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This interview was with the lovely Carol of Gazelle´s Paw Brotherhood. She answered some of your questions. Send comments to

John Smith Asks: Have you ever been tied and tickled on your beautiful feet?

Carol Answers: Hi John! Yes, I have been tied and tickled once in my life... Actually, it happened some weeks ago, and to satisfy your curiosity, this moment was registered by pictures! You can see it at my website! Have fun!

Shmo Asks: What is it exactly that draws you to pose for foot fetish content? Is it mostly to please your boyfriend or have you found this fetish to be addictive?

Carol Answers: Well, some men have the fetish for feet and now I've have discovered my fetish! It's having my feet adored, worshiped, kissed... I really love to have my feet admired! Don't you think this is nice combination? So, it's what draws me to pose!

Fai Asks: I really admire your lovely pair of sexy looking feet. I noticed that you have given footjob in a car and also you are into bondage. I was wondering if you have been giving footjob while your feet being tied up. It will be great experience. Or Else how many times have somebody bound your feet for pleasure?

Carol Answers: Hi Fai! Thanks for your nice words about my feet! You know, it's very dificult to give footjobs having my feet my feet tied up... Actually, that was my husband's turn to play with me! It was my first bondage experience, and to be honest, we both have a lot of fun!

Ken Asks: Hi Carol, I was just wondering, do you enjoy footjobs or is it more of a chore for you?

Carol Answers: Hi Ken! Giving footjobs is a pleasure for me too!!! I think I'll never see it as a chore... Actually, playing with my feet is an important part of my sexual life, and believe me, I enjoy it!

Jcam Asks: Hello Carol. You have a beautiful feet. Do you like to suck your own toes and have you experienced a worship with another girl? Do you like to suck toes or lick arches of another girl? Thank you for your answer. Best Wishes.

Carol Answers: Thank you for your compliment! Most of the time, I'd rather have my toes sucked... But sometimes, when I want to tease my husband, I lick my own feet, suck my toes and we have a lot of fun! I had never lick other girls' feet, I think this is not my point...

Sleepy Feet Guy Asks: First off your feet are very sexy and I love your wrinkley soles. My question for you is have you ever woke up to a guy playing with your feet. Whether it be sucking your toes, rubbing his penis on your feet, or just rubbing your feet. I love to play with sleepy feet, and I wish I could play with your sleppy feet.

Carol Answers: Hi sleepy feet guy! I'm glad with your kind compliments! Thanks for asking, because I love to be woke up to my footlover playing with my feet! He does this frequently, but for me it's always a surprising and exciting experience...

W.F. Footbottom Asks: Carol, I think you have the most sexy wrinkled soles on the planet. However, do you notice a lot of men watching your feet when you are out in the public? Do you feet get very stinky in stocking and heels after a hard night of dancing? How would you rate the stink on your feet, stinky, somewhat stinkly or very stinky?

Carol Answers: Hi!!! A long time isn't it?! Thank you again for the nice words...Well, being honest, I think my feet has a delicious natural smelling... After a hard night of dancing, I would say they just got somewhat stinky! :-)

Keithb Asks: What is your favorite color polish? Do your prefer foot jobs or having your toes sucked? What are your favorite type of sandals to wear? If you notice a guy checking out your toes, do you make it obvious that you know he's checking them out or do you act as if you don't know he stealing a look at you feet??? p.s. I think you have the most sexiest feet!!!

Carol Answers: First of all, thanks for the compliment! I like every kind of feet plays: suckings, footjobs, ticklings, lickings... I don't have a favorite! I love to wear open sandals, with light colors on my nails. I feel very pleased when I notice someone looking at my feet, I like it! And this stimulates me to flex my feet, make arches, provoke... I have a lot of fun!

Footjob Boy Asks: When did you give your first footjob and how did it feel when he came on your feet?

Carol Answers: I think I gave my first footjob, maybe three years ago, when I discovered this foot world... Since the first time it happened, I got very excited! It was a very hot experience, and I liked so much!

Marc Asks: Carol... what is the most flattering compliment you received on your feet?

Carol Answers: Hi Marc! You know, I don't have in my mind the most flatering compliment... To be sincere, I love all kinds of compliments! There are some discreet guys, some shameless or funny... No matters! All of you have a nice word to say about me and my feet! Big kiss!

Maurice Asks: Hi Carol, First let me start off by saying that I am a BIG fan and I think that your feet are beautiful. Now, what are the top five ways for you to use your feet to flirt with a guy or turn a guy on? Let me know.

Carol Answers: Hi Maurice! I'm glad for having you as my BIG fan! OK, I'll rank my ways of turning on a real footlover!

1. Flexing my feet and showing him my wrinkles. I think it's my high...

2. Dangling. I love this moviment!

3. Making high arches. I have good ones, don't I?!

4. Wearing high heels sandals. There's nothing sexiest for a woman!

5. Finally, sucking my own toes and licking my feet. But this, just in privacy of my bad!

Mr Wright Asks: Do you find your feet attractive? How long have you known that people find your feet attractive? How do you keep your soles so perfect?

Carol Answers: Well, just now, after so much time of praises, maybe three years, I can say that I think my feet are really seducive and attractive... Because of that, I take care of them! I'm glad you liked my soles!

Sweetoe Asks: You have such excellent feet it's unbelievable. I am struggling to find girls with such feet as yours. Were you born with such soft, beautiful feet or did you take extra care of them in order to look like that?

Carol Answers: Hi!!! First, thank you for being so kind! :-) Actually, I think I was born with nice feet, and since I've noticed that, I started to take an extra care of them! I really like to have my soles soft, my nails polished and my feet with a pleasant smelling...

Max Asks: Hi Carol, I don't know if you remember me but we have email a few times and discussed me ordering one of your tapes. Anyway, I am still your biggest fan. My question is I have seen you do shoots in several different types of shoes from flip-flops, sandals, heels, mules, etc. My question is which of them is your favorite and which do you think makes you look the sexiest? I am a flip-flop man myself. Inquiring minds want to know.

Carol Answers: Hi Max! Sure I remember you! Thanks for still being my fan! :-) About your question, my favorite type of shoes is high heel sandals! I think they let me very sexy, with nice legs and seductive feet... About your flip-flops preference, I think they are cute, when used for beautiful feet. Do you think my feet looks nice on them? Kisses!

Donny Asks: Hi Carol, I'm a big fan of your site! You do a wonderful job making all my foot fetish dreams come true :-) I have one question for you.... When will I get a chance to see you in some hot black hose? That will complete my dream. And make one of your big fans really happy :-)

Carol Answers: Hi Donny! Thanks for your nice compliments! I hope I can keep your wishes coming true! Well, like you, I've recieved lots of requests about doing hose pics... It's just about time we make it! Could you wait a little bit? Big kiss!

Richard Asks: Do you live in the U.S. IF not do you visit here and where do you go?

