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This interview was held with Bellecita of She chose a select few of your questions to answer. You can contact her about this interview at She'd love to hear from you.

Foot Pro Asks: Hi Bellecita! I must say, you have a very unique pair of feet! My question is... How many different men have you given footjobs to? and what was the quickest you have made a guy ejaculate by performing this awesome activity? Do you lick the semen off your own feet afterwards?

Bellecita Answers: I have given footjobs to only 2 guys and a girl. The record for a fj is one minute, (63 seconds actually). Wow, Im still amazed! Once in awhile.

John Smith Asks: Have you ever been tied up and tickled on your beautiful feet?

Bellecita Answers: I hate to be tied-up or bounded in any way. I prefer showing the agressiviness of my feet. Im not ticklish :-/

FootFetishFreik Asks: You have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. Have you ever dreamed of being 100ft tall and crushing things under your sexy soles. I have always been turned on by the 50ft woman.

Bellecita Answers: I dreamt once that I was 1000ft tall and I was having problems with airplanes around me and I could feel and hear the houses crush under my feet.

E-Dawg Asks: Hey girl!! How are you? I'm fine. Your feet are incredibly beautiful!!!! I wish I could give you a foot massage and suck on your toes!! When I see your pics, I get excited. Your sock pics are my favorite (especially when you are peeling the socks off your feet)!!! What is your favorite foot fetish activity? Also, I understand that you're not ticklish on your feet, but if you were, would you enjoy being tickled?

Bellecita Answers: Thanks for the compliments. My favorite foot fetish activity is having my feet worshiped in every way. Sometimes I wish I was ticklish because I know I would like it. But I would never fake it.

Chris Asks: Compliments on your pics. You are a beautiful and daring woman. I often see you with dirty feet in your pics. Do you enjoy getting your feet dirty and do you like to have 'em licked clean. I know a volunteer!

Bellecita Answers: Thanks for the compliment :-) I love being barefooted and getting my feet dirty is part of that pleasure as well as having my dirty feet licked clean.

Kevin Asks: Have you ever had anyone tell you that your feet veins were sexy? You have got the sexiest veined feet that I have ever seen. Do you know that there are a couple of veiney feet sites. Some of your pics need to be there. I will close with saying that your feet veins drive me wild !!!!

Bellecita Answers: I receive lots of compliments about how sexy my veiny feet are. I think my veins add more personality to my feet, they look more aggressive more powerful and that's, in my opinion, what makes them sexy. A while I posted some pictures in one of those sites but Im not sure what the name of the site was.

Foot Guy Asks: Have you ever trampled the hell out of a guy before?? And did you enjoy the power of having a guy laying helpless underneath your feet??

Bellecita Answers: Yes I have, I've trampled the hell out of Jose and since I DO enjoy having the power of having him at my mercy and having him do whatever that makes me feel completely in control and that's a great feeling.

Daniel Asks: Does having your feet licked and sucked turn you on?

Bellecita Answers: I don't know about other girls but that definetely turns me especially the feeling of the tongue between my toes.

Fonsi Asks: How do you get a person to suck your feet of give them a fetish activity? For example, I see you in a reastaurant, then you notice that I keep looking at your feet. How do I get my hands and mouth on your feet? Will you invite me to go to your house or something like that?

Bellecita Answers: The only one that can suck my feet or have any kind of contact with me is Jose, I don't go around meeting people or performing any kind of fetish activity. I get what I want from him so I don't need to meet anyone else to get what I want.

Marcus of MAPFootModels Asks: Two quick questions; Do you give yourself pedicures or do you get them done professionally? and what kind of foot jewelry do you like to wear in public to tease men with?

Bellecita Answers: I usually give myself the pedicures, I've posted lots of pictures doing just that, but I also get them professionally done from time to time but is much fun when I do it myself cause I get to wear those funky colors that they don't have at the salon. I don't wear much foot jewelry, for some reason they always break, but the one thing I wear more often is toe rings, and even thou I love those there's nothing sexier than feet that are bare that lets you admire everything about them without the distraction of jewelry.

Yahoo Asks: Why did you decided to make your website a pay site? There was a time when all the pics were free and I think it was something great. I understand that photos ,site,vid cost but could you ,for example ,give some free pictures on Christmas ,as a present for the fans. Oh,maybe its not a question but rather a request.

ps.I think that you have the best feet I have ever seen.Your husband is a lucky guy

Bellecita Answers: I spent a few years posting all my pictures for free because I actually enjoy not only posting them but also getting attention to my feet and besides that was something I did cause I wanted not for the money but things got out of hand by people downloading all the pics from my site and making the site go over the bandwidth i had monthly so I started having problems with that and that's how we decided to make it a paysite. Everyone pays for pleasure and you probably spend more money on a shirt than a month of access to my site....and you can't jack off looking at your shirt. Ask Santa and maybe he will bring you free pictures on Xmas. Have you been a good boy? :-)

Campell Asks: Which footjob skill do you think is the most effective way to make a man cum on your toes?

