Britney's Interview

This interview was held with Britney of She chose a select few of your questions to answer. You can contact her at She'd love to hear from you.

HBK Asks: What turns you on the most about a guy?

Britney Says: I think that I get turned on by dominating them with my smelly pantyhose feet! There is something that turns me about spreading my toes over a mans nose who has no clue what I am doing! It's kind of funny to watch them fight it and complain about the smell while the next minute they are snorting like a mad dog with their cock in their hand!

Mystique Asks: Hi Britney your are so cute and have the prettiest feet I have seen. When did you first become aware of how powerful your feet are over men, and how old were you.

Britney Says: I noticed I had pretty feet when I was with the San Diego Chargers cheer leading squad! One of girls kept staring at my feet and said they where pretty! I thought it was weird but accepted her compliment! We became good friends later in the year and on a road trip to Seattle we roomed together and she gave me a foot massage! I was very turned on by this.......It was amazing....She asked me if I would rub her feet and I said sure why not! I noticed how soft and curvy they where and they had a wonderful aroma! I couldn't help but pop a toe in my mouth and start to suck away! We enjoyed each others feet for hours amongst other things!

Bill Asks: I love the way your feet look, especially your toes and soles in your hose. And just knowing you were once an NFL cheerleader and are a flight attendant who likes her feet worshipped is extremely erotic to me. Have you ever let a guy worship, kiss, suck on and smell your stocking feet while on one of your flights? Did you ever masturbate a guy to ejaculation with your stocking feet while in flight or let a guy who was on one of your flights jack himself off while he looked at and smelled your stocking feet? What I wouldn't give for that privilege with you!!!

Britney Says: I took a guy from one of my flights back to the hotel with me and let him smell my feet while he whacked off! He had a foot fetish and I was in need of some entertainment! He seemed harmless plus I had a friend with me to stand guard! He got to take my hose with him as a soveiner! He gave me $200 for them..... I do masturbate my fiancee with my hose and socks all the time! He blows his cream all over my feet. It is beautiful!

Andre Asks: Hi Britaney, I just want to know if you like to do pedal pumping and if you have a history to tell. Thank you

Britney Says: I have never done pedal pumping pictures before but I am looking forward to it! I will be doing some very soon.

Gian Luca Asks: You have very very beautiful feet! What size you wear? I'd like to see your feet to compare with my girlfriend' feet! (European size 40).

Britney Says: I wear a size 8 1/2 to 9 depending on the shoe! I have been told that my feet are just the right size! I would love to smell a pair of your girlfriends hose! did you know that if you send me a smelly pair of your girlfriends hose I will send you a pair of mine in return for no charge!

Mark Asks: Britney, I lover your pretty feet. Do you like footworship? Do you take pictures in public places.

Britney Says: I am somewhat of an exhibitionist! I love it when I see some guy with his girlfriend staring at my tan legs all spread out with my feet in the air! The other day my man and I where at the park and I was taking pics of him on the ground sniffing my feet, I caught some guy behind a tree rubbing himself watching the festivities! It was awesome!

Tim Asks: Is it possible to arrange a meeting with you in order to be your personal foot save, I would pay a large amount of money.

Britney Says: As much as I would like to take you up on the offer, I can't! I am dedicated to my fiancee when it comes to foot sessions! Believe it or not I was the one that got him into feet! He never thought about them in a sexual manner before!

FetishDeisre Asks: You have great feet. Do you like giving footjobs? I like getting them.

Britney Says: I love to give footjobs! There is something about a nice hard cock sliding in between my toes and feet! I also like sucking and licking the cum off of my feet after my man has shot his load!

Greg Asks: Have you ever thought what it would be like to be a giant woman? And if you have what would you do with tiny men?

Britney Says: Actually, that turns me on! I would love to be like that chick on the old movie that was as big as a skyscraper! I have actually fantasized about using a man as a dildo!!!! Could you imagine it? I grab some guy and spread open my legs put him in my hand and rub my clit with his head until I cum! The best part would be sliding him in head first deep inside my sweet pussy! I hope he is at least 7 inches long! He could move his arms and hands around inside me giving me orgasm after orgasm!

Fantom Asks: Britney ... what are yout thoughts on foot fetishism and foot fetishists??? Do you have any advice for girls whose boyfriends are foot fanatics???