Carol Answers: Hi Richard! I live in Brazil and I just went to US once... I was a little girl, can you guess to where I went? Disney World! :-)

Toetap Asks: I know that you have heard this before but you feet are gorgeous. Let me ask you a question, have you ever been out to a restaurant or something like that and noticed that a guy has gotten an erection from watching you dangle from across the room? If so how does it feel to have that kind of power over men?(smile)

Carol Answers: Hello! Thanks for admiring my feet! It didn´t happen exactly like you said, but once I was in a shoe store trying a high heel clear plataform sandal and a guy just could not stop looking at my feet. He was completely without control and I felt very powerful with that situation. I liked it a lot!!!

Footster69 Asks: Firstly I'd like to compliment you on your beautiful feet. I think your french pedicured toes and your creamy soles are the best. But nobody seems to mention your body pics. i think you have a nice ass (I am a big ass man) do you ever get compliments on your body?

Carol Answers: Hi! Well, I'm really pleased with your words about my feet and about my body of course! I think I have as much body fans, as feet fans... It's just that I'm a little bit shy about that! ;-)

Chazo Asks: Hello Carol. I love your sexy feet. Do you enjoy crushing things with your feet? I would love for you to crush me under your beautiful foot, would you?

Carol Answers: Hi Chazo! Thanks for wrinting! Well, I like very much the feeling of crushing something under my feet... I just don't know if my husband would enjoy the idea of not beeing him the lucky man! :-)

Dead Parrot Asks: Thank you for sharing yourself with us! My question is - have you ever teased a man with your feet under the table at a restaurant, or while at someone's house for dinner? If so could you give some details, such as what you were wearing, who else was at the table, what you did and if you made the man cum?

Carol Answers: Hello! It's a pleasure to share my feet, and my life with you... Well, the situation you've mentioned happens all the time!!! Most of the times I'm using open sandals, so I can take them off and play with my feet! I like to wear dresses or skirts, that way my husband can feel my legs too! It takes maybe 10 or 15 minutes of fun, but just when we got home I finish my job!

Stephen Asks: Do you like photographs taken close up showing your soles with your face?

Carol Answers: Hi Stephen! To be honest, I don't think I look much atractive in photos, and because of that, I'd rather pose just for feet and body pics...

Amo Pés Asks: OI Carol, sou seu super fã aqui de SP. Adoro você!!! Seus pés são os mais sensuais da Internet. Gostaria de saber porque seus pés ficam tão deliciosos quando você faz pontinha feito bailarina? Você já fez ballet? Gostaria de abusar pedindo um ensaio só de pontinha no seu site... é pedir muito?? Beijos! Te adoro!!

Carol Answers: Olá!!! Fico muito feliz de receber elogios de brasileiros também no Wu! Bom, nunca fiz ballet, mas a prática leva à perfeição, não é verdade??! E como pontinhas também são preferências do meu marido, meu site está cheio delas, é só você procurar!!! Um grande beijo!

The Tickler Asks: First of all Carol you have got the best looking feet in the world. Do you like giving footjobs? Are those great feet ticklish and how old are you?

Carol Answers: Hi Tickler! Thanks for the kindness... I'm a 22 years old girl who loves all feet games, since footjobs until tickling! There are some pics on my website, showing all these moments! Did you see them?!

Scooter Asks: Hi Carol!! Love the Site!! Do you love dirty feet and getting your soles dirty? Have you ever had anybody lick your dirty soles clean?

Carol Answers: Hi Scooter! Actually, I'd rather let my feet always clean, soft and with a pleasant smelling, well prepared for being adored... And answering your second question, I've never made such a sacrifice to anyone! :-)

Lucas Lato Asks: Oi, Carol, sou brasileiro e adoro seus pés, mas por quê você e outras modelos brasileiras, não usam meias-fina e fotografando com os pés descalços só de meias?

Carol Answers: Oi Lucas! Fico muito feliz em poder responder e-mails de brasileiros como eu! Bom, acho que na minha cidade, de verão o ano inteiro, meias finas não são tão comuns... Mas acredito que fotos usando-as ficariam muito atraentes! Já estamos pensando em fazer uma sessão bem legal, para atender pedidos como o seu! É só questão de esperar um pouquinho, OK?!

Casanova Asks: Hi, Carol, I'm from Brazil too. You have the most gorgeous feet I have ever seen. Strong but at the same time delicate. I dream about your soles. Do you like to use the soles of your feet to smother your husband's face? If you do, how does he feel about it?

Carol Answers: Hello, brazilian friend! First of all, thanks very much for your kind compliments! I wish I could answer you in portuguese, but... About your question, I really love the feeling of smoothing my husband's face! It happens all the time, even when he is sleeping and I try to wake up him with a nice surprise! ;-)

f00tj08 Asks: G'day Carol! :) Firstly, I don't think I have seen any pics of your lovely feet but from the one im looking at now I feel like I'm missing the party! :) Anyway, back to my question, I'm not sure if it's just me but in nearly every brazillian foot pic I see, I notice the girls don't have painted toes. For me, painted toes play a huge role in my passion for female feet and I was just curious as to whether the 'natural' no paint look is typically brazilian, or if it's just a coincedince...thanks for your time and keep on showing off those sexy feet hun!

Carol Answers: Hey... How could you miss my party?! :-) Well, now I'm happy that you found my feet!!! I think that is exactly what you said, we brazilian girls in general, are not used to have painted toes. I'd rather use light colors, maybe because they give an impression of allways clean feet... But, actually I think it's very sexy a woman with red or dark nail polish. I'm preparing a new section of pictures like that, I'm sure you'll like it a lot! Just wait a little bit and keep in touch! Big kiss!

Chynito Asks: Hi Carol! First off let me say you have the prettiest and most perfect feet I've ever seen. Also, I can't go to sleep unless I jerk off to your feet. My Question is how do you feel knowing that there are guys like me who get off with your feet and has anyone come up to you to compliment your feet. Thanks for your beautiful feet.

Carol Answers: Hi Chynito! I feel very pleased with all those compliments about me and my feet... I just love having lots of mails, because most of them has a nice word to me! I think my feet have the power of making spells to footlovers, don't you think?!

Robotron Asks: I must first start by saying that you have the most beautiful wrinkled soles I've seen. Now to business! What size shoe do you wear? What's your favorite foot fetish activity? And will you ever show more of your face? You really are a beautiful woman. Keep up the good work and perhaps we may meet and I can see your pretty feet in person!

Carol Answers: Hello!!! You're very gentle man... My shoes size is 7 and I love to dangle them! I think it's very seductive! I'm very shy about showing my face, but maybe in the future I can feel more confortable to do it. ;-)

Yonathan Asks: I saw some cum on soles pics at your site. How can I see more? They were amaizing.

