suck on My Toes while I rub My feet on a real cock since you don't have one. Perhaps for having such a small penis you can clean his mess when I'm done.

Bondistheone Asks: I have to admit you have the sexiest feet ever. Please accept my salute... I want to ask you to whom and when , at what age did u give your first footjob.... and what's your favorite technique to administor a footjob...toes soles ...or what?

Nikki Answers: Thanks for writing me. I have been asked this question a lot. This might seem kind of funny but my first footjob was last September. My husband was so not into feet then. I had to really talk him into letting me try it. Of course he gave in. I started out by dipping my toe in to some lotion and then began to rub on his cock. After a few seconds of this he was raring to go. Now he wants a footjob all the time. My favorite way to give a footjob is barefooted. I love the way his warm cock feels against my soft soles. I like for him to blow his warm load of cum all over my toes. Since September I have given a couple of footjobs to members of my site and others. Hope this answers your question!

Harold Asks: I am somewhat submissive and am into filthy bare feet and would love nothing more than licking your filthy feet clean. Do you get many requests of this nature and are you into it.

Nikki Answers: I'm glad you asked! I have experienced getting My feet really dirty and having them licked clean. It was great. Me and a girlfriend trampled some guys in a parking garage once and when were done they had had to lick the soles of our bare feet clean. We loved it! What a powerful feeling. I have gotten a few requests for this and would definitely like to do more of it.

Faiza Asks: Your toes look nice with those toerings. How many toerings do you have in your collection and do you wear any other foot jewellery?

Nikki Answers: Hi Faiza, I'm glad you like the toe rings. I have about 10 toe rings that I like to wear. I've probably got 20. I also like to wear anklets. I almost always have one on and sometimes I wear one or 2 on each ankle.

Mojo Asks: Have you ever given a footjob to a black man and would you do it?

Nikki Answers: No, I've never given a black man a footjob before. Would I do it? HELL YEAH! I like a cock in between my feet no matter what color it is.

Chris Asks: Hi Nikki, you have dead sexy feet! I love them! First, do you have a foot fetish and if so, why? Do you ever suck your own toes or have you ever sucked another girl's toes?

Nikki Answers: Yes...I definitely have a foot fetish. I didn't realize how strong it was until recently. I know that for as long as I can remember I've always looked at women's feet. My first experience of sucking on another girls toes drove me wild. I've been hooked ever since. I have since worshiped many female feet and I can never get enough. And yes I even suck my own toes from time to time.

Nick Asks: You have the sexiest toes I have ever seen, do you ever let your fans worship your sexy feet?

Nikki Answers: Hi Nick, Any of my fans can Worship My Feet once a month. All they have to do is show up to a foot party and get in session with Me. I love to meet my fans because they can see that I really am the girl on my sites. I've gotten to know some of my fans and members pretty well. Most of them never miss a party. So if you ever get the chance to come to a party, you can definitely get the chance to Worship My Feet.

Alex Asks: Let me congratulate you for the great job on It's very well done and your beautiful feet are amazing. Well, I know you're married, but what you think about cuckolding? Do you like having fun with a handsome lover while your husband waits at home?

Nikki Answers: Hi Alex, Funny you should ask. That seems to have been the topic of our conversations this week. I've never done cuckolding before. We were thinking about trying to do a shoot for the sites later in the future. I think it would be not only interesting but a lot of fun for myself. I've just recently actually found out what cuckolding is. I think it might be a fun fantasy to fufill. Thanks for writing!

Johnny Asks: Hello sexy Nikki, i'm in love with your feet. I jack off when ever I'm on your site. I love it to death, but there's one thing I'd like to know. How do you feel knowing men all over the world are jacking off to your feet.

Nikki Answers: Hi Johnny, Thanks! Hummm? Knowing that men all over the world are jacking off to my feet is an incredible feeling. If you've been to my site and read my Bio you will see that My foot fantasy is a Foot Bukkake. Now if I could get several of these men together and shoot their warm load of cum on my feet, My Fantasy would be fulfilled.

Mike H Asks: At foot partys, do you ever feel threatend or challenged by other beutifull feet that are getting a lot of attention?