Bellecita Answers: I like to use my feet from start to end and I use them as I use my hands. I also like to play a bit rough because a dick is like a plaything between my toes I can not only stroke it but I can also squeeze it. Some pain will add to the pleasure and make me in control. If I feel he is going to come and I want to keep playing, I will scratch or twist his dick hard to stop his pleasure, then I start over again. When I decide for him to come I tell him, Im the one in control.

FuzzyT Asks: Hi Bellecita. First, I have to say you have wonderful feet! Do you like dominating people with them? have you had someone (or made someone!) lick between your toes?

Bellecita Answers: I get a lot of attention to my feet so to me is a domination tool. Of course I've had someone and also made someone lick between my toes, that's a big part of what I like and enjoy the most.

Robotron Asks: What can I say gorgeous lady with beautiful size 8 feet. Do you wear high heels often? What's the favorite part of your foot? I love your meaty heels, but your toes are also sexy! Maybe you can offer me some advice. My wife has great feet as well. Did your husband have to encourage you or were you willing from the start? Any tips on how I can get my wife to do the same?

Bellecita Answers: I wear high heels mostly on weekends when I go out. My job does not require for me to wear high heels and although I think a foot looks sexier with high heels they can be also very uncomfortable. I got married very young and I was open to new sexual experiences. Jose started to pay a lot of attention to my feet and one thing led to the next one-massage-sucking toes-footjobs-dominant role playing etc. I never had any problems and many times I use it to my advantage, for example, if I am watching a TV program and he starts making advances to make love to me and I don't feel like it, I just tell him to jack-off sucking on my toes. That way we are both content. My advise for men that want to get their girlfriends or wives into the foot fetish is to start from the classic foot massage. Please DO NOT take your dick out right away and start beating yourself. It is not pretty! Buy her some shoes and tell her how sexy her feet look. Wake up the next day and tell her you had a sexy dream about her feet and you would like to kiss them. Buy her more shoes. Make your pleasure also her pleasure.

Marc of the Midwest Asks: Bellecita... when you're out somewhere, what shoes receive the most compliments and what is your sexiest foot pose?

Bellecita Answers: Open toe sandals are the ones I prefer because these are the ones I get more attention from. They love when I freely wiggle my toes and also when I walk and my little toe spread out of the shoe and touches the floor.

Marcos Asks: Do you like to do footjobs and have your feet ever been worshipped by a girl?

Bellecita Answers: I do like and enjoy gving footjobs. Yes I do enjoy having my feet worship by a girl, I've that done a few times and I do enjoy it very much.

Frank Rizo Asks: Would it turn you on if you were walking down the street in a pair of open toed shoes, and some good looking guy just dropped down to his knees, grabbed you by the ankle, and started jerking off on your feet?

Bellecita Answers: If it was someone i'm involved with or someone I knew ,maybe, but a total stranger... Definitely not! That would scare the hell out of me.

Bill Asks: I was reading some of your answers. In one, you said that you had given a foot job to a girl.Did you also find this exciting, and did she also perform foot sex on you? Did you find it to be very hot?

Bellecita Answers: Yes, it was very exciting since it was a first time I've given a fj to another woman. No, she didn't performed foot sex on me she only lick and sucked my toes which is what I really like and enjoy.

Joe P Asks: Your toe spreading is the best I've ever seen. Do you know when someone is staring at your soles?

Bellecita Answers: Jose says I have feet like monkeys because i can handle my toes like they were fingers. I love people staring at my feet and I would tease them by spreading my toes lightly or dangle a sandal etc. I can feel their excitement and that also excites me. I think this is a safe way of flirting because you can always back-off that person if they come on to you saying: hey, I am showing my feet, not my breast!

Footboy Asks: I think you have very sexy feet and I would love to be on my knees kissing them and looking up at you.. My question is this.. I see women in public who's feet I would love to kiss and what really turns me on about them is the fact that I don't know them.. Yes, I do think that they have nice legs or pretty feet.. but, the fact that I don't know them makes it even more attractive. I want to approach them and ask them if I can get on my knees and kiss their feet but fear that they would freak out and call the cops.. What would I look for or could say to a woman to know wheather or not she would let me kiss her feet? If she didn't know me.. how about offering $20? Do you think that would work or maybe I should drop to my knees and beg them? Any advice?