Carol Answers: I´m glad you liked that set! You can also see some more on our video Gazelle Vol 4 that is available on our site. Check it out! Kisses...

dangling-participle Asks: First off let me say that your feet are the absolute BOMB!!!!! Now let me ask you this, when you are out in public and you see other women wearing sandals do you ever compare your feet to theirs? Do you ever run across women with prettier feet than yours?

Carol Answers: Hello! Well, when I'm in public, I'm always looking at the other women feet in sandals... When I see some that I think are beautiful, I show them to my husband, just to hear him say: "Relax babe! You're feet are farthest the best!" Then, we can go home! :-)

Chris Asks: Carol you have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. My question to you is what do you like the best about your feet?

Carol Answers: Hi Chris! Well, I think I like every thing about my feet... But my soles and wrinkles are really special, aren't they?

BlackStockingFetish Asks: Hi Carol!You are so sweet. Why don't you give some photo shots with black stockings?You will be really sexy.

Carol Answers: Hello! Like you, I think black stocking are really sexy! Because of that, I'll be shot wearing them in a few days! You'll just have to wait a little bit to see those pics at my website, OK? Kisses!

Patricia ( Asks: Hello Carol! First of all congratulations for the huge success you are making in the net! You know that we brazilian prefer the clear nails, instead of the polish ones. In your site we have not seen any pictures with red nails or similar. Do you plan to take some pictures using colored nails, or not? By the way, you folks stay tunned cause soon I will appear using Carol's Sandals, and she using mine ! You will love that!

Carol Answers: Hi Pat! A long time we don't talk to each other, isn't it?! Well, about the colored nail polish you mentioned, maybe clear nails are just an habit of ours... But even though, I think red nail polish is very attractive and sexy to a woman! That's why we're planing to shoot them soon! The wait will worth! Hey! I can't wait to see those nice pics together! It will be the best of year! Thanks for writing! ;-)

Quebecer Asks: Carol your feet must be tired, because they've been walking in my mind since eternity... Have you ever made your man eat from your feet, or foot fight another model?

Carol Answers: Oh... You're so cute!!! :-) Well, my man just love to eat from my feet, and I have a lot of fun!!! About foot fighting another model, no! I'm so much peaceful and serene to make it... Best!

Fred Asks: You have nice feet. There are men like who have a foot fetish and would like to be a foot slave. Can I be your footslave? What would you make a footslave do? Would you like owning a slave?

Carol Answers: Hi Fred! I would love to have a foot slave!!! Sound great having someone to give me foot massages anytime, to paint my nails with a diferent color three times a week, to take away my shoes after a hard day... Humm, it would be PARADISE! :-)

T.T. Asks: My girlfriend's feet look very similar to your's, however, I have to confess I like your feet more...they're almost PERFECT! Well, she says that women with small feet usually get stinkier feet than other women. Do you think that is true? And did anybody ever made fun of the "strong" smell of your feet?

Carol Answers: Hello! What a coincidence!!! Well, I don't know if tiny feet get stinkier... Actually, I think that feet of any size can have strong smell, since they walk around all (hot) day long in socks, don't you think?! ;-)

Brazillian-Rhyme Asks: Let me ask you a question Carol. My boss is from Brazil and he has shown me several pictures of the beautiful women there but none of them have had attractive feet. Do you consider yourself a rarity in Brazil or are there more women with beautiful feet there?

Carol Answers: Hello! No, it was probably a bad coincidence. There are beautiful girls with beautiful feet in Brazil, and a lot of them you can see on the net. I would say Brazil is the paradise for female foot lovers! Kisses... :-*

Hippogriif Asks: Hi carol! I'm already in love with your feet. You sure know how to tease! What I want to know is, if you have ever trampled anyone and if so what were you wearing? If not, would you?

Carol Answers: Hello! Of course! I trample my husband almost everyday! It´s part of my sexual life. I do it many ways, most of them naked in the privacy of our bedroom. One curiosity is that sometimes my feet are used as a pillow, and I like it a lot!

Max Asks: Its me again. Let me ask you this one, name 5 male celebrities that you would love to give a footjob too and have worship your feet?

Carol Answers: Hi Max, well, actually the only male I give footjobs and let worship my feet is my husband, Rubens. I love him and he introduced me to the world of foot fetish. Best!

Anderson Asks: Hey Carol! You have the cutest feet in the world!!!!! I love to see feet get dirty and I was wondering if you ever dance barefoot and do your feet get dirty? Or do you do any other activities that make your feet dirty?

Carol Answers: Hello Mr. Anderson :-) , thanks for your nice words! Yes, sometimes I dance and walk barefoot and my feet get really dirty. We´ll soon post a photo set and release a video with dirty feet. So stay tuned and keep visiting our site!

Mukesh Ponduri Asks: Hi Carol, I really like your amzaing feet, especially your beautiful wrinkled soles. You also have a very pretty face, and so I'd like to ask you this question. Will you be doing alot more feet and face photographs with extreme close-ups of your soles as well?

Carol Answers: Hello Mukesh! Well, I don´t think my feet and face pictures is my high, but due to many requests of my husband and my fans we´ll post some pictures of feet and face sometimes. About the extreme close ups, they´ll keep coming, with or without my face on the background!

Dan Asks: Hello Carol, I just want your honest opinion about foot fetish. Since I only see men interested in it, do you find it interesting seeing men's feet? We're just like this, and we'd feel better by knowing if women also enjoyed it.

Carol Answers: Hello Dan! That´s true, I notice that men are more interested in foot fetish than women. That doesn´t mean it does not exist for women. I even heard some female friends talking about it, so don´t worry, girls like it too! Big kiss!

Alex Asks: Hello Carol, do you remember me Alex? I have sent you a few email about your sexy feet soles? My question is what is the best part of your feet and why? Thanks for answering my question bye and take care. Your feet and soles are the best in the world.

Carol Answers: Hi Alex, of course I remember you! One more time thank you so much for your kind words! I think the best part of my feet are my soles and arches. Almost everybody tell me that and my husband is crazy for them. Big kiss from Brazil!

Vale Asks: Hello Carol, Sorry for my english but I'm french. You have got wonderful feet and I would like to know: Have you ever done a footjob with a french pedicure? Thanks you!!

Carol Answers: Hi Vale, no problem about that, your english is perfect, better than mine! :-) About your question, I do it all the time! It happens because I use french pedicure most of the time (my husband loves) so the situation you mentioned is normal at our home! :-) Kisses!

Jewelery Lover Asks: Hi, you have very sexy feet and toes. Do you like to wear jewelry on them and if so, how many? Anklets and toe rings are a huge part of my fetish. Thanks and toe kisses to you!

Carol Answers: Hello, Jewellery Lover! Thank you for your praise! Like you I love this kind of jewelleries too! I have lots of them, I really don't know exactly how many... Best wishes!

André Rj Asks: oi amore já comprei aqueles vídeos do "PEDAL PUMPING'Eu fiquei todoexcitado qndo vc estava dirigeindo de salto eu fico alucinado e vc tem os pés ++++++ lindoooooosss do mundo gostaria de saber se vc deixa fazer carinhos e beijar suas pernas e sua boca qndo vc está ligado o carro quando está de salto???????