Nikki Answers: No, not at all. I'm usually so involved with men worshiping my feet that I wouldn't notice anyway. I stay very busy at the parties and I have a lot of fun. I love all the other girls that go to the parties and I know they are getting just as much attention, if not more. Besides if I ever do slow down, I'll have a foot session myself with 1 or 2 of these beautiful women.

Cage Asks: Love your website and am not worthy of you! Question, have you ever been stuck in your car in the mud or snow? I love pedal pumping. Please share a story!

Nikki Answers: Yes! I have been stuck. My husband and I went down to the lake one afternoon to do a shoot. When we got there, the beach was pretty empty. A few cars here and there. So we drove to what we thought was a perfect spot to take some pictures. Well guess what happened? We got stuck in the wet sand. While my husband was digging the sand out from around the tires, I was trying to back out of there. I kept pumping the gas pedal and rocking the jeep backwards and forwards. All I did was get us deeper and deeper in the sand. So here I was in my bikini and my high heel sandals pumping the gas pedal while some men further down the beach just sat and stared. Now the sun is beginning to set and I am still pumping away as the muddy sand is flying everywhere and practically burying my jeep up to the bumper. Now I'm a little frustrated at this point because it seemed no one wanted to come down and help us get of there. I guess they too were turned on watching me pedal pump too. Finally 2 man were walking past and I jumped out of the truck and begged them to please help us. Well little did I know they too wanted to see me pedal pumping. They said they would help me get out of the sand if I would just do a few more minutes of pumping the gas pedal. So I pumped the pedal and they pushed.

f00tj08 Asks: G'day Nikki, first off I don't think I can find worthy words to describe you and your awesome feet!!! :P Im sure many others can and have during this interview and rightly so :) But I'm also interested In your lovely fingernails! As a foot guy AND a fingernail/handjob fan im a bit curious, what has prompted you to grow and paint such lovely nails on your hands? Are you a bit of a hanjob gal yourself? Do you see a correlation between the two interests?? I'm into womens feet because I like to show a woman that I find every inch of her body attractive and a cute pair of feet usually indicates that a woman likes to look after herself. I feel the same about a woman's fingernails and go just about as crazy over them as I do over feet....[just about :)] What's your opinion on all this??

Nikki Answers: Thanks for the great question. As far as the fingernails go I've been wearing them for almost 14 years. I never wore them quite as long as I do now. Funny thing is, my husband actually has a fingernail fetish. When we first met he took me right over to the nail salon and had my nails done. I haven't been without them since. The reason for growing them longer came when I first put my sites online. I had so many guys with a nail fetish emailing me how much they loved women with long nails. I've had many requests lately for handjobs. So now I will be adding handjob sets on my site. I never really thought about how many men would really be interested in my long fingernails. It's actually very popular. I love it that my nails get as much attention as my feet.

Feetlover Asks: Do you like to lick a man's feet or rub your pussy with a man's feet?

Nikki Answers: There is a part of a man that I like to lick but it's not his feet. :)

Dave Asks: Dear Nikki, call me jealous but why does Steve always get the best role of worshipping your feet? I personally liked the set with you in the outback standing on Steves face with gravel stuck to your soles. Tell me, does Steve beg you to play the role of worshiper? I envy him.

Nikki Answers: Let's put it this way, he never passes up the chance to play any role involving my feet! And the dirtier and smellier my feet are the more he likes it. But sometimes he likes to just worship my feet for the hell of it with out the camera. I love to tease Steve with my feet. He is one of the most awesome guys you will ever meet! Lots of guys are jealous of Steve and all the feet that he has worshiped or been trampled by!

Ironman Asks: Hi Nikki, my question is have you ever thought about doing a foot gang bang. Britney Andrews did one and the record was a hundred cumshots. The video said that record will never be broken and records are made to be broken. If you have seen it you should check it out. Britney is the queen of feet for the record she help set. I wuld like for someone try to break it.

Nikki Answers: I would love to do a foot gang bang. If the opportunity arises I will definitely do it! Just have to round up a whole bunch of men that would be interested.

Redeye Jedi Asks: Greetings from London. You have really gorgeous feet. Tell me what do they smell like and what shoes makes them the smelliest. Take care and keep up the great work on your site!

Nikki Answers: Lots of guys really want to know what my feet smell like. My feet have a sweet natural aroma. When I need to make my feet smell a lot I have a pair of backless tennis shoes that I wear without socks. This gets them really smelly and the guys go crazy!