Britney Says: Yes! If you are a guy with a girl who doesnt understand or like your foot fetish then I suggest you give her a foot massage to warm her up to it! compliment her on how pretty her feet are! If you are a girl with a foot fetish I suggest you force your man to kiss and smell your feet ! All men are open to having a women do something like that you just have to go for it!

Fantom Asks: Britney ... how would you describe the scent of your warm toes after a long day at work???

Britney Says: I think the best way to describe my foot smell after a long day at work is (Heaven)! hahahaha....I think if you where to take the smell of leather and sweat mixed with a hint of popcorn and vinegar you would be close to smelling my smell! There is obviously that hidden smell that is me that makes them original!

David Asks: Hi Britney. Let me say first that you have the sexiest feet on the net. Your bare soles and toes are breathtaking. My question involves foot worship. When it comes to foot worship what turns you on the most. When a guy(or girl) sucks your toes? Licks between them? Massages them?

Britney Says: I love it when a guy smells and sucks my toes while having sex! It's best with the man on top with his face resting on my soles with my legs in the air! that is awesome....I also like to get on top and put my smelly hose in a guys mouth!

Marc Asks: Do you ever catch people staring at your feet?

Britney Says: In the summer people are always looking at my legs and feet! I love to curl my toes up and arch my feet and watch people get turned on!

Kyle Asks: First I got to say your feet are awesome. Do a lot of women you know, know about men being attracted to feet and have you ever used your feet to play with or step on stuff for pic sets. if so did you enjoy it? thanks

Britney Says: Yes, I love to play with things with my feet! I think my favorite is the TV remote! After work I rub the remote between my feet just to relax! My fiancee really spends a lot of quality time with the remote if you know what I mean!

Jackool Asks: Have you ever pinched anyone with your toes? Have you ever done it on the nose or cheeks? Have you ever teased a guy by showing how wide you can spread your toes?

Britney Says: Hands down my favorite thing to do is spread my toes! especially in pantyhose... I really dont think I can spread my toes very far apart but oh well.....I sometimes like to pinch the head of my mans cock between my second and big toe! I think he likes it

Triedandlost Asks: First off, I'm a big fan of yours....I love everything you do!!!! I know that you said that your friends laugh at you because you have "chronic foot odor" but at what point did you discover that some men and women obsess about smelling a womens feet and would literally do anything just to worship them? When did you first realize that you could totally control a man with your perfect, stinky feet?

Britney Says: I still can't believe it sometimes how I haven't met a man or women yet who didn't eventually give in to the intoxicating smell of my feet! I am serious, at first some of my previous lovers thought it was weird and tried to resist but of course with my dominating personality I couldn't allow that! I would eventually get them to masturbate while they worshipped my feet! I think that every last one of them has thanked me for it one way or the other! I still get calls from guys and girl's who want another session with my feet!

Fantom Asks: I just want you to know that I absolutely adore your beautiful feet and your site ... are those wonderfully soft soles ticklish and will we be seeing tickle clips on your site soon???

Britney Says: I am still waiting for someone to order a custom tickle video from me! No one has yet can you believe it! I hope that someone soon has me do a custom tickle video I am ready! Now a days the only time I do a video is when it's for a customer!

Aron Asks: Has someone ever came up to you & asked to take a picture of your feet or kiss them?

Britney Says: Actually yes it happens quite often! I keep my feet very nice so when I go to the beach there is always a guy with a foot fetish there staring at them! You would be surprised how many guys have foot fetishes! I personally believe that if you like to have sex with women in high heels then you have a foot fetish! The reason I say this is because think about all the guys out there who love to have a girl keep her heels on during sex...That tells me that he has a foot fetish! I dont think it is just for the shoes.....I think 90% of all men have the capacity to enjoy the smell and taste of a female foot! The smell and taste of my feet is something that only a women has! I think when god made us he gave us some animalistic scent that appeal's to men......Kind of like the scent of a pussy.....

Mark Asks: Do you like being tckled at your feet? Are they ticklish? How do I approach a girl to tell her that I really want to touch her feet, tickle them? Could I lick your feet?

Britney Says: My feet are very ticklish and I love to have them tickled! If you want to approach a girl about tickling then I would suggest to playfully do it and see how she responds! Don't be too serious!

Lex Asks: Do you pedicure often?

Britney Says: I have my feet pampered every ten days! I get the royal treatment......I think I deserve it...hehehehe

YorkBoy Asks: You have an awfully stony look about you, a certain determination in your eyes; what is your general disposition like? Are you more easy going, or are you generally the domineering, demanding type?