Carol Answers: Oi André! Fico muito feliz que você tenha gostado do meu vídeo de pedal pumping!!! Imagine só se você visse os outros... Obrigada pela admiração! ;-) Bom, quanto à sua pergunta, eu a-do-ro dirigir e ser beijada e acariciada enquanto isso...

PP Asks: Hi carol. Have you crushed fruits under your feet and asked anyone to lick it off. Explain in a bit of detail please. Kisses to your feet.

Carol Answers: Hello PP! I've made a crushing scene for my 2nd video some time ago! There are some pics to show you at our website... Well, I think my feet was really tasty after that crushing scene, because my husband just coudn't stop licking them! ;-)

Jerry T Asks: How old were you when you realized you had very pretty feet?

Carol Answers: Hi Jerry. Well I was about 18 yeasr old, that´s when I met my husband. Until that I had no idea about the foot fetish world. I thought female feet was something normal, but never dreamed about this passion that men have for them. Kisses!

Pam Asks: Hi Carol. Your feet, especially your wrinkled soles, cute toes, and high arches make my heart pound with excitement. I've seen many pretty feet, but yours have a dramatic, intoxicating effect on me. Earlier you said that you are not interested in other girls, but the beauty of your feet must have attracted girls to you before. Have you ever noticed another girl seriously admiring your feet, and have you had to turn down their advances?

Carol Answers: Hi Pam, thank you for your nice comments! Yes, I have already noticed a lot of girls looking at my feet. I had no problems about it because they only admired my feet, I have nothing against that. I like when people admire my feet, but something more than that, just for my husband! :-)

T.F. Asks: Hi! First of all, let me say that your feet are the most beautiful ones I've ever seen...and especially your small toes look so cute!!!! Now my question: Would you ever be interested in having your feet tortured or something like e.g. getting your big toe stuck in a kind of mousetrap (not to hard of course!)?

Carol Answers: Hello! Wow, what a fantasy! Yes, it would be cool, as long I would not feel any kind of pain of course. I´m open to fantasies, I think all women should be. Kisses!

Willy Asks: Carol I love your site and I was wondering if you are going to post pics of foot worship and more footjobs. I would love to see those pretty feet adored and kissed all over!! Love,Willy

Carol Answers: Hello Willy. Stay tuned, because we´ll post some more galleries of worship and footjobs. We also plan to release a footjob video this year. Kisses! :-*

Monty Asks: You have the perfect big toe!! I always wanted to see what you look like and in the picture you are a beautiful woman. When I see a complete stranger(a woman) with nice feet how can I complement her on her feet without her thinking I am crazy?

Carol Answers: Hello Monty! You are so lovely. About your question, first of all you must really think that foot fetish is something normal, this is the first step. Some girls don´t like it, that´s true, but most of them will accept that very well, you just must be cool and talk about your preference with no fear. Of course all girls are different, and in some cases you must slow down. But don´t worry, if the girl has an open mind you won´t find any kind of problem. Good luck and big kiss!

Sugarfoot Asks: Oh my god! What an amzingly beautiful woman you are! What was your first reaction when you found out your lovely husband had a mjor foot fetish? What goes through your mind when you are teasing & dominating your husband with your feet? What do you think when you catch a stranger lusting after your feet? Do you like to give strangers an erection just by teasing them with a foot show from a distance? What if a stranger asked you if they could pour cold custard all over your goregous feet cover it with soft cake and worship you to their hearts content? Do you think a man could faint with desire for your heavenly feet and the inability to get his lips around them?

Carol Answers: First of all, thanks for admiring me, I love that! Well, for long and interesting questions, long and interesting answers! ;-) As soon as I met my husband, he said he was a footlover... But I had never thought my feet were attractive, or even pretty! So it took some time to me... Now, I really love this feel of teasing with my feet! Nothing more pleasant! When I notice that somebody is lusting my feet, it's when I start to provoke more and more... I like to have this power! But just from distance! My husband is a jealous guy! About fainting with desire, I think you are able to answer, aren't you?! Big kiss!

Footy Asks: Carol I want to know if you accept a volunteer for foot fun in a photoshoot, nothing raunchy ,maybe foot worshipping, sucking your pretty toes, and alot of sole tickling fun... keep up the good work lovely goddess.

Carol Answers: Hi Footy! Actually, I think my husband likes to be allways the volunteer himself... Thanks for writing anyway! ;-)

Daniel Asks: Your feet look sooooo hot! I was wondering have you ever driven barefoot and got stuck (on purpose or not), plz describe? Do you like to drive barefoot?

Carol Answers: Hi Daniel! Yes, I'll describe the scene to satisfy your curiosity... Once, I was at the beach, driving with my barefeet on pedals, and my car got stuck! To be honest, that time I had never been with a footlover. But now, I can say: that was a hot moment for real pedal pumping lovers... I was pushing hard and the car didn't make a movement! The sound of the engine was deafening!!! Just after almost an hour I could get out of there, when some gentle men helped me!

Footman Asks: I love your pretty feet Carol. You are cute too. I want to know if you are going to do any more footjob clips especially ones with your soles oiled down, I think that would be so hot!!! Take care, pretty one!!

Carol Answers: Hello Footman! Thanks for being kind! We'll release a new exclusive footjob VHS video soon! And, as a preview, we'll make some Mpeg's... You'll just have to wait a little bit, OK?! Best!

Rafael O Santista Asks: Carol, me avise qdo vier pra santos tá bem? rss bjos

Carol Answers: Olá Rafael! Com certeza eu e o Rubens adoraremos ser recepcionados por você aí em Santos! Quando formos, avisaremos! Um grande beijo!

Carlitos Asks: Eu simplesmente adoro os teus pés, gostaria de saber onde vcs moram. Gostaria de ver esses lindos pés ao vivo, eu vivo em washington DC, sempre que vou ao Brasil fico no Rio. Vc tem os pés perfeitos. Um beijo.

Carol Answers: Olá Carlitos! Nós Moramos em Fortaleza. É sempre bom falar com um brasileiro, só não sei se será possível você ver meus pés pessoalmente, pois meu marido é ciumento! :-)

Cengiz Asks: Hi! I want to say that you have gorgeous feet and you are so beautiful! Are you a dominant character? Do you like it when someone worship your feet while you are having sex? Thank you for answers! You are my favorite!

Carol Answers: Hi! I'm happy that I'm your favourite!!! Well, I really like the idea of being a dominant character, and having my feet worshiped during the sex... I think it's an exciting game, don't you think??

Turbo Asks: Hi Carol!, You've the prettiest feet in the world. Congratulations for your great site. I love it, especially the pedal pumping. Do you feel more powerful? Would you tell a story about that?, thanks

Carol Answers: Hi Turbo! I don't know exactly why I like driving cars. Maybe is what you said, the power it gives to a woman! I love this feeling of being powerfull and dominant, so... Take care! ;-)

Jorge Asks: O que vc acha de ter um brasileiro de 2cm de altura para massagear seus pes o tempo todo?