Bryan Asks: I like worshiping women's feet and then have the same foot bust my balls. Would you bust balls or have you ever busted balls?

Nikki Answers: I would love to bust some balls. I haven't had the chance to do it yet but I have sat in on a ball busting contest with one guy and 5 girls and judged it. I wanted the chance to kick him really bad but the girls had pretty well done him in. If the chance ever presents itself again, I will definitely give it a try!

Lee S Asks: Hello Nikki, I'm new to the foot fetish scene but I'm getting into it in a big way. To pay respect to your feet I plan on spunking every night to a pics of your feet, but I've got a strange question which I need answering. What are snake head big toes? I've heard the term used a few times and realy don't know what it means? Please tell me. Thanx a lot!!

Nikki Answers: I have never heard that term before. I tried to do a little research to find out what it is but haven't found anything yet. When and if I find out I will let you know. In the meantime you just keep spunking to my feet every night!

Mar Asks: Hi Nikki, I was visiting your site and I must say that you have some beautiful soles. I was wondering ,are your feet ticklish and if so do you like your feet being tickled. Tickling a pretty girl's feet like yours is a real turn on.

Nikki Answers: I get many questions about my feet being ticklish. Yes, my feet are ticklish but only in specific areas. My heels and up around the bottom side of my toes are really ticklish when you nibble on them with your teeth. When you tickle my soles lightly with something like a feather or the bristles of a brush they are quite ticklish too.

Devon Asks: Do you sell worn stockings or shoes?

Nikki Answers: Yes, I do sell my personal items. Contact me if your interested in anything and I'll see what I can do for ya!

Polik Asks: What size are your feet?

Nikki Answers: My Feet are a size 6.

Steve Asks: There are men like me who have a shoe fetish. Would you ever let a man lick all of your shoes clean? After all, awesome feet like yours deserve the best. How many shoes do you have?

Nikki Answers: Are you volunteering? I would love to have a man lick all my shoes clean. I'm not sure how many shoes I have but I know that there are tons of them. My closet is packed with shoes. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes everywhere! I love shoes! It would probably take days upon days to lick my shoes clean.

Biggdirtyredd Asks: I am a member of in which you are a featured guest quite often. I love to see you do barefoot facestanding and would like to know, What is the longest time that you have stood on someones face and how powerful it must feel? Also do you perfer to stand on his face with the slave looking straight up or do you perfer to turn the head to the side and stand on the head.

Nikki Answers: I love to do barefoot face standing with him looking straight up. The longest I stood on someone's face was about 35 minutes or so. It was in a parking garage. There were a few us there standing around talking and me and my girlfriend Vanessa decided to have a trample session with Steve, a guy from Australia and her footslave. I stood on the guy's face from Australia and carried on a conversation with everyone as if he wasn't even there. The rush I got from that was amazing. When I finally got off his eyes were just a watering and swollen. That was awesome. And he totally loved it. Not many guys I've met can take it for that long. Steve is about the only person I know that can take it for sometime. I wish they could take it for as long as I can stand there. Thanks for the question.

Feet Freak Asks: First, I would just like to make it clear that YOU, my dear, have the most awesome pair of feet on the net. I totally lost it when I first discovered your gorgeous gifts within the foot fetish realm. I could go on for ever talking about your sexy, sexy, sexy...... and I mean SEXY FEET! However, my question is....How long have you had an interset in modeling your feet? Why did you engage in this unique activity, and what would be your ultimate foot fetish fantasy?

Nikki Answers: Thank you so much! I've only had this interest for modeling my feet about a year now. I had no idea that so many people besides me were into foot fetish. After attending my first foot party is when I decided that I would build a site around my feet. My ultimate foot fantasy is to have a Foot Bukkake. I can only imagine how awesome this would feel!

Art V Asks: Hello Nikki, I know your feet are very sexy and tasty. How did you discover your foot fetish, and what is your favorite thing to have done to your feet? Is it toe sucking, trampling, sole licking, or a footjob?

