July Foot Column

Letís Get This Party Started

Here I am, stepping into the footsteps of two very intelligent and gifted ladies who used to write this column. They made it what it is today but both have had to pass it on. Like a torch with a destination. Now it is my turn.

Many know me as Mommie D. This is short for an online handle, Mommie Dearest, as I was commonly known on the popular networking website, Myspace. I chose the name in 2003 and when I entered the foot community in late 2006, I found the transition to be smoother if I just kept the handle as it had always been.

When Wu approached me and asked me to take up this column I was completely elated and nervous. I knew what work had been done previously and started to reread many of the past months for each Genie and Michele. They both wrote about so many subjects it is hard to know where to start so I have chosen to introduce myself formerly.

I registered here on Wuís Feet Links back in November of 2006. I was invited to the forum by a male member who enjoyed meeting with me at various local places and taking photographs. I allowed him to post my images on the board and found that he had a great response. That boosted my spirits and gave me some of the starter confidence I needed to further venture away from Myspace and open myself up to a whole new world of possibilities. I had been posting my work in an online group through Myspace and found I thirsted for more after a while. I wanted more challenges but not just in the images themselves but in the dedication to meet deadlines and goals that I had set for myself. I wanted to do the hard work and appreciate everything I did with my website. I feel when you achieve this then it will show in your work and will help others feel that spirit in the fetish.

My love for feet started at an early age. For me the fetish can go both ways. Though I do prefer to have my feet sniffed, licked, massaged, adored, pampered and anything else your heart can think up, I also enjoy giving pleasure with my feet. This can be as simple as resting my feet in my spouseís lap or getting my stinky toes smelled after a day in my sneakers and go as far as full blown foot jobs. Feet are a lifestyle in my home.

As a child I started to just enjoying watching feet. I watched them everywhere, on TV or in pictures and magazines. Every movie seemed to have a woman dancing with great heels on and her legs and feet looked so graceful and powerful. Seeing that made me want to run off and try on hose and heels! It was mostly the movement for me then. As a child you do not have the knowledge of the sexual attraction of this body part. I only associated what I could see at the time and to me it was fascinating. Women getting up on their toes to reach a top shelf in the store, the way a leg is raised during a kiss and a shoe can fall off or even be caught in dangle because of flexing toes. Then you have dancing and oh boy, don't get me started! I am a huge fan of flexible feet that have complete strength.

Why have I chosen to dribble on and make you ready about my roots here in the foot community? Simple and easy, we needed to make a beginning. A first date if you will. See, this column is going to be a place for us to explore. This is a place for you to get to know me - the new author of this foot column.

I do not plan to have one certain layout or plan for each month. If you have a suggestion or a topic you would like to see me talk about and get my point of view on, email it to me right away! I will reply by email if I choose your submission. I love the thought of answering those questions I know that some of you must be dying to ask a girl.

Donít be shy; I wonít bite Ė unless you ask me to.

Email me today!

If you do not choose to email me then you will have to suffer through reading what tantalizing and zany subjects "pop" into my head and fascinate me. I know to some of you this will not be punishment, seeing me randomly write about things that strike my fancy, but I do look forward to both communicating and answering questions as well as sharing my insights and opinions.

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