Carol Answers: Olá Jorge! Adoro a idéia de ter um brasileiro massageando meus pés o tempo todo e acho que meu marido executa essa árdua tarefa muito bem... A diferença é que ele não mede 2 centímetros! Isso seria possível?! :-D

Thomas Asks: Have you ever stepped on an insect barefoot and will you consider doing so on your site.

Carol Answers: Hi Thomas! Yes, I've already stepped on a insect barefoot before, and being honest, I didn't like very much this feeling... But maybe on high heels sandals, I could make it for my website. Would you like to see it?? Thanks for writing!

Lucky Asks: Hello Carol, What was the experience like when you had your cute feet tickled? Did it turn you on? Also, when you got cum all over your feet what was the sensations? Did you enjoy it? Best of success to you carol and Ruben for a great site!!!

Carol Answers: Hello Lucky! Being tickled, give me a strange feeling... I liked and I laughed very much, the same time I was feeling dominated. You know, I'd rather being dominant, but overall, it was an interesting sensation! Thanks for your great comments!

Ricardo Asks: Olá Carol, sou um grande admirador dos seus pés, gostaria de saber se vc conhece o fetiche por gesso, e gostaria de saber se vc já engessou seu pezinho alguma vez?

Carol Answers: Oi Ricardo! Olha, alguém já havia me preguntado sobre gesso antes, mas não conheço a fundo esse fetiche... Nunca precisei engessar nenhum dos meus pés, que peninha, hein??!

Raul Asks: Do you ever drive barefoot? Your feet are so hot.

Carol Answers: Hi Raul! I have some pictures driving in barefoot at my website, why don't you check it out?;-) Big kiss!

Hahahaman Asks: Can you give me some advice on "feet rubbing lines" that i can use to rub someones feet?

Carol Answers: Hello! Atually, I think there are no rules on feet rubbing... Everything is worth! But I like specially when my husband press my soles powerfully with his fingers alternating it with gentle movements. It's a nice sensation... Good luck!

Tim Asks: You have nice feet. How did you come up with the name Gazelle's Paw Brotherhood for your site?

Carol Answers: Hi Tim! Let me explain it from the beginning... Here in Brazil, was born a footlover, José de Alencar. He was a famous author and he wrote a book called "A Pata da Gazela", what in english could be "The Gazelle's paw". In this book you could notice some flashes of foot fetish, like a man smelling a woman's boots, and having fun with it! Then, my husband and some friends, who were planing to have a foot fetish site, found this name to their website. They forgot the idea with time... But Rubens wanted to let the dream come true, and invited me to help him. Do I have to tell you that I loved the idea??! ;-)

From Brazil Asks: Have you ever left the house barefoot? Where did you go? Did a lot of people look at you? What did you think?

Carol Answers: Hi! You could have asked in portuguese, but no problem! I'll answer anyway! You know, after hours dancing in parties with high heels sandals, I think every woman have this feeling of tiredness! So, the best way of going back home is: sandals in hands and barefeet on the ground, isn't it?! Big kiss!

Julio Caesare Asks: Carol, eu queria saber se vc tem amigas q também curtem ter os pézinhos adorados, ou mesmo q curtam o teus lindos pés... e como se sentiu qndo decidiu abrir seu site??

Carol Answers: Olá Julio!!! Bom, a maioria das minhas amigas, assim como eu mesma no início, não acha os próprios pés atraentes... Mas quando comento as maravilhas de se ter um adorador de pés como amante, elas ficam bastante entusiasmadas e curiosas! No nosso estado, tudo ainda é muito novo! Mas eu me sinto muito bem em poder compartilhar dos meus pés com todos aqueles que curtem essa idéia! Espero que esteja agradando...

Nic Asks: I love tickling and I would like to know in specific which part of your foot is ticklish, especially between your toes. You may try to tickle your self to answer this question.

Carol Answers: As you suggested, I tickled myself to give you an accurate answer... Well, definitely the center of my soles is the most ticklish part of my feet, specially, with long nails! Big kiss!

Tom Asks: Do you like having your feet massaged?

Carol Answers: Hi Tom! Thanks for asking, because I love to have my feet massaged!!! Sometimes, when I'm very tired, and I'm alone, I give myself foot massage, with a lot of cream... But I'd rather have my feet massaged for my husband, I think I relax better!

Cristiano Asks: Você faria vídeos usando as havaianas modelo tradicional, com a sola virada para cima, deixando a parte branca para baixo?

Carol Answers: Olá Cristiano! Obrigada pela sugestão, quem sabe não fazemos essas fotos em futuras sessões?!! Estou com seu pedido em mente, agora é só esperar pra ver! Um abraço!

Andrae Asks: Carol the wrinkles on your soles are nice and I got to know, what size are your feet and are they ticklish?

Carol Answers: Hello Andrae! My feet size is 6,5 or 7 (US system) it depends on the shoes and yes, they are really tickish! :-*

Dan Asks: Hi Carol, you have the prettiest feet in the world. You have incredible soles and perfect toe points. Do you point your feet during the sexual act with your boyfriend?

Carol Answers: Hi Dan! Thank you so much for your words. Yes, I always do that, I know my husband loves it. I also like to arch them and to rub them on his face. The results are fantastic! See you dear!

Feeter Asks: Hi Carol! Compliments for your wonderfoul toes!!! Have you ever thought to use the smell of your feet as a weapon?

Carol Answers: Hello! Thank you! Yes, I always use the smell of my feet as a "weapon". My husband loves the smell of my feet when I have used a pair of sandals for a long time like in a night club. It´s like a drug for him! :-) Best!

Sugarfoot Asks: Carol you honey bunny thank you so much for answering questions from a dweeb like me. Your english is FAB. Galaxy full of compliments, gratidue, to your fantastic hubby for taking all those heavenly foot shots. I am amazed at his eye and vision for stunning angles. His is the ONLY photography on the net that is wonderful EVERY time. Please, please, when can we see you hog-tie your hubby & tease him mercilessly, while shoving your foot WAY down his throat (with syrup, cake, bananas, strawberries dripping all over your lush foot). I think I could loose myself forever in your softly wrinkled milky way soles. I love it that you tease softly by hardly ever showing your full face. from what you do show, its easy to see you are SUCH a beautiful, pretty, warm & loving person... & naughty!!!!!

Carol Answers: Hello! Thank you very, very much for your nice compliments! I´m really glad you admire my feet and Rubens is very pleased that you enjoy his pictures! Well, we plan to do some hot pics just like you mentioned. Some trample, tickling and licking pics. They are on their way, so keep visiting our site! Kisses :-*

Footprince Asks: I must agree with Pam from an earlier question-your arches are intoxicating!!!!Drive me nuts!!Do you have any personal friends(not on the net)who are into fem feet??Thanks and keep up the XLNT work!!!!!