Britney Says: I am multi faceted! I can take on a shy submissive your girl's attitude or a dominating bitch from down under! I think overall I am a real person! I am not at all materialistic and I am very faithful! I love rock n roll (real rock n roll) like the stones, Beatles, pink floyd, led zepplin! I also love Oasis and STP

Frankee & Heidee Asks: Hello sexy! Me and my boyfriend love your feet. They're sooo long!!! Do they get smelly a lot? Do you like them when they're smelly! What can I do to my b/f while they're smelly for him to love it? Oove ya thanks for your time.. =)

Britney Says: Spread your very stinky soles over his nose and put a piece of tape over his mouth so he has to inhale through his nose only! You will surely get a rise out of him that way! Have him lay on the ground!

Jennifer Asks: I just like to start off saying that you have the most beatiful feet. I am a women and I love female feet. Do you enjoy women or prefer men when it comes to feet?

Britney Says: I would never go for a mans feet! Yuk...(no offense guys) men's feet dont give off that special smell that womens do!

Drive Shaft Asks: Are you into pedal pumping any? I would love to see your right foot pushing and grinding down on the gas pedal. Have you ever driven a truck of any kind and got it stuck in mud or snow? Would you let me see you spinning the drive shaft too as you pushed down on the gas pedal?

Britney Says: I would love to do a custom digital pic set for you! I will do whatever you want just let me know the only thing I don't do is nudity....I will show panties and things like that! I will send you 25 high quality pics to your email doing just as you request for $55! IF that sounds high to you keep in mind the time it takes to take the pics as well as the hour it takes for me to edit the photos before I send them out! You can pay with a check or money order just make sure you keep the name field blank...You can also pay with cash or your credit card! If you choose to use your card you must do so at It only takes a few seconds to sign up then all you do is put in my email address and send your payment, its very easy and secure....If you use pay pal please add 2% to the total.....Also add $5 for international orders...

P.S I look forward to taking care of your needs! Please send a description along with you payment of what you are purchasing so I dont confuse any orders!

If your ready to order here is my address-729 Grapevine HWY. #339 Hurst, TX 76054

Rammer Asks: What is your favortie part of your foot?

Britney Says: Without a doubt my favorite part of the foot is where the ball of the foot meets the start of the toes! Everyone who has a fetish for the smell of a women's foot knows that is where the best smell hides!

Mopar Asks: Why is it that some women find it completely abnormal for guys to look at women's feet, when they cleary set out in making themselves looking as sexy as possible by wearing sexy shoes and using toe nail polish. Shouldn't these women welcome the fact that their feet are being admired by many guys?

Britney Says: Personally I think a women should love a man looking at her feet! It's better then them staring at our boobs! You are right we spend many hours making our feet look pretty we should embrace an approving look from a horny gentleman!

Tally-Ho Asks: Dear Britney,what was the best compliment you ever received about your gorgeous feet? when and how did you learn that men get turned on by your divine feet?

Britney Says: I get compliments often about my choice of nail polish and the smooth skin on my feet!

BD Asks: Hi britney do u ever secretly smell your feet if not do they have a nice aroma and what do they smell like xxx

Britney Says: I always smell my hose! I have been known to curl up on my bed and touch myself as I inhale my sweaty pantyhose ! I am telling you there is something about the smell that triggers a more powerful orgasm!

John Asks: I have to say you have the sexiest feet in the world. How old is the youngest man you have ever gave a foot job to? Have you ever caught male friends or men in public jerking off at your feet? what is most important about a cock the length or the thickness?

Britney Says: The youngest man I have ever given a footjob to was 26.....He was my boyfriend at the time and he seemed to love it! (can you blame him) The most important thing about a cock to me is that it isn't too short or too skinny! I hate really big cocks that is for sure! I think the perfect size is 7 inches with normal girth! But in all reality I dont really care as long as the fore play is good!

E Dawg Asks: How should a guy let his girlfriend know he has a foot fetish without being too embarrassed or shy about the whole thing?

Britney Says: If you can't be honest and open with the one you are with then you should find someone else! Just tell her! women love men who know what they want and that show confidence! Just don't be rude and egotistical about it! Compliment her on her feet, start off by rubbing them playfully and see how she reacts! I think there is a possibility of getting her used to you being around her feet by doing that!

Adam Asks: What kind of shoes make your feet smell the strongest? Does you evey incorporate the sent of your feet in your private life?