Bellecita Answers: Imagine that you are a sitting in a park, reading a newspaper and a strange woman aproaches and tell you that you have strong arms and she will like to lick your armpits. Women are naturally defensive with guys and everything out of the ordinary will freak them out. If you go to a professional prostitute, they are prepared to let you lick whatever you like for a fee but with regular girl you don't have much of chance. Try to establish a relationship of some kind first, give her some signs that you like her feet, test the waters and then with time and if you are lucky she might let you lick her feet.

Donny Asks: Tell all of your fans about your first nylon footjob.

Bellecita Answers: That was at a restaurant a few years ago. It was at a restaurant that is now closed. Jose and I were in a very dark corner table and the entire restaurant was lit with candles. I had these black pantyhoses and I did an awesome footjob to Jose. When he came I put my shoes back on and when we got out of the restaurant I almost screamed! - I realized my ankle was dripping with his cum.

Jjpdo Asks: What do you think about feet in martial arts?

Bellecita Answers: I love the agressiveness of feet in martial arts and the way they become lethal weapons. I love doing my Anita Chang's updates.

Foot Lover Asks: Hi Bellecita. I was terribly amazed when I discovered your page. Your feet are incredibly beautiful with such long toes. My question is: Do you and your husband have an only-based-on-foot sexual relationship? That's what I'd like to have with women but I'm afraid of their reaction. What should I do?

Bellecita Answers: My husband and I have a relashionship based on whatever makes us hot and ready. Feet play a good part sometimes, others he will totally ignore. If I don't feel like having sex I will either give him a footjob or let him lick my feet while I read or watch TV. It is difficult for a couple to have a relationship based only on foot sex. Women have needs too, you know!...and we don't get off that easily.

Joel Asks: Hi gorgeous. What is the best way for a man to start at a womens foot? Light kissing? Massage? Toes first then rest of foot or toes last? Just curious because I want to suprise my wife.

Bellecita Answers: Massage. Women love to be massaged and they rarely will reject a good rub. Bring oil or perfumed cream. I know you probably like the scent of sweaty feet but you have to make her feel comfortable and women DO NOT feel good about stinky parts of her body. More than that, women rather like you to think their bodies are heavenly masses of flesh naturally perfumed by Oil of Olay or Kotex scented pads. After some time they will feel more relaxed and you will be able to give her a few love kisses on her toes. If both feel aroused and make love right after that, footplay will start to be part of the love game.

SexAsWeapon Asks: I have a fantasy that just makes me so horny. Tell me how you would feed someone ice cream with your toes? Also, I would like to know if you would experience an orgasm afterwars?

Bellecita Answers: I am not sure orgasm part but Im positive I will enjoy it. I can imagine a hot day and a whole gallon of chocolate ,vanilla swirl ice cream that I will smear on that face at my will, forcing large chunks of cream inside his mouth and cleaning my soles on his hair. My dominant side will be triggered at the sight of someone so submissive that will let me use his face as painting canvas.

Lou Asks: Do you think that men with a foot fetish are weak? They want to kiss your feet,which is considered to be a sign of weakness.

Bellecita Answers: Not at all. Men and women have weak and strong sides. You have to live both otherwise you get frustrated. Powerful men (politicians, company owners etc.) go to prostitutes often to get wipped, bounded or humiliated in several ways because they have to show their strong side most of the time in public. Jose, my husband, is not weak at all. He runs the house and calls the shots but he enjoys role-playing submissive when I want him to be because that balances out both our weak and strong sides.

Bori Asks: Just wondering... Let's say we were at dinner and you were sitting across from me having a pleasant conversation. The waiter/waitress walks up and asks us for our order... I politely offer you to go first (I'm a gentleman) and all the sudden you feel your shoe slipped off and your foot in a seemingly firm grip. Of course you know it's me (because who else would it be)! I began to rub my index finger along your sole and between your toes... Do you think you could take being tickled without letting the waiter/waitress know what's going on? or Would you crack up and let it all out?

Bellecita Answers: In my particular case and because I am part of the foot fetish scene and feel secure about the theme, I will probably let you do it. I will not crack up because I am not ticklish but I will keep on with the game.

Mick Asks: Beautiful feet are as rare as beautiful women ( you are twice blessed ). When did you realize that you had the kind of feet that are special?

