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Sexy Lines of Allurement

What is it about sexy sock and shoe lines that are left behind after a long hard day in a pair of your favorite shoes? These lines of mystery and intrigue usually attract a foot connoisseur in a heartbeat!

I think it is the allure of knowing that our precious feet have suffered all day cramped up in shoes and the moment has arrived where we hold nothing back and we strip them off! All that is left behind to show for the long day walking are rosy red indentations from straps that hold us in, heels that slide against us to cause friction and toe areas that just didn't give us enough room to roam!

Once freed from our foot constraints, our delicate lady feet are just begging to be rubbed, worshipped and bathed in hot soapy foot baths all over the world! That is the perfect time to swoop in and attend to all of our aching needs and even some of your own! Be prepared with that hot foot soak when your lady enters the house after she has labored all day to help bring home the bacon! I promise you that your good deed will not go unappreciated!

There are countless shoe styles that can cause such marks. You have pumps, slingbacks, flats and even flip flops to thank. You can look for and find the marks in various places ...mainly across the tops and the heels of the feet so be sure to pay close attention to pampering these areas!

Now, let's not forget about the sock lines that can happen too! These great lines are sweet proof that the feet have sweated inside tight tennis shoes all day! Some would call this evidence, nothing short of heaven. Just on the other side of those sock lines are little balls of sock lint, hiding like little prizes in between each toe. Can you feel your mouth salivating yet?

Honestly, I do not really care about the scientific reason as to why these marks are so appealing to many. I will sit back and appreciate the fact that somewhere, out there...some one is just waiting for a pair of shoes or socks to be taken off and that the feet contained inside will be sprung loose and cared for! Why question another great part of our ever-expanding world of foot love and fetish?