Nikki Answers: How are you? First off let me say that I'm really sad you will not be at the party tonight. I'll see ya next time. Anyway, I seem to have always known that I liked women's feet. I often caught myself staring at them. Then about 12 years ago we were out with some friends at a club and I was wearing some black thigh high boots. My husbands friend ask me to take off the boots so that he could see my feet. I thought at first it was a strange question but I removed them. I took the boots off and I thought the guy was going to go crazy. That was my first experience with someone who had a foot fetish. I wish now that I would have really taken advantage of the opportunity to have him worship my feet right there in the club! Now as far as my most favorite activity to do with my feet, it's all of the above. I love to do everything! I know what yours is! hehe!!! Hope to see ya next time!

Lisa Asks: Have you ever kicked a man in the balls? Were you wearing shoes and how badly did you injure him?

Nikki Answers: No I haven't had the chance yet to kick a guy in his balls. I'm patiently waiting for the moment! I've watched it though and it was pretty awesome! Thanks for your question!

Nikkimaniac Asks: I know that this will be rude but I and many of my friends, who are fans of yours, want to know. How old are you and what are your measurements. Don't be shy about your age. We all adore you. You are so beautiful. If you answer we would be really happy. Lots of love and kisses to your gorgeous feet. Bye!!!!!

Nikki Answers: I'm sure that you would love to now my age but if I tell you then everyone would know. I don't know my measurements exactly because I've never taken the time to get them. But I can tell yall that I am 5'3". I wear about a size 5 in clothes and my shoe size is a 6, and I'm a 34dd. I'll have to keep ya guessing on my age! Sorry! Thanks for the question.

Black Foot Bukakke Asks: I am a 24 year old white boy with a skinny little cock. In regards to your foot bukakke idea, I would so love for you to be the only white person present as about 100 black men dump multiple loads of cum all over your precious little feet. Does that turn you on? And if I'd be so lucky, would you enjoy having me there to lick all that thick cum off of your feet and from between your toes?

Nikki Answers: Well first let Me say that I'm turned on by 100 men of any race cumming on My Feet especially if they have big cocks. Since all you have is a skinny little dick, you'll have to prove your worthy of my feet by fluffing ALL the guys hard, then you may lick all the cum off My Feet and I had better enjoy it. But a hundred loads of cum, Really? Your such a little cumslut. I still like the idea.

CJ Asks: You have it all but, your toes are incredibly hot. If I were to recognize you on the street, would you allow me to kiss your feet? Have you ever had a person eat food from your feet? How do you like your toes sucked. If ever you want a foot slave I'm your man. Take care!

Nikki Answers: Thank you! Yes, I would allow you to kiss my feet on the street. I have had chocalate cake eaten off my feet by another girl! It was awesome. I like my toes sucked one by one and then take them all in at once and sucked. This feels so incredible to me.

Foot Liquor Asks: If a well hung black man shot a huge load of cum all over your feet, would you rather lick it up yourself, or make a white boy (like me) lick it up? What would turn you on more?

Nikki Answers: It would turn me on more to make a little-dicked white boy like you to fluff the guy hard and then clean the cum off my feet.

Tom Asks: What is your favorite nail polish color?

Nikki Answers: My favorite nail polish color is hard to say. I really like so many different colors. I prefer to wear dark colors like red, purple, black, blue, etc. and colors that have the prism like effect. Thanks for your question!

Devon Asks: Would you host a drawing to give a free footjob?

Nikki Answers: Although this sounds like a really cool idea, I'm not sure that the laws allow for this sort of thing.

Tally Ho Asks: Dear Nikki, I worship your divine feet, and always dream of becoming your full time footslave in real life. I go crazy looking at that cute mole on your silky soft right sole. Please tell me, has any one ever drooled over that sexy mole on your foot?

Nikki Answers: Thanks for your question. That cute little mole is how I got the name for my site. My first foot party several of the guys kept saying that they love the angel kiss. Hence, Angel Kissed Feet. Lots of guys since then have drooled and kissed and licked that sole more often than than the other because of it.

Tim Asks: I am totally falling in love with your feet. How did you come up with the name Erotic Nikki?

Nikki Answers: Thank you. I came up the name Erotic Nikki because one time I entered an Amateur Strip Contest and told the D.J. that my name was Nikki and when he called me to the stage he announced me as Erotic Nikki. So I stayed with it ever since.