Bellecita Answers: When I started going out with Jose I knew he had a fetish for feet but I really realized my feet were special when I began to notice other men staring at my toes. I remember I was dancing at a club and it was Halloween. I was dressed as an egyptian queen with golden thong sandals and this guy came to me -in front of Jose- and told me that I had the most beautiful feet he had ever seen. I thought: My feet got to be special, otherwise this guy would not have the guts to come to me like that.

Marco Asks: How did you meet your husband? I'm asking this because he found a woman who is into feet and it seems to me it is hard to find a girl who truly understands this desire.

Bellecita Answers: We met when we were kids. Our family was very very close, almost like family, so I've known him all my life, but it was not until I was older that we took an interest in each other. I understand your fustration when it comes to finding a girl who understands this desire cause most of my girl friends think I'm crazy cause I like feet. They look at feet as something dirty and nothing more than a pair of feet without realizing or better yet experimenting how fun they can be. I don't know if you've noticed that tv, movies, the media, magazines, etc, are paying more attention and talking more about feet than ever and that makes people realize that feet are part of us, and that they are not made only for walking.

Yannis Asks: Bellecita you have THE perfect toes. What is your origin? Keep up the shooting!

Bellecita Answers: I'm Cuban. And don't worry I will keep posting as long as I can cause I do enjoy sharing my pics with all of you.

Amit Asks: Hello madam , your feet are the most sexy and beautiful feet in the world. Even my wife loves your feet. I wish that I could cut my cock and make shoes from its skin for you. May I have such a holy chance.

Bellecita Answers: If you think you can make a PAIR of shoes for me ( i wear 8.5) with the skin of your dick, then you must be an elefant :-)

Toeman Asks: How often do you get pedicures? Your toenails are always very short. Have you ever considered letting them grow?

Bellecita Answers: I get a pedicures every other week and the reason my toe nails are short is because I preferred them that way. I used to have them much longer but then I always had to be very careful (since I'm always in a hurry) not to have an accident and end up without any nail at all, like it happened once! and since it was very painful I decided it was safer and better for me to keep them short.

Shoes Off Asks: Do you get aroused when your shoes are off in a crowd or party, and you sense some men are admiring your feet?

Bellecita Answers: I normally do it on purpose because I like the attention I get on my feet. I measure how fetishist a man can be by teasing him with my toes.

Arpita Asks: Let me first compliment you. You have a pair of really gorgeous looking feet. I am a woman from india and had always dreamt of having my feet worshipped. I cannot say I have feet as good as yours but they are quite good. There is a guy who keeps ogling at my feet all day in my office. Kindly advice me how to find out whether he has real footfetish or not and how to seduce him more with my feet and how to take the final plunge. I hope you understand.

Bellecita Answers: Thanks for the compliments. If you see a man looking at your feet more than twice you can bet he probably wants to be under them. Otherwise they will be looking at your breasts. If you really want to have your feet pampered and workshipped make sure you like him all the way or at least you don't dis-like him because after the workshipping session he will probably will like to get more intimate or get a footjob. Just tell him your feet are so tired you will kill for a foot massage. Never fails.

Gypsy Asks: Have you ever workshipped another woman's feet? Have you had fantasies about kissing or licking another woman's feet? Can we expect to see pictures of you with another woman in your website in the future? Thank you!

Bellecita Answers: I had worshipped another woman's feet just recently. Jose took pictures but when we were going to post them on my page, we decided not to do it to protect the other woman's identity. I will post as soon as I do it with a woman that gives me her consent.

Crazy4feet Asks: Hi Anita. You are 100% beautiful and being an expert in foot fetish I would like to know: what's your definition of beautiful feet?

Bellecita Answers: My definition of beautiful feet is a pair of feet that are well taken care of, nice and clean nails with no callouses.

Ilovetoes Asks: Bellecita you not only have beautiful feet but also a great body and gorgeous boobs. I LOVE your seminude pics at the beach. I would like to know when are you gonna put some more pics of your pretty breasts? When are we going to be able to see full nude pics?

Bellecita Answers: I am not planning to pose nude because I cater to men that are really into foot fetishism. Showing my feet allows me to be in a tolerated side of society while enjoying the benefits and attention of a porn star. You can go out with a pair of thong sandals and only fetishists will stare at your feet. Try to do that naked.

Foot Specialist Asks: Hi sweetheart. Your feet are the best! You seem to be a very sexual woman and I'd like to know how often you have sex and how often does your hubby get a footjob from you?

