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February Foot Column
Ballbusting: A Personal Point of View

Recently I entered a new realm in the foot fetish community, Ballbusting. The only listing for this fetish on Wikipedia is "Ballbusting: The beating or kicking of the male genitals". Though it may puzzle you as to why a sane man would be willing to allow a woman to give their nads a swift kick or two, it is never appropriate to judge. Ballbusting has to be done between consenting adults that operate within a safe environment and really if it does not hurt you, why worry?

Ballbusting involves two adults, either M/F or M/M, usually it is a female that is the ball-breaker and a male in place of the "victim". The female is able to inflict pain on her subject for her own personal satisfaction while the male on the receiving end receives sexual stimulation and pleasure from the abuse of his manhood. In my experience, it is actually quite fun, tension relieving and empowering to know that with each forceful blow you could drop a man to his knees at your feet.

I admit your first time can be quite nerve-racking, after all you are going against everything you were ever taught growing up. Doing something B.A.D. and you have permission! The pure rush of adrenalin might have something to do with why so many find it alluring. I know it really sealed the deal for me! The fact that over and over again you can kick another human being in hopes of either making him whimper or fall down is somewhat energizing!

Everyone involved takes a giant risk and a possible trip to the emergency room so total respect has to be given to those who take the time and care to film these awesome clips. Just imagine trying to explain one of the various injuries one can receive to the poor staff at the hospital!

"I don't know what happened doctor! His penis ran into my foot, it ran into my foot ten times!"

Now remember that not all ladies enjoy this sort of fetish and most who explore it need to have an open mind. Personally I am not a Femdom nor do I ballbust on a regular basis but the experience is definitely one I would suggest for anyone who is curious about the fetish and thinks they would really want to give it a go. Be sure you find a trusted partner to work with that has EXPERIENCE and don't hold back!