W.F. Footbottom Asks: Hi Nikki, I am the one who is going to get a statue made of your feet. I was wondering, well sometimes I love the way a sexy female's feet smell. Therefore, how would you rate the smell of your sexy feet, stinky, somewhat stinky? What do you think your feet smell like after wearing shoes?

Nikki Answers: I can't wait to see the statue. My feet do have that natural smell to them. I would probably rate them as somewhat smelly but after wearing shoes, the smell is definitely more arousing I have noticed with many fans and others. Thanks for the question!

Captain Sole Asks: Nikki... you have perfect wrinkled soles. One of the things I love about you most is that you have lot's of wrinkles on your soles. I have two questions for you... would you ever consider fucking a 12 inch black dick with your wrinkled soles to the beat of some lude rap music ? Moving your feet up and down on his monster cock in time with the rap beat? Would you do this on video so your fans can buy?

Nikki Answers: First, thanks for the question! Second, if I find a 12 inch black cock attached to a man that I'm attracted to, I'm doing a lot more than just a footjob. hehe! But, yes I would definitely release a video of the footjob for my foot fans and the rest for my hardcore fans. If I start getting a lot of member mail requesting that, I'll have to start shopping for one! ;)

Tony Asks: What is the quickest you've ever made a guy cum? What is the easiest way (least effort) you've made a guy cum?

Nikki Answers: The quickest way and little effort was during a private nude dance. He lost it almost immediately! :)

Blackstockingfetish Asks: Hi Nikki! You have gorgeous feet. I think they would be even more gorgeous in black stockings. Why don't you think about giving some photo shots in black nylons? It would be fantastic!

Nikki Answers: We were just discussing this same thing yesterday. I am going to start adding more stocking and pantyhose content to the site since I have several request for it and black stockings will be part of the shoots. Thanks for the question!

Tim Asks: I would love to worship your feet and have the soles of your feet on my face at a foot worship party. Do I get to choose who's feet I worship at the party? If I want to worship your feet at a party, is it guaranteed that I would be able to?

Nikki Answers: Yes you do get to choose who's feet you want to worship at the party, and there are lots of feet there. But if you want to worship my feet I cannot guarantee that you would be able to. I can pre-book sessions for the party and I will be available for you at that time. I stay really busy from the beginning to the end. If this is something you would like to do then please let me know.

CrazyPaul Asks: Well it's about time I find foot-fetish website that doesn't feature some Britney Spears teeny bopper models. Now Nikki is exactly what I'm lookin for, a real woman! Yes! I love your feet and your whole body! The eyes,hair,feet,hands,arms,legs,ass,breasts etc etc.. I have one question for ya. If given the right financial incentive, would you do custom videos? One last thing, keep on doin what ya doin and let all the people that come across your website know, you dont have to be in your 20s to be.... The Sexiest Woman Alive!

Nikki Answers: Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments. And yes I do custom videos (for members only) from time to time if I really like the request and it's something that I am willing to do. And of course the price has to be right. :) If your interested in something please let me know.

Tim Asks: Have you ever done facesitting? I would love to have you facesit me. What goes through your mind when your facesitting a man?

Nikki Answers: Yes, I love facesitting! Smothering someone while sitting on their face is so powerful to me. It's an amazing feeling! I would love to do some facesitting with you sometime!

Marcus Asks: What do you think about flip flops? I think flip flops are the sexiest shoes for women.

Nikki Answers: I love flip flops. What a great pair of shoes. When I wear mine I know that pretty much my whole foot is exposed to tease anyone with a foot fetish no matter where I go. And yes I do tease with my feet when I'm out and about every chance I get. Thanks for your question!

Jimih Asks: When was the first time you had your feet worshipped?

Nikki Answers: The first time I ever had my feet really worshiped was at My first Foot Party. It was so amazing and really turned me on. I will never forget it. It was also the first time someone ever deepthroated almost my whole foot! WOW! Thanks for asking.

James M Asks: Do you like to have cum on your feet?

Nikki Answers: I love the feeling of having cum all over my feet. When I give a footjob to my husband or a member I make sure he knows to cum all over my toes. After he cums on my toes I like to rub it all over my feet!

Jeff Asks: Huge fan of your feet! Thanks for the shots. Somewhat bizarre question: Given the length of your nails, have you ever clipped your toenails to give to an admirer?