Bellecita Answers: I have sex 3 or 4 times a week and he gets a footjob about once a week (that means he gets more sex than I do)

James Toes 007 Asks: You have a doll face and great feet. I had never seen such a combination of beauty and perfection, congratulations! Many people don't feel comfortable sharing their fetishes with their friends and relatives. I was wondering if this is your case or do you speak openly about your foot fetish with your collegues at work, friends and relatives? Do they know about your website? Have they watched your pictures? What do they say about them? Especially, what do they tell you about your footjob pictures?

Bellecita Answers: Only my brother-in-law knows about the webpage and he talked to my husband about it. Obviously he must be a fetishist, otherwise why was he looking at a footpage? But he was cool about it. I don't think any of my friends or the rest of my family knows, but Jose and I are both prepared to deal with whoever brings up the issue. We are grown up people who like this lifestyle and we will keep it as long as we are interested.

Paul Asks: I am a longtime fan of your site! I enjoy your pics. You have the absolutely best foot pics on the net. I have even printed out some of your pics because I could not be without them. I know thats weird, but I can't help it. I just wanted to know, do you like to suck your toes alot? Do you suck them alot and where do you do it? I hope that you answer my questions if they are appropriate. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Bellecita Answers: I really enjoy sucking my toes. Actually sometimes I enjoy to suck my own toes than to get them worshipped. I know exactly where to run my tongue, how long to do it etc. Its kind of masturbating my feet. Its a girl thing.

Bilboy12001 Asks: Do you like to toe-wrestle with another woman?? I mean to interlock your big toe with hers in a pure test of strength... Whats your opinion about toe-wrestling in europe is popular sport but is a sexy game

Bellecita Answers: WOW! that's a new for me. I will sure like that sport and probably will be a champion. I have strong toes.

Peter Asks: Do you live out your foot fetish every time you sleep with your husband?

Bellecita Answers: Feet is part of the foreplay almost everytime we make love. I like my feet to be licked and worshipped but once I am aroused we make love like everyone else. Other times we carry the fetish all the way through but normally it ends up in a footjob for him.

Joey Asks: Hi, you have very beautiful feet! Being a female who likes using her feet as a sex object, why do you think guys have a foot fetish? any ideas of how it all starts?

Bellecita Answers: It probably starts in early years. Many mothers like to tease babies with their feet. Other times babysitters tease kids with their toes or simply by polishing their toenails in front of them. Little kids often play with their tootsies all the time, being girls normally the ones who step on boys or have their toes licked and played with.

Marcus Asks: I see you have a lot of pictures with you in flip flops. I think they are the sexiest way to expose the female foot. What do you think? Do you catch men staring at those sexy feet of yours in flip flops?

Bellecita Answers: I love flip flops. They are comfortable and they let you show 99% of your feet without being barefoot. Its like a bikini at the beach. I know I drive men crazy when I spread my toes on flip flops and I can almost feel a tingle in my foot skin since they are so exposed.

Andrewrue Asks: It's a real turn-on to hear that you have a desire for your attractive feet to be extremely strong, powerful and lethally deadly. That is so hot coming from such a creative and beautiful woman like youself. If for 30 minutes the world could see how stong, tough and deadly your bare feet could be, with the only limit being your will and imagination, what would be on the agenda of your 30 minute performance? In this 30 minutes of fantasy, what would be the stunts you perform to demonstrate your super barefoot powers? (Your thoughts as a SuperWoman on using your super feet.)

Bellecita Answers: OK, this is me wearing a purple suit with brown cape and a t-shirt with the name Footywoman. I was kidnapped and placed in a small steel cage where I can barely move. With much effort I put my toes around 2 of the steel bars, my feet muscles tense, my veins almost to explode but I am so strong with my feet that the bars start to bend little by little until I can move out of the cage and escape.

Danyale Asks: I am one of your old foot fans, I fell in love with them because of their smoothness and large size, I would like to know if you had any lesbian fantasies or experiences before, and thank you very much.

Bellecita Answers: I do have lesbian fantasies and I think most women have them because we naturally feel comfortable with each other (Hey, we come from a vagina and right after that,they stick a nipple in our mouths!) If I think of licking feet, I think of a woman because I don't like guys feet.

Soleman Asks: Do you ever get tired of men paying perhaps as much attention to your feet as they do to you as a person? How can a guy still score tons of feet and make women feel good about a "sole" encounter?

Bellecita Answers: I'm sure most of the guys pay attention to me as a whole package. I bet if I had the face of a 60 year old cavewoman they would not even think of looking at my feet. If you want to score feet with women and make them feel really good, let them feel you look at them also as a whole package.

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