Britney Says: I would have to say my running shoes without sock does the trick!

Belfour Asks: First of all let me say you're gorgeous! My question is two part. First off, I read you recently gave your first bare footjob. Your technique looked very good--did you like it and will you being doing more footjobs movies in the future. Secondly, you seem to be very athletic, if someone wanted to do a custom movie with you and base the story line with you being a Karate instructor who humiliates one of your students with your bare feet and then gives him a footjob against his will would you do it? I've found a lot of guy dig the idea of sexy dominant woman barefoot in a martial arts uniform.

Britney Says: I would love to do a Karate custom video like that for someone! Depending on the content I can do most request to a T for $200......Thats not too bad considering That It was made just for you personally! If the request is very difficult then it could be higher but most things can be done for that! I think you would be surprised at how much of a turn on it is to know that the video was done just for you! Why dont you think of a script and send it to me..You can include pictures, instructions..ETC....I can say your name in the video and even send you the very hose or shoes or panties I wear in your video for not much extra!

Robotron Asks: Let me start by saying thank you for sharing your beautiful treasures with the world. And please stay as beautiful as you are. What type of shoes do you prefer to wear? And what is the part of your feet that you most liked to have "pampered"? Toes, soles, the balls or the heels? Thanks for your time lovely lady.

Britney Says: I love to have my toes rubbed as well as the ball of my feet! I love it to get my toes sucked while my arch is getting massaged...I am really into humiliation so I would much rather force a guy to smell and lick my feet above all! Nothing turns me on more then knowing some guy is being forced to smell my nasty feet!

Darth Vader Asks: Who turned you on to foot fetish and do you like to give foot jobs with or with out pantyhoses?

Britney Says: I prefer to do it with my bare soles a some lube!

Footlover Asks: Britney do you get angry if a stranger tells you how gorgeous yor feet are in public. Also have you ever gave any famous players a footjob?

Britney Says: I gave Dan Marino a footjob at a Sheraton in Miami Florida! (just kidding) No I didnt really talk to many of the players! I did sell some of my panties to a player who shall go nameless!

Mike T Asks: Hi Britney! Did you ever get blamed because of the bad smell of your feet?

Britney Says: all the time in gym class in high school the girls would complain about my nasty feet smell! I was so embarrassed by them! It's kind of funny how I have turned my early adolescence misfortune into a financial gain...

Mason Asks: What was your first impression of the foot fetish guy? How long from that point did it take till you were down to let him cum on your feet.

Britney Says: My impression of a foot man is one of complete love! The guys I have met are better lovers in every way ! The first time I gave a footjob I was actually surprised when the guy came on my feet! I didnt know it felt that good!

Charlie Martine Asks: Hi Brit! You've got some really gorgeous soles and arches, and the vid you made me was too hot to handle! I wanted to ask, how do you respond to men who lustfully stare (but try to be discrete) at your feet in public?

Britney Says: I always notice it when men look at my feet and legs! I try not to stare at them because I dont want to embarrass them! I know they like it so I just let them enjoy! Of course I like to dangle my shoes that really gets them going!

Tom Asks: I love your tattoes. Did you ever think about getting one on the top of a foot or a toering?

Britney Says: As you can tell I am a big fan of tattoos! I have thought about getting one on the top! I have plans for many more I am not finished yet! Since I am really into theater most of my tattoos have something to do with that!

Chino Asks: What's the crazies thing someone has done to try to smell or even touch your feet?

Britney Says: Here is the funniest thing I will share with you guys! When I first started dating my man he would go to the hamper and get my hose and sneak off to the bathroom with them and jerk off! The way I found out was I needed to put my favorite pair right back on one day because I had to go back to work and much to my surprise they had vanished! This is before I really knew he loved the smell of my feet! (after all, I was the one that got him into it!) Anyway to make a long story short, I stormed in the bathroom and saw him sitting back against the toilet with the foot of my hose up to his nose with his cock in his hand! I thought it was hysterical! He was very embarrassed.....I pretended to be mad and asked him to come talk to me in the bedroom! before he could say two words I demanded him to finish it off for me so I can see his pleasure! He was a bit reserved but finally got up the nerve! that was one of the first times I forced my feet upon his face while he rubbed himself to load after load! I never made it back to work!