Carol Answers: Hello! Well, we have several foot friends but all of them we met on the net. Some of them we decided to meet on real life and we keep a very nice friendship. It´s incredible the quantity of people that are into female foot fetish, but the internet is still the best place to know these people. See you and Kisses! :-*

Danny Asks: Fabulous feet, succulent soles and ohhh, so curvy! Wow. My question is simple: can you describe how it feels to have hot cum shooting over your soft soles? Does it turn on alot of women?

Carol Answers: Hello Danny! Well, I love when my husband shoots on my feet! I think it´s something that excites him a lot and I really get excited when he is too. I think a woman should realize the fantasies of her man and I like to do that, I feel very pleased! Best!

Missouri Asks: Hey, Carol! You are a nice woman with very nice looking feet. I would love to get a footjob from you sometime! What was your fastest footjob? What was your slowest footjob? I also like to feel a woman's feet against my face, and I also like to have a good-looking woman put a foot on one of my hands and press down with firm but gentle pressure. I hope you do not think I am a freak.

Carol Answers: Hello my friend! First of all, of course I don´t think you are a freak! Everybody has a fantasy and that´s something normal. About your questions, I think my fastest footjob was donne in about 10 or 15 seconds (wow!) and the longest one had about one hour. Kisses from Brazil!

Jackson K Asks: Would you prefer to have someone smell your feet or kiss them?

Carol Answers: Hi Jackson! Actually, I love both, but I think kisses are the best!!! Big Kiss! ;-)

Leo Asks: Do you ever plan to wear pantyhose in any of your future photos or videos?

Carol Answers: Hi Leo! Sure! I have many plans of making this kind of pics! I think my feet look very attractive in those panty hoses... Best!

MartinTickler Asks: Hi Carol, I am Martin from Perú (we are neighbours) and i just wanna tell you your feet are great, your soles look so soft. It shows you take care of them a lot. My question is, do you like to see other women's feet or men's feet or just love to have your own pretty feet worshipped?

Carol Answers: Hello Martin! What a nice place to live, isn't it? Well, I'd rather have my feet worshiped, and I just look at other women's feet, when I want to compare them with mine... I think I'm a little bit vain about my feet! :-)

Marc Asks: Aloha Carol, first of all, congratulations with such pretty feet :D I was wondering, do you ever polish your toenails a darker colour, like red or purple?

Carol Answers: Hey Marc! Thanks for the compliments! Well, daily I'd rather use light colors, but sometimes I polish my toenails with dark colors too! Soon, we'll publish some pics like that. I hope you like!!! :-)

Mndingo Asks: I love your feet Carol especially your high arches! I'm an arch man and I want to ask you will you have an exclusive arch section on video I can purchase or a catagory on your site? I want to see your arches on a regular basis for my own foot pleasure. Thank you so much for turning me on every morning!

Carol Answers: Hi... Thanks for the nice words! Well, actually in most of our videos we explore my arches, probably because they are one of my high points! Why don't you check out our VHS videos page? I'm sure you'll love all of them! ;-)

Jon W Asks: First off I would like to say the wrinkles on the soles of your feet are like beautiful sculptures of art. MY question to you is, What part of your feet do you think that men find the most attractive?

Carol Answers: Hi Jon! I'm glad with your kind words... Well, as you said, I think my wrinkles are my best! But I love my arches too! Wich part do you think is the most attractive on my feet?! :-)

Submission Asks: Hi Carol you have nice feet. Would you ever dominate a man with your feet if he told you he was submissive? How do you see yourself dominating a man with your goureous feet and how would you enjoy it?

Carol Answers: Hello! Well, I'm a girl who's very into her man's fantasies... I never had a submissive man, but I think I'd do anything he likes if I had some pleasure too!

Thomas Asks: Hi, I'm brazilian and I'm wondering do you do sessions?

Carol Answers: Hi Thomas! Actually, I'm maried... Me & my husband just have this foot fetish site to delight my fans and for our own satisfaction!

Pedman Asks: Have you ever given footjobs to other men besides your husband since you were married? If so does he let you?

Carol Answers: Hello! Well actually, my husband was the first (lucky) guy who saw my feet in a diferent way and let me know it... He put me into this foot world, so he's the only one to whom I give footjobs! ;-)

Andy Asks: Would you ever do a photo shoot in bare feet and high heeled mules in the snow?

Carol Answers: Hi Andy! Honestly in most part of my country, a very hot country, we don't have so cold winters... It's Brazil, man! I live in a coast city that makes sun all year! Maybe when I make a long travel.

Footloverca Asks: Hi, you have very sexy soles. My question is my girlfriend likes gving me footjobs, but after a while, her legs always gets tired. What tips can you offer us? Thanks for your time.

Carol Answers: Hello, footlover!!! Thanks for the compliments! About your question, I think you should give her a hand... Why don't you try a position that she feels more confortable and that you could help, holding and moving her feet? Think about it!;-)

Sole Raker Asks: What was your greatest fantasy of things to be done to your gorgeous feet? Did your fantasies come true? Good luck and best wishes to you on you site, Carol and Rubens!!!

Carol Answers: Hello!!! Thank you for the nice stimulus! Well I think my man makes all my fantasies about my feet come true! :-)

Ben Asks: Hi there! First, let me compliment you on your good looks. It's nice to see naturally attractive women unlike many sites out there. I was wondering why there isn't any foot worship pics or clips on the site but there's footjobs? I'm not complaining or anything, just wondering? It would be great seeing you and others getting their toes sucked. Thank you for your time.

Carol Answers: Hi Ben... You're right! Unfortunately, me and Rubens are very apprehensive about showing our faces... But I think we'll make the so waited pictures some day! We're trying to feel more confortable and free about this. Best wishes for you!

Eric Asks: Put simply: You have the most beautiful feet I've ever seen. You're beauty is an added bonus. Have you ever done a foot party, and if not, is it something you would consider? The minute you do , it would sell out quicker than a Beatles concert!

Carol Answers: Hi Eric! Very funny you are... Well I've never done a footparty, but in my city that is a place where you can go to suck, and worship women's feet, among many other fantasies! Me and Rubens went there sometime, and we had a lot of fun!

Footlover24 Asks: Hi Carol. Everyone is talking about the French pedicure. What is it? Also, have you ever had a foot injury and had to wear an ace bandage or cast?

Carol Answers: Hello, dear footlover... Well, let me help you! I'll give an exemple of french pedicure. You just have to copy the adress below, and put it in your browser, OK?

You know, this kind of pedicure?! Now about your other question, I never had a broken ankle! Big kiss!

WomenFeetLover Asks: I am a big fan of women's feet. Please tell me which part of women's feet is the best for licking and sucking. Or which part a woman wants to be sucked most.