Nikki Answers: Thanks for writing in. Actually I've had a request for this before. I don't clip my toenails too often but when I do would you be interested in them?

Chuck Asks: How would your dream ballbusting session unfold? How would we be able to get a hold of you for some ballbusting?

Nikki Answers: My dream ball busting session would probably start out of course with you there in the buff. I would then make you spread your legs some and then I would try to kick you as hard as I can with my barefeet. You would have to take several kicks in the balls until you are in enough pain you hit the ground. Then once you are on the ground I would continue to kick you until I see that you have had enough. If you live in or are able to get to L.A. once a month I'm always there to meet my fans and members for foot worship. We could maybe set something up if you are interested. I can't wait until I get to bust my first set of balls! I guess you could say I'm a "Ball Busting Virgin"! hehe!

Gregory J Asks: Do you do foot teases and do you give footjobs too?

Nikki Answers: Yes I do like to foot tease. I especially love it when someone is worshiping my feet and then I as I have my feet over their face I love to get it just close enough to their mouth and as their mouth's open to lick my soles I pull it away. Once I see that they are almost begging for it I let them have it. I also enjoy giving footjobs and having cum all over my feet! Thanks for the questions!

Darren Asks: What kind of custom videos would interest you the most to make? Footjob, foot tease or trampling?

Nikki Answers: I think the one one that would get my interest the most is probably foot tease. I love to do foot teasing anyway so i think I would have a really good time do this. Don't get me wrong I like ALL things that involve my feet whether it's footjobs, trampling or whatever. Foot Teasing is real exciting to me because I know how powerful it can be whether your under my feet or across the room!

Thomas the Dwarf Asks: Hi Nikki, your feet are very sexy and your soles are so lovely! If I were only 3 inches tall, would you step on me if I beg you to? I'm a giantess lover and it would be a great thing fot me.

Nikki Answers: Thank you! If you were a 3 inch man yes I would step on you. I would squash you like a little bug.

Piglet Asks: Would you be cruel enough to lock a footslave in a male chastity belt and watch your sexy feet at the Foot Bukkake? Would it make you laugh knowing that guys all over the world jack off to your incredibly sexy feet, while you controlled that little dicked loser's orgasms, and decided he was unworthy of even masturbating?

Nikki Answers: Of course I would keep you locked up in a chastity belt and make you watch. Surely you don't think you deserve to join in do you? I think it would be hilarious as you watch me getting loads of cum on my feet and all you can do is sit there and watch. No masturbating, no orgasms. Just watching me have a good time and getting really turned on by this whole thing that I myself might even orgasm and that would be the icing on the cake. HAHA!

Mike Asks: I just love your feet Nikki!! Do You like giving foot jobs and feeling a guy cum all over your beautiful feet? And do you like a guy to lick them clean afterwards?

Nikki Answers: Thanks! I do like to do footjobs. I especially like it when the guy cums all over my feet! I like that warm wet feeling so much that when he is done I just have to rub it in real good! They say getting a facial is good for your skin, so I figure it's probably just as good for my feet! If I had a guy there to lick my feet clean that would be great. This is another one of my fantasies. Someday it will happen!

Frer Asks: Do you like it when people take your shoes off and rub your feet in babby oil?

Nikki Answers: Yes. I love to have my feet rubbed with baby oil. Volunteering?

Rob Asks: If you were getting ready to give a guy a footjob and he tells you that since he has a small penis he would rather have you bust his balls instead would you do it? How would you do it and would you wear shoes? Then afterwards he would fluff a man with a 12-inch dick hard so you can have a relaxing footjob after you bust his balls. Then he would clean his big load off your feet. Would you enjoy doing this?

Nikki Answers: I would absolutely take him up on his offer to bust his balls instead! I would do it either barefooted or with shoes. Whichever I felt like doing at the time. If afterwards he's able to fluff this man for me and clean the load I think I would totally enjoy this. Thanks for the question!

Feetlover Brazil Asks: Hi, I just love your feet. I'm a huge fan! Why do you think your feet look so sexy when you point your toes like a ballerina? Are you a ballerina?

Nikki Answers: Thanks! I think because it really shows the arches in my feet. I also like the way my toes look when I point them. No, I'm not a ballerina now but I was when I was much younger.