9InchesStrong Asks: Britney you have some of the most perfect feet and long sexy toes that I've seen in a long look very young and are as sexy as they come. I'd love to have those sexy peds rubbing against my swollen black ManMeat!!! I'll bet my Penis is as long as your foot. My question is "have you ever given a blackman a footjob" and what is the largest Penis you ever tackled with your feet??? Oh, and anytime you wanna see 9 inches of ManMuscle just let me know.

Britney Says: I have never given a black man a foot job.....but I appreciate the offer.....I will just tell everyone up front I am not easily impressed just because a man has a large penis! I have had penis's of all shapes and sizes! Some of the best sex I have ever had by far is with a man with a normal size penis! what I mean by normal is 6 or 7 inches! 9 hard inches is too much babe!!!!

Jesse Asks: Britney! You are by far my favorite foot model! Tell me, have you ever sucked the cum off of your toes after one of your amazing footjobs? Thanks.

Britney Says: All the time baby! A girl's gotta get her protein!

Footsucker Asks: Do you curl your toes and flex your feet during sex? I would love to see you barefoot in a cheerleader outfit! You're a knockout

Britney Says: Yes I always pull my toes back to expose my arch! I love to have a face resting on my arch while I have sex!

Michael Asks: Do you like viewing and watching your toes and soles on line

Britney Says: I like to look at them for fun! I would much rather look at other girls pictures! I normally like the poses on sites like and nylonfeetline! the girls on and are nice as well! I like certain poses I am pretty narrow minded! I love to see the female arch! I am not a big fan of toe pointing! I can stand it though!

Jason Asks: Britney you are absolutely beautiful. I wanted to know how tall are you, what team did you cheer for, what do you look for in a man, and when will we see footjob and foot worship photos?

Britney Says: If you want to see my video clips go to! I am 5 "9 and weigh about 116....I like a man of VERY STRONG CHARACTER! a man who can admit when he is wrong and it's also a must to be emotionally strong yet compassionate! I think too many people settle on their mate because of looks and personality! One of the worst things you can do in my opinion is choose a mate because of their personality! The reason I say this is because it is easy to fall for someone's outgoing nature or sense of humor! I would rather not fall into that trap! I go for a mans character because that tells the most about a person! If your mate is of good sound character then you can be assured they will always eventually try to do the right thing!

Smelling Your Sweet Stink Asks: Would you find it too strange if a guy wanted to lick his own cum, or the cum of another man off of your feet after a footjob?

Britney Says: No, but I would assume he has gay tendencies!

Alan Asks: Britney, I think your feet are among the sexier that I have seen and to have them matched with such a beautiful face is just a miracle. I thank you very much for your work on the net and I hope you find pleasure doing this for us foot fans. (I know I know for your man also!)

I would like to know since you have been a cheerleader if you ever had to be on crutches with a bandaged ankle or with a cast on for a real injury ? I understand the pictures and the video on your site are custom works for some fans but were they realised after some real life experiences?

Britney Says: The worst thing I have ever done is sprained an akle! I have done that a dozen times while Cheerleading!

Brian E Asks: Hello Britney. I think your feet are beautiful, as well as yourself. My question is, my girlfriend knows I have a foot fetish and is perfectly ok with it, except sometimes she thinks that's the only reason why I love her. How can I show her that I love her, and just not her feet?

Britney Says: Be there for her! make her you # 1 priority!

Jacob Asks: Britney I was wondering how talented your toes are? Whats the shortest amount of time you would need to get a guy to cum by just using your feet?

Britney Says: I have actually made guys cum by breathing my feminine smells without even touching themselves! (seriously)...I have also had a guy cum as soon as my arch brushed up against the head of his cock!

JeremyB Asks: Hi Britney. I am a huge fan of yours! Did any of your fellow cheerleaders know that guys would like to see and worship their hosed feet?

Britney Says: Believe it or not, yes! I few of my friends would sell their hose to fans after the game! when we would sign autographs there would sometimes be guys that would offer us large amounts of cash money for our pantyhose! I am not kidding it would seem to happen at least 2 or 3 times a year! It also happens in the airline industry! Some foot guys have a lot of balls and they dont minds the rejection! To be honest two of my close friends on the squad including me would sell our hose to these guys! We had a little gopher who toted around the squads equipment..We would put our hose in an envelope and send him over to where the guy was waiting in the stands! Of course we would very sneakily put the money in by our boobs or in our boots! That should give you foot fans something to chew on! If you can get a girl cornered there is a good chance she is use to it and would be happy to take your money for her sweaty hose!