Carol Answers: Hello! Well, I think the most exciting part of a woman's feet are her toes.. I love to have my toes sucked one by one, and I love to feel my husband's tong sliding over them...

Tania Asks: I lover your feet. I could worship them forever. How does it feel knowing people love your feet? Do you feel like a goddess?

Carol Answers: Hi Tania! The most important for me is this feeling of goddess that you give me... You know, someone telling me that could worship me all life long!!!!!!!!

WKD Asks: Carol, you are a very beautiful woman. How would you react if a fan saw you lying on the beach and couldn't resist tickling your soles. Also, I enjoyed the pictures of cum on your soles. Do you plan to shoot more like that.

Carol Answers: Hello!!! Well I really don't know what I would do LOL!!!!! But for sure I'be very surprised! About the cum on soles pics, we have too many plans! You just have to wait and see! ;-)

Shoe Lover Asks: All I can say is WOW and Thank You. May I ask you a bold question? How tall are you? What's your shoe size? And my bold question, what is your weight? I would love to be under your feet. Take care of those perfect feet!

Carol Answers: Hi shoelover... Thanks for the compliments and don't worry about being bold! I understand these kinds of curiosities... So, my tall is 1.66m, my shoes size is 7 and my weight is 70kg. I'll take care of my feet babe! :-)

zuludawn2k4 Asks: Hi Carol !!! My name is David and I live in Miami where we have a huge latina/Brazillian population..I think your feet and toes are gorgeous and your husband is very lucky....My question to you is will you be doing anymore Giantess pictures using your feet and toes in situations like the little story on your site now? If so..would you take reqest as far as situations involving your feet and crushing giantess pics from your feet fetish/shrinking fans.... Thank you!

Carol Answers: Hi!!! I'm happy that you liked our new section!!! Actually, those pics were made for a fan! But I assure you as he send us more, we'll post them... We think they're very interesting and well done... What do you think? Thanks for writing! Big kiss!

foot luver2000 Asks: Hi Carol, you've got the cutest soles and feet. I can't wait to see you and your husband in some foot worship action. Have you ever shampooed your husbands hair using your feet?

Carol Answers: Hello! What an interesting question! Actually I have never done this, but you gave me a good idea! I´ll tell you later my husband´s reaction. See you! :-*

Baltz Asks: First, I would like to tell you that I really enjoy all of your pictures that you post. My question is, before your husband introduced you to the foot fetish world (I think you said he did), did you ever notice men, (or women), looking at your feet? And if so, did you realize that they were getting excited over your feet? And what did you think about it? Do you think most girls would like a guy to massage, pamper, and do whatever to her feet, once she got over the initial shock? Sorry, i have a lot of questions, please anwser what you have time to anwser.

Carol Answers: Hello, thanks for writting! Well, as I said before, I notice people looking at my feet, men and women. I have no problems with that as long it is only admiration. Sometimes I can see that some men almost lose control about this foot fetish thing. About your last question, I can say "Yes", a lot of women like to have their feet massaged and pampered, believe me this is more usual than you think. Kisses from Brazil!

Baltz Asks: My friend's friend had her feet measured, and she wears a size 8, but since she has high arches she has to wear a size 9 - 9.5, do you have a problem like this since you have such high arches?

Carol Answers: Hello Baltz! Well, my foot size is 6, but sometimes I wear 6.5, I don´t know if it has a relation to my high arches, tell me! Best!

MarceloRJ Asks: O que vc conhece sobre o fetiche de mulheres gigantes, vc pretende fazer algum filme sonre isso? vc gosta desse tipo de fetiche?

Carol Answers: Olá Marcelo! Na verdade estou conhecendo mais sobre esse fetiche apenas agora, mas tem sido algo bastante interessante. Pretendemos lançar no futuro um video contendo uma cena com o assunto. Por enquanto você pode ver uma fotonovela super engraçada na nossa seção de variados. Um beijão!

Leopoldo Asks: I don't agree that there's a fan who worship and appreciate you more than me! It's impossible! You are the Queen of Feet! Your site is wonderful. I could realise my foot fetish fansies there and thank you so much for answer my e-mails. You have gave me a lot of suport to talk about my fetish. I like you so much. You became a very special friend for me.

Carol Answers: Thank you Leo! You will always be a friend of are a very very kind person. We are also really grateful for the drawings you sent us. You did a great job! We´ll post them soon on our page. Kisses my special fan friend! :-*

Anthony Asks: I would really like to know your nationality. Your a very beautiful women.

Carol Answers: Hello Anthony! I´m from Brazil and I live in a beautiful sunny city called Fortaleza, Northeast region of my country! Best!

Caleb Asks: Do you wear flip flops and if so what kind?

Carol Answers: Hi Caleb! I'm wearing flip flops right now!!! Daily, I like them... You can see the kind of them on my website in the miscelaneous section! Bye bye!

Kevin Asks: You have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. If I were your boyfriend I would worship your feet every day and treat you like a Goddess. My question is that I like my teachers feet and I think she knows that I have a foot fetish because she often teases me. Should I ask if she wants a foot massage...... I love your feet and I would do anything to worship them.

Carol Answers: Hi Kevin! Thanks for your words and believe me! I am treated like a real godess! My husband worship my feet every day!!!! Well, about your question, I think you should just offer your teacher a foot massage after a hard day of work... She doesn't need know your fantasies at the begining, but after she starts to like the worshiping. Why don't you try?!

Ifionlyhadyourfeet Asks: You don't have any idea how much I envy you. My husband jacks off to you like you are some kind of goddes. I just wanted to say that you are a goddes to me. I wish that I could be you. If I had you in front of me I would worship you with envy. I player hate. How can you have such nice feet. I hope you enjoy it my goddess.

Carol Answers: Hello! Thank you for being so kind! :-) You don't have to be me to satisfy your husband... Why don't you try to tease him with your own feet? Why don't you take care of them, and always keep them smelly?! I'm sure he wouldn't resist!!! Good luck!

William Asks: Carol, if you were pulled over by a male police officer (who happens to have a weakness for sniffing the shoes, socks and feet of sexy young women) for speeding and he prepares to write you a ticket, but stops just before he gives it to you and says: "Miss I'd be more than happy to tear this ticket up if you'd let me sniff and lick the bottoms of your feet," what would you say? Let me say that your feet are gorgeous Carol!!

Carol Answers: Hi William! Thanks for writing! You did an interesting question... Well, I think I would let him sniff and lick my feet's bottom. But he would have to be laid down on my car's floor... So I could dominate him from my seat! What do you think? Are you interested in being yourself the police officer? Big kiss!

Jenny Asks: Hi Carol, I think your feet are the best EVER!! As a girl I know how powerfull our feet could be. You said you were born with perfect toes, my question is, your sisters, cousins, aunts, etc have georgeos feet too. Do they know about your site, if so, why don´t you invite them to pose. If I could have a wish it would be to smell your feet, between your toes!!