Rick Asks: Is it possible to become a member of your site via postal mail without giving you an e-mail address? I am nervous about sending the e-mail address in the mail.

Nikki Answers: I would still need to be able to contact you so that I can send your information to you and let you know that I received your form and moneyorder. If you could send that to me through my e-mail that would be fine!

Footboy Asks: Hi Nikki, I noticed that some sites will allow members to voluntarily do a photo shoot for their sites. Would you allow a member to volunteer for a photo shoot for your site?

Nikki Answers: I would love to do photo shoots with my members. If they are near me then maybe we can set something up or if they are going to be in L.A. when I'm at the foot party we can set something up before or after or even during. They just need to e-mail and let me know that they are interested and what they would like to do or are willing to do. That would be great!

Toeslave Asks: I could be at your feet 24-7!!! Have you ever considered being in adult movies? Specifically foot-fetish videos?

Nikki Answers: No, I've never considered doing adult movies. I really like doing the amateur thing. As far as foot fetish movies, that's something that might interest me. I guess if anyone offers me the opportunity to do one then I'll have to check into it. That would cool!

SandMan Asks: Nikki I just printed a picture of your sexy feet and shot a huge load of cum all over it what should I do with all the cum on your feet?

Nikki Answers: Well now you need to lick it all up!

Lorenzo Asks: Nikki, my sexy queen, if I worshipped your sexy feet and you enjoyed it would you give me a footjob so I can cum all over your sexy feet?

Nikki Answers: I know that I would enjoy it. And you would enjoy the footjob so much that you would have no choice but to cum all over my feet!

Maverick Asks: Nikki you are the first foot website I have ever joined and I want to thank you for all of the adventures of you and your sexy feet and ass. I love them both. I would like to know how long I should save up from not cumming so when we finally meet I can shoot the biggest load you have ever seen all over your beautiful feet then lick it all up for you. Kisses to you and your feet bye bye.

Nikki Answers: First let me say thank you for joining. Now, if you were going to meet up with me and cum on my feet AND lick it up then you need to start saving now. I want the first guy to lick cum off my feet to be huge load. A guy licking cum off my feet is one of my fantasies so I want it to be everything I imagine. None of this drip, drip! Hope to see ya soon!

James Asks: Have you ever given footjobs to more than one man at a time?

Nikki Answers: No I have never given a footjob to more than one man at a time. That would be fun! I would love to!

Mean Green Machine Asks: Sexy feet,sexy feet,sexy feet.........Oh, hey Nikki I just was wondering do you perfer a lot of little cumshots on your feet or a long thick load on your feet.

Nikki Answers: I would prefer a long thick load all over my toes!

Rambo Asks: Will you be traveling to South East Asia for adventure, filming or meeting fans?

Nikki Answers: Thanks for your question. I don't have any plans of traveling there in the near future. If I do I'll let ya know!

TMH Asks: Hi Nikki, you have one of the most gorgeous feet on the web. I definitely would love to suck on them. I was just wondering if you like to tease men with your feet in public? If you do, what do you normally do?? Also, what is your favorite type of shoes that you like to wear?? Finally, do you like to do some foot tease while lying down in bed?? I always get turned on when women tease with their feet in bed.

Nikki Answers: Thank you! I love to tease men in public. If I noticed that they are staring then I will dangle my shoes, slide my feet in and out of my shoes, take my feet out of my shoes and just point my toes, and many things until i see them just aching for more, then I get up and walk away. My favorite shoes to wear are flip-flops, my 7" platforms, tennis shoes, and strappy sandals. I love to tease my hubby with my feet in bed. I like to rub my soles up and down his legs, play with his toes with my toes then I roll over and tease his inner thighs and his manhood with my toes. Eventually he can't take anymore and he has to have them in his face licking my soles and sucking my toes. Some of our best sex stems from nights like this.

Hung Lee Asks: Hi Nikki, I know you get a lot of guys write to you with small dicks. Iam a 22yr old asian man and I have a pathetic little penis. Its 2 inches soft and 4 inchs hard. I am extremely turned on by the fact you hate small penises and that you would rather kick them in the balls than do anything sexual with them. Tell me, is a micro penised little asian man like me worthy of worshipping your feet? Or am I too pathetic?