Dave Asks: Is the appeal of foot fetishism a genuine thing for you or not?

Britney Says: Without a doubt it is 100% real to me! Yes I enjoy the extra income it brings me but not near as much as the fetish itself! I love everything about my feet and the way they smell! I have always thought the feet of a lady were pretty and erotic!

Merv Asks: I read that you were an x-nfl cheerleader. did you ever "steal" hose from some of the other girls and smell them? Also, aren't you weezah from a different site? I've been in love with you forever.

Britney Says: No I have never stolen hose from any of the girls before, I guess I never had to because I had a few friends from the squad that I would room with that were into the foot thing as well as other activities! I got plenty of hose in those situations!

You be surprised how nasty most girls are! I think we are far more kinky then men as a rule! Just so everyone knows I am not Weezah! She is my roommate and a very good friend! If you really think that I am her then I would ask you to compare our feet! Her feet look nothing like mine! She does have beautiful feet though! We use to enjoy each others feet on a regular basis..Now we are both so busy we can't find the time for a worship session! I wish it were different, Her feet smell is amazing!

Laura Sosa Asks: Have you ever herd of foot-riding? And if so are you open to allowing fans ride Your feet?

Britney Says: It intrigues me to have a women riding my feet! Send me a pic of yourself so I can fantasize!

Pheet37 Asks: Why are you not smiling in your photos?

Britney Says: It seems like most of my fans like me to be bitchy! It seems to turn them on that I seem powerful and dom like! But, on the other hand I do have quite a few pics of me smiling on the web just look around! (I prefer me smiling as well!)

BallBusted Asks: Britney you have lovely feet. There are men that have a fetish for womens feet and getting their balls busted.I am on of these. Have you ever really busted a mans balls and really hurt his nuts bad and made him worship you feet afterwards?

Britney Says: That is a funny question! I can't imagine a guy wanting his balls smacked like that! I guess there are guys out there who like it though! If my mate had a fetish to get racked then sure I would oblige him with a swift kick! And if it turned him on to be forced to worship my beautiful sticky peds then I would rack him and make him sniff away!! I am all about doing what turns my partner on!

A Fan Asks: When you were asked to perform you're first food crush scene how did you feel about doing it, were you're feelings pretty much neutral on the subject, looking forward to it or just thought it was a little gross but no big deal. And after you had finished the scene did you enjoy it? And if so what did/do like about crushing food?

Britney Says: The only thing I have ever crushed was CD's and Eggs.......I have been asked to crush all kinds of things! I think the weirdest thing someone wanted me to crush was snails! I would never crush a bug with my bare soles! If you are interested in seeing me crush the CD's and Eggs with my bare soles go to

You can download and watch clips of me devouring the defenseless objects! There are some great high arch shots in those videos!

James Asks: How did you notice that you had such attractive feet?

Britney Says: When I was twelve I had a dike gym teacher who use to tell me how beautiful and soft my feet looked! She actually use to ask me to take of my shoes so she could feel them! being that young I didn't realize she had a fetish for my feet! If I would have comprehended her intentions then I would have been freaked out!

Sirsmel-a-lot Asks: Britany you are truly a beautiful woman, with beautiful feet to boot. I would like to know what is the smelliest your feet have ever gotten, and what did you do to get them that way? And what's the longest you have ever worn one pair of socks? Thanks and keep up the great pictures.

Britney Says: One time I was backstage in a small room with this band after a show and I took my boots off and everyone was looking around saying "Jesus Christ what is that smell" I held up my hand and said I think it is my feet! everyone just laughed! My boyfriend took me in the bathroom later and jacked off with my feet in his face! He couldn't resist the aroma of my sweaty feet! I had my reinforced knee high hose up to my nose as well! It was a night to remember!

Hypno Feet Asks: Are you going to have a members section on your website? Also, do you prefer to be dominant or submissive when giving footjobs.

Britney Says: I am going to hold off on the members section right now! I am doing fine just how things are! That is why it is so important for my foot guys to purchase my items and tapes!! When it comes to footjobs I really dont care I just like doing it! I will be what you want me to be!

Semaran Asks: Do you plan on doing any pictures in the nude or at least some what? Also, If I were to buy a video would you do it in the nude and say names?

Britney Says: I do not do nude video's or photography! I will say names though.........I like to keep some things private.......(call me old fashioned or weird)

You can see more of Britney at

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