Carol Answers: Hi Jenny!!! Thank you for you attention... I see that you really read my answers! Actually I do have relatives with nice feet too, but my husband is very shy about his fetish. So we'd rather keep our site as a secret. Thanks again for admiring me and my feet! Big kiss for you!

Foot Man Mike Asks: First off, your feet are amazing. I want to know how you feel about the idea of men all over the world are shooting cum just by thinking about your pretty feet?

Carol Answers: Hi Mike! Thanks for admiring my feet...Well, I really love to have this power of turning on men from all over the world!!! I hope you are one of them! :-) Best!

Trample Master Asks: Hi Carol. I love your feet. They are the most beautiful feet on the internet! I especially admire your great wrinkled soles. I was wondering, do you ever rub your feet all over your husband or boyfriend's face? Do you like to walk all over his body with your bare feet? If not, have you ever tried trampling him? Please share your answer, and I love your site!

Carol Answers: Hello, thanks for your comments! Yes! I rub my husband´s face everytime is possible with my feet. I also like to do some "soft trample" with him, I like to massage all his body with my feet. He loves the sensation! See you dear! :-*

Feettreat Asks: Hello Carol. Let me first say you have a beautifull pair of legs and feet. I love your choice of heels to show off those sexy arches! I have been surfing Wu's website for a couple years now, and most recently I've noticed "The Gazelle's Paw Brotherhood" has become a website solely ( pardon the pun ) dedicated to showcasing your legs and feet? I understand you are not only the sole model of Gazelle's but also the wife of the man who runs it. Is this true? If so, he must really love you! How did this change come about and how does this make you feel?

Carol Answers: Hello! Thank you so much for your nice words! You are right, I´m the wife of the site´s webmater, and yes, he really loves me! He introduced me to the foot fetish about 3 years ago, but just last year, we decided to construct a site dedicated to me and my feet! That was a great idea, now I enjoy it more and more. Kisses!

E-Dawg Asks: How are you? I'm fine. You have beautiful feet! I would massage them for you if I had the chance! And are you ticklish on your feet? If so, here is a tickle for you; *raking your soles from heel to toe* kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kitchy, kooooo!!!! Have a nice day!

Carol Answers: Hi! Stop tickling my feet because I can´t stand anymore! LOL :-) Do I still have to answer your question? Thank you for writting!

Mason Asks: Let me ask you a question. I have a co worker that is not really into the whole feet scene but she has gorgeous feet. She knows that I love feet, sandals and shoe play so I have noticed that not only does she wear sandals around me a lot but she is starting to dangle her shoes and slide her feet in and out of them more. Do you think she is trying to flirt with me or turn me on even though I am married?

Carol Answers: Hello Mason! To be honest I think she´s trying to tease you. Now you must decide if this foot game is enough for you or not. You know if the answer is "no" and you want something deeper, you will be in a difficult situation, don´t forget you are married! Kisses and I hope everything has a good end! :-*

Toe Sucker Bill Asks: Hello Bill. Well I see that naturally, because I know a lot of men do that. I´m a foot model and I know how things are. Honestly I´m happy that I have a lot of fans, but whatever they do, I´ll always have a number 1 and special fan, my husband Rubens! Kisse dear! :-*

Carol Answers:

Jim Asks: Carol, you have very attractive feet and I would be honored to be dirt on the bottom of your shoes. My question for you is what would you do to me if I was an insect crawling around bugging you?

Carol Answers: Hi Jim! Mmmm, I think I would crush you as soon as I noticed you on the proximities! LOL :-) But this way you wouldn´t be able to admire my feet anymore... So I think I would give you the option , LOL :-) , to be crushed or not! Best!

Nylon Nut Asks: You are a very beautiful woman with incredibly sexy legs, feet, and toes!!! Outstanding! Will you please consider doing a video of you sucking on your nyloned toes for your fans? Also, any chance you might wear nail polish? I also love your candid videos in the mall, etc. More please!!!

Carol Answers: Hello Nylon nut! Well, we have a lot of ideas about nylon pics! We'll trully shoot it... About toe sucking, maybe when I decide to show my face! It's not impossible, but just in future updates... Thanks for writing!:-)

37 Asks: Tudo legal ? gostaria de saber se v. já saiu de casa descalça ? com o intúito de chamar a atenção de outras pessoas ? e se sim, aonde v. foi e se as pessoas repararam muito em v. descalça. valeu demais. E parabéns pelo excelente site, as fotos são de ótima qualidade, coisa de quem gosta mesmo do que faz, faz por amor e arte, principalmente, eu acho.

Carol Answers: Olá!!! Muito legais os seus comentários... É verdade fazemos tudo porque realmente gostamos! Bom, quanto a sair de casa descalça para chamar atenção, ainda não me ocerreu isto, pelo menos por enquanto. Mas, quem sabe um dia, né?! Beijão!

Ventoma Asks: You are one of the best footmodels of the web. I wanted to ask if she were able of to make some photos underwater (with a mask sub) where it shows his/her fantastic feet. This type of photo they have a great number of admirers, as it showed our Spanish friend Joao that a lot of photos of this kind did. Will we have the possibility to see this one day?... It would be fantastic. You excuse my bad English

Carol Answers: Hi Ventoma!!! Nice question! Well, we've thought about doing these kind of pics some time ago... We knew this guy (João) on the net, he's portuguese(!), and he had suggested us a under water section... But we need a sub aquatic camera, and we still don't have one. Maybe in the future we can make it! ;-)

Max Asks: I really admire you and your beautiful lovely feet. I fall in love with them all the time. Don't you need someone like me licking your feet all the time and being your slave? ;)

Carol Answers: Hi Max! You're lovely... But thanks, I do have some "slave" who licks and kiss my feet all day long! Good luck on finding girls with nice feet who wants a footslave!!! :-D

WhatAboutSocks Asks: Hi! I noticed that no one has asked you about how you feel about wearing socks. Do you enjoy foot massages in socks as much as barefeet? Do you think it is sexy to have a guy strip your socks?

Carol Answers: Hi! Actually, I just use socks with my tennis shoes! Do you think they look sexy? You gave me good ideas... I'll try this kind of massage you've suggested, and then I'll tell you!;-)

Paul FootLover Asks: What was the most embarassing thing that has happened to you during your time as a foot model?

Carol Answers: Hello Paul! Well, sometime ago, I was in a restaurant with my husband, when he started to rub my feet under the table. He couldn´t help and he kissed them quickly. We thought nobody was looking, but we noticed later some waiters far from us looking and laughing a lot! He´s very shy, so he had to finish his service at home! Kisses! :-*

Thomas Asks: I would love to see you crush some insects with your feet. Could you post some pictures of this on your site. It would be great.

Carol Answers: Hello Thomas! I still do not have courage to crush insects with my feet! But I´m trying to prepare myself to do that. Maybe in the future. Big kiss from Brazil!

You can see more of Carol at