Nikki Answers: First I would change your name from hung lee to rice dick. No you are not worthy of worshipping my feet but you are worthy of licking cum off my feet. 4" hard? hahaha! Busting your balls wouldn't even be worth it because you probably got little bitty ones and wouldn't even feel it so why would I even waist my time and energy on you and your small penis?

Someone Asks: I think blue jeans, barefeet and cum make the best pics. What do you think of the combination?

Nikki Answers: I think you are right! I'll have to post something like that in one of my updates.

Future Cuckold Asks: Hi Nikki. A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I fulfilled one of our fantasies by me watching her give a blow job, followed by a nice slow foot job to a hung black man. My girfriend and I are in our mid-twenties. Anyhow, the experience was great for all three of us. We're already going to set up another meeting. What I want to know is, my girlfriend and I had talked about a couple different avenues with this. The first was to invite two black men over for the same treatment. The other was for us to meet the same man again, but to allow it to go further by her and him fucking. Both ideas excite up a lot. Would you suggest going giving them a try?

Nikki Answers: That is great that you guys have began to fulfill some of your fantasies. I can tell ya that this is a situation I would love to be in. If ya'll have talked it out and you both are perfectly okay with this whole thing than I would go for it. The main thing is too make sure you both are comfortable with the whole idea! Have Fun! I know I would!

All That Goo Asks: Here is a fun one... If you could pick any five (5) male celebrities to hold your foot bukakke with, who would you choose?

Nikki Answers: OOOH! I love this question! If I could pick any (10) I would have to go with...Tyrese, Nelly, Michael Jordan, Roy Jones JR, William Baldwin, Vin Diesel, Maurice Benard, Freddie Prinze Jr., Heath Ledger, and Anderson Cooper. Sorry I couldn't narrow it down to 5. It would be a hard choice amongst these guys.

Honest White boy Asks: It seems like many white men, like myself, are fascinated by seeing white women with black men. With interracial footjob photos on the internet being rare, how would you feel getting a huge black cock between your soft soles? And why do you think so many white guys are turned on by seeing white women with black men?

Nikki Answers: I would love the chance to have a huge black cock in between my soles. I think the fascination is that so many black men have huge cocks and the white men can only fantasize about how they wish they could take care of these white women like they do. Maybe they like to watch how much the girl enjoys taking on a huge black cock! I have often tried to understand this myself and this is the only thing I can think of. If you or someone can fill me in on this I would love to hear what you have to say.

Patrick Asks: To you, does size matter when having sex with a man? How about with giving footjobs?

Nikki Answers: No size doesn't matter to me when having sex (though I do fantasize about how a huge cock would feel). It's all in how you use it! As far as giving footjobs I would like a bigger cock so that I can feel it in between my high arches, and rub it up and down in nice long stokes with my toes.

Dave Asks: One of my dream sessions would be to have you and Vanessa from flirty feet trample me with heels. Then you make me lick your shoes clean and then do some facestanding. Then you and Vanessa would give footjobs to 8 men and then make me lick your feet clean. Would you enjoy doing this?

Nikki Answers: Vanessa and I have done many sessions together. I'm all for giving footjobs to 8 men and making you lick them clean! I know I would enjoy this as would Vanessa too!

Maurice Asks: I need to ask you a question since you know about feet. I have a co-worker and she has beautiful feet. I have told her this but she is not really into the whole feet thing. However I have noticed that since I told her she has been wearing sexier sandals and doing a lot more shoe play and stuff when she is around me. Now do you think she is trying to turn me on knowing that I like her feet? You are a woman with beautiful feet help me out.

Nikki Answers: Of course she is trying to turn you on. She knows that you like her feet so now she can sit in the office everyday and know that you are sitting back and more than likely starring at her feet! Not only that but you have probably made her more aware of how her feet look which is a good thing for you because she will do more to show them off. You can have fun with this!

Dominic Asks: I would first like to compliment you and say you have one of the most beautiful pair of feet i have ever seen. Your toes look so good and i bet taste and smell delicious! Do you like the smell of your own feet? and have you ever sucked on your own toes to excite you?

Nikki Answers: Thank you! My feet taste and smell divine! I just did a custom video of self indulging in my own feet. Sucking my toes and licking my soles from heel to toe! It does get me very excited.

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